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I was at Jordan Creek Mall in West Des Moines and got suckered into stopping at the booth. After some pressured sales I stupidly believed what they told me and bought some skin care stuff. Which I should know better because my skin is really sensitive. After walking around a while my skin was burning so I went back to see if they would either take it as a return - 45 minutes later - or let me exchange for products which don't go on my face. They would not let me. They kept going on and on about how it is mud, there is no fragrance, even though it says so on the packages. They told me I could not return because the money GOES TO THE ISRAELI ARMY. At this point I was actually so mad, I walked away.

I am disputing this charge with my credit card company and I hope I win. Funny, when I go on to their website, it says they want their customers to be happy and will refund your money. Well, good luck trying to get your money back.... Don't buy. The products are probably nice but too high priced and ridiculous return policy says it is a scam and they don't care about their products.

I was shopping at Jordan Creek in West Des Moines. I was offered a lotion sample, which I (stupidly) accepted, and the salesman grabbed my hand and asked why I paint my fingernails. He took off my nail polish and started using the file thing. When he tried to get me to buy it, I told him I already owned the same product. He insisted that because it "wasn't ours," it didn't work. He moved on to asking me about my skincare and telling me that he could fix my "oily, problematic skin." After spending 20 minutes listening to his speech, he added up the total of all the products he thought I needed - $480.

Eventually he gave me "his employee discount" and "threw in a product for free" because he "knows I'll be back to buy again." I spent $70 because I needed to leave, and left feeling nauseous that I had just dropped that much money on something I absolutely did not need. I see other people at the Jordan Creek Mall have had the same experience with their predatory salespeople.

Pressure sales tactics on unwary consumers: bullied my daughter into purchasing products she neither wanted nor needed by grabbing her hand and blocking her path to leave. Granted my daughter did not have to buy the product but at 16 was just so flustered and in a rush to leave she just caved. Horrible company. Avoid business with them at all costs. RUN!

I've read through numerous reviews on here for this companies kiosks and their employee's "sales" tactics. And I do have to admit, that I myself, on more than one occasion, have had eerily similar experiences with their employees, as if they are actually taught to do their sales in the manner that they are conducted. It certainly isn't a coincidence that people all over the country are experiencing the EXACT same sale's tactics, "secret deals" offered, and the threat of if you walk away from their offer it will never be attainable again. BUT all that aside, I'm happy to report that I have recently learned that "Seacret Spa" has since decided against having mall kiosk and has moved onto being a one on one representative type company, similar to "MaryKay", "Avon", and "Pampered Chef."

So no more, do you have to try to sneak by the kiosk unnoticed, hoping they will prey on one of the other unsuspecting victims you've managed to mingle yourself into just to get past the kiosk without being jerked out of the group. LMAO. They really were that bad though. Also, since they have done away with the kiosk they now have lower overhead and have decided to "graciously" pass on those savings to the consumer, so their products are now much cheaper as well. I am in NO way affiliated with or an employee of Seacret Spa, I am just another kiosk victim, just like the rest of you, but also do happen to actually like some of their products.

I have got in contact with a representative that does work for them, and they will actually send you free samples out to try their products before you purchase and do a one on one thing with you through skype or any other face to face media. I'm glad that have done away with the prey on kiosks and am glad that they have since lowered their prices, bc I definitely couldn't afford the retail prices (even with their "special" discounts) at the kiosks and even still only can buy things from them now every now and then to treat myself, like for a birthday gift or something, bc they are still a bit on the expensive side. But they do have quality products, I just wish they weren't so damn expensive!

I have been accosted several times by these people. They are aggressive and annoying. What is this company? Their products are ok, but their approach is too aggressive and annoying. They are also nosy/busybodying. Products are overpriced, I believe. Like buying ZAP or Crepe Erase, etc. I think Mall administrators should have these people tone down. I do admit that I spent 200.00. One tries to get them to stop, but it is difficult. This should be addressed by mall staff.

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Have been trying all day to find a product that I purchased in Florida. I live in Georgia. Getting a customer service rep on the phone with company is like pulling teeth! Obviously you people are not interested in selling your products!

I walked past the kiosk and a woman offered me a free sample. I accepted, and as I reached for the packet of lotion, she opened it and grabbed my hand. She put some on one hand, asked me to rub it in and feel my skin. She asked me what I thought, and I responded that it smelled nice and my skin felt soft. She lead me into the kiosk and told me to sit down in the chair. I was a little flustered, and didn't want to be rude, so I did. She proceeded to apply six different creams, salts, oils, and washes to my hand and arms. As she applied each one, I reminded her that while I was appreciative of her time, I would not be buying anything. Every time I tried to get up, she got started on a new conversation and once again, not wanting to seem rude, I sat through it.

