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So... I've had Capital One for 3 years and never had a problem. A few weeks ago they sent me a new card with the chip to replace one of my platinum credit cards. I didn't know that this was being sent and I didn't ask for it but I went with it. I went to activate it and found out that "Because of fraudulent activity I need to verify my information". Not only did they black a hold on my accounts they also did it on my other 3 cards. So I sent them the documents that they requested and never heard back. They kept telling me to send the information back to them and I did. When I did the 4th time they said that it can't be verified. I went to my lawyer and called my bank verify my identity at the Capital One 360 Bank.

After this was done they took the alert off and said it was fine. Then one hour later it was back on because of fraudulent. So I called and asked and they wanted the papers again. I sent it in and after I ended 2 hours later I got a call to call them back and it turns out that they closed all my accounts and that I would have to apply all over again. So, the B.B.B will hear about this and so will the Corporate office as well. Will never do business with them again.

After being sick myself and taking care of my husband who had Parkinson's I started going over my bank statements and saw that capital one had been taking money out of my account for 20 months. I had my bank give me copies of all the checks and they sent copies to capital one. I tried calling them today and was told there is no number to investigation dept. for me to call. So if they had me send papers to investigation dept. why don't they have a number?? They said I would have to just wait. After reading some of the reviews of others that have had problems with these morons I'm really p----- off. I have to wait, but they were quick to take my money. This company needs to be shut down. I'm calling the B.B.B. Others should do the same. They are guilty of credit card fraud.

I opened my Capital One CC in January of 2014. After about 8 months they sent me a new chipped card and did a poor job communicating because I never expected it and tossed it with junk mail. 2 months later my cards just stops working. When I call and they explain what happened, I was okay with this and had them send a new card... It never arrived. I called a 2nd time, and they inform me the address change I gave them didn't get input correctly and the card was sent back to them. So again I update my address with person and another card is re-issued.

Still now 8 months after my card was shut off, 4 phone calls, and I have no replacement. I called today just to close my card and be done with this poor excuse of a company and they hang up on me 3 times when trying to reach a manager to discuss the failure to provide minimal customer support. So I gave up and just closed the card and opened a new one with my bank. I don't get it Capital One, I get 50 CC offers in the mail a week and they send me cards I don't even ask for. Why do you struggle getting me a card after 6 phone calls. Don't bother with these amateurs, they don't know what they are doing.

They will only steal from you if they get the opportunity and they have that opportunity 24/7... I paid off my account and the next month they still charged me a fee.

In June I received a phone call supposedly from Capital One asking for personal information "to update their records". I considered it a phishing expedition and refused to give the account info. I then called Capital One to ask if this was a legitimate phone call. Their fraud department insisted no one from Capital One ever asked for personal information in this manner and congratulated me for not giving out the info. I received a second call similar to the first about a week later, and hung up on them.

Mid-July I received a call from a company that automatically bills my Capital One account saying the card had been refused. Capital One then told me they had cancelled the card because I did not respond to their telephone calls. They also said the account could not be reinstated. At no time did they contact me by email or snailmail. In fact, I received a statement from them only a day or two before this happened, and I continued to get e-alerts about my account balance (which was zero as I had paid it in full before they cancelled it). I consider this very poor customer service.

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Twice now I've been charged a $24.00 late fee because my payment wasn't received on time, despite the fact that both times I put the check in the mail 8+ days before it was due (and no holidays to slow it down). It only had to cross a single state from Missouri to Illinois! Most recent example... payment due the 24th... went out in the mail the 16th... 8 days ahead of time but somehow it wasn't posted to my account until the 28th!! 12 DAYS TO CROSS A SINGLE STATE?!! Plus I had to pay the fee each time because they REFUSED TO REMOVE IT! LOL!!

I thought about blaming the postal service for the slow arrival, but I've NEVER had trouble sending or receiving mail and having it arrive that late... unless it's with Capital One. Like I said, this happened to me one other time before, plus I've seen many others complaining about payments not being received "anywhere near when they should have been." I closed my account and couldn't be happier! I'll be telling my friends, family, and EVERYONE to stay away from this company! They WILL try to rob you from time to time by PRETENDING your payment wasn't received on time. If you love losing $24.00 once in a while, I highly recommend Capital One!

