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I am writing this letter of complaint against Toyota Financial Services (TFS) because of all of the back and forth I have had with closing my account. In April 2016, I traded in a 2014 Toyota Venza that was financed through TFS for a 2016 Toyota Camry, that is currently financed through Southeast Toyota. In August, when meeting with a mortgage counselor, I discovered that the 2014 Venza was still appearing on my credit. I immediately called TFS and found out they were not aware of the fact that I traded the car into a local dealership because they have not received the 2014 Toyota Venza back in-house. With that said, I called Southeast Toyota who apologized for not notifying TFS that the vehicle was returned.

After I straightened out that debacle, I called TFS about the third week of August to confirm that the account was closed since they had received confirmation that the vehicle was returned in April. TFS then proceeded to tell me that I still owed a payment of about $444. I could not understand how I still owed money on the vehicle when I had already worked out a deal with Southeast Toyota when I purchased the 2016 Camry. So after asking a few questions to get to the root cause of the error, that’s when TFS stated that the representative with whom I spoke to in April, provided me with the wrong amount and that amount was given to Southeast Toyota when I purchased the 2016 Camry.

I was very upset that the representative had given me the wrong amount, but TFS did nothing to correct the error other than to say that they would use my experience as a “coaching opportunity” for the representative. The call was then escalated to a supervisor with the Mature Leasing services, but the best the manager could offer me was an extension on the due date. He advised that he would extend the due date to October 5, 2016. My husband and I scrambled to pay both my current 2016 Camry’s payment and the 2014 payment in early October.

As soon as we mailed the payment to TFS, I called again to ensure that the payment was received and that the account was closed. However, imagine my surprise on today, October 17th, six months after I traded the vehicle in, when the representative told me that I owe an additional $738 for the miles, which includes the sales tax. I could not believe that once again TFS was telling me that I owe them more money. I tried explaining to the representative that I should have been notified months ago and said that even after I spoke to a supervisor in August, someone should have told me about the miles. Instead, I was only notified after calling today.

My mother passed in July of this year. I have contacted Toyota Financial Services too many times to count. I was trying to get the pay off of my mother's vehicle. I was told that they needed the will which I do understand. Probate gave me a reference number and told me that when I call in to give the reference number. I attempted 5 or 6 times to use the automated which was a joke. Then it sent me to customer service. I told them every time that I have a reference number and I need to speak to probate. They gave me the runaround every time. They would put me on hold with that God awful music (and I use the word loosely). They want an account, a social security number or a vin number. Mind you, I have a REFERENCE number to get to Probate so I thought. I have had to argue with them every time I have called. This is the most sorriest excuse of a company I have ever tried to work with. I don't have time to argue with them for hours.

I finally got the payoff and wanted to give them a check over the phone. I was told that I would have to make several calls to pay it off because they can only accept 3,000.00 at a time. Ok, here I am trying to pay this vehicle OFF!!! And they tell me I'll have to make several calls??? I have been a vice president for a company for many. I know how a company should work. Evidently, the people who are up in management don't know how things should run. I nor anyone in my family will ever buy a Toyota again. I would not put my enemies through what these people have put me through.

I don't even know where to start. But my car get repossessed, even though I had an agreement and payment set up plan. I was only backed up but continuously paid my car. Not to mention, I remained in contact the whole time, updating them about my financial status. But regardless, when you try to get back your car, they talk to you as to a prisoner and loser. No respect whatsoever, nasty and snide comment, rude tone in the voice, they lack giving you the correct information, hence you will be charged for all kinds of holding and storage fees, because nothing is getting processed the way it should be done. The most abusive company and staff. I have never seen anything like this, and I am 41 years old and have "been around the block" as they say. I wish I would have known how this company is. I would never get a car finance by them. This is illegal practice, and retaliation.

I am a mom who leased a new 2013 Toyota. One month after leasing my daughter was diagnosed with cancer and my husband left us. Our finances went haywire... I lost my business and had to drive our vehicle across the country to get my daughter to the required hospital for a bone transplant. My experiences have been horrendous in our personal life, but Toyota Financial has been really good to us. Even though I was late on two payments due to my daughter's health issues - I just forgot, they never were mean or even discourteous.

