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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

On Saturday July 9, 2016 a friend of mine was pickpocketed in Panama City Panama. I attempted to send her $150 via Western Union's online services. I first used a credit card number but was then prompted to give a debit card so that I would not be charged "cash advance" charges. WU charged an additional fees of $15, so $165 total funds were pending on my debit account. Shortly after the online transaction, my transfer was placed on "hold" and I was requested to send a copy of my driver's license (which I did, and now regret). I then received an email stating: "As a result of reviewing MTCN **, Western Union cannot complete this transaction because the sender is not permitted to use Western Union to send and receive money. File Date (MM/DD/YY): JUL/09/2016. Sending Agent: **. Western Union has refunded the senders money and any fees."

I was asked to send various other documents to be "reinstated" with their services. I became quite skeptical and I googled "why was my transfer denied with Western Union?" I encountered thousands of people across the world complaining of the same scam. Western Union debits the transaction amount plus fees. Western Union tells you that you are blacklisted and does not provide any reason. Western Union never credits back the sum of the original transaction and steals your monies.

I used Moneygram less than 1 hour after encountering my denial from Western Union without any problem or a "blacklisting" scare tactic. I filed a complaint with my bank on July 11, 2016 and my bank denied the pending charge. Another transaction from Western Union in the amount $165.00 was transacted on July 18, and my bank suggested that I cancel my debit card and file a fraud complaint against the company. In an attempt rectify the situation and receive my credit so that I did not have to cancel my card, I called Western Union today 7/21/16 and was transferred 2 times to a final phone number of 1-877-989-3268 and spoke to Lizell extension ** and the managing supervisor Alice **. They both claim that only the initial transaction on 7/9/16 took place and deny a second charge on my card on 7/18/16.

When I asked why I have not received a refund in over 12 days, they both told me that "western union is experiencing a processor problem, and there has been a disruption of the service". Neither had access to email in order to send me a written confirmation on this problem. Alice said the problem COULD be rectified in 24 hours, but I have no proof of that. So, I'm writing here today to request that my case be escalated TODAY and my monies be returned by tomorrow 7/22/16 before I file a case with my bank and the local authorities and media. I shouldn't have to wait over 12 days for a refund of a monies that were never transacted. I am also writing to help or warn other people about Western Union's scam - DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR DEBIT CARD, driver's license, bank statement or any other personal information that they may ask for! Read the numerous complaints here and google Western Union!

Q&A Protected Funds - I am tired of WU taking advantage of the homeless and making excuses for the errors. I am a teacher and I sent $800 to help my disabled sister. WU allowed someone to steal the money. When I called they quoted me policy and just told me to seek jurisdiction and no refund.

Today I tried to wire my husband $ to Sao Tome, Africa with Western Union. I spoke with a customer service agent (the whole thing took about an hour). He not only entered my home address wrong (after I repeated the zip code multiple times - I had to call back to correct this) but then, he failed to enter the CORRECT country in Africa where the money should go! At one point he said to me "South Africa" and I corrected him. I repeatedly said, "it's Sao Tome, NOT South Africa." I asked whether he needed the address of the Western Union office in Sao Tome? His response: "No. It doesn't matter where in Africa - he can pick up the $ anywhere in Africa". And I said: "Really?? Anywhere? Africa is a continent with many countries and different currencies! I don't need to specify which one?" He said "No."

In the end, my money went to South Africa and my husband in Sao Tome was unable to get his money. This man has no business being a service agent transferring people's funds - he failed to understand basic information/world geography/and how Western Union funds are transferred. If this is who Western Union hires, I am amazed that they are still in business after all these years!?!

They are fast and don't keep you waiting long. The problem is the discrepancies on their exchange rates via their website. I sent money internationally and the exchange rate on their website said $1= 2.184TND yet after I sent the money it was exchanged for only $1=2.06TND. A $70 difference! So I called their number they give for any discrepancies you may find. I told them there is a huge difference and that they made a mistake. They asked if I found the rate off Google like I am stupid. So I said "no I found on YOUR website." She said, "oh I see let me check." So she came back and said I was wrong and the rating today is $1= 2.19TND. And the only explanation she had was that rates fluctuate dramatically sometimes.

