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I started using WEN early 2015. After a few months, I noticed my hair falling out more than usual. This continued for months and is still falling out. I stopped using WEN because I felt the build up on my hair was too much and switched back to regular shampoo. Hair continued to fall out. When I got my hair colored, now months after I stopped using WEN, my hairdresser was concerned at the amount of hair that fell out during the washing/brushing process and asked if it was okay to continue. Due to this condition, I had asked if he could get the non-ammonia color which he did so we moved forward. At this point I have no knowledge of the WEN complaints and my hair continues to fall out more than usual.

When I had my annual physical, I addressed the hair issue and she had extra blood work drawn that all came back negative. Here we are, at least a year and a half from the start of use of the product, and at least a year from stopping the product and the fallout has slowed, but still more than what is usual for me. I am thankful that I had a very, very full head of hair to begin with and the loss has been over the entire head so I do not have bald spots, but I am amazed at the reduction in the size of my ponytail. Overall, I didn't love the product anyway and did not make the connection of the hair loss with WEN until my daughter told me, she read something about it. I will locate the receipt and add it to this post at a later date as requested by the site.

I started using WEN about five years ago. I got my first bottle from a friend. At that time my hair was very dry due to coloring it blonde. The first two years I used Wen, my hair was no longer brittle, dull and lifeless. Wen transformed my blonde locks to be full of shine, bounce and vibrant. Strangely, as time went on and I kept buying more Wen (The Originals as well as the 613 conditioner), my hair started to slip off my scalp... literally. I didn't use Wen as often as some of these other poor souls on this website. I would wash my hair twice a week usually and only used Wen as a conditioner because I noticed that since my hair was no longer dry, if I washed it with Wen twice (as recommended) in one sitting, my hair would be flat and oily. So my hair loss was gradual.

Before WEN, I'd lose maybe 2-6 hair strands in the shower but after using WEN for about 2.5 yrs, I'd lose about 15-40 strands per wash. I don't know if they changed the formula but my hair was no longer holding onto my scalp. I used Pomegranate 99% of the time since I learned early on that the Sweet Almond mint gave me a rash and I was scratching my scalp like crazy. I will never use or recommend Wen to anyone. I feel bad about recommending it to so many friends and family. Most stopped using it due to leaving their scalp and hair to oily or having their hair break off. With the Pomegranate and 613, I experienced hair loss. I'm sure I would have experienced more if I used it as often and in large amounts as some of the people on this site.

SO WHAT DID I DO TO REGROW MY HAIR??? My MD gave me a oil treatment steroid. It didn't have appealing ingredients in there and the smell was very alcoholic. I tossed it in the trash and didn't use it. I did some research on my own and what I decided to do was reach for COCONUT OIL. It soothes any inflammation, redness, rash, etc within minutes of application. I'd use a non-sulfate shampoo called BIOTENE H-24. You can buy it at Sprouts and GNC for $8-$10. I didn't use the conditioner.

I'd wash my hair in semi warm/cool water. I'd flip my head DOWN and gently wash my hair. I'd then Mix 10-15 drops of pure LAVENDER oil from Mountain Rose Herbs into a gallon of drinking water. I'd shake the bottle and then pour it all over my head and hair like a rinse. I'd pat dry my hair. For some who have inflammation on the scalp, try Coconut oil. I did this in some areas of my scalp and it stopped the pain in about a minute. I did this for five months. It is six months to this date and I finally noticed small hairs coming through... finally... a breakthrough. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

I used WEN for about 5 years without any problems at all. My hair was strong, healthy and shiny. I learned early on that you need to rinse your hair out for an extended amount of time in order for it to rinse clean. Once I felt like the product was rinsed out I rinsed again to be sure, otherwise I would get greasy at the roots. I stopped using it about a year before the hair loss stories started hitting the media at the direction of my hair stylist. We noticed that my hair color was washing out, not covering my grey and becoming dingy too soon after coloring. She said that WEN leaves a waxy coating on your hair, so I switched to a product called Unwash.

It is the same concept of a shampoo and conditioner in one step, it will not lather up like a shampoo and it rinses out much easier than the WEN product. My hair is not as shiny as it was with WEN, but my hair color lasts and let’s face it when you are spending $200 in a day at the salon for a cut and color the color better last.

I have been using WEN for about 6 months. About 2 months ago I developed a rash at base of my hair at the neck. I was stupid enough not to figure out it was the WEN. As of today, the rash is down my entire back and even behind my knees. My hair is thinning slightly but that for me isn't the issue. I have been to the dermatologist once and will be back tomorrow as the rash is now getting unbearable. I will never wash my hair with it again. I wonder if anyone else has had a rash this bad.

