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On the night before individual income tax returns are due they choose to shut their site down. Continuously I have been frustrated with their technical incompetency and customer support. You have to have poop for brains to even consider shutting your system down the night before taxes are due. You cannot login to their system to work. WTF TAXACT, seriously.

With the 2015 version you have to upgrade to Premium ($40) to be able to print Schedule C. This is a way of forcing people to pay more otherwise the return can not be printed. But there is a way around this. You can still print each form manually. On Schedule C, I just fill in a blank form from the IRS website and printed this. Then just mail the form. I am not sure if you can file electronically if you are not a Premium user.

This company is a robbery tool. It is creating "free" version of software, that is sitting in your computer along with all forms you filled and filed. BUT you are never able to print them after you filed. NEVER. That is what they are explaining to you, pushing you to purchase their stupid product AGAIN. It is clearly robbery tool. Moreover, the specialists there are rude, incompetent and at such place could not be trusted. Do NOT trust them your information. Go somewhere else.

TaxACT has improved on the technical issues that drove the IRS payment mishaps of past filings but the back-end load that gets dropped once the return is verified, submitted and filed more than doubles the "bait" price they advertise. I was expecting my $19.99 TaxACT experience to total out to $30-35 with filing and payment transfer to the IRS, but it ended up totaling up to about $50. The process of filling out the form was relatively good, with a finale.

I've used TaxAct for over ten years. There is a flaw in the program that figures the self-employed insurance deduction for page one if you have Obamacare; this has been confirmed. If you are the owner of a Sub-S, in a partnership, or have a schedule C, and receive a 1095-A, review VERY carefully the amount TaxAct uses for your self-employed health insurance deduction. Very simply, if you have enough profit and/or W-2 wages from your business, the amount of the health insurance deduction should equal your actual out-of-pocket amount paid for health care plus or minus the adjustment for premiums on page two of your return. (The deduction is limited to profit plus wages (Sub-S) from the business.) You may have to amend previous years' returns.

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I filed with TaxACT for last year like I did the year before. This time I too found out that my income tax information was not submitted by TaxACT. They have gotten me in trouble with the IRS. When I realized my information was not submitted I went back and tried again. Everything was done as it was supposed to be, but I found out the information still was not submitted. It is only when I read these reviews that I see that this has happened to others. TaxACT put me in a serious mess with the IRS for not submitting my information and we all know the IRS: they could care less about how, they just want my hard earned money, no matter what. TaxAct, you are deplorable!!!

I filed my 2015 NYS taxes with TaxACT, and still have not received my refund! I received confirmation from TaxAct stating my New York electronic return was accepted on 3/2/2016. Well it's been almost 7 months and still NOTHING!!! I will NEVER use TaxAct again. I'm still trying to find out what happened to my check...

I checked with the, to see when my refund would arrive. I filed, paid and received the receipt. IRS couldn't find anything, on the phone, or the site. I logged into my TaxACT site, and it said, it wasn't completed nor filed. I should continue where I left off. After complaining to them about why they debited my account before it was completed, telling me that it was, they decided to issue a refund, in 2 to 15 days. I will never use them again, and I wouldn't advise my worst enemy to use them. My question to them is why did they charge me if the documents were not completed?

I've been filing taxes for a long time, but have never been more confused than filing with TaxAct. To make a long story short, I had to contact the support team due to the fact that it's June 28th, and I just discovered my taxes hadn't been filed.... and I paid twice! I had confirmed, sent, looked-at, scanned, printed, viewed, re-viewed, re-re-viewed, waited, and anticipated.... only to now worry that my federal and state filing had not been filed. Use this site with caution, or don't use it... it's up to you! I should have read the complaints, and noticed the 1 star rating... first!! Nope, nope, nope.

I am furious with their service. On google, they advertised free filing for both state and federal. Throughout the process, since I did not have the most basic filing needs (I submitted one additional form), they had to bump me to the next price point, which they stated was about $10. That's just fine. But when it came to check out, they charged $24.99. Then, when I had to leave and come back to complete it, they charged me again, and doubled the amount. In total, I paid these guys $74.99. When I called to request a refund for the second faulty charge, Mark (who was actually very polite and human), told me that the amount was correct because the price was 24.99 for each; federal and the two states that I filed to. I will NEVER use TaxACT again. Be upfront and clear with your prices instead of lying and sneak-charging!

We did our college-aged son's taxes in February. He owed money. We filed the forms electronically using TaxAct, and authorized credit card payment using their VPS (Value Payment System). Tax Act and the IRS accepted his return. Tax Act never followed through and made the payment! We received an unpaid taxes notice from the IRS in May, including late payment penalties and interest fees. Today, June 20th, we received an email from Tax Act saying, "Our records show that when filing your tax return, you chose to make your tax payment by credit card through Value Payment Systems (VPS). Unfortunately, the payment was authorized but never settled, so the tax payment may not have been completed." Why didn't they pay? Were they just keeping our money and how many others? How annoying. DO NOT USE TAXACT!

