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I opened a billing dispute for $1,300.00 with my Barclays Rewards MasterCard. They take great notes but there is NO ONE that will speak with you about status, etc. I asked 4 times to speak with manager. They called, left message with a number that reaches NO ONE. It's a voice mail HOLE. Then they send letter saying "We called you several times to discuss your concern". One call does not equate to "several time" and NOT leaving a call back number. Really!!? I'm now learning that MasterCard does not make their customers "whole". MasterCard will bury their loyal customers is their data abyss. For the record, when opening a billing dispute only cards like Visa and AmEx make their customer whole and happy campers. Guess I will close Barclays Rewards account when my billing dispute goes silent and falls by the way.

I have had this Carnival Barclays card for nearly a year. Against my better judgement, I gave in and applied on a cruise for the freebies they were offering. Believe me, the freebies have NOT been worth the hassle I get every time I have to call Barclays US. Originally, I rented a vacation condo online and all was okay. When I tried to make a purchase in a store, the card was denied. When I called the Barclays customer service they told me several things that weren't true. That I had called and told them I lost my card, they had sent a new card, and then no, they didn't send a new card, they just updated my credit report. It was all confusing.

Then they sent me a new card, and I started using it knowing that the points would count toward a future cruise. I have used the card a lot but am getting closer to the cutoff to redeem the points. Still a few hundred points short, I purchased an item I was already planning to get through their accelerated points program of purchasing thru Barclays to the seller website. I was to get 12 points per $1. Today the points came through and they didn't award that. My cutoff is in 5 days to redeem and today they told me it would take 3 to 7 days to review that. I am LIVID. If this doesn't get corrected, I will be cancelling this card. This is the WORST customer service ever. STAY AWAY FROM CARNIVAL BARCLAYS CREDIT CARDS.

Enjoyed a Priceline Visa card from Barclays for several years. Never late on payments. Because I get paid upon completion of a project which are occasionally long term, my credit utilization goes up and down. Imagine my surprise when Barclays, without notice, cut $4,100 from my credit limit suddenly leaving me with about $200 available. Reason given was credit utilization which, thanks to Barclays is now far worse creating a potential snowball of similar responses from my other cards. There really should be a regulation about this so that you at least have an opportunity to manage it. Impact on my credit score due to their move is terrible. I guess they are trying to make up for the fines that regulators have been assessing them for their illegal banking practices. I see that other reviewers have had similar complaints. Don't trust this bank's credit cards.

I have several credit cards, some for as long as 40 years. I've had a Barclaycard for several years. I use my credit cards heavily due to my business. It is not unusual for me to run them up close to the credit limits and then pay them down. I will pay off the Barclaycard over a longer time because of the favorable interest rate. I've never been late on a payment with them or with any of my other creditors. My credit score will vary just because of the changes in my credit balances but not due to any delinquencies or derogatory remarks or issues.

Twice now Barclaycard has cut my credit limit without notifying me. Both times just as I pay them down and within a few dollars of the balance. This puts you in a very bad situation because that can get you in trouble if you are using the card as they cut. Plus it changes your utilization ration causing your credit to dip. When you call they will do nothing to assist you. They just don't care. My suggestion is there are plenty of credit cards out there that want your business. Barclay's isn't one of them. I would stay clear of anything Barclays related. My opinion is that if they run one division this way they run them all this way. You have to watch the corporate culture. All of the above is my opinion and nothing more.

Worst credit card ever, very bad customer service, very unhelpful, and rude people. My advice is to stay very far away. I even got sued for owing 500 bucks because the customer service didn't help me. I couldn't pay my bills and therefore got sued...

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Several weeks ago I applied for a credit card through Barnes & Noble, hoping to make use of the reasonably good rewards program for in-store purchases. In the course of the application, I was asked to enter my permanent address, with a note that if I was living at a temporary address it could be entered later for the purpose of shipping the card. As a student, I was happy to see that, and entered my permanent address, which is, for the time being, still my parents' house. The promised opportunity to enter my temporary address wasn't offered, but that was a small inconvenience I've been living with for a checking account for a while. I was also given an opportunity to have a $15.00 charge applied to the new card as soon as it was issued for express shipment. I checked this box inadvertently; that error would prove to be the catalyst for a great deal of bother in the coming weeks.

