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I was told by US Cellular reps that I could transfer from Verizon to US Cellular and they would cover my early termination costs up to $350 per line. I called them today, one week after getting my new phones. The rep I talked to said I couldn't get the gift card because I hadn't turned in my old phones, I didn't port my old numbers and I didn't buy insurance for $16/month.

I hadn't turned my old phones in because I was waiting for my new ones to arrive and then making sure everything was set up and working before the jump. I didn't port my old numbers because we were coming from an area US Cellular didn't have coverage in, so we couldn't use our old numbers. And I didn't buy insurance because I don't need it. No one told us any of these things. They just sent us to a website and told us we had to turn in our old phones, which is understandable. But now, today, 31 days after we ordered the phones (and 8 days after we actually got them), we are told it is too late to apply for the coverage of our switching costs. Not happy at all.

My husband and I purchased a phone September 23rd and returned it September 26th due to not getting service hardly anywhere in town much less at our home. Well I expected to get my money the same day which I was due almost $200 dollars. They said "no, we mail you a check and it should take no longer than a week." Well it's been almost 3 and they will not give me any answers. Not counting I received a bill from them for $111. For three days of service!!! Really??? I am a very very dissatisfied customer. I called customer service repeatedly and also exchanged emails. The "workers" in the store are very rude and unhelpful as well as the customer service hotline. This store is located in Shallotte, Nc. Please save yourself the hassle and go AT&T where they treated their customers with dignity and respect. Which is what I should of done in the first place. Now I'm out $200 and no idea when I'm getting it back.

My Grandmother ordered me a New 64gb Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and a 2 year contract plan through US Cellular Website because I had to move out to help her on her farm and my current service provider doesn't work here or in the surrounding area. Their web-ordering procedures seemed pretty secure, which lulled us into a false sense of security. We went through a very detailed credit check and card-authorization. After being approved and the order being processed we received an order number and receipt. We ordered the phone on October 3rd. October 4th, the credit card company fraud department called, which raised a pretty serious red flag to us. Why would they call if this had been such a secure credit check, even asking personal questions to confirm cardholder identity... Sketchy at BEST.

We got that ironed out and the payment went through, no issues on the card company's end. As of today, October 12th, we STILL have not received a tracking number or shipping confirmation for the device. We have emailed them twice, obviously concerned about being charged without any evidence of what we paid for being sent or even processed. Each time we email them, we are given a pretty impersonal answer that boils down to: "Wait 24 Hours, and if you haven't been emailed a tracking number, please contact us at (800 number here)..." We called them, and after over 2 hours on the phone, we were TOLD (pretty much verbatim) that exact same thing they emailed to us. We waited 3 more days with no information, and yesterday, after emailing them, they responded with the SAME "Wait 24 hours, blah, blah, blah..."

I ordered a Note 5 protective case through Newegg.Com on the same day, using the same credit card, and it's been sitting on my bookshelf for 3 days, waiting to be used on a phone that I have zero evidence I will even receive. From October 3rd to October 12th, we still have zero resolution after two phone calls and two emails. There is still no UPS tracking information or any notification that the phone has been (or will be) sent. I also went back to their website to research the specifications of the device. Since my order was placed, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (neither 64 or 32gb version) is no longer even listed on their website as an available device. Coincidence? The world may never know. This company is TRASH, and if you have ANY other options (which I sadly don't), do NOT do business with them.

I was a long time customer of US Cellular (over 16 years) with very few complaints. I recently switched to Verizon due to the enhanced data network which will assist me when traveling. Once my account was cancelled, I called a week later to confirm that my account was indeed cancelled and to confirm if there would be a final bill or refund. I was informed that my account was in fact closed and I had a bill of $81.34. Thing is that I normally paid about $68 as this was my original plan as well as my corporate discount. US Cellular discounted my discount about a year ago, but their store rep in my area agreed to continue it. Now, after cancelling my account the system magically removes my discount and I am charged more. It might only be a matter of $13 but the fact that I'm essentially penalized for cancelling my coverage from a carrier that offers substandard service.

I lost my Moto G phone back in May 2016. I went to the US Cellular store and bought a new Moto G for 200$. The agent gave me 2 papers to sign. The first paper was my receipt for the phone. The second one was for a new 2 year contract. Nothing was ever said about a contract renewal, and I would never renew with 6 months left on my old contract. I asked her, the agent, "Is this a contract renewal you just slipped me"? She said yes. I asked her why she didn't ask me about contract renewal and she started talking in her US Cellular shop talk language that I now believe is dualistic and manipulative. Never in my life have I experienced that level of dishonesty and deceit from a business. At first I was very angry but now I'm just hollowed out and deeply disappointed that this industry is just dishonest by nature.