We opened a Capital One account in 2011. I became ill and was hospitalized, our income dropped drastically. We called them and explained the situation, we made partial payments for 3 months, they began regular payments again. One year ago I turned all our credit cards over to a consolidation, and it has been a big relief. The problem is that no one can deal with Capital One. Once credit cards are put into a consolidation, they are supposed to be marked closed and noted that they are being paid. Capital One refuses to do this. Our credit report has one delinquent credit report - Capital One. It shows we missed three payments, and since they refuse to mark it closed, it counts as using 31% of our credit due to the balance of only $577. They agreed to the terms of the consolidation, but they never show an account closed unless it is paid in full. For this reason, we have been denied our home loan. Probably my last chance at ever getting a new home.

I have called many many times to the credit bureau, Equifax, Transunion, and to Capital One. The credit bureaus admit that Capital One is impenetrable and unmovable. They lied to me today and told me that if I paid them off, it would help my credit report and show closed. What they didn't tell me was that the 3 payments that they have marked missed and late will still reflect on my report - fortunately I asked someone at my bank before I paid them. I don't know what to do, no one speaks English, everyone claims to be a supervisor, and no one does what they say they are going to do. They show notes in their computer that they were going to send me a letter a month ago showing that we are current now, and they are being paid thru the consolidation, but they can't find where anyone ever sent it. Do not do business with these people.

I requested a lien release for a loan that has been closed since 2010. They have had the information for over 3 business weeks. I have been told the department has no phone and I cannot talk to a manager. The only form of communication is email and fax. They have emailed me twice to say that my information will be processed in the order it was received. They will not give me any other information or a person responsible for the lien release. Every time I've called in they give me a different excuse and I talk to a different service rep. The house this is on has been sold and closed on July 1st!!! The title company is holding my money because we cannot prove the lien release. I am begging for help on this situation.

I pay at least double auto payments & extra payments every month on both of my Capital One cards. I am being charged so many fees and interest charges that I can't get the balance down. I read terms carefully. I didn't see this coming. Had them a couple of years. Only charge if I have to.

I read bad reviews on here about Capital One. They're the best company I have done business with! EVER!!! I bank with them, have a brand new truck financed with them. I have two credit cards with them! I pay my bills before they are due every month, and I have never had one problem!!

I have the same thing happening as another review. 6 months ago I had $2500 worth of charges on card. Capital One noticed it immediately and canceled the card and blocked the transactions. Now I'm paying monthly fees on an account I had a 0 balance on. Over the weekend I received an email that the account was past due, so that goes on my credit report. I've called them several times... idiots.

Last year I lost a card after moving. I told them my new address. They sent it to a similarly spelled street even though I clearly spelled the name out, said "It's spelled with a V not a D". They said, "Ok understood". Whoever received card went on a shopping spree. They eventually fixed the charges but trying to explain to them that NONE of the charges that were on the card that they had delivered to the wrong address were me. It was like trying to explain rocket science to a monkey that ANY charges on the card sent to the wrong address weren't me. I mean come on really. I'm going to stop using them after this is all cleared up.

I found out my identity was stolen by a bad mark on my credit report from an account with Capital One that was sent to collections for nonpayment. I called Capital One and after being passed around and around trying to get someone who speaks English and understands me I reported the issue. 3 months later - I am still dealing with this fraud card. They have sent 3 sets of documents to my home with someone else's name on them so I can't complete the paperwork needed for the fraud charges. Today I find out that they "closed" my case because the phone number and mailing address were verified when the card was activated. Well of course it was - my identity was stolen! So I am having to fight with them to reopen my fraud case - meanwhile this is sitting on my credit report and destroying my credit. They do not care about you as a customer and are very unwilling to help you when you have a problem. Stay FAR FAR AWAY from this company!!

