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I joined and realised immediately that I had made a mistake (literally 10 minutes later). The terms and conditions stated that I had 14 days to change my mind. I was relieved that I was well within this timeframe and seeing as I didn't activate my account I assumed that my refund of £30 would be made within 24hrs. 10 days later, I have not received any acknowledgement or any contact from this company. I would like to exercise my consumer rights and for my money to be return to me immediately. has many scammers trying to rip people off. stole money from me and I never signed up with them. I don't know how they got my information or my credit card number. They took 140.00 out of my account without me knowing, did not get any emails with an account name or password but yet they took my money. How do I get my money back and put a stop to future scams.

Cupid is a criminal operation. Most US banks will not let you use their credit cards to sign up for a reason -- Cupid will renew your paid membership even when you have an end date. They hide the place where you get to stop the subscription. Most people have to google to find the page. It is also filled with romance scammers -- and they are not removed even if you report them. I know, I've reported them and they were never removed. If you want waste money join. If you want to meet real people go somewhere else.

I had written you about and the various foreign men that tried to scam me. Well I decided to also to go to Cupid which I believe is owned by the owners of and also Zoosk. My results were horrifying. I found many profiles being shared amongst the three dating sites. Many of the men's backgrounds as far as where they lived, their name, phone numbers, their age, and if they were widowers or married, proved to be inaccurate or false information given by them. Some of the men I questioned all seemed to be in business for themselves.

When I asked to meet them they were either too busy working either in or out of the country or did not show up. I then decided to tell each one that said how much they really liked or loved me that they had to show me a picture ID or license and a bill with their address on it to prove to me that they were who they said they were. Well guess what happened? These men who were so in love or liked me a lot completely dropped off the face of the earth and even their phone numbers are changed. These dating sites are not providing the consumer a true picture of these men. They could do some basic things to make sure we get the dates that we deserve and the service we paid for. I think it there is fraud going on here and the people getting hurt are us the consumer.

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I'm appalled in the inconsistency of repeat billing dates as it appears Cupid are winding the clock back on every anniversary by a factor of 3 days - suggesting there are thirteen (13) months in a calendar year, not the standard twelve (12). I agree to pay fees on a monthly basis but at the same date during the month which has not happened. It's equally frustrating making multiple formal requests (with visual pictures) outlining your billing policy page is faulty or perhaps simply does not exist. I have clearly stated in my correspondence, you have failed to supply a copy of your billing policy, complaints procedure(s) or refund of my account. You have failed to notify myself of any price increase(s) plus have not supplied any receipts for payments taken.

The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 applied from the 13 June this year (2014) and set out new rules on information to be given to customers, the cancellation rights which your customer will be entitled to, and the express consent needed before you can charge for something. The only receipt I have is 16th March 2015 stating one month's membership (inc communications upgrade) which expires 15th. Please explain why fees were drawn down on the 13 April and then on the 11th May 2015.

I joined and paid, as I thought, for one month. Somehow it added £14.90 on as Premium Membership which I didn't want. I sent an email and I then had an email saying my membership had been cancelled. I queried this. Having then looked at the calibre of people on the site, I decided for a full refund which I requested. Despite putting the acceptable mileage from my home and age group of men, I was getting communications from as far as 250 miles away and young men younger than my eldest son. The whole thing seems a total sham. Despite repeated requests under the distance selling act for a full refund, all I am getting is emails offering me special deals with their other sites. I had one email saying they were unable to trace my payment. I have referred this now to my credit card Company. They also operate under different names including Over 50 dating which is what I joined.

LOL, terrible site. Tons of scammers from Nigeria and Ghana.

I canceled membership 5 days before the deadline. Still got charged, apparently just like many other customers. If you people are serious about protecting consumers, these people ( should be investigated and put out of business!!!!

These guys are scam and people like this have ruined internet. Fake profiles galore. Customer Support claims to help but they do nothing. Nobody is sending us emails except BOT. They will not cancel account. They will not refund even though within 24 hrs I contacted them this is BS. Some reason, over a month now PayPal hasn't refunded. Guess Cupid ** have convinced them they are legit. I am back to PayPal regarding. Much better chances/opportunities at your local bar. Good Luck.

I want a complete refund of $** ... and here's why: Scammers, scammers, scammers. I know that there's been contact with hundreds of people. I've marked many as scammers with the system as they exchange contact information with me. Then in private communication, they send photos that they claim to be themselves. When I use a reverse image search tool at Google I see within a few seconds every site of each photograph they've sent me exists in a porn gallery of a known porn star.

