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We purchased an Astro A40 headset from their website, for over $150. When it arrived, it did not work properly. Our attempt to return the item has resulted in a 3 week battle over sending it back to the manufacturer for "repairs". As a new item, we should be able to return for at least a store credit. Our email chain continues and there is no resolution as of yet. Be warned if you have a problem. They will email you at midnight US time and you will respond during the day and you won't hear from them again until midnight the following day at the earliest! Communications take forever!

I ordered a 9SIV01U4XC8391 CyberPowerPC Gamer Supreme Liquid Cool SLC8320AD Desktop Computer, Intel Core i7-6700K 4GHz, 32GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080 8GB, 3TB HDD + 500GB SSD, Windows 10 Home. They sent me a cheaper model a CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Supreme Liquid cool model CPW-SLC9600. Totally different Computer. Now they say they are out of the model I ordered. Said they would look into it to see if they can find my original item I ordered. Said it would take 2 days. Never ordered from Newegg and unless they clear this up to my satisfaction, will never order from them again. Not like Amazon's customer service.

Don't deserve any stars!!! They have brought GREAT mental anguish to my family! I sent them a motherboard and CPU for store credit. They claim they didn't get it, and to file a claim against the USPS which I can't because they say it was delivered perfectly fine. Newegg STEALS parts and then makes customers get their money back by having them file claims against the USPS. MY post office is not allowing this to happen anymore. I have filed a BBB report against Newegg for full credit vs. store credit. I NO longer trust Newegg they are THIEVES!!! I want them reported to local police and I will keep on reporting them to my local news stations in Chicago who do special reports on FRAUD!!!

My experience with Newegg does not even deserve 1 star. If the product you received was not fully functional and needed to be replaced or returned, prepare yourself for a horrible return process and it might or might not resolve your problem. It will take multiple phone calls with multiple customer representatives, and multiple explanations for no immediate solution to the problem. The first call will ask you to call back within a few days, and then another few days, and next thing you know, you don't know when you will get the replacement or refund. This is the first time I buy anything from Newegg and it will be the last time. To everyone who is reading this review, if possible, take your money and spend it somewhere else that actually care about you as a customer.

Loved the first laptop! It was everything I had hoped for, then the blue screen of death. They had sent it refurbished with virus included, so Newegg said they'd replace it and they did. With a computer that had a shot battery, internal screen burn, pictures were blurry and faded and it was a smaller screen that what I had that they were replacing for the same amount. Now they don't want to reimburse me and take this one back. Even if this SECOND laptop had worked fine and battery was fine, it was a smaller screen, no camera and lesser quality than the one they were claiming they'd replace. Replace means [same as] NOT better than nothing for the same price.

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Let's keep this short and simple. 15 years ago growing up in school, Newegg was all that and then some. This is where you go to get your pc parts. No questions asked. 15 years later, now... I recommend never buying a single thing from them. There's just no point. They do everything wrong. The customer service is the worst I've ever seen. Their prices are the same as everyone else's. The return system is slowing and more frustrating than anyone else's. Their website servers are just bad compared to other websites and their servers are just slow. Their processing speeds are the worst in the whole planet along with their actual shipping speed. Takes me weeks to get something 1 state away, where even any other website would get it to me in 1-2 days like actually how it takes. I've never had one on time shipment. Price changes everyday. I see something I want, bookmark it, 2 hours later it another 10 more dollars.

This happens all the time. Overall Newegg is poorly ran, couldn't be ran any more poor. There isn't any strong points about this company anymore. It's crumbling into dust, and it's up to you and me to not shop here and watch it as it does such. Your money is so much safer and better spent elsewhere 100% of the time. Even if you don't totally agree with my experiences, just think, is something you brag about? Or talk about being awesome? Very most likely not ever. Years ago, it was something. It was cool and talked about, recommended to others etc. I don't hear a soul mention Newegg 2016 because it's just like any other big corporation in 2016. Just total garbage. Everything's about making more pennies and dollars, and that only equals out to us getting the worst possible service imaginable. That's just how it works.

Placed an order almost $15k for work and many items were not available in their inventory after the $15k was cashed. It has been 3 months and they have not issued a credit and there has been ZERO communication from Newegg.

I went online about a month ago to purchase 2 generators totaling in over $2400.00. There were difficulties from the beginning. When I finally completed my purchase and ordered two day shipping, the purchases never came. Neither did the refund. After logging many hours on the phone, I still only have half a refund, no generator, and no explanation of why any of this happened. Worst company ever.