Verizon is probably just as dishonest. Bottom line, the plans offered by these Cellular companies are manipulative. A square deal is not to be found. On a deeper level, I believe the practices of these companies reflect the corrupt nature of our society as a whole. The lying, parsing of words, manipulation, dualism, etc. It really is sad.

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I have been a U.S. Cellular customer for about 9 years. I never really pay attention to my bill but when I checked my August statement I noticed a $19.90 roaming charge for use in Canada. My friend, who came with me on the trip, has Verizon. His charge, with unlimited use, for the same time period was $8.00. My charge, with U.S. Cellular was $3.00 per day plus $0.99 per minute. Not even comparable. I spoke to a representative who offered me a plan at $35.00 per month at $0.80 per minute. Guess who will be visiting a Verizon store this week?

So we moved to this little town in the middle of Kansas, was told there are two wireless service providers in the area that provide good coverage, there was US Cellular and Straight Talk. Well, me and my wife had our mind set on Straight Talk, never had them but liked the idea of a set price and no contract. I wandered into the US Cellular store to see if they had any good deals, at the time I had AT&T. They told me face to face that I would only pay 100 dollars a month, swore up and down that was the price. They paid me the 200 dollars for switching, which took them over 4 hours to do trying to get our phones that we had paid off switched over. They told us that both our iPhones would switch, I had a iPhone 6s Plus and my wife had iPhone 6. Well in the middle of trying to get it all switched after they called and deactivated our phones from AT&T they say, "Well we can't switch your wife's phone and we need to wait a couple weeks to get yours to unlock."

So now I had no choice but to buy one of their iPhones for my wife and they gave me an iPhone 6s as a supposed loaner, and they still charged me for several installment payments that they said they weren't gonna do. Took the company 3 months to finally give me the 200 prepaid card that they promised for trading in my wife's paid off phone, then I find that my bill is almost 200 dollars a month. The whole reason I went with them was because of them telling me it was almost the same price as Straight Talk a month. And to top it all off the people at the store told me the iPhone 6 that my wife got was only gonna be 400 or so, and I checked on my account the other day they charged me over 800 for that phone. I highly recommend using someone else, even if the service is poor. I'm putting my 200 prepaid onto my wife's phone to get it paid off and unlock and am canceling the plan. It's retarded.

You know I understand that sometimes a sales rep bends the truth a little but come on. I guess I should have done my own research, but it was local and I wanted to be able to speak to a person if need be, but now I am done with them. I had such a better experience with AT&T. You pay quite a bit with them but at least their apps are good, their website is understandable, their customer service is better from what I have experienced, and they tell you exactly what your are gonna pay. I don't know how well Straight Talk service is in our area, a lot have said it's good, but I am to the point where I will take crappy service over a business that is supposed to be professional lying straight to my face and overcharging me for crappy service.

Saw US Cellular Reps in Walmart one day. 97 cent phones (yeah right). They suckered me into a 2 year contract with them. In 2 months I have paid them $338.00. I can not afford that. I am on disability. So called. Told them I needed to leave them and I was aware of the early termination fee. Long story short... I have a phone they won't unlock.

I switch to US because that is where my new husband was and they were offering all the same incentives previously stated by another person; they would pay off my old phones and would get store credit, only I NEVER received the Visa cards. But we sucked that up. The latest is every time I have to call into customer service you get the rudest people ever. I broke my new phone of four days but still had my old phone. When we called the first time they told us that after I filed the insurance claim they would let me use the old phone until the replacement was in. We went home, spent two hours trying to file the claim, filed the claim, went back down the next evening as we were told to do, called back and spent an hour with them on the phone to be told they would not let me use my old phone and it had to be shipped back or I would be charged for it.

The store does not carry loaner phones so I am now without a phone for however long it takes them to send me the replacement. What upsets more than anything is the fact that I wasted 4 hours of family time on the phone with rude people. Kudos to those who work in the store. They have done nothing but bend over backwards to help and how they can work for people that are as rude as they are is beyond me. I will NOT be renewing contracts and we will be going back to the other company.

