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Where should I start? I got approved for a 05 Jeep earlier this year by Credit Acceptance. I was so excited. I looked over my paperwork and my total price was 9k, a little too much for a 05 but I needed a truck for my family. At that time I was on unemployment and I was making pretty good money. My unemployment ended and I called Credit Acceptance to see if I could get some assistance with lowering my payments for a month or two until I started working. They told me no. I missed 1 payment and they picked my truck up. I had to pay 571 to get my truck back but they then added an additional 85$ to my payment every month. I agreed b/c I just started working.

2 weeks ago they called me on a Sunday morning about my payment. I wasn't able to make the entire payment but I made what they call a good faith payment. The guy asked when I could make the rest and I told him in 2 weeks. He told me that was fine, asked if I wanted it drafted out my account. I told him no I would call in the payment and he said ok. I woke up this morning and my truck is gone!!! Why is it gone when I made arrangements with you??? Along with all that, I will end up paying 15k for a truck that worth 6! I'm done! They can have that truck. They will never get another dime from me!

On May 3, my husband, 2 very small children and I were in a 3 vehicle collision which completely totaled out our then 2003 Chrysler Town and Country (Fully owned). We went to a local dealership that carried the vehicle I really wanted and started working with the finance team in finding us a new vehicle. Upon checking our credit, they decided that the vehicle I wanted was WAY out of our ability of payment range and showed us a 2008 Toyota Camry XLE. They didn't even disclose the price of the car on the lot, by the time showing us they had removed the price tag on it. So since our credit was horrible, mine being a thin file and my husband's destroyed from a previous marriage, we were told that Credit Acceptance was willing to take us on as new vehicle owners. They made our loan out to over $14k, we were to pay 277.25 a month and our interest rate is 24.99% for 60 months.

Since driving the car off of the lot on May 11, 2016, my husband has lost his job due to having to help me with our kids, I was badly injured in the wreck, and I have had to call and set up payment arrangements, I have followed through with the allowed $75 for the 3 months it was scheduled for. Our last payment on the arrangement was for October and I paid $90, on the 4th they called my husband's cell phone at least 9 times. I finally called them back to set up a new payment arrangement as I had been directed to do if my circumstances hadn't changed, and they still haven't. We're on a fixed income of $342 a month and still have to be able to afford our car insurance, diapers, and everything else for the house with an expenditure of $75 left over.

Essentially, what I'm saying is, I called under good faith of having made all the payments asked of me and the first words out of the representative's mouth was, "I see that you are past due $795, how would you like to take care of that today?" I explained that I was calling to set up a new payment arrangement because our situation had not changed whatsoever and I was informed that even though I had made those arranged payments of $75 each month on time that I was required to pay the back balance because my account would be pulled for review and I would lose my car anyway because $75 isn't enough of the payment to allow me to keep it. So I asked them to give me a payment amount that needed to be paid within a given period of time and I was repeatedly told the $795 was all that could be paid to keep my vehicle and not be seen as defaulting on my loan.

I then handed the phone to my husband as I had became heated and didn't want to say anything stupid to wind up losing the car as it was. My husband informed them of how they were harassing us by telephone and the rep laughed at him and stated that they were allowed to call as many times as they do. He told them that if he received another phone call he would file a cease and desist against them. The rep then told him that they would just delete our phone numbers from the file and we would be brinking our agreement to open communication with them. My husband then asked what kind of payment did they need for them to allow us another payment agreement and with pure sarcasm the rep stated a full standard payment ($277.25) by Oct 21st. He said "Ok, well we will do that then."

And the rep proceeded to tell him that they were coming to repo the car because there was no payment arrangement made when he verbally stated that "If I have the payment by October 21st, it will be paid since we don't like making agreements that we aren't sure if we can follow through with." They proceeded to tell him that they were going to set up a repo for our car and that there has not been an arrangement made for payment and we were defaulting. We are currently driving the car still and wondering when we're going to go outside and find it gone.