About four weeks ago I ordered a AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Vishera 8-Core Processor. I received it, opened it, examined it, and put it in my PC. It started overheating very badly. It wouldn't go over a certain temp though so I monitored it closely. Eventually the temps started to rise higher and higher until it got to dangerously high temp of 83C and my PC shut off to prevent damage to it. I had had my Motherboard for a while and wasn't sure if that any anything to do with it so I went a bought a much nicer one. Then second I hooked that processor up to the new MB it started overheating.

I won't lie... I thought their thermal paste was crap so I did VERY careful remove it with a thermal paste remover and applied my own that of Arctic Silver 5. That still didn't solve the issue. I have many friends that build, work in IT, and do specialized Computer work. I asked 4 of them and after looking at the issue they all said the same exact thing... The processor is FAULTY. I posted on a PC hardware site about the issue and they said the same thing. Look... This processor was overheating to 83-85C in less than 5 minutes. That is the most dangerous processor I've ever seen and I am lucky my PC components didn't suffer any damage.

I called Newegg and spoke to a guy name Angel. I told Angel that I had tested it out on two different motherboards and explained the rest about it overheating. (Newegg has a "NO REFUND" on processors only a replacement) He offered to send me a new one and I told him no. I told him I didn't want the same processor and even if I couldn't get a refund I did NOT want it back and asked what he could do for me. He walked away for a few seconds came back and told me that they could give me store credit for the item and all I had to do was ship it back and would get the credit once it was received and all the parts were in there.

So that's what I did. I shipped the item back, got the e-mail that they got it and it was being sent to inspection. Couple days later I get an e-mail telling me they are sending the processor back and I don't qualify for store credit for the following reasons: Item had been installed into a PC, Item had thermal paste on it, Item had bent pins.

Let me explain. There is NO way possible to know if a PC part is faulty or not until you hook it up. It's impossible. NOT to mention I had told Angel on the phone that I had installed it into not one, but TWO motherboards. Now, for the thermal paste... Yes I do admit I did replace their thermal paste thinking it was bad but I had still tried it out first. All they said was "It had thermal paste on it" First off ALL processors come with thermal paste. Of course there is thermal paste on it! You can't use a processor without it! Third, the bent pins. I am by no means stupid and have done work with computers a few times now. I checked for bent pins when I hooked it up, I checked for bent pins when I took it out. I checked for bent pins BEFORE I shipped it back to them. I used a magnifying glass and found 0 bent pins! So unless it got crazy while shipping there is no reason for it to have had bent pins.

I am extremely unhappy about this whole situation. Not to mention I told this Angel guy what was up on the phone before I shipped it because I didn't want all of this to even happen. I have told several others my story and a great deal of them said "It's messed up" and some said they will back me up by not shopping there either.

I purchased 2 iPhones for my children from I ordered 2 16mb phones and got 1 that was 8 mb. No refund for the difference. Next my son's phone reset and can't be activated again. iTunes and Verizon both said it's something broken with the phone. Emailed Newegg and was told there's only a 30-day guarantee. We only had the phone for 70 days/2 months. I would not buy another thing from this company. There is no support or pride in their electronics /after 30 days. Anything can happen. Don't buy from Newegg!

Received my Trinity opened and broken and was not the model advertised. They were advertising the Trinity Pro which is a totally different model than what I got. Tried returning it. Thought the seller was providing a paid tracking only to find out that I had to pay for my own tracking number. After 4 days called Newegg and the rep stated that they (Overstock deals) Received my return and to expect a return on Friday. 2 hours later Received a email that the vendor voided my return. Reason "Never Received". This is so fraudulent I can't even handle it. Numerous calls to customer service and all that they can repeat over and over that this is not their problem. HOW CAN A COMPANY SAY THAT THEY VOIDED IT WITHIN 4 DAYS NOT RECEIVED!!!??? They obviously got it, saw there was no tracking and lied about getting my return. I will never do business with this company again! I want my money back!

When I placed an order through eBay, The merchandise sent me an email to void my order because my credit card information does not match. I used PayPal to pay and I confirmed with PayPal that the money has been reached to Besides, would never able to get my credit card info because PayPal would not give my credit card info to (That's the only good thing about using PayPal). The worst part is that I had a U.S. 10 coupon from eBay to use it the same day to make a purchase. They asked me to re-order again but my U.S. 10 coupon is gone. I asked them to give me an exclusive link to make the purchase to offset the U.S. 10 dollars. Newegg declined. What??? would give me a 10 dollar credit to make the purchase next time.

