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Last updated: Nov. 15, 2017

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Original review: Nov. 15, 2017

Horrible service took 10 minutes for us to get our transaction done. The girl kept texting on her phone while taking our order. Our pizza took 45 minutes. Finally went up said, "Where's our pizza". Ooo it's done. We seen it sitting up there for awhile. When we done eating we asked a guy for a box he said, "Ok". And never brought it to us. Had once again try get someone to get us a box. All the workers had horrible attitudes. Half the games were not giving out tickets. They wasn't even that busy. Place was dirty. Tables weren't being cleaned. Just a around horrible experience. 11-14-17 had two orders only gave us one of the receipts. Spent over 50.00 on one order. The other 6.00.

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Original review: Oct. 8, 2017

I did a booking for my grandson birthday October 8,2017. I had to cancel Friday due to the passing of my mother. Chuck E Cheese just took my money 50.00. I feel like I just got Rob. They are robbing customer and I ask for my money back due to my mom's death and I was told no. They are taking my money even though we're not having a party. What kind of business just take someone hard earned money. I am a single parent. I want my deposit back. I'm having to bury my mother and I don't have money for someone to take. This is not fair at all really. It's not. I can't help this. Customer should be able to cancel reservation with someone. Telling them if they do they still going to keep it that call stealing and violation my right as a customer. Thank you but I need my money back. How can a company just takes someone money. How. Please help me especially if they have death in a family. Don't they have a heart.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 4, 2017

It took approximately three hours to receive my wings. I was told they could not find my table. This happened twice. I asked for the manager after an hour and a half. The manager had an attitude, took my food ticket, threw it aside and left to find my food. Another hour or so a worker came back and said they could not find my table again. I still have not seen the return. I was then told they could not fix my food.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 22, 2017

I Anna ** visited Chuck E Cheese on August 21st. At about 8 pm Ford Road in Canton Michigan. I brought my kids out for a family outing. We have been coming to this Chuck E Cheese for a long time through birthday parties here for the kids and my kids currently are involved with the Chuck E Cheese V.I.P. club where their cards reload every week. Me and my family came to this location tonight and had the worse horrifying and embarrassing experience that a family ever could go through and the service that was given was poor rude assaulting discriminatory threatening frightening, confrontational, criminalizing and in violation of my civil rights and amended rights. I order food and patronized at this facility tonight and I and my family was mistreated badly over a cup of ranch dressing.

After ordering food I specifically told the cashier on duty that I cannot have tomatoes sauce and I requested for some ranch with my food. Well when the food came out that's what I had. I told my daughter to go up to the counter and ask for a cup of ranch while I fix everyone plate while the food was hot and she did go up, waited in line patiently for assistance and she talked to a different cashier who had orange wavy hair and asked for a cup of ranch dressing. Mind you my daughter had been standing there for a while before getting served. The young lady said to my daughter when she asked for services she was told to hold on while she finished filling out her paperwork then the girl walked over leaving my daughter standing there without notice when she was next to be helped and went to assist a line of customers for toys.

I walked up and asked why she did not get the help she needed and was overlooked like she was less important as a customer and all she needed was a cup of ranch. I asked for a cup to get some from the salad bar or could someone get her some from the back because my daughter food was getting cold from sitting and waiting. And I said I paid for this food and not for it to not be enjoyed by my child. And the young lady replied "Whatever. Okay hold on. I'm about to go get it girl. You doing too much." I felt as a customer with a response like that from a cashier was rude sarcastic and sound like a problem going into the wrong direction provoked for it to become confrontational. I said in reply "Who are you talking to." She said "You we were going back in forth." I told her she need to watch how she address people and to not be so disrespectful and to check her attitude.

She gave me the ranch and told me "You need to check yourself. You got your ranch don't you." And she said that to me several times as I was walking away and I told her she was a waste of time and she was yelling blurting out words as I was going back to my table with my daughter and next was her threat. She says "I will call my momma. I got a momma too." I told her "Call your momma and if she come up here I will drop her like a bag." The girl ran to the back. I ask the door greeter for a manager. She said management went outside. I was trying to file a complaint on the embarrassing experience and how it made me and my kids feel unwanted and uncomfortable and still could not get a form of help from management. So we were finishing our food to get ready to go I tried contact the police in regards of the threat but my phone was dropping the call.

