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I am card holder starting since 2013. If I am late 10 minutes for payment and call them they will charge you late fee $35.00 no excuse and their customer care people, I can say 95% they treat you like you are nothing. For example, it was my baby birthday. For the first time I forgot to pay and call them the next day. But a woman respond my call and she said, "Why you call you already knew that you are late", and said, "I don't care", and I tried to explain how I am getting refund late fee from CAPITAL ONE CREDIT CARD companies always. But she hung up on me. I was surprised. But I am about close my account with them. Horrible customer care ever for the last 4 yrs.

I paid my card in full in May of 2016 and had NOT used it at all. Then Aug 8th I get a notice that my card is past due and has an outstanding balance of $30.00. I was really confused because I knew there was no balance and no use of that card. I called to find out why the $30.00 and was told that it was now $60.00. The date on the notice they sent was July 26, 2016... I got the notice and called Aug 8th. How in 13 days did the fees double? I let them know I was not aware of a monthly fee and had no reason to even check the account as I knew I had paid it in full so I was not aware of the "past due" amount they were claiming. I asked that they waive the fees as I had good standing with them. They would not, and wouldn't explain why it went from $30.00 to $60.00 in 13 days. They also would not lower the amount...

I paid their stupid fees and closed BOTH cards I had with them. I would rather have my credit score go down because I closed these than have them reporting that I pay late or not at all... DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE NOT HONEST!!! Plus they give not benefits for their fees, not air miles, not cash back NOTHING!!! If you are going to get a card get a Chase United card and get air miles for all the bills you pay! We love that card!!! First Premier Master Card is HORRIBLE and I would give them NO STARS if I could!

I received in the mail a pre-approved credit card with a limit of $500. I filled out the online application then waited a couple of days then I called the number given. The representative was very kind, professional and honest. He explained to me the $95 application fee, $125 automatic charge and after 1 year I would be paying $10+ a month and a $125 annual fee. So, I pay $95+125=220 before I use the card which is the actual initiation fee. After 1 year I will then pay $125 annual fee + $10+monthly fee and interest fees. Then I get an available credit of $280 but must pay back $500+ back to First Premier Bank plus annual fee, monthly interest and monthly fees. If I am late or go over my limit I will be charged $27-37 in fees.

Now that you have read my above statement... DO THE MATH!!! They give you $500 credit but take $125 off the $500 giving you $375 available credit but you have to pay back $500+ in fees & interest. The next year and every year after you pay $125 annual + monthly fees of $10+!!! This is robbery and First Premier Bank should be investigated and shut down. The consumer (US) is being set up to be enslaved to First Premier Bank by paying out more than our usury. Re-read the above statement then decide no to this debt trap. I was tempted but I am practicing what I teach. I turned this offer down before paying the requested $95 initiation fee... who does this... First Premier Bank that's who!

I am a co person for an account and they told me I could call about questions regarding it and everything. However, I have been making on time payments, sometimes more than the minimum required and it never fails. They always say I over drafted when I did NOT. I am really unhappy. I paid the last one because it said I was overdraw by x amount and had to pay like 150.00 because of it. Now this month it says I'm over drawn almost 13 dollars? I didn't use the damn thing and haven't in a while. And then I get something in the mail saying they were going to confiscate our cards because the bank the money is transferring from to pay for the damn credit card isn't in the issuer's name. Hello. I am a co person on the account. I have my own card for the same account. Of course I am going to pay for what I use so therefore it will be coming out of my bank account.

I am royally mad and want this company shut down for fraud. I believe that's all this is. I will be contacting a lawyer regarding my case and will be suing them because they are a fake and all they want is money even if the money isn't owed to them. I can understand a minimum payment that's due and I can pay extra but when they keep charging for whatever they are charging and saying I am going over my limit that's on them, not me and now I am going to do everything I can to get this company shut down. Why should I keep paying if they are going to cancel our cards because I am paying the payments through my bank account and not the primary account holder's account? And if this goes on mine or his credit report I will sue for that as well because First Premiere is doing it to themselves and I am fed up with it.