So I said, a little sarcastically, "so you're saying right at the moment I sent it dropped down from $1=2.184 TND to $1=2.06,TND, then went right back up to $1=1.9TND after I sent it??" And she says yes, that must be exactly what happened. So my thoughts are, this is ridiculous and outrageous! Sure rates drop but not like that right at the second someone sends! Sounds like a nice little excuse to not pay as much! I will not use this company again unless there is no other choice! I won't work with a company who takes your money.

I was sent money three different transactions and getting to Western Union location I was told "money received." I asked "by who?" They replied "by receiver," and I told them "am the original receiver." I called the sender to request for PROOF OF PAYMENT to know where my money was picked up. Western Union said they are investigating, checking cameras. Whereas there is no camera anywhere and told sender to check back after 20 days. Please can anyone advise me easiest way to get PROOF OF PAYMENT from Western Union and I will handle the rest investigation.

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In September 2011 I have transferred money with Western Union on behalf of my cousin, the receiver's name was differed one letter from the ID. Western Union did not deliver the money to the receiver nor refunded it to me. Simply they took the money. And whenever I call to ask about my money they just promise to refund it and nothing happened till now. That was the worst experience for me with a company I dealt with for more than 15 years. I will not get back to do business with them and I will never recommend anyone to go there.

These guys are fast in debited the US accounts (do it on the same day as the transaction initiation), keep the money for 5 -7 business days and to tell you that the receiver bank rejected! They don't give any more details or information as to why it got rejected nor any information on the transfer they attempted. And that leads to cancellation of the transaction and the refund process starts, which takes another 7 business days to complete. In all they keep the money for over 2 weeks and make us go through number of calls and mails and online chatting to of no effect. Simply said, these people use the money float for the two weeks and fool the customers. No way I would recommend Western Union to anyone.

Worst customer service I have ever had. Representatives rude and unprofessional, asked inappropriate questions and wasn't there to help at all. I tried to send money but they refused to accept it, and couldn't tell me a reason why. Then I tried to get my money back and it took me 2 days because not every Western Union branch have enough money on premises. And I called customer service in advance to find out where I can go to pick my money up. 3 times they gave me wrong information. I have been a customer for over 9 years and after all this I would never recommend to anyone to work with this company! And supervisor Merry ID** is the worst.

I have been making transfers by Western Union for many years. Some three months ago WU changed their website. Since then, I have not been able to make transfers online using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Each time I email WU with my experience I get a reply requesting I fill in all the information of the failures, which of course I do. I then get a reply asking me to clear all my cookies and cache, which I do. I then get a reply telling me to go to a WU agent or send via SOFOFT or make a telephone transfer using the promotion code supplied, which I don't want to do as it is inconvenient.

Not only that but I had already informed WU that ALL modes of making transfers had not been possible. However due to an urgent need to transfer I went to a WU agent who tried to make the transfer only to be informed my account had been blocked. It is impossible to communicate with this company. So in future I will be sending money via AZIMO who only charge £1,00 but only to the receivers bank.

CAVEAT EMPTOR. My son called and needed money as he had an emergency. I could not think of a way to get him the money quickly and when someone mentioned Western Union I jumped at it. "Money in minutes" is western union's motto... That was 4 days ago and still no money. Initially western union contacted the bank to handle the transfer which prompted the bank to take the money from my account and place it into pending (pending means you cannot use it). Western union then proceeded to not fulfill its promise on the transfer. After almost an hour of being on the phone I was finally told that the system was down and they would have to refund the money. Now western union tells me that it takes 7 to 10 days for them to complete the refund. I asked them "How can you offer to transfer money in minutes be unable to do so and then take 7 to 10 days to return it?" No response. So I asked to speak to a supervisor.

The supervisor told me they cancelled the transaction the same day and the bank has my money, well yes technically they do but western union bureaucracy is holding up the process; since all the bank knows is that I made a transaction with western union and now it needs the transaction to be reversed before it can release the funds. In retrospect my son is only a 7 hour drive away. I could have saved myself time and a lot of grief if I had driven out to him.