My advice to anyone with bad credit or no credit, there is NO reason anyone should be treated as they are treated by this company. I really do not even feel they deserve 1 star since the car that I was sold, come to find out was $9116 on the lot, isn't even worth $4000. We're stuck paying for it and it has a lot of mechanical issues. We're still waiting on the settlement from our accident and like I said, we have 2 small boys that we need a vehicle. We were stuck in a hard place before, but now it's even worse.

I also want to state that their payment options are all a total ripoff as well... The only way you can make a "free" payment to them is if you set up automatic payments or go to their 1 payment office. Otherwise you're paying a fee of $3-$10 depending the route you choose whether it's one time payment, money order, Western Union, bank, check. It's outrageous. If I had known that this company was a complete and continual knock down for someone TRYING to build their credit back up, I would have bought another vehicle off of the swap pages and dealt with that. Please save your money and sanity and do not go with Credit Acceptance Corp.

I don't want to even put one star, this company doesn't deserve it! Signed up for automatic payment and they took way more than they should have and denied I made a payment and repossessed my car to a towing company not opened over the weekend! So I paid and still can't get my car! If you're one day late they call you 30 times a day! Never work with this company. They put in positions to repo it so they can sue you! I'm done!

This company is the absolute WORST!!! Just had my truck repossessed. I am paying $17,000 on a Jeep that is only worth about $3,500. I'm on a fixed income and have two kids. They don't give a damn! I don't recommend this business to anyone! Absolute rip off!!! Stay far, far away!!! You've been warned!!!

I am surprised by the negative reviews on the Credit Acceptance loan company. Mine was a positive one. I have been with Credit Acceptance for a period of one year before refinancing with my local bank. They are a good company to work with as long you make your auto payments on time. The key of success with this company is to pay on time. At that time my credit score was so poor that even my own local bank whom I have a relationship with over 10 years refused an auto loan. Credit Acceptance is a company that gives people second chance to improve their credit scores. I personally never had any problems with my own car which is Toyota Camry 2003 financed through Credit Acceptance. I elected auto-pay option once a month for peace of mind that the auto loan being paid before the "due date". The only downside is interest rates are high but this is what you get when your credit score is that low in the 500's range.

After a period of one year my credit score went up to the point I could be approved with much lower interest rate at my local bank. I would recommend this company for people who wants to rebuild their credit and be able to refinance once the credit score improves. This company reports to all 3 credit bureaus. Again the key of having success is to make your payment on time and never be late.

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I have an account with Credit Acceptance because my husband wanted a 2008 Jaguar for restoration. It has been a nightmare. I now believe that this company is really not a lending company. The supervisors as well as the representatives that answers the phone communicate as if they don't have any education or home training, straight off the street. The attitude is that of a collection agency. Having the money for the payment is not the problem.

I have strokes and on two hospitalization lying in ICU, I received a call on my cell phone and the young woman on the phone told my husband that she didn't care about the circumstances of the late payment. She want to know when they would receive the money. By this time I was four days late. Then my mother died. While arranging for her funeral, I received another call. This time a young man said, "Well we all have problems, when will you send your money?" I will pray for these young people who are told that this way of life is acceptable. And I also pray for the people in charge (the decisions makers) who encourage and support this behavior.

This is the worst car loan company out there. I have auto pay set up and they never take out my car payment until 4 days past my due date, then charge $100 in late charge because my payment was late. How can my payment be late if they do not take it out of my account the day it is supposed to be. I have called numerous times to get this corrected and still same thing. I told them I wanted all my loan information, so I could get a new lender. Told me 3-5 business days I would get the paperwork. 6 weeks now and 8 phone calls later I still have not gotten my Loan paperwork.

I need legal help. I'm low income but I have contacted Credit Acceptance because the car dealer hasn't deducted the 2,750,00 trade in from my car to the car 2009. Never told me I would be paying 4,000 in financing.

