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I bought iPhone 7 Plus by paying extra price since it was out of stock with most retailers. Within less than two weeks ago, it has software issues. Home screen and Home button becomes irresponsive. You cannot even turn off the phone since home screen is frozen. I even made a video. Apple Support says recover it install new software. I explained them I encountered a year ago same problem in iPhone 6 also but recovery and reinstallations didn't help at that time. Now they have given appointment with an Apple store. I even made a video of the issue as well.

A new expensive phone like iPhone 7 Plus should have performed beyond the customer experiences instead of giving these issues. I really don't have time to run after warranty and support, and do these reinstallations, and waste time. I was using Samsung Galaxy between this period and I didn't not encounter a single issue within this 10 months period between the time I discontinued iPhone 6 until I bought iPhone 7 Plus.

Purchased the phone from T-Mobile. Touch screen started malfunctioning in September 2016 and got progressively worse by not working at all. Out of warranty and no insurance I took it to a repair shop to find out there is an issue with the Chip in the phone, somehow it had broken prongs. This was a strange issue because if you bent the phone slightly you could use the touch screen and enter your passcode and the phone would work, but you never knew when it would stop again. I paid $200 for this fix only to find out that I will not be able to use the fingerprint option again in this phone. This is total disappointment again with the constant battery drain and memory that keeps getting used up internally. I have become disappointed in Apple's product and I paid $700 for this phone with the expectation that it would last longer than 20 months. How can this be remedied?

I purchased iPhone 6s in Sep and just after using few weeks its display dead and phone heating whenever it charge. I wasted 50K at this brand and totally wasted my money. Customer support and service center are not so cooperative and make fool to customers. What should I do. Please help... I ordered this phone from Snapdeal. Very bad experience with Snapdeal also. My order id is **.

I started having trouble with my iPhone 6, touch screen nonresponsive, screen crashes, thumb scanner acting up... called Apple twice a day for months trying to fix the problem after paying $948 for phone and Apple complete care lies and garbage only to receive a second problematic phone with same problems. Didn't realize until I talked to many senior advisors that the replacement phones you get from their warranty aren't NEW phones at all but phones that didn't pass inspection, floor models... we buy these phones for pleasure not to keep troubleshooting, wasting time and money. I feel now that the brains are gone Steve J. and Steve W.

The company has gone to greed and lies. Buyer beware of this warranty scam! Their security is great especially if your phone gets to the point the screen and thumb scanner quit! Wasted time and $$$. They knew they were in the wrong and offered me another replacement piece of junk and $300 good will credit from Seth a senior advisor only to be told by another advisor that they can't do the $300 but $150 and it can only be spent on useless Apple trinkets. Lies and junk replacement phones, what a way to treat any customer, got me once, enjoy Apple your greed and lies will catch up to you!!! Buyer Beware!!!

The iphone 7 32g flat black was delivered in a damaged package and opened the new upgrade to find the phone had the lcd screen came apart or never was fitting and the charger wouldn't charge correctly. They shipped it defective product. Apple offered me a refurbish replacement only. Bad deal for a new unused iphone 7. Maybe I need to look at another brand.

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Have an iPhone 6 Working fine, but after installing iOS 10, my battery life is draining. AppleCare says that my battery has been consumed, and that it's just a coincidence that the battery won't hold a charge since I've installed the update.

DON'T DO IT! Bluetooth connection problems, making calls to a landline won't go through. I get a message that my phone doesn't have this feature. WHAT! Voicemail you can't see the list. Only blue dots on the side of the phone. It's HORRIBLE- I think the upgrade was for teenagers taking selfies and using emojis. I'm a real estate broker and need my phone for my profession- this is ridiculous.

I have a very serious complaint about iphone 5s I'm having. I have already lodged complaint about it. Your executives called me up also, formatted phone, upgraded it, all in vain. The problem is iphone is designed to send some sms to some carrier for the services like facetime or so. These sms are supposed to be free. But I'm being charged around 5 to 10 dollars every month for these. I have confirmed it from my service provider. Sorry to say, but it's a hell phone. I have now decided to not to use it anymore. A harassed customer.