I really don't want to have anything to do with anymore. A lot of sellers in eBay. I have never experienced my order is being cancel even if my money goes through. doesn't write me an email for discussion and just cancel my order. Declined giving me an exclusive link to make the purchase. Their computer system just does not work. had really bad customer service. If nothing goes wrong, all good. If something goes wrong, this is the customer's problem. I am going to put this experience in my Facebook, LinkedIn and social media. Let the whole world knows what Newegg is doing.

I ordered a graphics card from Newegg as their website claims "Trusted and Certified" along with "Low Prices on Quality Products". Well that might be true. Just not quite how you'd think. I'm certain they're trusted and certified. Trusted by the owners to make them money, and certified to be a pain in the ass when you need something fixed. Live chat is a joke, as it's quite clearly a chatbot that is responsive based on your choices leading up to the chat opening. Things that a human would easily understand are misunderstood due to the identification of keywords that are programmed into an algorithm that seeks keywords and generates generic responses that are slightly tailored to the current user.

I happen to get very sarcastic when using these services but that's actually okay, since bots don't actually have feelings to hurt. Ever wonder how on earth they have a 24/7 Chat Service? There you have it. Bots. They don't have to sleep, and Newegg doesn't have to waste their shiftily made profits on wages for representatives with both good personalities AND decent computer skills. That's the wrong kind of efficiency.

Now for the calling service. What fun! After about thirty minutes of having my call lost, I managed to get through the menu. Yes, it took me 30 minutes to get through the menu. Then came the hold time! I stopped keeping track after 45 minutes when I launched Skyrim and left the phone on speaker. An entire questline later, the representative picked up. I took the phone off speaker, and began explaining my situation. The rep never gave their name, by the way, good job on that. I can't call you out now.

In Customer Service, attitude is everything, and the customer is not always right, but attitude is everything. Apparently this representative was the embodiment of that. Not the whole principle mind, just the attitude. The sass, disinterest, and utter disregard for what was going on quite frankly pissed me off. I've been in Customer Service, and I have never talked to a Customer as rudely as this person, whoever they are, did to me. No matter how bad my day was. I've never encountered anyone so disgustingly rude to a Customer in my life.

I know working with people who are angry and potentially rude is stressful, but this level of unpleasantness is never okay. Most memorable of quotes is: "Do you have a higher up I could speak to, please. And what's your name?" "My name is Felecia, cuz byeeee!" They hung up. They hung up on a customer. I honestly could do nothing but just sit with the phone in my hand and just listen to the dial tone. I was just stunned. There is no other word for it. I was dumbfounded. Complete loss for words.

I'm no longer at a loss for words, because I'm writing this, but I cannot believe they have someone like that as a representative. It's appalling. If they end up not giving the refund, fine, but they had damn well better send that graphics card back, and I'm NOT paying for shipping. All I had wanted to do was link the package to my RMA, and I got this. I will never shop from Newegg again. I don't even care if not all representatives are like that. I'm just sickened by this whole thing. This was the first thing I ever bought from Newegg. I guarantee it will be the last, too.

Said they would ship in 1-3 days and after 5 days did not hear anything. Called Newegg and they said it was a 3rd party and they would contact them about my request to cancel the order.

On 8/22/16 I placed an order for two items: a CPU @ $319.99 and a CPU Cooler @ $39.99. The order totaled $359.98, and I paid the total amount with PayPal. Almost immediately I received what I've come to know as standard emails from Newegg and from Paypal - Newegg confirming receipt of my order and PayPal confirming that I had placed an order with Newegg in the amount of $359.98 and advising me that the money would not leave my account until Newegg processed my order.

The Newegg 'order confirmation' email revealed that Newegg had broken my order down under two, separate order numbers; #** for the CPU and #** for the CPU Cooler. Shortly after placing the order, I received another email from Newegg advising me that payment for order #** had been charged and so order verification was complete, but still another email from Newegg said that authorization for the charges for order #** had failed. That didn't make sense because the total amount for the order ($359.98) was authorized for payment by PayPal when I placed the order.

