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I will never go to Denny's again. They are very consistent at not giving you your whole order. Then when you call to go back... they have an attitude & give you undercooked meat at bread instead of toast... dining in can't be much better because when I went back to pick up the rest of my order people left because they saw several open tables but no one would seat them. I gave Denny's way too many chances. management gave me a $10 gift card one time so I gave them a few more chances... but NO MORE!! They are very consistent at giving me INCOMPLETE orders & UNDERCOOKED FOOD!!! 2 THUMBS DOWN DENNY'S! Never never again will I go to Denny's.

The waitress at Denny's South in Rochester, MN must hate her job and should not be in customer service! She always makes us feel bad for inconveniencing/annoying her and scolds us when we politely ask for something. We always give a 15-20% tip so it can't be because we're poor tippers.

If their staff at my location (Roanoke, VA) doesn't want to seat customers and wait on them, I suggest Denny's considers shutting down. This is the closest Denny's to my location. Several times over past month I have attempted to dine there but am ignored, never seated and thus leave without being seated. Yet, staff there has full view of customers waiting to be seated. Even at the entrance podium. This facility is a "blister on the ass of profit" perhaps by corporate design as staff there shows little if any interest in serving customers. I have been a regular there for past 5 years, but no more.

In general, Denny's local staff has always demonstrated a negative attitude toward service. But recently, has progressed toward not even seating customers. Apparently hoping we would just go away. So I have on my last few visits in full view of staff watching me walk out the door after waiting 5-11 minutes without being acknowledged I am standing there, politely waiting for a table. No more... Have a nice day. Without me of course. Your wishes are my motivation. Side note: Denny's website will not allow one to complain without a sales receipt (store number needed). Very clever. "Hear no evil" policy. Denny's corporate should be admonished by investors if any out there to resign.

Denny's, 4330 Fox Valley Center Dr Aurora, IL 60504. I have been going to this location for over 10 years. When I think of the ordeals that I have witnessed over those 10 years, I simply feel amazed. I hardly can believe that the restaurant is still open. I imagine that part of the reason must be that the patrons cannot be regulars. Please allow me to explain what prompted this letter. I work and live locally. Being that my job is in an office, we like to go out to lunch. I feel very fortunate that in the Naperville area, there are a plethora of restaurants, diners and fast-food establishments, to choose from. I want to be clear, as a customer, we do actually choose. Unfortunately, I am choosing to no longer to be a Denny's customer. Each time my friend and I choose to go to Denny's, I always leave upset and frustrated.

Our waitresses, they are wonderful, once they actually have time to come to the table to offer a beverage. Efficient, kind and smiling. After we order, I think that perhaps, this time will be different. Then I take a look around and see it is the same old scenario. Dirty dishes on the table, sitting and waiting for our waitress to clear. Listening to the waitress update the other customers that sat down before us, which their order will be out anytime. Overhearing another waitress apologize and make excuses for the kitchen that they are short staffed. Like I said, I was what would be considered a regular so being short staffed in both the kitchen and on the floor is not a bad day, it is a regular day.

My last visit was just yesterday, September 1, 2016. When we walked in, we waited to be seated several minutes. This is unusual since we take our lunch between 11-12 in order to avoid the rush, but no big deal. We waited, and waited. Looking around, I can see that our waitress is training a new waitress. I can also see that there appears to be 3 waitresses, including a trainee, which is servicing 3 different sections. I have never been a waitress, but I knew that we would not make it back to work by noon even though our office is 1.6 miles from your establishment.

When the trainee brought our drinks, a Coke and an iced tea, we were happy. Then we waited and waited. Finally, we place our order, but before doing so, we let the waitress know that we were on our lunch and had to get back. This was after being there for hour. She apologized and mentioned that the manager is helping out as well, and that she would let them know that in the back.

11:45 or so, we get our lunch. At 12:00:18, we paid our bill. We were used to it. Being late whenever we decide to go to Denny's. I have just had enough. Having many years in being a manager, I know why we continue to have the same experience. Short staff and no support for the staff--BAD MANAGEMENT. I don't understand it. Why wouldn't a bus person be hired so 1) the customers would not have to look at a dirty tub of dishes or a mess made at the table, while they are having their meal, and 2) to free up the wonderful waitresses that you have? I don't understand why there would not be one or two more people available to help out when there are trainees or perhaps and especially busy day? Someone to help at the register and while they are waiting on paying customers they could clear dishes? Or how about a dedicated person to scrub that place down. It was just remodeled and it is just filthy.

