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New account opened. I asked for wiring instructions to deposit the initial $5000 but was told to just take a picture and deposit it via the website. OK fine. Then they put a hold on the funds. Fine. I expected that. Then I wanted to deposit $3000 additional. Was told to wire it so my bank wired $3000. Now they put a hold on that wire. So in summary CO360 is holding $8000. So I call their 866-464-7761 after receiving notice via email that my funds are not available and unless I call they will close the account.

I'm in Mexico and none of their toll free numbers are available so I spend 3 days with wait times over 1 hour on hold waiting for them to pick up. My phone dies twice. I call, call, and call with no answer ever. What a lack of service, lack of courtesy, lack of customer service. I can talk to the regular customer service but they have no authority so I get transferred. 45 minute minimum hold... for days. It's at the point where I am no longer mad just disappointed with this company. What a joke.

They locked my account after I opened an account for a week and transferred in a large amount of money. They sent out an email saying I had to call the customer security team. I called many many times but could never go through. I also left messages and sent them emails. I don't know how long I will get this resolved. After it settles, I will transfer my money out and stay away from them forever!!!

I had an account with Capital One years ago and never had a problem. So I decided to recently open up another one. After receiving the card I got countless emails to activate the card. I finally activated it on August 27,2016. On September 12, I received my first invoice. It showed a late fee of $25 and a activation fee of $79. The due date was SEPTEMBER 2!!! So I call the number on the card to ask how can I get a late fee when the invoice was obviously mailed late, and how can they automatically generate a late fee upon mailing out the invoice! The guy stated the activation fee was supposed to be paid once the card was activated. I told him then my first invoice should be for an activation fee, BUT since they can get their end straight cancel the card!!

He then sends me to a supervisor who now says in order for this to not show on my Credit report as late she'll waive the late fee. I asked her to still cancel the card. Now she's decided to drop the activation fee down to $50 which will show on my new invoice with a due date of Oct. 2. On Sept. 24th I attempt to rent a car because I have a $400 limit. It declined saying I only had $50 on the card for use! Finally call the following Monday am. I'm told I have a $25 late fee that was past due and a $50 fee due on Oct. 2! I asked have the Oct invoiced been mailed out yet and he said they sent that on the 6th of Sept (but as of today I still haven't seen it). Was told there weren't any notes on my account from the 12th.

I'm transferred to a supervisor after 30 min. I explain the entire scenario. She says the $50 is due on Oct 2nd and see the information I was giving her. I ask why the first person couldn't see it. She said because only supervisors can access everything. Customer service can only see online information. LOL! So I explain I'm out of state and need to use the card for rooming. She tells me once the $50 is paid the funds would be available but I had to use a debit card. I repeated back the information she said. I asked her to explain how the invoices are automatically generated with a late fee add, is that what they do to charge extra to their customers. But mysteriously there's an echo in the phone and she can't quite understand me nor can I hear her.

I laugh and tell her that I see she has selective hearing and answers to what she chooses so take the payment so I can use my card. Oh!!! Phone lines clear she's repeating back my debit information with no problem confirmation number on deck!! Then she's hits me with this speech... "Thank you for your payment authorizing $50, your payment will post midnight tonight and your funds will be available tomorrow." LOL!!! YEP!!! She got me for the payment! So I ask for her supervisor and she tries to continue explain the funds being available tomorrow instead of ASAP like she stated. I ask for a corporate number, that was a no go and she finally give me an address to send in my complaint. Hope it's the right one!

They put customers on hold so long. I ask the rep what if it was life or death, and he said just do whatever you have to do. It is rep # **, and I ask him can I speak because I did not get a word in and he said that he hear me so I said 'can you stop talking and listen to me" and he said no. So that's what brings me here.

I opened a checking account for my aging mother (with their help), got her social security check being deposited there as well as a small pension. They then froze all funds - $2790 so far. Such will be more to come as I can't redirect the pension and SSN check to a new account in time. They have a copy of my power of attorney and still they hold her funds. I am having to foot all her bills from my account. Total criminals. I will be heading to a new bank Monday to open new accounts for both my mother and I.