When I went to turn in my lease and my credit was so bad that I could not buy anything Toyota kindly extended my lease. Six months later they offered to extend my lease to help us out... which is now. Even though I probably won't have things fixed enough to buy another Toyota when my lease has ended I am very VERY grateful for their kindness to me and my girls. We have had a really hard time, and I appreciate all that they have done for us.

This is my 4th attempt trying to resolve something that one of your employee name Joseph from Toyota Finance was extremely rude and bossy, irrespectable to me on the phone. I have report this issue to his direct supervisor. Mr. Mark even send a letter to the Financial Director of Toyota Finance in Markham Ontario Office. I would like to add I even report it to your customer service center but still I have not digest the way I have been treated by your employee.

First of all, let me describe my history to you, I have bought my first car ever in Quebec which is a Toyota Corolla LE- Automatic Transmission. The car is superfine and I had the car in my possession and already run a mileage of 2000K. I received a phone call from Joseph from Financial Services. First of all, no number appeared on my mobile screen. Secondly, this guy starts to introduce himself and soon starts to raise his voice tone and start holding me responsible that it was my responsibility to call back to report that the weekly payment is still to be due.

He was very aggressive and bossy, I must admit that I had to interfere and let him know that he has no right to talk to I'm like that because it is not my fault and therefore I am the customer who is paying for the car. No empathy nor apology from his side as if he took me for granted. He even threatened me that this will affect my credit history if I don't pay your company the soonest possible. Many things on, I even complained to Mark, his supervisor, and send a letter to the Financial Director, which I think he might been busy not even to respond to my letter. Because nobody cares for customer feedbacks and values.

Well, I would like to inform you that your cars are super well but just the way that mere employee behaved I am no longer turning back to Toyota and even telling friends my worst experience I have had with your employee. I wish to say that I refused Honda Civic 2016 (St. Constant - which you may cross check to see that I am lying) and came to you but this the way how I was treated. This is absolutely unacceptable from your company. I really wished that my concern is being taken care of and somebody get back to me and also hoping to have something done as good will gesture. Thanks.

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I purchased a Toyota Camry from a private party, on which Toyota Finance had a lien. My lien holder send the check to Toyota Finance, and it took them 1 1/2 month to process the check and we are still waiting for their mercy to release the lien on the car. They sent a letter stating that lien is released. But when we go the DMV to get the title, DMV says NO, the lien is not released yet. And yes they did get the payment and yes the check has been cashed. Unprofessional and unethical services! Will never deal with Toyota Finance in my life. Amount of time and efforts wasted: 1.5 Month with still uncertainty about the lien. Multiple trips to DMV and lien holder to get the temporary tag. Several phone calls and emails including the one with Toyota Finance.

I leased a Camry and paid it off August 5th. I had called to notify them the automatic pay withdrawal ended in July. They took out an August payment. I called immediately and was told a check would be cut and mailed. Six weeks later I still do not have the refund and have talked to 4 different people all giving me the runaround. I have always loved my Toyota cars, but will never use their financing. I see from other reviews this seems to be a common method of poor service.

Purchased new Prius in 2007. 2009 I went Chapter 13. Toyota paid in full for value of the car. 2015 I voluntarily returned the car because Toyota refused to work with me. Toyota privately sold the car for $2300; worth $6,000. Now, Toyota is suing me for interest. I am counter-suing them in Court. Call the media, post online, sue them back, don't be intimidated by this greedy company.

I've had this loan for about a year and half now. Got it when I needed a new car, and of course they gouged me on the Apr as my credit score was poor then, but I had to go with it, which made my monthly payments for my Highlander ridiculously HIGH. In short, I just got laid off from my job, and Toyota Financial didn't care. They totally denied getting me an extension which is actually a deferred payment. It blows my mind that this company is going to get the payment anyway, so why not work with their consumers to give themselves a great reputation instead of being known as money hungry beasts. They couldn't give me a straight answer when I asked why I couldn't get a deferred payment. Just gave me a blanket answer which consisted of random reasons why I might not have been able to get it.

