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Last updated: Nov. 3, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2017

Filed my 2015 taxes using TurboTax with all current updates. In the process it claimed that I overpaid Social Security tax which increased my refund. Thought nothing of it since the software had been trustworthy for years before. Now, almost 2 years later I get a large bill from the IRS because I did not overpay in 2015, with interest. Upon calling TurboTax, the response I get is that it was a user error. Just google TurboTax and Social Security Excess combined and you will find hundreds of people with the same problem and Intuit responds every time with user error. They claim that joint filing users are accidentally inputting all W2s under one person. Sounds legit... over and over.

So since I kept the software I re-entered all of my 2015 data on a new clean computer not connected to the internet. The result was the same error. So I connected the computer to the internet and re-ran the data again, this time allowing the program to receive the latest updates... imagine that... the error no longer exists. I believe Intuit is covering their tracks. The CD cannot be changed... the proof exists. I understand that the excess refund was never mine and I have no problem paying it... other than the embarrassment and the pain it causes in my current finances. But, the company should admit its error and pay the interest for myself and everyone else that was affected by this error. So much for the "100% Guarantee."

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Original review: Oct. 19, 2017

I used the TurboTax Premier edition. I signed up for the Max add-on primarily for the audit protection because I teach in Asia. On the off chance I get audited, I don't want to have to deal with it from 6,000 miles away. The problem is, I don't want my tax return going to a 3rd party vendor I don't know anything about. (It's bad enough Equifax and Yahoo give my personal information away).

So here is how Turbo Tax uses their bait and switch tactic. FIRST you sign-up for the Max benefit; SECOND you make your payment; THIRD then they present you with the 3rd party agreement that your tax return will go to some company you've never heard of. You click on "I DON'T AGREE" and it says, "Ok, we will come back to that later", which they never do. Then I get an email the next day from the 3rd party vendor that now has my tax return that I didn't want them to have. Wouldn't it make sense to have the opt out for agreement BEFORE you pay.

Now, having the Max benefit includes "Priority Care". So when I called to cancel this add-on, they tell me to call the 3rd party vendor. I say, "No, I paid Turbo Tax. I want to talk to a supervisor there." "Sure, you can talk to a supervisor. They will call you back within 24 hours". I'm not holding my breath. I also called the corporate office. They care even less. I'm going to try H & R Block next year and see if they are any better.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 18, 2017

I filled my 2015 tax return with Turbo Tax and I thought everything went smoothly until I received a bill from the IRS in Feb of 2017 stating that I did not put any income in at all and did not qualify for the earned income credit that we received for 2015. I called IRS and asked how can that be. They looked into and found that it was a mistake and only my husband's income was put in. I then started questioning how can that be. I remember looking over all of our info 3 times myself and my husband looked at it one final time and then we submitted our return. IRS tells me to contact TURBO Tax and Turbo Tax's response is that I didn't input my income and they couldn't help. They stated that they didn't have any network issues during that time so it couldn't have been a system glitch.

I then called IRS back and spoke with another rep and she told me that they have had a lot of complaints about Turbo Tax. I just don't understand how they can just get away with all this and not own up to it. After reading all of these reviews I feel like there had to be some system error in 2015 and I just don't know how I can prove it. Now I have to pay back money for a mistake I know I didn't do.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 14, 2017

TurboTax Trash 2015 and 2016 - I have recently completed two tax returns online and have to tell you I will never use this software again. It crashes when you sync to the CRA website (required), the tax return then freezes for three days (which is not great if you're working to a deadline). It also insists on keeping moving expenses in as a required field even if that was last year's claimed expense. Then, it dumps everything inputted for "business use of home", and luckily - that I noticed - AND HAD TO RE-ENTER IT ALL OVER AGAIN! This program is garbage & there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. There is no customer service - no one to call - no trouble shooting from the company - just pages of "community feedback of users complaining - no tech responses with solutions"!!! GARBAGE.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 11, 2017

I'll start by saying the failure of few products can impact you as much as this. More than six hundred dollars is not a simple *oopsie*. An initial TurboTax snafu resulted in my taxes not filing on time and late fees. Since that issue, the IRS has systematically audited every return going back 3 years. Their last audit uncovered another issue in which our TurboTax filing from two years ago credited us with "excess social security tax withholdings." The support representative told me "We see this happen commonly when users flip between Married Filing Jointly and Married Filing Separately" — which of course I did, I'm not a tax expert and I wanted to compare to see which option I should go with. That's the reason I paid for and used the product.