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I called about a week ago to have a replacement card sent to me because I used it online and I didn't feel comfortable about the site. The incompetent employee of Capital One Bank closed my account and sent me a new card. I called and ask them why they couldn't give me an answer. I was told since the account is close they can't reopen it and I should have gotten an account closed disclosures which I never received. I did not mention my account to be close I ask for a replacement card. I believe it unfair to me since I didn't close the account, it was an Bank Error, someone should own up and take the responsibility for it, it shouldn't be me. I personal will not do any business with them anymore and also going forward I will tell all my friend and family not to do business with Capital One. I am disgusted by this.

Capital One's computer system locked me out of my account because I was accessing my account from a new cellphone. I called the Capital One Customer Service number and after navigating their useless phone tree I finally spoke to an individual who was very rude and placed me on eternal hold because they had no clue how to address the issue. This was the first time I had to contact Capital One and the experience was so bad I don't want to carry Capital One in my wallet anymore. Very very poor Customer Service at Capital One.

Stay away. I was in the process of transitioning from Wells Fargo to Capital One - for both personal & business - and Capital One froze all of my accounts. Upon login, I am forced to call Capital One. The wait time is prolonged, taking 30 to 60 minutes. The support agents are quite rude. Effectively, all of my money is lost in cyberspace. Horrible experience.

Capital One cancelled my account in a letter they sent to me. The reason was a "pending legal action". I called customer service but no more specifics were given. I went to redeem my rewards and found out that Capital took all of my rewards. Please help.

Got my 300 limit card to help build my credit August 3rd. Payment was due sep 3 2016. So I put my account information in for my bank account. Yeah they held the payment for 10 days. Showed on my credit report that it was paid... WRONG, the money never cleared my bank account when I called they sent me to the fraud department and told me that I was wrong for paying my 319.30 payment and that is why they held the payment. ME: "WHY THE HELL WOULD I JUST PAY 300.00 if the bill tells me to pay 319.30?" Thats what I will pay. NO ONE will ever convince me otherwise.

So finally after going to the bank, checking the account making sure everything is OK. I receive a letter stating my account is being closed for lack of payment and Fraudulent activity. I called and got the BS runaround about them not being able to reopen the account or take any other payment method other than the "FRAUDULENT BANK ACCOUNT ATTACHED" to the account. They screw up now, I'm screwed. Any suggestions? I'm also sick of talking to non-English speaking people that never listen to what you are saying. I'm over it... Advice please!

Capital one claimed I opened a credit card account a few years ago, which I didn't. They went as far as to fake a application from a prior account that was discharged a year before in chapter 7 bankruptcy. They sent me a summons to go to court so I settled the debt for 2400.00. Because it would of cost over 3000.00 if I went to court. I had them send me proof of charges and they all matched a different card I have, they didn't care if I had proof. Any lawyers on here think I have a case of fraud against them??

For about a year I was receiving pre-approved credit cards in the mail, at least twice a week. I would get it open it and then off the shredder it went. Well last week I went to check my credit report and to my surprise there was a Capital One credit listed with a $300 credit limit, and starting in February 2014 to July 2016 they made 40 inquiries into my credit check. Called Capital One and was fuming. They claim it was ID theft. Say BS, they open account under my name. Now the fun part - trying to get off of my credit report. Everyone check your reports, this is the same thing Wells Fargo was doing. Help!!!

I redeemed the miles on my account. That led to restrictions on the account so I could not redeem miles. I was asked to provide social security card, driver's license and utility bill. I provided the documents. I was asked to send documents again. However, the documents are not what they want, they just don't want you to redeem those miles. Repeated phone calls and hours on hold did not convince them of my identity. Beware of redeeming miles, if you do they will harass you enough that you would never do that again. So much for "no hassle rewards." I closed all of my Capital One accounts. Who wants to deal with a company that behaves this way?

To start with, Capital One prefers using snail mail, FAX and phone calls. I find this SO irritating, old-fashioned and annoying. It's beyond words. They WILL NOT allow me to email or upload anything even to my secure message center. Main reason for this complaint is I've been "working" with Capital One dispute resolution for weeks to overturn a charge from Airbnb for a cancelled reservation. The room was booked and cancelled within 24 hours and I'm allowed to get a refund minus a small fee. I have NOT received the refund from Airbnb and Capital One seems unable or unwilling to resolve this in my favor. I had a CitiBank VISA card lost and CitiBank resolved over $3,000 in charges with one phone call. American Express is even easier. I will never use or recommend Capital One credit card. Furthermore, when I called to see if they could switch me to a rewards card, they said "no".