I used the ladies bathroom while waiting for my lunch, and when I walked into the bathroom, the stale stench of urine just permeated. When I sat back down, I told my friend that this would be the very last time I will ever come here. It is sad, it really is. This location has some really great waitresses and the cooks do a good job as well. However, it is obvious that the management is lacking, and I mean upper management. I imagine that the location manager has been given strict guidelines in terms of over scheduling. That is a mistake. Filthy bathrooms and floors, dirty dishes just sitting on top of tables in the dining room, customers waiting and waiting. It is obvious that Denny's VIPs and Executives do not care. Therefore, I do not care to eat lunch or dinner there ever again.

I have enjoyed the milkshakes here, they are great and reasonable. But for some reason the last 5 times instead of getting the full milkshake with the left over tin with the extra in it they have given me a cheap ass to go cup like medium size. I never ordered a to go anything. And what they throw the extra away.

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Called to place a pickup order at 12:18AM. Called several times, no answer. 4th attempt, phone answered, asked "If I could hold". Answer, "yes." Still on HOLD TEN MINUTES LATER I gave up, got into my car and drove to Denny's. There were 5 people in the restaurant. Placed an order for a club sandwich and it was served pretty quickly. Tried to pay at the register, but no such luck. After fiddling with the cash register for a good 5 minutes, waitress goes to get some help. Help arrives. They had not put a cash drawer in. Really.

But wait... You have got to hear the real reason I am writing! It seems that when I got tired of waiting on hold, I forgot to hang the phone up and when I got back home, I WAS STILL ON HOLD. YES!! Still on hold. I could still hear the people in the restaurant. I may wait for a lot of things in life, but I will surely never wait for a Denny's waitress ever again. I will eat out of a vending machine before I will ever step foot into another of their restaurants. I just want to see how many social media outlets I can share my story with. I have the entire 1 hour and 9 minute call recorded. I'll have to listen to it to see if I can hear myself complaining about being on hold for so long after I gave up and drove to the store. Maybe we can make something good for Youtube!

I go to Denny's in Carol Stream Illinois about 4-5 times a month. I have 4 daughters. I have always go using a coupon for 20% off my phone. Well today they would not let me use my coupon. First they said it was expired which it was not. I made the image clear and then they said it had to be printed out. I said I always come here and use my coupon. Still refused. So I just paid the bill. But before I left I heard her tell the couple sitting down about using a coupon from online. Really rude. Deny me with my kids but okay for a couple to use.

I want everyone to know that the air conditioner isn't working well at Denny's in Rosenberg, TX. How can they be working in those conditions when it's so hot outside!! I can't see how the owner of this Denny's care about his customers and most of all his employees!!!

Well, we have been going to the Denny's for a long time, today we all went as a family and the food was horrible. Cold and dirty and a guy was cleaning a booth with knifes from the kitchen. No Manager. And for 35.20 it was not worth it. I am thankful no one got sick. I will never go there again!

I tried Denny's for the first time a few years ago when our family went to Los Angeles CA. Food was pretty good, there was a great selection & the serving was pretty satisfying, but the best part was that it is open 24 hours. We were tourist back then, our flight arrived at around midnight (or at least late at night) and we were pretty hungry. We stayed at Day's Inn (if memory serves me right) but the cafe near the lobby was closed. For a tourist arriving in the middle of the night, hungry, Denny's is a life saver. Good food available anytime. Thanks Denny's.

Excellent service 9.9 out of 10 times, milkshakes are still awesome. Now as for Cooks, they are always going to be one of those type of hit or miss type of professions. For the most part Denny's is still one of the only places you can count on to open 365/24/7, with fair prices for the quality of food. With that being said, and knowing how people think "based off of what I have read", Denny's has unfortunately received bad reviews because most people tend to go the extra effort to complain rather than praise. DENNY'S IS STILL ABOUT AS AMERICAN YOU CAN GET FOR QUICK, SOLID, AND RELIABLE FOOD CHAINS OUT THERE.

