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Last updated: Nov. 9, 2017

57 Citizens One Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Nov. 9, 2017

Got a letter Oct 4 saying what my new monthly payment was and then it would start with my next payment. If the box has the wrong number, just change it. What a joke. Tried multiple times to do that - no dice. If I do not have to pay the old amount which is nearly twice the new payment, why should I. So finally, my payment is late. That's when the real fun starts. Told the payment site today I would pay by tomorrow, so started to try. When I click on "make payment" it now tells me that since I am paying the loan off it cannot be done online. Tried multiple times, same thing.

Finally called their "customer service" and the woman starts telling me I am signing in wrong although I have tried many times. Tells me to try again. Same thing. She tells me: "Well, I don't know what YOUR problem is." Mine? That's BS. It is a glitch on the site. We finally make my old payment amount. I remind her that the letter was overly ambiguous but of course that's "YOUR problem." Awful, awful company looking for any way they can to bag people and charge more.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2017

PROBLEMS: automated phone system & lack of way to talk to a human to resolve. EXCESSIVE amount of time (3 to 4 weeks) to get title after they have deposited check (and it shows up on my bank account). Having come near the end of the loan, I attempted to pay off the load and called the customer service number on the billing statement. Customer Service is almost entirely automated, but it does provide a method to get the payoff amount, information on where to send the payoff, and a method to make payments electronically. The system recognized the account number for generating the payoff amount, but for attempting to pay off electronically, the SAME account number was not recognized on many attempts.

Having sent a check for the payoff by FedEx and verified that my Credit Union had deducted it, I called and finally got someone in the Titles section. He said it would take one to two week to verify the payment and they would send a confirmation, it would take two more weeks to send an electronic notice to my DMV, and then DMV would send the title. Due to EXCESSIVE processing time, I can't transfer the title or stop paying insurance.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 22, 2017

I work in web. Perhaps my standards are too high. The website experience for this company is so astronomically bad, I don't even know where to begin. There are at least FOUR login screens, so figuring out which one is appropriate for your loan is its own challenge. Once you actually successfully log in, the user interface is a cascade of dog poo. The "Make a Payment" button doesn't allow you to do that. Not sure why it's labeled that way. Anyway, they got a single star back because they financed my thousand dollar iPhone for free, but sweet Jesus, why is it so difficult to manage your account online? If anyone from Citizens One reads this, I know a good web guy...

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 2, 2017

I have only had my loan for 12 months out of 36 and 2x in the 12 month period my loan has generated a late notice when payments were actually early. I call it gets problem taken care of but come on now should I really have to call them to begin with if idiots processing payments could read? I am going to look into who to complain to government wise as this bank should not be allowed to loan money. No apology when you call them out on their mistake either.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 25, 2017

This Bank refuses to credit my payments on this home line of credit (that they changed to a mortgage without telling me) and has twice sent in preservation people and started foreclosure which I bought my way out of. I just want an attorney for this if anyone knows of one.

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Original review: July 31, 2017

My mother had taken out a car loan through this company (which she was given a horrible deal to begin with), unfortunately she passed away 3 months afterwards. I called the company to settle on a price to pay off the vehicle, as she owed about $7,000 more than what the vehicle was worth. After speaking to 4 different people, 3 of whom were managers, and being lied to by those 4 different people, they finally transferred me to the department that negotiates and settles loans. After calling this department several times and attempting to work with them (attempting meaning they dont return phone calls, dont follow up and dont engage with customers). These people are DISHONEST, hard to work with and difficult to communicate with. I have been LIED to by at least 7 different people now and have contacted them more than they have contacted me. This is a HORRIBLE company to do business with, would stay as far away as possible.

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Original review: July 29, 2017

I had a loan with Citizens One to do an addition on my home. The loan was for 200,000. 2016 I received a notice saying that the balance of the loan had come due. Not having an extra 190,000.00 I applied for a modification. Through out my loan I was never late with payments, never missed a payment. I started this process August of 2016. I am now on my fifth time of having to submit a ridiculous amount of paperwork and start process once again. They are now threatening to foreclose on my home that is valued at 2.5 million dollars. Because of the amount of time that has passed they have ruined my credit. It's now in the 500 when I've always been well above 700. Therefore no other loan companies want to touch this. My primary home loan is up to date and always has been. I can't believe that this company has made my life a living hell for a year. If anyone has any suggestions please contact me. This is so wrong!