E-filed 04/11/2016 and until now, IRS/my State shows no records of submission. Resubmitted or re-efiled again today and IRS/State received/accepted the e-file transmission. An email message was sent to me indicating acceptance/confirmation of both Fed/State on 4/11/16 originally; however, a tech system malfunction must have occurred on either end since my refund was not received by my bank via direct deposit. Communication faults I believe should be borne by TaxAct.

On 4/11/16, I got the acceptance email "Status: Federal Electronic Return Accepted" & State electronic return accepted. This may be an issue with the TaxAct software or a problem at the IRS end. A problem existed and shame on TaxAct for not alerting their customers to resolve this issue. There are no phone numbers to call, neither email address to send an email to. I have been a paying customer using this program for 6 years but will no longer use TaxAct in the future.

When I file my taxes in March 2016 for my 2015 taxes! I was told TaxACT was good and it was free. I have been waiting for my refund for 2 months now. It was a short form. I can't get through to them in email to see where my refund at. Now I understand after reading all bad reviews. Still waiting. Never again I will use them. Never.

I have utilized this company in the past for filing online. In that I could not remember my pin number or tax information from 2014, I had to print out a copy of the filing and mail it to the IRS. I received a 5071C letter in the mail, and wanted to verify my identity, and wanted to have a copy of the filed return in front of me. Unfortunately, I did not make copies of what I filed since we are not allowed to make personal copies at work. When I tried to change my password, I still could not access my account.

I spoke to a rude representative who talked down to me as if I were incompetent. I e-chatted with another representative who copied and pasted information from a prescribed script. They adamantly REFUSED to send me a code to update my account, and when I reset my account, they eradicated the credentials immediately. Next, they accessed my bank account, and for some reason unbeknownst to me, they "refunded" my bank account $10.00. If they think they are dealing with a dumbed down idiot, they are living in a dream world. And if I find out they are tampering with my bank account, I will file litigation to retrieve every penny that they extract. Don't trust them with their "software". You may find out that someone there may try to steal your identify if you're due a refund from the IRS.

I used TAXACT for the past three years to file my federal and state income taxes. This is the first year that it has been a disaster. I will never use them again. I prepared and thought that I had submitted my return online on April 17th, 2016. I found out a couple of days ago (May 18th), only by accident, that they were not filed at all. Luckily, I had paid the Feds what I owed them, so they won't have to hunt me down. Or at least I think they won't. That was what the TaxACT phone rep told me. Good luck with that advice.

When I called them, the rep blamed me for the problem, refused to refund my money, and told me that they had not had any other problems with the system except for mine. This review site tells me otherwise. So, on May 18th, 2016, I filed my return again. But I have no way of knowing whether it was really submitted when I check through TaxACT online. Now I can't get anyone to answer the phone to get help. I think something happened to the management or ownership of the company in the past year. I wonder if they got bought out or their customer and software services got outsourced to the lowest bidder. Very strange. REGARDLESS, I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN.

Tried to contact consumer services by telephone but all options were either invalid or not available. Tried sending an e-mail question but the program kept telling me there was a problem with the form. This is the last year for TaxAct. From now on I will use another filing service.

I e-filed with Taxact this year for the first time. That was my first mistake. I should have read the reviews first. I complete our taxes every year and for the FIRST TIME IN 40 YEARS our taxes are now late! I completed the whole process, even putting in our routing and bank info and was charged on my cc for fed and state and waited and waited and waited. Finally today I logged back into Taxact only to find out it said I hadn't e-filed! Usually a good tax company will email you if you haven't finished. Did I get any emails? NO!!! We'll probably have to pay a penalty now because I thought I'd filed on APRIL 1st! Angry doesn't begin to describe my feelings right now! I will never use Taxact again!

Used TaxAct for years without issue until now. Loved how simple for the user, in fact. But this year had an issue on April 18 Tax Day with an "alert" that wouldn't allow me to complete the filing, and a support rep could have easily talked me through the resolution, but I couldn't get through their phone lines at all that day! Ended up having to print and file the paper, which was a HUGE disaster. My husband had to drive to my office to physically sign the paper form, and after all of that I forgot to include the W2 forms (didn't have them at work with me. Why would I... I was e-filing?!) My bad for waiting until the last day (we owed a lot of $ and I dragged my feet) but I needed TaxAct support THAT DAY and they weren't there for me. Seriously rethinking them for 2016.

Never again! Warning! Refund $816 fed... Paid $50 to process direct deposit... received $688... HUH?! Still waiting on State REF $223-$50. Still waiting since April 19, 2016.

I've used TaxACT for at least 6 years and this year was totally disappointing. The program itself was not user friendly and note I've used this for 5 years prior and had absolutely no problems maneuvering thru the program and even checking my efile status. PLUS, this is a biggy folks, the price more than DOUBLED! The state is no longer included in ANY of the packages. Last year I paid <$22; this year was $49.98! I called them and they said "they did a price restructure". I'll say they did. Well they lost this customer. Doesn't cost much more to go to an accountant for what I have... A simple return with Schedule A. Seriously TaxACT, are you kidding?!

