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First, please let me state that this is the first time I have ever emailed to complain about any establishment. I am a long time fan of Red Lobster and have frequently celebrated birthdays and family gatherings for the last 25 years at your Erie Blvd, Syracuse location. That was until a month ago. Within the last several months, I have dined at above mentioned location and was appalled with the level of professionalism on two separate occasions. When placing our orders we were asked if we would like Caesar salad or House. Caesar both times and then was told they were out of Caesar salad and if we would like a House salad. "Sure, with honey mustard".

Well, both times you were also out of honey mustard. Main entree came and the steak was cold and over cooked well beyond the medium rare that I had ordered. My fiance's lobster was cold and under cooked, he could not eat any of it. Not once did the waitress come to check on our drinks or meal (on the second visit), nor did she offer a warm farewell when we left a more than generous tip. Something to consider as well, while we waited over an hour for our entree and 30 minutes for our appetizer (gummy Calamari), we witnessed bar staff hanging around, chatting with the wait staff and ignoring the existing patrons.

I am not a food critic and do not intend on spending any more time on this subject with social media but if we witnessed a dramatic change in the level of service to this once hopping establishment on two occasions, I can bet we are not the only ones talking. Simply just sharing my opinion in hopes that others will register their complaints directly with RL, so they can make the necessary changes to save this long standing business in Syracuse, NY where many chains have not survived where Red Lobster has. Something needs to change, it's clear the people working there just don't care. I sincerely hope this isn't filtered down from Management.

On Saturday Oct. 8, 2016, my son and I ate at the Red Lobster in Austin, TX. Our server was great, food was good. We had 2 gift cards worth 50.00 each, my son had just purchased and we still had receipts from where he purchased them. We paid with gift cards and somehow gift cards were not working. We waited and waited for server to return and it was taking her forever, we looked for her and then she said our gift cards were not working. We met her at the hostess table and took out our receipts to prove that they were just purchased. We called the store and had another manager speak to them that confirmed on their end gift cards were activated and were good. But on their end they still did not work.

So I asked the lady manager, "What would happen to us if we didn't have any other way of paying?" I didn't yell at her, I wasn't rude, I was just asking her, and her rude response to us in front of customers and many servers standing around the hostess counter, was she would call the police on us and without looking back at us she ran and hid in her office. She made us feel like criminals, like she didn't want us there anymore, or was it the color of our skin, Mexican, that made her think we were there for a free meal. She upset me to talk to us like that, I should have sat on the bench nearby and told her, "Go ahead and call the police cause the only thing we did wrong was that our gift cards didn't work."

She ran and hid and we never saw her face again, two other managers came out and were more understanding. They made several calls and still couldn't accept our cards, so my son paid with another card. That manager is a ** older woman working in Austin, TX, treats her customers like criminals and to us made us feel unwelcome, not worthy enough to eat there again. Even our server kept saying how sorry for she was, I know she felt embarrassed for us, the way we had been treated. That manager has no right to treat others the way she did, or is this their norm to treat customers, or Mexican customers at Red Lobster in Austin, TX.

Over the past couple of years my family has slowly watched the quality of food change with Red Lobster and it is sad. This has always been a favorite place to dine. You go to any of the other popular restaurants to dine and the garden salad still includes cheese, cucumber, bacon bits. At a lot of the places Red Lobster at least in Chattanooga TN does not.

The crab cakes have also changed over the years not as good and tiny for the price. Also look at your baked potato child size. Not sure if other locations besides Chattanooga TN are the same. But until things change our family will not be going back. This probably will not impact your business but if we feel this strongly about these things I am sure others are also noticing. Go check out your local places to dine in Chattanooga for comparison.

"Endless Shrimp" is a joke. We "dined" at the Orland Park, IL restaurant between 1:00 and 3:00. It was a twenty-minute wait for our first "Shrimp Refresh" and ten-minute wait thereafter and each "refresh" was a five-count serving of shrimp. Yes, a five-count of shrimp! The manager did not introduce herself by name but she was made aware of the delays with no action taken. In addition, "shrimp refresh" on shrimp scampi did not include butter sauce. What is that about? The only thing "endless" about "Endless Shrimp" is the wait time. Either the kitchen-crew was under-staffed or your company policy has dramatically changed for the bad. What a wasted birthday-dinner.

