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At first the WEN product was good, soft and easy to manage. But after a month or so I noticed hair loss and also toward the back my hair got so frizzy and dry out. My hair doesn't even grow. I was never afraid of short hair cause I knew my hair grow fast, but ever since I started using this product my hair doesn't grow... Please be careful of this product.

I was using Wen Shampoo for about five months. It was okay. I never really felt like my hair was clean and fluffy but my hair is colored blonde so it made it easy to comb out and I didn't need extra conditioner after shampooing. So I hung in using it. I don't think it ever made my hair any better. Then all of sudden I noticed what is going on with my hair? I did not see it falling out or more hair in my brush. But my hair that use to be 12 inches long, is now breaking off on the top of my head to about 3 inches long. All my ends were breaking off and dried out to straw.

Then I got a really bad rash all the way down my back. I thought maybe I changed detergent. Luckily I was talking to someone about the Wen shampoo and she said that is the problem. It causes hair loss and breakage. I looked it up on the internet and it said this shampoo builds up on the scalp and hair ends never really washing off making the hair heavy and break. The scalp coated not letting it breath causing hair loss. My hair is now cut short which I hate. And my rash has not gone away for two months. In one article it states two of the ingredients used in Wen is outlawed in England and affects the immune system. I hope this does not lead to future skin problems. You never know.

I tried WEN products & as soon as I did, I called to cancel & I still had to pay FULL price. Had to pay for something I was not going to use or to be shipped out. It is not what they claim. BUYER BEWARE, DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST!

My husband bought it for me as a gift. I hate it. Make my hair greasy and falling out. I hate it. Now I seem very depress and worry about the hair loss. I don't have money to go to a specialist to find out how can my hair grow back.

I ordered the WEN Tea Tree products and I only used the products three times. At first my hair was really soft and easy to comb through when wet. So I thought this stuff is really good. However, my hair is now brittle and thinning, every time I comb it a hand full comes out. Before I could cancel my subscription from QVC they sent me another shipment that I had to pay for. Believe me it is still in the box unused. I was talking with my sister last week and telling her how bad my hair was thinning, ironically she sent me a text this morning and she asked me, "Didn't you start using WEN?" I said yes, then she informed me there is a lawsuit against them. I am so upset, my Afro is very dull and thin.

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Beware of this product. I tried it, didn't like it - cancelled - and charges continued for 2 months after I cancelled. They said this was for the horrible product I returned and part of the terms... Don't buy - if you don't like it you will have to pay for it afterwards.

I've been a WEN user for a few years. At first my hair was shiny and smooth. Over time I noticed that it became dry and brittle. Some close family members started commenting on the frizziness that was not there before. I also noticed that there seemed to be a lot more hair in my brush, in the shower, on the bathroom floor, on my clothes, etc. I also had some unexplainable bumps on my head and my hair is much thinner than it used to be. I never thought the hair damage could be from WEN until I saw that there was a class action lawsuit pending. So I decided to stop using it about 3-4 weeks ago. It took a couple of weeks, but since then there has been far less hair loss, a dramatic difference actually. I have become a believer in the claim that WEN can cause hair loss.

I purchased WEN from Amazon January 2015. I'm reading all of these complaints and it's mind blowing. I am so sorry ladies for your hair loss. That is not cool. But I truly cannot complain about WEN. It has done for me what it said it would do, with me using my own judgment of course. I used it on my daughter's hair as well. But this is what I learned, you cannot use Wen on a regular basis, it must be used over time. So I washed our hair with it in January, but then did not use it again for about 4 months. I continued to use my Creme of Nature (w/o sulfate) shampoo and conditioner. My hair is manageable and does not kink up after washing. We have not lost any hair, but again we do not use it on a regular basis. I figured this out on my own.

I am a victim of fraud - someone has decided to send me WEN hair products twice now. Both times I have refused the shipment and returned the items. I finally called the customer service line 888-414-3565 to find out who is sending the shipments to me. First they wanted my phone number which I refused to give them so they cannot come back and say I ordered these products. Once we got past that they said they would stop the shipment. Then I asked for the phone number or email of the person "associated" with my name and account and they refused to give it to me. I asked if the police called would they give it to them and they said no. WEN is REFUSING to help the police in a fraud scam. That is a scam company in itself!

