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On September 11th, I booked my daughter's 4th birthday party for October 1st. There was some problem with it as a pending transaction the next day but the deposit of $50 was withdrawn from our account so I assumed it was booked. I thought about last year's birthday party that I booked online. When we got there, my daughter's party wasn't on the list! That manager made it happen anyways. So, I went there Thursday night to verify the party was booked & to avoid another debacle. It wasn't booked! The manager told me they're booked up for Saturday & to book it for another day during the week. So, I could spend another $50 to book a party that's not guaranteed to happen & disappoint my daughter all over again!!! Not happening! I told him the deposit was already paid but he told me I'd have to call the birthday party hotline to get that money back. I'm still waiting for a call back from their automated system.:-/

The other issue is that COLLEGE STUDENTS are now booking during the week for their parties but the manager didn't know which night! I don't want my kid around that many "adults". That's why I used to feel like Chuck E Cheese's was a safe place. I'm FRUSTRATED, ANNOYED & SERIOUSLY P'D OFF! I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN!!!

I've been to Chuck E Cheese many times in the past and have never had problems, even on the busiest of days. I took my two younger children today (7-29-16), and have never had so many problems with everything. 50% of the games we played had issues, our tickets got jammed in the ticket muncher, and they got rid of their salad bar during lunch time, which is the only thing I will eat there. On a positive note, the staff was friendly and helpful, but that was the last time I will go to Chuck E Cheese.

My 4 year old daughter and I visited the Chuck E Cheese location on Dowlen Road in Beaumont, Texas last night 5/24/16. We have been there before, once for a birthday party and a few times on our own. I have always been satisfied. The staff is nothing less of courteous and helpful. Once the ice cream vending machine took our money. I reported it to the lady at the counter, and she offered me a replacement ice cream. I explained that we had already put more money into the machine and received an ice cream, and she immediately gave me my lost money back.

My daughter and I usually share a salad and a mini pizza. The salad bar is always fresh, and in my opinion, the pizza is really good. We receive our food in a reasonable amount of time. Just one gripe: the chicken nuggets are disgusting. I definitely won't be ordering them ever again. We have never had any problems with the game room, and have always had fun. We have had no problems redeeming our tickets. It definitely is more crowded on the weekends, as you would expect. We normally go on weekday evenings for this reason.

Although I mostly have been happy with Chuck E Cheese and will definitely visit there again, I did have a problem a few weeks ago. Somehow my daughter and I were incorrectly stamped with different numbers as we come in the door. When it was time to leave, the staff would not let us out the door because of the different numbers. Finally they let us go when I showed them pictures of us together on my cell phone and my daughter stated that I am her mom and she lives with me.

Jack's frozen pizza is far better than yours. My 4 year old grandson even said he does not want to eat it! I don't know the receipt number or the order number but it was the buffet and as I remember the pizza recipe from Showbiz Pizza was FAR SUPERIOR.

I was a guest at a birthday party. I went to get a salad (as told by the host of the party, I could charge it to the account). 2 others in our party had already returned with full plates but I was rudely confronted by a young woman who made me feel as if I had done something wrong at the salad bar. She rudely asked with a raised voice if I had paid for my food and that I was not allowed to get anything since I didn't pay. I looked around and there were 2 other ladies at the salad bar with the same color plates (who happened to be **) and nothing was said to them as they filled their plates. As a matter of fact, nobody was confronted in my party except me, and I happen to be the only minority. I told her to charge it to the party.

As I headed for my seat, I was confronted AGAIN by another young lady who proceeded to grill me once again about my salad. I was with another lady in my party who had just filled her plate (same color plate as mine) and they said nothing to her and continued to rudely confront me about my salad. I find it very insulting and highly discriminatory that I was the only one confronted, moreover confronted in such a rude and demeaning manner.

I spoke to the manager and she informed me that this was not the first complaint they have had today, with the same employees. I was offered free salad and tokens and they assured me that the employees would be reprimanded. However, I did not take the complimentary items and would rather bring this to corporate attention instead. How many more people have to go through this before something is done? I would like to lodge a formal complaint in regards to discrimination.

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When at Chuck E. Cheese's in Upper Marlboro, MD, we got our food, but not after the waiter smacked my 2 y.o. son when he ran around the restaurant. The food was a terror. It was served on dirty dishes. The arcade had 2 machines, and 1 was broken.