I was, as I expected, approved fairly quickly, but because the new card was shipped back home, it took several weeks for me to get it and attempt to activate it. I was shocked to find that activation was refused, with no reason given. After a second attempt, I called customer service, where I was informed that after having approved me, they had "monitored activity" (there was none) and decided that I needed to provide more information before they'd allow me to use the card, and since I hadn't activated it yet, that meant before they'd allow me to activate it specifically, a scan of my driver's licence, front and back, my social security card, front and back, and of a bill in my name at the address I entered. This last was crucial, since the permanent address I'd entered was not a residence where I paid the bills (thankfully). It was thus actually impossible for me to provide the required information.

The customer service representative was rude and insulting throughout the conversation. Apparently not grasping the distinction between a permanent and temporary address, she said she was "sorry I'd put an address where I no longer lived," but they'd still need precisely the information they'd requested. Since I couldn't possibly provide it, I asked if I could simply cancel the card. She pointed out that not using it would do the same thing, but noted that there remained the matter of the $15.00 charge for shipping -- a charge I knew nothing about, since I'd signed up for paperless billing and couldn't log into my online account until they allowed me to activate my card (much later, I received notification of the bill and the required documentation, but well after I'd needed it).

Better still, I was informed that because more information had been requested (I was given no reason beyond that, despite asking repeatedly), I could only mail in the payment: I couldn't pay online (obviously, since they still wouldn't give me access to their online service) and I couldn't pay by phone. Annoyed, I mailed a check for $15.00 to the address I was given, then disposed of the card in disgust, thankful that, for less than the price of mid-range dinner, I was rid of the consequences of the mistake I'd made by doing business with Barclaycard (by this time, I'd read a few reviews, and knew what some of you had experienced).

Several weeks later, I was informed that the payment had been returned. I later realized this was my fault, as I entered a "3" instead of an "8" in one digit of the account number, but I was still left with less than a week until a late fee would be applied, and no way of paying the account quickly thanks to Barclaycard.

That's where the situation stands now. If the check arrives in time, if Barclaycard allows me to pay off my account without charging a late fee, I'll have received a remarkably inexpensive and much-needed education in disreputable companies. If not, I'll likely have another few weeks of hassle, and perhaps pay a slightly higher tuition for the Barclays School of Absurdity. In the meantime, I cannot encourage you strongly enough to have nothing to do with Barclays Bank and anything related to it. If you're thinking about it, stop. If you have a relationship with them, cancel it. There are too many honest and competent companies out there to waste time with Barclaycard.

Barclays was most difficult credit card I've ever had -- I've spent lots of time calling customer service w/additional fees. I used Barclays at the Apple store (easy approval) and thought they would be ok. However, once the Apple special expired I used it for one expense that fell outside the Apple special rates. Interest was extremely high -- I called and they would not lower the interest rate even -- they were absolutely non-negotiable. I found this very odd. Is the company trying to keep customers?? (no) So I paid the account off. With my last payment, they charged me additional interest "trailing interest" they call it, so even though I paid my bill in full, my last payment left a small balance. I am very annoyed by their practices and in general working with this company. I found them non-responsive to my needs and would NOT recommend them to anyone. Call for a better company!

Thought I read the agreement closely when I signed up to get the 50 bonus for signing up for Visa. Well I guess I had to make a purchase before July 17th, my room was booked for July 24. So I didn't t get my 50 credit. Contacted them and the manager had no intention of helping me whatsoever!!!! My parents closed their Barclays account this morning, my husband is transferring his balance to Capital One, and I will be closing my account in Sept only because I booked a room with my points and got great deal. I am very sick and had several hotel reservations to make in the next two years for trips to Cleveland clinic... what a waste for poor customer service care.

Took 35 min to change bank auto repete deposit comes from and then Barclays typed in a credit union not a bank. Told me to check back in day or two vs fix it and send confirmation.

I used a Barclays card check (balance transfer offer received in the mail) to make a loan to a friend. Apparently, Barclays card made one call to my cellphone to try and confirm the check (with no message left) and when they got no answer cancelled it. I then incurred a returned check fee and my friend incurred 3 bounced check fees (one for the Barclays card check that was cancelled and two more for checks he wrote in anticipation of receiving funds from Barclays card). When I called Barclays card I got no satisfaction what-so-ever and no cancellation of the return check fee - just a robotic repeating of "well that's our standard policy." I think its ridiculous to make only one call and then cancel the check! Duh, they can't even leave a message? What a scam!

