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Customer ServiceContract & TermsCoverage

Reviewed Aug. 5, 2023

Apple Care! About year and half ago, I had sign three phones contract from Costco. one for Me my Wife and one for my Son. I purchase Apple Care for my Son only and I paid $174.99 for Two years. And as it showing in the contract it's cover Unlimited repairs for accidental damage. Also in copy of the document showing clearly this, “an Apple Program. This means there should be no other charges".

Now I send the phone to Apple, they said I need to pay a deductible of $44.07 so after a long long discussion with Apple, I paid $44.07. Then an e-mail came from Apple saying they found more problems with the phone, so now they from me to an additional $145.77. I paid this amount just to see how far this is going. So the $174.99 that I paid as Apple Care means nothing. Then I paid $44.07 as a deductible!!! And I paid $145.77 for something that they found in the phone so I paid total of $364.83.

I do not know does this call a highway robbery or what. I could use this money and buy a brand new phone for less this amount. What a rip off! The phone was dropped, and the Apple care clearly saying will cover that with no extra charge as it showing in the contract. NEVER NEXT TIME BUY an APPLE CARE or any extended warranty.

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Customer ServiceContract & TermsStaff

Reviewed Aug. 4, 2023

July 28th, 2021, I became an Apple IPhone user yet again for a third time. I purchased my phone from Verizon. Not knowing what to expect thinking I would be getting a new phone right out of the box. What I got was an older model apple IPhone 11 that was refurbished with a lot of functionality flaws, right away after setting up my phone after installing my SIM card incorrectly because the sales person said, "Oh it’s easy. You can do it. We’re not allowed look online. It will tell you how," I had to return 3 times to Verizon just to get this up and running so I could make calls and texts. Inputting the SIM card information was more challenging because I’ve never done it before so this was the 1st time so Not realizing I put in the wrong SIM card from my old Verizon track for thinking it was the SIM card from the iPhone made me way too dazed and confused about what I was dealing with after hours of trying.

So after I quit trying at 1:30 in the morning, but I was determined. Boy what a waste of my time I Went to Verizon three different times And got three different results I guess it all depends on who’s working that day huh? Back to the IPhone 11, Now structurally sound, makes calls and texts with ease in the beginning my phone had issues with network but with careful negotiations with Verizon I told them you can lose my business take the phone back and shove it! I you don’t like me so Verizon trying snowballing me I told them I would fire this phone out the ** window if they wouldn’t give me what I asked for. So after that they carried their end of the deal after days of yelling on the phone and going back and forth to store after store, And to be perfectly honest I will not ever be an IPhone user ever again.

I have been a victim of phone hacks And quite frankly the phone's security, firewall,& VPN are unreliable and aren’t very responsive towards the usage of this phone because of its past reliability or factory refurbishment from the Verizon dealership. I have a problem with the Verizon store but that is not why I am reviewing them about Apple iPhones but I had the problem with the iPhone at the store so I figured it was a manufactures issue, Given the nature of this review I will end this on a more positive note I have had iPhones in the past, my iPhone 4 was great the only problem was when iOS.7 came out in 2014 slowed down and lagged the phone I was upset going to android because I liked the 4.

Next iPhone was the iPhone 10X Max. That phone was a big turd, it had all the bells and whistles but had no VPN, I was hacked, so I sold the phone back. Told them it wasn’t for me. And this phone I like it but now I’m realizing I don’t have much use for it, the vpn could very well be hacked. The keyboard untypes words when I try to text, I’ll be reading on Facebook scrolling and then pages will turn white or black and go to blank, either way I’d like to find out what is wrong or once I’m done with this phone unlock this and end my contract and go with a different carrier or sell this outright and get a less expensive prepaid plan and a new phone because iPhones in my opinion are starting to turn into poopoo and android phones are much better that their predecessors. 2.5 stars out of 5.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed July 9, 2023

    Lost all my notes on my iPhone. iCloud was off for notes. Visit to Verizon store. No help. Called iPhone support, they said they could not retrieve because cloud not on. They retrieved somehow. Thanks!

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    Reviewed July 2, 2023

    Evans & his associate provided exceptional customer care in ASL. For Apple Computers to promote diversity to its employee is a corporate socially responsible action that every company should acknowledge. Job well done.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed June 30, 2023

    iPhone support sucks when you're locked out of your account, I have a Apple card linked to my iCloud which you would have thought that was enough, I also have a backup phone number and email listed for Recovery which none of those options were available just a bogus Mastercard which I do not have a master card besides my apple card. I'm so upset. Been without my phone for 6 days and they're telling me I have 11 more days before my phone resets. I'm so over iphone. This is ridiculous but will expect for my payment to be paid on time: I offered to go to AT&T to show proof of purchase.