I lost my job due to company-wide layoffs on 2/28/2015. Yet for almost a year thereafter, I was able to make timely payments on my 1st Premier Bankcard through unemployment insurance and eventually finding seasonal work that ended on 12/31/2015. Although I tried to make minimum payments on my card, after a couple of months, I became more financially strapped and decided to activate my credit protection option purchased through 1st Premier Bank on 3/4/2016. I spoke to a representative, they took my relative info and activated credit protection by giving me a BENEFIT NUMBER to verify and validate. Realizing that I was approaching the end of the standard 6 month protection period, I went online to review my account and was shocked to find out that none of the credit protection benefits had been paid and that my balance had ballooned to more than twice the amount of my original credit limit.

Not only that, when I called the automated customer service option and entered my card number, it replied that my card number was invalid and after checking my account online, I realized that my card account had been closed. I received no e-mail or regular mail to alert me of this happening before or after. I then called 1st Premier's Customer Service on Sunday, July 31st at 11:25 am CST and it was closed during their stated open business hours between 10 am - 9 pm CST. I recorded the message stating that they should be open for business during those times for additional evidence of bad business practices. This error on 1st Premier's part has undoubtedly damaged my credit rating at a time when I've been unemployed while desperately trying to hang on to the reasonable credit rating I once had.

It has caused me additional stress and anguish to know that the fees I paid and the payment protection benefit plan I've been paying every month since opening my account and was supposed to be in effect not only wasn't but has damaged my credit in a way that will take months to resolve and abate... If I'm ever able to resolve it at all. There's now a bad mark on my credit rating that I didn't deserve and that it seems I "paid for" and I'm ready and willing to file a lawsuit against 1st Premier Bank for their malfeasance that worsened my credit rating that will also include the unnecessary stress and mental anguish that they've caused me.

I will call them tomorrow Monday, August 1 to see if I can get at least the unjust balance they've assessed abated and find out how could they have made such an egregious error. But even if my account is settled, there's still a matter of my credit rating being sabotaged that will make taking legal action against this "bank" mandatory.

UPDATED ON 08/01/2016: Continuing from my previous review, I called 1st Premier the following morning and tried to find out how such an egregious mistake could've been made. After speaking with an arrogant customer service rep who would cut me off at every opportunity, I requested to speak to a manager TWICE before the CS agent respected my request. Once I spoke with the manager, he confirmed that they had placed a "Cease and Desist" order on my account and closed it and said it was because I told them they didn't have to keep calling me after applying and being approved for payment protection. Furthermore, the manager also said that Cease and Desist orders are done without the customer's knowledge as the reason why I wasn't notified. Do even have to go into how nefarious a business practice this is?!

Anyway, the manager continued to debate with me over the circumstances regarding my account, never apologizing and never holding 1st Premier accountable for anything throughout the entire conversation. Realizing that the conversation was going nowhere, I hung up and proceeded to initiate legal action against 1st Premier. Halfway through that process, I thought about it and decided to call back to talk to the same manager and be more affable to see if we come to a satisfactory and equitable agreement. The manager was definitely more affable as well this time around... but still expressed that there was relatively nothing they could do about my card being closed and charged off but did suggest that they may be able to "work something out" once the payment protection plan I "thought" was in effect was reinstated and payments were retroactively applied to my account.

FYI, the payment protection plan is separate from 1st Premier and has no access to account information... which not only makes little sense, it also makes resolutions more difficult to have to coordinate between two separate entities that don't communicate with each other except via electronic transmissions of payments or policy updates. The 1st Premier's manager's suggestion was for "me" to pay off the balance that I verified had ballooned to approximately 40% above my credit limit because of the late fees and interest assessed over time. Needless to say that if my payment protection had been honored, my interest would've been lower, my balance would've been a lot lower and there wouldn't have been any assessed late fees... the undeserved bad mark on my credit report withstanding.

I'm still VERY upset and disappointed in the way they've treated me but I told the manager I'd wait to see how payment protection will handle this and what payments they'll make on my account before I continue pursuing legal action against them. If they pay retroactively what they should've all along and my balance reflects what it SHOULD BE at this point had everything gone as planned, there's still a matter of my account being closed, a cease and desist order that I never asked for or was made aware of and the negative mark on my credit report. Also, I had planned to re-activate my account for regular use soon, making normal monthly payments, but now am forced to pay off the card balance regardless of what the final balance turns out to be because the manager said he couldn't nor wouldn't re-open my account.