I am writing about Capital One's customer service. In July of 2015, I had noticed that my cards were being hacked by the bogus charges on my account. I contacted Capital One immediately to have them shut down my accounts because of fraudulent activities on my accounts. They did not shut them down and my money was taken out and then they had the nerve to tell me that I owe the money. I just want them to take me to court and tell the judge that what they did. Why they didn't shut down my accounts, I have no idea. They are totally in the wrong!

We open our account for online access since they don't have local branch in California. It's a mistake. We could not login after verification and we call customer service 3 times a day on 9/12/2016 to get help. We were put on long hold a disconnected. We never be able to access our account, again!!! So is our money.

Ours is a long story - year over year shut-off during travel, despite following all of Capital One's notification rules: We hold a Capital One Visa Signature Account with a very large limit. We use this account FOR EVERYTHING! We pay every bill we can, and all day to day purchases with this card, paying the balance in full every month. We do this because we do appreciate the point system! It is a very good program. To be fair, we have never had any issues with our account for our day to day purchases. Never an error or duplication and, if we suspected a problem, they have always helped us should a dispute be necessary. Our problems occur when we travel. We travel frequently - for business and pleasure... And thus our story begins...

March 2015, when booking a trip to Playa Del Carmen, MX, the charge was denied, despite our call to inform Capital One we were going to be making a purchase in Mexico - We followed all the guidelines and rules and it still did not work. We were in Las Vegas at the time which made the situation even more inconvenient (keep in mind, we called ahead of time - following their rules). The matter was eventually resolved but with a large amount of time on the phone and multiple calls to Mexico, asking their accountants to run the payment many times before the payment went through.

May 2016, Returned to Playa, MX and after being there 2 days, a charge gets denied. We called before leaving the US to inform that we would be traveling but after two days of spending, the fraud alert suddenly kicks in??? Again, vacation time spent on the phone, sorting out the issue. Multiple representatives made apologies and stated they would "note the account". Two days later, still in Playa, MX on the same trip, another denial and repeat of steps above... Whew!

June 2016, Entire family travels to Hawaii (total 2 adults/3 teenagers). We call Capital One ahead of time to inform them we are traveling because, we do not want to get that far away from home (Cincinnati, Oh) with our kids, and have any issues. Representatives explain that we did not need to call since this is a trip within the 50 United States - that this trip is considered domestic travel. Guess What??? EVEN WORSE!!! Second day in Honolulu, not just a denied charge - TOTAL SHUT OFF OF OUR CARDS!!! My fiancé spent hours on the phone with Reps, Supervisors, telling them over and over that we called ahead and that we were told this wasn't an issue and that we are in Hawaii with our children on vacation. One man had basically told my husband that he couldn't help us and that we would have to write a letter and send verification to reinstate our account!!!

My fiancé finally told them that we literally spend many thousands of dollars/month with their company and if our track record of good standing and our past patterns did not speak to this outrageous situation, that we were going to sue, on principle, even if it costs us a fortune! (Basically, he had a temper fit and I guess this got the guy on the phone to do something). Meanwhile, we are all sitting in our hotel room, wasting precious vacation time on the islands. After 4.5 hours of phone time, the card was turned back on. No compensation or apologies were offered - nothing to make up for the inconvenience.

Aug 2016 - In Las Vegas again, first day there - DENIED! Called in and, admittedly, we were furious and sternly told the Rep that we were in Vegas and reminded them that we have been told repeatedly (and this is stated on the website) that we are traveling domestically so why are they denying us??? We did get an apology and was transferred to the fraud department to a VERY RUDE LADY who lectured us on calling in before travel??? OMG!!! Which we did, even for this domestic trip, because of our past experiences!!! The issue was eventually sorted out but we spent almost two hours on the phone sorting this out - AGAIN, during our travel time!

September 10, 2016 (TODAY!) After years of living as partners, we have decided to get married. We have been kicking around how and where and decided to combine our marriage with a 'Bucket List' Trip. Therefore, in the past month, we have been making arrangements with a wedding planner in Santorini, Greece. When it came time to pay the deposits, we both go very nervous. I know, I know... Why would we keep the Capital One at this point. Truth is, we don't have domestic problems at home. And we REALLY enjoy the points. This perk saved them our business, multiple times. So... after we put our fear aside, we set up a Skype call in the middle of the night last night (7 hour diff between here and Greece) to lock down next steps and pay deposits with the Resort & Wedding Venue.