    These people don't care anymore. They've made so much money off of us they have forgotten about customer Support which is important. Their Recovery system should be change. There is no way in the world a computer can verify my information. A live person should verify Recovery information: I have all my information in hand to prove I'm the owner of the iphone.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed June 28, 2023

    I charge my phone all night. The following day after 2 hrs of used battery drained 1/4 of full. By 12:00 noon the phone is 1/2 full. By 2 o’clock must be charge again. I called Apple support, they run a test battery, they found an issue but never suggested to do anything, only to update the latest update. At this time I have a lemon I phone, no one to help us because we like their product..

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    Verified purchase
    Customer Service

    Reviewed May 31, 2023

    I just purchased iPhone 14 pro max a week ago. I just noticed that its video camera is flickering. I return it and purchase new iPhone 14 pro max. Again, its video camera quality is same. It is frustrating. While comparing video camera of iPhone 14 pro max with iPhone 11 pro max, iPhone 14 pro max is worst. Apple is just rush to lunch new iPhones instead of making it reliable. Please invest your energy to make your iPhones reliable instead of just adding the number in front of it. I am again planning to return it and go back to my old phone. Please double check video camera of iPhone 14 pro max before purchasing it.

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed May 27, 2023

    Paid $1730.92 but never receive anything. But they said it's none of their business because it is marked delivered by UPS. I ordered an iPhone 14 pro max 1tb to be delivered to my house. The UPS driver stole my stuff, delivered an empty box. But Apple does not protect their consumer. They could have track the lost phone or something or do more investigation. But instead, they stated that UPS claimed that they delivered and that's it. I lost my money but it's none of their business. Apple is doing business with criminals who steal from their customer. Horrible online shopping experience. Why selling stuff online when you cannot protect your customer from thief?

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed May 10, 2023

    I am at the Apple store on Upper West Side, NYC and I had the worst customer support. My new $1300 iPhone 13 pro max has been acting weird since November 24, 2022, this is my 4th visit the the apple store about the same issue, My phone is frozen, can't swipe up and down, can't make calls or receive, can't turn off the power, it goes like this until it goes out of battery.

    My screen got cracked in March and they are blaming me because of that the issue but in November and in January my screen was not cracked and still have the same problems/issues. I am not only upset about my phone right now but very frustrated the treatment I receive from the manager, and the apple support, they don't even try to help or fix it. They want my $329 to get the screen fix. The screen is not the issue. I had this problem before the screen was cracked. I am about to file a lawsuit to apple of unethical and disrespectful treatment. By the way, I have been with Apple for the past 30 years, have so many products from them but accusing me and not trying to help me is very upsetting.

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    Reviewed Jan. 24, 2023

    Normally I don't put complaints in writing but if this helps one person-it's worth it. Decided to go from my Iphone 6S+ which I purchased new years ago to Iphone 12 directly through Apple. I had wanted the 11 but they stopped selling it. I thought purchasing through Apple would save me any headaches that might come up as my 92 year old f-n-l in failing health has lived with us for over 4 years. The 1st Iphone 12 sent had problems and after not being able to solve them had it sent off to Apple for repair. I received it back and they only fixed one of two problems. Received my 2nd again new Iphone 12 which had major issues as well. They sent me to a local company for repair.

    After a quick check of my phone the tech said he had never saw one with a systems failure. They could pull it apart and put the usable parts into another one. It would NOT be brand new. I declined as being a 67yr old retired person just shelled out what I considered to be big bucks for a NEW phone. I got my 3rd NEW Iphone 12. Now during all this I spoke with dozens of Apple staff and 2 Supervisors. Both Supervisors said they would be with me until everything was taken care of.

    The first when I tried to contact him said it was now being handled elsewhere & the last Supervisor when I contacted him again and said it seems like I should get something out of the constant trouble I had that started in October and here it was January. I said at least the warranty should start over &/or they owe me some product for all this aggravation. He would check and get back to me. I haven't heard from him since. Yes #3 is working. DON'T PURCHASE IPHONE 12! Apple has gotten too big to care about their fan base to follow through on issues on their still covered "older models".

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