Florence, the rep I was speaking to, seemed very short and not helpful at all. Not even sympathetic. How would she feel if she lost her job, and couldn't make her ridiculously high car payment, and got threatened with a repo? What added insult to injury was that they dared to tell me, "We will mark your payment as late and add a late fee with report to the credit bureaus if your payment is not received within 30 days, so it's better that you resume your payment for this month." REALLY!!! Come on Toyota Financial, have a damn heart for your customers!!! I'm trying to refinance with another company but it seems like no one wants to touch this loan because now I owe more than it's worth. This company totally screws you!!!

Their gap insurance was just a ripoff. They never paid and every time I called them they required one more item. They sent a form with a section that said "to be completed by finance company" which the bank wouldn't do. In the end They wouldn't accept the items they asked for. In the end it wasn't worth the stress for the small amount they would have to pay anyway. STAY AWAY!

I have 2 leases with Toyota Financial: A Corolla and an Avalon. After a year of calling Toyota to inquire why my account assessed a late fee every month it was because my county had my Corolla listed to be charged as business use, not personal use, so I was being charged a higher tax rate for 3 years. I called attention to it, Toyota was made aware, the County I live in adjusted the tax rate and issued Toyota a refund check to be applied to my account in the area of $850.00.

Toyota has cashed these checks days after they were mailed but has not applied them to my account. I have spoken with countless members of the so called "customer service" team who act as though you are an obstinate child when you call, I have been transferred without even being asked to hold to collections more times than I would like to count and been treated like a dreg of society, I have spoke with members of the laughable "customer resolutions team" whose hours do not correlate with any member of society, so God forbid a person go to work to pay their bills, you will certainly not be able to catch a member of this elusive team in a timely manner. I have even spoke with members of the Corporate team.

The executive administrator to the President of Toyota Financial Services Adrian **, who apologized profusely, acted horrified, assured me he would call me back the next day with information and I am still waiting for his return call. I fixed this problem with NO HELP from Toyota and now not only will they not, for whatever reason, appropriate these funds to my account, they had the audacity to SEND OUT 3 YEARS OF PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX TO MY COUNTY!!! So, instead of any of these people who are supposed to be fixing this problem, fixing it, they have made it nearly $800.00 worse. These are some of the rudest, most unprofessional, ridiculous, non-customer service having people I have had the misfortune of dealing with. Incompetence does not even begin to describe this financial institution.

This has been going on for a year and everyone I speak with assures me they will save the day and fix it and then they promptly lose my number. I know for sure, if I owed Toyota this amount of money, they most certainly would not have waited a year for it. This company has informed me that they have a personal property tax team working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and I have yet to hear from that "team" and the problem is worse, not better. If you want to give your money to a bunch of irresponsible people who cash checks and then "can't find" the money so they don't credit your account then this is the place for you. DEPLORABLE UNETHICAL RUDE IRRESPONSIBLE UNCARING DISINTERESTED CANNOT COUNT MONEY WELL. Good luck.

I recently paid my lease off through USAA to Toyota. Toyota has cashed the check $15,000.00 and I have been given the royal 2 step about getting title so that I may register the car in WV. My first call was 8-5-16 I was transferred to a resolution specialist who said" your account will be ready to mail within 7 to 10 days. She did say it was sitting yet to be processed until she looked into it. Today I called and was told the same thing. Mind you they have been paid in full!

When selecting our loan term, the finance person we worked with described an option for making smaller bi-monthly payments instead of monthly payments. This would reduce the overall interest paid on the loan and also cut our overall loan term by a few months. It seemed like a great deal and no reason not to choose the bi-monthly option.

We come to find out afterwards that Toyota processes this service through AutoPay Plus (which seems like a fine institution) which charges a $1.95 fee for initial signup, a $1.95 fee for each transaction ($3.90 per month) and a $399 "Program Fee" - which essentially will eat all of the savings we might obtain by paying less interest and prepaying the loan a few months ahead of time. None of these fees were described when the option was presented to us and we never would have selected this program had we known about these costs. Our loan is still relatively new and I'm hopeful that we can cancel our account with AutoPay Plus before they process the $399 fee. I may try to refinance this car loan as soon as I can so that it is not directly through Toyota any longer. I would not deal with this group again.

