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We filed our taxes and I received a corrected W-2 from my employer for about $1,200.00 extra due to being on medical disability for 1 month. We filed an amended return and paid an extra $780 federal. I received a letter from the IRS asking for the related documents for the amended return (I thought these were already provided to them?). After sending them the corrected W-2, I received another letter saying I owe and additional $1700.00. How did they mess this up so bad? It's the weekend so I haven't been able to contact them yet. But I certainly won't be using them ever again and hope to get a refund on the cost of the software at least. DO NOT USE TURBOTAX!

TurboTax did not file my tax return properly and I got a penalty from IRS last month. After I filed a claim for accuracy with Intuit - TurboTax, they sent me an email asking me to contact IRS and saying that they do not receive any incoming email... Does anyone like to buy the no reliable services?

I have tried to use TurboTax for at least the last 3 years. Year after year, I get a notice from the IRS that I owe. I will never use TurboTax again, and I will tell everyone I know to never ever use them as well. I cannot stand these people.

We purchased the 2015 TurboTax CD and did our return... Then a friend asked my husband, who is an accountant, to do his. Supposedly, we can do up to 5 returns on our account. When we went to create a new return to do his friend's taxes, THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY TO CREATE A NEW RETURN... This is the most user unfriendly program we have ever used. Never again will we buy another TurboTax product.

I used Turbo Tax and never again will I ever! I tried doing my own taxes and I will never do that once again either. How on Earth, was my identity stolen for one? Also, now I have had to wait an additional 6 weeks and no feedback, no letter from the IRS. Nothing! It is craziness. I have called the internal revenue service and now I am going to have to mail in a form to the IRS Advocate address, because I need assistance. Where is my dang refund? I got my state one, so..??? It is ridiculous and not right at all to say the least! I e-filed my taxes the first time and that was a really long time ago to begin with. The second time, I was told to mail my copy in and I mailed in to the Texas address and nothing. I don't really know what I am going to do right now, though. Who knows where it is and I am to the point of just giving up. I guess I will just get another damn letter? LOL!

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Filed my taxes with TurboTax. Received a letter from the IRS two months after filing, needing more information. In the meantime, turbotax double their fees for service and took it directly out of my bank account without warning. Never using them again and I hope others hear about their deceiving ways and do the same!

I used TurboTax because Tax Act upgraded their online security so much that it would not let me log on. Beware, they charge an almost $40 bank processing fee and a host of other fees that were probably disclosed somewhere in fine print. It is June 4th now and still no refund. What a scam!

Been paying taxes using TurboTax home business for the last 8 years. Found out TurboTax never asked me to pay Hawaii general excise state tax. Now I owe thousands of dollars and I thought using this software would keep me legal as I go. Now I am ruined.

Got a letter from the IRS stating I owed them over $5000 and I was using TurboTax for my tax preparations. Bad part was I used it while millions were using it at the same time just like what they did to the PlayStation network and the Microsoft servers. Too much requests at the same time made it glitch. I wouldn't believe TurboTax when they say they check their servers and found nothing wrong. Of course nothing was wrong now but there could've been something glitch. When a lot of people went on to their servers, that's how it glitch.

So TurboTax gets an "F" for the year. We filed our taxes on Mar. 31, and I was very careful entering all our data and so on. I paid the $65 fee to TT for the filing, and had them send our refund directly to us (direct deposit). We entered the account details, my wife was watching as I did all that, she remembers distinctly that I double-checked all the account info for the refund. Well, I didn't double-check my return (before filing) so the refund went to some unknown routing and account number somewhere... We looked at the routing and acct numbers that are on the actual 1040 form and they didn't come from anything I typed... Way to go TT, you failed this year, and I paid $65 for that?

The refund was issued on April 8. The "Expert" I just spoke with said it would be bounced back to the IRS within 10 days, since details (name on acct assumedly) do not match. Then, the IRS cuts a check and mails it to you. 5-6 weeks later, you get your refund (by next year most likely). Again, thank you TT. We will NOT be using TT again! Don't they test that stuff?

My experience with TurboTax and Intuit who owns TurboTax has been the worst customer service I have ever tried to work with. I have called at least 20+ different times trying to resolve a billing problem and cancel a service I don't want. All they do is give you a different number to call or hang up on you when you ask to talk to a supervisor. Don't do business with this company. They will not cancel their bad service and will continue to bill you and hang up on you. Now when I call I get a message that the company is having a business meeting in the middle of the day, then call ends. Great service **.