This has been by far the worst customer service treatment I have ever received. I work as a call center agent myself and the one thing I hate most is having to be on the phone on my day off. I am trying to rebuild my credit and so thinking I had plans for the 4th that I would make my payment to Capital One and use my card so I can build my credit. I made my payment only to find that my available credit was still at $0 on a $300 limit. I was confused since a payment had never been held before the fraud charges on my card.

After 5 phone calls to them (2 of which I got reps that had heavy accents and spoke too fast and got rude with me, 1 with a supervisor who hung up while on hold with the bank, 1 supervisor who brushed me off and 1 who basically told me I am screwed) I get "Sorry there is nothing we can do about releasing your payment because it's a holiday weekend and we have to verify with the bank first." Well I contacted my bank who told me they don't even see the transaction from Capital One. I told this to the supervisor who after put me on hold and came back and said that they won't send it to the bank until Monday. Way to go Capital One on screwing a former loyal customer over a holiday weekend.

Please don't believe that this bank has adequate or reliable service. I realize that there are low fees, and attractive websites, but the services are erratic and unavailable. There are links to services that have not been designed yet. Payments are not received on (or near) the dates specified. Customer service is a grueling wait. Expect arbitrary shut-downs of accounts without recourse (see "grueling wait" above). Please recognize that this is a beautifully promoted bank, without services to maintain customers.

Every time in the five years I used this card that I paid off my card in full, in order to take advantage of no interest, they block my card and make me call and send them all kinds of paperwork from my bank accounts and they ask all kinds of questions as to why I made an usually large payment. They gave me a little $300 credit limit and told me that they would raise it every six months, and then they only raised it to $500 limit on time. They don't want you to pay off your balance and they punish you when you do so because they want you to keep you balance high. Waste of time. They purposely do this to keep you from using the card so you're less apt to pay your balance.

Customer service are all Hindus and repeat themselves like robots. I also found it was very unprofessional to ask me for my banking statements and records, when there was never a problem with any payment; they just create their own auditing system whenever they please and I had to close my card because they tried to bully me into giving out personal information that I do not want to divulge for my financial security.

I hesitate to take the time to write another review after the hundreds of bottom-scraping reviews of Capital One credit cards that are already online. However, since people have different situations maybe this review pertains more to you. Background: My credit score is 641 out of a possible 650. I've never once had a late payment to anyone over the past fifty years. I've recommended Capital One many times to friends because they don't charge 1% for charges overseas. My reward for the customer loyalty is utter incompetence on the one occasion that I've had a problem. Capital One's Fraud Department is grossly incompetent.

Brief rundown after more than two weeks of daily phone calls:

Despite obvious fraud ($15000 at an Apple Store halfway across the country from where I live), Capital One didn't catch this. There was no credit warning. I found the charges online and had to call them. They took all my information and shut down my account saying the case would be addressed within 72 hours and that I would receive a phone call.

No phone call. When I called them after 72 hours nothing at all had been done. There were no notes in the account of anyone in the Fraudulent Fraud Department having even looked at the issue. They then told me that to initiate the investigation I had to drive 45 minutes to my bank and have the bank manager call them to identify me. I did that. Capital One then told the bank manager that I'd received incorrect information and that I had to email them a copy of my driver's license.

I emailed them my driver's license and waited another 72 hours. Again, no one called. I called them. After many long holds, I was told that the driver's license wasn't what they needed. I needed to find my original Social Security Card from 65 years ago and send them a copy. I did send them a copy of my SS card along with a bill stating my name and address. Another 72 hours and no contact. I called them back. They then told me that the SS card and bill were not adequate, so I needed to drive to the bank and have the bank manager call to identify me. See above. Second trip to the bank.

The bank manager called Capital One. They took his number at the bank and said they would call him back at that number. Forty-five minutes; no call. The bank manager called back. They had copied down his number incorrectly. They said that they had contacted me through a text to my phone. I had told them previously that the thief had also stolen my phone number. Capital One insisted on texting information on how to gain access to my account to the THIEF. I asked several times for them to take my new phone number. They refused to take the correct phone number. Their phone lines drop calls constantly and they will not allow you to speak to the person who just spoke to you, nor will they take your phone number, so you start the process over time and time again.