Original review: July 18, 2017

I had a loan with them for the Apple upgrade program. I pay monthly payments and it makes me eligible for upgrading to the new phone, or I can pay the balance and own the phone. All was fine in the beginning. Then, I started having issues with my phone to the point where I was no longer enjoying it. Apple's customer service was under the impression that as long as I had made a year's worth of payments, that Apple was satisfied and I could return the phone and the contract would be void.

But that wasn't the case with Citizens One. According to them, if you make a year's worth of payments, you're eligible for the upgraded phone. I asked if there was any opt out clause. Can I pay a fine or any type of fee to get out of the contract? They said no. I was stuck with the phone until I pay off the balance. How do you not offer any kind of way to get out of the contract? This whole system is far worse than the 2-year contract commitment needed with the cellular service providers. At least they had early termination fees. I paid off the balance of the phone, and I'm certain to never ever do business with Citizens One ever again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28, 2017

I hate the system Citizens One has. I wanted to pay off my personal loan, with my debit card, I was told they couldn't accept a debit card and that I could only pay off my loan by calling them with a check. I then told them that I had my Credit Union cut a check for the balance of my loan and was told from customer service that they would not honor my bank and send it back to Credit Union.

I was pissed off because my bank check was out of my savings account. Their system sucks. I didn't know that when I bought my Apple phone, that Apple didn't charge my Barclaycard, instead they wheel and deal with Citizens One bank cause this horror for me. I am very dissatisfied and will never have anything to do with Apple or this bank again!!! What is the difference between a debit card or a bank check both a done deal. Why do I have to call them and give them my routing and bank account so they can take my money out! People read this don't take loans with this bank!

UPDATE: I wanted to double up on my payments on my personal loan. I submitted one check doubling my monthly payments so I can pay off my loan faster. They claim they couldn't accept the check so they took one payment and I refunded me the other because according to them I can only make one payment at a time. How ridiculous is that, I would think the bank would want me to pay it right away. Please change the bank rules to accept debit, credit or bank checks and not just personal checks.

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Customer increased Rating by 1 stars!
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 21, 2017

I currently have two loans with Citizens One. One loan on my primary residence is a 5 year ARM. When I was contacted by Alex ** from Citizens One at the end of March regarding refinancing, because I would be getting an adjustment in July, I decided to go forward with refinancing. After providing all financial information over the next month, including all rental information, tax returns, etc., Alex indicated that I would need to take a distribution from my IRA of $50k to make the numbers work to qualify. At no point was there any indication that we would not qualify for the refinance, especially since we had just received financing in January for the purchase of a different property, and were required to take an IRA distribution, similar to this situation.

In early May, Alex informed me that I needed to pay $555 for an appraisal which was done on May 8th. Again, no inkling that the mortgage numbers did not work. On May 25th, I was told by Citizens One that we did not qualify for the mortgage. I contacted Alex, who indicated he would speak with the Underwriter to find out the problems. Alex never got back to me again. I reached out to his supervisor Maria **, who explained that she told Alex that we would not qualify, even with a $50k distribution, but would find out if a higher distribution would work. A few days later she told me that would not work either. She also indicated that the appraisal should not have been done and that the money would be refunded. After two weeks of unanswered phone calls and emails, there is no refund.

It's amazing how quick Alex was to return phone calls and messages when he was trying to get a commission, and his supervisor is obviously, no better! For over a month they could see that they were not going to make this mortgage work, yet still let the appraisal go forward at the expense of the customer, and then they just disappear when it comes to correcting their mistake!

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Original review: June 6, 2017

I have been in the process of an equity line of credit for over a month now and I find the customer service to be horrible. Very unresponsive, and they take over a week to respond to you. I got a hold of a manager, and he casually put me on speaker phone for our conversation. I sent him some files for the loan and he failed to upload them into the system correctly, whereas the agent told me she is waiting for him do to it. If I had taken my time and done some research, I would never have gone with Citizen's for the money.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 26, 2017

Application process, they can't connect the returns of our business and personal. Good luck to those buying a home. As far as the process department, lack of common sense. I own a company, we put down 80% of the loan. They ask me for this and that. They could connect the business and our personal return. They wanted P&L, which we gave them. Then they wanted one for the 1st quarter. Told them, "my accountant only does it once a year." Got to a point, I told them "if you don't want the business, I can pull the 20% and not even blink an eye." That shut them up. This stem from 2008 with those interest. Only loan THEY gave out and loss.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 25, 2017