I have used TurboTax for years but never again. Due to banking at a certain bank my State Tax was to be free. Nope didn't happen. When I wanted to file my taxes there was a charge of $59.98 and I am still not sure why I was charged this. I have sent three emails, chatted with someone online and spoke with a representative. I was hung up on after refusing to let this person take over my computer. I don't think so. I asked for a supervisor, he said he was the supervisor and I asked for someone in the United States and he refused, then he hung up on me.

Have used TT since 2008 and, while I've run across times when I didn't agree with the results and had to revise to my own version, I expect computer programs to handle simple math and transferring info from one form to another. (I'm terrible on arithmetic, so rely on calculators and programs like TT to handle the those basics.) In this case TurboTax 2014 manufactured a withholding amount of $800 some dollars on my pensions out of thin air. That created a refund, that was fictitious, only I didn't find out until over a year later! There was another item I needed to research, so I filed an extension in April 2015. When October came around, I forgot about doing the final filing. When I did remember it, I didn't worry because I "knew" I had a refund coming to me.

I finally got around to filing in April 2016, only to have IRS return the form asking for documentation on the withholding. When I checked the TurboTax file there was that fictitious $800+ on the 1040. When I drilled down, the source document was my pension and that $800 figure (properly) was nowhere to be seen. I was in shock. I was going to have to pay penalties and fees and... Oh no! So I went to town, where we fortunately have a local IRS office and spoke to them. Since I only owed about $100, my total due would likely be under $200. Not great, when I was expecting a refund, but survivable. Whew!

My next plan was to get more info from the TT file and complain to TT. The file was gone! There is no sign of it anywhere on my computer (neither a .tax2014 nor a *pdf file). I'm relatively computer savvy, so I checked EVERYWHERE! I found the program and a 2014 file for someone else that I'd done, but MY file is totally gone. How can a computer program do this? I'll never trust TurboTax again. (BTW, tried to add a copy of my Amazon order page for TT, which I downloaded from Amazon and your system said "file type not allowed".)

TurboTax failed to calculate taxes correctly when APTC repayments are required. The software seems to focus on the penalty calculation rather than the tax calculation. It does not accept Form 1095-A entry if you had ACA Marketplace coverage for a portion of a year. From this it generates IRS Form 8962, which is required to compute your premiums, and subsidies, and whether you are entitled to the APTC. It never completes this form, nor gives you an option to do so.

In my case, TurboTax finished the return and calculated a total $2,210 Tax Due without considering that I was required to repay 100% of the APTC received in 2015. I got a 12C letter from the IRS, requesting I submit a reconciled form 8962... which is impossible to do with TurboTax. I downloaded the form from the IRS with instruction, completed it, and it turns out I owe the IRS an additional $3,318 for which I had to file an amended return.

So Turbo Tax was off by $3300. Nowhere in the 2015 "Premium" package do they offer the opportunity to complete this form accurately. They do review your form 1040, say it is "done," and let you file it electronically while claiming that they will ensure all forms and calculations are accurate! Next year I plan to use a CPA to prep my taxes. Definitely less expensive than TurboTax!

A friend of mine told me that she would help me do my taxes using TurboTax because I needed to save money. We sat down and she helped walk me through the process. But, we both felt like there was something wrong so instead of going through with it I told her that I didn't feel comfortable going through with it and decided to pay someone else to do it. A month later I look at my credit card statement and they charged me. I did not authorize them to continue with the transaction and they charged my credit card. I called and the lady refused to let me speak to a manager and kept asking me how they got my credit card number. I was so furious with trying to get out of refunding my account and the problem didn't get solved. Pay someone else. They were off on my taxes and they will take your money anyway. Worse customer service.

I've been a customer for years and nothing but PROBLEMS! They charge twice for single items; customer service is non-existent -- my tax returns delayed EVERY year for no reason -- I just cannot take it, so I'm never doing business again (it's like a thing where you say "I'll try again next time and it'll be better" or "it's just a fluke I have to wait months for my tax return." Just go elsewhere, really...

I have been a happy TurboTax customer for over 6 years now. Unfortunately, my income has been dramatically reduced since last year. I filed my taxes the same way I always do. I was never prompted to pick a product to file with. I have since found out that TurboTax always selects how you chose to file last year (no prompt or option on how to file). After reviewing my filing I found out that TurboTax charged me $104.99 for something I could have filed myself for free on the IRS website. What a racket! I will never use this service again and have contacted some of my friends in the Bay Area who work with press agencies and tv stations to add to the many complaints they are currently collecting against TurboTax! This happens to, on average 13% of tax filers through TurboTax!