Hi, I am writing a review to WARN anyone against the use of WEN by Chaz Dean! I used the products back in the summer of 2015 at the end of June and beginning of July and I only used the stuff twice. I bought the products after hearing great reviews from 2 people. I am an African-American woman and if anyone knows our hair they would know that it's very curly when it's in its natural state and that it takes months of consistent good moisture products to get our hair to grow out to long lengths. So I say that to say that in my particular case I had grown my hair out in its natural state back in 2010 where I cut all the perm off of my ends and my hair was just above my shoulders fast forward to the summer of 2015 my hair was bra strap length and very thick as it has always been even when I use to have a relaxer.

This product took it out in 2 uses, 2 uses. How dare you say it's for all hair types, how dare you say it's all natural, how dare you LIE to us... I'm sitting here almost in tears as I write this. My hair immediately started to change. I noticed stringiness, dryness, and just all over thinning to my ends. I co-washed, and it said to rinse out thoroughly and then it says you can leave the product in as a leave in conditioner. That's how gentle he made it seem... these were instructions on the bottle.

Well I used it as instructed and hair loss is what it got me. I went to my hairstylist in August thinking maybe I just needed a trim... but it just continued to be thin and eventually I had to cut my hair off to above my shoulders... My hair has totally changed... that was the one thing I always got commented on was how beautiful my hair was... how long and thick it was. Now it is so thin it feels as if I only have about 10 strands of hair. I'm so disappointed and wanting to share because it's not for all hair types as it claims. I feel like I look so different without the hair I used to have. It's hard for me to do any styles to my hair.. it has truly changed my life. I ordered it from qvc and when I noticed the hair loss then that's when I looked up the reviews and then returned the product to qvc.

I started using the Wen System in April or May. Everything was great. It made my hair feel so soft and it was so manageable. After several weeks I would say until August I noticed that I was having to clean my hairbrush out a lot more and clean the drain out in my bathtub. I've never lost hair the way I was losing hair. I also noticed that I had bumps scalp and after doing research I found out that those were clogged pores. I'm so upset they had made totally hoodwinked. I also bought their home and their brush and the brush is losing the bristles like crazy. Its lost nine groups and I've only had the brush for three months so not only is their cleansing products bad, their other items that they sell are not that great either. I am joining the lawsuit.

I received a box full of Wen products as a Christmas present from my husband. I also received a bill for three more payments of around 40 bucks. Though I did not know what special pricing he received or the payment option he was offered but there was no way I was paying 160 bucks for hair products. In fairness to the company he was allowed to stop the future payments. I have been using the Wen hair care products since Dec., about 3 months now. I have natural curly waist length hair and with the curls also comes dryness and frizz. I have notice that my hair gets greasy, something it never did before, and just today I notice that I have dandruff and in 54 years I have never had dandruff.

It is tough to say whether or not I have suffered any hair loss from using the product but after reading all the hair loss statements I will stop using any hair care products made by Wen. I also notice some itching after using Wen the first couple of times but chalked it up to normal winter heating. I was skeptical at best but my husband can't seem to get passed the idea if it sounds to good to be true that chances are it is and with my hair type there is no wonder shampoo. But I at least had to give it a try for his sake.

It didn't perform like it says it does. First time it worked great. After that my hair went back to the thick unruly lion's mane and has been that way ever since. My scalp and the top half of my hair looks greasy and flat after I wash it and the bottom is a mass of frizz and curls. I don't use any of the styling sprays that was sent with the shipment, only the cleansing conditioner and the regular conditioner which I do rinse out after shampooing. I am not happy with the results and can get the same result by using a cheap chain store shampoo. Way overpriced for the job that it promises to do and does not. My advice to anyone wanting to purchase Wen products: DO NOT. Too pricey and does not perform well.