I am a truck driver and have ate at restaurant numerous times over my 12 years with my current company. The last time I was here was about 1 month ago with a dry salmon dinner. This time I ordered the slow cooked pot roast which I have had before here. When I received it it contained three scoops of mashed potatoes and large piece of garlic toast, some vegetables and a small portion of roast beef. The price for this is $9.50. The roast beef looked like ground meat packed together and put onto the plate. I called for the manager and I asked what I was paying for. He stated that it was proportioned to 6 oz of meat. If I would have had a scale, I think it would have been less. Either way I had them take it back and so I ordered a good American Hamburger with fries. This will be my last visit to any Denny's anywhere.

We went to Breakfast April 30th, 2016 at Denny's Restaurants. The stomach got sick - the whole family (3 adult 1 kid).

My daughters and I try to patronize different food establishments once a week. Two weeks ago, I suggested the Denny's on Harbison Boulevard in Columbia, SC. I was aware of the past controversies regarding racial discrimination toward customers but surmising that those issues were resolved, decided to visit this established. I entered before my 11 and 15 year old daughters. I look caucasian, but my daughters are clearly mixed race. I was immediately seated on the right side of the establishment, then my kids came in. The right side, as you enter, was full of caucasians.

As each African-american entered, they were seated far back in the left side. It was very obvious what was happening. There were tables and booths open on the right side, which was bright and sunny. So, why were the people of color relegated to the left? I do have to say that the food was great, as were the food and service. It was interesting that as were driving home, my 15 year old asked if Denny's was the company that got in lots of trouble several years ago for racial discrimination against customers. Some things never change.

Tonight's service was horrible as hell at the Denny's in Springdale AR. Look at this plate, who the heck serves a dirty dish and have the guts to say it just came off the grill, the manager departed for the back and you can hear her and her staffs laughing. Didn't know you can put plates on a grill. FML!! From the manager to her staff on this shift were very unprofessional and rude. The other server look dumb like he has no high school education and the other dude looked like some kind of pot head. Only if there was an option where you can click "NO STAR" these idiots on this shift don't even deserve a star. Didn't even bother sitting, threw 20 bucks on the table and left to see how these morons would react! See how would they feel if they were in my shoes!!

I was visiting the Denny's in Lathrop CA. with a few of my buddies. Everything was great until I had to sent my food back twice. I eventually decided I wasn't going to eat and asked our server who was very nice, helpful, professional and very apologetic to please have the food taken off our bill since I didn't even touch it. She was more than happy to do so. She told us she would have to get it ok'd by her manager but it shouldn't be a problem. When our server returned she informed us that her manager refused to take it off the bill. So I asked to talk to the manager. She immediately came to our table. She immediately blamed the server by saying the server was a liar and that she has had issues before with the server about lying but she would remove the item off my bill.

When our server returned to our table I told her what the manager had said about her and it about put her in tears. This server was an amazing server with a great personality. And this was no fault of hers. I have been to this Denny's quite a few times and have heard the way this manager talks to her employees and it discusses me. She has no place in this company. If I was the server who waited on us I would be suing this manager for defamation of character. I left the server my phone number and told her if she decides to take legal action and needs a witness to call me. I will never eat here again.

After church Sunday Feb 21, 2016, 6 of us went to Denny's to have lunch. We arrived at one o'clock got our food at two thirty (230). A ninety year old was with us ordered nachos and cheese and we were done eating and she still did not get hers. They finally boxed it up and brought it to table to take home. We ask for manager who was not helpful and disturbed with us for complaining. We did not want our meal free. We just wanted to know why it took so long for our food. Even the waitress was upset about the wait. They were not that busy to explain why this happened. You will have to make adjustments before our church group goes again. Food was good but terrible long wait. Thank you. Manager said they were short 2 people in kitchen. They should have made a schedule change.