I switched from sprint to U.S. cellular a few months ago. They had a promotion running that would pay off my remaining contract with Sprint and give me $100 back on each line if I turned in our old phones. I have been using U.S. cellular since 1999 but switched to Sprint a few years ago because they did not have the iphone. The company did give us $100/ line if we turned in our sprint phones (3 of them). However we could only spend our $300 in the U.S. Cellular store. (they left that detail out until all the paperwork had been taken care of.

The other part of the deal was to pay off my contract with sprint. Sounds good! However, what I ended up doing was paying off the contract out of my pocket for three lines, Having to purchase three new iphones from U.S. Cellular out of pocket and then fill out and submit three sets of online forms for a rebate that MAY pay me back a portion of what I spent (over $2,000.00) Over six months later I did receive a rebate, SIX pre paid Master Card debit cards. I thought receiving six cards was odd but at least I got my cash back. NO, I didnt get my "cash" back what I received was six cards for varying amounts totaling $1,160 that I could ONLY USE AT U.S. Cellular. I did not get my money back, they just made me a "SUCKER". I'm sorry that I ever switched back to U.S. Cellular and I will be looking for some other "HONEST" cellular service!

Called customer service to close my invalid (in nursing home) mother's account. Of course I did not know the pin number. Was told to drive to U.S. Cellular office and they could help. NOT SO! There I was given pin number but told they could not help. Called customer service again (with pin number) and was told they could not help because I was not an authorized user. Was transferred to a "muckity-muck" and again told that account could not be closed. So--I guess if you have an invalid parent you just cannot close a US Cellular account. Was told they would turn it over to collection (account is current and has been for well over 10 years). Wonder how long the billing continues after a customer dies? Forever, apparently!

My family has had service for nearly 15 years with US Cellular and though tempted to change services at times, we've always stayed loyal to them. I have a 2.5 week trip planned to Peru and want to unlock the phone so that I can have a local number while down there. Since I've recently purchased a phone with US Cellular, I renewed my contract with them and while under contract, they refuse to unlock the phone.

All accounts are in good standing. Never had any problems whatsoever yet they refuse me the courtesy of using my phone while I travel abroad unless I want to pay exorbitant international rates. Even then, I wouldn't have a local number for others there to call me! Infuriated after such a long relationship that they won't allow me this. The amount of money we have paid into this company over the years is ridiculous! Absolutely DONE with them after this contract is finished. Lots of other great carriers out there. Think it's time for a divorce.

My boyfriend went to U.S. Cellular last month to create cell service. He was told by adding me on his plan we would each get a $50 credit on our bill. When noticing the bill showed no credits we asked another store employee where our credit was. She said it is for new lines only. The employee who sold us our contract lied to us stating the $50 credit was for going online and setting up an account. I'm wondering if he works off commission and was just trying to add money to his paycheck while taking money out of ours. His name is Ryan out of the Chillicothe Illinois store. Do not trust him. He will lie to you to get business.

I've been with US Cellular for years. Then I got their WiFi and all hell happened. First I was billed multiple times and every month, month after month they claimed I went over my 5 gigabytes. Even when I turned off my WiFi for a month straight they claimed that I went over my data. How does that happen? It was turned off. I paid hundreds of dollars month after month before I just gave up. Nobody would listen to me. I finally just ignored them. Now I have this on my credit report. I don't know what to do. Thank you for reading my complaint.

Well when I went to one store. They pulled my credit answer said I was approved with no deposit. I went to another store that had better prices on phone and when they went to activate the phone I had a deposit on each line. I have been through nTelos and Sprint with no deposit. I can't stand up some Cellular. As soon as Sprint gets more towers I will be switching back. Also my bills was cheaper with Sprint but there is no signal where I live.

On Sunday, August 7, 2016, I called customer service at US Cellular via 661 on my new iPhone 6 because of three identical letters I received in the mail, but with two different account numbers. The first young lady I spoke to had terrible phone etiquette and bad manners. She told me she couldn't find the account numbers in her system so I should just disregard!! Seriously?! I politely asked "Jasmine" to transfer me to another customer service rep and she did.

However, the line was picked up by a young lady speaking Espanyol and I was caught off guard; but she was bilingual and quickly shifted gears to English and politely and with an almost musical voice asked how she could help AND allowed me to tell her about my previous rude, uncouth experience with "Jasmine" before her, and promised to help me any way she could this evening. Her name was April and she was the BEST customer service rep I have EVER had the pleasure of having assist me for any company. I wish she could be my very own for all customer service required phone contacts!!