She asked me about my love life, job, and children. We talked for a while and I really liked her personality, so I continued to sit. I have to admit that I loved the results from the Dead Sea Salt Scrub and Mud Mask, so I stayed with the pitch. In the middle of telling her about my job in a nursing home, she bagged up all six items and rang them up. I was a little confused, and when she told me that my total was $480, I was flabbergasted. I told her no way would I pay that much. She told me she liked me a lot and would give me discounts and free lotions but that I couldn't tell her boss, it was our secret. Even after the discounts, perks, and only picking out the items I liked, it was still over $200. I told her I couldn't justify spending that much without talking to my fiance first because we have a child and are trying to buy a house. She told me that $200 is nothing compared to buying a house and it doesn't matter.

I told her my fiance would be furious if I walked into the mall to get my eyebrows done and walked out with hundreds of dollars in skincare products when I have Estee Lauder products that I love at home, and she told me that unless I was going to marry an axe murderer I shouldn't worry about him being mad and that I had some acne and red skin, so obviously my Estee Lauder wasn't working and I should buy something else. I told her that I often work twelve-hour shifts at work and don't have time to care for my skin or even wash my face twice a day, and that's why I was having breakouts. She told me that if I spent the money on her products I would love to use them so much that I would wash my face and apply creams at every break at work.

I then told her that the 11:30 movie I came to see at the theatre was about to start, and she asked me what was more important, a movie or the health of my skin? She then told me that my skin was addicted to the disgusting ingredients in my normal products and likened it to being a drug addict. She said she had a cure for my addiction. I finally told her "Absolutely no I have to leave", and she told me that if I left now she wouldn't help me again if I changed my mind and came back. She said it was my loss, and I'd be losing sleep over it that night. She told me that when she came to this country she had a dream for her life to help people in the U.S. learn to love products from the Dead Sea and if I walked away I wasn't taking full advantage of the American Dream and what I could learn from Israel.

I told her I was appreciative of her time, that I really enjoyed her company, that I was glad that she loves it in the U.S., but I did not have the money to drop. She gave me a hug, told me I had an hour before she got off work and then she could never help me again, and then I walked away. It was confusing, I just wanted to do some online research before I bought such an expensive product, and she made me feel like an ** for not buying, all the while making me feel like we were just two best friends talking. She did her job well, but I won't be going back to Jordan Creek Mall anytime soon.

I live in Montreal. I was recently introduced to Seacret products after I went to my local mall with my friends one time. I bought Seacret's mud soap and the nail kit. Even though I feel I was overcharged, I really liked the mud soap so I decided to try some of their face creams. So I placed an order on their website, I ordered their day and night cream set and their mineral rich peeling gel. Shortly after I received my order, Seacret sent me an email asking me to write a review on the products I had purchased and would get a 15% discount on my next purchase. So I did. But when I sent an email to Seacret asking for the 15% discount for the products I reviewed. I received an email response from Seacret explaining that they do not offer any discount for product reviews and that I should take it up with whomever promised me that discount.

I responded to their email complaining that they were the ones who promised me that discount and that they shouldn't promise their customers discounts they don't really offer. They then asked me to forward them the email with the promising discount in question. So I did but I haven't heard back from them since. I'm very disappointed in Seacret because I think it's sad that they have to lie to their customers just so people will write good reviews on their products. I think this is wrong and they shouldn't be allowed to lie to people like that. Thanks.

My friend got the product a couple of weeks after the review was posted.

Original Review

My friend who has certain learning disability was invited to join the group with all this talk about how he can make money and friends through the network. He signed up for $800. Then he told me about it. I asked him to withdraw from the program because I was suspicious of the program. He didn't know how. He asked me to talk to the agent in Winnipeg, named Jesse, to request for refund. The guy didn't bother to talk to me. I contacted the customer service through their website, they simply said, "My concern for my friend is admirable" and refuse to do anything. Three months pass, my friend still has not got any claimed "product" or refund. I cannot believe how the company uses people with learning disability to make money. Then again, it's a scam. I will try to convince my friend to file a complaint to the police. This angers me so much of how the company use people's innocence to make money.

I was shopping for gifts last week and walked by a kiosk worker who quickly sucked me in. I am usually pretty bad at saying no, and was doing everything I could to avoid interaction but I don't like feeling rude... Something these kiosk workers obviously don't care about. He showed me the buffer tool which is a cool item, sure, but not anything I even remotely need or want. I have two big problems with this kiosk, the worker, and the actions of the company as a whole.