Know that I've reported 35-50 accounts as scammers. And I know there is double (or maybe triple or more) that number that I could have reported as scammers but forgot their login to know which account is was what specific scammer. I noticed that all accounts that contacted will have a location here in the USA or even Europe. They are never in the USA or Europe (that I've seen). They eventually present evidence of coming from Ghana or Nigeria (by looking at email headers or they admit it themselves in private conversations arranged elsewhere).

There were even times they'd ask what I was doing. I even said 'finding scammers'. They ask what a scammer is… I tell them. Then they reassure me that they aren't a scammer and I won't have a problem with them. They declare they are new to the internet and internet dating, and I'm the first person they've ever talked to. Then within a few minutes, they do the same thing as the other scammers. They send photos of a known porn star to hook me onto the looks of the porn star saying they are that person. I catch them in their fraud and identity theft, confront them with it, and they break contact with me. That is when I'd report them as a scammer on

If someone were to have told me was a gross waste of time, energy, and money before I joined and paid for it, I'd have never done it after knowing what I know now. I wouldn't be so upset if there was one genuine person a week over the last 90 days. That'd have been 12 people that could be real. But that wasn't the case. I had one that I could report with high confidence to be a real person. All the remainder of those that chatted or winked at me was a scammer... which is hundreds of people. Yes, literally hundreds of people. With a app on my smart phone or tablet, I can connect with 20-30 scammers in a day pretty easily, which makes a couple hundred in a week; and I suppose into the thousands of people had I done it every day for the whole 90 days.

Had I not been so good at detecting the scammers and stopping them before they could actively pitch me on an idea to send them money to bring them to the USA, and I was gullible (like many people on the internet is), I'd imagine I'd have been scammed for thousands of dollars. I imagine there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of people that are unsuspecting members of that are being actively scammed as we speak. Even though is not responsible for the scamming, they are an accessory of the scammer to get more business via the availability of the unsuspecting clients at that have well wishes of good things to come.

Please refund all monies spent at If had better methods to patrol/police/validate those that are signing up, then it would not be such a scammer-rich environment. There might be some success with romance with a few. I'd not be surprised that one success occurs after hundreds or even thousands of more successful conversations and transactions of fraud/identity theft. Please refund $** immediately. I think I've been patient long enough.

After doing the free search, there were a couple of people I wanted to contact. So I paid the $12.00 one year fee and also the fee so they could contact me for free if they weren't members. So, I set up the search so that I could message and they were gone. Where before I had paid, there were maybe 20-30 members in my area, now there was only one.

This site scammed me. I signed for one and got charged for three, for seven months.

Very dissatisfied overall. Was charged far more than advertised for a site that didn't work well at all. Save yourself a lot of hassle. Avoid

Horrible online dating website. All woman (as I am a man) I met on site lied about where they were located. If you actually got a response it was also a total lie - women just trying to bilk money out of you. If you did send a response to a person, there would be no response and then if you moved forward that person's picture would be associated with a different domain name and a different state - country - area. TOTAL SCAM. Plus after the first day of realizing I had been scammed I tried to deactivate my account - cancel my subscription and there is no way to accomplish this. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE. TOTAL SCAM.

Same experience as all these other comments. Paid £3.00 for 3-day trial in Sept 2013. Just got my bank statement on Nov 11 2013 and over £100 has been taken out. They are not interested in any of my complaints and they maintain I asked for upgrades to my 3-day trial WHICH I DID NOT. Steer well clear of these rogues. I'm only happy I spotted these withdrawals from my account before they fleeced me completely.

A warning to others, don't use CUPID PLC!!! I joined a dating site back in April 2011. I paid for a 3-month subscription costing £40.78 on a trial basis. The site was a waste of time. I had no messages or little response so I cancelled my membership and repeat billing before the membership expired in July 2011. I cancelled online. It was a complicated procedure and misleading. When you clicked on the link "cancel repeat billing", it said "Thank you for staying with us!" A total con! I carried out the online instructions and as far as I was concerned, I thought I was no longer a member. I didn't use the site again after July 2011 or the service. I left and joined a different site. I forgot all about it until I realized there was money being taken from my account every 3 months. They had continued taking 10 more payments of £40.78 and had taken over £400 after I'd cancelled my repeat billing.

