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As a newly divorced woman from a 33 year marriage, I was not looking for another lifetime mate but a friend, companion, or just someone to talk to. Girlfriends and family are great but sometimes you just want to be held or cuddled. Again not a sex partner just friend. Well as time went by I met several nice men, had some 1 and only dates, and some dated several times. When I had responses I didn't care for and blocked those were respected. And the 2 names I turned in were handled immediately.

After just 6 short months, I did meet and fall in love with my now husband. We will be celebrating our second anniversary next week. So very blessed! I have some dating tips I would like to share to keep you safe. I'm not sure how to get that information out there. Thank you Jesus for your guidance to our time so I could live out the rest of my life that you have planned. I do want to say that sometimes God allows things to happen because we weren't moving forward. Let your faith guide you to the love of your life. I'm certainly glad I did!

I joined OurTime.com a year ago. After a short period of time I realized that some of the "potentials" didn't actually exist and 2 of them insulted me. My prescription was for 60 days and on my account page I said NO to automatic renewal (I have a copy of this page which includes payment history). Since my subscription ended after 60 days I thought that was that. However, I found out that every 3 months OurTime was charging me 69.00 for renewal even though it clearly indicated I said 'no' to automatic renewal. The reason I missed them is because I shop at a store with a similar name. I believe they charge your account every 3 months in the hopes that you will overlook it. Reading the many, many complaints about OurTime has me wondering why they are still in business. I told OurTime at their site customer service that I wanted a full refund but of course never heard back.

On September 9 they put a note in my payment history that I requested to "end automatic payments" when it was before I even contacted them so they made that up. I did turn over all of the information I have including my account page and copies of 25 complaints to our local police internet fraud division. I made sure that they knew that there were no end to the complaints. They are going to investigate OurTime.com

Without authorization, they charged my credit card $98.84. I confirmed with them my account to be closed 6 months ago. It caused my credit card to overdraft. **, I can barely make ends meet and then they ruin my credit. DO NOT USE THIS SITE. TERRIBLE, not trustworthy. Never went on one date. They are idiots!!!

I signed up for one month for $14. They charged me $60 plus $3 plus $18. This is SCAM. Please they are trying to confuse you. They only left a button of upgrade to click in order to continue. After they said the charged will be automatic if you don't cancel it. Authorities should get into this and get the money back to all the customer like me that were scammed.

If you have ANY problems you will never at any time be able to get anything other than a recording saying that someone will call you back. Trust me, it never happens regardless of the amount of calls that you make. Your card that you use to join will be charged even when you have chosen not to renew. Again, trying to reach someone to talk to is literally impossible. I would never recommend this site to anyone!

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After five years of staying away from the dating scene I decided to give this site a try. Big mistake!! Almost immediately after I joined the Gmail account that I created only for that site was overflowing with junk mail. Two days after joining my profile was hacked… It took me three hours to fix my profile and to send apology messages to people who “I” had insulted or had stood up for dates (across the United States). This site is filled with profiles that more or less state 'my best friend found a girlfriend on this site so he is letting me use his membership. If you leave your email address I will send you my photo and profile.' Beware--that is a scam. All in all my experience on this site has been nightmarish. Do not under any circumstance join this site… not even for the free one month trial period.

Funny - when I first joined this online dating service, I saw so many warnings of scammers trolling for victims. After 6 months, I have begun to question if OurTime is actually the real scammer. Read my observations and form your own opinion. I have learned that I am not in control of my profile unless my subscription is paid up. How do I know that? I chose to allow my subscription to lapse as of Friday; on Monday, I updated my profile stating that I cannot respond to any messages while in lapse and also replacing the personal content in the about me profile by sharing my observations. And within just a couple of hours, the updates to my written profile had been deleted and not deleted by me! Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

For three months, I chose a single month subscription. Without quantifying actual data, my perception was that the number of view I received seemed to spike dramatically as my renewal date approached. After three months, I allowed my subscription to lapse the single month renewal price was shockingly expensive - $37.99/month. So I elected to purchase a three month package.