She allowed me to speak, waiting until I was finished then reflected to be sure she understood what I was asking her to help me with, then followed through with professionalism and organization like a well-choreographed dance. I hope "April's" management receives this and looks into which young lady it is I'm writing about because she should be mentoring/training others for the telephone customer service positions.

I've had so many horrible experiences with phone company customer service agents who are, I believe, answering phones in another country and that's ok but they had never, not one time helped me with the reason I called. This is why I felt strongly enough about this to let US Cellular know and hope April gets something good for her kind, professional, thorough work. Thanks again April at US Cellular Customer Service on Sunday, August 7, 2016!! You're the BEST!!

We were with Verizon for 10 years and after pricing around we found that U.S. Cellular would be cheaper. At the time there were great rebates as well. We were going to transfer 4 phones, so around $1200 in rebates. We switched and the nightmare began. There were several problems with my rebate. None, of which I confirmed with U.S. Cellular were due to any errors on my part. The irony is, when I was trying to locate my rebates (after 6 months of switching) I constantly had dropped calls when calling customer service from home on my cellphone! I documented 9, yes 9, dropped calls to track my rebate!!

After admitting it was an error on their part, they said they would re-submit my rebates but it would take another 12 weeks to process. I was so irate and claimed this was not acceptable. Again, I asked to speak with a supervisor and was transferred and dealt with more dropped calls. I had to drive to a park on top of a hill, no I'm not kidding, to get through. When I finally did, I was out of patience. They finally agreed to put a "rush" on the rebate cards. I received them 10 days later. Still dealing with the dropped calls and trying to get that resolved. My husband travels a short distance out of town for work and we were assured his coverage would be great... NOT the case. He gets dropped calls also. REGRET switching. REGRET switching.

After over ten years of service with this company, my husband was in route to work this a.m. and while making a call at 6 am, he hears the message our service is interrupted... 5 days after bill is due. Never in all these years has that happen... I started with them with 6 lines, last year 4 lines ported out their numbers to connect with other co. I was leaning toward staying with US Cell. But because of what happened today... I'm moving on to Sprint with the rest of my family... Knowing someone personally who works for them and being told they (US Cellular) has been overbilling customers and such, hoping to get them to fall off their belief plan anyway, since they don't want to oblige customer loyalty anyway. :(

I didn't care too much as long as my bill looked correct, because we managed our data use consistently... But to cut off my service after being late 5 days for just 2 lines $138 in which I paid $112 just 5 days ago! Ok you right #moving on... When numerous times I have paid weekly over $100 to keep ph service on 6 lines also making the payment even 3 weeks after the due date!!! Yes I hear you loud and clear... #loyaltydon'tmatter #w/us cellular.... I'm one who counted customer service over price... Now I'm convinced, I have to go lower prices over customer service... PORTING LAST "2" LINES OUT TO SPRINT ASAP!!!

The data billing nightmares on here sound very familiar, and virtually every US Cellular employee you contact offers a different explanation. Here are some of my highlights. I have a router plus voice -- with voice being "free". When I was on the voice phone with one associate complaining about the outrageous purported data, she told me I was using data on such phone calls. Finally, she admitted she was wrong. Another associate said maybe the person living with me was going online without me knowing -- that being my late 91 yr. old mom who sometimes couldn't remember her husband had been dead for 5 yrs. One time someone from a VP's office did acknowledge someone was using my internet via XP -- which I've never had. But, the same office doesn't seem to know (or admit) that indicates their system is porous. Yet, three weeks ago, on two evenings, I noticed my WiFi icon flashing when no connectable device in my home was powered on.

I've just filed a complaint with the FCC. Unless you go for the $225 version of that, it won't be formal. But, US Cellular will have to respond in writing and the information does seem to be noted by the FCC. Oh, and I'd sent two emails to US Cellular about the flashing icon. They were ignored. Mysteriously, though, I got a call from the guy in the VP's office the day I was notified my FCC complaint had been forwarded.

Switched from AT&T because of US Cellular's "unlimited contract payoff" promotion, and because in-laws said they had great customer service. Big mistake. We paid $2,000 in device buyout fees for our 3 iPhones, and US Cellular now refuses to pay their rebate, even though we are 100% in compliance will all the written terms of the rebate agreement. In fact, to deny the claim, they created new terms that they only communicated verbally. Now we have money sitting on a credit card collecting interest while we deal with refusal after refusal from US Cellular - in fact, they spend most of their time trying to blame us, even though we followed their written guidelines to the letter. Stay away!