This morning, we got up early and called Capital One. We spoke at length with the rep, explaining we would be make two purchases utilizing the Greek International bank named Alpha. We explained the amounts (in Euros and US Dollars) and that one would hit today, and the other within the next few days. The rep told us that she had "noted the account" and we were all set! So, we opened the website and entered the payment. CAN YOU GUESS WHAT HAPPENED??? Yep! Denial! And when we called back, we got a rep, named Yat (sp) who proceeded to lecture us on the purpose of the Capital One Fraud Protection Program... ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME!!!??!!! We just told this person to be silent and pass us to a Supervisor. They placed us on hold for over 15 minutes - for real, no exaggeration.

We actually giggled together and deducted that perhaps this was their best practice - to give an irate customer 'cool down' time? Maybe? A Supervisor, named Tabby, from the Fraud alert dept jumped on and, once we got the charge for one down payment to go through, we told her that there would be another, within the next few days, explaining the amount and the venue - everything. She proceeded to explain that she "COULD NOT GUARANTEE THAT THE CHARGE WOULD GO THROUGH". We were shocked. Excuse me??? She proceeded to give us the same lecture that the first guy had done... "Capital One Fraud protection is for you... Ya ya ya."

My fiancé finally cut her off and explained "WE KNOW! And we appreciate it! But right now, this program is preventing your customer from doing what we want to do! How can we fix this?" Basically, she said, she can't. No guarantees that the second charge will work. So... Here we are. Praying that the Wedding Venue and Resort do not get DENIED when they try to run our downpayment for our wedding date reservation, as we have already provided them our Card info. This being the #1 wedding destination in Europe, time is important and each day delayed, increases that chances loss of availability for the dates we have chosen.

In closing, Capital One Credit Card Company has not hurt us from a financial standpoint. We both have excellent credit and we have always agreed with the transactions reported on our statements. However, it's the customer service and the Fraud protection practices that are most likely going to force us to take our business elsewhere. From our standpoint, and to explain it from an emotional point of view, we are being victimized by the Fraud protection program, during our special trips with family. And, to add insult to injury, when we call for help, we either get lectured about stuff we already know and the necessary actions that we already did - per their rules, or we have gotten a rep who was very rude and condescending.

At the risk of sounding biased, which we are not, We once had a woman from the fraud department, who was obviously **, yell at us saying "You need to call us before you travel, Sir!" despite us having just told her we did and always do! To check the notes! Which she did and then said, "Well, then I can't help you!" HUH??? WHAT??? What kind of answer is that???

CAPITAL ONE - PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW. It is not too late for someone to fix this situation and save the loss of good customers!!! Do something! Our discussions with Supervisors have not corrected this recurring situation. PLEASE HELP!!! One additional call out - your reps do not accurately note the account when people call in. We have had reps read back to us, some of the notes on our account, from prior calls and they are laughable. One even noted we were calling to dispute a charge in Mx - WE HAD CALLED BECAUSE A CHARGED WAS BEING DENIED!!! Bad documentation of customer needs and concerns will burn you! Nearly all our calls have been because of travel denials.

They have a really ineffective customer service. They upgraded my cards but did not give me sign up bonus. I called them to cancel my upgrade before getting my new cards. They told they cant. They have policies which dont care about customer satisfaction.

No use in paying this credit card early. No use in paying it late... either way you're charged a late fee. I am never late. Always pay ahead of billing cycle and have been charged numerous times for late fees... and to top it off they won't fix it. They only let put back one late fee a year. I work nights sleep days... can't call.

I received my credit card and was not charged interest for a certain amount of time. Once my time ran out I started having to pay interest. Also at the same time I would try and log into the area where I could pay my bill and was unable to till the day after my payment was due and was then charged a late payment. Then because it started to go over my limit with the fees I was then charged fees for being over my limit. Trying to fix my credit with this card was not the best way. I have been in court and lawyers continue to contact me. I only owed a bit over $500. It is now up to almost $3000.00 because of fees and me giving up.

I already have 2 credit card and had checking account with this bank till last week. While I was depositing money through ATM, money got stuck inside during daytime. I called the 800 number and they told me they are going to credit this deposit amount to my account. But instead of credit, they freaking shut my account down and send me a letter that pretty much says nothing. Letter says they can close anybody's account with no explanation. That's it. What a business mentality! All I did deposit money through ATM god's sake!