I have been fighting with Citizens One since April 30, 2017 regarding an over-payment on an auto loan. It took them 22 days to return the money after I spoke with 5 representatives (where I cited the names and dates of who I talked with), reporting them to the BBB, and filed paperwork disputing the charge with my own bank. The company's "customer service" response was hateful citing that they would "have a researcher call me back after they had reviewed the taped phone calls." Would NEVER do business with them again. I am moving my loan as of today. Goodbye and good riddance.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 9, 2017

Stay away from Citizens One Home Loans. Whole experience has been a nightmare. Mistake after mistake and absolutely zero customer service. Now I can't get them to pay my tax bill from my escrow account and bill is past due. Been trying to get them to pay for a month now and nobody wants to help. I have never experienced such poor service from any company. Period!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 23, 2017

I have requested to speak to your CEO in reference to a MAJOR ISSUE that I have with my Loan and escrow and am being today that I can speak to him??? I cannot understand why a customer of yours/his cannot voice their concerns to the company that I "hired" to finance my Home Loan. I have been dealing with this issue since July 2016 and have gotten nothing less than the runaround. I am a VERY FRUSTRATED AND UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER OF YOURS.

Your company's business practices and ethics are in question with me and I cannot understand why no one at your company can rectify my issue... You have created this issue and there is a very easy solution but NO ONE at your company wants to address this. I have dealt with the office of the Chair and received ZERO satisfaction. I'm really prepared to blow this issue up for everyone to see if I cannot get the resolution that is 100% warranted. Not really sure this will get any attention from someone who cares but I will continue to press until I speak to the CEO.

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Original review: Feb. 14, 2017

I inquired ONLY about modifying my equity loan. When I realized it was just a banking scam that would only be for financial crippling, I did not pursue the issue. Citizens Bank modified the loan anyway, converting it from an equity loan to a mortgage loan. The "new loan" included an amount much greater than was due on the account. Since I was missing several statements, I asked them to send me copies of them so I could sort through the mess. There were clearly at least two missing payments. The loan is now with an arm of Citizens Bank called "Citizens One Home Loans." They epitomize incompetency.

I decided to send in payments under the new loan to try to keep the loan from going into delinquency. They took two months to post the November payment and the December payment is still unposted. Both of these payments were by bank check so no excuse. To date, there is still no sign of the December payment. And now the loan is showing as four months in arrears, which we all know what that triggers... I'm infuriated and frustrated. They illegally modified a loan and now are not posting payments to it and are marching me towards foreclosure.

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Original review: Jan. 22, 2017

I had no idea that Apple was using Citizens One instead of Barclays or their own company. Citizens One is HORRIBLE! Do NOT use them. Use Barclays card or some other card that offers 12-18 months 0% interest. Do NOT use Citizens One. They have terrible customer service and take a long time to refund money. They send out letters stating they will refund your money in 5-7 business days - but it took almost a month. This included several phones calls, a letter, and fax to both them and my credit card company. My next step is file a complaint with the Attorney General Office. I'm losing respect for APPLE. Although I've had Apple products for well over 10 years. It's a shame that they use a scammer to finance their products. UGH! This is your WARNING!

Original review: Jan. 5, 2017

I was a highly regarded customer at Charter One Bank. US Bank purchased Charter One and for some unknown reason, my line of credit was purchased by Citizens One. Because of health reasons I was forced to sell my restaurant. My loan has since matured and has come due. I have tried to get someone from the bank to work with me in regards to restructuring my Ioan. I was recently place on Social Security Disability income and am having a hard time making the full payment. I am asking to have my payment modified or wrapped into my mortgage. I was told that I do not qualify because I no longer make enough money to qualify for a refinance on my home loan. It feels like they want me to default on my loan or force me to sell my home.

I have never missed a payment and always had great credit. I am at a point in my life where I need a little help, after being diagnosed with a blood disease and undergoing a triple bypass surgery last April. I explained that I am on disability but wish to continue making payments but I need a lower payment even if it meant refinancing my home. The bank does not show any interest in finding a resolution to my problem. They do not answer my messages. I have spent countless hours on hold and never get a return call after being promised that a manager will call me back. I have a disability and will seek legal advice if I am not contacted soon. This bank seems to upset its customers on a very regular basis. How do we hold them accountable for this type of neglect?