A year ago I bought a vehicle from Credit Acceptance... Sunk money after money after money on this lemon... I was 5 days late on one payment and when they repoed it. I was done! I got a call from Credit Acceptance and was offered a 1100 dollar pay off... Which I regrettably accepted! A week later after payoff and payoff paperwork in hand, jeep legalized and liens all off my Jeep they sent a repossession out for my paid off jeep. Even though I had payoff paperwork and clean title in hand Credit Acceptance claims I owe them 10000 more dollars.

Kelley Blue Book says that my jeep as is is worth 2000. I've paid 6800 dollars for it. And because they put a repossession out on it... And even though I have the proof that I paid it off and have the title lien free... Meant nothing! They were able to steal my vehicle claim. They wanted another 10000 for it and with no release form sent from their part they literally stole my vehicle and there was nothing I could do about legal papers and all!

I took out a loan for over 12,000 dollars for my car, I paid it off in full and on my credit it is saying that I did not. You people better get your act together. Also I did not like to speak to someone in India every time - they can hardly speak English let alone solve any of your issues. What happened to the time when you live in America you buy a car in America you want to know that the issues will be handled by an American citizen. Come on people get your act together, if your company is American you should be ashamed of yourself.

I talked to Credit Acceptance in the 25th. I am behind $150, made payment play to have it up to date. Woke up with car repo at 4 am three days later. They said I had till this Friday, Sep to pay. When I called this morning ride lady claimed pretty much, o well and I have to pay a extra $350 to get my car out. If you ever make a payment plan, record convo. They are the worst business in customer service!!!

I received a letter from your company stating that I was no longer to pay Credit Acceptance and that my account had been closed because my selling dealer requested to have my contract reassigned to them. When contacting Credit Acceptance upon receipt of the letter, the male representative didn't know why I had received the letter. I was instructed to contact the dealer before making any payments and to contact Credit Acceptance the following morning because the department that should be able to assist me was closed. I contacted the dealer this morning and they knew nothing about it and hadn't requested it and stated that I needed to contact Credit Acceptance again. I followed by calling credit acceptance and was told by a female representative that a supervisor had placed a note on my account that I received the letter in error. I then asked her to have a supervisor to contact me.

A few hours later, I received a call from a male who stated that he was the supervisor of the department that would handle this issue. He was very unprofessional and rude. When I asked to have something sent to me via mail or email stating that I did indeed receive the original letter in error, he denied it by saying that no one could do it. I asked him if I sent an email request, could someone reply to it to verify that I was sent the original letter in error and should resume my actions per my original contract and he stated no. I asked him would it be in my best interest to seek legal council just to receive something that I feel I am owed for my record since it was an error on Credit Acceptance part. He told me that it would uncalled for to do so. I kept insisting on speaking to someone over him or even someone in a corporate position and those request too were denied.

I personally feel targeted and disrespected. I have gone 2 almost 3 years paying for my vehicle through this company even when I was hospitalized and laid off for over a year with my disabled mom as a cosigner on my vehicle to assure that I met my contract agreements. It is very hurtful to do business with a company that makes you feel that you are not a valued customer. I'm asking that someone in the corporate office contact me regarding this disturbing issue.

I purchased a Malibu from the Car dealership across from the Lincoln dealership in Huntsville, Al. The finance company I went through was Credit Acceptance. I absolutely loved my car. The problems I had were with the battery. I had to keep getting my vehicle jumped off if I let a light or the radio on for even a half of a second. One of the wires connected to the battery was corroded very badly and secured with black electrical tape. That was the problem with the battery. Other than that I didn't have any problems and planned on paying off the vehicle. I had perfect payment history for 4 almost 5 years.

I got into a car accident in October 2015 damaging the car greatly. At the time, I failed to have car insurance but I did have gap insurance. I communicated with the car company from day one. I was told to not to make a payment until the gap inspector made a determination on the car. A month came and went and I received a letter that the car was not a total lost and would be sold at an auction. I was not given an opportunity to redeem my vehicle. Next thing came a notice of how much the car was sold for and amount I owed. How could this be.