My daughter and I went into US Cellular on Saturday in Norfolk, Nebraska. Jennifer **, the customer service rep that waited on was horrible. Not only did she snap her chewing gum but blew bubbles with it in front of us and then loudly popping them. She also told us that she couldn't help us on fixing on our phone and to take it to another guy in town who is not associated with US Cellular. We are seriously looking into other options!

Over the years this company has become more expensive to do business with. Customer service was one of the biggest reasons we stayed with US Cellular. While AT&T and Verizon and the others were showing how bad they were with customer service (they have since gotten much better), US Cellular was leaps and bounds above them all in that department. That has changed DRAMATICALLY. Just 8 weeks ago we were eligible for an phone upgrade on one of our lines. We went in to switch out an older phone on that line thinking we could get a free phone or a deeply discounted phone and use our BELIEF rewards. Well the CSR we met with started out right out of the gate very rude with the 'oh you all are idiots and you should know this' attitude and informed us that they no longer gave out new phones with new contract and we would have to pay an ADDITIONAL monthly fee over our current plan bill just for the phone...

My bill was about to go up another $25 just for a phone that was already obsolete (Galaxy S5)... Our bill is already over $220/mo for a 10Gb shared plan with 2 lines and a Wi-Fi hotspot (also on the same Gb plan). She then informed me that they did away with all the rewards points programs. In the past they did get rid of the BELIEF rewards programs but the existing customers that signed up for it were grandfathered in, which we were. Quick history. My father opened this account with US Cellular in 1987 for his business. He had 5 phones for his business. 2 car phones and 3 bag phones. We had phones with US Cellular since 1987. After my father passed away and eventually we shut his business down, I took over the account. Same numbers... Same plans... So do the math... 29 years of loyalty to US Cellular.

So getting back to the CSR. She got very abrasive with us and I politely told her that I didn't appreciate her tone and that we had been loyal customers with US Cellular for nearly 30 years. She laughed and said our loyalty didn't matter. Their plans were their plans and we could either accept the new phone and a $25 rate hike or go without an upgrade. I literally got up and said... "Well we'll go without US Cellular. You just lost a 30-year customer." and walked out. Immediately drove up the street where I have a cousin that is a manager for AT&T at one of their wireless stores and switched immediately... New phones... Better plan and $40 LESS than what we were paying a month.

I used to recommend US Cellular to everyone I knew. Now they just went to the bottom of the list. I was wondering why when I went into the best and busiest US Cellular store in Tulsa that usually always had a 30 - 60 minute wait, there was no one there and 3 available salespeople... Sayonara US Cellular. Better sell off the rest of your network to Sprint because you all have failed miserably as a company.

After being a customer for 4 years now, I have had enough. This company is so unorganized, not one single person has the same answer as another. No matter when I arrive at the store to pay my bill it is a 40 minute wait, always. My current issue being the fact that every time we upgrade our account, they tell us our bill will be under 200, normally by the second month in it is almost 300!

I call today to pay my bill, they shut my phone off while in the midst of paying my bill. On top of that the woman was VERY rude and would not give me her name. She responded with "Ma'am, you don't need my name." Get someone American on the phone. I'm 22 years old, don't call me ma'am; you have my name on your screen! I asked about our daughters data cap being set at 2.0 gigs and she is constantly going over. She explains to me that the data cap only gets purchased to lower the overage fee... Why would I pay 4 extra dollars a month when I am going to get a overage fee anyway... WHAT? ARE YOU DUMB? The data cap is suppose to shut the data off when it hits 2.0 gigs... that's the point of adding it to our plan, so we don't have an overage fee every month of $45 a line! OUTRAGEOUS! See ya US Cellular, you just lost a customer, family of 3!

I have been with this company for years. When they came out with the unlimited minutes, text and data I quickly changed my plan to the UNLIMITED PLAN. This was expensive but later on when I decided to use Netflix it has paid off with the unlimited data. I tried at times to see how much I could use in a one month period. I managed 70G that was a lot of streaming. When they took away the points earned for faster upgrades I had a small issue cashing in the points for a new phone but it just required a contract for 2 years with that phone to get the new phone so it was not a problem for me. The signal where I live is slow with the internet connection. I would say it's faster than the old AOL dial-up modem though as the streaming doesn't miss a beat.