On 6/6/16, I paid my Toyota Highlander off. The payment cleared my bank account 6/6. I at that point turned off the automatic payments to them since I paid it off. At the end of June, I received a "bill pay" I thought, they just hadn't completely processed it. On July 20th, I received another "bill pay" for June and July's payment with late fees. I called Toyota Financial. After a 45 min hold (I also posted an email to customer service while I waited for a person on hold), the gentleman told me that he saw the payment, but it didn't get applied. It was over 12K. So, he applied it and basically closed the account. On July 27th Toyota sent me a letter stating that it was taken care of and I also got a check for interest. Then on 7/28 they withdrew the June/July payment from my account. I have spent a good 4 hours trying to get this straightened out.

Finally today via the email on their site they tell me they get it and my money will be returned in approx 15 days. Unbelievable. They took money after it was turned off for them not to withdraw, overdrew my account, so I have overdraft fees (they made me fax that info in) and that will come "separate" from the return of the two payments. My bank also tried to call them but was stuck on hold for over 45 mins. They finally gave up and the next day I had to get back on the phone with Toyota. Only the people you talk to cannot do anything about this. The people that can, even the Toyota rep told me they don't have a phone # for, only a fax number for us to send in the bank records showing the "error".

As much as I love my car, I would NEVER recommend financing through Toyota because they have NO clue what they are doing. I can deal with the 1200 overdraw, but many people cannot. The fact that they can just take the money that doesn't belong to them and then jack you around about when you may get that back is ridiculous. Oh, by the way, my Title is in the mail. But my money isn't.

The worst company I have ever had to deal with. Pennsylvania requires the official title in order to complete the registration process. I started the process to have the title sent to the PennDOT facility that was handling my registration on June 30th. I have had to call in multiple times, sit on hold for up to 45 minutes each time I had called and was never given a straight answer about where I was in this process. I have even given them a FedEx account number in order to expedite the process once the title was sent out. I called another time on July 21st, I was told the fax was processed on July 18th. I was beyond frustrated. 11 business days just to process the fax especially when I was told that it was already processed and my title should be sent out "any day now" from multiple representatives.

I was then transferred to the supervisor on duty. She was very nice and explained why it was taking so long. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and was understanding that they were "backed up" with processing the requests. That supervisor told me she would reach out to me Monday (July 25th) with an update on whether my title has been sent, no phone call. I even contacted the place the title was to be sent to see if it was an oversight and that my title was received. It has not been received. So I am now on hold for a 6th time with TFS to see if someone can actually do something instead of telling me what they think I want to hear. This entire nightmare is enough for me to never finance a car through Toyota Financial Services ever again. In fact I am very close to just paying the car off so I can have the title and I'll never have to deal with these people again.

Called Toyota financial to ask about my lease pay off instruction. They instructed me to log in to my account and send a payment equal to lease pay off. Pay off was sent, but 2 weeks since no title or confirmation letter was sent, called in again. No response. Called in third time. They blaming me for sending the payment to the wrong place??? Huh? You instructed me to do the payment on How it can go to a wrong place??? 2 month down the line, I still have no money, no title, and no pay off confirmation. On the top of that they still charging me every month for the lease that was already paid off.

I traded my 2013 Prius Leased from Auto Nation Toyota on June 18th when I leased a new 2016 Prius from a different Toyota dealer in Michigan. The new dealer and I followed their instructions for payoff and lease termination. The Michigan dealer sent my payoff check and proper paperwork to Southeast Toyota Finance on June 18th. Southeast Toyota cashed my payoff check on June 27th. In July Southeast Toyota Finance was still taking lease payments from my checking account. I called and the representative said that automate withdraws from my account would cease and the money would be returned to my account within five days.

This did not happen. I called again on July 26 and was told that it was my bank's fault and it would take several weeks to finalize the termination of the old lease. I have received a bill in the mail for $ 1344.76 which ignores the fact that the lease has been paid off. Its shows that I have made 38 payments on a 36 month lease and still owe two more payments. Obviously they are pissed that I did not lease the new Prius from one of their dealerships and are trying to get back at me by screwing with my bank account and ruining my credit.