Unfortunately, I am a busy single mum and I don't always have time to check my bank statements and I only just noticed recently. They are saying that I didn't cancel and they are refusing to give me a refund. They deliberately con and exploit vulnerable people, and companies like them shouldn't be allowed to get away with it! They show no respect for their members. I am a single parent on a low income. I can't afford to lose this amount of money. They make it deliberately difficult to cancel so they can carry on taking money. I feel robbed. They hardly ever answer the phone. You can't speak directly to the billing department. It's all a con. They are nothing but robbers! I was told I had to wait for an e mail and they said they couldn't refund me. Trying to make out that I hadn't cancelled. If there had been a technical problem, this wasn't my fault. Any professional company would refund me. I have consulted my bank to pursue the dispute on my behalf.

Cupid PLC can't be trusted. They have taken money for a service I wasn't using. I have also been sent a false fake profile by them to try and get me to sign up with another dating site. It was a picture of Simon Cowell sending a message with a different name. How stupid do they think I am? It's an insult to members' intelligence. Would Simon Cowell really be messaging me, a 50-year old single mother? I won't be using any of Cupid's dating sites again. I will continue to fight for a refund. How many more people are they doing this to and getting away with it??? Don't use them and please don't be robbed by them like I was!

I selected this site to meet and correspond with females in various countries. I signed up for the FilipinoCupid and BrazilCupid sites. Initially, I believed the interests sent me were real until I notice after about 2 weeks that the only ones interested in me were 70-80 year old substance-dependent widows. The attractive females never did reciprocate the interest, and many profiles were turned off.

I am a very attractive and successful 55-year old doctor. The pictures on my profile are recent ones of me in Hawaii taken last month. I will be living in Hawaii next month. Additionally, the photos are verified using my driver's license photo and personal data. I am disappointed in the website, as it appears to be a bait-and-switch scheme. It does not enhance my belief in people or internet businesses. is an online dating site, and just by its name which sounds quite authentic; however it promotes a false sense of intent. The website is affiliated with and has mastered the skill of deception. I'm very cautious with online dating sites for many reasons, but this one fooled me, hands down. I didn't commit until several days later, and while I had my incomplete profile (unpaid), I got bombarded with emails of beautiful woman, and average looking, winking, showing interest. I wasn't able to read until I paid the website. Fair enough, it seemed. After all, the sites looks good and plenty of serious women engaging. But I was wrong. The minute I paid for my membership, all the mails, winking stopped. I responded to all those emails, and never got a response back form either, and trust me, it's not a lack of writing skills or looks. I haven't even gotten an email for several days now. The only ones I'm getting is another site called - don't know how - my guess is that it's the same company - with the same format. At that point, I knew I got deceived. Nothing I can do now, but endure the small loss; however I gained a lesson!

Much like somebody else has described here, you will get fake contact notifications when you sign-up with your email in order to hook you to subscribe in order to respond back. On top of that has many similar sites they will try to get you to subscribe to using same tactics. They will not refund your money once you purchase the service, just try emailing or calling them. Really disappointing. You have to be so careful with dishonest websites doing these things widespread. This site is just the tip of the iceberg for similar sites I've encountered in the dating community. You have to do your research for complaints on ANY dating site now because this is so widespread. This is how the internet is now.

I was introduced by a friend to single parties organized by Speed Dater, an online meeting website (owned by Cupid plc) that is also organizing single events in London venues. One day I realised looking at my bank account statement that the website was charging me even though I have never been interested in online dating. It appeared that I had forgotten to uncheck a box that was giving me a free access to the web services for a month while booking for a single party event.

I called the company which initially refused to give any refund. I reiterated that I never intended to register as a paying online member. I had to exchange many emails to be granted a refund and I found the argument unpleasant. This is when speed daters staff really started to wind me up as I really dislike this kind of commercial attitude on the internet (you suddenly get charged for services you never willingly agreed to subscribe to because you missed a small asterisk somewhere).

Subsequently I registered for speed dating events and decided to use the guarantee given to clients to claim a free event if they chose not to tick anyone during the speed dating. I didn’t tick anyone and asked for a free entry to another speed dating event. Still I have decided to stay in touch with some of the ladies I was not interested to meet as dates but simply as friends.

Speed dater company is so greedy that they decided not to give me a free access to another event on the basis that I had contacted some attendees which suggested that I wanted to date them. In fact it is indeed written in their general conditions about activating the guarantee that If you are seen to be handing out business cards, exchanging contact details or sending site messages to event members, this suggests you do wish to see members again. Such acts will forfeit an activated guarantee. Who reads such TCs?