When I finally got someone competent on the phone his first reaction was that he was stunned. He couldn't believe what had happened, beginning with no fraud alert on an obviously fraudulent purchase and ending with the fact that no one in the Fraudulent Department had taken note of which purchases were fraudulent. (This was at least the tenth call.) So he took note of the problematic charges and STARTED ANOTHER 72 HOUR INVESTIGATION.

He did issue another card finally, which I will close as soon as I extract my rewards points. However, he also shut down my online account. I need to login again when the new card comes for security reasons. The problem is that Capital One has taken so long that I have a payment due in two days. I asked the Capital One employee what to do and his suggestion was to pay off the $15000 of fraudulent charges made by the thief, hoping that it would be refunded whenever the Fraud Department completes many more 72 hours reviews in which they do absolutely nothing. He hopes that I feel like a valued Capital One customer and he promises to credit $30 to my account once this is over, just to make sure I'm happy. DON'T EVER, EVER DO BUSINESS WITH CAPITAL ONE.

Noreen customer serve supervisor stayed on the phone with me for over an hour trying to correct a balance transfer from Capital One to Citi Bank. She never left me to try to get the transfer corrected. Citi hung up on us twice!!! Capital One was great!!!

When I asked to apply for a credit card for someone who has bad credit the first things that showed up under that category was Capital One Credit Card!!! Well I went in to apply for a credit card and they denied me even though it said for bad credit to help rebuild your credit! I don't have the worse credit around but I have a low score but it is over 600 in some bureaus, but even with that I still got denied! I am even working to clean up my credit but I guess that don't count for nothing!!!

If you are thinking of applying for a card from Capital One and you have bad credit please don't do it, cause if you do it will drop your score at least 11 or more points which really hurts you in the long run!!! The reason it hurts you so much is because it is considered a hard hit to you credit! I do not recommend them for anyone who does not have a good score! PLEASE BE WARNED!!! Do not even try. You will be very hurt by their false advertisement on the computer! Cap One you STINK and I will be getting a hold of the Better Business Bureau for the false advertisement for bad credit customer to rebuild their scores!!!

This company waste my time. I got pre-approved with a new credit card. They didn't send the new card. They ask me to call several times, wasted my time and I ended up just cancelling the account. This company doesn't know how to take care of their customer. They don't deserve to have a good client. Very unprofessional.

This is a very unprofessional company from my dealing - made up of dishonest, ruthless people starting at the top, that is why the CEO hides from his Customers and the Public. He does not and will not face the actions of his company. BE VERY CAREFUL. They will do anything to hurt your credit rating. Look at the complaints files. This company should be removed - shut down just like the BANKSTER of this Country.

Capital One said there was fraud on my account and now I can not access any of my money from checking and savings account. I am still waiting to hear from a Capital One investigator. It has been 3 days. Still nothing has been done and can not get into my accounts. DO NOT BANK WITH THIS COMPANY.

The representatives did everything that they could to delay the paydown so that they could get interest.

I had called to cancel my cards since they have an annual fee and I don't use them anymore since I have cards with no annual fee. The person that I spoke to offered to waive the fees if we did not close the accounts. Thinking that maybe we might use them again, I agreed. My wife and I have 4 accounts with a zero balance that they offered us this on. We called before the due dates so there would not be an issue. Since I had no balance I had no reason to look at the statements.

2 months later I get a past due notice from one of the accounts with 2 late charges. I called and they said they would waive those since it was on a charge they waived and should have waived before the due date. The next month there is still a charge for a late fee. I called again and they stated that they could only waive one late charge even though it was a late charge on a late charge that should not have even been charged. Needless to say, because of their bad customer service, we paid the late charge and closed all 4 accounts. We have been customers for a long time and have used our accounts and paid them off and have never paid late. It must be nice that they can just write off great customers over a $25 charge that was their fault to begin with. Needless to say I will not be using Capital One for any future accounts.