Where to begin, Everything about them is Awful. My wife and I financed a car at the Darcars Toyota in Silver Spring. Thought everything was good, until the first payment issue started. My wife paid it via the phone, not realizing they use western union. They received the payment , but then reverted the payment over 7 times, without calling me or emailing me to inquire. Then they sent me a late payment with the current payment due. For the record, I told the agent no one ever called and she began yelling and becoming argumentative and after an hour on the phone, she simply hung up!!

Second Issue: I sent an early payoff check to them overnight. After 11 days no update was made to my account. On 7/18/2016 I called and after 35 minutes on the phone waiting to speak to someone, the agent told me it was returned because it wasn't made out to Toyota Financial Services. Granted the dealer told me to make it out to them with my wifes name on it and it will be fine. Guess not!! The dealer told us the wrong informations and now I'm out of $40 from overnighting it and have to start over the payoff process again!! WHAT BS.

Summary of issues: You wait an average of 25-35 minutes just to speak to someone. They mess up your payments and then send you a late payment or double payment required. Agents seem to be blaming the customer and takes no responsibility being Toyotas fault. Cannot pay off car at dealer policy where you bought the car from. They never call or email you, though they say they do and they never leave a message. Sent my check back via regular mail, not ups or fedex.

Horrible customer service and financing process. Stay away from Toyota Financial Services, and get a Honda (Never had any issues). Highly disappointed and frustrated. Will never be purchasing a Toyota or financing through them. I will tell friends and family to avoid Toyota because of this same reason.

The website doesn't have enough information. For example, I wanted to pay off my loan and sell the car. The website talks about payoff but no link or directions how to do it. I tried to call. After approximately 40 minutes of hold time, someone picked up but by that time, I forgot what I wanted to ask. Then I went to the DMV to do the rest of the paper work. The DMV needs the ELT (electronic file transfer number). It is not on the website either. Tried to call. Wow, the hold time was only 20 minutes. Continue to hold for 30 minutes and hung up again. I doubt I will finance again from this company. If this is the only company to finance toyota purchase, then me, my family, or my friends will think twice before buying one Toyota. Sorry.

There was overdue payments issue which could be sorted out. But they took my car without permission when the keys were with me from my place of work. When I came out after locking my office I couldn't find my car??? I had no idea anyone can do that without permission. Called the police as I thought the vehicle got stolen as I had my home keys and mail keys in the vehicle. Came to know it was picked up by Toyota Financial, I had to take a cab to reach home... and that in Houston. I bought the car from Joe Myers and had no idea who the hell Toyota Financial is. It was the dealership fault of putting me on this spot and not picking up the car when I never wanted it in the first place and was not even working at the time and then these loan sharks.

After three days and more than one hour of wait time, I came to know where my car was and picked up my belongings from the car. Also they refused to negotiate anything after several attempts by me. Imagine this unwanted episode has affected my credit with lowering my credit and constant cropping of stalled payments. I would give this company a minus rating. They are unimaginable. The govt. should do something about this company.

Toyota Financial Services, Carol Stream, IL sucks! For the 2nd time Toyota Financial Services, has misrouted our lease payment to our retail acct. Sept. 2015, June 2016. We received a notice of late payment & consequences. We had to sit through a 25 minutes on hold phone call to get this rectified in both cases. The entire time the representatives/managers address you as if WE caused the problem, even though we are using the correct address & the Toyota Acct. # in on every cheque. We have been customers of Toyota Financial for over 12 years & they refuse to DO ANYTHING to compensate us for OUR due diligence, time and mental frustration! This is a perfect example of the corporate complex that is misdirecting our country, government and social welfare. #ToyotaFinancialSucks

I tried to work it out with Toyota and they refused. Last night the repo man came and took the car from the driveway without my permission. They did not have the keys. I did not give them permission to be on the property. I do not have the name of the agent that took the car. Toyota told me if I came up with the back payments which I am getting together they would cancel the repo order. It was parked in my driveway. Not on the street.