He made several comments about how bad my skin was. I'm only 23, I was not dressed or made up to impress. I was shopping, alone. I have a family history of active adult acne, and have been going to a dermatologist for ten years now. He told me my pores are huge and that my skin was unevenly toned and dirty. His comments about my skin made me feel like I was at fault and that I should be ashamed for having large pores. I have fought for many years now to get comfortable enough in my gradually improving skin to go out with minimal make up on, only to have this stranger tell me that "I'm old enough that I shouldn't have bad skin". Incredibly rude and uncalled for. For reference, my skin isn't even that bad. No it's not perfect, but it's not disgusting which is how I was made to feel.

He told me each product he showed me was $100 or more which alone was a huge turn off. I said no, that I couldn't afford all of the products he was showing me many times, so he said he would take the price down "because he liked me". He said he would sell me the salt scrub for $100 (it's 49.95 on the website) and add in the nail care collection (59.95) and mud soap (15.95) for "free".

I'm ashamed and embarrassed to say that I bought his lie and his intimidation, and bought the three items for 106 dollars. I'm furious that I fell for such a stupid, scheming salespersons lies. He made me feel embarrassed about my skin care regimen, when he has no idea how I take care of my own skin. He did his job incredibly well, and tricked a stupid college student into wasting too much money. I'll know better for next time. Never considering recommending this company to anyone I know, regardless of whether or not the individual salespeople and website are reliable and just. Scheming and manipulation are not my thing.

Pressured to buy hand kit. I liked the polisher but when I asked price just for that, quoted $40; was trying to sell me kit for $60. Then his boss said he could sell 2 for $80 total, but not to tell anyone. Said has lifetime warranty. But cannot find ANY literature in box. And by reading reviews, I see bait and switch is a process they routinely use. I bought 2 - one for me and one for my 12 yr old granddaughter and her mother/sister. I am allergic to propylene glycol, a preservative in the lotion for which I forgot to check. Yup, since I spent so much for the kit, I tried the lotion. Within 5 mins my hands turned red and started itching. Luckily, it washed off. The nail polisher is already coming loose and I have no warranty papers. I live an hour from the kiosk. I am going to file a complaint with consumer affairs at the Iowa attorney general office.

So, I was walking in Jordan Creek Mall in West Des Moines, IA. As I pass Seacret's kiosk they come up to me asking if I wanted a lotion sample (they ask me this every time I pass). Of course I politely say "no thank you" but the man asking stopped me walking after I denied his sample. He told me to "wait" and me being confused on why I should wait for this guy I asked why I should wait for him. He looked at me in disgust and asks how old I am. I tell him my age and he's starts telling me a story. He starts telling me how he once had severe acne LIKE ME.

First off, why would you say that to a customer? I do NOT HAVE SEVERE ACNE AND WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT TO A CUSTOMER. He looked disgusted while telling me this and I thought it was HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL. He told me he could "help" my skin and at this point he was getting very nosy. He kept asking what products I use on my face and he told me how I'll "feel better" and that my face will clear up if I use the mask. I cuffed my hair behind my ear and he then snarked at me telling me not to touch my face (which I wasnt???).

I was already feeling highly insecure about myself at the point, he asks what makeup products I use on my face. I told him Garnier Bb cream... I told him it's oil-free and he replied that I'm making my face break out because I'm wearing a tinted moisturizer, because it's not one of their products. Ummm... excuse me? Does he have a certificate on knowing what my skin breaks out to? Yeah, I don't think so... and the skin care I've been currently using has helped A LOT. He denied that any of the skin products I am using have helped my skin.

He then got really close to me and told me everything he has showed me is worth $350 and that my "special" cost because of "my skin condition" would only be $200. I told him I don't get paid until tomorrow and he repeated himself yet another 2 times until I finally said I'd be back tomorrow (lying) so I could leave. He talked to me for 25 minutes and he was very demanding. He was very rude by making me feel ugly from his remarks. Very rude people that are too nosy. Will never talk to them again.

Wow, I was wondering about these expensive Seacret products that I, too, was pressured, coerced, and flattered into buying at Jordan Creek Town Center in West Des Moines, IA. So, went online and found I am not alone in being suckered into this. Usually I could ignore them or get by them somehow, but not this particular day. They roped me in with the hand/nail stuff, which, I actually do like. Next thing I know, my eyes and everything else need help and I've got stuff all over my face and the guy is charming to say the least. He kept sweetening the deals, changing the price, etc. and I'm very embarrassed to say I spent around $350!

I'm sick and tired of these people constantly harassing me when I go to the mall. Had the same issue in Florida when I lived there. There is another company at the Jordan Creek Town Center, the Vine Vera people, and they are also very pushy to the point of harassment. Next time I go to the mall and any of these kiosk people won't leave me alone, I'm reporting it to the mall management. I've had enough!