And on that three-month package, the number of views I received dropped drastically compared to the number I received while on single month package. I now seemed to receive 5-8 views per day compared to the 15-20 daily views previous. And so many of those views were from individuals very far away (often 400+ miles away from me) and in extremely small cities, ex. Waterloo, Iowa; and those same individuals rarely had any pictures posted; their written profile was minimal (How many times have I read profiles of the social butterfly, profiles with appx. 30 words?). So I began sending messages to these individuals asking "are you a real person?"; I messaged well over 80 such individuals. 2 responded. And never mind the unauthorized charges to my credit card by their sister company, Match. Three unauthorized charges by Match/OurTime exceeding $100. Fortunately, these charges were rescinded after my dispute.

And this last week, the number of views I received spiked tremendously as the deadline to renew approached. The day after lapse, I received 83 views; the next day 75 views. How can this spike be explained? Why didn't I receive this number of views while my subscription was active. Am I now being heavily promoted hoping that will drive a view spike and entice me to renew? Questions, questions. And I should note that after replacing my profile with my observations, and after my updated profile being deleted/censored, the number of views I have received has plummeted just a couple since then. I guess I am no longer being promoted.

And a few more questions: why am I being viewed by so many people who are 10+ years above the age range I specified to be presented to? And by individuals outside my ethnic choices? And by individuals whose religious beliefs are incompatible with mine? And by individuals who I have blocked? And it appears that there is a limit to the number of individuals you can block. That limit seems to be in the range of 540. While that might sound excessive, I chose to block individuals who were not appropriately being filtered outside my age range, geographically distant, outside my ethnic choice, religious incompatibility, etc. I chose not to be viewed (or so I thought) by individuals I would not consider. And yet I am being viewed by individuals 18 years older than me! Yes something is rotten.

I've tried one of the other major dating sites in the past, but thought I'd try something different this time around. OurTime has been the worst experience ever!!! The majority of the profiles are fake so you don't feel comfortable corresponding with anyone. Most of the profile pics have been lifted from other social media site profiles and these people are unaware that their photos are being used. OurTime sends you fake messages saying that someone is interested in you in order to get you to join. You will receive matches that are nowhere close to what you say you're interested in. The profiles that are legit are of low quality and uneducated men that have a difficult time composing 2 sentences.

Summary - Many, many fake profiles, fake photos, matches that you would probably never date. Never give any personal information. Not even your real name, because you don't know who with whom you're speaking. This site is so bad that I had to delete my photos and profile after only 2.5 days. I absolutely couldn't take it. It's useless and a waste of money. I'm surprised they're still in business. Thank God I only signed up for 1 month. Run!!!

Site never worked from day 1 once I went to upload photos. Called them and they said 24 to 72 hours, to fix however there was no resolution. Received email stating they will rectify situation IF they can. Called them 4 times today and got hung up by them 3 times waiting for a supervisor and also Loren would not transfer me. The only way I can access this site, and I paid 93.99 for it, is if they send me an email that someone was interested and I clicked that link. Still when I went to upload photos, there comes the gray screen, a loading symbol but loading symbol never stopped and I could not utilize the site. I called my credit card company to cancel the transaction.

After nearly 1 year with OT, I prepared a summary of my experience. I stated that while there was some fun, my results were just frustrating. I said I would not be renewing. I twice added my cell # and within 24 twice my cell was removed. I then added my personal email and again this was removed overnight. Plus, my entire text profile was changed. It stated "I played football", I do not. I said "I want a woman who is ambitious". I want to file a BBB complaint but need additional information. Does anyone know an address beyond the ".com"? The site is at least disrespectful of right of senior who are trying to find and develop friendship.