They spy over your shoulder and read the messages you may exchange with some attendees to withdraw their guarantee. You have been warned! I haven’t heard of any other speed dating company having this attitude. This is where Denise comes into the picture. I will be charitable and call her Denise even though this is not her real name. Denise organizes events. Denise became very upset because I had tried to use the guarantee to book a free event (for which I initially paid no less than 20 quids!). Denise said that she would not allow me to attend any other event! Denise is strict.

Very recently I decided to join a friend into one of those single party events. Denise denied me access; it appeared that she thought she was remembering me pretty well. She has also refused to give me any refund. Frustrated Denise? Frustrated of handing over locks and keys during those events after so many years with the company? Denise must have handed over locks and keys for too many years. She is upset. I cannot blame her. Who wouldn’t?

More seriously I think this company is has-been. They didn’t manage to reinvent themselves. They treat clients like money bags, enroll then through dodgy commercial practices into paying sections of their website, claim they offer a guarantee but are keen to withdraw it at their discretion to cash in as much as they can. Times have changed, new business models appeared. Many new comers on the lucrative single market industry offer FREE single parties. They organize nice events called laissez-faire. Their motto is exactly the opposite: they don’t ask for money or for you to be even registered (so no need for you to check that your credit card is charged after a while for unwanted subscriptions!). Moreover they don’t spy on you.

Someone phished my credit card and signed up for a 3-day trial on I let them know as well as the company that bills for them and they refused to refund the $5.10 as they said they have a 3D secure password that prevents fraud so I must have been the cardholder. Unfortunately they are in the UK so I have little recourse.

I signed up on this website sometime in November. It's a scam and let me explain their modus operandi. Almost all the decent profiles on this website are fake. They have profile images picked up from the Internet (and you can confirm this by reverse looking up the image on Google). It is definitely a fraud scheme. You will receive a lot of emails from many genuine-looking people till you don’t sign up (all the content in the email will be hidden, the profile image of that person will be so tiny that you wont discern anything). Every day you will get an email you are popular and you should pay them money to contact people, all fake and obviously bots!

Once you sign up, these emails from seemingly real people stop coming. You can also notice that the profile images are photoshopped or fake (because they now let you see the bigger image). Most of the traffic that lands up in your inbox now is spam, sent by the website itself (they provide a lot of ways to multiply traffic like send to all, sending an email to everyone when someone joins etc., etc.). They also automatically sign you up (without your permission) on their many sister websites (cheekylovers, wildbuddies etc., etc,) and you start getting the same type of spam from them, all begging for you to sign up. Horrible extortion scheme. I am sure there are better ways of making money than playing with people’s emotions. The profiles of the people are not genuine at all; they are all fake people who have posted their profiles.

I found the site very confusing. It's not at all user friendly. The selection of men were very poor (creepy in fact). You are re-billed even if you cancel your profile. You must call an 800 number with a long waiting list. And refunds are never issued. CS is hard to understand and hear. It is as though they intentionally make it difficult to speak with them. is everything this site is not.

I tried out the 3-day trial for Cupid, and it was an okay site. The problem came when I tried to cancel the automatic renewal billing. I had to call a 1800 number and spoke with someone in India. To make it worse, I could barely understand her. I explained that I wanted to cancel the automatic renewal. She agreed and signed me up for a 1-month free membership. When I questioned her about the membership, she told me that I would be automatically billed at the end of the membership. Again, I told her I wanted to cancel and did not want automatic renewal billings.

To make a long story short, I ended having to speak to her manager to stop the automatic billing. My account is now closed and I've deleted my profile. All I can say is that it is a billing scam. They make it extremely difficult to stop the automatic billing and take your money that way.

I am embarrassed to say that I signed up for BeNaughty (affiliated with Cupid) on a three-day trial. I very quickly realized this was a bad idea and tried to cancel my subscription (they force you into a recurring subscription unless you cancel). I both used the online process to cancel and called Cupid. I was told at the time that they were sorry that I didn't like the service and offered me one month free. I thought I had made it clear that I wanted to cancel and thought they were just giving me one month's free service in the hopes that I would change my mind and sign up again. In fact, what they did was to not cancel my subscription at all.