First, I want to let you all know that I created this account just to leave this review. Steer clear of Toyota Financial Services. My car was declared totaled May 27, 2016 due to flooding. I contacted Toyota and let them know what my primary and GAP insurance needed and asked if they could send it over to me. They refused to send it to me and said that they would send it to my GAP provider as soon as they got it all together. June 29th I sign onto my Toyota account to realize that I still had $4000 outstanding, the amount my GAP was supposed to cover.

I called Toyota, waiting for 20 minutes before I was hung up on by a representative and called back and waited ANOTHER 20 minutes just to be told "we are still waiting on one more document before we send it to your GAP. Make sure that you are making your monthly payments on time, for sake of your credit". I personally feel like this is being drag out tremendously so that they can collect as much interest as possible since it is a early pay off. They have horrible customer service, and every time I call to discuss the status, they can't give me any information but always tell me to continue my monthly payments. I have never been late since getting my car and always pay double notes every other month. DO YOUR RESEARCH ON LENDERS! THEY ARE HORRIBLE!!!

I have been making payments to this company for 8 years, never late or missed a payment. They lost my May's payment and here it is almost one month later and it is still lost after sending faxes with bank information, tracking numbers, wire transfer numbers and all and they still can't find it and refuse to correct it saying they "backed up".

Called Toyota Financial today to defer a payment because my daughter graduated high school and joined the navy. Was gonna take her on a vacation before she left for boot camp. Waited 25 minutes for a rep to pick up the phone just for him to say, "No, we can't defer a month payment for you." I have had this vehicle for over a year. Never been late on a payment or missed a payment. So before you go and finance a vehicle through Toyota Financial I would look for another company to finance it. I wish I could give a negative star because I would give them a NEGATIVE 10. Sorry, piece of crap company.

Payoff for total lost car - I have had a very bad experience with the handling of my account, with the payoff of a total lost vehicle. The personnel handling the case were rude and not helpful and would not give their name or gave you a bad name. I returned the call and asked for the name that was given and was told that no one by that name work there. This has been a very unprofessional experience and could not get any more of my business. My account was crooked where I could not view it online. With the person that I encountered, I ask that you look at the person that is working for you.

I had one question for Toyota Financial. I waited for about 20 minutes, then was disconnected so I had to repeat this process, and it took almost half an hour to get to a rep. I lost about an hour, just trying to get connected to somebody. Then, of course, their reps take their sweet time; they really have no idea that people are busy and can't just wait all day while Toyota learns to become efficient.

They repossessed a vehicle in 2009 and then they try and they turned in 1099-C with IRS in 2014, and expect you to put in taxes when they got the vehicle and sold it making me have to pay taxes on $6,000+ on a vehicle 5 years later.

My lease terminated in February 2016. The auto registration renewal is March 1, 2016. More than a month after the lease terminated and I returned the vehicle, I receive a letter from Toyota Financial Services claiming that I owe the registration renewal fee for the period March 1, 2016 to March 1, 2017. Outrageous. I sent them a note to this effect, then received a subsequent later claiming to be a "Final Notice" and threatening to turn it over to collections. Tried to call, but after waiting 30 minutes to speak to someone the call was disconnected on their end. Not paying this under any circumstances. Never doing business with them again.

I know that nothing will happen and they really don't give a rats, but, Toyota finance carried the note on my car. Never had a problem. UNTIL I called in to get payoff info. Here's what happened: I mailed the payoff amount. Very quickly, I received my title and a check for 2.64. I assume an overpay. I thought it was over. Threatening calls start coming in from Toyota!

I call and ask "what happened?" I was informed that someone had applied someone else's payment of 520.00 to my account! How is this possible?? Doesn't matter. I owe 520.00. "Can I make payments?" "Oh sure! No problem!" They said. I make the payment "due" at that time THEY said was 200.00. Calls keep coming in! "I thought I could make payments!" "Your account is 39 days past due! Only a supervisor can fix this! They will call!" THEY NEVER CALLED! This morning, got a call from a COLLECTION AGENCY! WOW!!! Thanks, Toyota! I paid off my car early, now you're ruining my credit???

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