I bought this phone just 3 months ago and suddenly the touch stopped working and when I showed it to the service centre after keeping my phone for three days they found liquid in it. This is what kind of service you provide to people. Since then I'm running daily to get my phone fixed on Apple service centre but warranty is void because they found some liquid traces. Maybe it is due to sweat or something but no. Now its warranty has been screwed up even when my phone has NEVER been Into any kind of liquid or water substance. Thank you Apple for such a great service experience. Lesson learnt, never buying or suggesting anyone to buy an iPhone. #boycottingiphone #noproperhelporserviceprovided

I have purchased Apple iPhone 6 16 GB White Color on 12th Sep 2015. After using this phone for more than 11 months the screen of this phone is coming out. From past few days I was noticing that my screen from sides is coming out. This morning the touchscreen stopped working. Am not been able to take or make any call from this phone, am not been able to Unlock my phone. Please note this is a business phone. Can you suggest me what should I do with this USELESS phone. Should I throw this phone out of my house or should I just give it to any needy person?

I am waiting for your response and need a hand to hand replacement of this phone. I bought this phone cause I trusted your brand. Previously I used Iphone 4S, Iphone 5 and IPad Air 2 and recommended my company ONLY to use IPhone 6. My current location is Sector 57, Gurgaon, and alternative phone number is ** and **. Waiting for your service centre details where I can get the new replacement by COB today. If you want I can click some pictures and send it to you for your ready reference. Will put few pictures in FB which you will see soon.

I am perfectly happy with the technical side of my iPhone, but I absolutely hate the fact that I have to provide Apple my gender, name, address in order to do some simple shopping of Apps on the internet. All they can have is my email address, and that's really not necessary either. I tried to download Whatsapp via the Whatsapp website, but the iPhone is programmed to feed back over their App store. Apple wants to make sure they can check in on every move we make, after all that means advertisement opportunity! I am simply not willing to give out my data. Am I the last one to resist this? Oh yes - and just recently they lost data of 225,000 iPhones that had been hacked.

I am totally dissatisfied from Apple iPhone 6 & their services. I bought iPhone 6. After three months its touch was unresponsive and every time I talk to their service executor they told me that some apps are crashed that's why its screen is unresponsive & asked me to reset every time. Till now I have reset my iPhone 6-7 times but this does not make any difference. Then Apple service executor asked me to go to Service Centre. I went there and they were also not able to resolve that and asked me to pay Rs 10000 even though my phone is in warranty. I don't know how to get out of this hell.

A co-worker brought their 13 month old iPhone 6 to me BURNING UP. It was bad. He took it out of his pocket because it was burning him. It was so hot you couldn't hold it. I told him I'd take it into the Apple store. I used to work for Apple. We had a policy called "get to yes" if I remember correctly. It gave the techs and store managers the power to use their judgement in small device replacements. This is CLEARLY a defective product, just outside of the warranty, and potentially dangerous. The only option they would give me was to replace the phone for $299. I've been an Apple user my entire life. I'm pretty sure I'll be leaving Apple. I've been watching them care more and more about money and less and less about customer experience. In the end, I had them send the phone in for evaluation on the grounds it was potentially dangerous. Nope. Denied. If your products are going to be INSANELY overpriced, you need to stand by them when they brake.

My iphone 6 plus started having touch screen issues a few weeks ago gradually getting worse until unresponsive. Did some research and found out this is a common complaint and is a design flaw in the phone. Went to apple and because phone was 20 days over 1 year warranty they refused to remedy situation except ask for over 300 dollars for a new one. They refuse to acknowledge design defect to avoid liability and they won't get one penny from me. That's for sure.

Iphone 4 and Apple Products are terrible. Pictures come out sideways and there's no app on Windows to rotate them unless you download a 3rd party app. Everything needs a third party app to correct the poorly designed operating system. I can't wait 'til I can go back to Blackberry. I gave my iPad to my 3 year old niece because I hated it so much. When someone sends me a video and I try to listen to it outside of wifi, the sound doesn't work. I have to reboot the phone and it only works once. If I pause the video, I have to reboot.

Lastly, since the last upgrade it now only lets short video clips to be sent. Every video requires an edit to shorten. I hate they force you to upgrade and their upgrades are always worse than the issues they supposedly fix. I really don't like Apple products. This will be my last Apple product. I have to google fixes all the time and Apple doesn't seem interested in fixing known long time issues. They think they know what I want but they never ask their customers what their biggest gripes are about their products. Not a fan.