I contacted Newegg via their website Chat feature. The lady nicely told me "they didn't know why PayPal didn't authorize the full payment". That statement, of course, is preposterous because PayPal in fact DID authorize payment of the full amount (and told me the money would not leave my account until Newegg processed the order). So it is very obvious that Newegg did not process the order properly. Nevertheless, the Chat Rep took no action (that I know of) to determine what went wrong and rectify the situation - she just gave me the option to pay for the item by credit card or cancel and reorder. I had no desire to change the payment method I had already chosen and executed, and I had no desire to reorder something Newegg had messed up. But I also had no use for a new, expensive CPU without a suitable cooler to go with it. So I asked the Chat Rep to cancel the entire order, which she did.

Today I received an email from PayPal stating that I had received a $319.99 refund from Newegg. Interestingly, and confirming what I have said, it shows that the purchase amount was $359.98 and that $319.99 was refunded. There still is no explanation as to why Newegg refused or failed to process the $39.99 portion of my order.

This unprofessional service incident follows an earlier incident of a few months ago wherein I ordered Tubular, LED, Fluorescent Replacement Light Bulbs that were advertised on sale on the Newegg website. My order was accepted by Newegg but then the third party vendor cancelled the order without explanation and failed to reply when I inquired about the cancellation. I contacted Newegg Customer Service because, after all, Newegg is who I ordered from and who took my payment and accepted my order, but Customer Service didn't seem to care that a long-time customer had been sluffed-off. They (Customer Service) said it was a pricing issue, but I never bought that because the light bulbs were advertised in different varieties at sale prices with a 'braggart clause' claiming that buyers were saving ** amount of money.

I never knew why my order was cancelled, and I see no justification for it. In fact, it would be illegal in a brick and mortar store in my state to do such a thing without full disclosure of any limitations to the advertised sale price. Customer Service insulted me with a $10 discount on a future order and considered the matter closed. Because of that incident, I refrained from ordering from Newegg for some time but eventually went back because of the convenience of using PayPal. But that convenience is now being offset by poor service. I've been a Newegg customer for a long time. I 'cut-my-computer-teeth' with gear bought from Newegg and, back then, their service was great. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for them now.

I ordered a TV streaming device - suggested by my husband's coworker. So I ordered it. IT must have come from China, because it took almost a month to get. I decided to return it after having it about 2 weeks - and the site says I cannot return it - IT'S been too long... REALLY WTH?? It took over a month to get, so I ordered something on Amazon instead, and now it's too long to return it. I Will NEVER order from them again. I never even opened the box.

Stay away from Newegg based on internet reviews and my experience. I have been in a battle for near 30 days trying to return a defective product sent via a firm they use. All goes through Newegg until a problem arises then not their concern. After multiple emails stating a refund was issued I get confirmation it was issued today and for the incorrect amount. They ignored early requests I sent as to getting a authorization number for return.

Their rep. had no clue as to their own return policy and then gave me incorrect information. They would ask the same questions and delay away. One email would state they issued a refund and another would say we send your return USPS tracking number so we can review for such refund. I called them and was given a problem resolution number then the same questions would be asked. The incompetency is overwhelming.

I only wish I had looked at their online reviews as many have similar problems. They state they USE to be a good company but not anymore. I will never use them again. I am trying to alert all the sites I can as to my and others being treated poorly. My order number is under my name so look it up Newegg. I still need $9.45 from you. You delayed sending me a prepaid USPS label and then mailed it late after your rep told me to send it to the other company and that postage would be included. It was not. Newegg Marketplace Order **. The battle continues.

Just HORRIBLE customer service. I ordered a desktop PC which was supposed to be delivered in three days (and which I paid extra to have delivered in three days!). Tracking number was sent to me but there was never any tracking info available on FedEx's website. Now, the day prior to the original scheduled delivery, I get an email stating that the delivery won't be until next week, which is over a week after the initial order. This pretty much screws me, as I needed the computer NOW, not next week. Called Newegg who said there is nothing they can do, and blamed it on their "third party off-site shipping vendor warehouse" or some such crap.

Same computer is about $50 more on Amazon; I think I should have paid the extra and bought it from Amazon instead, since I never run into this type of situation with Amazon. Guess that's what I get for trying to save a buck -- but I'll certainly know better in future. Never had a problem with Newegg in the past, but after reading some of these other recent reviews, it is obvious that something has happened and their customer service has totally gone downhill.