So I went to try to get another vehicle and was turned down due to the listing on my credit report that it was a involuntary repo. Clearly if you look at my report, you can see the hundreds of "OK's" reported by this company. I was told that whenever they pick up a vehicle, no matter the reason, it's deemed a repo. Well that's not correct, legal or good for business on their part. I received a call later with an offered for financing if I made an arrangement to keep in their office and offered a settlement of 1500.00. Let's just say I have been paying on that car and it is still reporting negative on my report due to the balance being totally due. So what I'm doing in not helping and they have messed up my credit report. I will absolutely never go with the company again and I will be contacting legal services.

I purchased a vehicle from Rock Star Used Cars in Temecula, Ca - 5 months ago (Scammers). I traded in a 2006 fully loaded Honda Accord that had minor mechanic issues for a 2009 Chrysler Sebring. Long story short the car spent more time undriveable and in the shop than on the road. Finally the car stopped running after only 5 months - we contacted credit acceptance to see if they could defer our next 2 payments since we found out the car would need over 4,800.00 in repairs. They would do nothing to help us with this issue (Scammers) so I opted to do a voluntary surrender; they are now lying and saying that they repoed the car. I have all of my paperwork from the mechanics we took it to and I will be suing them under the lemon law. This place is a joke - I was able to get approved for a brand new car with the same money down at a real dealership - buyer beware!!!

Credit Acceptance is absolutely the worst finance company available! I filed an insurance claim because my car was hit, but because there's a lien on the car Credit Acceptance's name was the second party on the check. They told me I had to pay postage to have the check mailed to Southfield, Michigan for them to hold until the body shop sent them a final receipt. But to top it off Credit Acceptance said if there was anything left after the repairs the money would automatically be applied to the principal of the vehicle. I don't intend on keeping the vehicle so why would I pay towards the principal.

Reading the reviews, I was terrified of calling this company to discuss that I was behind on my car payments and see if we can make arrangements. But to not get repoed, I did. The woman I spoke to was incredibly nice. When I explained I had been out of work due to an illness, and had gotten 2 months behind on my payments, she was very empathetic. She then set up a payment arrangement schedule with me to get me back on track. I dont doubt this company can be shady - they are for people with bad credit, like myself, and take advantage that some of us are desperate. I screwed up my credit by being irresponsible - I admit it, and want to get back on track. This was the only place that would give me the chance, when my last car completely crapped out on me and I needed a new one desperately.

A year later, I now have 2 credit cards (that I make every payment on time) and my credit score has jumped almost 100 points. I've never been late on my car payment in a year - unfortunately sometimes circumstances happen. My credit score only dropped slightly, but now that I am back on track, I should be fine again. And I have had no problems with the car I purchased with this loan.

I'm sorry people had a bad experience - things happen out of our control, and no one deserves to be treated badly as long as you communicate and try to rectify the issue. But do not be afraid to communicate and try - I had a very good experience with this company. I am actually very grateful to them. Yes the interest is very high, but that is consequences of my own irresponsible actions. But now I have a good car, credit cards, and my credit is on its way to being repaired to where I can get an apartment or a car loan through a regular bank. This company helped get me back on my feet.

I purchased a suv from Central Auto Sales and this heap was 5000. I got financing through Credit Acceptance Corp. I have it set up for automatic payments... It's been a year and so far no problems with the financing, however the car is a mess. 3 days after I bought it it died and cost me 2800 in repairs. Have been fixing it every few weeks ever since. I have spent nearly 7000 in repairs so far and the car still stalls out and won't pass inspection. The bottom line here is that any dealer that gets you financed through them have lemons. They need to unload and since we are unable to get financing elsewhere that's the price we pay... We get ripped off. I'm disgusted. I'll never finance a loan again with any company other than the reputable ones and never a 2nd rate car dealer again... only big names from now on. I've learned my lesson.