I opened a Secured Debit card with Capital One. For those of you unfamiliar with secured debit cards its basically only for people who do not qualify for a real credit card due to horrible credit score. So they allow you to deposit your own money and you get charged interest on your own money to build up credit. So I deposited $200 and things were going just fine. A few months down the line Capital One offered me to up my credit to $500. Meaning I have an extra $300 of real credit available and $200 of my own cash in the card.

Once again things were going fine, so much so Capital One decided to up my credit to $750... Well after about a year of this I decided to cancel the card to obtain a real credit card as my goal was to raise my credit enough to ditch this high interest card and get something more reasonable. When I called to cancel my card they mentioned that this was never a secured card. IMPOSSIBLE seeing as how my credit score was at 355 NO ONE would ever give me a real credit card.

Capital One is Stealing my initial $200 deposit. If a person were to do this they would be in jail. Let alone do it to what Im assuming is not just me. I mean you do this to 1000 people and you made someone at Capital a nice bonus they can pocket. Whatever happened to honest people and honest companies? I seriously hope this company tanks and loses everything. Its not enough to make money off of services but to literally steal from hardworking people, now thats an atrocity against the proletariat.

Buyer beware when online app. for this co. I successfully opened a 360 checking account only to find out they closed it with no explanation. Called customer service. The agents were rude and hung up in calling back and after extremely long hold time the supervisor I spoke with asked all these weird questions. And after all that "Sorry we can't verify your identity." What a crock of you know what. Other institutions will let you know within 60 seconds of filling out an app. if you're approved or not. The manager at Capital One was condescending so do not do business with Capital One. After reviewing many reviews it's beyond my comprehending why they are still in business.

I arrived at an ATM machine at 2:10 PM, 6/4/16. I was there to deposit a $25,000 check in to my business account. After entering my pin #, I received a message that something like: "we're sorry but we will not be able to return your check to you". I stood and stared for about 2 minutes because I was unsure what this meant - since I had not yet deposited the check. After the 2 minutes, I decided to cancel the transaction and nothing happened.... for another 15 minutes, as I continued to attempt to cancel the transaction. I wasn't able to leave the ATM because I was concerned that it would suddenly start to work and someone would come along and retrieve my card.

I called Capital One, and after several extremely annoying prompts, got someone on the phone who told me they could have a ATM repair crew there in 4 to 6 hours. I did not have the account #, or Tax ID on me when I went to deposit the check - that's not required in order to make the deposit... They could do nothing for me. I could either sit there for 4-6 hours or drive away and hope that the machine did not spit out my card to someone else. The best part is there was someone in the bank... who wouldn't respond to my banging on the window.

After another 45 minutes, the machine rebooted and I called Capital One back to explain again. I was told the card would be shredded when the bank re-opened in the morning. It was irretrievable from the ATM at that time. Feeling less than somewhat assured, I left. Upon arriving home, I called Capital One with my business account #. I did not have the tax ID # since my partner had opened the account, but I was told that they could find the account with my social security #, which I assumed was correct since I provided that information to open the account.

The next day, I went to use my personal ATM card - and Yes! the moron on the phone cancelled my personal ATM card instead of the business ATM card. As you know you need to go to the branch to get a replacement, or wait 5 -10 days for them to mail one. If you're a working person and cannot be home to sign, for a federal express mail the next day - which I am. I have had many other stupid administrative issues with this bank and was reluctant to open yet another bank account, with hundreds of thousands of dollars, at this bank - I will never do that again, and plan to move my accounts, as soon as this transaction is completed.

As a long time customer of Capital One, I've had a problem where your bank has repeatedly overcharged my account just so your company can collect late fees & interest on an account - even when the payments were received (by you) a full week before they were due, but the payments were not posted to the account until after the due date.

Since the first of January I've had to call and ask why my payment was held onto for up to two weeks and not applied to my account until after the due date. This problem wasn't a one-time error. In fact, every month since January I've had the same problem. I can understand just once, maybe even twice... but three or four times??? Leads me to believe that Capital One has applied this new practice to get more interest & late fees out of its customers... I do be that's illegal.