We arrived at the Red Lobster in Danbury, Ct. just before 7:00. And did not receive our main meal until 7:45. The restaurant was less than half filled and there seemed to be a sufficient number of servers. We were not in Particular hurry, but I did have some things to do outside and wanted to be home while it was still light out. We ordered mussels as a appetizer and literally half were closed or broken. The server did replace them, literally one for one. But what was more annoying was when I told the manager the situation was basically, "oh". Quite honestly I expected to be not charged for the mussels let along the long wait.

I noticed that people who came in almost a half hour after us were served their food, that was similar to ours. To me their remedy which was none was unacceptable. Considering there is a Olive Garden right next to them, had people waiting to get in there. To me this was just bad management. To be fair, we had not experience this in other of their restaurants.

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We went to dine at red lobster for their crab fest, the experience was terrible since we spent the whole time swatting flies competing for our dinner. The washroom was even worst, hundreds of flies as well. Quite filthy.

We went to Red Lobster for my daughter birthday dinner and spent 168 dollars. Service was rude, food was greasy and terrible and my daughter and me both got food poison. She just turned 10 and they will never get another dollar from us. We have been going there 3 times a month and the manager was rude. When I sent back my daughter plate because steak was raw after waiting 25 more minutes he bring her plate back out and the seafood was cold and nasty and the steak was burnt. I went ahead and paid the 168 dollars but never again. Houston Texas Northwest and Tidwell.

On Sunday July 17th 2016 I went to Red Lobster on Route 18 in East Brunswick and had the Red Lobster Crab Lover’s Dream. The only thing I ate while I was there at the restaurant from the dish was Bairdi Crab. By the next day I had food poison. I was throwing up my guts. Had a fever than I was cold had the runnings. Could not keep not even water. Everything was thrown up. This was the worst experience I have ever had and you should have someone inspect Red Lobster to make sure this does not happen to anyone else.

We seen the crab feast special on TV so I said maybe it will be different this time. I will never again eat at Red Lobster. The first time it was dirty. The food was so greased it made me sick. Dirty oil. The second time was last year. I had hair in my food, the menu had old food on it, our table was smelly and grease, nasty. I once again sick even before we reached the door. I said never again. This time same thing. The tables were dirty, the crab smelled not fresh at all, the food was room temperature, nothing was really hot like home but the filth. We told the waitress no need for dog bag. We informed her the crab was terrible and she offered nothing but sorry. Did not ask if we needed to see the management! The cost for my husband and I was 80.00$. Never again.

I placed an order for pick up. Once I arrived, I picked up the order and left. Thankfully I decided to check the order in the car, I was missing my brownie and my orders were not correct. When I went back in, I explained to the employee that I was missing items and my order was wrong. Since I was not provided an itemized receipt I was unable to prove anything.

I ordered a New Orleans Salmon with lobster mash and zucchini but was not given lobster mash. When I told the employee that I had lobster mash my plate was taken to the back to be corrected and came back with only a sauce thrown over the top of the mash and no actual lobster. And instead of zucchini, I was given broccoli. My chicken pasta was almost dry, I asked for extra sauce and was never given extra Alfredo sauce so I used some store bought Alfredo that I had at home. Overall bad experience to think we spent $50 on such a bad dinner. The next day I decided to call the location and ask to speak to a manager. I was never connected. I will not be spending my money at Red Lobster unless someone makes this right!

Food was way overdone and overpriced.

I consider myself an expert on everything seafood!. I have lived on several Pacific Islands, from Levu Vanua to asian islands and have partaken of seafood on the average of (3) three times a day, seven days a week, twelve months a year for 55 years!! I have tried Red Lobster in at least 35 States here on the Mainland. I have found the same failure in 99.5% of them!! In the last 25 to 30 of them I have made it a point to casually wander into the area of the Galley and have found the same problem in each!! In almost everyone of them the average age of their Chefs is approx 20 years old!!

