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C Spire Wireless (formerly Cellular South)

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Last updated: Nov. 9, 2017

69 C Spire Wireless (formerly Cellular South) Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2017

Local service, AT&T & others' signals & customer service are sorry. I have been across the USA on business & always had great service with C Spire. The people at C Spire all speak English & listen without an attitude.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2017

I have been a customer of CSpire for years (began when it was Cellular South). I have been out of contract for a while and enjoyed the lower cell phone bill not being under contract. I decided to finally upgrade all of our phones. The website said I could upgrade my wife and son's phones to an iPhone 7 (which was an upgrade from what they had) for $49. Upon checking out, it further showed I would get a $49 credit (thus making the phone "free"). There are two visible columns that indicate what you will owe that day, and what your monthly charge will be.

Upgrading three phones, it showed my monthly charge would be "$0". GREAT... so I thought. A few days later, I got my monthly bill and it had almost doubled. When I communicated with CSpire I was given the most ridiculous 'twisted logic' I have ever heard. Evidently, I received a $75 per month credit when I was NOT under contract. When I entered into a contract, that credit was no longer vanished. So... I could have remained month to month and simply went with another company, but because I chose to renew with them for two years I am "rewarded" by a higher cell phone bill?

My response to them was: "...So, technically, I'm paying for the new phones". In any other industry, renewing service would result in a discount if anything. When people rent an apartment and renew their lease, their rent is LESS than the person who stays under no lease and rents month to month. I DESPISE untruthful advertising designed to use semantics to beat customers out of money. There was nothing wrong with my previous phones, and I could have left things as they were had I known that the 'free' phones were going to actually cost me $1800 in higher bills over the next two years.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2017

I am personally on a grandfathered plan with AT&T, but my wife has been with C Spire for a long time. But as I have paid her bills and attempted to get new phones, I have noticed C Spire employs the same tricks and normal monopoly-type tactics AT&T does, which strikes me as odd for such a small company. After seeing two bills and the same amount of unhelpful customer service from both companies for six years, I can't imagine what the actual benefit would be to pick C Spire over any of the big ones.

Anyway, since the phone companies have done away with free phone upgrades entirely, I have been buying used phones from eBay for myself, my mom, my aunt, brothers, and sister. That includes four different phones just for me. We have never had any issues swapping phones for AT&T. So, my wife's camera on her phone breaks, and it’s three years old, so I say it's time for a new one.

C Spire offers the same full price phone offers as AT&T, so I decide to get one off eBay. We get it in, and you can't activate a C Spire phone yourself without things like "order numbers" or a receipt from C Spire. So we drag into a C Spire store. I am surprised to see two employees spend over an hour trying to activate the phone. They both scratch their heads with "it just won't connect to the network..." I mention I got the phone off eBay, and they both immediately respond it's probably a blacklisted phone. I told them I checked the IMEI # with multiple sources that said it was clear, but I knew that wasn't going to help any. So, I returned the phone and got another phone from eBay, this time checking the IMEI first, just in case there were any red flags.

We go to the C Spire store, and the employee has the same issues and can't figure it out. Before we spend any more time, I reveal it was purchased off eBay. All of a sudden, they know exactly what the issue is: a stolen phone. Okay, I am upset at this point. So we grab my wife's mother's back-up phone that was previously upgraded a few months ago, and try it again. I tell them "I bought this one off eBay." Same issue, and a claim it is stolen or has an unpaid account attached to it. I reveal the phone actually came from the account holder, and was just replaced. I got some nervous looks, and like magic, they were able to activate the phone... Unbelievable.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2017

The C Spire Wireless services are terrible sometimes, especially if the weather is bad. Also the prices are too high and trying to upgrade before your two years is up is horrible.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 11, 2017

C Spire is okay in local area but when you leave town is when the service fails. You can call most everywhere but don't try to post on local media, send picture text, ain't happening. Changing back to Verizon as soon as possible.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 14, 2017

This is to be the WORST all the way around. My fiance had been a customer since they were Cellular South. He bought one of their first (6th) phones almost 20 years ago. When I moved here, I left AT&T and merged my phone into my fiance's, C-Spire plan. No contract. The bills were always outrageously higher than told. You can't call any of their stores. All customer service calls are routed to a central customer service center and they can't even connect you to a store. So if you dealt with someone in the store, who promised to do something for you, you best get their direct cellphone number before you exit the store to follow up because they don't EVER get back to you. That happened to me several times. ☹️

When I initially bought a new cellphone from them last December, I specifically asked to "pay off" the phone in CASH. I later discovered that they financed it to "lock me in". I showed them! I sold the phones and took the $ to pay them off! We were lied to and told none of our phones were under contract. When I dropped the first phone line they charged us an early termination fee of $180.00. They said that they couldn't confirm whether or not he had a contract still because the tornado took all their files. Regardless, I was still stuck with the fee.

WHAT REALLY KILLED THE RELATIONSHIP WITH C-SPIRE: I requested how to change our consumer account to a business account. Was given the wrong information about what I was required to submit. Every time I submitted paperwork to corporate, it was rejected. They ran me around for two weeks when I finally called AT&T and started my business account there. AT&T appreciates my business and didn't make me jump through a million hoops to open the account. I would understand if I was asking for a bunch of equipment/phones, etc but I wasn't. All I wanted was to change the account to business so I could get a good easily identifiable phone number to put on my truck and use on my website.