I was with my family, and she walked to us very arrogantly, whilst my friend turned and said "oh no ma'am we still not ready to order." She rudely says "who said I'm here for that. I'm here 'cause your child is very disturbing and you have your feet up on the chair." I was in shock and out of words. Then she walks away. One waiter comes and I asked "who is the manager here?" She jumps again and said loudly "I'm the manager here." I said "I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to him." And she said "if you don't listen to me I will refuse you service." It was so humiliating and obviously I had to get up and tell her what I thought of her while we were walking out without being served since we can't enjoy dinner on valentine's day after being threatened. We walked out! So upset, and so disappointed.

I had hair in my food. The biscuits and gravy was cold. Bad waiter! I can write more but what's the point!! I do not recommend this place!!

I have been going to Denny's for breakfast for years. Recently I had a Gastric Bypass. I always go with at least 1 or 4 people, and started ordering from the kids menu. I had a Gastric bypass and can't eat a lot. When I got there the first thing the waitress told me that there is a new manager and he wants kids only to eat from the kids menu. I told her about my current situation and ask to see the new manager Manuel **. He apologized and said that it was the head boss Angetio or Angel **. He told me to eat from the senior citizen menu. That is the same thing except that it came with toast and it was $3 more.

I told him I don't eat toast and that I was not going to order extra food to throw it away. In front of my company he asked if I had a problem economically. I said, "No." Is the principle. Why should I order from a senior menu when I'm not a senior but can't order from the kids menu when I'm not a kid. He was rude and disrespectful. I told him that, "I nor anyone I know will visit Denny's again." I also told him, "You prefer to lose money for your company than to make money." A very dissatisfied x customer. In Ponce P.R.

I needed to use bathroom and he the manager told me I could wait and was very rude about it to me. Bathrooms in restaurants should be kept clean at all times! I'm a paying customer. I deserve respect. I would go there a lot but unfortunately because of this experience, I never will again unless, of course, I receive an apology.

My kids likes very much to go to Denny's. After long time, I went to Denny's (12/29/2015) with my kids, located at Novi road, near 12 Oaks Mall. My son order an item that includes two Pancakes, sausage & egg. When he was eating first pancake and he bite something on his mouth and then spit it. Then we found that a sharp small plastic piece. We had complaint to the waiter and he was just asking us, "shall I bring another pancake" (without realize the mistake what they have done). What would have happen, if my son swallow that plastic piece? Waiter offered us $3 off for that one pancake. Finally my son refuse to eat remaining food and he told me that he doesn't want to come any more to Denny's. Same, I don't want to go to Denny's again.

I have lived in Salt Lake City since 1966 and have eaten at Denny's Restaurants both in Salt Lake and elsewhere hundreds of times. I have often sent employees for takeout orders at your restaurants when we were working on various projects. Over time, I have spent thousands of dollars at your restaurants. I may not be your best customer but I am one of them.

Earlier this evening, a friend of mine and I visited your restaurant at 250 W. 500 S. in Salt Lake City, Utah. When we arrived there were no children visible in the restaurant. We were seated at the extreme west end of the restaurant. We had gotten our drinks but our orders had not been taken when a family arrived with what I will be politically incorrect and call a screaming brat. When our male waiter returned, I asked that we be moved to a different location and we were moved to the extreme eastern end of the restaurant after being told that what appears to be a private room for parties and such was not available.

As we were being seated at the eastern end of the restaurant, a female waitress appeared and asked what was wrong. I told her that I did not want to sit next to a screaming brat. She immediately told me I was rude and that she would not serve me. She further stated that the child in question had some sort of handicap. Whether the child had a handicap or not I have no way of knowing. And, of course, it is totally irrelevant. I paid the male waiter three dollars for a Diet Coke that had been served and we left. We ended up eating at a Mexican restaurant directly across the street.

I have no objection to children. But they need to be well behaved if they are out in public. I attend concerts at our local Symphony Hall and I can assure you that such behavior would not be tolerated there. I attend plays at the Hale Theater and children under six are not welcome at that venue nor would children over six be allowed to remain if they were to cause a disturbance.