So there are still aspects of this case that can not be resolved and require legal action. I'll wait another week or so to see what the final disposition will be and decide how and what type of legal action I'll pursue AFTER reporting 1st Premier to my state's AG office. Bottom line is that I want my credit protection payments reinstated and retroactively paid, the late fees and the accrued interest abated accordingly and my credit report cleared of any dereliction of nonpayment to 1st Premier. And I'll do whatever I have to do make those happen. To be continued with the final part 3.

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I initially applied to this credit card as a means to build my credit score. I didn't have any problems with them for the first year, as I was using the card and paying them off monthly. Never carried a balance. Two years in, I opted against using this credit card as a means to make payments so I politely left this card with a ZERO balance. To my surprise, the following month I was charged a late fee for my ZERO balance. Apparently, I was still being charged a 6 dollar fee EVEN THOUGH I wasn't using the card.

I called their customer service immediately to cancel the card but was sweet-talked by one of their "cancellation specialists" they have on duty at all times. I decided to over pay the card so that I could have a credit in the account for them to draw their "maintenance fees" from. Earlier this month, I happened to double check my account to find that I was charged yet another late fee for a 27 cent balance. That's right, $30.00 CHARGE for 27 cents!!! I called them immediately to cancel. I suggest anyone wanting to build credit, beware of this company!! They will destroy your credit faster than they can build it! P.S. I wanted to attach a copy of my statement so that Everyone could see, but their statement page was conveniently "temporarily unavailable".

They pretend to be honest with helping you to build your credit but they won't give you a credit increase but will send you a another credit card charging you double finance charges and double interest and tell me they are not double billing. And I made a cash advance and my card has been suspended for over 10 days then I letter about calling to have it reinstated when I have called over 3 times to no avail. It's the worst card I have ever had. I would not recommend this to a dog. They give you a increase and take $25 out of every $100 then they put themselves on your credit report and say that you have used it too much and the percentage of use makes it go to poor. And they have the audacity to say that they are helping you then you make a payment then freeze your card putting you in a situation where if you have planned to rent a car or hotel you can't use the card.

This card is by far the worst I've ever had and everything the reps say is a lie. I had this card for one year and they won't give me a increase and I never been late or over my limit. I will be canceling it out very soon and go somewhere where my money is welcome. Thanks but poor services.

I after 40 mins of 1st Premier's endless menus, I found a way to get to a live CSR. I asked them to take my payment in full and cancel both accounts and I would cut these two cards up. They refused to and said "we have to read you our statement. We are responsible for 15% of your credit score." Still the CSR kept sending me over to two other reps - all refused to accept full payment. They then suspended both my cards - while having a credit left on my cards. I then attempted many times to make full payment over the net. Finally today I have paid all the monies they would accept without ending up in a page error. In excess of $650.

What they're doing is trying to keep these two accounts open and continue charging me an annual fee of $49 and a monthly maintenance fee. Not sure what this is. So now my accounts are still open - full payment have been paid them and my account shows 0 credit available. This has got to be credit card fraud IMO. What can I do now? I hope I don't have to pay an attorney. I am sick about this. They are like a tick sucking the blood out of a fat poor dog. Please do not ever get their card - you'll be sorry.

This has to be the most unprofessional banking company I've ever had to deal with. They told me when I signed up I pay a 95.00 processing fee for a line of $225. So yesterday I paid my amount that was due which was $30.00 so they only gave me 30.00 of credit. Basically what you put in is what you get out which makes it a prepaid credit card so I'll have to pay 268 for a line of 300 credit - no thanks.

Let's face it, those of us with these credit cards only have them because we are in bad credit positions. Otherwise, this company would not be in business, and we wouldn't bother with this card. Fees - Otherwise known as, "please sir, may I have another". Where to start with this card. $95 as a 'processing fee' - Just to open the account. $75 charge already applied to the first statement. That brings it up to $170. The first year you have this credit card, there are no monthly fees. However, that changes in the second year when your annual fee drops to $45 and then you're charged a 6.95 monthly fee, just for the privilege of having this card.