The management is a mess. It's always a two-hour wait to receive food. The customer service is terrible., I recommend a total change and restructuring. I used to come here as a kid 20 years ago and it was so much different. I bring my daughter here from time to time and it's like walking into Compton. I know times have changed but when my daughter can't look away for one second without someone trying to take her tickets or her coins, kids and adults, that's a bit sad. I will definitely be looking for a better place to take her. The owner obviously does not care about the business. Half the games are out of order all the time as well are the coin machines so you're forced to stand in line forever just to be treated with the total disrespect. I not recommended any to come here.

The food is very very good. I just think that it needs to be bigger. They have the smallest pizzas anyone could probably get anywhere, that aren't frozen of course.

Every year we have celebrated birthdays at Chuck E Cheese. We reserved small parties 4-5 kids with 2-3 adults. This month, my daughter turns 5 and was so excited to have her party at Chuck E Cheese. Well they DOUBLED the required minimum amount of kids required to book a party!! Why? She is not in pre-school, and does not have any little friends to invite yet. Extended family is out because we are military and live far away from family. Not everyone can meet the 8 child limit. She is going to be upset. No ticket blaster, none of the perks all the other kids will get. All because of corporate greed. Sure, they will let us show up with 4 kids as long as we pay for 8 (double).

My underage daughter booked a party with my credit card after I spoke to someone who assured me there would be no penalties if I needed to cancel up to the day before the party. I called the next morning to cancel (we had surprise party booked elsewhere we didn't want her to be suspicious of) and was told the $50 deposit was nonrefundable. I called back a couple times explaining the situation. They even listened to recording of me speaking with the person who didn't say anything to me about nonrefundable deposit, and said yes that wasn't mentioned but it was during checkout with my credit card. I practically begged as I could really use that money. I said I've spent a lot of money there over the years and couldn't they bend their rules for certain situations, and they wouldn't budge. It was big misunderstanding and they were so unaccommodating. I won't spend another penny there ever.

I took my grandsons to the store in Middletown, NY on 1-19-16. They had a great time. But when I went to cash out their coupons it was a different story. I waited on line for 15 minutes. A young girl came over and while laughing the whole time told me that I had to go to the other machine and exchange the coupons for a receipt. Still laughing I said to her "I do not think that this was funny." I went to the machines to exchange the coupons for receipt and only two out of four were working. I waited. Did the exchange. Went back to the desk to cash in for prizes and waited again for 10 more minutes.

With everyone walking by saying one minute, one minute and wait one minute, finally a young man came over and asked what we wanted for the coupons. My grandsons told them what they wanted. The young man got their prizes and threw them on the counter. Did not place them on the counter but threw them. If my grandsons didn't want their prizes so bad I would have left. The staff is very rude and not accommodating. I will never take my grandsons there again.

Myself, my son and my nephews went to Chuck E. Cheese on Dec. 21 in the evening. Upon sitting at the table, I noticed an advertisement for beer which is apparently being sold at the Rapid City SD franchise. I questioned the manager about this and he stated that they indeed, do sell beer at this site. I immediately informed him that I felt that it was totally inappropriate to sell beer at a children's arcade. He tried to tell me that they only allowed people to consume 2 beers while there.

I do not know how this could possibly be enforced since no one even checked us or stamped out hands when we went in and most of the employees were in the back, totally unconcerned about what was going on in the arcade. I do not, for the life of me, understand why a children's arcade would sell beer and advertise it clearly at the tables where children can see it. Needless to say, I will not be returning and and I will be contacting the liquor control board to check on the legality of the situation.

Incident date: 12/11/2015. Time of incident: 9:15 pm. This evening my children and I attended a birthday party of a friend of ours. As my 6 year old daughter was playing, a Security Officer grabbed my daughter by her arm very hard and twisted her arm. I asked him the security officer why did he hurt my child. He refused to talk to me. I asked for his name. He refused to give me his name. I immediately went to customer service and demanded to speak with the Manager. The Manager Mr ** stated to me to fill out a complaint form. At no point did the Manager reprimand the security officer or ask him to leave the premises. This is totally unacceptable. The security officer treated my 6 year old daughter as if she was an adult. I am disgusted.

The security officer is described as a: White Male, With glasses, about 55 years. He was wearing all black, with an ID Card around his neck, a subcontractor's name ASSIS. Please have the Director or someone that can help with this. That security DOES NOT NEED TO WORK AROUND CHILDREN!!! It is clear that he is not trained to work with this children. Chuck E. Cheese is not a club! It's a loving place for children to play. I will never or will I ever come to this location again! If this issue is not resolved I will pursue legal action.