I bought a car on July 21st from deals on wheels in Clovis California. It broke down while taking my daughter to college on July 27. I was in Sacramento California the car overheated. It was towed to a AAA repair shop. The radiator was bad. Estimates $835.00. The dealer offered $250.00. I left the car there. I had to Amtrak home. Mind you I haven't had the car one month. Credit acceptance was contacted - they offered no help. This was a 3,000.00 loss.

I have read several complaints about this company. My experience is very different because I just called them to find out the status of my account and they were very helpful. They weren't the best when it comes to customer service but they did help me to resolve my problem with my account.

This company has built their reputation on exploiting individuals that desperately seek financing due to poor or no credit. I too fell into their trap with a vehicle that had issues not evident while purchasing it. I bought it at a "reputable" dealership I thought but it does not have to be a lot they prey everywhere. The car of course had engine issues, died within 2 months of purchase and the warranty pushed while financing? USELESS! They litigate against individuals and take advantage of consumers not understanding or being intimidated by them and the system. They use strong arm tactics and when anyone like myself tries to work with them, they turn a deaf ear, repossess cars (that they will finance again under someone else) and treat you rudely! Let's all stand up to them. Nothing will CHANGE UNLESS WE DO! SEND YOUR STORIES. LET'S SEE IF TOGETHER WE CAN STOP THEM!

I'll start off with Credit Acceptance is the primary lender for all of the shady car lots. It wouldn't surprise me if everyone with a loan through Credit Acceptance has a ** car that they over paid for. For instance, my car payment is $345 per month for 60 months. The car had a value when purchased of $7000. Currently we made $18000 in payments, repossessed 3 times, and spent $8000 in repairs. Everyone on here is right, there should be a law that people can't sell cars above value of a limit on interest rates. The people who work for Credit Acceptance have no lives, no soul. They will all burn in hell. They laugh at your misfortune, they feed off everyone who has financial issues. Rude, lying, cheating.

This is the rudest company I have ever dealer with. You would swear that your car note is coming outta their paycheck. When you call customer service representatives are very very very rude. They don't listen when you're explaining your situation, they cut you off when you're talking, or they will just talk at the same time as you like you're not even talking (a couple of times I had to see if my phone was on mute because the representative was talk over me like I wasn't even talking). Also they set arrangements, then before the arrangement date even comes they start calling and will tell you there's no arrangements on your account.

I was in the hospital so I had my sister handling my bills. (Car note included.) The day after she paid it I started receiving like 7 calls a day from this company which I didn't understand due to the fact my car note was paid. Finally today July 24, 2016 @ 8:30am my sister answer the phone. She tells the guy I'm in the hospital and ask can she help him due to the fact that she paid the car note, he say NO and hangs up in her face. Now she's mad so she calls back and gets a female who she explains what had just transpired. The rude rep just keeps telling her she doesn't have a account with the company.

My sister asks for a supervisor - the rep had the nerve to say WHY so my sister told her because she wants aid to speak to one so the rep states ok then hang up on my sister. Now that's twice in 15mins this company has hung up so now she is upset. She calls me at the hospital to call on threeway. We finally get a supervisor who can really careless about how rudely we were treated, he talked over everything I was saying, finally I was defeated. I just wanted to know why I had received 32 calls in a week only to find out it was a balance of $19 - I was over it at that point. They feel like due to the fact they work with you when you have bad credit that they can treat you like trash. AVOID THIS COMPANY. YOU WILL NOT BE HAPPY!!!

They are very rude, disrespectful and do not care how many times a day and night they call you. They don't care if you bought a lemon and if you spend more on repairs than your payment is. I am on a stricken budget and have no extra money. If my car don't run I can't get to work. If I can't get to work I can't pay you. I think the government needs to step in and stop these crooks. I say crooks because that's what they are. It's a sin to be poor I guess and these people are vultures and prey upon poor people. I think like other finance companies they should be allowed to only charge a fair amount. By the time I pay my car off I could have bought a brand new 2016 Hummer. Does the government even read these complaints? I don't think so or something would be done to these crooks.