I've called customer service over and over but all I've received is lie after lie, as each person I've tried to get an answer from gives me the runaround. When I've asked to speak to a supervisor I'm told that there isn't anyone else they can let me speak to since they were the only people who can handle these problems... We all know that's a lie now don't we. The two individuals who kept lying to me were Alecia #** & Shae #** (she hung up on me).

I've been paying my bills the same way for over 10 years (via bank electronically - sending a check) and have never had this problem before so I know it's not because my bank sends a check to you. Should I get no response from you then I'll have no choice but to turn this matter over to the Federal Banking Commission... I'm sure they'll want to know just what kind of illegal banking practices your company is involved with.

My card been declined. I called it in and she asked me 3 question and the cashier was waiting and she said the system is slow and she waiting on the system, I answered them all correct but she said the system refused it. That's why I will have a court order to send me the phone call recorder and all the answer she entered it in the system. It's not my mistake if you hiring people don't speaks English and she entered the wrong answers or having a really bad system. Then they asked me to send them a pictures of my social security and ID and bank statement and that will take them 72 hours to review.

The problem they think that they are the only CC in USA and the worse than that, I bought some food in same night and it pass it with no problem and even my card been suspended LOL. They are far way from any CC company. They are the Fraud by itself. If I'm was right, my lawyer office will ask for class of action because we already seen a lot of review complaining about their process. Many thanks.

I have had a Capital One MasterCard for a few years now and 3 times my card number was stolen. I called immediately and true to Capital Ones' policy, I did not have to pay the charges. One was an incident in which somebody was buying online and shipping to multiple addresses with multiple email addresses. There would have been additional charges every month for subscriptions and I would have been bankrupt within days. Everything was deleted and a new card mailed out. Also, charges were for an international hotel in Canada and I live in the US. Even though everything was taken care of in the past, I was so worried that I would have to pay the charges that I told the representative that I could provide an ironclad alibi as I was at work.

I had not even left the country in years. I was told that I didn't need to worry. The representative also checked and found more charges for the same hotel that had not posted to my card. All charges were disputed and negated from my card when nobody at the hotel would even accept a call from Capital One trying to substantiate the charges. I was told that the charges would have been removed regardless of the hotel not answering. I was mailed out a new card. Everything was fine until more charges from the same hotel showed up on my new card. I called again and everything was taken care of at the time. Capital One even made a stipulation that they would no longer accept any charges from that specific hotel and I was mailed out another new card. All good.

It's very inconvenience for me waiting 5 days for my CC to be restricted again. I send all the documents and whatever they want to have and still my account is restricted. I talk to their so called customer service person and as for my experience she just don't care if they lose a customer. I understand that this company just want to protect their investment or whatever but if there no customer there know you. So think of it. I might be one but if people asked me about what I experience I will probably say "Don't go Capital One."

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Capital One, a Fortune 500 company, is one of the most recognized brands in America. It is one of the nation's top 10 largest banks and has locations primarily in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Louisiana, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

  • Travel rewards: Capital One offers great rewards on flights that can be redeemed anytime, with no blackout dates. Use miles for tickets, hotels, rentals and more.
  • Credit builders: Capital One has a specialty in helping customers establish or rebuild their credit with credit cards targeted to those with fair or poor credit.
  • Secured credit card: This is one of the most popular secured cards on the market. Capital One sometimes offers a cardholder a partially-secured card, which means that the customer gets a credit limit that’s higher than the deposit.
  • Cash back: A few of Capital One's cards offer unlimited cash back on every purchase, and this feature is available on both consumer and business cards.
  • Spark-branded small business credit cards: There are rewards cards for cash back and airline miles. Capital One also offers corporate credit cards.
  • Clear and concise website: This company does a good job being transparent and explaining the rates, fees and rewards for its credit cards.
  • Best for Consumers and business owners who have good-to-excellent credit who want a rewards credit card. Also, consumers who need to build credit or repair bad credit. They also offer commercial corporate cards.

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