Payments - Otherwise known as "We'll take your money, and MAYBE apply it to your account". Don't get me wrong, they'll apply it. It's just a matter of WHEN they feel like it. I've already made two actual payments to my account. Both were small payments $80 and $25. Both of these small payments were posted to my account the next day. However, when I went to make a $265 payment, the money was withdrawn from my bank. Five days later, nothing has been posted to my account.

I called customer service and was told my payment was being held to make sure it cleared. They must think we are simple people that know nothing about banking. They have my money. They had it by midnight of the day they took it. I wonder where my money went. I'll leave that here. Customer Service assured me that the money would be available by week's end. We'll see. Somehow, I don't think it'll happen. If you want to make sure your payment is posted to your account on the same day, call them and do so with your debit card. According to them, it doesn't have an associated fee. Long story short. This is card for people with bad credit. If you have other options for a credit card, use them. Stay away from this company. If you do not, then make sure you UNDERSTAND what you're getting yourself into. I'll keep my card, but will not do so for longer than a year.

WITHIN 30 DAYS I PAID $75+$264 = $339. I closed my account just after ONE MONTH due to abusive fees and horrible customer service. Even though I spent less than $70 from the credit card, they have charged me $264 and from the beginning I paid $75 just for processing fees. They are charging interest plus whatever fee. Done with them. Don't get. Be careful. I never recommend this card to anyone. Trust me. This is the horrible credit card in USA.

My wife and I had hit tough financial times in 2006 when I was continuing to get ill year after year. We finally had no recourse but to file bankruptcy. First Premier, I found out, was on the list of creditors cancelled when the bankruptcy was signed. Fast forward to 2016, our financial situation has improved and for some reason we have a card from them again. We get a message in the mail that our accounts are overdue. They are not. Finally I looked at the amounts past due and look at the bankruptcy discharge amounts. They are exact to the penny. Yes this company took a hit with our bankruptcy but without it, we would have been homeless. I then called the law office to took care of our bankruptcy and I look at the sealed documents. First Premier got 95% of what was due them just plain luck of their position on our credit reports. No where, no how should they have ever tried to collect on the 2006 debt so it is being ignored.

I closed my account two yrs ago due to abusive fees. To this day after paying for these last two yrs still owe the same amount I did two yrs ago. They are charging interest plus whatever fee. Done with them. Don't get. Totally ruined my credit.

First Premier has an obscenely high interest rate, and horrible fees. The only reason to get this card is to improve your credit, and that's where it does serve a useful purpose. Tanked my scores a couple years ago. Got a card with either a $300 or $500 limit (can't remember). Anyways I took it sideways, got the card. Pay on time, don't go over limit, etc., and your score will skyrocket, at least mine did. Now I have a couple of respectable, low fee, cash back cards.

So, in a nutshell... Read the fine print, pay the astronomical fees, etc. and within a year or so get a quality card. It's the price you have to pay to rebuild your credit. Get a better card, then cancel these guys. On their statement they will give you one months advance notice that your yearly fee is coming up. Pay it off and close it right then!

Again, read all the fine print about annual fees, authorized users, etc., so you don't go over your limit. You have to keep a close eye on these fools. So, I gave it 4 stars, just because it helped me get a huge raise in FICO score. Good luck to all of you. And don't expect anything "fair" from these guys, they're just a tool to help you get back on track.

I have had a Premier card for some time. Yes they have a lot of fees, they are upfront about them (if you read thru ALL the terms). My issue with them is from being over the credit limit on my card. They allowed me to make a charge that put my account over the limit. My next payment was not due for three weeks. They started using an auto dialer system to call my cell phone, which always said Restricted or Unavailable on caller ID. I got calls from them day after day as many as four times a day, computer calls always. I answered one call to see who it was and what they wanted. Their agent insisted that the over limit amount had to paid now even though my next payment was three weeks away.

