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Bought a vehicle from Chevy dealer who talked us into using Ally for "free" oil changes for life of the vehicle and the gap insurance. Had vehicle 1 month. Was totaled. After numerous over 50 calls vehicle was paid off after 1 1/2 yrs... Now owed overage of 880.94 that they will not send me. Over 4 mo of calls, lies, lies, lies. Say they sent it but nothing. They say it is my mail service but yet the collection notices for 37.84 late fee (unknown where that came from??) come through with the threats of reporting to credit file. "Oh we are so sorry" is all I get with no action. I found the CEO email and emailed him. Let's see where that goes... He gets million dollar salary. His company has a "D" rating with bbb... Whatever you do don't!!! Don't!! Utilize this company for any reason!!! Nothing but regrets.

Ally received an overpayment for the final lease payment. They are refusing to refund the difference. It is not contractual but rather just their internal policy. They say I might get a refund if the car sells for more otherwise I am out of luck. How is this legal? I will stay away from Ally. The person I spoke to was extremely rude and differential.

I have never dealt with a more corrupt bank in my entire life. The truck loan was paid off and they still took an automatic payment and have had it since the 23rd. The loan was paid off on the 20th. It is now the 12th of the next month and my 4th call, with nothing still rectified. Do not ever borrow any money from these people. They screwed up the % rate and said it was going to be lower and then the payment date as well.

This company is a joke! My father-in-law got a car for us in his name through them, and then he went and got himself a car too, financed through them also. He goes and makes a payment on his car, and they screw it up and put it on our account, and it messed everything up on ours. Took them a month to fix everything. Then we fell behind with them on 2 payments, and when I got the money together, I paid them off including all late fees. Then a week later a new payment should have been due. I log in online to make the current payment, and it was saying $0 due and nothing due until the following month, so I have my husband call them to see why it was saying that, and the representative said it was right and that nothing was due until the following month.

So when the next month comes around and I go to make the payment it said the current due and I paid it. Then 3 weeks later I get a letter in the mail saying we were a payment behind plus late fees. Husband calls them again and they tell him they can't talk to him because he's not on the account even though my father-in-law gave them permission to talk to my husband like 10 times in the past, plus the money comes out of our checking account.

It took about 2 to 3 weeks of back and forth phone calls to my father-in-law and them to get somewhere, and here the lady tells us that basically she don't know who my husband originally talked to, and that we need to get a payment in or they will repo the car. Like you can't tell me they don't keep record of calls! And I'm so sick of their ** that I'm ready to tell to just come take the damn thing! We just made a payment last Friday and yes we are behind one payment. They call my father-in-law this morning, and he calls my husband and tells him that if we don't have another payment in by this Friday that they are going to repo.

They like to make huge mistakes and screw people over, and when it's been their mistake they don't want to be lenient in any way for you! They just want to screw you harder! This company is a freaking joke and should not be in business! Our car was supposed to be a 5 yr loan and here it's been 4 yrs, and we still have $10,000 left on the loan. How the hell is it supposed to be paid off in another year? Not possible and they are liars!

Normally would like to give no star for them. A lot of simple thing that all customer rep could not explain. I was on the phone and asked simple question, and each of them gave me difference answer. Never recommend this bank to anyone. My current balance is 10,500 but every month I want to strangle someone when I see the bill. Just let me give an example. If I owed $200 for this month and when I got the bill I paid $50, and then next bill come again, my balance = 200-50 =150+2.99% = 150.37 Right? Ok, this is what I understood how all other credits card company did >> The balance x %rate then /365 x 30 day for bill cycle.

I asked the rep, "How you calculated finance charge", because every month the total of finance charge it seem like come from whatever number they wanted. Nothing practicing the on the faithful basis. He answered me, my finance charge calculate from previous balance, that's meant they still calculate the interest from $200 instead of $150 even though I already paid $50. Some simple math that customer service who sitting outside USA, that could not answer a simple question. Its sound crook and fishy for this company, if they cheated on customer $2-3 of each how much they make money per month. I really upset, even though it only 2-3 dollars a month that make me sick in my stomach that they did not answer my question right. No standard.