I purchased an iPhone 8 months ago. When I purchased the phone I also purchased an Otterbox and screen protector. The screen sensory failed. The screen is not reading touch. I have had many phones and understood the sensory needed to be replaced. The representative wanted me to troubleshoot the phone. That was already done and I explained that. Any and everyone knows the basic troubleshooting steps (turn phone off, take battery out, replace battery, restart). This will not fix the sensory in the phone. I currently on hold still as I am typing this and have been for 3 hours. My daughter says "mommy just hang up". They would love that. Problem still not solved. Currently on hold.

I purchased iPhone 6s just 20 days back and it's started giving trouble like touchpad is not working, white line is coming on display while I was caring my phone like baby. My experience is very bad with iPhone. Apple product is pathetic and I will not recommend anyone to buy apple product. I don't know why apple has kept higher cost if product is very bad and making fool to customer. I will start negative campaign against apple. I know it will not matter for apple because they have already build customer and people will definitely purchase, but if I can stop someone to buy this product then I will be the happy. Why this brand have so much popular?

Same here am a loyal customer of Apple. I got MacBook, iPad and I used iPhone 5s from last 1.5 years. Now I thought to upgrade myself so I bought iPhone 6s 64 GB Gold. After 2 month I got so many problems in my phone. Sometimes volume rocker button is not working. But few days back I noticed a black patch (dot like a thing) appears on my screen. I thought it may be the dust or something else but after checking it I found it appears on the inner side of the screen. I just rushed to the Apple service centre where the service guy told me "Sir it is a physical damage and we are sorry we can't replace it or changed it in warranty."

So I have to spend 23200 INR more, so they replace my phone with the new one. I just want to know the answer from him that without damaging the phone how can it break. And he is like "Sir by the force applied to the screen." But I was not in mood to hear anything from him because it's not my fault that it broke or something like that. I just gone mad and I walked out of the service center. But after few days while working in my office I saw many line appears on the screen without touching it... So suggest me guy what I can do with my phone. Am planning to throw the phone. Because paying 23k more is not the worthy.

1 year warranty - buyer beware, Apple wont budge... even for their defect. I have a 16-month old iPhone 6 plus. Never dropped, wet or mishandled in any way. It started randomly sending keystrokes, opening sites, sending random strings spontaneously when I attempted to text, opened music - as if someone was typing, all with the phone on the table. It even did it for the "Genius", and he advised that this could be the case of a solder coming loose between the phone's motherboard and display. The reply was that it's out of warranty, I didn't purchase insurance to make sure an $800 phone would last longer than a year. Hmm, come to think of it, I've never bought 2nd-year breakdown insurance for any big or small ticket items. Best they would offer was a $350 replacement with 3 months of warranty. Gone are the days when you could walk into an Apple store with a defective product and walk out with a new one. I won't buy another Apple product if they won't stand behind them.

I have had this phone for less than a year. The troubles started within the first two months. Visited Apple Stores about eight times, Apple performed various repairs and then replaced the phone four times; the issues I complained about is still there and yet, the replacement phones all came with additional issues!

My name is Richie ** and I am an Apple products user. I have an iPod, MacBook, and two iPhones (6 b 6s plus). For years I and my family have been a loyal Apple users and a fans but my quite recently my love and pride for this company, its brand and its products went from hero to zero. My wife's iPhone 6, 64 gb which I had purchased 1 and a half year back had started giving us serious problems where initially the phone started running slow then eventually the screen of the phone would freeze and would get stuck. This would happen regularly. After this the touch screen became unresponsive and no matter what I did would regularly hang. I did reset the phone, all the settings and the data but to no avail. The phones touch would not work properly even after turning my phone into a new iPhone. There were times where I took a video of my phone typing things on its own.

To my last resort, I went to the authorized Apple center near Wonderland, Pune (unicorn) and showed my phone to the service guys. They checked the phone through one of their device and found no problems with the software of the phone and said that there is problem with the hardware of the phone and in India Apple does not have hardware support for iPhones and the least they could do is offer me an exchange where I have to pay 25000INR and will be getting a new iPhone which would not have any accessories and will only have a 3 month's warranty. I declined this offer as it was absurd and ridiculous. The next thing I did was to contact Apple India support and spoke to them explaining the entire situation. I told them that I just want my iPhone to be repaired and got the same answer that Apple India does not provide hardware support in India.