IF you are willing to pay all the fees and this is a very expensive card to have, whatever you do dont be late on a payment or go over the credit limit. They will hound you relentlessly until you pay them what they want including late and over the limit fees. This is one card you want to stay away from. IT is not worth paying all the fees just to have it. There should be and have been class action lawsuits against them. Also they make it difficult to close your account and will try to talk you into keeping it open. My advice DO NOT get one of their cards, you will regret it sooner or later.

Monthly servicing fee, then hit me with an annual service to boot. I want to dump this card.

Do not under any circumstances deal with First Premier Bank. If you pay your full balance every month they will suspend your card and not return the $125.00 fee nor the $45.00 fee when accepting the card! By far an unfair and dishonest credit card company!

Opened a dispute is supposed to take only 30 days to rectify. Well it was 5 weeks and they took the money out of my account!! After thinking that their intentions were to help me since I have 2 accounts with them, what a nightmare!!! They sided with the merchant. I wanted to close my accounts. They switched me to I think some terrible speaking person in Nigeria, talking to him was a waste of time!!! He's like, "Call this number and they can help you with your dispute". Uh no, I called it's the same # that's on the back of the card!!! C.S. go through all the prompts, getting Kathy on the phone and it was like a deaf ear on the other end!! "Oh so sorry you'll have to wait for the dispute decision to come in the mail with their phone # and ext to call"!!! I'm so sorry I ever got involved with these people!!! Worst decision I've made in a long time!! CS is TERRIBLY UNPROFESSIONAL!!! YOU CAN GET MORE OUT OF A ROCK!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!

I got this card to help my girlfriend get started on repairing her credit. I was billed $116.00 before receiving the cards. My girlfriend tried to use the card and was declined even after receiving a pin number. I immediately cancelled the account over the phone. The woman was extremely pushy trying to convince me to keep it reading a script ignoring everything I tried to say until she finished. I yelled "cancel the account, omg!" Still trying to convince me I again demanded it to be cancelled. Ten hours later I log on to make sure it's cancelled and there's an additional $108.00 to be paid. The cards were never used. I cancelled it and they still keep going. Unbelievable. Do not get this card as there is a huge 37% APR. Not at all worth using.

I have been with First Premier Bankcard for almost a year. I have always paid on time, with my last payment I paid on the due date thinking everything was ok. I went into my account and found they had assessed late fees. I called very upset stating that I was not late. I was told since the payment would not post til the next day it made my payment late, so with the late fees it put me over my credit limit so now they have assessed late fees and over limit fees so a $50 payment has now turned into a $96 payment, so now this lousy company expects me to come up with an additional $46 for a payment that was not late. So if I don't pay they will continue to apply charges and plus ruin my credit.

I agree, we need to get a class action lawsuit, this is against the law, maybe not in their state. I want to pay them off - never to use them again. Please if you don't want to be swindled out of your money please don't get this card, I am sorry I did. THEY SCREWED ME THIS TIME BUT IT WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN. They are a bunch of crooks!!!

I recently got approved for a Aventium $300 credit limit, which really they only give you $225 available credit to spend and $30 cash credit. “Anyway you can add money” they say by using credit or debit card and it will be available the next morning and it never is has well of you having a over the limit account. I paid $300.59 to used the card and the next day they closed the account saying I had a over the limit account.

I said "Okay but my account was cleared of all outstanding balances so was close the account and what is the amount over the limit?" They said "$170.00 we owe you back." Okay I said "How would I receive it?" "In a check" they said in 3 weeks. This company gives you $225.00 after having to pay $90 to them to activate card and then closes it out after you pay them money to keep it open. They also uses two different sites to receive payments and then shut down the accounts so you can't see what's going on with your account. Highly am not happen with them.

I have contacted First Premier Bank several times over the last several months disputing the above account for which they are inaccurately reporting to the credit bureaus. I have requested complete validation of the account, debt owed and my responsibility to pay said debt. I have even made an attempt to settle this account in an effort to remove it from my credit report immediately as I am applying for a mortgage and the incorrect information you are reporting is causing serious issues. This situation as you can imagine is causing me great stress and anxiety.

Information they are reporting is incorrect to the best of my knowledge and I do not believe I owe this debt. In my previous letters I have asked for an investigation into this matter and a full copy of all accounting documentation of this reported account be furnished to me. I have also made them aware that I was in full dispute over this account. To date, I have not received anything that supports that I owe the debt yet they continue to report incorrect negative information to the credit bureaus about me.