It would not go through while I was inside Chuck E Cheese so I went outside to my car to get a pen and a notebook to write down names and corporate contact information and management not once came to resolve the problem. Did not know what was going on between the two of us. She just reacted listened to what her coworker came to the back and said to her and then went outside, called the police and made a false report saying I had a gun with a bag of bullets. For the police to come out. My kids were told to get out the car age 6,13, and 15 with their hands up. They were searched like they were criminals and they had about 10 cop cars out on us for a false allegation that was untrue and never said my car was search. No gun or bullets were found and I was banned from Chuck E Cheese for 1 year. Hit with a ticket and a misdemeanor without true and probable cause.

I feel management did not acted for the customer nor was properly trained for a situation like that nor assist in any kinda comforting way. I felt she made matters worse and if I had a gun why will I sit to wait for the police with my kids. A lie was said on me and I totally disagree with how we were attacked and mistreated. We never got a chance to enjoy our visit. I feel something should be done to both management and the cashier. They stretch customer services and it was not recommended. I feel that lack of communication which led in an uncomfortable situation was unjust and they should be reprimanded for their action of humiliation... It was wrong terrifying for me and the kids. And we were told by the police that the same story I shared with you all when they asked her she did not deny that she was confrontational with me. She did not deny what statement I made to the police was untrue.

I feel that I was harassed because she was frustrated because she was by herself running the front by herself without help and all responsibility was left on her and she was angry and the first small situation made her react out of anger. I don't appreciate what we went through and plan to bring this horrifying experience to the public eye because no one innocent deserves be stripped of their sanity and identity by the authorities over a cup of ranch dressing and I plan to take legal action. This is really bad for the business of Chuck E Cheese. I would never spend money with that company again after what my family went through and would not recommend no one else there to support that location or the company because if they get away with this it could happen even worse to another family. Chuck E Cheese is always in the limelight for something. If it is not shootings, kids getting hurt by their machines at their location.

It is not really as kid friendly with the attitudes that are given to customers during time of assistance... Chuck E Cheese need to better train their staff get involved and sat a strict policy for staff. Also I requested the cops to pull the video in defense of my complaint and the cameras do not work. No audio and that would have proved who was in the wrong and show proof they need working equipment. This is not fair to react on one side that made a complaint like it's true when it's not and there are always two sides to a story. People who works for this company needs to understand integrity and respecting others and doing the job correctly. This really looks bad for Chuck E Cheese. It's not really a place where a kid can be a kid... These matters need to be addressed and some associate need to be fired... This matter should not be looked over like it's not important.

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Original review: Aug. 4, 2017

Chuck E Cheese at 6773 Bell Rd in Glendale, Arizona is terrible. I will never take my children there again. Management was unprofessional and rude to customers and employees. Management needs to take a few classes on business management. The whole place was unorganized.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: July 17, 2017

I visited a Chuck E. Cheese's in Greensboro on Friendly Avenue and it was horrible. When I walked inside, my niece with me, it was extremely full, kids walking around unsupervised, a putrid smell around the "Chuck E. Cheese's Marathon Runner" or something similar, that smelt like a rotten diaper, no employee going to spritz or anything like that around the area. They were everywhere, not even playing any game whatsoever and was everywhere when you tried to play. On the floor, running around, and one kid climbed over our table. Really didn't like that part. The parent didn't pay attention at all, but the main thing I would like to complain about is the new play card things going around. I feel like it took the fun away from Chuck E. Cheese's, crouching below the slot to see how many tickets you get, and plus, the Munch's Ticket collector was still open when cards were there. The card machines were slow, some didn't even work.

It was also weird that tokens were still available but kids ran around with tickets squeezed in their fists when tickets weren't even coming out of the games. We usually go to Rocky Mount Chuck E. Cheese's, and they are changing to that way next Wednesday. I couldn't hear myself breathe, and one ice machine wasn't even working while no employees were attentive to that. Many games were out of order, and the game we ended up playing, actually two games, gave little to no tickets. It also said we were supposed to get two; but it was halved to one. Didn't like that part either.

People were rushing a lot and weren't slowed or anything, I was bumped into by many grown adults wearing little to nothing and irresponsible kids, and why do you sell alcohol and beer in a children's atmosphere? Kids already are climbing over tables, so the spot of beer would be like the sight of a deer to a lion, they would automatically sip. When we first walked in, my niece told me she smelt beer.