I had a long chat but Apple does not seem to care about its customers' satisfaction at all. Now I am stuck with a 64 gb iPhone 6 that I paid a fortune to buy and to know now that Apple cannot repair iPhones after the warranty is over. Which makes me questions about the brand itself that wants to just milk its customers of their money and does not wants to provide after sales service if you do not go for their extended warranty. I am amazed by the fact that will buying iPhones we are not made aware of the fact that after the companies provided warranty if anything happens to the iPhone related to the hardware side then Apple itself won't be able to help its customer.

Now every time an iPhone faces a hardware issue the most Apple would do for its customers is replace the phone by making its customers pay additional amounts on top of keeping the damaged iPhone as well. This is nothing but a loot and a monopoly by the so called world's most "profitable" company which just wants to sell its devices without been concerned on customer satisfaction. A big thumbs down to Apple and its products. I will make sure everyone comes to know the reality of this company. Shame on you Apple.

Horrible Experience! Had to drive 3 hours to bring a dead phone to the store for replacement under warranty. After repeated testings in front of me clearly showing the phone was dead, and one of the 'geniuses' telling me that they will give me a replacement on the spot, I was told that actually, the phone needs to be sent to a different place for further testing for about a week. The manager was a total ** unable to give me a reason as to why I'm not getting a replacement phone right away.

A loaner was offered that was inadequate and so I ended up paying full price for a new phone of the exact color and specs as my dead phone hoping that I might be able to keep it and get refunded when the dead phone would be due a replacement. Turns out that was not the case and so 5 days later I had to drive again 3 hours one way to return a new phone and get another new phone in return for my dead phone. Not to mention hours of wasted time on the phone with different apple care staff.

To make things worse, after receiving my replacement phone I realized it came with the Samsung chip known to heat up and drain battery faster than the one with the TSMC version of the chip. After wasting more time arguing with a technician and another 'manager' I decided to give up and go drive another 3 hours home with an inferior replacement phone for which I paid $1000 when originally purchased. I would never recommend anyone the Apple store in Oakbrook IL, horrible service!! I have been an iPhone user since 2008, but I am seriously considering my next phone something other than apple. And I would never recommend anyone an iPhone at all!!! If you still need to go to apple store my advice is to avoid the 70 Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook, IL 60523.

It is not even 2 years when I bought Apple iPhone 5S. I bought it almost in 40,000 INR, if you are an Indian then you can imagine the value of this amount. I faced 3-4 issues in my iPhone 5S: Silent Switch is not working, No Vibration, No ring when someone calls. It is almost 3 weeks when first time I talked to Apple Care online chat but before that visited Apple Care center and they told me that this cannot be fixed. I talked to Apple Care Chat Support again, and they told me that go to another Apple Care Center to take 2nd Opinion. So, I went there for 2nd opinion and I got the same reply that this cannot be fixed (Note: Apple care center guy did not even touch the phone).

I Talked to Apple Care Chat Support and they called me. The guy who called me asked me to go back to Care center again and then they will call me to talk to Care Center guy. He also said if they refused then there are other options, no need to worry. I again went there and someone from Apple called me to talk to care center guy. Care Center guy said that it is a hardware issue and replacement is the only option and for that I have to pay 21000 INR. The other reason I got from Apple that there is no repairing center in India. So I think it is my fault I bought an Apple phone.

Can someone answer my questions? Why Apple is making a device which is not repairable? If my phone is out of warranty, for example after 12 month and something happened then I have no options other than throwing this in dustbin? Why Apple says that they have a great customer service? I cannot see that they have proper Apple Care Centers and service? Now, what should I do with this phone if nobody can fix it? I have no options other than post this incident on several Social Network sites so that people are aware of this hidden fact, should I do this? I was thinking to buy next version of iPhone (7) but do you think I should buy that? Should I recommend someone to buy Apple products? Apple is a big company and I know they don't care even if I am posting my problem here or on a Social Network. But, I just want people must know about these hidden facts.

I have a Apple iPhone 6, in just two months the phone has started giving problem... The battery life is worst. Have to charge the phone thrice a day... And touch quality is also worst. I think Apple has become too big and is just making money without concentration in the quality of product. But they need to understand what has happened with Nokia same can happen with Apple...