This truly explains how each establishment can take some of the finest Raw Ingredients on the planet and then completely destroy it in preparation. I have had SHRIMP served to me that so closely resembles a rubber ball that I may as well have gone to Walmart and purchased jumping-jack balls to eat and paid around two dollars instead of thirty dollars for the SHRIMP!!! Red Lobster do not have 0.5% of Chefs that can prepare "SEAFOOD". They are the very worst on the Planet!!! Offered as Constructive.

Our party of 8 visited Red Lobster in Plantation, Florida (near Westfield mall) to celebrate a friend's birthday. After finding a long strand of hair properly fried in one of our member's meal, the manager hesitantly apologized. Later, the same manager and other staff, brought a plate with a dab of whip cream and a candle stuck in it, as the complimentary "birthday dessert" for our birthday girl. I have never seen service more insulting. I would never eat at Red Lobster again. In fact, I would give a rating of zero. There are too many other decent family chain restaurants from which to choose.

My wife and I frequented the Red Lobster facility in Longview, Texas for roughly 20 years. We made it a point to have most of our special occasion and spur of the moment weekend dinner for two there. We have always loved Red Lobster. I have dined at several throughout the US over the years. We were extremely disappointed the last couple of times we dined at the Longview facility. It has always been a bit pricey but the food, service and atmosphere was worth it to us. I am not sure what happen. I don't know if corporate or the store made the decision to increase pricing and provide much smaller portions and lower quality ingredient, but we unfortunate finally had to make the decision to change our favorite special occasion restaurant to a competitor.

It is sad to see another great seafood restaurant chain go from top dog to just another business more concerned about penny pinching than quality. We will not be back! "Extremely small lobster tails and shrimp. The great biscuits are no longer great and the salads were not fresh like they use to be." And the good part is we are now charged much more and receive much less. Very sad!!!

On May 12, 2016 approx. 3pm, I had lunch at Red Lobster on College S.t in Fort Collins. I ate alone and ordered water and fried flounder with potato and salad. When I paid my check totaling $9.65, I put it on my debit card and left my server $2 cash for a tip. Next day, I saw where Red Lobster charged twice for the $9.65, totaling a debit of $19.30 on my card.

I love going to this Red Lobster so I just wrote a handwritten letter and mailed it to the Manager there. I explained what happened and just told them that somehow, they charged the $9.65 twice. I advised that I just wanted to come back to the restaurant and enjoy this lunch again versus them crediting my debit card. I provided the exact transaction number from their restaurant. I asked for a gift certificate to be mailed to me in the amount of $9.65 so that I could just enjoy the meal another day. It was a nice letter and I expected to hear from them or receive the gift card in the mail in a day or so. That was on May 12, today is June 4 and I have not heard one word nor received any mail.

How could a Manager over a large local restaurant totally IGNORE a customers personally written letter? How could they not provide either a credit or a gift certificate? I trust that through this site, I can hear from the Manager of Red Lobster in Fort Collins with the reasoning. I am leaving Fort Collins next week to return to my home in Florida. I trust the Manager will email me or write to me at: **.

On May 15, 2016, I very excited about celebrating my grandmother’s 85th birthday at Red Lobster in Concord, NC. We were told that as many as possible needed to arrive at 3pm which was one hour before she was to arrive to ensure tables in the same area would be possible. The ladies at the front were very accommodating and generous. Around 3:45pm they were ready to seat all 27 people in our party. ** and a Caucasian pregnant female were set to wait on us. My husband was standing up ensuring that all of the elders sat first. Once everyone was seated he sat in the last booth on the end when he was approached by the female waitress asking if he was going to sit right here. His response was, "As far as I know since everyone is seated now".

She began drink orders and he asked for a drink (alcohol beverage). He was told (with a level of agitation), “If you are not going to sit here then you cannot get a drink". My husband was confused and stated that he would go to the bar then "Since you cannot get me a drink" and said, "Excuse me" to get around her. He proceeded to the bar where he was approached by a female manager that was standing very close to his back and two other men and was asked in a very abrupt voice by the female manager, "WHY ARE YOU PUTTING YOUR HANDS ON MY WAITRESS"? My husband was confused and did not understand the accusation.