I hate to see so much negativity on a product that I ADORE. I have been using Wen since 2012 and I am a professional licensed cosmetologist. This product has taken my hair from the worst to the best. When I initially tried it, it was for the try it free promo. Then, I was amazed and they never stopped sending it to me. I have several Wen product and I have gradually taken my hair to the next level, so much that I am asked what products should I recommend.

Every client that I have applied wen products to have enjoyed them as well. The only problem that I have encountered was billing issues, other than that this product is used heavily in my home and I highly recommend it to anyone that asks. You have to know which product suits your hair needs. There are a variety of scents that cleanse different types of hair. Do your research before you jump on the bandwagon. I have documented my hair journey and without Wen, I wouldn't have length retention nor growth enhancement that I have acquired since I've first purchased it almost 5 yrs ago. It's not for everyone, but I nor my child/clients/family/friends suffered any hair loss from this product.

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I started using Wen exclusively Nov. 2015. At first hair was soft and appeared fuller. Told my sister in law to purchase as seemed awesome. Within 2 weeks she returned her product telling me it made her hair fall out in clumps. I should have listened, I watch QVC, thought everyone's hair was beautiful. My hair started falling out,getting thinner and thinner, hard to style, lost its extremely natural curl, no body, can see scalp. I acknowledge now, it is the Wen product causing the hair thinning and loss. I am so sad to see a once full head of hair looking as it does. He is a lovely man, but his product is not safe and truly. A woman depends on her hair for confidence. Scared.

My aunt sent me a bottle of the cleansing shampoo, I used it that night and immediately after I rinse off I started to get red itchy bumps on my head and the back of my neck. I used some cortisone and went away maybe two days later. So the next week I washed with the cleansing shampoo and same thing happened again. Red itchy bumps. So needless to say every time I use it I get an allergic reaction.

I just returned from my hair salon and we talked about all the hair I've been losing. After a while I mentioned I used WEN and have for many years. My hairdresser told me about the problem WEN has going on. I came home and called the company. I buy from QVC and they confirmed the problem. WHAT? Why had no one notified me of this??? I have become SO thin it pathetic. I NEVER heard about this on the news or anywhere else. I am extremely saddened, shocked, and now MAD about this. I loved this product and it shows because the lady at QVC said I had purchased 5 items of Chaz's since 2014. I know I have purchased more but they probably do not keep the records that far back. I am SICK about this.

I was recently telling my family how I couldn't understand the hair loss on the front and the thinning of my hair. I color my hair but don't use peroxide etc. I use a temporary color like a rinse. So why did it break off in front and thinning a lot. I was thinking am I sick? Then someone made a Joke about Wen. And I said "OMG. I use that!" They said that was old news. I hadn't heard until now. So what do I do? Go to the Dermatologist? Or what?

I love how the WEN shampoo made my hair feel, but had to stop using it due to MUCH hair loss and excruciating scalp pimples. These pimples felt like fire ant bites! All red and pus up like a fire ant bite. Well I called WEN to cancel my membership, they were polite and sent me two different other ones to try free of charge. Said they'll go ahead and cancel but leave it active for two weeks to try the other two to see if it was the fragrance irritating my scalp. If I didn't reordered after two weeks they'd close my membership which they did due to the same problem continuing. So up in the pantry it went and back to Pantene Shampoo. Well I ran out of shampoo and pulled out the WEN from the pantry.

Again I love how it makes my hair feel, but the next day those dang painful fire ant bite like pimples are back and running a brush through your hair is not happening w/o running those bristles across those pimples. I figured I was allergic because I pretty much have adverse reactions to all medications, anesthesia and aspartame, and household cleaners and perfumes shut my breathing down due to asthma. But never a reaction to soaps including laundry soaps, or shampoos & conditioners. But I noticed after months of not using it and pimple-free, that just after three uses the hair loss in the drain was back again, and those OMG dreadful scalp pimples. It's not going back in the pantry, it's going in the trash!!! Gone with the WEN forever and frankly my dear I don't give a damn about this product!

I am going bald after using this product. The anxiety of taking a shower or doing my hair is off the charts and finding chunks of hair everywhere is a constant reminder of what I look like. I also experienced a debilitating headache for seven weeks while using this product. I want to know where I can get my own testing done on the left over product so that I know what I have been exposed to.