Despite the fact that this is a known issue within the software experience (so much so that the representative described it to me without prompt,) I was told this is an input issue and that I could file a claim but that they were "sure TurboTax would deny it." Roll the dice on this product if you want, but I'm not a fan of gambling away $640; especially when I didn't know I was gambling.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 4, 2017

Filed tax form for 2015 in Deluxe version reported inconsistent information. Will not use them again for future filed returns. TurboTax does not warn of any issues related to reporting 1099-R income. Amounts recorded onlines 15a and 16a do not match up with lines 15b and 16b. Just received audit letter from IRS and demand for payment due to this error.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 4, 2017

Could not be more delighted to see this company's already extremely low rating - it is well deserved. I wanted an easy way to do my taxes, this was NOT it. They charged me for a simple tax return despite my income being well below the amount you should be charging someone for filing taxes. It was not clear that I would be charged for filing some medical expenses and filing for a tax return on my charitable donations until after I had submitted everything. At this point it just seemed easier to grit my teeth and pay... I think I may have been wrong.

Paying was a huge headache, as their system was not working and I talked to one incompetent customer service provider after another. Ultimately they charged me TWICE for something I really should not have had to pay for in the first place and despite continuing to leap through incompetent customer service individuals and conversations with literal robots on the phone, I have still not reached a person who can refund me my money.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 7, 2017

Tax forms were filed with missing information, IRS auditing me now. TurboTax claims to not be at fault since "they" were not present to witness the entered information. Basically blaming me saying I didn't input the correct information or I deleted something. The income from my 1099 is missing however everything else is correct and labeled and deductions are even present. TurboTax never warned me of any incomplete information or sections on my tax forms as it usually does during the checks before filing.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 23, 2017

If anyone else has had a problem with TurboTax charging for online filing when they advertised it as being free, please let me know. They deducted $103.17 from my checking account without my permission for federal and state. That's even more than if I bought those two products separately. At least the state should have been free anyway! If I would have known they were going to charge, I would have bought the program at Staples for $49.99 and gotten the state for free like I usually do. But they fraudulently lead you to believe that online filing is free. I want to start a civil suit against this company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 23, 2017

I receive a huge underpayment penalty fine from my state for 2016 year. Being shocked, I contacted TurboTax as to why. They said I didn't pay quarterly voucher payments and had an "underpayment penalty." I told them I did pay an underpayment penalty on their tax program (substantially less) and asked why TurboTax was in error and didn't issue me vouchers for 2016 year when they did for the Fed portion. They blamed it on me saying I didn't check a box saying I wanted vouchers. I told them, I didn't check a box saying I wanted Fed vouchers either but TurboTax issued them! (They issued state vouchers for me for 2017 - without my asking... "A day late and a dollar short").

I told them this was an error on their part and that I wanted TurboTax to stand behind their "100%" guarantee of accuracy and reimburse me for the fine. They refused blaming me. I tried to appeal their "hired" CPA's ruling but they have no appeal process. I found they have no process to arbitrate claims made by their customers. Their hired gun is judge, jury and executioner. Be wary of TurboTax!!!

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Original review: May 31, 2017

Keeps emailing saying we owe x amount of dollars to their bank for selecting payment. The IRS audited. No refund. No help. As they claim no answer. FYI. They can't help anyways cause they only know limited info.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 23, 2017

They don't even deserve any stars but that's the only way I can warn people about them. Used TurboTax last year. It screwed up my social security big time. I'm still fighting with them. My husband and I are equal contract labor. TurboTax doesn't have form for that. They reported his income on me, even though both 1099 misc were entered. I thought it was something I did. I called IRS. They sent me the corrected info I needed (big plus for IRS). So this year instead of e-filing I printed forms to check. Found same screw up again. Tried to correct. Got message box same info not available.

Called Turbo, young lady tried to help. Couldn't. Transferred me to tech was rude said, "I can't do anything about it. Try filing later." I told him, "It needed to be done now, not 2-3 weeks." He told me nothing he can do. I told him, "All this work done was worthless and unusable." He could care less. Told him to refund my money so I could find a tax program that does have all info. He told me it will take 2-3 weeks to get refunded. DON'T USE TURBOTAX. RIPOFF AND THEN YOU HAVE TO TRY AND FIX AGAIN. MAY 20, 2017 INTUIT *TURBOTAX 800-446-8848 CA US Point of Sale ($101.63) all for nothing.