We switched from Sprint to US Cellular Dec 08 2014. We had flip phones. The salesman talked us into I phones. We have had nothing but trouble with them. Don't hold charge, doesn't send text through either way. Sometimes I get them 3 days later or when I call out. FB kept shutting down. Was suggested I close it out and remove the app. Now I can't get it back on my phone. As for the camera it takes great pictures but sucks for storage. Can't figure out how to allow more picture. When I try to take pictures it says not enough storage to take a photo. You can manage in settings.

I tried to use cloud that sucks can't do. Now I have pictures floating around in the clouds and can't get them to land. Tried deleting photos, have 418 photos and 41 short videos, still can't take photo. Our other phone doesn't have half this many and now you can't take photos for the same reason. Our phones have 2 more payments then they are paid for. That means $770.00 for 2 junk phones. We are going back to Samsung phones and no contracts with phone companies.

I have buyed a iPhone 5s nearly 4 months ago at 22999 Rs but it's strange that my iPhone is not working. Don't know what the problem comes in touch and the people in the iPhone store are saying that "We cannot cover it in warranty..." I didn't understand that. What is this? They people are fooling the customer by giving one-year replacement warranty... And about their store they people don't know how to talk with the customer... they are just trying to take more money from my pocket. Worst service and worst brand I have ever seen.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." ~ Albert Einstein. My wife and I purchased our iPhone 6 in July of 2015. I rely on my iPhone for my business, and my wife uses it, considerably, for her business as well. For the last several months we both have been experiencing so many problems, yet, Apple refuses to acknowledge that the iPhone 6, in my opinion, is a lemon. They have us doing the same thing over and over and over again. Restore, replace, restore, restore, etc... This is insane!

Apple originally stated there was nothing wrong with my phone and the problem was with the apps (Nice! Blame someone else). After restoring the phone back to factory settings 2X, they eventually admitted that there was a hardware problem (duh) so they replace the phone (with another lemon). They started up the phone for me at the Apple store and I tried to restore from backup once I got home. It wouldn't restore so they had me re-set it once again and start over (insanity). The tech said: "This should clear everything up." However, it is still not working properly.

Now my wife's phone has been literally dialing people on her contact lists, sending text message (8^&$&()_+=) to different contacts, sending people whom she is speaking with, her location, without even touching the phone. It almost seems as if the phone is possessed. I would go into detail with all the problems we have encountered, however, there are too many to list.

I called Apple today and spoke with Kelley ** and she scheduled an appointment for me to speak with someone at the Genius Bar at one of their store locations. Mmmm. Isn't a Genius a person who is exceptionally intelligent or creative, either generally or in some particular respect? Then why can't they figure out that the iPhone 6 is a Lemon? Both my wife and I have had it with all the running around (literally) Apple has been giving us. If they don't upgrade our phones, we WILL go to their competitor. It's as simple as that!

Years ago, I switched to Apple and stayed a loyal customer because of their commitment to having a quality product and respect for the consumer. But today that didn’t happen and I am one unhappy consumer. About a year and a half ago I purchased an IPHONE 6+. As I indicated, I was a loyal Apple customer with Apple computers, tablets, and phones. But this IPHONE 6+ which I purchased through Verizon was different. The photos it took seemed fuzzy, sometimes the speaker quality deteriorated, and I kept having to reset it, far more than I had with my IPhone 5. Once, in the Apple store, buying something else, I talked about my photo concerns to a sales employee, but he assured me that I just hadn’t set my settings correctly and should go online and do that. I did and there didn’t seem to be an improvement.

But I was a blind, loyal Apple customer and as someone who consults in schools, writes college textbooks, and runs an antique stall in a mall on weekends, I just didn’t have time to thoroughly investigate. I figured that Apple was over-advertising its IPHONE 6+ since I felt that the IPHONE 5 had both better quality voice tone and photos. Silently, I decided that the next phone I purchased would be a Samsung like my friend had. I was always having to use his phone’s photos because mine were so fuzzy. I once again started taking a camera around anytime I thought I would be taking photos.

After a week on the road this summer, I had had it. I had to have my friend provide the pics for all my Trip Advisor reviews because mine were so fuzzy. So I Googled to see if others had this same dislike of the IPHONE 6+ that I did. That’s the first time that I found out that Apple had distributed some lemon phones with fuzzy camera pics. Apple didn't mention the questionable voice quality or constant need to reset in those phones. I immediately marched over to Verizon the next day where I had purchased my phone. They had never heard of this photo problem and seemed a bit skeptical about what I said. Their manager Googled on the spot, and discovered that my model was one of the Lemons, but Verizon was not allowed to replace the phone. He told me I should go to an Apple Center where I would be taken care of. Because of past experiences, I had no reason to doubt that.