I used a Barclaycard check (using my line of credit) to make a loan to a friend. Apparently, Barclaycard made one call to my cellphone to try and confirm the check (with no message left) and when they got no answer canceled it. I then incurred a returned check fee and my friend incurred 3 bounced check fees (one for the Barclaycard check that was canceled and two more for checks he wrote in anticipation of receiving funds from Barclaycard). When I called Barclaycard I got no satisfaction what-so-ever and no cancellation of the return check fee---just a robotic repeating of "well that's our standard policy." I think it's ridiculous to make only one call and then cancel the check! Duh, they can't even leave a message? What a scam!

Barclay Bank is terrible! They will offer you a great credit line for their card, and convince you to transfer your balance from a higher interest card to them, then without notifying they will cut your credit limit to make it look like you are over using your credit to the CRA's. Do not fall into the Barclay Bank Scam, avoid this bank at all cost.

I have 3 Barclays cards and I suggest if you are thinking about getting one... think again. They started me out with 2 $4000 credit limits and the other one at $2500. I've had the cards for 2 years or more... have never been late and almost always paid more than the minimum due. One day out of the blue I get a letter stating they are reducing my credit limit on one card. I emailed them and asked how they can do that to someone who has never been late! Of course, I get a generic email back saying how sorry they are blah, blah, blah... and almost 7 months later they did it again! Doing this affects my credit score!

They are shady and I strongly suggest you don't get this card and if you have one... don't use it again! I'm sure this has happened to others and it's really unfair how they can do this to people when if affects their credit. Barclays is the worst company ever!!! Beware of getting their cards. I look forward to getting mine paid off and cutting them up! Bad business for Barclays! They are the worst credit card company EVER!!!

Never have I been so pissed at a company as I am with Barclays. Unlike #CareCredit, they do not apply your payments to special interest financing unless your account balance is paid in full. I have paid more than three times the special finance charge in payments, and yet there is a balance... Total BS. If I carry a BALANCE I DOUBLE OR TRIPLE MY PAYMENTS TO AVOID HIGH INTEREST. These tactics are low down and dirty and trick consumers into cards with them. I will not be using this card much more I will keep a marginal balance so as not to ding my credit, but this relationship is done.

I used one of the checks that they offer to pay off another credit card. After paying all of the balance transfer I still owed almost all the money. I called and they told me that the bank apply the payments whatever they want. So, be very careful because you never going to finished paying this off unless you don't use your credit card for purchase. This is the worst credit card I ever had.

I have had an account with Barclays for over two years now possibly three. Over the last year since May of 2015 I have made 1 transaction on the card and paid it off less than 30 days later. To my knowledge the card was paid off so have not checked my account in months. The next month after I made my last payment the annual fee of $49 was charged to my account without my knowledge.

If this company was up to date and cared about their customers like Discover or Capital One does, I would have gotten a friendly text before my account was over 30 days late. Instead, I went months before finding out I had a balance, only when I checked my Credit Karma to see my score went down because I was over 60 days late for payment. I called Barclays customer service only for them to tell me there is nothing they can do and I will just have to pay them NOW $156.00 bill and my credit will suffer from this honest incident. I have already cancelled my card and am debating on getting a lawyer.

Due to lack of a better word, I have to call this "Worst" Barclays credit card. Their customer service is pathetic and their business practices are selfish. I filed a dispute case against a furniture store who didn't deliver a item, and after around 6 months with at least 20 mails & phone calls, they put the charges back on me, saying that I need to provide them proof without any responsible investigation on their side. Where is the so called "Consumer Protection"?

All I have is a invoice and I sent them that. But they refuse to do any kind of due diligence on their end and just close the case saying I should pay them the amount after 6 months of pending dispute. And most of all, their customer service can cause your BP go high, because they just don't care and they put off phone calls multiple times and have no shame in doing so. They proudly say that this is how they work and it's up to us to retain their credit card or not. What a pathetic company that calls itself "Premium Barclays Credit card".