Now I don't have the world's best credit score, but a friend referred me to Credit Acceptance and I was quite happy that they gave me a chance to build up my credit score so I took the chance until I was a week late on a payment they came and report my 2003 truck, and told me that I had to pay $560 to get it back which almost triple my monthly payments a month and once I paid the $560 then for almost 3 days they told me that they could not find my truck anywhere. So the following Mon. they told me they did locate it at the same place. I called in the beginning of this whole ordeal, I think they are very non-professional in where and what they are doing.

My issue with this company is that they don't audit the dealerships they deal with. I was lied to by a third party dealership about a trailblazer (2007) that was $5995. He said CAC don't finance cars unless they are $7000 or more. He put the truck at $10,000, said I gave him $3500 but instead he got CAC to finance the truck for $13,500. I gave the truck back after paying from 2014 until 2016. They sold it for $700.00, now I owe still $7,735.23. In other words they are still trying to make me pay for a truck that was selling for $5995 - pay way more than the truck is worth. I will definitely not use this company for nothing else.

I have been a customer with Credit Acceptance since November 2012. I have never missed a payment. They reported my account "Current Status" as of July 14th, 2016. I currently owe $7,352.00 on my loan. They had my car repo'ed!! I assume for the 30-59 days late as stated on the credit report. How is this so? I make my car payment every month as what it reported to the credit bureaus. I did not receive any notification that my car payment was late or the threat of repossession!! This is not the way to treat a customer of 4 years!!! I will be contacting my lawyer!! They have to be stopped!

I got my vehicle from a car company last year. I needed a vehicle and a friend had suggested this car lot. About a month after having my van the car lot was shut down by the government for not paying taxes on the vehicles. I almost lost my vehicle but thank God I didn't. Rick McGill Toyota, who was in charge after the government shutdown, helped me. I have never been late. I actually paid up 4 months ahead on my vehicle. I thought everything was good. I paid on the CAC website through Western Union.

Well, I have had the van a year and tonight it was repoed. My next payment isn't until August 1st. It's July 13th. The repo people had no paperwork. They just had a computer screen with my vehicle info and address on it. I am so angry. I'm calling them tomorrow and they better rectify this or I'm filing a lawsuit. I have up to date receipts. My bf was witness to this. I have never been so ashamed in my life. I've never had a vehicle repoed. I'm so upset. Never again will I ever go through this sham of a company. If they thought I was late or behind they should have called. I've never received a call. Do not use this place. Wish I had known.

Let me start by saying that this company is a SCAM. How I found out was a letter from IRS saying I owe 7,540 a Cancellation of Debt. The funny thing is the company for the car is in IL, and I live in TN. Now why would I go to IL to get a 94 Chevy Blazer that I was suppose to have bought in 2001 and they say I never made a payment. IRS said that they sent a 1099-C to me. I have never gotten anything from them. I have called. The reps ARE THE RUDEST AGENTS. KEPT SAYING THEY CAN'T DO ANYTHING WITHOUT ACCOUNT NUMBER. HELL I NEVER GOT ONE.

I honestly believe they altered the contract changing the date!!! Yes I did get a car back in 1996-1997 but not when they said and the one was clear. I have tried to talk with the legal department. The supervisor that took all the info said he would submit it and legal will contact me it's been 5 weeks. I've contacted my lawyer and now we will see.

I have had no problems with this company. My loan is in its third year. Yes, they do start calling you the day after due date, but that's how they make money. If you didn't get your paycheck you would be calling wondering where your money is too. If you talk to them and let them know what's going on there is no more calls. Maybe if you lie they'd start calling again. My only complaint is they have such an out of date system - you can't make payments on their website nor can you even pull up account information to see what's going on.

I got a car. The car was only 3,000 dollars. By the time they got done the car was 10,000 dollars but they never informed me of that and every time I call they say I haven't been making my payments but I have. Never again will I get a car through them.

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