TurboTax is a complete waste of time here. All it asks is if you had health coverage all year. Once you answer yes, it says that is all they need and you are "done". From this they generate IRS Form 8962, which is required to compute your premiums, and subsidies, and whether you got the correct credit if you were qualified. It NEVER completes this form, nor gives you an option to do so.

In my case, Turbo Tax finished the return and calculated a total $2520 REFUND all because of Obamacare. I got a letter (12c) from the IRS, requesting I submit a RECONCILED form 8962... which is IMPOSSIBLE to do with turbotax. I downloaded the form from the IRS with instruction, completed it, and it turns out I OWE the IRS $1230. For which I had to file an amended return.

So Turbo Tax was off by nearly $4,000. NOWHERE in the 2015 "Premium" package do they offer the opportunity to complete this form accurately, or even warn you. And yet they review your form 1040, say it is "done", and let you file it electronically while claiming that they will ensure 8962 is accurate! Not only is this incompetence and negligence on the part of Intuit, but fraudulent and can catch taxpayers off guard. Next year I plan to try different software to prepare my taxes.

I wish I would have check these reviews prior to using TurboTax. I did their free promo filing and got a bill for 76.99. When I called the girl said "oh it starts out free then it's not". Now they are saying they are going to withdraw directly from my check book, which scares me because I don't have the money to spend on this. If I would have know they were going to charge I would have done it manually myself!

I subscribed to TurboTax MAX and was promised that, if the need arose, I'd have access to expert advice. I went through their online request process and, on both occasions, was assured of a call within ten minutes. It has been over three hours since the first request (ID # **), and an hour since the second request (ID # **) but have not received a call.

I used TurboTax for my 2013 taxes. I filed married filing jointly, entered my W-2 information & my spouse's information & I received a confirmation # stating everything went through. Now, in 2016, I am getting a letter from the IRS stating I did not file my taxes in 2013!! WTF!! I have tried to retrieve my 2013 filing information, but all I was able to pull up was my spouse's information!! Thank you TurboTax!! I will never use you or recommend you to anyone!!

I did my taxes early (Jan. 30th) because I knew I would owe money on both federal and state. I went to check out and it was $91.00. I waited til April 12th to finalize and when I went to checkout it charged me $121.

I filed my tax return with TurboTax Home & Business. When it came time to choose the method in which I was to receive my federal tax return, I was led to believe direct deposit was free, when it wasn't. TurboTax charged me $24.99 for the "service" and is in cahoots with Tax Products Group, a third party that sent the refund, which charged me an additional $34.99 for the "service." Rather than stating the fees upfront, they were buried under terms and conditions. TurboTax is an untrustworthy company. Be careful before you give them your business, as they've lost mine.

First of all, this is an e-filing service. This should be entirely electronic. Regardless of this, YOU ARE FORCED TO MAIL IN PAPER DOCUMENTS AT THE END OF THE PROCESS. For this reason alone, it defeats the purpose. I wanted to do this all online. Second, this company begs and BEGS you to upgrade your membership and spend more money on useless things you probably don't even need. It threatens you with the possibility of an audit and will only protect you if you spend your hard earned money.

Third, this company has been found to be spending millions of dollars on KEEPING THE TAX PROCESS COMPLICATED. Do you think it's bull that you have to pay your taxes AND be frustrated? So do I. TurboTax wants to keep this nonsense going on, when other developed countries have workarounds and tools for citizens, and I find this completely devious and scummy. Don't use this company, find another one that doesn't make you jump through hoops.

Since I have been using TurboTax for the last 6 years in this state, I always got direct deposit of my federal tax refund to my CHECKING account number. This year, I had to owe. TurboTax automatically populated the payment field with my checking acct I have been using for 6 years. Somehow, my SAVINGS account was charged... The ONLY way is to change the first 3 zeros in account # to 010. Every year... same account number used... auto populated. TurboTax blamed IRS. I called and spoke on phone at least 30 minutes (they had to document my comments). IRS claimed they have had several complaints along same vein at TurboTax.