In or about 2014, I had 2 Juniper credit cards with Barclays Bank. When I initially applied for the cards, I was given a 9.7% APR. I paid the monthly balances on time for more than 12 months. All seemed to be OK. All of sudden, Barclays notified me that they were "RAISING" my interest to 25.97%. I could not believe it. I called Barclays and attempted to converse with some foreigner who I could not understand. To make a long story short, this foreigner told me there was nothing he could do. I told him very frankly that there was I could do, and that close my accounts. He said, "Go ahead." At the time I owed balances on both cards and told this jerk that I would not pay them. He could have cared less. I did close both accounts.

Subsequently, Barclays sold the accounts a "Bottom-feeder" collection company named Midland Financial, or something like that. Midland has been harassing me for the past several years by constantly reporting these accounts to the three credit bureaus. Frankly, I don't know what they are trying to prove with their tactics. In any event, I have filed formal complaints against Barclays Bank with the appropriate authorities and am awaiting a response from those agencies. If and when I do receive any responses, I will post them here. The moral of this story? "STAY AWAY FROM BARCLAYS BANK." "FAR AWAY."

Have had card over 2 years. I used it and CL was raised 2500.00 so total of 4500.00 used and paid. Paid off last June and did not use much at all and if I did paid in full. 4 weeks ago I put 1500.00 use to help my son and made one payment on time and today I received a letter. They dropped my CL to 1800.00. Never late almost always made more than min. I am paying off all my cards in Aug so just made min this month. It was at 0 for over 8 months. I called. No one can tell me why. Have AmEx Discover and Capital One (4 Caps total of 35000.00). I will cut up my Barclays Cards (Apple NFL and World Cash) AND never use again. I do not want to cancel because it will take a hit on my score but will watch very closely on my phone app that there are no Fraudulent Charges. Stay away. They are good to get going on credit but then pay off and cut up.

This company is the most frustrating credit card company I have ever dealt with. I have spent numerous phone calls and two trips to post office to provide them with documentation that I exist. It is thru the Apple finance program. Amazing, Apple store gave me a 1200 dollar computer, but I can't get the credit card approved. The letter from Barclays said to send in a utility bill, but that wasn't good enough. Then I need to send in a copy of my social security card and my driver's license. Still not good enough. The driver's license wasn't clear enough. It was legible to me. I am not going to pursue this card and get the Apple rewards, but I will continue to make payments on the credit card that I cannot get approval for. I wonder what the connection is with Apple. This would be nice to know.

I applied for Barclays card via Apple store. To my surprise I was denied. Surprised because I have a consistent Fico score above 800 (today it is 850). About a week later I got a letter in the mail saying I was denied because they needed confirmation of my address - the address I've lived at for 6 years. I sent the required confirmation a month ago and have heard nothing. Tried to talk to someone on the phone and all I get is passed around and finally a recorded message that ends in goodbye. Has anyone else been caught in this loop?

I guess I am spoiled by my Discover Card. There, I never have a problem with emails, late payments fees, etc. because the setup is so easy and logical. I always get all notifications. At Barclays, even setting up the automatic payment is a nightmare. Email reminders do not reach me (yes, of course I checked my spam folder), which lead to late payment fees. Their setup looks so ancient, that I wonder why they are still around. I am not going to use this card anymore.

I've had this card for about two years now. About 3 months ago while on the phone with them, they offered me 3.99% interest for balance transfers and purchases for 12 months. They said, it would stay at 3.99% then after the 12 months is over, the charges made during that period had to be paid off or it will go back up to 25.59% on those purchases. I decided to look over my bill this month before making a payment and they have been charging the regular interest in all of my purchases other than a balance transfer I did.

I called to discuss this to them and was told that the 3.99% interest was only for balance transfers. I explained that this is not what I was told when I agreed to doing that. All she said was she was sorry. I'm so upset. I'm on very low income and would have never agreed to this if I was told that. I wish I could take action. They are taking advantage of many people. They are lying to get customers to have more of a balance so they can make more money on interest. They scammed me. Now I'm screwed.