Below is a response I got to a complaint about an overcharge where I was supposed to pay half price. The "ConnectMe" comment is really bad. "After reviewing your account, I was able to find out what are these charges for. First, the charge of $53.97 was for your 6 month subscription with the 50% discount. Secondly, for all new orders there is a processing fee of $3.99 as noted on the upgrade page. New orders do not just apply to new members. If an account was previously upgraded, the $3.99 processing fee would apply next time a payment was processed to an account that was being reactivated, an account where automatic renewal was stopped which caused the membership to expire, or an account where a payment declined which caused the membership to go into free status.

"Lastly, you were also charged for $19.98 for a premium feature on OurTime.com which is ConnectMe. As a convenience, and to prevent interruptions in communication with other members, all subscriptions automatically renew unless they are cancelled before their renewal date, as agreed to during the registration process. This also protects you from rate increases and service fees on new purchases."

I signed up for 1 month but when I got my bill I've been charged $80.82 for 6 months plus 3.99. I canceled the account after I week. It's a SCAM. It's really sad because they are scamming older folks who are lonely.

Very bad experience. I have been on a few other sites before but this is the worst I have ever seen. The chat option is absolutely awful. If you put in more than five words and go into the second line it kicks you out of the site and you need to sign in again and it happens every time. The writing on the site is very small which is not very good for people our age that are now having more difficulties with our sight. Hardly any response. Paid my membership for four months and it turns out that it was an American site and I was charged exchanged on my money but they do not mention that they are American anywhere on the site. Wished I never joined and I guess it is a lesson learned. I should have checked the reviews before enrolling. Hope this helps other people to more careful going on these sites.

I signed up thinking this was legit. Then I Instant Messaged 12 gals that showed they were "online". NOT 1 response... so I know this is BS. They will send you fake "interested" messages to get you to join. DONT DO IT. It is bogus. I will be reporting to the BBB and canceling my subscription... but they got my $90 and that is all they care about.

This site is horrible. I have been on other dating sites but this one ranks the worst. Lots of messages sent to me when I was just looking and when I signed up no one answered any of my replies. And when I looked closed 5 to 6 of them had THE EXACT SAME WORDING ON THEIR PROFILE! Different pics, different cities, same wording, same everything else. Can you say SPAM? The mobile site isn't as bad with the advertisements overwhelming everything but geez... Everything is overwhelming. I canceled my membership one day in. I wish I could get my refund but I consider this a life lesson. Run away... Fast... Don't do it.

I too wish I had checked here before sending money to the OurTime dating website. Not one message I have received has been legitimate. Most claim their profiles have been hacked but offer no true info about themselves. How can a scam like this operate? I've seen OurTime included on several top 10 lists of dating sites for people over 50. I can only surmise that they in some way generated the lists. Shame on them for taking advantage of lonely people and making it impossible to hold them accountable for duping people and stealing their money.

Well so far my experience on this site seems to be like those described here by others, wish I had researched better. They offer you a free account set-up, but all you can do is create your own profile and do some limited searches. There is zero communication available until you pay. Prior to paying I was getting notices several times a day about messages and flirts, but now that I have paid I hardly get anything. I have replied to a few of the messages I got with zero responses - if they were so eager to communicate with me why no replies?

As for the supposed matches I receive from the system, I don't know how they do this but some of these men have photos that are downright frightening (like they've been living in a bunker in the woods somewhere) and others have limited or no information in their profile. How did the system decide they were such a good match? I have no plans to renew after the month I've paid for expires. I will be watching carefully to make sure my account status remains off for auto-renew.

I was spammed twice on both places by the same guy who changed to male looking for female and was giving the same script to dozen of women. I tried to take the account back and got a lot of messages from upset women. The same pic was under several different names as apparently this guy was spamming dozens of account. Despite changing my password twice he still stole the account. I had to close the accounts and lost my money. It is a ripoff as the customer service cannot apparently keep this from happening even with changing passwords and talking to them.

I get lots of messages - the majority are from scammers. The men put in their profiles that they don't get on OurTime much and want to exchange email addresses. So, I block them when I read that. My other complaint is that it is advertised as a site for mature singles, over age 50. There are a lot of much younger men contacting me (assume scammer - block immediately without reading profiles). I have only been on the site a couple of weeks, but regret signing up for 6 months already. I am hoping to run across another "fool" like me who signed up thinking this is a legit site so it is not a total waste of my time and money.