Then the manager stated that some of her employee "Saw you push her." He told them that he did not even touch her and said that, "You all have cameras so let’s review the tape." He did not get a response so he got his drink and came back to the table. I watched the three men tell 4 other employees what they thought had happened and they all began looking at our party. Up to this point most of my family members were oblivious that anything had transpired. I went over to the bar to get my drink redone when a customer said to me," Wow, your friend took that very well because they were very disrespectful and mean to him". Monte (my husband) walked over to the bar to get a family member a drink when he was approached by the same group and told to leave the premises.

When asked under what pretenses, he was told that the waitress was intimidated by him and he was not allowed to push on their employees. He asked if they reviewed the film and he was ignored again. He came over to tell my mother, cousins and myself that he was told he had to leave the premises. Once I got wind of this, I approached one of the gentlemen with dreads to alert him that our entire party is leaving if my husband has to leave and his response was, "Well". I went over to tell ** (the waiter) that if Monte had to leave then all 26 were leaving as well. He was upset and did not want us to leave. I apologized to him because he knew that this would have been a financial breakthrough for him. He even offered to take care of all of us alone.

I told him that if my husband was not welcomed than none of us were. The hostesses at the front saw us leaving and asked what happened. I told her and she apologized for the waitress’s behavior. Applebee’s across the walkway accommodated all 33 of us by then and the two waitresses enjoyed their $300+ tip. I am very disappointed with level of customer service displayed by some of the staff and both managers. It was apparent that the female waitress was agitated previous to serving our table and was allowed to dictate the establishment’s earnings. Let it be known that Red Lobster at 8012 Concord Mills Boulevard, Concord, NC 28027 lost loyal customers on Sunday, May 15, 2016.

Me and my husband went to Red Lobster at 10290 E Technology Blvd Dallas, Tx 75220 and sat at the bar and had dinner. The bartender was very rude to us and we were trying to just deal with this and go home and when the ticket came it was 56.13. We paid it with my debit card and left a cash tip of $10.00. When the next day came and I got my bank notification and I looked at it and saw that 64.13 was debited out of my account. I immediately called and let them know that the waiter stole money out of my account. So the manager looked up the receipt and stated that the bartender cancelled the amount and put in the new amount. I was like "why did he do that." I gave him 10.00 cash tip that he didn't deserve. We go to this place all the time and will not go back. We chose this place to patronize and they stole from us. #neveragain

We took our 80 yr old mother to Red Lb. We had to wait for 2 hr and 15min. Everyone food didn't come out at the same time. When we got our bill my sister ask for change for a $20 dollar bill. When the waitress come back the sister that gave her 20 dollar she call her a lie two time and gave the 20 dollar change to my other sister. My other sister gave the 20 dollar to my sister and said "I did not give you 20 dollar." This is very bad customer service.

Hostess was nice. Waitress was nice. The menu has changed. My two sons and I have gone to R.L. together for 15 years to celebrate birthdays and events, plus I include the grandkids at Christmas. We always order the same thing: the trio seafood plate, we've loved it. My younger son and I were at the Busch Blvd. restaurant last evening to celebrate his birthday (only two of, us since my other has passed away, striking a sad note in us). My son's dinner was good, he says; he had the $18.99 trio, his usual. I tried the new $15.99 smaller trio (thinking it was the same, just smaller portions; the waitress said it's the same). But mine was not only a waste of money but it has made me sick all day; stomach pains, diarrhea. Awful.

What caused this? I had only one taste of the rice, it wasn't good, two tries at the "seafood pasta" which was awful... the mix of lemon juice, lemon zest and whatever spices was terrible. So, all I consumed was some cherry tomatoes in Ranch dressing, two biscuits and the shrimp on the skewer (a little too spicy) and the few shrimp in the pasta. One or more of the items made me sick. Maybe the shrimp wasn't kept cold enough before cooking, or not kept hot once cooked. That's the only cooked thing I ate enough of to get so sick. I'm very disappointed in my experience. I should not have believed what I ordered was the same as my son's, just smaller. Please check on the handling of your shrimp. And, please change that awful pasta and the rice. We more usually go to the Brandon R. L on Brandon Blvd. My love affair with R.L. may be over. The manager is on vacation, so I can't tell him about this.