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Only wanted to open an online savings account like I'd had with ING sixteen years ago. (Does anyone remember their orange ball/their 8%?) It took me 3 weeks+ with multiple mailings & phone calls to succeed & by then I didn't wanna put 1 cent in their bank! The last Ally Bank customer service "example" I spoke with was snippy & spoke down to me i.e. Big mistake. Took up with Synchrony Bank who offered me more (1.10%) & I needn't send them a vial of my blood. Became a "Trust Fund Baby" late in life & needed somewhere to park a lot of excess funds. One has to assume Ally Bank doesn't need my money.

Awful. Awful. The WORST. After my leased car was returned to the dealer, this company harassed me for months -- is still harassing me -- claiming that I still have the car! Harassment in the form of daily threatening letters, daily and frequent phone calls from imbeciles who couldn't seem to figure out that my lease was paid and the car wasn't in my possession. The dealer doesn't use Ally anymore.

Ally Auto is one of the worst auto financing you will ever come across. Yes, they apologize consistently almost like a robot... but that's it - don't think you are going to get anywhere or any answers. Something as simple as a report takes them over a month to send out but as soon as the day of your due date hits they are all over your phones. They will track you down to even the payphone that is close by. AVOID THEM IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE.

I co-signed for my son to buy a car. When the car was paid off, the title came in both of our names. The registration came in just my son's name. So, I contacted Ally to see if they could change it because the title and the registration must match. Ally should have made sure the title matched the vehicle registration. Now, my son doesn't talk to me. I have no way of contacting him and there's no way of me getting the title changed to just his name. In my opinion, this should be Ally's responsibility because our state law states the title and registration should match. It's neither my son, or my fault.

I will NEVER finance anything with this company again and would NOT recommend anybody using them. They were EXTREMELY rude to me on the telephone and refused to help me. Very uncooperative and unconcerned. If I finance anything with any company and discover it's this company, I'll refinance with someone else. I'd advise EVERYBODY else to do the same.

Paid on a cad dts for over a yr, fall down on a few payments, repoed the car. It needed a water pump, and the hood was faded, but a very good car. Ptsd got me sideways on this. They sold the car for 950.00, blue book is 7,000 to 9000. Now I am left with a bill for 12500.00 and no car. Oh well good luck getting it. One pissed off v.n. veteran.

I made a payment before the date of my auto draft and not only did they still run the auto draft, but charged me twice. I keep getting routed to offshore call centers and they are trained to repeat themselves and not resolve issues. I will be refinancing my car with another company and have made a claim with my bank. Next will be BBB. Horrible horrible horrible business practices. They should be shut down.

Ally Bank is the worse and the worse bank I ever deal with. I will never and ever deal with bank again and will tell everyone know about this bank. My mother bought the car thru Ally Bank on 05/2014 and on 06/2015 she passed away. I called and reported about my loss. Right after they knew that, they locked my mother account. I cannot log in online. When trying to call to solve the payment, they don't want to talk to me. I made a payment from my bank, they didn't accept it. They just want to take my mother car back. I went thru really difficult just begging them accept my payment even I'm an executor but till now, year and a half I still cannot ask about the car. They always say only my mom can log online or discuss about the car while they knew that my mom passed away? THE WORSE OF THE WORSE BANK EVER.

Why does it take 24-48 hours to fax a copy of the lien release to DMV? This after waiting 1 1/2 weeks for supposed delivery of release in the mail they promised earlier. Also, they won't send an alert before payment is due but the day after they are quick to advise of the late fee. Hate, Hate, Hate Ally.

I financed a vehicle through them 15 years ago when they were GMAC. My vehicle has been paid off for 10 years. I never got the title to my vehicle so I went to sec. of state to get my title. Sec. of State gave me my title for 20.00 and told me, even though your vehicle has been paid off, you still have a lien on it. You have to call Ally and request a letter stating the lien is waived. I called Ally they told me they can mail the letter to me in 5 to 10 business days or fax it to me. I told them to fax it. They told me it would take an hour to fax. An hour later, no fax.