I paid for 3-day delivery option for 3 55 inch TVs since it was for a time limited project and paid extra money. However, they deferred my delivery and will deliver them with standard delivery anyway due to their delivery system issues. No refund were offered for failing the 3-day delivery. Very disappointing service - they value more on their profit over customer satisfaction.

Chief complaint... Return Policy. Buyer absorbs return shipping, not to mention, original shipping also. Poor pictures in listings. Vague responses and replies on questions. EBay is straight forward, very great buyer and seller policies. Customer/consumer generally satisfied. PayPal also backs the buyer up most every time.

I have purchased a great deal from Newegg over many years but recently I've decided this will be no more. I had ordered a motherboard awhile back for an HTPC project I was building. After I placed the order, I decided instead just to buy a fully assembled computer for the task. My fault, so I didn't try to return the board. I just left it with my many parts and didn't think much about it, then decided I would just sell it on eBay. The buyer opened it to discover that there were no accessories and five pins in the CPU socket were bent, so the board was trash. I felt bad not having checked it myself so I went to Newegg and ordered another, the same model as a "gift" and gave the name and address of my eBay buyer so it would be sent directly to them.

In a couple of days, I checked the tracking info to see if he had received it and what did I discover? That they are sending the item directly to me instead of the person I gifted. Their chat is closed, their text messaging is closed, they aren't answering their phones, and their email customer service does not work. I am so upset. I have already lost a ton of money on this and now I'll probably have to re-ship it myself, at more cost and time. Newegg has lost me as a customer.

Newegg shipped to me expensive graphics card with time limited rebate and postal package in which it arrived has showed signs of significant impact damage. Newegg customer service then agreed that we see does the card still work and return it if it doesn't. Customer support was slow to respond. At no point did agent warned that I would have to choose between submitting rebate and keeping right to return non-functional item. When I had multiple problems with the card including failure of the fan blade, they used the fact that I have claimed time limited rebate (which required UPC code) to refuse exchange and point me to manufacturer, in full knowledge that manufacturer may charge me for repairing that type of damage, and without any hard commitment to cover costs of repair. Spent a lot of time working with support, didn't got impression that customer satisfaction was focus.

I would be careful doing any business with Newegg in the future. I feel that the only reasonable action on getting any damaged packet when working with this company is to return it without opening package. If I did so, I wouldn't be in the position I am today. In the case that anyone from Newegg bothers responding - unless I update this review, assume that that is because they have not resolved the issue to my satisfaction.

I ordered several times from, which works with and I have only great experiences. First order I screwed up and got the wrong cpu. My bad. I shipped it back and as per their policy, I got store credit. Ordered the correct cpu, received all parts in a couple of days. Re-ordered more stuff, received super fast. Called CS for help with my return, very helpful.

New Egg took the high moral road in this difference of opinion. They should be congratulated for their actions. Been a customer for over 15 - 20 years and will continue to be a customer.

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Downloaded Web Root software from NewEgg. Download failed and initially NewEgg said "Not Refundable"! NewEgg just sent a email indicating that they would refund the charges. Congratulations to NewEgg and the heck with Web Root software, will never buy their software again! NewEgg revived my hope and I will continue to buy and recommend them.

I bought 2 days ago a fury X graphics card for my pc about 5pm Australia time. I never received a confirmation email neither my order history on my Newegg account had an order or something. Just empty. I said maybe it needs some time, so the next day still nothing and I started getting confused and I could feel that something was wrong. I made the payment through my Paypal account $660.07 AUD. I contacted Newegg first through their live chat thing. The lady told me that she cant see any order even though I gave her all the info she asked.

Later that night I called Newegg C/S and I talked with a man. Then after an hour of talking the only thing he found was the exact same amount of money and day of payment with a different address and name in Australia. And after that, "Sorry I cant help you. Anything else that I can assist you with?" Yes Hit your head on the desk a few times cause I lost a $660. My only hope is to get my money back from paypal. Imagine my First order on The BIG Website that just came to Australia. I'm so disappointed by the Rotten eggcellent experience.

Their LiveChat is a complete joke. It seems like they're manned by robots. The livechat representative was treating me like I was some kind of suspect. At least that's how I felt when they found out that my account was blocked. So last night, I got an email saying that my account got suspended. But I haven't even logged in in years. I told the LiveChat person asking why my account got suspended. She just told me to make a new account to place another order. Uh hello?! I'm only asking why my account got suspended? I haven't even ordered anything in years. If anything, I wish they would delete my email so I wouldn't have to keep getting emails!