They make too many mistakes. I have a Capital One 360 account that was originally an ING account. I would be out $1790 if I didn’t catch their mistake, then I asked them for my statements going back which they sent, and they send me somebody else’s statements.

They corrected the error.

Original Review

I have been receiving emails from Capital One that are intended to someone else. It has been too long that I am complaining and asking for the removal of my email from their mailing list. Now I am going to post as many complaints online and hopefully someone answers to my request. This is an absurd, for me, that tell how much of their clients security they are concerned for. I am not the person to whom the email is intended for. This email has always been mine (I use it for over 15 years) and from my knowledge my account was never hacked. So, please, remove my email from your database.

First, let me say I applied for this card, in part, due to info on That was mistake number one. I just posted my Capital One horror story to help others that visit that site. It was gone in an hour. Poof. I was approved for a Capital One secured card. They said when they received my $99 deposit ELECTRONICALLY they would ship the card two to three weeks later. I got the card today after 17 days. It said on the card to call and activate. When I called, the automated voice said the card was flagged for fraudulent use. How so?! It wasn't activated?

I spoke with an Indian gentleman who claimed his name was (ahem) "Leroy". Leroy went into a mantra about being concerned with protecting my identity, what with so much identity theft today. Yeah, identity theft is a big concern for poor people who have to apply for SECURED cards. And, bear in mind, my wife received a regular Capital One card five days after being approved. Too, she was able to activate it without ever speaking to anyone.

So I give Leroy my name, social security number, my phone number, A SECOND PHONE NUMBER, and he says he's going to ask me some public information questions to ensure I'm me. At that point, I lost patience and said, "No, no, no, no, no. Cancel the account and refund my $99 deposit." He says, "Uh, hold on." After five minutes, he returns and starts flapping about me being responsible for any charges to the card. I'm like, "What charges? YOU never ACTIVATED it!" He says to ignore anything that doesn't pertain to me. He rambles for another three minutes about things that have nothing to do with me or the never-activated card.

Then he says the deposit will be MAILED after two billing cycles. What billing cycle? How do you bill a card that was not activated? I say, "You mean two months?" He says yes. Two months... So a total of at least three months of interest they make off me. Before I hung up, I told "Leroy" if I didn't get my money in two months I would contact the Illinois Attorney General. Please, people, spread the word. Do not trust Capital One, nor sites like that say only pleasant things about a business!

I have a credit card with this company, which I pay in full every month. I tried to log in today to my account, and failed. I called and spoke with customer service. She checked my information and said the date of birth I reported was incorrect. I said "No, Capital One entered my incorrect date of birth." The rep corrected the DOB in the system. She said she could send me a temporary password via email. The email never arrived, even though the customer rep said she sent it four times. She put me through to technical support, but there was no answer. I called back and was told that I had no account online. Also, I could not sign up online because I had to wait 72 hours due to the change of date of birth.

I spoke with a supervisor to waive the 72 hours and she said that could not be done, and that I should not have reported the incorrect birth date. I made it clear that at age 63, I know my date of birth, and the error was on Capital One's part - a data entry error. This all took 35 minutes of my Sunday. What a waste, and all for nothing. I hate this company. I would close the card account but it will hurt my credit score. To avoid more problems, I'll just use this card for parking meters to keep the charges low. What a pathetic company.

I purchased something from the UK and my credit card was rejected. I called Capital One and they stated the reason was that the company was not in the USA. They did not call me, I had to call Capital One. After verifying I was who I said I was "many times" the transaction was authorized. Fortunately I was available, not out of the country and without internet service. Capital One advertises international transactions without fees, but apparently Capital One makes it very hard to make these purchases. I am scheduled to travel soon and concerned Capital One will reject my card and I will not be able to respond.

My husband was in a dental office trying to use the Capital One Venture card, and it got declined. I was 10 days late on a $52 payment which I made through my bank and it was processing today. But when I called Capital One to ask why they declined the charge, I was told they didn't show the payment being made yet. I explained that it was made and it would hit their account today. I have a $148 balance on my account with a $3000 credit line, and I owe less than $100 after the $52 payment hits.