Some adults wore very short clothing, one even in a nightgown, including some kids, so I'd suggest you have a policy that clothes shorter than the ankle and inappropriate clothing be prohibited, on a strict rule, and people wearing very short dresses, shorts, or even that one woman in a nightgown, lace nightgown; pretty much lingerie, and not let them into the doors. Same goes for kids. Kids had their mouths on the glass where you see the prizes, which was unsanitary, and no employee alerted the parent, the parent was not attentive, and pretty much it wasn't much fun. I kind of would suggest to have a customer count; maybe strict at 20, cause I could've counted a whole city in there, maybe 11 generations.

I really wouldn't suggest that Chuck E. Cheese’s, to the reader that's scrolling, but, I think they should investigate on this. I didn't have a nice time, only played three games that were pretty much unsanitary, including the rotten dirty diaper smell at the Chuck E's Marathon Runner. I'm sorry, my experience really took the E out of Charles Entertainment Cheese, and I'm really disappointed.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 25, 2017

Hard time getting another plate for another type of food! Received an answer... "I gave you a plate!" Customers have one plate and if and go back to buffet. Have same plate that they ate off already. Is this not a sanitation violation!! I'm sure it is! Even if they gave me another plate... think about all who didn't have one and came back using same plate. Horrible!!

Of course there is soda area!! Going to have one. And 99.9 of your customers are children. Keep floor area. At the least. So you don't stick to it!! I had a restaurant. And made sure all was 100+++ especially for cleanliness!! No excuses. It's a service business. Service your customers. I am going to go further with this. Know you are suppose to give customers more than one plate if have a buffet!!

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Original review: May 5, 2017

CHUCK>E Where A Kid Can Be A Kid. Chuck.E.Cheese is a children's gaming lounge that has awful food. I have had some very bad experiences there and I can really point out one. So to start off, I had walked in and went to get some game tokens but realized the entire floor was extremely sticky. This was because a young, 1 to 2 year old child had spilled his extra large cup of Orange Crush all over the floor. I stepped in it and nobody that worked there cleaned it up or even seemed to care at all that there was soda all over the carpet. That's another thing, why do you have a carpet under a soda machine that gets slightly spilled on every time someone gets a drink. That's just going to ruin the carpet anyway.

So I had to get someone out to clean it and I walked over about 3 steps away from the soda machine (because, you know, why not put the sticky soda machine area right where I can order my disgusting pizza and game tokens) and I asked if anyone could clean up this giant puddle in the middle of the floor that my Js just stepped in. The woman there said, "Yeah. Wait a second" rudely and just ignorantly walked away. It took 15 minutes because I know how hard it is to grab an unwashed previous 4 year old child's puke filled bucket and mop the floor, but I'll give them credit because the cook ended up coming out to clean it up, so whatever.

After the horrible service and an angry 10 year old at the time I decided I was hungry so, my dad ordered pizza and bread sticks while me and my 3 year old brother played in the game area, which was all dirty and most of the games were sticky. So after 25 minutes of token spending and no tickets, me and my brother were starving and tired out so we decided to sit down and wait for the food. It ended up taking 45 minutes to get food that I never had and never will again.

At the end of our adventure to Chuck-E-Cheese, the food came and the waiter was rude and just came out with a tray and walked away. I took a bite of the pizza and turned out it had no sauce and was ice cold. Oh and the bread sticks tasted like they've sat in someone's car all summer with the heat on and extremely stale. Poured in salt and dipped in I don't even know what it was. It was like a olive oil like substance.

I do not recommend going to Chuck-E-Cheese and hope you never do even though I still have to with my 5 year old brother but now we just play games. The service is very bad and food is probably 8 years old sitting in the back corner of the kitchen cabinet if they even have one. The worst thing is the sanitation though just based on my many trips there this was just one of many stories that I can tell. Just don't go to the bathroom (I don't even know where or if they have that either. I don't know). Just saying. I rate this a star out of 5 and you know why.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: April 25, 2017

I scheduled my daughter 2nd birthday party Sunday 23, 2017 from 4 pm to 6pm at Las Vegas Sunset location. Once I got there around 4:05 ask for my hostess. She walk with me back to my reserved party table. I place an order of 2 pizzas, chicken wings, drinks and tokens. She said she would be back with my cups and tokens. Well almost an hour pass and I haven't seen her when to the front to the registers she was working register and the ticket booth by herself.