Citizens One is by far the worst lending institution I have ever worked with and I am 62 years old. I have called, filled out numerous forms and have left countless messages. I never even get the courtesy of a phone call back regardless of how many times I call. I am new to this site and I can't believe how many horrible reviews people have written. Not one positive review has been posted. Where is Federal Government to regulate this three ring circus? Does anyone know how to reach the top dog in this institution to tell him what a joke his customer service department is and the fact that I can't even understand half of the people I have spoken to because of their butchering of the English language? If anyone has a suggestion on who I can contact to hold this bank accountable, please contact me at **. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS!

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Original review: Nov. 29, 2016

I did the Apple upgrade program on 11/2 and then decided after that I would go another route and returned the phone on 11/3. I got an email from Apple and Citizens One saying that it would take 5-7 business days for the refund to process. More than 10 business days later I called and I was told it was Apple who needed to complete the refund. I told them that I got an email from Citizens One saying they would be processing my refund in 5-7 days and the lady on the phone then changed her story and said it's taking longer for refunds and to 'be patient'. It would take 7-14 business days.

Now I am going on almost a month and I call them again and they tell me that the other two pieces of information I got was wrong and to disregard the email because it would take 30 business days! Not to mention to get a hold of someone is nearly impossible, you can't find a phone number anywhere. I will NEVER do the Apple Upgrade program again, I will only go through my phone provider from now on. This has been an absolutely ridiculous experience!

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2016

Thank you to all of you who shared your experiences. I received a mailing and was about to respond and get their credit card. All your comments were about homeowner loans. That is not my problem; my house would not be involved at all. But it still was scary to learn how they dealt with customers of many years. Shocking. I was about to get a small (comparatively) loan to move into my new place, and ILf, before closing on my house, then planned to pay it off immediately, within two months of getting the loan. Hearing how difficult it was to pay off a loan, probably any loan, caused me to reconsider dealing this bank, if that is what it is. Thank you to all, and the best of luck getting it all resolved.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 27, 2016

Requested and was charged for forms needed to refinance with another bank. Form indicates information would be received within 10 days. Called to check status as never received and was assured they were mailed 8/18/16 - never received. Phoned again 8/25/16 to once again check status was assured information would be considered high priority and faxed by end of date and/or at the very least no later than 8/26/16 - never happened. Received two blank form letters in the US mail 8/26/16 from Melanie L Reid; Senior Vice President, that forms were enclosed which they were not. Nobody around on weekends to assist.

The longer they take to provide paid for information the more interest the collect on these loans - I am told this bank is famous for this. You will have no problem getting a loan (with a higher rate than others), but good luck trying to pay it off. I have been a loyal customer for many years and this is how I get treated. Not sure if this is illegal (but I will be researching), but can guarantee it is most definitely unethical.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 4, 2016

Nightmare company to deal with. Please don't deal with them. We refinanced our house approximately two years ago when we got behind in payments. (In the two years CCO Mortgage change their name to Citizens One.) This refinancing helped us get back on track and we started making our payments. In August of that year Citizens One returned approximately 9,000.00 dollars that we had paid saying that we signed the agreement late and no longer had a mortgage.

We applied for Obama relief help and gathered all the information they needed and were declined. They said we could reapply and we did and again were denied because of something else. I believe we applied again and were told we were not eligible for some reason. (My husband has documented the exact dates and reasons.) They suggested we go for a short sale in January. We did get an offer and submitted it with all of the paperwork. We had no choice, we had no place to send mortgage monies. We sent the offer in with all the paperwork again and we were denied. They said we did not send the paperwork in time to stop the foreclosure auction.

Our house went to foreclosure auction on March 23, 2016 and Citizens One is now the proud owner and will put it on the market as soon as everything is out of the house. (A realtor let us know this.) We bought this house in 1987 and have paid the original mortgage of 105,000 several times by now. It is in a desirable neighborhood and our kids still have the friends they made. Many of our friends sold their house and upgraded. Now new families are raising their families with other young families like we did. I have heard that the bank does this to people who have owned their house for a long time and have paid the original mortgage and more over the years. They now get to sell the house and get more money.