I spoke to a representative and a supervisor and was told they couldn't take the hold off my account without another payment being made. So I paid off the $97.27 and told them I would never use Capital One again for anything! In fairness, the supervisor that tried to help me was polite, but ultimately didn't have the authorization to help me. I worked for a Fortune 50 company for 10 years and I understand how this works. But there should have been someone - this could be escalated to to fix my concern. For $52 they just lost a long time customer for life.

Deceptive, poor service, unethical, and exceptionally rude. I recently attempted to switch, admittedly enamored with the ease of their mobile banking tools. What a huge mistake. It was a disaster from the start. In every way. They are the 'if it seems too good to be real, it is' bank. They are like the overly friendly, overly casual, come on too strong new acquaintance, the one where gut tells you something is sinister and explosive and not to be trusted (no one is that - energetic, perfect, friendly, etc). And then 'bam', the wingnut comes out in a narcissistic/BPD way. That is Capital One - and I thought Spark Business was operated more autonomously - had both personal and business. NOPE. This bank will crumbled for sure!

Do not, do not, do not make the same mistake. There are others that are much better. Capital One used to be an afterthought; the nerdy kid that blossomed over the summer and turned into an ** as well. Their hold times are surreal - and the automated voice actually says this, which captures their infantile business ego and says it all: "I know you're tired of being on hold. I get it. But, try and be me. I'm an automated voice. I have to keep repeating the same thing over and over all day." And that makes it all ok. Genius. Run. Don't Walk. Awful.

I applied for a card from Capital One on July 26 and was immediately approved. Cards came in the mail and I called to activate them. They then said they needed me to send a front and back scan of my driver's license to confirm my identity. This was sent and they still did not activate the cards. I called them and they said they could not read the barcode on the card. I spoke to someone again on August 29 and re-sent the driver's license plus my W2 and even my passport to confirm my ID. The lady said she would get it resolved and call me back the same day. 48 hours later still no callback. I called again and was told the account is closed because their "investigator" could not confirm my ID and that I needed to reapply for the card. Needless to say this company is about as bad as it gets when it comes to customer service. I finally gave up and put the cards through the shredder.

August 12 a devastating flood took over numerous parishes in Louisiana. Individuals as well as businesses were inundated. A gentleman from Capital One location that I do business with telephoned me one evening and let me know the building was flooded. He told me I need to go to the building itself and get my belongings from my safe deposit box. "Please go between the hours of 10:00 and 2:00. We will have a member of our staff there to serve you." In the midst of cleaning, scrubbing and surviving, I have stopped my days several times over to get to the bank at this designated time. No one except the demolition crew is present.

I have made numerous telephone calls to the local as well as the main office branches of Capital One. No return calls as promised! At such a stressful time, when I NEED my belongings that I pay to have safely secured in times such as these, I cannot get to them. This has added more anxiety to my life and many other individuals as well. This is not acceptable. I NEED the funds and paperwork that is safely secured in their vault. I am getting more frustrated daily. I had no other opportunity to express my needs than to put it on Facebook and in Capital One's reviews.

Expert Review

Beverly HarzogCredit Cards Contributing Editor

Beverly Harzog is a nationally-recognized credit card expert, consumer advocate and author. She’s appeared on Fox News, CNN Newsource, NBC New York and more. Her advice has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Money Magazine,, The New York Times, Kiplinger, Real Simple,, Family Circle and much more.    More about Beverly→

Capital One, a Fortune 500 company, is one of the most recognized brands in America. It is one of the nation's top 10 largest banks and has locations primarily in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Louisiana, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

  • Travel rewards: Capital One offers great rewards on flights that can be redeemed anytime, with no blackout dates. Use miles for tickets, hotels, rentals and more.
  • Credit builders: Capital One has a specialty in helping customers establish or rebuild their credit with credit cards targeted to those with fair or poor credit.
  • Secured credit card: This is one of the most popular secured cards on the market. Capital One sometimes offers a cardholder a partially-secured card, which means that the customer gets a credit limit that’s higher than the deposit.
  • Cash back: A few of Capital One's cards offer unlimited cash back on every purchase, and this feature is available on both consumer and business cards.
  • Spark-branded small business credit cards: There are rewards cards for cash back and airline miles. Capital One also offers corporate credit cards.
  • Clear and concise website: This company does a good job being transparent and explaining the rates, fees and rewards for its credit cards.
  • Best for Consumers and business owners who have good-to-excellent credit who want a rewards credit card. Also, consumers who need to build credit or repair bad credit. They also offer commercial corporate cards.

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