I called back and they told me it would take 24 to 48 hours to fax it. So I asked to speak with a manager. Manager said she couldn't get a hold of the title company. REALLY??? I have a vehicle that's been paid off for 10 years and I can't sell it because Ally has put a lien on it. Note to self and everyone out there, never ever get a loan through Ally. You pay them their money and no one tells you they keep a lien on your vehicle until you call them and tell them to take it off!!!

So I had a truck with Ally, paid good for a year. No issues. Well my truck was a total loss a couple days before a payment, my insurance said they was going to move quickly and let's see what happens. Well 3 weeks go by not really hearing from them, well call insurance. They have tried to get a hold of my bank to send one paper that was holding everything up, so I 3 way call everyone and get the bank to send the paper while on the phone! So my insurance overnights a check. My 30 day late is the next day. So what the bank does is wait 4 days to cash the check and put my account in good standing! Longer they wait more interest that occurred against me! But still sent my credit a 30 day late on my credit report! And now after it's all said I paid it off. They refuse to remove it even though it's their fault! Also my GAP company was a sister company of Ally... Worst bank I have ever used! Do not use them. Stay away.

Ally charged an unfair fee and refused to refund it to my account. It is an online bank therefore the only means of communication is via phone or chat. However they do not have quality customer service agents or supervisors. The customer service refuse to listen to their customers; issues and concerns instead they repeatedly ask for the customer's phone number. Neither the customer service agent nor the supervisor ever address the reason for my call.

I made my last payment on my leased car three weeks ago and in one week I will be required to turn my car back in to the dealership. For three weeks I have been going around and around with the customer service reps at Ally Auto trying to get them to release my information to the company that handles setting up a pre-inspection on leased cars before they are turned in. Every day I call and every day I get the same run around. I have asked numerous times to speak to a manager or supervisor and have repeatedly been told "no" or "there aren't any here right now" or "they are all in a meeting" and so on and so on.

I have one week left to get my pre-inspection done before I turn in my car and I see no light at the end of this tunnel. I don't think it is going to happen and so then after I have to turn my car in they will no doubt send me a bill for made up scratches or dents that aren't factual. This was my first time of ever leasing my own car on my own and it is turning into a nightmare.

Ally is the worst company we've ever dealt with for car leases. They have no idea what they're doing but they took two weeks to find our car after you turned it in it and it had no chance to repair the problems with the car before they charged us. Worst company to lease from.

I had a vehicle loan with this bank. Over 2 years I made the payment on time. In June I missed a payment not because I am broke but because I just forgot about it. No calls, no letters, no emails, no text alerts, NOTHING. The next payment comes around and I make it. Still no calls, no letters, no nothing. 15 days after making this payment I decide to buy a new car so I pull my credit report. What do you think is on there??? Past due amount from Ally. I call them up and make the payment right then.

The customer service rep tells me since you've made your payment on time for so long we will just give you an extension. So I say "sounds good, can you tell me when my next payment is due then?" He says "the payment you just made can cover this month so just go back to making your normal payments." I say "so everything is taken care of?" YES it is. This was a lie. I talked to an online customer service rep. because my credit report was still showing it and he stated it would be removed from my credit no problem. I have the transcripts to prove it. Still not removed.

I sold the car 2 weeks ago and this bank is still harassing me and states my deferment was denied. How can it be denied when the guy on the phone is the one who suggested it??? Why are they demanding a payment when I no longer own the car? Why have they still not removed this from my credit??? When I talk to customer service they transfer me to collection when I ask these questions and then collections transfers me back to customer service when I ask them again. I will never deal with this bank again, nor should anyone else unless you enjoy dealing with overseas call centers and being lied to.

I have been doing business with Ally for about a year, and everything was going just fine...until I got in a car accident. I had Gap coverage so I knew I was in the clear. I went through the long process of getting the necessary paperwork in order to use the coverage. About 4 months after, received a letter stating that I still owed about $100. I called the Gap company and they let me know that not only had they paid Ally, but Ally sent them a refund of $405 for over payment.