The first thing I would like to say is I have always loved Red Lobster, and thought it was a good value until my last visit which was last Monday 04/18/2016. A friend of mine offered to treat me and two other friends to dinner. Needless to say we jumped on the offer. We all met there around 5:00 p.m. The waitress was nice and checked on us frequently. We ordered stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer. They came to us hot and delicious! Everyone ordered something different for dinner. I ordered the lobster lovers dream. When my dinner came it was hot and the first lobster tail was good. The second lobster tail had a sauce on top of it. I don't know if it had been on the tail for too long or what happened, but this lobster tail was almost mush. It was nasty to say the least! Then there was the lobster and shrimp pasta. The pasta was dry and tough around the edge of the serving and it had approximately 6 small pieces of lobster in it.

As an added bonus it had 4 pieces of lobster shell. The amount of small shrimp was adequate. Having the lobster shell in the pasta ruined it for me. How hard is it to not get lobster shell in a pasta dish with pieces of lobster? I can understand crab, but not lobster! I did not complain at our dinner because my friend was treating all of us and he wanted it to be a special and fun time. I was not able to call Red lobster until Saturday afternoon. I asked for the manager. When he came to the phone I asked if he was the manager. He stated that he was the general manager and he had been there all week. He wanted to know why I didn't call sooner. I tried to explain the situation to him but he really didn't want to hear it. I told him I was not asking for a refund for myself, but that I felt he should make it up to my friend that had spent well over a hundred dollars that day. He did not seem interested in making anything right.

I asked him if he would like the name and number of my friend. He said o.k. I gave him my name and number as well. How did this clown ever get to be a general manager??? I have eaten at the Decatur, Alabama Red Lobster for over 15 years now. Until last Monday I was always pleased and would have recommended them to anyone. Not after this. I know that sometimes a dish doesn't turn out right, and that's o.k. But I have never called Red Lobster and complained before, and this little man treated me as if my complaint didn't really matter and he also made me feel like he thought I was lying because I didn't complain on the spot or the next day. People have lives and jobs and family and those are priorities, and while making the call was something I felt I needed to do, it was not on the top of my list!

I thought this so called general manager would appreciate my call so that he would know there was an area that need to be looked at, to make sure the problem didn't happen to another customer. My meal was $31.00 and it was NOT worth it. The salad and the biscuits were great though, and so were the stuffed mushrooms! Until this gets resolved I will be driving 30 miles to Huntsville to eat at Red Lobster. I do hope someone higher up the chain of command reads this and does something about it. If not then my letter of complaint will have served no good purpose other than to help me vent my frustrations with this experience!!!

I am 72 years old and never before in my life have I had to wait for an hour and a half to even get in the door, and then another hour for my food to arrive, a cup of coffee and a bowl of already made clam chowder, the wait was uncalled for the food was nothing to brag on... I think you are way overpriced, very little food for prices charged, lousy service... All in all a most unhappy experience, that I will only be too happy to pass on to friends.

I want to say Red Lobster out east Wichita is no place to go. My mom is 79 years old and went in to pick up a replacement order from a messed up one and bar tender was drunk and my mom was so disrespected and then talk to like trash. Sorry but never again will I go there or let my mom go. After all this she didn't get her food and after telling the so called manager and talking her what had happened she still wanted to talk trash and then she was told this was being told and put on fb and main office was being called. We had to go out west to pick the food up there. They apologized for the other store. I also ordered us a peach lemonade and was paying for it but it was a no charge for that again trying to make up for the other restaurant's mistake. So to the store out west I give you a 5 star and I would recommend this restaurant to all. But never again will I recommend the restaurant out east or go there after how my mom was treated.

I went to the Red Lobster restaurant in Lynnwood Washington on the 25th of March. It was about 7 o'clock p.m. and the place was packed. I am a frequent customer of this restaurant and have been going there for the past 7 years. I have never had any problems or complaints at all about this restaurant. However on the night of the 25th when I went in I sat at the bar as I usually do and order a huge frozen strawberry daiquiri. This drink has always come with whipped cream on the top however this time it did not have any. I immediately thought to myself "Oh no this place is going downhill" and I had not been in there in probably a year-and-a-half. The waitress put whip cream on it when I asked her to. I saw this just a simple oversight. However when I ordered my next drink she did the same thing, did not put any whipped cream on it.