As for the actual products, hand products are nice. Face/eye products, I can't see that they are any better than any of the other products out there you can purchase at any of the cosmetic or department stores for a fraction of the cost. Seacret will tell you they will last you longer. But trust me, they do not. Feeling ripped off by way too expensive products!

In Budapest this past August and was enticed unto the store. Products were used on face. Then pressured to purchase them. I finally got them down to 4 products. Went to pay and they said no to euros - only the local currency. Put it on credit card, assuming it was about $200.00. Got back to my ship and asked what it was. $800.00. I was horrified. I went back and spent hour plus there. They would not refund my purchase, so I was stuck with it. I did manage to get the same products instead. Am I happy? No way. This company is nothing but crooks from what I have seen in reviews. I would advise anyone to just walk on past to avoid being scammed out their money.

This was a kiosk in Des Moines, IA at the Jordan Creek Mall. Normally I'm able to quickly walk past the mall kiosks without making eye contact or a simple "no thanks, not today." However, the other day I wasn't at the top of my game. I got suckered into talked to one of the girls who was working at the kiosk. She immediately went to work, putting lotion on my hands, asking me to "really challenge" her with my most problematic nail and using the nail buffer and cuticle oil on it. I honestly didn't have that much cash on me, so it was quite easy to say no to the initial price of $80/kit. I'm constantly looking for a way to remove myself from this conversation and hard sales pitch while maintaining my nice persona. Nope.

Eventually she goes down to $40/kit but insists that of course I can't tell anyone because it's that special of a deal and everything is on sale this week but this week only. Whatever. I do honestly struggle with my nails, so this is probably the best chance these people had with me getting one of their products. Later that night I start feeling sick to my stomach for spending $40 on nail stuff that I really couldn't afford at this point. I go online to look at some information and am just bombarded with all of the complaints about their terrible business practices! Even though it was shocking, I'm glad I did because I quickly put together a game plan. I was going to get that elusive refund.

Luckily, I hadn't opened the product at all. I had my receipt, and yes, it did say "No Refunds, Exchanges within 14 days." However, being the good student that I am, I quickly did some more research on state and federal laws to see if there was anything I could use when going for my refund. Iowa law prohibits consumer fraud - sales practices that are misleading/intend to deceive. I certainly see not informing customers of your irregular no refund policy as something that is quite misleading! There's no right to cancel or to a refund in Iowa, as this is not a door-to-door sale.

I went the very next day back to the kiosk. I still had the nail kit in the bag and the receipt. I do admit that I exaggerated a bit about an allergic reaction, but considering the amount of exaggerating the sales people do in order to sell the products, I'm not losing sleep over it. I insisted that the samples that were given to me the day earlier had made me break out and that I'd like a full refund. I told the man helping me that I had not opened the product and would appreciate a refund of my money.

The salesman insisted that "oh, no, it couldn't be these products!" And if it was just the lotion, then what if he just gave me a partial refund/discount and I could keep the nail buffer and cuticle oil? I insisted that no, after having an allergic reaction to the lotion and most likely the cuticle oil (as they came from the same manufacturer and likely the same ingredients) I did not want to risk using the products. I explained that I had very sensitive skin and sometimes have terrible allergies to certain ingredients. The salesman kept going back and forth with me, giving me different offers, but I kept insisting I did not want to keep any of the products, as I had not used them and did not want to risk another uncomfortable allergic reaction. This went on for quite a while.

I'm not a confrontational person. I dislike face-to-face conflict more than anything. I say this so that people who feel as though they do not want to be rude can be successful! I was just persistent and had a goal in mind of getting that refund. Eventually the salesman tells me that he cannot authorize a refund because he either cannot do it on the computer or needed authorization. He calls a boss (supposedly) and speaks in Hebrew (I do not speak Hebrew). He tells me his boss has authorized a deal. I tell him I do not understand why he cannot refund my money, the nail kit is untouched and unopened. He tells me that because it is a cosmetics, they cannot legally take returns.

He then also points to the "no refunds" sign and the copy of the provision on the bottom of the receipt. I say that I was never informed of this policy before my purchase and the first time I was alerted to it was when I say it on the receipt after my purchase. I said I felt very it was very misleading and not what I would have expected from such a transaction. (A white lie, as I know now this is EXACTLY what to expect from such transactions!) No. I've done returns of cosmetics (OPEN COSMETICS EVEN) at Sephora and countless other stores when I've been dissatisfied. It's never been a problem. So this is a straight up lie. Even Target will likely give you money back for an opened cosmetic product if you asked for one!