My daughter received a bottle of WEN cleansing conditioner at Beautycon in Dallas Texas along with many other products from multiple hair and makeup vendors. I have always wanted to try this product to see if it would help give some body to my hair as advertised on the website and commercials. I never purchased this product. I started using the shampoo March 2016 washing my hair every 3 days. In the beginning my hair appeared to be fuller. In April I began noticing that my hair was becoming thinner on the right side and top of my scalp. I continued to use the WEN cleansing conditioner every 3 days until 8/19/2016, I stopped using the product after reading about other consumers having hair loss and the FDA released safety alert with use of the WEN cleansing conditioner. I have been complaining to family members about losing my hair and what could I be doing to cause my hair to fall out by the handful or a massive amount of hair in my brush.

When I finished reading the safety alert from the FDA and accounts of other consumers complaints of hair loss I came to the conclusion the only change I've made over the last 5 months was using the WEN cleansing conditioner. I have difficulty looking in the mirror at my hair because it is so short and thin. I am devastated and just sick that my hair which was once naturally wavy and manageable, is now thinner and shorter on my right side. My hair in back of my head is a thin stringy mess. I still have hair falling out everywhere, after brushing my hair this morning I started crying at the clumps I found in my brush. What can I do? I'm going to have to wear a wig. I trusted the WEN product and it has brought me nothing but an emotional breakdown and a lack of self-confidence because of the way I look now.

I have four bottles of WEN that were purchased in 2014. I expected my hair to be better. I found that using WEN caused my hair to fall out and look like straw. This product took a full head of hair and reduced it to very thin and no shine. I wish I had never seen nor heard of this product. I want some help as this product ruined my hair.

2 truths: First bottle of Wen shampoo did make my hair look better. Second bottle of Wen shampoo did make my hair fall out and gave me scaly scalp. Thankfully I stopped using it before I went bald, but initial damage is still visible. These women are telling the truth.

Wish there was something I could do about the situation with my hair since exclusively using Wen products. My hair has been thinning at a rapid rate for the past few years and I figured it was my diet or overall health. When I theorized it might be the Wen cleansing conditioner, I tried a different scent than my usual hoping I could come to a conclusion within a year or so. No change. The hair loss is so scary, that I am worried that it is too sparse and fine to even hold hair extensions. QVC owes us all recompense who have bought Wen through them.

I started using Wen hair product in late 2013 and all of 2014 and in 2015 my hair loss got worse. I am now almost bald. It doesn't seem fair that you pay a good deal of money to a product and then to have hair loss at such a young age. Very disappointed. Would never use the product again and I would like to return it for a full refund.

I don't know what all these people are talking about!! I have been using Wen for at least 5 years & haven't had a problem at all! I've taken very good care of my hair my entire life and this product has only helped! I use it differently than most people, but it is amazing and my hair is beautiful! People are always asking me what I use and lately when I tell them I use Wen, they have been telling me about all the bad publicity. I seriously don't understand. I only use Wen once a week, unless I am noticing a really bad "other" product buildup, then I use it twice a week. I wash with my regular shampoo first and then use the Wen. I also use the styling creme every day. My daughters also use Wen, because I've given it to them. They haven't had a problem either. So, I'm hoping my review will help!

Don't use it, I used Wen for two years never thinking it was the cause of my hair loss. It did make it softer and more manageable but at a great cost - money and hair wise.

I started using them about a year ago and I noticed in the shower that my hair was coming out. Every time I wouldn't brush it I would have Globs of hair coming out. You would find in my hair all over around the house. It was constantly just sitting out and coming out. I do not recommend this product to anybody.

I started using WEN products approx. 4 years ago... Since, I have lost a lot of hair!!! Mind you, I have very thick, long hair... But, it's not nearly as thick as before using Wen Shampoos and conditioners... Also, I noticed a lot of breakage, no shine anymore. :(( Also, my hair isn't growing like before using this WEN product/ products... PS. If anyone has Wen products in their home, throw them out... I placed in 3 trash bags just to be safe in case it leaked out... Good luck all... BTW if anyone has the name of a good attorney... please send my way. Thanks.

Started using sweet almond mint and noticed significant hair loss. I decided to contact Chaz Dean and noticed the lawsuits associated with his product. I have been using his product for approximately three years. Just recently I started using sweet almond mint. It was this particular one that caused the significant hair loss. I will definitely stop using this product. I also have a few of his gallon products and will lose money however this is better than going bald!

Used Wen hair products 2014-2015. Noticed a lot of hair in my brush and in the shower drain. Decided to stop using but I guess it was too late. I'm 22 years old and I'm noticeably going bald. I no longer enjoy outdoor activities and I'm constantly trying to hide inside the comfort of my home. I have to force myself to continue going to work and college is now out of the question. My husband says he won't leave me if I go completely bald.