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Original review: May 20, 2017

Never use TurboTax! This year I filed February 13th... it is now may 20th and my refund is just now updating! I called many times to the IRS and they said they were holding my refund but couldn't tell me why! Anyway, I call turbotax and they expected me to pay them the $143 for doing my taxes, I wanted this Payment taken out of the refund. After them hounding me for the fee I finally snapped. They didn't want to help me. They cared about their money, if this was H&R block they would see I would get my money. Turbotax... GREEDY!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 19, 2017

I had been a happy user of TurboTax's online product until this year when it failed to transfer my previous year data and user info. When I called, after checking, they just "shrugged their shoulders" and offered no remedy, or compensation, even though this doubled my time preparing my return. When I tried to submit a formal complaint, I find there is no way to do so. The bottom line is having lived thru starting from scratch, I see little incentive to stay with them next year, so will try another service.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 14, 2017

Intuit - TurboTax sent notification that my tax refund was processed and to expect the funds via direct deposit. After several business days with no direct deposit, I contacted TurboTax via email. It was conveyed by their customer service representative that the bank allegedly rejected the direct deposit. I have been a member of the this financial institution for approximately 20 years and the direct deposit information has remained unchanged. TurboTax then charged a reprocessing fee and claimed that the my refund was sent via US mail. This transaction is fraudulent and it was conducted with willful and deliberately intent to defraud me of the full amount that the IRS refunded. I advise further customers not to use their service in the future.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 11, 2017

TurboTax worse than reading your entire phone bill, about 10 different fees added on. I did some research. Finally made the decision to go with the basic addition which listed at $39 which I purchased at Target for $29.99. After filling out everything $15 filing fee, ok does not go to TurboTax. Wait you're done with Federal Taxes. Oh now State, guess what, now you have to pay $44.99 to finish your taxes. OMG I just want this to be over with. Fine, stick me. Finish everything and ready to file, WAIT $15 audit defense fund. Gee wiz, ok got me again. Fine. Can we get this over with? Accept.

WAIT State filing fee of $24.99. Really are you kidding me. I'm already screwed. Ok accept. Finally. No WAIT. You now have to buy TurboTax Deluxe $39.99 before you can continue. I'm too pissed off to add up how much over $29.99 I paid to pay taxes!!! Please is there anyone out there going to do something against these criminals, JUST say upfront how much your service is!!! I don't even think I have any money left from my return after they took everything. Thought it would be faster and easier online. I may just go see H&R Block next year.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 9, 2017

I used Turbo Tax for the first and last time. Turbo Tax advertised free tax preparation. NOT TRUE. I had to pay $78 because I have a health savings account (HSA). I owe the IRS under $200. The IRS wants to charge me $107 for setting up installment payments. I don't meet the guidelines for a reduction for the fee. Turbo Tax never mentioned that there would be an IRS fee for processing the installment payments. Not free and full of hidden fees. I feel like I'm be extorted and robbed.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 7, 2017

Filed 2015 taxes late, thus shelled out around $30.00 to purchase TurboTax software on Amazon. The purchase price was to include completion and e-file of 2015 federal income tax, along with that of one state of my choice. I only make around $25,000 a year, and my deductions are pretty simple: EIC, Child Tax Credit, and a few work-related expenses. Really, I'm capable of doing the paperwork myself but it takes more time and patience than I can reasonably apply to the task.

Anyhow, after spending a couple hours inputting all the necessary information and having the program calculate federal tax along with tax for the State of Iowa, after all this, I was informed that I would have to pay a charge of $24.99 for state tax calculation. The program then put forth 4-5 pages of terms and conditions that are apparently different than those stated initially (each of which consisted of a bunch of convoluted legal jargon that I simply glanced over) and refused to proceed until I agreed to allow them to deduct $24.99 from my refund.

By this time my taxes were completed but I could not get the records nor file until I agreed to the deduction of the additional, unexpected fee. My refund was plenty enough to cover the expense and I really didn't want to have to start back at square one and recalculate taxes by hand. So, reluctantly, I agreed. Then I moved on to processing the e-filing. Once again the program refused to continue, now demanding yet another fee of $34.99 as well as agreement to another multi-page set of terms in order to proceed.