I look around for any other employees to help me know if she ever put my order. I found an employee and ask for the manager. She came out like 10 min after I ask her. Short story I got my food almost after 1 hour 1/2 some of my guests didn't eat, left early since they came out of town and it was Sunday. They only had an hour to enjoy the party. My party was almost done by 9pm since we got the food so late and always looking for my hostess for my stuff. Never again will I book any parties there. I paid over $420 for 26 people for lousy customer service. Manager was always at her office.

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Original review: April 3, 2017

I booked the birthday party for my daughter at Parma Heights, OH location. We were just few minutes late and they cancel our reservation without letting us know. The manager was so rude as well as the security guard. I felt like punching both in the face. Manager claimed that she called me but never did. Refused to give our money back. And we told them can we just sit and at least cut the cake since we had our reservation for 2 hours but they said no! Baddest customer service ever.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 18, 2017

It's my son's Birthday party & the manager named LISA at Chuck E. Cheese Chesapeake VA is very very very rude to us. She will not give us anymore big table for my party & I have my parties no seats & I ordered food for my parties with no table for food. Customer service is very very poor. I will not recommend this place.

Original review: March 13, 2017

I had my son's 3rd birthday party at the Chuck E Cheese in Hicksville, NY at 11-15 Hanover Pl, Hicksville, NY 11801. At the end of the table where we were seated, was a coat rack & area to leave your belongings. I parked my stroller in front of the coat rack. I was taking some pictures and set my camera down on the tray part of the stroller on the top next to the handle. When I went back 10 minutes later, my camera was missing. Other people from another party were also putting their coats on our coat rack. I reported this to our hostess who notified the manager. He said he reviewed the security video & did not see the moment my camera was stolen then later said the camera doesn't reach that area. He told me I could fill out an incident report and I would be contacted by their "Corporate office".

The woman I spoke to from their corporate office said she reviewed the video & they also couldn't see the area where my stroller was. She then proceeded to tell me that even if they did see the incident, they would not be able to tell me who did it or confront the person who stole the camera. I said "so, where's the justice in that?" She said they are not responsible for lost or stolen items. My mistake was not calling the police. This was an expensive camera with pictures from the time my son was born until now. It's very disheartening to know people do this where there are children & it more than likely was another parent. Hold onto any of your valuable belongings at all times. Including your kids since it seems like their security cameras are limited to certain areas of their establishment.

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Original review: March 13, 2017

How safe are the areas where children play. No protection of corners on games in case of trips by young children who may not have good balance when walking. Grandson tripped over his feet and bumped his head on a corner of a basketball machine causing a knot to be formed from the incident. My suggestion would be to cover all bare metal with some type of soft protective foam to prevent children from hurting themselves, or put age limits on certain areas of play.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 25, 2017

I had my sons birthday there on 2/24/2017. Your employees and managers were not at all friendly. Host came by maybe 3 times. Food took 45 mins to an hour. Nobody was working the prize counter. Poor management and employee. Once I paid your host could wait to walk out for her break. For the price I paid for a birthday party and the way we were treated is poor customer service. Your ticket machines eat the tickets. Games with cards take more off than what it cost. It shouldn't take 10 mins for someone to come check your hand to leave... More training is needed at your Muskegon facility.

Original review: Feb. 9, 2017

My husband and I took my 2 year old granddaughter to Chuck E Cheese yesterday in Humble, TX. Needless to say she was very excited! The front service, food and game attendant were satisfactory. My complaint is about the mascot. This lady dressed as Chucky came out from a door to walk into the kitchen. All the kids saw Chucky and ran towards her. She just lazily strolled to the kitchen, not waving not hugging not even acknowledging the kids all around her! Well, I understand if it wasn't her "ON TIME" but when it did come to the show time where Schick E dances with the kids. She didn't show up or come out of the kitchen. When she finally came out. Again the kids wanted to hug and touch and love on Chuck E. Again she lazily strolled with not a care in the world and ignored the kids! This was very disheartening to see theses babies disappointed. THE MANAGEMENT WILL BE HEARING FROM ME TODAY IN PERSON.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 8, 2017

My husband has been taking our granddaughters to this Muskegon Michigan Chuck E Cheese for years. They no longer give out tickets for the games. You are given a card. The games are no longer any fun. Granted the prizes were just cheap plastic worthless trash, but the kids enjoyed picking things out. They have taken that away from the children. Not worth the ridiculous price for barely edible pizza and overpriced games where the kids can't even pick out 20 prizes. Not returning ever.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 29, 2017