To make things worse they kept on sending us monthly statements and ruined our credit because of the 240 late payments. I think our last statement was for 34,000.00 and even if we had it they would not accept it because they are saying we do not have a mortgage with them. We now are renting a condo where we pay more than we did in mortgage payments. This was not due because we did not have the monies to pay. We had no place to send the money. This has been a nightmare and I hope no one else goes through what we have.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2015

CCO Mortgage is a second lien holder on my property. The first mortgage approved a short sale giving 12,000 to the second lienholder CCO Mortgage. CCO Mortgage now wants me to pay an additional 10,000 to them. I agree to give them the HAFA money and sign a promissory note until closing. Well now 3 days before closing they want me to send in $10,000 upfront, which I don't have. The CCO people said they'd rather lose everything and let the property go to foreclosure. Meanwhile, the buyers have a clear to close with a lender ready to do the loan... Can the government talk some sense into these people.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 14, 2015

I had applied a loan back on 2011. I had sent in all of my information to the Department of loss mitigation so they didn't bother to call me back to see if I were approve or not. Three years later I reapplied for it again, only this time they're asking me about lien being put on my property from another bank. I had told them no. That there was never a lien on the property. They had sent me a letter saying that I was denied for this loan because I didn't give them a enough information for them to approve me and I had also come to find out they gave me and my mother a high loan rate % 6.2. I am not happy.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 31, 2015

After trying to get a modification for an upside down loan they denied my modification. They set impossible ranges to get modification. They process each person’s income and expenses in a different way from modification to modification. For instance if you qualify for their modification ranges in debt to income ratio they will use your back end debt to ratio instead and then disqualify you. I recently got a mortgage modification with Wells Fargo on my first mortgage but CCO is my second mortgage and they denied and flat out refused to modify my mortgage with them even though I should qualify.

The final decisioner told me that I would need several thousands of dollars to qualify for the mortgage modification (if I had several thousands of dollars then I would not qualify because I would have been out of range on the debt to income side), although I qualified for modification via debt to income. However, they were using my back-end debt to income ratio instead. I was told several things throughout the process including I was approved for the modification to only learn that I was not approved.

In some ways I feel I was being discriminated against for being white, although I know white is not a protected class. I was lied to several times and everyone I talked to at CCO mortgage told me totally different stories. I have recorded all conversations with CCO Mortgage due to dual consent because they say in all of their calls the call is being recorded, so in a lot of states that means that is dual consent meaning that you can record the call as well even though you don't tell them that. This is due to the fact that they told you the call was being recorded in the first place and this includes them being recorded.

If you tell them you are recording the call they will actually tell you to stop though, so I never tell them I am recording the call because I have dual consent anyhow. I plan to post all of my recording on YouTube for other to learn from after I remove my personal info from the calls. In conclusion I believe it to be impossible to get a mortgage modification due to CCO violation federal fair practices acts (even though they send you to the federal HAMP website). They will continue to get away with it until they are sued by a class action suit like other banks have been shown can happen. My opinion is that they only offer a modification to gather additional information about you to use against you later.

One other thing I would like to say is that my loan originated from Charter One "AKA CCO". They then switch my loan over to CCO mortgage "AKA Charter One" after I applied for the modification. I never signed any change to my loan terms because they never approved a modification for me although they changed my loan terms telling me if I pay down my equity loan that I cannot draw on it no more. This is terms I never agreed to. This is just another example of unfair practices that CCO Mortgage chooses to practice as though there are no laws or they are above the law.

I also wanted to share that I was told on a recorded call that there is no federal law saying that I have the right to appeal a denial of mortgage modification in which I found to not be true. So beware of CCO Mortgage and Charter one Home Loans. They practice unfair practices at the consumer expense. I do plan to file a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) as a result of my unfair treatment by Charter One Bank and CCO Mortgage and local government to report the unfair consumer practices they use.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 18, 2015

On August 14, 2015, after being a faithful customer of CCO Mortgage for approximately ten years, funds were issued to pay off my home owner's mortgage. I phoned to inquire when I should expect my escrow refund and was told I would be issued a CHECK in 15 to 18 business days. I asked why it would take so long and why the funds could not be deposited electronically to my Citizens Bank account. I was quite curtly told by a Customer Representative who identified herself as Shannon, "that was the policy." She also practically scolded me stating I had called earlier in the month with the same question.

At the end of this call I called again and requested a Supervisor. This Customer Rep told me she would have a supervisor call me which did occur within about one half hour. The Supervisor again stated this was company policy and the funds could not be electronically deposited into my account. Is this company back in the Stone Age? CCO Mortgage has always accepted my electronic payments monthly, plus I'm sure the funds for the payoff were received by your company electronically. And Citizens Bank has never hesitated to withdraw $35 from my account ELECTRONICALLY on the times I have had insufficient funds to cover a check. But you can't refund my escrow electronically? Really? I find that ludicrous in this age of technology.