I ordered a Fellowes 8017801 Designer Suites Compact Keyboard Tray for my keyboard and mouse. Item arrives and upon grabbing it. I heard what sounded like loose screws in the box. Upon opening the item the main unit that mounts to the desk and is supposed to be tension loaded fell apart. Upon reviewing the instructions the parts in the inventory portion showed none of the parts I had.

Upon looking at the unit the parts were supposed to be on the pre built tray holder and I couldn't put them back together because they were smashed. All of the screws, nuts and washers had missing items. Basically down by one part on all of the items. The screws, washers, and bolts weren't even in a bag and were just loose in the box. The tray had what looked like tool marks and as if someone tried putting the unit together previously and failed. I tried to return the item and Newegg's web page said the item was not eligible for return. So long story short. They send you broken, pre returned merchandise and then deny you a refund and return option. What a joke!

I purchased a cell phone through for my mother in law. Found out afterwards it was being shipped and handled in China not by Newegg. Arrived defective about 3 weeks later. No manufacturer name anywhere on the product not even inside where the battery is at. No warranty of any kind with the item. Informed Newegg about the problem and have not heard from them since. Posted a review but even that has not been posted on site.

UPDATED ON 07/12/2016: I got a call today from Newegg. Said that a shipping label would be sent to return a defective cell phone that I bought from them and they would give me a full refund! I got a email from them today telling me they are going to charge me a $10.16 restocking fee on a defective item. So I guess they intend to sell it back to someone else knowing it is defective. These people are terrible and they don't deserve any business from anyone. If this does not say something of how corrupt these people are I don't know what would.

Item ordered on JUL 01. Immediately realized should have ordered from Amazon because Amazon had same item at same promo price, free shipping, and earlier delivery date. Called NewEgg and requested order cancellation. They could not guarantee cancellation ("We'll try...") and advised I had to wait until later that evening for email with order status. NewEgg emails notification later that evening that item already shipped and I abandoned my plans to order from Amazon and waited for NewEgg item to arrive. Item damaged during transit by FedEx (per Fedex tracking) and returned to NewEgg by FedEx (I did not refuse the item; never reached my address). Called NewEgg for replacement order at same promo price. Item now off promotion and back to regular price at both NewEgg and Amazon.

New Egg would not honor replacement at same promo price and arbitrarily cites my attempt to cancel order as justification. After at least a 1/2 hour on the phone with the C/S - and not until I made her look very stupid for clinging to her twisted logic - she had no other choice but to issue a refund for the difference when I ordered replacement items. After the conversation ended, I thought better of it and notified NewEgg to forget it, issue full credit and I didn't want to do business with them ever again (mainly on philosophical grounds). I immediately ordered the same item from Amazon - for $20 more. These people (NewEgg) are about as sleazy, greedy, manipulative and deceptive as it gets. It's like an online shell game/card trick/slight-of-hand. Broken Eggs...

Newegg has always been a good company for buying products. Right up until the product is DOA, defective in some way, or just generally needs to be returned. Did you know Newegg says if you try to put a piece of hardware into a computer and find out it doesn't work or is defective means you broke it. That's right every time you use what you buy if it doesn't work it's because you broke it. Because "physical damage includes but is not limited to, improper handling, permanently altering a product or any other type of damaged sustained due to irregular usage." They misrepresent the card as pci e 3.0 16x when it's 8x and I should contact the manufacturer because I can't return it now. Which is what they use to try to get you to never get a refund or RMA.

They always try to force you to warranty the product. I have in all honesty had more troubles than I've actually had positive experiences with Newegg. Their rebates are always a scam because you never actually get the rebate. It's hard to even write a 10 year review when you stop and start having to think of all the times they ripped you off. I'm forced to think of the dozen or so times I've given them money and gotten nothing for it. I guess I'm glad others haven't had as bad as an experience as me because I wouldn't wish the 10 years as a consumer at Newegg and what I've dealt with to another living soul. My sum is I asked them to delete my account and I won't shop there out of principle anymore. I encourage others to be as careful as possible.

Double check your products boxes, specs, everywhere. Newegg will tell you they only list the information the manufacturer gives them. They use this as an excuse for maintaining inaccurate listings through their entire website. Be sure once you open your product regardless of if it works or not that's the product you want. Because it will be yours forever. My 10 years with Newegg has given me the impression they are happy to not have me as a customer and don't care once they receive the money. Company Profile

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