First Premier Bank has failed or refused to send the legally required validation documentation of this account, my obligation to pay and the debt. They have been notified that your actions are detrimental to me and that their firm has violated including but not limited to; the Consumer Credit Protection Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. First Premier Bank knew or should have known that the actions taken against me and the information collected about me and subsequently reported about me was incorrect, inappropriate and very damaging to me. First Premier Bank failed or refused to use reasonable care in the course of business and failed or refused to use even minimal procedures to ensure that I was not harmed.

First Premier Bank communicated and is continuing to communicate incorrect and defamatory information to third parties: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

As a result of these blatantly reckless, wanton, and intentional acts, I have suffered and continue to suffer general and specific damages. I am also very upset at their intentional infliction of emotional distress and at the other diminishments of the quality of my life. I am now demanding the immediate and complete removal of this trade line and all related information from my credit reports of the third-party reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. As I am currently attempting to apply for a mortgage, time is of the essence. Please understand that I am extremely concerned about the consequences of the actions your firm is having on my life.

This card has been nothing but trouble since the day I got it. They are at least a week behind on any postings, and when fraudulent activity was seen and reported they made my life miserable, requiring a ridiculous amount of information, including utility bills to verify my address, before they would even investigate the matter, then claiming they needed 5-10 business days to verify the receipt of the information sent! STAY AWAY FROM THIS OUTFIT. THEY SUCK BIG TIME!

I got this card a while ago and have been paying it off. I have not used it in 2 years and they keep adding crazy fees and the card keeps going up. I've tried talking to supervisors but they keep giving me the runaround and even hung on me a couple of times. A rep even had the nerve to yell at me when I called back. I do not recommend this card to anyone. They are CROOKS.

I have had several credit cards, and this company Premier Credit Card has got to be the worse. I just hate it. I have got to get rid of this card soon. When you make a check deposit for a payment, why does it take a week for it to show available and credited to my account? Terrible service. It was taking out of my checking the very next day, a week has gone by, and still not showing available to use yet. Also, I went online just to look at my account I saw where I had a balance available one day and then gone another. I hadn't even use my card, then I see the balance back on there. Crazy. With technology today, Premier need to do better.

Ever since I got my card back in 2003, I have had nothing but problems. Every time I try to close my account, they promise they will cancel all fees, but it never happens. They charge late fees for nothing, and half the time. They claim to not receive any of my payments. When I sent them proof of payments, they came up with the excuse, that my payments were 1 or 2 days late. Instead of my balance being $210, out was $430, because of their late fees. Don't get this card. Trust me. I finally closed it and am paying it off. This company should be shut down for stealing people's money.

Just pulled a credit report on myself and found a collection from First Premier Bank card. First, I don't do revolving credit and have never had a credit card. Second question: How does anyone windup with a $300.00 collection for a prepaid card? By the looks of other reviews, card doesn't work if you're out of funds account. I am at a loss. But consumers beware!!!

I have two Master cards with Premier Bank. I made my payments prior to the due date on April 2016 as listed on the statement they posted online. Then, I kept getting calls from "unknown" and they would never leave a message. Finally, after about the tenth call, I answered. The gentleman told me I owed more money because of the annual fee and they would just put the amount in the May statement which was no problem. I received five more calls regarding the same issue. In the meantime, I had paid it Now, I get another "unknown" caller and I answered. It was First Premier.

I asked if they put previous conversations in their computers? No response to that question and then, she said my other card fell under the same category as the other card. As we spoke, I looked at the statement which listed an adjusted amount due from the previous day when I had looked at it. The due date remained the same, 23 May. I said I would pay it on the due date. I was then told they would work with me until 16 May, then it would go on my credit report. This, to me is the most ridiculous way to do business and is not customer friendly at all. I regret getting these cards and will be closing them out post haste. I would not recommend using First Premier in any capacity.

Incredibly high interest rate and mysterious late fees every time you turn around. If you complain or even request an explanation you will receive a form letter that isn't even relevant to your issue. I hate very few things in life but First Premier Bank I do hate.