IRS gets their info from TurboTax... not the other way around. Basically, I paid Turbo a fee of 54, NSF fee from bank $30, NSF fee + interest of $25.14 to IRS. Each party is blaming other. The bank theorizes that if not enough numbers were in the account number then it was rejected by bank. If someone filled in the first 3 numbers required with a 010 instead of customary 000 that is how it got charged to SAVINGS (I never use savings). The main complaint is no one ANSWERED phone when I tried to verify. Everything was perfect BEFORE payment date. I have been going directly to to pay. Have a confirmation and everything. TurboTax can only see the LAST 4 numbers of account. Online purchases requires a prefix of 000 for checking (in person, savings has a suffix of 01). Learned lesson... NEVER pay online from bank account. Never again use TurboTax.

This is the first time I have had problems with TurboTax and I am very aggravated. Because they did not disclose when I was doing my taxes online the only form I was told that I needed was a 1095A, that would show how much I would pay for my premium and what tax credit that I got. After finishing up my taxes and it was accepted by the IRS, I get a noticed that I needed another form to send in to the IRS. Well my taxes were sent in on February 8 2016 and I still have not gotten my money. Then I get bill from TurboTax saying that I owe them the fees for doing my taxes with them. I am not going to pay those fees, and I am going to email them and let them know that I am not going to pay them.

My son used TurboTax to do his return and it was so confusing that you will not get the refund you should. After hours of frustration my son went to an accountant and got $16,000 more in refund than what TurboTax was telling him. I decided to use them last year for my daughter's taxes, because she had a very simple return and it took longer than if I had done them from the IRS site but she got a fair refund.

I decided to use the return this year and I have spend 6 hours and it keeps saying there is an error because she does not have one of her child's soc. sec. #'s. It said to delete return and start over because once you put the information in you cannot delete that information without deleting that form but after you delete and start over it still says you have an error and is trying to make you put a soc sec # in that you do not have even though you are not listing the child just to get the return done. No customer service representative ever responds with chat and they don't answer their phone.

I did my taxes and opted for my refund to go into my bank account. After opted out of their Max Protection program several times, I was still charged for it (it's an additional $59). Which pushes the TurboTax fee close to $200!!! I called and was told that they could do nothing and that I should have read the terms of service. They hid this added feature and are forcing me to pay because I live in California and because I didn't pay with a credit card. I had a credit card and could have done so, but there didn't seem to be a difference. I am NEVER using this service again and will tell everyone I know not to. It's fraudulent.

My eighty-one year old friend used TurboTax to file an EZ1040. The expected refund of $116 was reduced to $21 by the TurboTax fees. My friend selected to have his refund in the form of a visa debit card, Netspend. What a scam! The allowance of one month to claim the refund without additional fees became a problem because one is allowed only one fee free contact to determine if the IRS has deposited the money. This must be done after activation which will expire perhaps even before the deposit.

Any further attempts to determine if the money is available will reduce the amount to be received by $2.50 each time. My friend's balance will quickly deplete. Another of the many clues that this is comparable to the quick loan stores on every corner in a poverty ridden area is that one of the few atm's that can be used to obtain this money is located by the county jail! This group preys on the poor, ignorant, unsavvy, least able to take the loss population. Run, run as fast as you can from TurboTax and Netspend!!!

I filed my business tax using TurboTax business software desktop version. When I called TurboTax phone # for help, I was transferred to 3 different people in order to reach a CPA and it took about approximately 3 hours. First person who comes on the line is just technical, not a tax professional. Second person who comes is a tax consultant. When asked questions she asked me to wait for the CPA. Finally when I get the CPA he did not wait till I filled the forms in question which means I had to wait for another 3 hours to get to him.

Going through this hassle I finished and filed my business tax. After a week I got a notice CP282 from IRS. I called TurboTax and asked for help with regards to the notice. I was told to call and talk directly to IRS and understand the solution for the notice and then get back to TurboTax on how to implement the fix. I pointed out that TurboTax has Audit Support Guarantee promise and asked them if they can be on the conf. call when I call IRS. The staff who spoke to me mentioned that her manager has instructed not be on the call with IRS or not to call IRS.

I told TurboTax representative that I am Green Card holder living in USA for 16 years and I am running this business. When TurboTax software asked me the question if I am a US Citizen I said No, it treated me a foreign partner. The notice that I have got from IRS was due to a bug in the TurboTax software for not clearly defining and showing distinction between domestic partner and foreign partner based on the immigration status of people living and conducting business in USA. The bug would have affected all Green Card holders doing business in USA and who filed their business tax using TurboTax business software. Instead of fixing the bug and helping me resolve the notice the support staff just bluntly asked me to call IRS without wasting time discussing with her.

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