I have been sending money overseas to my nephew for months. The very first time I tried to send money I used his middle name instead of last name, which he goes by. It just wasn't changed on his ID. After being told they could not complete the transfer I had to cancel that transaction and place another. I was assured that the $200 would be put back on my credit card within one to seven business days. Throughout this time I continue to send money no problems. After two months and Western Union had not refunded my credit card. I contacted the Credit Card Company who immediately opened up a case against Western Union and Capital One put the money back on my card.

Long story short Western Union has blocked me from sending money from the mobile app. They have made it impossible for me to use any online services they offer. I must find an agent location and pay cash. Which is just hard due to the seven hour time difference and the urgency of the money that is needed. I have been given the run around by Western Union for days! If this was not the only way for my nephew to receive money I would never use Western Union! I thought they were a respectable business. But that is far from the truth. They have given me four different reasons as to why I can't send money. Change of address. The apt number in second address line. Tried too many times to change it. Doesn't match my profile.

I have sent pictures of my credit card statement with address to their webcare site. Nothing. I get an email stating the address is wrong. Unfortunately this didn't happen until my credit card went after them for the money from a cancelled transaction! This is the worst company ever! Their customer service is terrible. No help whatsoever!! I strongly suggest if you have another option besides Western Union I would use it...

Western Union withdrew money out of my checking account, declined my transfer on account that it was taken out of a credit card (scary. This is what they have in their system, when the transaction came from a checking account with a major bank). Needless to say that the transfer to my folks did not go through. I checked with my bank to see whether the money was transferred to Western Union and it did OUT OF CHECKING not a credit card. Meanwhile the agent at Western Union is insisting on getting my bank card information and to admit that I used my card to effect the transfer, something which clearly is false and did not occur. They won't refund my money back to my bank. They told me that I have to contact my own bank to start the dispute process. Do not deal with Western Union.

My client send me some money from UK to Bangladesh via WU Bank Transfer. It's already 9 days & still the money didn't arrived. I check my bank info, it was OK. I contacted my bank, they said no transaction. Really dissatisfied.

On April 12, 2016 I paid for a money transfer to an individual in LA. Later that day, someone presented an ID with information that was close but the name was misspelled and the address didn't match. During the next few minutes, I received several texts from the scammer stating the name was spelled incorrectly and that the Western Union employee would not give him the money (good). However, after a few minutes of badgering, the Western Union employee turned over the funds anyway (bad). In a nutshell, this was a scam. HOWEVER, money was turned over to someone whose ID did not match 100% the information in the order. Why did this happen? Was the Western Union employee perhaps involved in the scam? I dont know but I do know that Western Union did not follow its own policies.

On April 13 and April 14, 2016 I spoke to Western Union supervisors in the Records Validation, Consumer Protection, and Security departments. Different supervisors (Mark, Alexis, Ana) looked into this and stated that their records show that the ID did not match the order (oops). A representative from my bank listened in on these calls and can verify the information. However, Western Union has declined to speak with her.

Every time I call Western Union, I get another story or I am transferred to "someone who can help." No one at Western Union appears to be empowered to correct an obvious mistake. After getting the runaround from Western Union for several weeks now, I have filed a police report and a detective is now working on the case. Bottom line: DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING IN WESTERN UNION'S TERMS & CONDITIONS OR POLICIES. They don't follow them and they will not support a customer when one of their employees makes an error.

We have a 501 (c) 3 charity that sends money to Kenya to pay for students to attend good schools. They refused to send our money. Western Union does not want to help poor students in Africa. Don't use them!!!

Had to transfer the money twice. Instant payment to them (and every other bank account in Britain), but the first payment, which did not pass their "verification checks", takes 7-10 days to transfer back. That's good for their cash flow I suppose. Now I've yet another task to do in 10 days to log into my bank account and make sure that the refund was made. I doubt it will be so I'll be chasing them again. The call center number in the UK is engaged most of the time. Probably with 1000s of people trying to get refunds or find out where the hell their money went too.

I've no idea why terrorists would fund anything through Western Union. Much faster to fly there with cash in your pocket or just FedEx it. No emails from them to say that the first payment had failed. 6 hours later still no monies at the receiver's end. Terrible service. Defeats the whole point of emergency cash funds. Imagine if you were in Zagreb at the dentist's office or needing to pay a lawyer and had to wait several days for the money.