TurboTax software is not so great to begin with. To say the least it lacks clarity. And the "help" files are anything but helpful, in fact offering nothing at all would be more helpful. At least that would save me from wasting time closing and reopening the pop-up several more times, in disbelief, while attempting to grasp how any slightly reasonable person might come to consider a scant line or two of vague, non-information as being helpful. I had to search IRS website several times for very basic information, stuff I kinda knew but wanted to be absolutely certain about before proceeding.

Anyhow, by this time, all the unexpected fees and additional time spent stalled in frustration as well as glancing over pages upon pages of legal muck, by this time I just wanted it over with. 2015 was already a difficult year financially, due to medical illness and misdiagnosis that continued well into 2016 (thus the late filing). The refund would make it possible to catch up on some bills and was more than enough to cover the additional, unexpected costs.

So I told myself to get it over with, and that I'd get a hold of TurboTax later in the week and address matters regarding the wrongful fees. Down inside I suspected I was fooling myself, but the deadline for 2016 taxes was approaching and I don't have eons of free time to deal with this stuff. No doubt they were counting on that. So, against my better judgment, I went ahead and agreed to the terms along with an additional deduction from my refund of $34.99 for the e-filing. This brought the cost of processing 2015 taxes up from the reasonable price of $30, up to around the very absurd expense of $90. But wait, it gets worse.

For that price I could've paid to have a seasonal tax specialist handle it. Better yet, based upon my income bracket, although I was late in filing, still I probably could've had it handled for free. However, I bought the software at the end of 2015, well out of tax season, at which time freebie specialists weren't available; and I didn't realize four more months would pass before opportunity to use it would present itself.

Anyhow, I proceeded, and the program indicated all was well, right up until I was informed that the IRS rejected the e-filing! I was informed that I'd have to mail the paperwork, no reason nor address was given. Keep reading, it gets worse... way worse. So, in silent frustration I looked up the address and mailed the 2015 return, all the while wondering whether or how many times it might be kicked back. After that I moved on, like a fool, through TurboTax, preparing 2016 income taxes... like a fool, but not quite a full-fledged, gullible idiot.

Now, my 2015 refund was to be sizable, that is according to a broke person's perspective. Based upon 2014 income and refund, seemed to me 2015 should've been quite a bit larger. But then I thought, maybe, since I made a little more money, since I'd managed to inch above the poverty line, maybe that moved me into a different bracket or something. I should've looked into it.

Anyhow, I proceeded with 2016 taxes, whereas early on a refund of around $4900 was indicated, and then for no apparent reason it dropped to around $2000. Hmmm... By this time my faith in TurboTax had already morphed into distrust and resentment as I kept feeling need but lacked time for thorough scrutiny. 2016 was nearly complete when voice of intuition (or whatever else you want to call it) grew so loud and demanding that I couldn't continue. Instead, I went back to IRS website and decided to take a chance elsewhere, with another tax service, just for sake of comparison I told myself. I so wish I'd done that or found some other alternative before sending in 2015 taxes. I mean, 2015 isn't finalized yet, so I can't say at this point whether it would've turned out better, or worse, or different in any way. Chances are it wouldn't have been worse, to say the least. This time around I selected H&R Block's web-based tax service.

Whereas each of the last few years using TurboTax brought about a spike in frustration and to feeling as though I just wanted it over with, upon completion of 2016 taxes through H&R Block's free file I felt as though I hadn't suffered enough. In fact, I hadn't suffered at all. I processed federal income taxes along with two states, all without any attempts at squeezing me for additional money. H&R's Help files were actually very helpful, leaving no need to refer to IRS website. Best of all, I'm getting back over $4000, around $2000 more than TurboTax calculated. That's awesome!

Only one problem. I'm unable to e-file once again. I'm pretty sure this has something to do with the 2015 filing prepared via TurboTax, which was sent by mail just a few weeks ago. Could be it's just slow to be processed. Could be the evil, greedy TurboTax demons miscalculated? Or maybe they're attempting to squeeze that extra sixty bucks out of my return. (I mailed the returns alone, each without the extra ten or so page ** agreement, whereas I was pushed to pay more money than agreed upon initially, by purchasing and using the software.) Hard to know what the problem is at this point. However, I'm all but absolutely certain that in some way or another there's some kind of Turboturnabout going on.