At this point I said "Oh y'all don't put whip cream on a strawberry daiquiris anymore" and she said "No, we stopped doing that". So immediately my initial thought came back "Oh no this place is going downhill". I didn't order the rocktail lobster dinner and the New York strip dinner because I was very hungry. I told the waitress that I wanted my steak medium well because I did not like blood on my plate and to make sure there was no bloody meat, I said medium well to the well side. When she set my plate down I immediately noticed that the plate was full of blood and I do mean to the point like it appeared to have been done on purpose because there was so much. I called the waitress over and asked her to look at my plate and how she could set my plate down knowing how I had made my order.

I could not believe that this woman took my order knowing fully well what I said about no blood on my plate and then turns around 20-25 minutes later and puts a bloody plate down in front of me. She took it to the back to have them cook it more. I didn't realize that my lobster was cut in half, it was not the whole tale like it's supposed to be and it was obvious that they had grilled it. It was real tough and chewy and I could not believe the price I was paying for this meal and I have such lousy food. I became very upset but held it in of course and asked for my bill before the meat was even back that they were trying to recook. The waitress was getting my bill as they brought the steak back out and I said "just put it in a box. I will take it to go." I paid my bill, and being a gentleman I even tipped the girl when I knew I shouldn't have.

Of course planning on complaining to the management in the near future during the working hour business day so I could speak to the right manager, I left almost a whole lobster on my plate and grabbed the box that had the steak in it. By the time I got home I was calm down enough to try my steak. Much to my displeasure when I open the box I discovered it was sitting there in a puddle of blood. They had barely even cook my steak, it was nowhere near even medium. I went to the restaurant on Monday at approximately 11 a.m. and ask to speak to the manager. I spoke to John the manager and he agreed to replace my order at no charge. I came back and picked up my order later and everything was perfect like it normally is.

Over the next two weeks a buddy of mine and I went in there two different times and had the same type meal and John the manager even saw us there and said hi. John spoke to us and commented on how he had seen us there several times and knew we were regulars. Now here is where it gets interesting and also explains the one-star Nationwide rating that they now have, that I just discovered. I went in on Friday the 11th at approximately 7 o'clock p.m. which was consequently the exact same time that I went in three weeks prior and had a problem. I ordered the New York strip and lobster dinner and my drink.

I explained to the bartender what had happened to me just almost three weeks prior and how I'd had to have my order replaced and how my other orders during the afternoon were perfect. And to please make sure that my steak was medium well without a bunch of blood in my plate and to make sure that my lobster does not get overcooked and that I did not want my lobster tail split in half. 20 minutes later the bartender comes and sets down a plate in front of me that is filled with blood almost as if it was intentional because there was so much present just like the last time I had a problem there.

I didn't even let the waitress walk away this time. I immediately said "How can you stand there wanting me to give you a big tip for this expensive meal when you can't even make sure my orders right. You can't tell me that you don't see this plate is full of blood and the people sitting around me even were looking at my plate and making faces like wow". So she said she'll take it back and have it cooked. I go ahead and try my lobster and it's all tough and chewy so I became very angry, of course not letting anybody see this and said I was going to go outside and smoke a cigarette.

When I came back in not even two minutes later because I was upset, the waitress brought my steak back and there was still blood coming out of it. And of course I said "Just give me my bill" and I took my bill and the food in a box. And while I was in the parking lot getting into my car I literally just threw the plate on the ground because I was so angry and wondered why I walked out of there with a box with messed up food.

I could not make it back until Tuesday afternoon to let the manager know what happened. This time John listened to me but he was not very attentive, he would not look me in the eye. He kept looking the other way, he was shaking and jittery and then this time he asked me for my name and phone number and said he was going to speak to the management and that there should be no problem replacing my order. About 8 hours later I get a phone call from some guy named Jared at Red Lobster and he says he's the general manager and that he's not going to replace my meal but they will give me a discount. I asked him if he has lost his mind I said "Did you not hear one thing that I told you. My order was completely messed up, I never even ate it. Are you trying to imply that I'm just trying to get free food".

So now Red Lobster managers agree that they should not replace my order. How they ever came to this decision I will never know. I have currently emailed the corporate office, I have contacted the Better Business Bureau, I have contacted the Attorney General's office and I have posted 10 other complaints on the internet including pissed off customer complaints. I suggest that nobody ever go to this restaurant again and let them go completely out of business just as they deserve for treating customers that they know are regulars.