I was billed again after a month. I called them again and was told that my online attempts to cancel had not been done properly (they have some elaborate process they make you follow to cancel a subscription). They then told me that no, even though I'd called to cancel, they'd offered me the free one month and that was meant to keep me signed up. I had to be extremely blunt in making it clear I wanted to cancel my subscription before they did it. I just want to warn others to be very careful with these people as in my view, they are sneaky and dishonest and will do whatever it takes to try to keep billing you. Do not accept any deals or offers from them if you want to cancel your subscription.

I was absolutely horrified recently when both a customer along with friends and family informed me that they had seen dating agency advertising banners on YouTube and Facebook with my face. I was sent copies of these advertisements and was furious that Mature Dating UK was using a picture of me to advertise their company. I found out that this company is a subsidiary of Cupid PLC and immediately contacted them. Upon relaying my complaint to the call advisor, I was told in very poor English by a call representative Isaac that he would not be passing this onto management and I would have to put my complaint in writing. I explained this was unacceptable as this false and unauthorized advertisement is damaging to my image. Isaac did not apologize nor seem bothered by my distress.

I tried to contact Cupid PLC on several other numbers; however, there was no call attendant available. Finally, I was able to locate their solicitors and contacted them through this route. The solicitor in turn contacted Cupid and I received a non-apologetic email back explaining that I had joined an online dating agency back in 2011 and as part of their T&C's, they can use my images as they please. I was absolutely dismayed for several reasons. The first being that although I do recall joining an online dating agency at the beginning of 2011, I ended my membership shortly afterwards (mid 2011) and have been in a relationship with my current partner since. It is ludicrous that they can use my pictures when I'm not even an active member. Secondly, surely this is false advertising for Mature Dating UK, as I was only 28 years of age on the picture and I have never been a member of this particular website. Finally, had the T&C’s been clear that they can use my picture for advertising for whatever websites they please and whenever they like, I certainly would not have shared my pictures. I am horrified to think how many other people could have their reputations tarnished by this exploitation and wonder how many members Cupid PLC would actually have if it made it very clear of its unacceptable intentions.

I have since received an email back from Cupid PLC detailing their T&C’s and accusing me of logging onto my profile as recently as the 17th August 2012! I categorically deny this statement and to add insult to injury, I was actually in New Zealand that particular day in hospital with my fiancé for an ultra sound on our baby. Their claim is ridiculous and proves their information is clearly unreliable or they are simply not a trusted company. I would advise anyone who is thinking to join any dating website to check the T&C’s carefully and avoid anything to do with Cupid PLC at all costs! I have included what they sent me below and I continue to pursue them for an apology: "License to your posted content - By posting information or content to your profile pages or any public area of the site, you automatically grant, and you represent and warrant that you have the right to grant to Cupid an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty free, worldwide license to use, copy, publish, display, reformat, translate and distribute such information or content and to grant and authorize sub-licenses of the same. You further waive any moral rights you may have in any such information or content."

I logged in at, but my I.D. somehow arrived at BeNaughty and at Wild Buddies too. All three are Cupid PLC sites. Numerous emails were received from attractive younger women not in my city or even my country (Australia). Usually, they suggest that I email them at a Yahoo email to privately chat and receive private photos. I haven't done this step. If I request a meeting, they then never contact me again. But a few days later, another set of girls contacted me. Several months here being stringed along, I am now in the process of trying to leave all these sites. I suggest strongly that these sites be avoided if you are looking for a dating site.

I registered on nonlinear for free and never paid to upgrade my membership. I got daily email notifications that I received flirts. One day, I received a very disgusting email from a guy. I quickly went nonlinear and saw that I was on a meat market site called I was horrified and called the 1-800 number and spoke to someone that definitely was not from the USA. He said that when you join, about one month later, they automatically put your profile on other sites they own. I was so angry. My picture and town I live in were on a pornography site! I immediately cancelled everything and demanded to be removed from all their sites and wanted email confirmations on all of them which they did.

I signed up for a month's service. From the first second, I was inundated with spammers and scammers working to get personal information. The site was asking me to pay more to read certain emails from elusive people near me. It did not matter how many times I wrote a profile, it would never post. All my matches were scattered through out the world and not near me. I got the opportunity to read through some profiles. Some said thing like "Please do not contact me. I can't delete my account and I get billed to my credit card when you email me!" and others that say nothing at all, no pictures. Oh yes, and be very careful what you click on, you will be charged extra. Yeppers, I have had my account for 14 hours and what a nightmare. Please save yourself your time and your money. Use a trusted site and not this one. Company Profile

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