I used the app on my phone and it was great, very convenient! There's an 800 limit before you have to verify your id with them. So I attempted to do that and received an email just saying they would be in touch. So I phoned customer service next day and the guy told me where to email my id documents and what's required. So I duly did that that afternoon. I was told it takes 48 hrs on working days.

11 days later and several calls and emails to Western Union and I am still no closer to getting my id verified online to use my online account. All they tell me over the phone is the obvious, that I can use any Western Union agent nearby. I knew that already! Talk about stating the obvious! So no, their customer service and id verification unit are absolute rubbish! Use the online service if you just need to send occasional money, otherwise don't bother. And I still have no idea when my id will be verified now after sending the right documents 3 times now! Utter rubbish!

I was super excited about getting my Western Union Mastercard. Couldn't wait to use it. I am a traveling sales agent and this was going to be perfect. My boss sent my money Western Union. When I called last night to have it transfer to my Western Union Mastercard I was told they don't offer that. The service is offered on my Western Union account. The customer service told me I could pick it up my money at any Western Union agency at 6 am on June 11th. And this wasn't true.

So, then I go to a Western Union agent and now Western Union has cancelled the transfer and I can't get my money. I call my boss. We call 3-way to Western Union. The manager had no explanation as to why they would cancel and refund his money in 7 business days. Now he has to go back to Western Union to resend more money. I hope he gets his money back from his first transaction. I have seen many reviews that Western Union is not refunding customers the money they sent. I am not happy about this at all. I have been a customer for years.

I tried to transfer money to my friend's account in UK on 02 June 2016. Western Union have deducted money from my account and says it's been transferred to my friend's account but has not been received by the receiver so far. I keep on calling Western Union every day but they don't bother about this. Is anyone knows what should I do get my money back or my friend can get money into his account.

I've sent money thru Western Union because they are accessible – there's a branch in almost every business district. I've also used it to pay for my IG purchases because they transact faster even if they charge a larger fee compared to local remittance centers. I also like their Track a Transfer system where you can track your money transfer online, real time as it makes me feel more secured. I've also received money thru Western Union and experienced no hassle at all. And I appreciate that they double check the identity of the receiver by asking personal questions for security and requiring the presentation of competent evidence of identity before releasing any amount.

I used WU to send my daughter in Saint Petersburg Russia a 200 dollar transfer. A month later I learned WU was not able to deliver the funds and failed to contact me. I called their phone center and their recording machine was terrible. After 3 or 4 Calls I finally got through to a human. WU was not able to make the transfer. My daughter has received funds from me before with no problem. I have used Western Union for over 30 years and never a problem. Sending or receiving small to very large transfers. They could resolve a problem quickly. Now it's a joke with the recording machine system which is slow and cumbersome. The audio on their end had a serious echo and I couldn't hear the rep and the rep had problems hearing me.

I tried to do the transaction online but the website used my old address, even though I had done an update - this caused 3 days of hell. So after being on hold for up to 45 minutes then being transferred to the wrong person and holding again for 22 minutes, I did it through a credit card - higher fees, lower conversion rate of course. I spoke to people in Dominican Republic, India, Philippines and after 4 days I think it is finally going to happen. Now I have to fight with them to get the refund through my bank as after all that, the transaction went through, I did not bother to give all the details. Why? It's just more frustrating. NEVER AGAIN. WESTERN UNION IS A MESS.

Everything started out pretty good. I managed to money to my girlfriend in Philippines 5-6 times. Then she suddenly was rejected by Western U. After this I send to her friend a couple of times and once to her boyfriend. Then suddenly I was rejected by WU. I mailed an inquiring mail to WU trying to understand what went wrong, and if I did something not legal and this started a la vine of mails back and forth. The short story is that WU asked me to send them salary and bank statements, ID from all the people receiving money, explanation of the relationships, and so on and on. Really ** incredible.

In the beginning I tried to be understanding but they continued being more and more rigid. I kept asking why and what went wrong, but same answer - bank statement etc. Finally I got more and more clear - so to speak - with them, and just yesterday they sent me following message: "We have reviewed your reinstatement request and have decided to uphold our previous decision on this matter. This means Western Union will not accept any money transfers from you as sender and will not pay out any money transfers to you as receiver."