The salesman then tells me to call his boss and explain my story to him. I acted quite dumb and asked "well weren't you just on the phone with him? what did he say then?" The salesman insisted that maybe his boss would better understand if I explained my story to him. I told him I didn't understand since his boss wasn't there why he (the salesman) couldn't just refund my cash I paid. Eventually through a lot of me standing firm and insisting that no, I just want a full refund. I tell him how misled I feel and that I'm very sorry that the product made me have an allergic reaction, but there you have it. He asks if there's anyone I love in my life (are you kidding me??) and I say "yes of course". And then the salesman tries to get me to give the kit to them instead of returning it! I laugh off the suggestion and tell him it's too early for Christmas shopping and that I'd really like to return this today and worry about Christmas shopping in December.

The salesman at some point is like fine, just because I want to do right by you because I feel so badly and I want to help you, so I'll give you a refund. He then asks me for a credit card. I'm confused by this, as I paid in cash! He says he can't do cash refunds because he doesn't have the authorization. (So dumb? If anything, a credit card refund would need more authorization than a cash refund??) So I lie and say no. He continues to insist that he can only do it on the credit card. I eventually give in, even though I'm wary of these people having my credit card information. But at least that I can control with my credit card company if there is a problem. So he starts poking around on his register and after ten minutes of THAT he eventually tells me that he needs authorization??? So he texts his boss (supposedly) and we wait for his boss to text back with instructions on how to do a refund/authorization???

Nothing. The salesman then suggests that I come back when his boss is here, apparently tomorrow morning. I tell him no good, I'm at work. Will his boss text back quickly today? The salesman says maybe. I tell him I'll be back in 30 minutes after I hop into another store. The salesman looks relieved and I check the time. I make sure to grab both my nail kit AND my receipt before I leave the kiosk area. Then, I head up to mall management. I didn't think there was anything they could do for me, but I was certainly going to see if they had any suggestions. They were very kind and knew exactly what I was talking about when I explained the situation to them. I explained that I had gotten them to agree to a full refund, but that the salesman was waiting for "authorization." They didn't have any advice, but did take down my information and said they would contact the kiosk owner.

I then started to grow worried that 30 minutes away from the kiosk would give the salesman a chance to take the money out of the drawer or something and then show me his money drawer was empty as to reason why I couldn't be given a refund. So I went back early. Both of the salespeople at the kiosk were busy helping other customers. I was tempted to warn them, but unfortunately my selfish desire to stay on decent terms with the salesman and get my own money back won out. I waited around the kiosk for 5 minutes or so until the salesman was free to help me. This time he simply was like "I can get you your cash refund."

EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED. I didn't have to mess around with a refund on my credit card! (what the hell??) I remained cool and thanked him for his understanding and told him I really appreciated him working with me. I've got to work on being more assertive, but for now, I used what I do have - the ability to make people want to help me. I'm fairly certain that I couldn't intimidate a fly.

Things to Remember: It's easiest if the box is unopened. It's a strong fact to refer back to when you are negotiating. The fact that it is not opened and it is not used. They can put it right back on their shelf and sell it to someone else. Make sure you have your receipt. Save yourself that fight. Take note of where the signs are posted. If they sell anything in front of you while you are there at the kiosk negotiating a return, take notice if they gesture to the sign or make any reference to the return policy (or lack thereof). It's a good thing to know and it'll make you feel better in knowing that you were likely never told about the policy either. In fact, the sales I saw happen in front of me, the customer was by the products and never behind the register area where the signs were located!! That's not even to mention the fact that they were small, out of the way, and nearly hidden by a shelf.

At some point, the salesperson will likely call their boss for authorization or to "see what they can do for your situation." Let them do this, try to talk them into a refund as much as possible. Then it'll turn into them trying to get you to come in the next morning or for you to call their manager/owner. Don't do this!! When this happened to me, I said "well weren't you just on the phone with him? I don't understand!" and eventually I made the salesman call by just acting quite dumb about why I had to call when he had JUST talked to his manager?? Seriously. I can't do mean or rude, but I can do dumb and annoying. Not sure what that says about me.

Be persistent!!! I think the real reason for my success was that I was taking up SO MUCH of the salesman's time that it was just easier for him to give me my return so he could stop talking to me and sell to 6 other people. Keep in mind, they make their money by making many expensive sales. If you're arguing over a small refund, you're keeping him from making 4+ sales! I wasn't loud or rude, but I was a tad annoying! I wasn't going anywhere! I kept insisting that I didn't understand why they wouldn't take unopened product back when I had an adverse reaction to it! I sounded like a broken record, but eventually I honestly think they got tired of me and sent me on my way with my money.