When I called Ally to ask them about this they admitted that they did send the money back but I still owed them $100. The worst part is they couldn't even tell me why. They said that they would call me back within 48 hours when they had an answer and they never called back. As I waited for their phone call, they tacked on an additional $0.18 a day for every day payment was not made. By far the worst company I've ever dealt with. They will never get another dime of my money as long as I live!

My vehicle was paid off in full June 29, 2016 and as of today, (8/29/16) I have not received the overpaid amount that I am due. I received a letter from Ally July 8, 2016 stating I would be receiving the full amount under separate cover but I have not. When I contact Ally, I have been told so many different reasons that it is almost funny now. Terrible company, should be shut down.

Ally is the company financing our leased car. They are horrible. They lie and say they never received the mail. They tell you it will takes 4 weeks to sign a document and return it to you. They lie and tell you they mailed something 5 days ago and it either never arrives or arrives 2 weeks later. They will do anything they can to rip you off. Avoid them like the plague. And don't ever believe that they are dealing with you in good faith, because they will try to cheat you every time. They should be sued and put out of business. They are the worst.

I don't usually write reviews, but this company is a master scam artist. I returned my leased 2013 Chevy Malibu on July 21, 2016. I soon start getting calls saying they needed an odometer statement because they didn't receive one from the dealership. Then I receive a bill stating that I owed $159 for excessive wear on a front leather seat. They said it was a cut and also stated that the vehicle was returned on July 24th! Both the dealership and I have reviewed the photos and can see a crease, which is normal for leather seats, but not a cut.

Dealership (Betten Chevrolet of Muskegon, MI) has contacted Ally to dispute this charge and told me to call them to find out the results. Guess what??? They continue to say that the seat was cut and that the vehicle was returned on July 24th. The person that I talked to was extremely rude and said I owed $159. How do you fight something like this? They inspected the vehicle 8 days after I returned it and needless to say it is their word against mine. I either pay the bogus $159 or risk damaging my excellent credit. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! FYI I already paid over $4000 for excessive mileage!

Where is my car title? I paid it off on Aug. 5th. They told me it was mailed on Aug. 15th, ten days ago. It doesn't take 10 days to get a letter from Maryland to Chicagoland. I see someone else complained this month about the same thing! My dealership is waiting for the title because I traded in my car. They sent it regular mail. You'd think they had enough money to send it express with all the interest they made. I called and they said they could send a lender's release letter and re-order it if it doesn't come by tomorrow. I am not happy with the extremely slow service.

It was a horrible experience. When it came time to have an appraisal at the end of the lease, it went bad. We called for about 3 weeks, never got anywhere. They never returned a phone call. Customer service was over seas and these people had no clue. NO ONE could help us. They all don't know what is going on and have to reach out to someone else that supposedly could answer the questions. NOT. And then when answers not answered still we get a call and they threaten with collections. We will never be dealing with them again. They sent a letter that said I had 7 business days to get my own appraisal. Like Hell. They already moved on within a day or 2. Never deal with Ally Bank for a car lease!!!

We turned in our 2014 Cadillac SRX with only 31,000 miles on 6/29/16. The Michelin tires on it were rated for 55-60k miles (we saw wear on them when turned in BUT they still had plenty of life left). 2 weeks later received a nasty letter from Ally with a bill for $803.40 for excessive wear & tear to all 4 tires! Talked to 5 different people at Ally, one even stated we could get a quote for cheaper tires & settle the debt. Little did we know the car had been sold at auction on 7/13/16! What a nightmare, they are calling up to 3-4 times a day & everyday at least 2 letters in our mailbox. This is pure harassment, we have never been spoken to like we have by these people at Ally trying to collect this money we do not feel we owe! This is the 4th Cadillac we have leased & we have never had any issues before, but we never leased through Ally Bank until this 2014 Cadillac. We WILL refuse to have any dealings with Ally in the future! Consumer beware!

I called to find out the balance on my account, and wasn't expecting the security questions. I couldn't remember the answer to one of them so I was asked my username. I mistakenly thought the username was my email address so I gave them that. They told me they were going to transfer me to their supervisor (???) and while waiting I remembered the answer, but didn't want to stay on hold because I was sitting in a hot car (no A/C). Turns out they froze my account online.