Bottom line (excuse the pun), look at it like this, working through TurboTax is comforting as a lengthy bout of constipation, after which H&R is like the laxative that's desperately needed. One way or another you gotta get through the tax **. So, take your pick. You want it to be slow and ongoing, and leaving you to feel as if something other than a bowel movement is taking place? Or do you want it over with quickly, painlessly, and so you can get on with life? In all, if you want your taxes calculated fast, clearly, reasonably, and correctly, go to H&R Block free file. If, instead of having your taxes calculated, after reading all this, if you're looking to be TurboTaxed again and again, then by all means, you know where to go. Either way, best of luck, hope this helps.

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Original review: May 5, 2017

I followed a link from my credit union for a free federal return. Bait and switch was I was charged $90 for the federal and $40 for the state. I tried calling to get it corrected as I did not select any premium packages. Turns out if you elect to have the fee taken from your refund, you don't get a choice. Well the IRS did not release the refund for some reason so now Intuit/TurboTax is going to debit my bank account for fees I did not agree to and for the fee for the deduction for return option that I am not even getting. This is bait and switch and fraud and someone needs to put a stop to it. I called customer service and they put me on hold and dropped the call then sent me an email saying the case is closed.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 3, 2017

Let me start by saying my family and I have used TurboTax for the last six years and honestly never had a problem until this year. Sadly TurboTax isn't the actually problem but because of the company they choose to partner with such as Santa Barbara bank and NetSpend I will not ever be using them again. After all I can get the exact same lack of service and for free through other sites. So here is the gist.

The IRS sent my refund to the bank on April 12th and here we find ourselves at May 3rd with guess what. Still no money. It has taken me since weeks just to find out where my money actually was. Apparently TurboTax uses Santa Barbara bank to extract their ridiculous fees and then your money is sent to NetSpend which by the way no one at NetSpend thought to mention as they have been giving me the run around for weeks.

So as you can see I am frustrated. I don't know if it is because guess what. Santa Barbara bank claims they have live agents to speak with but they don't, kinda like our tax revenue service. Yes people our entire economic system is apparently ran by robots and people who do not actually know anything about the positions they hold. It sad really that I am on the verge of a complete mental breakdown all because systems that are supposed to be for our protection are being manipulated into ways to steal taxpayers' money.

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Original review: May 2, 2017

I've used TurboTax for years. Unfortunately this year was my last. I also used TurboTax to file my friends and family members tax returns. This year was a disaster! They didn't deposit refunds into our accounts even after we paid for the service, we had to wait for a check to be sent out. Others have had the bank used by TurboTax. Santa Barbara Bank commit scams and steal money! Not to mention the way they try and trick you into paying extra fees. They have become greedy, and I will never use TurboTax again!

Original review: May 1, 2017

I've used TurboTax in previous years for my personal and business taxes. I'm trying this year to import my tax information from last year and it won't import. It's making me start all over! TurboTax offers NO help! I was told to try another browser and reset my cookies, then I was told too bad I have to manually add everything myself. This is NOT acceptable for me! I use this software for my business taxes and it has everything saved from last year including inventory amount at the end of last year, my invoices outstanding that I didn't collect last year... everything! And so manually entering everything would take forever and possibly may even cost me an audit by CRA since it will be tricky to manually add everything perfectly to the penny.

I called Turbotax twice and they were not helpful at all! I asked both times for a manager and no manager was available to help me, I also asked twice for technical assistance which I was told they don't have any or that it will take almost a week to get a callback! Wow, I'm shocked at how TurboTax took a huge nose-dive and went from being one of the best softwares to use, to being the worst one to use! I refuse to use a software that offers no management to talk to... that offers NO technical assistance! Look somewhere else for a software and DON'T rely on Turbotax because they have become incredibly unreliable! I've never been more disappointed in a company before. Don't trust your taxes to TurboTax! Go somewhere else because if you ever need technical assistance, you would be better off talking to a Grade 1 student! And this was after being on hold for over an hour. I will tell everyone I know to stay away from TurboTax.

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Original review: May 1, 2017

Regarding TurboTax Standard 2016. We were not able to file because we needed to update the forms. But we were not able to update. After following the instructions repeatedly we were no further ahead. A call into their customer support line we were told by an automated response a 45 min wait and instructions for a call back. Further phone calls an hour later, NOTHING! Last phone call of the day - they are closed.