This store was in Amsterdam - The Netherlands. I was walking with my mother in the city and the store was handing out samples of their soaps. So the man approached me and gave me the soap. Then he said that he would give me a napkin for the soap. I made the ** stupid mistake of going in. Then it began. I took the soap of him and he noticed my nails and said 'I want to show you something' and made small talk with me while buffing my nails.

When he was done he said 'you will be amazed', and actually it was a good buffer but I didn't wanted to buy it bc I have way too many stuff. He explained the offers the store had on the moment (it was a kit for 60 euros and no way I will spend that money, then he offered a other kit for 35 euros) and I said "I don't wanna buy it." The seller was very friendly and could make small talk. When I said I wasn't interested, he said he would give me a kit for only 25 euros (bc I was a 'student'). Well I bought it and I hated it!! So just walk away from the store and I learned my lesson!! These people are trained thieves!!

Went to a house party and ordered some product in April. Have had no issue with the product EXCEPT that a repeat order was sent without request. 90 days to the date, a duplicate charge appeared on my credit card and they claimed that an email was sent announcing the shipment prior to it. Never received any email (when I called the customer service line they admitted they had had a failed email notice). The service rep said they don't do refunds or pay for shipment and I was very firm (working in Sales myself) until a FedEx shipment label was generated and emailed to me. I have returned the product and am awaiting refund. The rep who sponsored the house party is a friend and even she agrees the company is shady, that other people from the party are also complaining about duplicate, un-requested orders being sent. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO ONLY PAY CASH.

We were approached by a salesman in a kiosk who tried to sell his Seacret products, but we were not really interested but kept trying. He showed us some mud soap and my 13yr daughter was interested in it, he told us it was $30 but on offer today for $14 and we could check the website. He charged her $15 + taxes. She bought it herself. When we checked website it was only $15 to start with so he lied to her. So glad we didn't buy anything else and we didn't pay any more than they were selling it online for. He possibly could have lied about the prices on all the products he showed us. Gives you no faith in returning to buy. We were misled.

While I appreciate and respect everyone's opinions and experiences and do not disagree with or seek to prove anyone wrong, I would simply like to point out that the kiosks do not represent the entirety of Seacret as a company. It was some time ago that Seacret moved from retail only to the relationship marketing model. The kiosks do not represent the tactics used by the thousands of independent Seacret business owners, and each experience had should be taken as an individual experience, not a representation of the company as a whole. I am so sorry for the negative experiences anyone has had and would love to connect with anyone that may have enjoyed the product but not the sales approach as I want to learn what not to do. I thank you for reading my post.

Unbelievable approach and sales (almost scare) tactics. From the onset, I was firm and said, "I will not be making any purchase." Thank goodness FOR ONCE I stuck to my guns. More than harsh sales tactics. Everything I just read in every review about their tactics are so true. The questions and the way they surround you is almost threatening. I literally had to "watch my back" walking to the parking lot after finally saying, "You have crossed the line," and walking away. The questions and assumptions were insulting.

Frankly, I took it much longer than I should have, but was almost amazed at the hard sell they were trying to force on me. I can see how some of these customers were "talked into" purchasing and I hate that for you. I almost bought just to get away, but the final straw from the "manager" was this, "How old are you? You mean to tell me you don't even have $50 - after I just gave you the manager discount of $100 off retail - don't you have any credit cards - for someone your age, it makes me wonder if you are being honest!"

At that point, I was able to shake my finger and say "Okay, you just crossed the line. I am out of here and you just wasted your time and mine," and I could not get away from them fast enough. Buyers beware. I don't think they should be allowed in malls to accost customers the way they do. It would not have taken much for a call to 911 when the 3 closed in on me and my purse at the counter. Thank goodness I followed my instincts.

I was on my way through the Park City Mall in Lancaster, PA, when this guy "Joseph" (Maor) from the Seacret Spa kiosk accosted me into the kiosk. He was super "smooth" in his sales pitch, very friendly, very flattering, and quite seasoned in spotting unsuspecting customers like me. He also had a heavy accent, and at times I had trouble understanding him. He put stuff on my eyelids, promising his product would eliminate the droopy eyelid that he noticed I had - "and this product will help you so much. You can avoid having surgery to tack your droopy eyelid." I bought the product, used my card, and signed, but never saw the receipt until I got home - a whopping $600 for the 2 products + tax. I felt so ripped off!

While the transaction was happening, he was chatting (and I was distracted by the smooth talking, distracting conversation). The paper I signed DID NOT have the price listed or the return policy on it. But when I got home, I saw the amount and the "no refunds, only exchanges policy" at the bottom of the receipt that he had put in my bag. I was mortified!!! I would NEVER have purchased the products if I had known the price. It was never brought up. No sticker was on the product. Since I had bought something for about $50-$60 for my daughter a couple of years before, I assumed that it was about the same, but I am at fault for not finding out. I never imagined that they were charging so much for the products! He was busy engaging me in conversation and requested that I fill out my email address, etc. (All a part of his tactics, I'm sure.)