I have been trying to pay off two very high balances on 2 separate cards issued by Barclay's as a result of a transaction with Wyndham Timeshare. We felt we were tricked into taking on these cards but once we got stuck we felt it best to just pay the cards off. We closed the accounts and cut up the credit cards some months ago. Now we have the chance to pay off the cards to an interest rate drop from 19% to 3%. The problem is I don't know the full account number and Wyndham Barclay refuses to give me the full account number. I have nothing with the account number on it. There has to be a way to force them to provide me with the account number so I can proceed with the balance transfer. Right now I feel as though I am being held hostage to their terms of paying this when all I want to do is get freed from them. Please offer some help if you can.

Anyone out there who is planning to do business with Barclay should think twice. Not a good credit card company. Don't waste your hard earn money on this company. I have been with this company for several years never default on a payment. When I requested for a credit increase they deny my request. I am working on paying off Barclay and close this account. Very dissatisfied. Poor customer service. Not a customer service center that is why their customer service skill stink. This is my first time writing a review on a business. Most of the time I don't do anything about it but this time I am really unhappy about Barclay's business dealing.

I cancelled my Juniper card at least 6 months ago, however, I received a statement on May 28, 2016 for $9.99 Angies List 888-888-5478 IN. This was for renewal fee for Angie's list, which I had cancelled 6 months ago due to a charge of $69 for a service which was never used. I called Angie's list to have this removed, however was told they could not do it. This was an automatic draft thru Barclays, Juniper credit card. I called Barclays, Juniper, and after over an hour and being transferred, I was told Angie's has an agreement with the bank that can charge a automatic draft credit card even after the card has been cancelled. This is just not right! She also said I had been charged another $9.99 on 5/5/16. I called Angie's list again and I was asked how did I know I been charged.

I have a Juniper MC statement. She did say she would remove the first $9.99, however at the time I did not know I had been charged another $9.99. When I told friends about this situation, they could not believe the bank can charge on a cancelled card. When I call Barclays Juniper, I was told this is legal. I did not get any notice to indicate Angie's list was renewing my membership. When I check with the bank regarding my account, they say the account is closed.

I post a payment on April 29 for due date in my card May 02, 2016, and the payment was 27, and I pay 50 but this payment didn't so in my account after 4 days. So on the 05/02 I did make another one so I don't have to pay the penalty, and this one post on the 05/03, and did not apply for the month of June. So they play that trick and if you aren't careful you think you send a new payment but for them not so. Watch out for this bank is the worst credit card you will ever owned. Too many fees and bull. Please stay away from that card.

I had my LLBean credit card information stolen for like the third time. Why my LLBean card is like public information is probably related to Barclays, although I can't prove this. The credit card was used to sign up for Rhapsody among other things. This subscription rolled over into the new credit card. I called to tell them the charge was fraudulent. They decided it wasn't but didn't notify me. Another month got charged, I called again. It took over an hour on the phone and my testifying on 4 different times for the record that these were not my charges. I felt bullied for much of it.

They finally believed me or got tired of it and gave me another credit card number that I will never ever use again. I had to call for another long conversation and recorded testimony to get the interest charges removed for the false charges. Never was there an apology for their bully behavior and the numerous implications that I was lying. Frankly it has been my experience that dishonest people are the ones that feel comfortable of accusing others of being liars. I recommend you avoid anything to do with this company.

I originally got a Barclays Card for an Apple promotion. I watch the payment dates closely. I noticed that I had a late payment fee ($37) on the card. When I downloaded the statement, it showed that the payment was "transacted" on the due date but "posted" the next day. I went back and checked other statements, and found 5 instances since October 2014 where they had charged "late" fees although ALL payment dates were on the due date (the 3rd of the month). They have a note that transactions placed after 7 pm EST are not "posted" until the next day, but what difference does that make to the day the bill was paid? Is anyone else having this problem? I am sending copies of my bills to the US Attorney General's office. Care to join me? Bye Bye Barclays. Reading the other "customer service" reviews, I decided not to bother. Class Action Lawsuit anyone? It is time to reign in these banks.

I got a Barclays Credit Card only because my wife asked me to as a travel credit card. I paid a yearly fee on time down to 00.00. Somehow these folks told me my payment was a day late, which it wasn't. I was then charged a 40.00 late fee based on paying on time down to a balance of 0.00. This is a dishonest company. They should be banned from doing business in the US. I have had two other credit cards for 20 plus years and never had this kind of situation occur. These people are scum and have lost me as a customer for life. It cost me 100.00 to be done with them. God knows what it might cost you. Stay away at all costs from these crooks.