I am furious that I received such an abrupt attitude from Shannon and then be told MY MONEY won't be returned for almost three weeks. This is unconscionable and unacceptable. Your on-hold message states that customer satisfaction, loyalty and trust are very important to your company. This is misleading and you have failed miserably. My husband has a progressive illness for which I need this money which is mine to begin with, for his medications. I was depending on it after my payoff was completed. Do you withhold that money longer in order to accrue more interest? I am angry and disgusted with your company and I WILL spread the word.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 30, 2015

Have current loan from CCO mortgage and never missed payment in 10 years and with credit score over 700. Wanted to refinance current balance. No cash out for shorter time period with lower interest rate leaving monthly payments the same. Was told everything would go through smoothly being a current customer. Filled out paperwork. Sent in, then payed $500 for appraisal and was told we would close a few weeks after. After a month and a half I began calling and no one would return my calls. Finally got someone in the phone and they requested more info and was told one more week. Finally another month goes by. With weekly calls I get ahold of someone who says loan is held up in processing.

I speak to supervisor who gives a list reasons, from new computer system to phantom letter sent requesting more info. I send requested info and start calling after a week to make sure additional info was received and things are moving forward. Finally receive letter stating loan denied which is a total mystery. Good credit, pay bills on time, ten year CCO mortgage customer. Never a late payment and they basically stole $500, caused me a great deal of stress. I would recommend you stay away from this company. Worst experience with any company. Now fighting to get fee back and filing complaints on state and local level.

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Original review: June 7, 2015

CCO Mortgage has been our mortgage lender for the past 6 years. We were referred to them by Citizens bank. CCO is a branch of Citizens. Citizens bank had our home loan and then when we bought a rental home they talked us into putting both homes under the same mortgage to save interest. Everything was okay for 1 month. We then began receiving late payment notices from them. I would call and tell them payment was made. They just argued even when I had proof of payment and I always did. They kept sending me to different departments and different staff. We then received a foreclosure notice after they started refusing our payments. It was at this time that we owed them 1,600.00 and they sent it back. Prior to this, we received statements stating that we owed them 6,000 or 5,000 etc. and we just kept paying them despite proof that we did not owe them. We sold everything and it never got better.

We went to an attorney to try to get this resolved. He recommended that we sell our rental property and pay them what they said we owed in late payments. We sent them 67,000 more dollars. They put 17,000 of this as interest owed, 21,000 went to their attorney and the remainder as late payments. It was fine for 2 months then we got a letter from them stating that we owed them 1500.00 for appraisal. This was after we got a letter from their attorney stating a 0.00 balance, only what we still owed as the remainder of the mortgage. I argued this. It went nowhere and is still on our statement. I continued making monthly payments to them to improve our credit so we could refinance with another lender. This month I received a letter of default from them for April and May payments. I called them with the check #'s and the dates that they cleared their bank. This got me nowhere. They are now saying that I owe them 7,500 in late payments and fees.

The extortion began again. There is absolutely no one at this lenders to assist, we are fighting a losing battle with them. This bank is a predator. We are good people that just want to pay our mortgage off. It is my fault that we went with Citizens bank to finance our home. Thanks to them we have almost lost everything. We have nothing left to sell, despite what we pay them they keep saying that we owe them more. I pray that other innocent people do not go to them for any reason. If anyone out there has any idea what we can do we would sincerely appreciate it as this is ongoing and there appears to be no happy ending, for us anyway. Citizens Bank/CCO mortgage seem to be profiting very nicely from their apparently legal extortion lending.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 1, 2015

Stay away and thank me later. These scum bags are the worst of the worst. I will save you all the details. They simply will not allow my refinance to go through. They sit on a high horse and come up with insane requirements that are ridiculous.

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Original review: June 1, 2015

May 2014 I received a call from CCO letting me know my 2nd lien mortgage account was past due. I informed them that is impossible because our payments are auto drafted. Customer service then informed me, "Since you are in bankruptcy your payments will no longer be auto drafted." Come to find out they had mistaken me with someone with the same name. I have been dealing with this for a year. They still don't have our auto draft set back up even though I have continued to do this over and over again. They have reported us to the credit bureaus showing late pays. When I call just about every month having to explain all this, they inform me they will only write one letter to the credit bureau to correct their mistake and I will have to write a letter of explanation and mail it to CCO for review. Before all of this happened our payment had never been late for 8 years. If any lender ever recommends CCO mortgage beware - they are idiots!!!

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Citizens One
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CCO Mortgage