Day 2: Call in, 8 minute wait. I choose to hold until I talk to a live person from a call center in Indiana??? She leads me through all the stuff I did yesterday. Hmmm same response. After 45 minutes on the line, the call is dropped. ARGHH! She has me on a live chat app, and closes that too. Call back - a 15 minute wait talking to Gloria on the East Coast. Thank goodness she accepts that I've already done all the first stage remedies. She has to connect with her supervisors for further info. The info they give does not work. I ask them to email me at my personal email and not hubby's who is not available. They are not able or willing to do that. That took forever to resolve.

So the supervisor will call me back in an hour. That was an hour++ ago. No response. I ask what if the supervisor doesn't call me back in an hour? What are my options. There is no way to call into their website and their Canadian website's number is not working!!! Their track record for calling back hasn't been so good so far. Nope, no options but I can complain on their website. I've looked for that and can't find it. So here I am. I am not buying this product again, and I would not recommend it to anyone either! What a colossal waste of time.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 30, 2017

I filed my income tax return with Turbo Tax, as I have done for the past 5 years. I compiled all relevant information and before filing I tried the "Optimize Pension Splitting" option. I got a response which I didn't find interesting, and given the options "Accept and continue" or "Continue" I chose the latter. Well, I actually DID get the pension splitting. I tried everything possible but couldn't undo. I called Turbo Tax and was talking to a lady for 90' who couldn't undo it either. She said I had to start all over again. BUT, they wouldn't refund my $62, I had to start again AND repay. I'll never use Turbo Tax again. I wasted one day and $62 of my life on a lousy software and a lousy company.

Verified Buyer
Original review: April 28, 2017

TurboTax charged me additional funds at the end of filing. That's not the bad part. They used my account info given to deposit my refund to charge me additional fees that I had only given them permission to subtract from my refund. Unfortunately I had to wait 48 hours to discuss this with a manager. I was given 21 days to call in with my payment. They not only withdrew the fee once but twice causing my account to be in the negative. I can say one good thing about this company. They are nice to you while stealing your money.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 27, 2017

I filed with TurboTax this year and what a complete disaster. They said it would cost 78.25 for the package. I agreed and I have a print-out sheet saying this amount will be deducted. Come to find out they took a total of 114.00. Never again will I ever use them. And trying to talk to them was fruitless... All I can say is do not ever use them or Santa Barbara Bank, which they had been sitting on my money since the 18th, and was never notified. TurboTax did absolutely nothing to deserve 114.00 of my money. Beware of them and their hidden fees... company is crap.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 25, 2017

My review/experience with TurboTax. Good: Price: For what it is I'd say the price is great. CPA: The idea that you have one at this price is awesome. Desktop: Having the program to save various scenarios is extremely valuable. I'd recommend it just for this reason. Furthermore this program has a lot of very nice features in it and has a lot of good referenceable information. So this is very much a good idea just to be able to play with your numbers, save, and make another new scenario.

Bad: Contacting: More often than not I can get through, they need my email on my profile that won't verify. Not sure why as my email hasn't changed, but without verification I can't get a support code, without support code the system often won't let me talk to anyone. Not sure why this is a problem, however this needs to be addressed.

Filing: Federal filed nicely and paid as it was supposed to. Whereas State Tax boot looped and took over an hour to figure out the right combination to get the form to submit. This is forgivable as it was addressed, and fixed. What didn't work was paying the IRS and then being told to give it time. The program never paid out. Verified that with the IRS resulting in a fine. Had I waited as told this would have been a bigger penalty and I doubt TurboTax will pay for my penalty.

Technical issue: Time lost (cost 5 hrs trying to fix program boot loop, being on hold). Charged twice: Charged twice for State Tax form. They tried to refund me but that did work out... I gave up and will likely hire a CPA this year just based on the hold time and inability to speak with the TurboTax CPA. Kind of makes that feature pointless when you can't get through and spend hours trying. Time-wise it's just better to get yourself a CPA. This would be one charge, little to no hold time, and you get everything you expect (or should). Conclusion: Having the program to work with is worth it, but for the amount of time I spent trying to finish things I could have easily just paid a CPA. So buying this program isn't a bad idea at all. But I wouldn't recommend actually relying on it for one's taxes.