You figure a entertainment food chain that has been in business for years would want to listen to its consumers and fix issues. Well I find Chuck E Cheese isn't one of them. Party platters were so small and discrete not like as advertised at all. Floors were dirty trash, barrels full, games broken, salad bar disgustingly dirty and refills sat out on cart unnoticed and at room temperature for 2 hrs you could see in through food window to kitchen area and it was such a mess - food all over, floors did not look sanitary. There were dead bugs in the tunnels and liquid dripping out of them onto the little ride in fire engine and the kids area - 3 machines were broken.

Not what I expected from a children's entertainment chain as far as I'm concerned not worth the money. I saw stressed out and lack of employees that would just stare at their phones instead of taking care of place. I understand it's a lot of work keeping up with mess and games and kids but that's what the business is so you need to hire more people or more competent people to manage locations and compensate them accurately to make them want to do what they need to do to make it a better. Peabody MA

My 8 y/o daughter had her B-day party tonight. The experience was awful. The tables are too close to one another. Table next to us had 40 people crammed at one table and they took our table over! Kids were into her gifts and hands into her cake/food. STOP booking so many parties at once! Spread things out. It is MAD EXPENSIVE TO HAVE PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW INTO YOUR PARTY! NEVER AGAIN.

Several things: (1) The game price is no longer just 1 token, (2) fewer tickets seemed to be given out per game, (3) too many games kept breaking, (4) I ordered the wings... HUGE mistake!! They were mostly fat and small enough to have come from a Cornish game hen. I had maybe an 1/8 cup of meat and 1 cup of meat. I mean seriously, if you are having trouble making money, try serving food the PARENTS want to eat.

This place is just plain filthy. Rugs are sticky and grimy. Drink dispenser, tables and condiments shakers are filthy. The food did not taste good, one bite and I had to throw it away for fear of getting sick. Garbage bins were full and flies were hovering around it. Then to top things off the children were waiting for Chucky to show up and was told he'll be in at 6pm, that was at 2pm! The bathrooms are filthy and smelled like urine. I will never take my grandchildren there again. I just don't understand how a place that caters to children be so mismanaged.

We had an awesome time and it was a lot less money than main event for much more fun. And Joseph at the gift shop had games for the kids to play and just made it a terrific experience and fun for the kids. Thanks! :)

Saturday we went to Chuck E Cheese. It took 15 minutes after we complained about the salad bar and the lady that was 5 people before me said she had been waiting 5 minutes more than me and had already told a worker and the manager that the salad bar was empty. Well after I finally got my salad there was a baby roach in my food and so one of the managers said where's your receipt so I gave it to her but what I was trying to tell her is that I didn't eat pizza and that I wanted my salad. Well I didn't know that she was just giving me my money back and I couldn't eat cause when the man that I gave my plate to with the bug gave me a clean plate she came up to me and asked me what I was doing and that I can't get any salad. I was real disappointed since we had spent 5 hours and bought 5 pizzas and chicken wings and countless coins.

28 June 2015 Chuck E Cheese Gulfport Mississippi - our 7 years boy can't enjoy his time in this place during an immoral offense by almost a half-naked woman when we can see her nudity. Notifying manager claim can't kick her out because no policy in place. I mention "If I take my clothes off now I will be ok?" Manager ** say "Will be ok!"

I took my kids to the Chuck E Cheese in Greenwood IN 6-9-15. They had a good time and the staff was nice. The prices have become a little much for the quality. We spent $80 and got 160 tokens, 1 large, 1 topping pizza, a salad bar sample platter and 4 drinks. The sample platter was the worst though. The menu said feeds 4. There was "wings" (actually more like nuggets) fries and cheese bread. The "wings" looked like 2 regular wings cut into 5 pieces. I'm having my daughter's 5th birthday party there this month and I'm beginning to rethink it. When I first started taking my son there the parties were $10 per kid for the deluxe package. Now it's over $20 per kid! I did the middle package and it's $17! The prices have gone up but the quality and portions have gone down. This will be my last party there.

My boyfriend lost his watch. The Chuck E. Cheese’s in Long Beach CA on 4th street and as soon as we walked in we told the ** the manager but since my boyfriend rushed in to see if it was still there she thought I left right behind him but I didn't and while she checked a lady that was getting in told that she didn't have time to check. I just don't think it's fair to have people that don't enjoy their job. Why even work? I go to this Chuck E. Cheese’s every two weeks. I spend at least $170 every month and for this manager ** to not even care. She checked the cameras supposedly but she told that other guest that she didn't have time. I guess she seen me that I heard and that's why she went to check them. It's not fair. That was not professional of her telling the other customer she didn't have time but then again she was working. I would never go back to this Chuck E. Cheese’s again.