Like many other complaints WEN is ruining my hair. I'm so upset. I bought WEN to improve my hair and at first my hair was soft, smooth, easy to brush and less time to blow dry. Give it a little while and it's like it turns on you and poisons your hair. We all are here putting our trust in this man's hands and he pretends to be oblivious to the damage he has brought to many people. DO NOT USE WEN. YOU WILL ALSO BE HERE COMPLAINING SOON ENOUGH.

I have been using Wen and it has caused my hair to get thin. I had very thick hair until I started using this product. I am very concerned that my hair will continue to get thin. I will NEVER USE this product again.

As some of you, I purchased Wen few years ago. I used the product exclusively. I am not sure what happened, but after the last order, my hair got brittle and horribly thin. I don't smoke or drink, exercise weekly and do not take any medications. I had long hair and had to cut it short...

I bought the WEN hair care products in Jan 2015. I did not receive my products for 6wks or longer. After I purchased the products for a ONE Time charge of $29.99 I was charged every month a amount more than above price. After using the WEN products for about 2 weeks my hair started coming out by the handfuls. I got to where I was afraid to brush my hair because you could literally fill the strands break completely loose from your scalp. I stopped using the products after about a month & my hair fell out even more when I washed it a when I brushed or blow dried my hair. It got so bad that I went to my OBGYN asking what could be causing such a problem.

After late Nov. of last year my hair is getting back to normal on the shedding amount with the help of Thinning Hair Products from a licensed Beauty Supply Store. I have been a Retail Coordinator & a Licensed Cosmetologist for 15 years & NEVER experienced ANYTHING like I have using the WEN products. This product definitely beyond a shadow if a doubt causes your hair to fall out & shed beyond normal. I have 2 bottles of each cleansing & treat as well as anti freeze & intense treatment still that I refuse to ever use again & WEN will not give me my money back. Please make these products unavailable. They are beyond damaging to the hair. I may never get back the full texture & volume of hair that I once had before using these products. Please stop this man & his company from destroying other people's hair. Please!!!

Hi Ezett, Our team is here to help. We take our customers’ experiences with our products very seriously and our Corporate Escalation Team would like to learn more. Please contact the team here: http://www.wen.com/lp/cet with the information provided to us in your post so that they can assist. Of course, if you have concerns about your use of the product, we encourage you to stop using it for the time being so that we can make sure your questions or concerns are addressed. Thank you.

I have been a Wen user for the past 4 years. I totally loved the product and swore to everyone this was the best hair product on the planet, truly a "Wen Girl". I have threw out all my hair products and exclusively use Wen. My current shampoo is Lavender, Mango Coconut and Almond. It took some getting used to not having the "suds" but was well worth it with the results. My hair normally on the dry and brittle side suddenly made my hair soft, shiny, and less brittle, very happy. However, for the past 8 months my hair started to become very thin, dry and brittle thinking it was just a sign of stress. Also my head started to become very itchy to a point where now I have these scabs and bumps on my scalp.

I could not understand what was happening. I thought it was a form of psoriasis. I started taking vitamins for my thinning hair and putting essential oils on my scalp to try and stop the itching while it burns so bad. My hairdresser came to see me the other day knowing I used Wen and had this situation. I was jaw-dropping SHOCKED to find that Wen has a lawsuit against them for complaints of thinning hair! I could not believe it. It was just today that I actually had the courage to search and find that these rumors are true. I am reading these heartbreaking reviews to realize that I am one of these statistics. Now I am back to where I was but now only worse 4 years later. This violation of trust for so long. Thank you Chaz Dean. After your first 100 common complaints maybe you should have had the humility and loyalty to your customers to recall this product and find the solution. I would like to also join in this lawsuit. Shocked and disappointed.

Hi Debbie, Our team is here to help. We take our customers’ experiences with our products very seriously and our Corporate Escalation Team would like to learn more. Please contact the team here: http://www.wen.com/lp/cet with the information provided to us in your post so that they can assist. Of course, if you have concerns about your use of the product, we encourage you to stop using it for the time being so that we can make sure your questions or concerns are addressed. Thank you.

Im very concerned now that I have read some of these reviews. I have been using WEN for a couple of years now and in the past two months I too have been having my scalp itch and break out. I wasn't sure what this is but now I'm starting to figure it is from the cleansing lotion. I will be canceling my subscription also on this line that I have been getting every few months.