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Original review: April 19, 2017

I tried TurboTax several years ago when I had one simple W2. I filed free, spoke to an agent when I had a question and thought it was ok. So, when I had to wait until the last minute because I didn't receive several W2s, I decided to just use TurboTax since I already had an account with them. First, they keep trying to trick you into paying for upgrades with pop-ups and promises of live agents, etc. When I successfully navigated through to free version, I was looped around transportation expenses several times because they have incorrect wording. "Did you sell or stop using vehicle for business in 2016?" I didn't sell. But their software only gives follow-up questions for sale/depreciation.

I tried to just not bother to claim my expenses but my only options were: Start over. From scratch. Or pay $54.99+$35.99 for Deluxe, because vehicle sale required an additional form - I DID NOT SELL MY CAR! Since Deluxe included speaking to an agent and I didn't know if I could start over and not have the same or another glitch - I paid. Now try to find any possible way to contact that promised agent! No phone number - actually they give the IRS phone number only! And no chat option!!! Just looping endlessly through their ridiculous customer question forums! If I wanted Tax advice from another confused taxpayer - I have friends and family!!! I made $7000 all year! I live below poverty and TurboTax gets paid to screw up a return that I could have done alone!

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Original review: April 19, 2017

TurboTax Premier 2016 will not allow me to file my state tax returns. When I get to the screen that states "Let's Complete Your Purchase Online" it freezes. None of the suggestions on the site are of any help. In addition, I thought filing both the federal and state taxes were included in the cost of the Premier addition. Found out only the Federal filing is free. The state filing is $24.00. But even grudgingly accepting that I had to pay for filing the state return the program just freezes. Extremely frustrating and a waste of time. I see from my research TurboTax had the same issue last year.

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Original review: April 18, 2017

WARNING!!! I signed up for TurboTax's "Federal Free Edition" and "State Additional $29.99" e-filing of my taxes. They Bait & Switched me at check-out/just prior to filing... with A WHOPPING $169.96 in charges!!! I was completely unable to alter/change these bogus add-on charges online, despite several hours of frantically trying to fix these overcharges & attempting to contact TurboTax company via message, email, phone, online contact, posting messages on TurboTax's online message board, etc. OUTRAGEOUS, premeditated, CRIMINAL THEFT for tax filing. DO NOT EVER USE TURBOTAX OR INTUIT SERVICES!!! DO NOT USE!!! WARNING!!

Also, Turbotax REQUESTED MY PERMISSION to send my personal info to their partner, "IDnotify", a part of EXPERIAN. IDnotify's parent company is "CSIDENTITY CORP", a company with EXTREMELY TERRIBLE CUSTOMER REVIEWS. I did NOT ask for, nor want TurboTax's Deluxe filing nor their "Max Benefit" filing. I sure as heck DO NOT want my personal information shared with EXPERIAN, IDnotify, CSIDENTIFY CORP, nor anywhere else on the internet!!! Do you??? I then read MANY, many similar TurboTax tax filing nightmare reviews on Consumer Affairs/internet & wish I'd never started filing with Intuit's TurboTax!!! HUGE RIP-OFF!! I will never use TurboTax again!! Do not use! Do not use! DO NOT USE TURBOTAX!!!

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Intuit expert review by Melissa Hincha-Ownby

TurboTax is one of Intuit's many financial services products. Intuit, which was founded in 1983, has kept TurboTax at the top of the tax software industry. In 2013, more than 26 million taxpayers across the nation used a TurboTax service.

  • Portability: Intuit’s TurboTax software is available on a variety of platforms including web-based, local software installations and even a dedicated iPad app.

  • Expert advice: TurboTax customers can chat live with a tax expert at no extra charge.

  • Business support: A Business version is available for use by multi-member LLCs, partnerships, S corporations, C corporations, and estates and trusts.

  • Review: Intuit removed the option to have a return reviewed by a Certified Public Accountant, a benefit that set it apart from competitors.

  • Customer service: Contacting customer service by phone is challenging; the TurboTax website requires customers to use a web form to provide contact information and view online help before releasing a phone number.

  • Best for: Sole Proprietors, Small Business Owners, Taxpayers with Special Situations

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Melissa Hincha-Ownby is a freelance writer who finds joy in doing her taxes, testing new tax software programs and sharing her experiences with others.

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