So for me this company has been of great service for me and anytime I had a issue with the phone not working right they replaced it. No questions asked. In and out of the store in 20 minutes or less. So just because some other people have had a bad experience conducting business and decided to come give their angered report does not make US Cellular a bad company. They have been great to me for years and friends I know using US Cellular told me they didn't have any issues and liked them too. Anger always gives a bad review. Have A Great Day Everyone!

Hope you have all day to get a new phone. I'll have to come back when I do because USC is the only game in town for rural residents. Attention to their customers with proper staffing is lacking. A little honesty with the estimated wait would have gone long way with me. I would have gone across town or not waste my time if they had told me it was going to be more than "just a couple minutes". I sat there for 45 minutes before seeing anyone. They said it would only take 15 minutes to activate a new phone but I did not have the time to take a chance on their poor estimates.

I have had US Cellular for years... Only because it has better service where we live. Every month they tell me I use all my data in 2 days. I pay on the 20th by the 22nd it's gone... I will be going back to Verizon... But I will also get my money back from US Cellular. I have paid them every month for nothing. They could care less about their customers. I have read several reviews of people having the same problem so how are they getting away with ripping people off??? Pay $65 a month and 2 days later, they want more money. USC can go to Hell!!! Do not use this company!!! You will regret it!!! Stop US Cellular from robbing their customers. It will take more than one to do it.

Sylvia ** has been a loyal customer since 1998 and has been overcharged almost every month. Text everyday 75% used then 100% used. After going into the main local office not one sales associate can explain!!! One sales rep told me if I bought a Galaxy tablet for $14 he would take my bill down from $349.84 back to my original 12 gig $149.00 a month. Now a month later she is reviewing her statement and finds out that the associated representative Rob failed to tell her she was financing the tablet. A loyal customer with a reputation for quality credit that has 5 business account phones is being taken advantage of. Shame on you.

Horrible customer service and company seems incompetent. Every time I need to make a change with our account they claim the pin number is not correct (even though you call back and talk to someone else and all of a sudden it is). They allowed a scam artist to purchase 12 phones on our account even though we have been with them for years and always have had 3 phones. Funny how may hoops they make me jump through and a crook had no problem deceiving them. I have nothing positive to say about US Cellular. If you travel expect poor reception and dropped calls.

I am a previous US Cellular customer and am sick of their ads saying, "in the middle of nowhere" as I now live in Clark Co., WI and there is no cell phone service here for US Cellular. Your claim is false advertisement and is punishable by law. Your maps even depict it as so. Until your company can cover every square inch of the earth's surface you cannot advertise that you have reception "in the middle of nowhere".

I am so angry and pissed off at this company! I believe they are ripping customers off. Every month I pay my bill on the 25th and by the 28-30 they already trying to say I over used my data. There is no way possible this is true! Then all they can say is "Well if you wanna pay more I can upgrade you", so I think they're just stealing people's money and then trying to get more outta them. This company is awful and if you can use a different company I suggest you do. If I could find a different company that would work here at my house I would change in a heartbeat, but unfortunately no other company works where I live. So people please just be aware that this company is and will rip you off.

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U.S. Cellular is one of the largest wireless carriers in the United States. It was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Chicago. The company offers traditional plans and no-contract, unlimited prepaid plans, called Simple Connect Plans, for basic phones and smartphones.

  • Canada and Mexico: U.S. Cellular customers can make unlimited calls and send unlimited texts to individuals in Canada and Mexico for a single additional fee each month.
  • Included features: All of U.S. Cellular’s Simple Connect Prepaid Plans come with several features, including three-way calling, call waiting and voicemail. Some plans also have caller ID.
  • Refer-A-Friend: U.S. Cellular customers can earn up to $550 when they refer individuals who sign up for a U.S. Cellular prepaid plan or contract plan. Both the new and the existing customer receive $50.
  • Plans: All Simple Connect Plans for smartphones come with unlimited talk and text. Consumers can decide how much high-speed data they want and choose a plan that provides more or less data, depending on their needs. Additional data is free but is not 4G LTE.
  • Refill options: Customers can refill their minutes online, by phone, in person or by purchasing a refill card at major national retailers. Customers can also sign up for automatic refills.
  • Best for U.S. Cellular Simple Connect is best for parents, business owners and budget-conscious consumers.

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