I have a BIG PROBLEM!!! I opened my account yesterday, there was a picture of another woman about 30 years old with white shorts and a white top. I had over 73 messages of course. I wrote to OurTime and still have no response from them. I went into my account and changed all the pics back to my own and also had to change the About Me's since they were all different. Got an email saying that the pics had been approved. Went into my account this morning and again there is a pic of a different woman now with a brown shirt and brown curly hair.

The bigger problem is that my daughter purchased my account for me with her credit card! If I can see these other woman's information, then they certainly can see mine. Now I have to be alarmed about identity theft! I had a date lined up for breakfast on Sunday coming. The gentleman thought I was trying to pull a fast one by changing my pics. He no longer wants to contact me and actually blocked me from his account! WTF!!! I want a full immediate refund of my money! I want my account straightened out and I want assurance that the credit card information has now been breached in any way. I can very easily inform FOX News of this situation. If I was an attorney, I would be having a Field Day.

The commercial is stating it is an online community and that is just what it is - not a dating site. False advertising leading people to believe it is a dating site. I feel they have controls on who contacts each other and how much contact is made. The interactions have been minimal as messages at times seem redundant in nature as well as similar responses. Individuals say they are from America but the writing is curiously missing typical syntax and pluralities of English language. Every time I cancel my subscription from automatic renewal I do not get any contact from any individuals. They ask you to spend more money to promote yourself with tokens, as well as a Connect Me feature. It is all falsehoods to get your money. Do not recommend this site to anyone. Someone should initiate a civil suit to stop them from scamming more individuals.

I debated on whether I was going to join this online dating site. I signed up about 4 weeks ago; however, did not become a member until last night. Once I joined I started reading all the messages I sent. There were 58 messages and they all said the same exact thing! It was something about I saw your profile and you are interesting to me. There were some guys who messaged me according to OurTime 3 times. However, all 3 message were exactly the same.

I was really disappointed at that point and decided that I did not want to join an online dating site that sort of scammed me. These were computer generated messages. I called this morning and asked for a refund and explained my reasons as to why this site is not for me. They refunded the one-time fee of 3.99 (which I didn't realize I had to pay until I submitted my credit card information) and the 29.99 fee. I only signed up for a month because I was skeptical. Customer Service was very nice and didn't give me a hard time.

I became a member of this site because I am interested in older men. However, most of the older men are looking for younger women who have the bodies and mentality of a 20 year old. This site is very deceptive. Each time I unsubscribe I receive notices of contacts. However these are not real contacts at all. These are people who have viewed my profile. The site generates three flirts but say that these are messages, when they are actually canned bot responses to get you to resubscribe. Some of the men on the site show interest but when it comes to actually meeting, it never happens. This is because these profiles are likely created by OurTime staff. This site is a ripoff.

I created an online profile on OurTime at the end of March. So after getting a few flirts and messages in my inbox I decided to pay for a one month trial. The cost would be 29.96 plus a fee total would be 33.95. I decided to use a debit card that I can add as much money as I want instead of my bank atm card. I have used this debit card to shop at the NFL Shop, Harry & David and The MLB Network. I put more than enough money to cover the subscription but my card was declined. I tried it two more times and People Media OurTime's parent company said my card was no good. By the way People Media's # is 888-892-2065.

I called them and their excuse was lame. Since you add money instead of giving them autopay access they don't like that at all. I was told that since my debit card wasn't in their network configuration my money was no good. I removed my profile today and would never go to that phony website again. Call out People Media they are interested in Money not Love.