I admit, I wasn't on my toes. I take a lot of responsibility for this and feel like a total idiot. There was not a price on the paper I signed. It was hard to even seen where I was supposed to sign for the charge. But again, I was distracted by his engaging, charming conversation, so I was not paying attention and wasn't expecting anything to be amiss. And this charming guy continued to sell me products because I needed something for my wrinkly neck, and didn't have a "proper" routine of facial cleaning and moisturizing. It was going to cost me $1000 for what he thought I needed during the 2nd go round. I said, "NO WAY can I pay that much for some facial creams, masks, etc."

So then he started dropping the price and adding extra products from "his own personal allotment of products" to make it more reasonable. I was overwhelmed. He wouldn't take "no" for an answer. "Repeat this: I deserve it," he said. "You never do anything for yourself. You only have one face. You deserve to be beautiful and need to take care of it!" I had been at the kiosk going on 1 1/2 hours by that point because he kept trying this and that on my face and neck. "Look. Your neck looks amazing! You've got to do this for yourself," he would say. "Why do you not take care of yourself?".

Finally, I bought the second bag of products, now at $424 because I just needed to get home to take care of the evening's activities. I was already more than an hour late and I was so frustrated, I just wanted to find a way to get out of there. I was so angry when I totaled the amount of my "unsolicited shopping spree" when I got home. I was totally duped and I was determined to get every penny refunded. The very next morning, I went back to the kiosk to return the products and get a refund. A different salesperson told me that they had the no refund policy, only exchanges. I kept reasoning with him, and he made a phone call to "the manager." He said he could do nothing for me. I asked to speak to the manager and I was asked to give my phone number and "I promise" that he will call you (as the guy folded up the paper with my number on it, and put it in his wallet.) Of course, I never got a call.

I stopped at my bank to file a dispute. I filed a complaint at the mall office as well. The very next morning I went back to press further to speak to the manager and try to work something out. A different salesperson than the other two called the manager, and in a few minutes, Joseph came out. I discussed it all with him trying again to get a refund or a compromise - I would keep the $424 worth of products, but the first one I wanted a full refund. Of course, he said it was all my fault. I signed the paper (even though I explained over and over that I did not know the price, nor was it on the paper I signed). I wanted him to just compromise. But to no avail.

I stopped again at my bank who explained that they investigated more since the day before and could not help me because I had the card in my possession and I signed (as opposed to if the card had been stolen, etc.) But interestingly, the bank had checked into the company, Seacret Spa. They have an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau. The complaints were very much what I have read in the previous reviews on this page - overpriced products, high pressure tactics, shady and dishonest representation of their products and the way they sell them to unsuspecting people (like me).

I have learned a very valuable lesson. DO NOT BE COERCED into buying anything ever again. They are shady and are some of the best shiesters I have ever seen. Advise your friends and family to avoid them like the plague! I'll never see a single penny refunded. I think I have exhausted all the possible avenues I can at this point (to get my money back). I feel so stupid and so robbed!

I was walking in a mall near New Bern, NC and was pulled in by two people selling Dead Sea Minerals products. They were very charming and I paid $196.00 total. I had no idea of anything until I read the article of all these areas involved with underpaid Israel people being forced to make a sale. I just hope my Visa card won't be compromised and I'm thinking of getting a new one now.

The mall in King of Prussia, P.A. has 4 kiosks in total (that I know of). They have the 2 DeJavu stands and the 2 Seacret Spa stands (both names owned by the same people). Anyway, I decided to walk to the one Seacret Spa stand because I was already thinking of getting some skin care products anyway and I know that some of their products are good... Overpriced? DEFINITELY, but still good.

First of all, I've seen these guys work their "magic" on to many people so I kind of already know what they're about. Anyway, the girl who dealt with me claimed her name was Mor. She was good at what she did, but she also seemed to have a bit of a conscience because she was never overly forceful with me at any time. I caught her lying red-handedly a few times because she told me the product was for $60 then when she would bring me to the computer to show me the price it suddenly went from $60 to $80 and she kept insisting that that was the so-called "employee discount". I told her, "you just told me 2 seconds ago over there it was $60 (which is still overpriced), now how did it jump to $80?" She never really did respond or at least not understandably. I think they make their accents heavier when it better suits their purposes too.