No customer should be treated in this type of manner just because they're too broke to pay for orders that they mess up and it's only common sense. They're broke because of how they're treating the customers and this crappy food that they're feeding to customers and waitresses that don't even care to make sure the order is right. I don't even give this company a 1 star rating, I give them a straight - 0. They need to shut the doors, fire everybody, and restart the company.

Last night went well, the host greeting and seating me and my significant other. Then the waitress came up asking us what would we like to drink and ask us did we want anything from the bar. We said "No, just two raspberry lemonades" and then I add some stuff mushrooms and we also placed our order for our dinner. She brought the bread out and our salads but I think she forgot to put in the order for the mushrooms because we had to ask "Where are the mushrooms?" She respond, said she didn't order them and said it will take five minutes to make. She finally brought them out. Time goes pass, so we decide to ask how long would it take for our order. She responded "It's up but it's two orders in front of you." Then she replied "I can't grab it yet but let me check on it" and we thinking "What the hell, did she say that?" And I responded to my significant other "So I guess it's okay for our food to be cold."

Finally the food comes out. She place my significant plate in front of him and I don't know what happen but my plate went on the floor, everything spill on the carpet making a big mess and she respond "Okay I will go ask for a remake and it will take five minutes to make" but I waited longer for the first order. I were very dissatisfied, still patiently waiting for my order, then I guess the manager decide to come over and apologize and said he will take off the mushrooms, I was like "Wow really just the mushrooms?" and he ask us "there anything else I can assist?" Then my significant other replied "Yes, another refill." That was the worse service I ever received and I would never return again.

Last night my wife and I finally got an opportunity to use gift cards $75.00 I got for Christmas... We saved them for VDay. We started out with a lobster pizza appetizer. It was room temp and lacking much topping. While eating this tasteless pizza our iceberg lettuce salad arrived, no greens, no onion, nothing but tasteless iceberg with a bland blue cheese dressing...

Then we both ordered the Pick Two Entree for $18.79. I ordered flounder & sea scallops. My wife coconut shrimp & sea scallops. I was shocked to see the sea scallops, 4 tiny (quarter size) overcooked scallops on a bed (1/2 cup) of wild rice on one side of my baked potato, and a room temp limp single fillet of flounder (maybe 6 oz). The flounder was supposedly stuffed with a crab stuffing. There may have been about a tablespoon there. However, the flavor is what counts. The scallops were again dry and overcooked, and the flounder almost puked me. It was so cold and freezer burned... My wife's meal was just as disappointing... Shame on Red Lobster for serving suck crap, and at a premium price. You lost my business and I will become a detractor.

I have worked in retail for 17 years with food might I add. I have had 15 people working for me at one time. The thing that gets me the most is going to the restroom while having dinner and seeing YOUR WAITRESS COME OUT OF THE RESTROOM WITH HER APRON STILL ON!!! This is SOOOO NASTY and I'M pretty sure THE HEALTH DEPT wouldn't like it either!!! This is disgusting!!! Not very satisfied at all with this restaurant. All I can see is THE waitress coming out of the bathroom wiping her hands on her apron and then bring me my food!!! (Tullahoma, Tn) I think I need to give Mr. ** (Tn. Health Dept.) a call!!!

The prices were high and the food was not enough. The size of the soup is disgusting small, baby size would put it better and for 4.99 it is a shame. And they should be ashamed to charge the prices an extra for scallops and then only get 4. I order two orders and got 8 altogether and paid 6.00 extra, then to still leave hungry after a 30.00 meal is absurd. Never again. They need to do some real changing on meal sizes and my husband got an appetizer made for a child. 4 small mushrooms again baby size. Very, very disappointing. Will not be back. Will go to Olive Garden or even Applebee's is better.