I am well aware that Denny's is a family restaurant. The fact that families are welcome does not mean that you should disregard the right of other patrons to have a peaceful meal. This incident is not the first time I have had to put up with unruly children at one of your restaurants. Two or three months ago I was eating with a friend at your 2100 S. and 900 W. restaurant in Salt Lake City and as I was being seated I specifically asked the waitress not to sit any unruly children near us. Within five minutes, a family came in with a screaming baby. That family was seated less than five or 6 feet from where I was sitting. My friend and I moved. However, on that occasion I was not told I was being rude when I asked to move nor was I advised that I would not be served.

As a result of that earlier incident, I have actually been patronizing Denny's less frequently and visiting restaurants such as sports bars and breweries where unruly children are less likely to be encountered. Over time, I have never witnessed any Denny's employee attempting to intervene to quiet unruly children or to ask parents to take any action to quiet them. It seems that anything goes.

Bottom line, I will never again set foot in a Denny's restaurant. Depending on the response to this email, I may elect to order takeout from time to time but even that is likely to occur less frequently than before. I am extremely offended by being told by your waitress that I am rude for expecting to have a reasonably peaceful meal in a public restaurant. I didn't catch her name as I should have tonight but it should be relatively easy to figure out who it was. As far as I can tell there were only two folks on duty serving at that time. We were there around 7:30 PM on Monday, November 30, 2015. You have a waitress with very poor customer service skills. She may think I am a mean, old crank with gray hair. To borrow a line from the great movie, Gone With The Wind, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." But Denny's should.

Arrived at Denny's Vernon, CT Thursday Nov 26th into Friday Nov 27th at 1:30am, the staff stated that there would be a 20 to 25 minute wait, there were approx 5 booths that had not been cleared and at least an additional 15+ booths that were clean and vacant. There was only seating for 6 people in the lobby and approx 20+ people waiting to be seated, they refused to seat customers at any of the vacant booths even when asked if we could at least sit at a booth knowing there would still be a wait, they refused making everyone stand in the lobby. I also asked for a cup of water while waiting and they refused stating they could not serve us in the lobby. We waited 34 minutes to be seated at one of the 20+ vacant booths.

When I was at this location there was only one couple eating, and only one waitress. The couple left shortly after I arrived and two men came in. The waitress with dyed blonde hair told these men she had been in the emergency room earlier that day due to "Ovary Problems and pain" and she went on to complain to these two men. This isn't something you want to hear when you're about to have dinner. The coffee I ordered tasted old and I asked if she'd make fresh. She appeared annoyed. Then the manager picked his nose then went to the "food prep" area and the cook preparing the food was also picking his nose. Neither washed their hands. No wonder this restaurant at this location isn't busy. It's quite disgusting and so is the staff.

My wife and I came in for Veterans Day breakfast. Our server, Amber, explained to us what we were able to have. She was a very nice young lady. Was very busy but the manager she had to deal with was very rude, spoke in a horrible manner. My wife was VERY DISPLEASED! For her to tell the girl "Oh, SHUT THE HELL UP" was so UNPROFESSIONAL! I have never heard anything like this. Amber proceeded to take our order as she was holding back her tears. We listened to the way she spoke to the employees at the front desk who can do something about this. We were unable to speak to Amber as she didn't return. But why, when the same manager brought our food we asked for our server, she slammed our plates on tables and walked away? What will be done? My wife will never return. My granddaughter is her age. You should be ashamed.

I requested DICED jalapenos added to my nachos. The dish was served with sliced jalapenos. I asked to have them diced again. The entire serving was placed on cutting board and all contents were diced including the chips. Does anyone other than me find this unbelievable?

I usually dine in at Denny's but I decide to do take out. I ordered large nachos. To my surprise, it seemed the Gita handful chips put it in the container and put a spoonful of tomatoes cut up. It like someone's leftovers. That large nachos are suppose to be for at least 2 people.

Very friendly hostess. Server was great checked back with us often and food was tasty.

My experience at Denny's was terrible, and on my birthday too. It took ages to get our food. And my eggs were flavorless, my hash browns were soggy, my bacon had no taste and was so hard my teeth are aching, finally, my cinnamon pancakes didn't have enough cinnamon on it so it was dry. The only thing that was good was my strawberry lemonade... And even that left a disgusting taste in my mouth. I definitely do NOT recommend Denny's.

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