Western Union's Money Transfer Service Terms and Conditions provide that Western Union and its agents have the right to refuse service to any person. Accordingly, Western Union has made the business decision to refuse and refund any transactions you may attempt to send or receive in the future. Well Western Dis'Union I couldn't care less. You're just another Big Brother. So 5 min. later I simply made an account with Worldremit. This works perfect.

Our friends and as our employers too, we are doing a business here in the Philippines as offshore IT service provider for our clients overseas. Then usually they send money from Western Union to us and we been doing this for long time now. But a week ago they send money as payroll for our friends/staff but Western Union block the transfer and without telling why and yet they haven't return the money. Although the trust on Western Union continue as my friend/employer send another money for us. Friend/employee here in the Philippines will be able to go on with our lives and yet WESTERN UNION block again that hard earn money that is meant for our friend/staff. This is really frustrating and now our friend/staff are affected with the actions of Western Union.

I sent my friend some money and she never picked it up. I requested a refund and nothing. They say it was sent to my bank but my bank sees no such transaction. They said they did their part. They took over a year to send me a long email telling me to contact Banque de France. Thieves!!!

I attempted to make an emergency payment overseas and was advised to use Western Union. The quickest way to make payments??? An absolute nightmare. The first payment was rejected and I waited 12 days for a refund. I've now corrected what was apparently my error, paid and now been told that the second payment has been rejected. So two weeks later and the payment is still not made. Don't waste your time. Avoid Western Union at all costs.

I sent money online which I cancel straight away because there's a wrong details. They said I will get my money back 1-7 days. This transaction was April 4. But until now, nothing. I rang and contacted them by email and phone. Now they told me they didn't deducted any money and I didn't get charged for it. But in my bank detail it's clear they took the money. Now opening dispute with my bank... worst transaction.

Western Union is giving me a hard time in getting a refund. I sent 100 bucks to my nephew in Texas and he only had a temporary ID so they wouldn't release the money, which is understandable so I asked for a refund so I could send him a money order instead. I spoke to three individuals that all said that due to compliance and regulation I would have to submit a letter with my nephews name, address, DOB and so on!!! I was beyond pissed off that this time! I told them, "That was stupid and unnecessary, cant you just put my money back on the card or give me a refund!" Nope they want a letter stating who he is to me and why I'm sending him money!!! Not your business. Just give me my money back!

A little known fact: Western Union claims that they guarantee and protect their money orders, which is completely false!!! When buying a money order, there are signs stating that your "money is protected", and on their money order forms it states "Should the item (money order) bear any unauthorized signature, be stolen, improperly completed or altered, issuer will either 'stop payment' herein or charge back against any endorsement"... lies!!!

First, after a fifteen day waiting period, if the M/O is any of the mentioned above, the customer must first file for a photocopy of the check (up to 30 days). This means by this time it will have been cashed... Second, after receiving the photocopy, Western Union will have to research who cashed it even if it is on the back of the check (another week). Next, the customer must wait and receive a "forgery kit" for filing for a refund (up to two more weeks). Third, after filing out the papers, and they are returned to Western Union, they send it to the "cashing bank" WHO HAS THE FINAL SAY" as to whether they consider it wrongly cashed and this "investigation" can take up to 120 days. (That's a total of 186 days or over six months). This does not mean you get your money back, just the end of the process. Don't buy from them. Fair warning!!!

Tried to send money to a relative in Panama and the recipient got the run around about getting the funds. After much deliberation I decided to cancel and get a refund for $300.00 I paid through Bill Pay to Western Union. I tried to contact them to make this happen and got the biggest run around as if it was their money. I was given about 4 to 5 different numbers to talk to someone who could assist me. Their phone connections were awful and there was feedback when trying to talk to them. After about 10-15 minutes someone told me that it would be refunded, however it would take 5-7 days for it to be put back in NY account. I consider this a form of extortion on their part and highly recommend that the FTC get involved. I read on this site that I'm not the only one who has experienced this problem. It is time for something to be done about this.