I was a paid member on this site for less than 3 weeks when I determined that it is devious in nature. I signed up the minimum 6 months for $90+tax. Two accounts/usernames changed dramatically and a third account is extremely suspicious. Account 1 changed profile pic and age from 62 to 73 in less than a week. Username and description remained the same. Account 2 changed from a ** man to a ** man in less than 2 weeks. Username and description remained the same AND the email sent to my inbox was EXACTLY the same text after the picture changed. Account 3 had a partially cropped photo but all 3 description sections matched my interests and hobbies with some of the wording in different order.

The wording was such that I suspected a computer program had generated these descriptions. OurTime does NOT have a customer service phone number. My email for a request for a full refund was replied to with a canned response for me to ''go look in the FAQ''. Per their instructions, I then replied to that automated email but I have heard nothing back. Do not use this website. It contains fraudulent profiles. Do not risk your safety and personal information.

I canceled this account last year. I was just billed $89.00 dollars on my Discover card. This is a scam. I was not happy with this site. They have my Discover card and they just bill you? I do not have an extra $89.00 dollars to be taken out of my account automatically. I think it is very unfair to handle this in such a matter.

They advertise that this site is exclusively for the 50 & older but there are younger people looking for their sugar daddy or cougar. I believed their advertising stating that it's for mature people looking for a relationship. I complained to them asking for a refund and they told me that the site is open to everyone. This site is more expensive than the others but I expected better.

The chat function does not work, too many extras to purchase even after you pay the monthly fee. They broker the email, must go through them. You are forced to choose who you like and don't like to make any contact, except a wink.

I found myself sent to this site when it wasn't even what I was truly looking for. That was my first sign and I should have heeded that warning. I figured I would give it a shot anyway. Signed up for free trial period. Even more so than other sites, they pushed and pushed and pushed for a credit card. I was contacted by "people" that I later found out we're bots and not real people at all. When I decided to just try one month, the very first thing I did was turn OFF auto renewal. Wasn't easy. They made me jump through all kinds of hoops. In addition, when I thought I was done, there was one more very small button confirming I wanted to turn it off. It was so easy to miss that I bet 95% of people would. I didn't. I turned it off. I even took a screenshot of the fact that I turned it off. About 2 days after paying, I realized that the site was completely useless and I had no desire to waste my time with it. Never logged in again.

A month later, (if you're reading this, you already guessed it), my card was charged again. I was extremely busy at the time and didn't have time to contact them. A few weeks later, I finally logged on again and found out that the auto renewal had magically been turned back on. I turned it off again and deleted my profile. A couple days later, I was CHARGED AGAIN! I went to the site and asked them for a refund and an explanation. I wrote to their "Customer Service Department" under " HELP". I have not gotten so much as a courtesy email even saying they got my email or concerns. It has been a week and a half and nothing. This site is bad and it's a scam in every single sense of the word. There is nothing that a site could do to scam their customers that this site won't do. BEWARE!

This site seems like a scam. The people who contacted me were bots, they didn't actually exist. It was not possible to get a refund, even though I am less than 30 days into my purchase. The search function is terrible. It is also very difficult to cancel your account.

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Mark BrooksOnline Dating & Matchmaking Contributing Editor

Harvard Business School graduate, Mark Brooks, has been an expert in the Internet dating business since 1998. He is currently the CEO of Courtland Brooks, a consultancy agency for the Internet dating industry, and runs OnlinePersonalsWatch.com. He prides himself on being a New Media Futurist and can be reached at LinkedIn.    More about Mark→

OurTime is the largest dating site created specifically for the baby boomer market.

  • 50+: Unlike most dating sites which are aimed at the 18-35 year old market, OurTime puts 100% of its focus on the 50+ baby boomer market of singles, many of whom are re-entering the dating world after a divorce or the loss of a spouse.
  • Simplified dating experience: In contrast to many other dating sites which offer a plethora of unnecessary options, OurTime keeps their interface and searches simple so that they can be used efficiently and with little to no hassle.
  • Paid self promotion: For a small fee, OurTime allows you to bump your profile up so it appears near the top of the search rankings. This helps make your profile more visible to prospective matches.
  • Best for Singles over 50 years of age who are seeking friendship, short-term or long-term relationships.

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