I call with all the correct information to get it unlocked, and the first sales rep (Cathy) starts to talk over me, become irate despite me being respectful in describing the problem, cutting in on me and raises her voice to me, and hangs up during the 3-5 minute wait to transfer my call. She tells me they'll call back in three days to resolve the issue after I tell her I'll need access to the money sooner than three days. She says in a condescending manner, "We'll call you in 3 days to discuss what YOU can do to prevent this from happening again." As if I were a child being put in timeout for being "bad".

The next person I call tells me they'll call back in 2-3 days. I tell her I need the money sooner, so she says she's going to "transfer" me and also hangs up during the so-called transfer. The third, I tell him, "Please don't hang up on me this time." He assures me they won't has me waiting 3-5 minutes only to say "another 3-5 minutes" and again, and then says he has the other department on the line looking at the notes, and that I'll have to wait another 3-5 minutes only to then hang up again.

I contact the online chat customer service and they offer to help and then claim that I have to be able to access my account (which is the entire problem that I'm contacting customer service for which after TELLING HIM my problem says that he can help me on said problem) to be able to access my profile. To view the "notes" about the call and the issue in order to resolve it and that I have to call customer service again. Can't online customer service do exactly what the customer service over the phone is able to do - why would they need ME to log in when they can view the "notes" without needing my login on the phone? Over something simple as human error - forgetting the answer to the security question. If they are going to hang up repeatedly then logically I expect them to also not call back in 3 days. They keep saying they need to review notes to find out the problem.

The problem was resolved, I forgot the answer to the security question, gave them the correct security question numerous times along with correct account information (whatever they asked). The first call was only yesterday. They record calls, it's my voice. Same person. I've called a month or so ago so they know it's me who is calling and not someone stealing my card or information. It is the definition of ridiculous. All this to find my card's balance. I have a different online account, with BBVA Compass, and it's NO drama total ease to access my card balance on the phone with them. I've misentered information there and no one hung my account up for days with rude, passive-aggressive BS on the phone.

I leased a Fiat 500 Sport through Ally Financial. I paid every month on time, and turned in the car with less than half of the allotted miles, in perfect condition. A few weeks later I got a letter in the mail claiming that there was a dent in the roof - which there was NOT. It gave a phone number to call for a dispute. 6 phone calls and a letter to the company, and still nobody at Ally recognized that I was disputing the charge. The customer service agents were EXTREMELY RUDE, and the whole experience turned in to me being threatened with collections. God as my witness, I will NEVER use this financial institution for anything in the future. Great job collecting a bogus $302 from me. The loss of my business in the future will be your reward. Smart!?!

Ally Bank brags about no branches & I have discovered over the past year they also have no satisfactory customer service. I am never able to speak with the same person nor receive satisfactory answers. Usually I am placed on long hold periods & then connected to a foreigner that is barely able to speak the English language & is very difficult to understand. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was informed I could only speak to the current person who had not been helpful at all. I am due a refund of $570 and have called repeatedly with no response for a refund date. I would never recommend Ally for any business transaction & will never use their bank for any reason.

I had an account with Ally Bank in 2012. At the beginning of 2013 Ally did some kind of software upgrade to their system. I was paying all of my bills with their bill pay system. After the upgrade the system started to make payments of bills that I had removed from the system. One such bill was a rent check for a place I hadn't lived in for two months. This check bounced due to insufficient funds and I was locked out of the system. This was just one of many checks that bounced which should not have been sent out to begin with.

Customer service told me that it was impossible for their upgrade to have done this. They demanded that I send them money to cover the multiple charges on my account. They continued to send out checks and I was powerless to stop it because I was locked out of the system. I had no choice but to stop depositing into this bank. They absolutely refused to resolve this problem because they could not have been at fault. Absolutely worst customer service ever. This was a nightmare of an experience. Now I can't open any new accounts at any other bank because I have been blacklisted by Ally. If this happened to me after their upgrade it must have happened to others also.

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