This is summer, and so I have a bit of time and went to the Crocker Park, Ohio Apple Center the next day. That morning before I went, I tried to call an Apple technician because usually the phone service is so good, but after 30 minutes of waiting on the line, I gave up. Later I got a message that I had missed my call... phone had been on and who knows what happened on Apple’s end. Expecting the same adherence to quality I always received, I was shocked when the Apple staff were so cavalier about my problem. “You could have gone to the Apple website and read about the phone problems!” “We aren’t like a car dealership. We don’t notify anyone about recalls.” Clearly this problem had been hidden under the rug from the consumer.

I was then told that since my warranty was up, my only option was to 1. only have the dreadful IPHONE 6+ camera replaced (without addressing the other defective issues in this phone which is undamaged by anything I have done), 2. pay $399 for a new IPHONE 6+ which I have no confidence in, or 3. wait until December when Verizon will provide a new phone. The manager said that I made him sad, insinuating I was unreasonable. I said that I just wanted to have a new IPHONE that wasn’t a lemon. I routinely negotiate very difficult dealings in schools with teacher’s unions, getting their teachers to teach phonics and I am a reasonable person and good negotiator. I have always had experiences with Apple where it was clear that customer satisfaction and the quality of their product were the most important thing. But not today.

Apple has always felt a bit like family because their products are so much a part of my work. But I left the store with my defective lemon IPHONE. Why have the camera fixed when the phone has other problem. They WOULD NOT give me a replacement phone, because the warranty was up, even though I had asked about it earlier in one of their stores and was brushed off. At that time I was under warranty. No one cared to address the other issues with that phone, just as after I got it, no one wanted to address the camera issues. I told the manager that if he could not give me a replacement, then I would rather wait, use my friend’s Samsung photos and in December buy a Samsung myself. I wrote down what he had said about my options and clarified them with him to make sure that I wasn’t getting it wrong --- fix the camera (just the camera), buy a $399 IPhone, or wait.

I don’t know if you can help me, but this was such a dreadful experience and I lost so much trust in APPLE and worry that they won’t let customers know about future defective products, nor make it right when the consumer finally finds out. Was this a fluke of a store manager, or has Apple changed its attitude toward the consumer. As of now, I can't imagine buying another Apple product.

I purchased an iPhone 6s plus. Within a month and a half it has stopped working. I purchased an $85 LifeProof case for it because it is after all a phone that costs $800. I dropped it from the counter which is maybe 2 feet off the ground. The phone shut off and will not work. Since I was honest and told Apple that I dropped it they will not even entertain the thought of warranty. I would have been completely fine paying if there was physical damage to the phone. Before I could get to that part of the conversation they were insisting that there is no warranty without even looking at the phone. Not once did I ask for it to be covered under warranty. I simply wanted it to be looked at to see if it might be a warranty issue. Rather than coming up with a solution or trying to figure out exactly what is going on I was told by the supervisor that the phone cannot be dropped even a foot or it voids warranty.

Wow. Great customer support by Apple. I have 3 iPhones and 2 iPads. I will never spend money on Apple anything again. You have forever lost my business. For anybody out there that has dropped your phone. Lie to them. They will find any way that they can to void warranty and get you to dump money into their pockets. Money hungry jerks.

I enjoy using my iPhone and most Apple products largely because of the capacitive touchscreens they have. It's very responsive and has almost no lag time when being used. Yes, it has a lot of other functions, but their touchscreen is really what works for me. I've not used a lot of other touchscreen phones, but all of which that I have do not compare to the iPhone's.

What I don't like about the iPhone is the short battery life. I wonder if their engineers and designers have figured out a way to increase the battery life without compromising most features, for example the size, of the phone. Maybe they have and are just postponing to use the technology yet in order to churn out an extra batch or two of the iPhone series along the line to maximize profit. Some other phone manufacturers have figured this way out, but also seem to be stalling on introducing the technology to their current and makes. Perhaps they are intent on increasing the business for portable battery packs and Apple would be inclined to create their own line of such, product locked, of course.

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