My grandchild had a birthday party there today at a Las Vegas location. She turned 6 years old. Some snot nosed kid was punching and choking them and another one of my grandchildren. No staff around. My daughter called the manager over and all he did was give them 1,000 tickets like that makes it better. Hey, how about having more staff to watch out for abuse like that? I will never step foot in there again.

On the May 19, 2015, my 4 yrs old son wanted to go Chuck E Cheese to play, and we took him there. My son played at one machine and I played at another machine around there. After my son played and he left the ticket at the machine and I come and to tear off the ticket for him. I saw ticket door at that machine did not lock and people can easily pull out the door to take the the ticket, and I did not pull out any ticket from the machine beside my son tickets. We played there about 45 mins, we redeem the ticket and the manager came from nowhere and tore off the redeem ticket and said he saw the camera that I took the ticket out of that machine.

So all the the tickets was voided. I asked him to show the camera that showed I pulled out the ticket, and he denied to do so. He treated us like we were thief, how rude. What's the point of stolen those tickets and redeem for those useless toy? We spent more money on the tokens than the toy my son can get from the tickets. We just want to have some funtime with family. WE'RE NOT THIEF. I was so mad and angry. I had never been treat like that in my entire life. This is the last time we came to Chuck E Cheese and we'll never go back there or others ever again.

Am a very upset mother. I reserved a party for my son ** at the Norman Chuck E Cheese in Oklahoma. We paid quite a bit of money. I was very upset because Chuck E Cheese was supposed to dance with my son for his first birthday, but instead, he danced and sang with every birthday kid but mine. I should have gotten my money back. AS A MOM, HOW WOULD YOU FEEL TO HAVE YOUR SON FEEL LEFT OUT ON HIS OWN BIRTHDAY?! How humiliating. It was his FIRST BIRTHDAY for gods sake!! May I include Chuck E Cheese passed by him 3 TIMES while he was sitting in his birthday chair (he can't walk yet) and he didn't even encourage him! I wanted to cry, I was so embarrassed... And it all happened in front of my whole family!

I'm still in shock and I don't plan to have another birthday party there again... Until there is at LEAST SOME EQUALITY!!! Don't believe me? Check the camera.

Might come in handy to the next family that comes along and promises their child a fun birthday just to come home in complete disappointment... and try explaining to their child why Chuck E didn't dance with him!!! I'm just speechless.

I was in Chuck e for few hours on 4/7/15 and purchased 50 dollars worth of tokens. After couple hours my kids took their reward calendar to receive their free tokens. Manager of Paramus Chuck e refused to give them the free tokens since our receipt for food purchased was two hour earlier. I did not want to argue with her in front of kids. I think it was very shameful for the store for arguing with a customer over few token. Shame on Chuck E Cheese.

Was at Chuck E Cheese 2 weeks ago Lehigh Valley Mall. Place is dirty. Parking lot filthy. Said something to manager - acted like a real jerk. My advice - save your money or go somewhere else.

I had my son bday party this Saturday just passed March 21, 2015, AND I was very disappointed, the ice cream were old and freezer burn. And I spoke with the manager, and he gave me a refund for the ice cream, which was ok but what I was not happy with, is the kids didn't have any ice cream, and he didn't ask to give me something else in place of the ice cream. It's not my problem that the ice cream was bad, and the kids wanted some ice cream, and didn't get anything in place of it, and I'm still piss about it...

I had my daughter's 7th Birthday party at chuck e cheese, location Springfield pa on Baltimore pike from 4-6. This party was a complete disaster. Our food was a half an hour-45 mins late, there was a fight between parents on the play floor, parents of other children completely took over the games and other kids calling my daughter's guest names, half the games and ticket counters were broken, and finally a toy my daughter brought in with her, a princess anna doll, was stolen right off our party table. I complained numerous times to my party host and I was told that she would let management know of all the issues but that she doubted anything would be done and she was right, absolutely nothing was done.

I paid close to 300.00 for my daughter and her family and friends to enjoy themselves and we had to worry if their tokens were stolen and if they were being bullied. The fact that besides my party host, not one employee took control of the environment our kids were in was a disgrace. My daughter cried herself to sleep that night cause someone was mean and stole her toy. I will never bring my daughter back to Chuck e cheese and after this display of ignorance both the public and employees neither will the families of the 20 children that attended her birthday party.

We were at Chuck-E-Cheese in Allentown, Pa. After we were seated, I could see in the back where the food was being prepared, I noticed that three people were cutting the pizzas for the orders and not wearing any gloves. After handling monies and scratching private parts, these people shouldn't be preparing food!

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