The other famous line they like to give is "because I'm the manager, I'm going to give you this discount but don't tell anyone" and what you feel like saying is "you do realize that that what everyone at this kiosk tells me, right?" And the discount is usually some insane price just dropped down to a lower, but still insane price. Anyway I only spent $60 on the nail kit initially but did go back later for the salt and face wash. I can't really tell if the stuff works because I don't use it regularly. Overall, not an absolutely horrible experience but definitely not appropriate sales tactics and definitely not justifiable prices.

I purchased $800 worth of products. Was promised an email with instructions. Have not seen an email. Live 2 hours away from mall. Want to return. Feel taken.

Updated on 06/13/2015

It has been 2 weeks trying to get a refund for the products that I purchased at the Seacret Spa at Jordan Creek Mall in Des Moines, Iowa. I have contacted the company and the manager at the Mall-- they have told me that I was being disrespectful because I asked for a refund because they did not send an email with instructions regarding use of the products, I needed to call back because the manager was taking a 2 hour lunch break, that I needed to be patient because of my limited availability for Seacret Spa to contact me. It has been over 2 weeks. I spent my day off from work calling Seacret Spa corp, the manager at the Mall and then my credit card company. I don't think that I am being unrealistic asking for a refund for products that have not been opened. They did tell me that there are no refunds due to FDA regulations. I was not told that there was such a policy.

Seacret agents are brainwashed into this Get Rich Quick MLM scam and are charged for seminars that pressure them into "changing their life" and quitting their jobs. I personally have witnessed this and the materials and I am a realist - but to them "bad energy man!" I have used the face wash and toner and it made me break out. The mud mask, mud soap and salt scrub WILL clog your drains causing plumbing issues, that stuff shouldn't be going down your plumbing. The body lotion will cause grease build up on your carpeting and on your floors. For these reasons, I will never purchase these products ever. The location of where they are actually manufactured is questionable and if the manufacturing is ethical. No thanks.

I went to one of their seminars thinking it was just gonna be free mud masks but it ends up being a 3 hour long presentation for this pyramid scheme. I got pressured and tricked into buying some items. When I picked them up a few weeks after purchase at Arizona Mills mall it was hard to get my product because I did an online order at that Seacret mud mask event and received absolutely NO receipt or any proof of purchase, not even on the website on my account. The only thing that showed was the amount I have spent on their products.

When I finally got my products I go home and realize one of my products (the peeling milk) was a TESTER. It had been used multiple times and even had a sticker with "T" written on it. Not sure if the Seacret agent who gave me this did it as an honest mistake or thought I was stupid. Either way I am very angry and disappointed. I didn't think this company could get any worse but they never fail to disappoint! Congrats to being the worst rated company on the internet! :-) Please look at the pictures of the tester I was given.

I experienced the same over the top, overwhelming hard sale as many other reviewers. I am fortunate I "got out" with a $70 purchase but am kinda disappointed I didn't walk away now - I don't want to reinforce their invasive sales tactics. I told my husband I felt like I'd been taken "hostage" by the overly friendly sales person ** at the park meadows mall in Parker, CO. As others experienced she took my hands, made strong eye contact, and practically blocked my attempt to leave. She would not stop even after she'd run my credit card... she continued to try to sell me more products. I finally bought the product just to get out. I will never talk with another of their reps or stop at the kiosk again.

Had a lovely experience with a Eastern European lady called ** today (admittedly not in USA, in the UK). It sounds like my experience was much better than most -- she understood I didn't want to buy anything but insisted I try out the product so I could come back at a later date to purchase any of the product. She used the Dead Sea mineral salts which she explained would be £40 (about $60). And that these would open the pores and help the skin to breathe. However, some of the claims she made were slightly outlandish -- she pointed out numerous times that most salts had carcinogenics in but that theirs was "parable-free." She then took out some body butter which would re-close the pores whilst rejuvenating the skin. Whilst most of the Claims were probably lies, she didn't pressure sell or do anything else wrong. The company must train its international staff better than its domestic staff.

Went to a Seacret party and specifically told them I did not want items monthly. Sent and billed anyway. Returned items to person hosting party and contacted representative. Never credited my account. Credit card would not credit because the company had my signature on documents. Of course mistake I made was trusting representative. The representative never returned my calls!!! Products not worth it

I have used Seacret body butter for a couple years and have been very satisfied with it. In November 2014 I needed a face cream so I thought I would order it from Seacret. When I received it I started using it right away. It caused my skin to tingle and sting and created more facial dryness. I contacted the company (Higar at Seacret Spa, customer support) for a refund or exchange for something else and they told me that they wouldn't refund the money because the jar was opened and used. This jar of face cream cost $64 for a 1.7oz jar. I was offered a 25% discount on my next order. She stated there was nothing else she could do. If I had known they wouldn't stand behind their product, I would not have ordered it.

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