I have had thick hair for all my life. About three years ago I started using WEN. After about a year I stopped and noticed that my hair was no longer soft. Hair stylists had often commented on how soft my hair was, so I went back to WEN I purchase at a retail store. I NEVER subscribe to products. The WEN once again made my hair soft for the last two years. I do not lose any more hair than I ever did. Three days ago at the dermatologist, he was checking my scalp and said, "Wow what a head of hair, I am half your age (75) and have half the hair." There are many reasons people lose hair but WEN certainly hasn't affected mine.

I started using Wen about a year or so ago. Maybe a little longer. At first, I loved it, the smell, thought I was feeling a difference. I had the autoship so because I didn't use it everyday I had to cancel the autoship with so many bottles sitting around. Anyway, shortly after I started using Wen, I started to develop a rash behind my neck. Constantly itchy, flaky, inflamed skin. Then, I started to develop a rash all over my scalp. Flaky, super itchy and noticed my hair wasn't as thick as it used to be. I can see the difference in my front hairline, where more skin is seen than hair. And I always had THICK hair! My hair also feels extremely thin now as if I have lost a lot of it. I grew up with very thick, curly hair and never had this problem.

I stopped using the products and the rash on the back of my neck slowly started to get better, but I am still dealing with the loss of my hair. I never pinpointed it on the product until I realized that when I stopped using it I felt a bit of relief. So very dissatisfied with this product and I am thankful I never let my daughter use this stuff more than once. (And that was because she ran out of her products.) I will NEVER trust this brand/name again.

Sister recommended product at our Father's funeral service in 2012. Started using in August 2012. Hair felt soft after first use. After several uses noticed hair was less thick, lots of hair in the comb and drain. Did not attribute it to hair product at first because of other things in my. Family noticed a large bald spot in the back of my head in 2013 and stopped using product in November 2013. It is now August 2016. Hair has not grown back and area of baldness is approximately 4 inches from my forehead to the top of my head and about 4 inches across wide.

The last 4 years has been a journey of multiple blood tests and addressing lifestyle and still losing hair. Now looking back, the only thing I can relate it to is WEN hair care cleansing conditioner which I originally started using in 2010 to avoid the harsh effect of shampoo on the hair. I had bunches of hair and bald spots appear for 2 years till I stopped using the product. Can't believe the product was not tested before being launched for use of public. Hair has never been the same since.

Last year, a neighbor gave me a bottle of Wen shampoo. I'd always been skeptical of using a product promoted by a cosmetologist who constantly wears a hat. I'm a trained cosmetologist, so I read the ingredients before using it. They seemed innocuous enough, even though I thought it a bit gimmicky... Non lathering didn't bother me. I questioned the cleansing and conditioning in one step. I exercise daily which culminates in a shower and hair washing. I used Wen for a few weeks, then returned to using my usual shampoo. I diluted the Wen and continued to use it as a rinse. I do this with all my conditioners. It's easier to comb detangle my long hair in the shower with the conditioner still in, then quick rinse.

I was planning a cross country move at about that time and attributed the excessive hair loss to the stress or delayed post menopause hair loss. The hair loss continued even after I settled into my new home. When I heard about this current lawsuit, I immediately tossed the Wen out and resumed using my old shampoo (Suave). To my amazement, my hair loss has subsided. I still lose some hair. I know that is normal, especially because of the length. My advice. Save your money. Don't believe the hype offered by "actors/actresses". A paid advertisement is just that!

EVERY SINGLE PERSON that has exposure to the Wen product sees both wonderful and horrendous results. I, also, continue to get Invoices and Bills, when the subscription was cancelled months ago and I have received no new product.

I purchased Wen products mid last year of 2015. I tried it and my hair was dull and lack-luster. I thought maybe I used too much or too little, so I continued to use Wen. I felt tingling as I used the full line of care products and thought it was because of the mint. After a few uses I noticed my hair was thinning and breaking. I was coming out in large gobs; it would be in the shower; on the floor in the bathroom when I styled my hair and on my pillow.

I thought maybe my body was low on vitamins and had it by my primary physician, and my vitamin levels checked out fine. That is when I realized Wen was the only change in my habits and it was causing my hair to fall out at a rapid rate. Since I stopped using Wen, my hair stopped breaking so much. However, I think permanent damage has been cause, because my one thick, shiny, healthy hair; continues to be dull and doesn't grow as it once had. I would never recommend this to anyone and will never purchase again.

I called into the company because of my hair falling out. I was also told it was because of my age. I even tried to cancel the order. It took me 4 calls and a threat to seek legal help to stop the order. Ever since I used the product my hair has not been the same. It has thinned out and I find small bald spots all over. I only used it for a short time. It did nothing for me from day one. I called the company and was told I have to give it a month before I would see anything. That was told to me even after I told them I hated their product.