I visited your location in Houston TX on North Freeway Northline. I order a large pizza, hot wings and 100 tokens. My total cost was 45.69. My kids aging from age 3 and 11. Every games the 3 year wanted to play had no tickets. The ride with Chuck the rat had no pictures to come after the ride was finish. The wings were boneless but they were fried super hard. The bad part I end up walking to counter to talk to someone about one the machine not having any tickets. My three year old son ends walking away from me. So that was acting super. Lost on what to do about so I notice my son gone so I'm running around looking for my baby. I ask the person who stamp your hand when you first come in can she help. She just stand there. So I finally found my son I wave at after 15 looking for him. And I left. I wasted my money and want a refund.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 14, 2017

We had a very bad experience at the Chuck E Cheese's located in West Hills CA. To begin this place should be out of business. The entire place needs cleaning and should be inspected by the public health department. It smells like a sewer, athlete's foot, rotted eggs. All of the machines needs to be sanitize. Food not healthy. Workers very unfriendly. I personally will notify all of the school district about this business and will request that no one patronize Chuck English Cheese's. What a shame.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 23, 2016

We have been to the Sherman TX location many times. We used to buy 20 dollars worth of tokens. We would be there for over 2 hours and play everything in the place at least twice and still have 15 or 20 tokens to spend and the ones that give lots of tickets. We would get 300 something or sometimes over 400. They have cards now. We weren't even there for an hour and had already spent 20 dollars on the card. I added an extra 5 dollars. We didn't even get to play most of the games twice. And we only got 160 tickets. It's a 50-minute drive and now it's not worth it.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 21, 2016

I took a friend and her small child to Chuck E. Cheese Saturday and ordered pizza. Well the order was wrong so we told the manager Chris ** and he argued that it was made right. In front of everyone, I had to ask him to leave the table to keep him from making a scene. The child didn't play any games plus we spent money on something we didn't order. Wow! I’ll never go back. All this could have been avoided if he just replace the order! Very disrespectful! Not manager material at all!

Original review: Nov. 2, 2016

I have had my kids' parties here for 4 years now. My son's 4th birthday party was the worst ever. I couldn't set up until my exact time. It took all my family and my sons friends parents to set up. What a waste of time. The host they assigned didn't help at all. Then there was a bad leak by the tables. Everyone socks was wet. My son's gifts was wet. This was the worst experience. I spent almost $500 for nothing. They brought pepperoni pizza when I asked for cheese. It was going to be 20 minutes if we waited. So there was families that had no pizza because the host was nowhere to be found and on her darn phone instead of helping. My son never got his 1000 ticket that was advertised and we never got the 100 extra tokens for booking on Sunday.

I have been in touch with the manager for almost a month now. It's "Sorry Ma'am. It's too late but we can still book your daughter birthday party." The manager is a flat out **. I have waited this whole time. I paid with my credit card. The lady ensured manager was going to call the following day to assist with a reduction on my price and almost a month later they say no. I will tell everyone about this.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 1, 2016

On September 11th, I booked my daughter's 4th birthday party for October 1st. There was some problem with it as a pending transaction the next day but the deposit of $50 was withdrawn from our account so I assumed it was booked. I thought about last year's birthday party that I booked online. When we got there, my daughter's party wasn't on the list! That manager made it happen anyways. So, I went there Thursday night to verify the party was booked & to avoid another debacle. It wasn't booked! The manager told me they're booked up for Saturday & to book it for another day during the week. So, I could spend another $50 to book a party that's not guaranteed to happen & disappoint my daughter all over again!!! Not happening! I told him the deposit was already paid but he told me I'd have to call the birthday party hotline to get that money back. I'm still waiting for a call back from their automated system.:-/

The other issue is that COLLEGE STUDENTS are now booking during the week for their parties but the manager didn't know which night! I don't want my kid around that many "adults". That's why I used to feel like Chuck E Cheese's was a safe place. I'm FRUSTRATED, ANNOYED & SERIOUSLY P'D OFF! I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN!!!

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Original review: July 30, 2016

I've been to Chuck E Cheese many times in the past and have never had problems, even on the busiest of days. I took my two younger children today (7-29-16), and have never had so many problems with everything. 50% of the games we played had issues, our tickets got jammed in the ticket muncher, and they got rid of their salad bar during lunch time, which is the only thing I will eat there. On a positive note, the staff was friendly and helpful, but that was the last time I will go to Chuck E Cheese.