Most of my hair is gone from Wen!! This is what WEN did to me after using it only three times!! NOBODY will help me, against this. All I get is the run around from all the lawyers I've called dealing with this lawsuit! I have doctors notes saying it was from that!! One of the lawyers even ask me if I ever smoked!! WTH, I don't know what else to do. If somebody can help me I would really appreciate it!

Started using product about 7-8 months ago. I wash my hair daily following their instructions to the letter. Day one my hair looked great. It gradually started to look like a greasy mess. Contacted the company - I increased the amount of shampoo I was using as they advised and only used cold water as advised. This did seem to help but only a bit. After contacting them to cancel my account, they encouraged me to try another type that might work better on my fine straight hair. When the new product arrived I began to use it. My hair looked nice at first but then I began to notice that it looked really, really thin (see through to my scalp thin!).

I thought maybe it was just weighed down since it also looked greasy again despite daily washes and correct usage. This hair loss continued to worsen until I finally went to see a dermatologist. He advised me to stop using their products as they are known to cause hair loss (and that there are several pending actions against Wen - didn't ask where). Note: I have a friend with extremely thick coarse curly hair who uses the product and has no complaints. But then she had 8X as much hair as I did to begin with. I've been using a sulfate free clarifying shampoo and have cancelled my account. I hope my hair begins to grow back.

I have been a WEN customer since 2009 and liked the product very much for the first couple years then I noticed more and more hair coming out when I washed. I never thought much of it since I do have a thyroid problem and thought that was the cause of it, so I continued to use the WEN and tried different scents. I was using the lavender and the pomegranate.

Then in November 2015 after I received my new shipment I noticed so much hair coming out it was crazy. I was starting to see my scalp and my hairline was receding as well. I have thin hair to begin with so this was very upsetting to me. I didn't even know about the lawsuit at that time. I just stopped using the product and switched to a sulfate-free shampoo from Ulta Salon for about a month. I noticed hardly any hair was coming out when I washed with this new shampoo.

That is when I found out about all these other woman having issues with WEN. I just wanted to make sure it was WEN that was making my hair come out, so I used it one more time and sure enough a large amount of hair was in the shower. I just canceled my order and hopefully I do not get billed anymore or I will dispute those charges. I don't know what happened to this product but it is awful. Do not use it anymore. Now I am stuck with all this product I can no longer use. What a waste.

I was using WEN hair products and I started losing my hair. It started about a month ago. I would lose a few strands of hair and then about a week later it got worse. Then I noticed I was losing more and more and I noticed the shower getting clogged with my hair. I was in tears. That was when I called WEN and I got a real live person on the phone. Her name was Sue and she told me to call her back with the lot #s on the bottom of the bottle. She gave me a reference # ** so, I got the lot numbers but when I called back I could not get a live person to take my calls. I am so upset that I don't what to do. That is why am writing this letter.

I purchased a sample product to include Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Treatment, Anti-Frizz Creme, Straightening Smoothing Gloss & Replenishing Treatment Mist all for $39.95 plus tax. The total came to $45.95. This was in Oct. 2015. They over-charged me, sent me a following month supply without my knowledge and charged an additional fee which totaled $103.95! It took me three tries before I could get someone to reverse the charge, and then I only received $49.99. I used the product as directed. There has not been a change and every time I wash there have been clumps of hair in my comb! I thought it was me, but with this lawsuit against them, it was them. I have stopped using it and have gone to Suave.

I finally tried Wen again. Wow, was I still wrong and scared all over again. I got the starter kit offered on TV and I used it twice. Each time I had clumps of hair falling out in my shower, all over my comb and brush, hair was dry, frizzy and hard. I had so much hair falling out that I got scared and started crying. I followed all the steps and instructions in the order exactly as instructed.