They don't deserve one star! This isn't right! I understand that I waited until the day of which doesn't help in any way but I thought everything was fine until I checked the status of my taxes. They were not filed! When I entered my information, I had to re-enter everything over again because my password was a problem. It took so many times to get it right. Every time I logged in, my entries were not saved. I didn't want to start over using another company because I already spent all my time with this one. Now I am a week late. At least I have a refund with both state and federal but after reading the other reviews I may have to redo it to make sure it is correct. I don't understand how this company can be in business if this is all they do. Maybe they are committing fraud by having people enter their information so they can use it. It seems logical with the problems I encountered. I hope they stop doing business forever.

I admit I have used the free version to file my 1040 for the last few years. I have also recommended this program to others who have paid for filing Federal / State forms. Well... as others have indicated, IRS 1040 / Schedule A is no longer free. This company has made a terrible mistake by alienating a large segment of their "word of mouth" advertising. Sad to say I will no longer be praising TaxACT... but rather pushing other products. "TaxACT Free Federal Edition" = Bait and Switch.

I've had to start my e-file at minimum 5 times including software timeouts. I'm afraid I'll be charged multiple times. It was completely problematic and made me upset because it would not submit. It's crazy!

Been using this online tax prep service for at least 10 years. I won't ever use them again after this year. They tripled the price and they have bugs throughout the software. From issues logging on throughout my work doing my taxes to extreme issues getting it to submit - must have had to try 30 times. But just the price hike alone is enough to irritate me enough to change. One has to wonder how they make such foolish business decisions...

I went through the confusing set of forms and had apparently set up an auto-pay system that they weren't clear on. Unfortunately I found this out as my landlord tried to cash my check and it bounced. So now I'm given a steep fee for late payment and TaxACT refuses to refund me the amount. I tried to communicate with them on their site but it's apparently impossible to contact them in any way. You're just redirected to their stupid FAQ. I managed to find a number to use to at least cancel the autopay but so far I've been on hold for 30 minutes. So if you want to use software designed by thieves then go for it.

I have used this company to prepare taxes since 2006. After the software glitches and major hike in pricing, I will no longer use their service. I have referred over 40 friends, family, and work colleagues to use the program. I have sent out an email blast encouraging each and every one of them to go elsewhere. I will no longer talk highly of the company. I used to have the utmost respect for the company but with all of the speed bumps this year, I think I would feel more comfortable preparing them by hand. I found too many errors in their software to rely on it in the future. More corporate greed that I do not want to contribute to if I can help it. So long TaxACT!

I have used TaxACT for the better part of a decade to file my taxes for the ease of use and low cost. This year I go to file my taxes and the numbers that were owed/returned made NO SENSE at all. I restart to find I get completely different numbers??? I figure it must be an error on my part. Enter the EXACT same info again and get another number varying by nearly $1000.00 dollars this time. For posterity purposes I go through H&R block which I have used to help family members file with before. I get almost exactly what I owed/Refunded last year through TaxAct on my first try. This is the last time I will ever try to save a bit of money through TaxAct online. H&R Block from now on for me. God forbid I actually filed the return with TaxAct where they said I got a $1755.00 return from the state I paid NO taxes in but was a resident of.

They lied. I've used this company for the past several years. Never paid over $19.99. I've never had a problem. They always advertised this price to me. This year I've been bombarded with emails advertising 'FREE'. I got excited. Once I finished not only wasn't it free but I paid more this year than I've ever paid, $49.99. What happened!? How could they advertise 'free' and it costs more than it’s ever had? I will not be using them ever again. I'm disappointed. They were not honest! Don't use them. *fraud alert*

TaxACT deliberately attempts to confuse you in tax filing process. Thought I was filing my Federal taxes, clicked on Federal Taxes only button, but they ran me through the state return and charged me $24.99 to file a state tax return When NOTHING WAS OWED to the state. What a ripoff! They are scamming now.

Other than the bait and switch, which is amply documented here and with which I wholeheartedly agree, there is one huge process within TaxACT which completely drops the ball. After getting advice on a topic, TaxACT does NOT jump to the item!!! They give you advice, they point to the federal instructions, they even give you the line on the federal form, but that's now how TA is built! You are left navigating through endless pages to try to figure out where your input lives. How extraordinary that they have left this out.

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TaxACT launched in 1998 and has grown to become the second most popular tax software program available. For the past seven years, TaxACT has maintained its number two spot, providing tax preparation and filing services to more than 38 million customers.

  • Economical: TaxACT is a great solution for money-conscious consumers. The company’s top of the line package, the Ultimate Bundle, only costs $21.95 and includes federal and state return filing fees.
  • Transparency: TaxACT prides itself on its transparency – there are no hidden fees or gimmicks, pricing is straightforward and available upfront.
  • Mobile app: Customers can download and save documents using the new TaxACT mobile app.
  • Interface: TaxACT is one of the more cumbersome products on the market and customers with a complex return may be better off spending a little extra money to save both time and frustration.
  • Customer service: Customers that need tax help or assistance troubleshooting a problem will have to make a long distance call as no toll-free number tech support number is available.
  • Best for Individual and Basic Filers, Families and High Income Individuals, Sole Proprietors

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