Original review: May 25, 2016

My 4 year old daughter and I visited the Chuck E Cheese location on Dowlen Road in Beaumont, Texas last night 5/24/16. We have been there before, once for a birthday party and a few times on our own. I have always been satisfied. The staff is nothing less of courteous and helpful. Once the ice cream vending machine took our money. I reported it to the lady at the counter, and she offered me a replacement ice cream. I explained that we had already put more money into the machine and received an ice cream, and she immediately gave me my lost money back.

My daughter and I usually share a salad and a mini pizza. The salad bar is always fresh, and in my opinion, the pizza is really good. We receive our food in a reasonable amount of time. Just one gripe: the chicken nuggets are disgusting. I definitely won't be ordering them ever again. We have never had any problems with the game room, and have always had fun. We have had no problems redeeming our tickets. It definitely is more crowded on the weekends, as you would expect. We normally go on weekday evenings for this reason.

Although I mostly have been happy with Chuck E Cheese and will definitely visit there again, I did have a problem a few weeks ago. Somehow my daughter and I were incorrectly stamped with different numbers as we come in the door. When it was time to leave, the staff would not let us out the door because of the different numbers. Finally they let us go when I showed them pictures of us together on my cell phone and my daughter stated that I am her mom and she lives with me.

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Original review: May 12, 2016

Jack's frozen pizza is far better than yours. My 4 year old grandson even said he does not want to eat it! I don't know the receipt number or the order number but it was the buffet and as I remember the pizza recipe from Showbiz Pizza was FAR SUPERIOR.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 1, 2016

I was a guest at a birthday party. I went to get a salad (as told by the host of the party, I could charge it to the account). 2 others in our party had already returned with full plates but I was rudely confronted by a young woman who made me feel as if I had done something wrong at the salad bar. She rudely asked with a raised voice if I had paid for my food and that I was not allowed to get anything since I didn't pay. I looked around and there were 2 other ladies at the salad bar with the same color plates (who happened to be **) and nothing was said to them as they filled their plates. As a matter of fact, nobody was confronted in my party except me, and I happen to be the only minority. I told her to charge it to the party.

As I headed for my seat, I was confronted AGAIN by another young lady who proceeded to grill me once again about my salad. I was with another lady in my party who had just filled her plate (same color plate as mine) and they said nothing to her and continued to rudely confront me about my salad. I find it very insulting and highly discriminatory that I was the only one confronted, moreover confronted in such a rude and demeaning manner.

I spoke to the manager and she informed me that this was not the first complaint they have had today, with the same employees. I was offered free salad and tokens and they assured me that the employees would be reprimanded. However, I did not take the complimentary items and would rather bring this to corporate attention instead. How many more people have to go through this before something is done? I would like to lodge a formal complaint in regards to discrimination.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 23, 2016

When at Chuck E. Cheese's in Upper Marlboro, MD, we got our food, but not after the waiter smacked my 2 y.o. son when he ran around the restaurant. The food was a terror. It was served on dirty dishes. The arcade had 2 machines, and 1 was broken.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 3, 2016

The management is a mess. It's always a two-hour wait to receive food. The customer service is terrible., I recommend a total change and restructuring. I used to come here as a kid 20 years ago and it was so much different. I bring my daughter here from time to time and it's like walking into Compton. I know times have changed but when my daughter can't look away for one second without someone trying to take her tickets or her coins, kids and adults, that's a bit sad. I will definitely be looking for a better place to take her. The owner obviously does not care about the business. Half the games are out of order all the time as well are the coin machines so you're forced to stand in line forever just to be treated with the total disrespect. I not recommended any to come here.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 10, 2016

The food is very very good. I just think that it needs to be bigger. They have the smallest pizzas anyone could probably get anywhere, that aren't frozen of course.

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Original review: March 6, 2016

Every year we have celebrated birthdays at Chuck E Cheese. We reserved small parties 4-5 kids with 2-3 adults. This month, my daughter turns 5 and was so excited to have her party at Chuck E Cheese. Well they DOUBLED the required minimum amount of kids required to book a party!! Why? She is not in pre-school, and does not have any little friends to invite yet. Extended family is out because we are military and live far away from family. Not everyone can meet the 8 child limit. She is going to be upset. No ticket blaster, none of the perks all the other kids will get. All because of corporate greed. Sure, they will let us show up with 4 kids as long as we pay for 8 (double).

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