My head and scalp started to itch, has red bumps on forehead, my hair was frizzy, dull and I had a hard time combing it with a wide comb (like I always do), did the treatment in for 30 minutes, rinsed it all out, put on the anti-frizz and even used the mousse in the kit. My hair was so bad and still falling out on floor, when hair dried, my husband noticed and said "what's going on with your hair and why are there huge clumps of hair in the shower? Why are you shedding so bad and what are the red bumps? Your hair is like straw, frizzy and ratty, very different from before! You ok?" I am very picky when it comes to my hair and only used Pureology or Alterna, high end products without sulfate and never had problems before.

I called to cancel my auto ship and the girl was asking me all types of question like it was my fault. I told her I did not change anything except switching to Wen, now my hair is falling out in clumps and have itching rashes. It was so bad that I had to rewashed my hair with my Pureology and I had no hair falling out plus it soothe my itching a little bit. It was frustrating to be made felt I did something wrong. I also told the lady (Blanchard?) with Wen that this happened to me before when I used WEN, she said she has never heard of my problems and she wasn't going to put I had problems with using WEN before because it would confuse him.

She made me felt like I was complaining for nothing so I decided to do my research and came across this site. I took pictures of the clump of hair in case WEN thinks I'm making it up. Told her to cancel my auto ship and I hope they did. I am very healthy, have not had any problems with any allergies and even had a clean bill of health from doctor before using WEN. What is going on and why do they make me feel like it's my fault? Very upset with hair loss and everything! These pics are nothing compared to the others of my clump of hair. :( order #**. Customer #**. What do I do? Frustrated!

This is the worse product ever. I have naturally curly hair. Now I have bald spots. The product made my whole scalp infected. My hair is thin now and it sheds everywhere. There's spots on my head that will never grow hair back. Now I'm scared and hate washing my hair. These images are before and after this product ruined my hair and my employment.

This is a shady company. I cancelled on 12-3-15 and paid full amount 119.85 and on 2-3-16 they took 12 dollars from my account. I called so they can explain to me why. And every time they pick up and I ask they hang up. No one there can give me a answer. They keep avoiding me. This is not cool. Hope others don't fall for their tricks and their scams. Wow. Sad part is because they're a big company they seem to get away with it. Hope this helps others like not to fall again with people like this.

My hair has bald spots and thinning that won't stop. I am scare to wash my hair. When I saw women of color advertising this product I thought this might be for me. I tried to get a refund and they said I was two days late of refund date. I still have it.

Hi Patrice, Our team is here to help. We take our customers’ experiences with our products very seriously and our Corporate Escalation Team would like to learn more. Please contact the team here: http://www.wen.com/lp/cet with the information provided to us in your post so that they can assist. Of course, if you have concerns about your use of the product, we encourage you to stop using it for the time being so that we can make sure your questions or concerns are addressed.

Ive been using Wen for past 10 months. Loved the product until the past month, noticed large amounts hair loss and dull dry.

Hi Yvette, Our team is here to help. We take our customers’ experiences with our products very seriously and our Corporate Escalation Team would like to learn more. Please contact the team here: http://www.wen.com/lp/cet with the information provided to us in your post so that they can assist. Of course, if you have concerns about your use of the product, we encourage you to stop using it for the time being so that we can make sure your questions or concerns are addressed.

I cancelled my subscription in May 2015. Continued to be billed, did not receive product. Nightmare trying to cancel and receive refund. Shady company... stay away. Product is not good, shady and unlawful billing is worse.

I wish I could give this product zero stars. I ordered this product from QVC in June 2015 and have been using it exclusively since. Even when I had my hair colored, I would request that the hairdresser only rinse my hair thoroughly so I could cleanse with WEN when I got home. I have now noticed that my hair on top is thinning terribly and that my hair has not grown in length. I have been striving for long, luxurious hair like in the commercial for WEN, and have only had small amounts trimmed, as advised by my hairdresser. I know it is growing, because I get roots, but it is falling out faster than it can grow back in.

I just went on the QVC site to give a review and to hopefully let somebody know about this. Then, I came upon this Website and quickly realized that I was not alone. If I had not stumbled upon this, I may have never known and may have thought it was just me. But now, after reading many of these complaints, I realize that I am "one of the gang". I have only just stopped using this, so I have no idea if my hair will return to normal. I sure hope so, not only for myself, but for the others as well.