My aunt and uncle and I went to Red Lobster in Johnson City Tennessee. It took forever to get refills on unsweetened tea. When it finally came it was sweet. I was grating pepper onto my baked potato when a youngish blonde woman, whom I learned was the manager, asked if I needed help. To grate pepper? Like I'm too stupid to figure it out? Then she called me honey and rubbed my shoulder! I do not tolerate strangers touching me nor is my name honey, and I told her so. She laughed in my face. The server identified her as the manager but refused to give her name. She seemed almost afraid of her. Every time the manager passed our table, she smirked at me. Our time together as a family was ruined. I will never, ever eat at Red Lobster again. This isn't the first time we've had a problem with rude employees but I can promise it's the last.

I call RL at 6:25 and order the Ultimate Feast. I ordered a cup of Clam Chowder (I really love that soup), garden salad no croutons and onions. Changed the scampi to fried shrimp and asked that all of the fried shrimp be put in a container by itself because the steam from the lobster and crab legs soak the crust of the shrimp. Broccoli, no rice, yes butter & tartar sauce. The guy that took my order said it would be ready in 20 to 25 minutes. He even read everything back to me perfectly. So I got there at 6:50. The lady working behind the counter looked like a chicken with her head cut off or a deer in the headlights. Just running all over the place. So three times in 15 minutes she said my order would be right up. She took my cash payment and did not give me a receipt (now I know why). I think in the future I will use my credit card.

Then another customer arrived with an order of three Ultimate Feast. I was so angry that I had to wait an additional 30 minutes and I left when she gave me the food. So the entire meal cost me $41 ($37 for food & $4 tip). I got home and opened up the food. Well the Lobster was sooo small that it was not worth the struggle to pull it off the tail. All of the shrimp is soaked by the steam (not in separate container & no tartar sauce). Very small amount of crab legs. Broccoli was mush & no taste to it and the Clam Chowder was so cold because when they took it out of the refrigerator, they forgot to heat it up. I hate cold Clam Chowder. They did do the salad correct but no crackers and no rice was correct. I have never gotten lemon wedges except this order had a bunch of them (I do not like lemons). Oh yea they did not give me any of their biscuits.

I have been going to RL for the last 40 years. So after I threw most of it away, I became angry about it and called the Manager. I think her name was Bridgett. And after a long conversation and her making up a hell of a lot of excuses for the terrible service and food, she found my order information. And then she took my name, email address and phone number and said she would email me a $40 e-gift card at then end of her shift on 12-30-15. Well that was a day and a half ago. I'm pretty sure she is not going to send it to me. Why is it so difficult for a restaurant to get the order correct? What would they do if I did not pay my entire bill? They would call the Police. Maybe I should have called the Police because I got robbed.

Your bartender, Daria, exhibited the most offensive behavior I have ever encountered from an employee of a restaurant. While sitting at the bar along with my son eating several entrees and watching ESPN, Daria repeatedly stood in front of me staring in my eyes until I looked at her and then she would roll her eyes and turn her head away shaking it. When I asked her what was the problem, she ignored me and did not respond only to return to repeat the obnoxious behavior. I just wanted the harassment to end. This was not only disrespectful to me but also my son.

In addition while washing dishes directly in front of us, Daria deliberately threw plates and glasses into the sink making loud disturbing noises as if she was angry. Daria also did the same thing with empty wine and liquor bottles while tossing them into the trash can. I became in fear that she would do something violent to us if we didn't leave. Although we planned to order more appetizers and drinks, we were both disturbed and uncomfortable around her. Daria appeared to be ready to explode at any second. I asked a waitress that was waiting for Daria to return with her order what was Daria's problem. The waitress stated that Daria did not want to work that night. I next asked was there nothing that could be done about it. The waitress stated helplessly that she just tries to stay out of her way and to keep from making her angry. Upon hearing this, I didn't bother calling over the manager on duty.

We have gone to this restaurant on personal, family, business, birthdays, holidays, and on numerous other occasions over the last 40 years. In fact, it is our favorite restaurant. My son comes to the restaurant for both lunch and dinner 5-6 times a week on his own. He invited me this night to celebrate a bonus that he had received from his new job. The food was great and we were enjoying our time together until this happened.

My son wanted to be rude back to Daria. However, I stressed to him that it is never a good idea to reduce yourself to someone's hurtful behavior. I explained to him that it is always best to take the high road. I told him I would contact Red Lobster's corporate office. We plan to continue patronizing Red Lobster in the future at your North Richland Hills location. However, we would both be afraid to ever have to encounter Daria again.

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