I sold both phones on eBay and went to pay them the final bill off today 6/13/17 at the location where the satellite store is set up off HWY 42. They have taken my debit card before, but since I was trying to close the account, they didn't accept my payment. They'd only accept CASH! Well the one time I paid in cash (March or April) they didn't record it and tried to double bill me with a late fee. Of course, I didn't have a receipt bc their "system was down" the day I paid. They know me very well and know that I always pay in person every month. So they checked their reconciliation for the day I said that I paid, and they were almost exactly over for the amount of my payment, which means whoever took my payment didn't post it to my account, but put the cash in their register.

So why would I ever trust payment in cash again? I'm headed to another location to finalize closing this account and unlocking the final iPhone that I sold. I hope this helps at least one person make an educated decision whether or not to become a C-Spire customer. Account with C-Spire officially CLOSED and phones are unlocked! Yeaaaaa! 6:00 pm today 6/13/17! Thanks! ☺️

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Verified Buyer
Original review: April 22, 2017

I have talked to several of my girlfriends and they all say the same thing. Women are not told the total truth about the charges on a phone. I went in and he could tell that I did not know a lot about charges. However I finally got $324.00 dollars of charges! It should be our advantage to upgrade to a new phone! NO it cost you way more money regardless of how good of a customer you are! My bill was supposed to be, he said around $80 + tax each month. I am waiting to see if all those so called "one time charges" will not be on my bill next month. I told him I wanted the same plan but upgrade cost me not $65.00 a month but this month $141.36. Way more than I was told.

Original review: March 11, 2017

Phone Service: Far better than AT&T mobile and I live in as rural an area as it gets. Can also seem to make and receive calls anywhere at any time. I haven't had a problem with calls dropping either. About as reliable as landline calling. 5 out of 5 stars. Internet Connectivity: The later (after 1 AM) you use the internet, the more inconsistent it is; you may not be able to use it all very, very late. Also, during the day and normal night hours (before 1 AM), it seems to stay connected almost all of the time. Plus, I haven't seen it go a day without being able to use it. 3.5 stars out 5 stars, because I like to use the internet very late sometimes. And I know I'm not the only one.

Internet/Data specifics: I still use 3G, but--the way I understand it is--.5 Mbps DL and UL both are slow even for that technology. If internet speed is important to you, make sure you ask when you sign up about what you can expect in a 3G connection compared with a 4G one. Then, choose a 4G or 4GLTE phone, if internet speed is important and be set up for it. Basically, if you need it for video (whether that be for work or otherwise) or modern gaming, then you need a REAL 4G internet connection (not one that is advertised to be but throttled down greatly). And they may lie to get your business. Perhaps, you should take a recorder with you; now, that's an idea. 2 out of 5 stars.

Policies: Our phones are under unlimited data plans. As with most, tethering (using your phone's internet for PC) requires a plan and I'm not sure they have one. I've looked online to see their pricing for tethering, but have yet to find one. If they don't have one, this will be a problem for me. Without a plan, they charge $10 or $20 for 1GB of tethering. I can't remember which. In order to update the modern PC operating system and its program files (AN INVALUABLE INTERNET SERVICE), it may require far more data than that. Then, you may need it for video use as a work-at-home opportunity, talking to relatives, and/or have kids into videos/gaming, etc.

Thanks be to God that you don't need tethering to download or save files, there are Apps and browsers that do this (may require unlimited data). Still, as you can see, tethering for the necessary things can quickly add up to 10 or more GBs (if you reside in a rural setting and have trouble getting an ISP worthy of note)! Which could add up to $200 or more to your phone bill--if there is no plan! I reside in very rural MS and have run out of options for PC internet except for scam copies like AT&T, Dishnet, DirecTV, HughesNet, Exede, unpopular scam companies, etc. Almost all have scathing reviews across the board!

Tethering has become the only option for me that I can see. And C SPIRE might not have a plan. And we're under contract! If tethering is or could be important to you in the near future, make sure they have a tethering plan that meets your needs at a price that you can afford. I rate C SPIRE'S POLICIES a 2.5 out of 5 stars, because (at least) they do have unlimited plans at a pretty fair price.

Verdict: Better for phone calls (5 rating) than Internet and not too bad with internet (2.5 rating average), either. We've never had to call CS; it's very user-friendly and "sturdy"! I would recommend C SPIRE--if you need both phone and internet (or want it very badly) after asking the above internet questions that you are satisfied.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 6, 2017

C Spire will promise you anything for another customer. Their claims of service in my area were fraudulent. No two ways about it. When two years were up my service got worse. I enjoy 230 Kbps as a treat. Usually not that good. At their Starkville office I was told they had switched to lowband LTE in their rural areas. Told a new phone might help and there was a sweet two year deal to buy another. In West Point I asked about buying the phone I own and was told it would work fine at my house. Their policy is one of fraudulent claims. Contact your Public Service Commissioner.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 24, 2017

I went into the Brandon MS store on Jan3rd and tried to get help but instead my 18 month old child was pushed by a C Spire employee. And then a phone was thrown back at me. I took my baby and left. Called customer service but got no results.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 6, 2017

They have the best network for my area, good data plans, have installment agreements that don't require a contract and competitive rates. C SPIRE is innovative, has a good selection of products, a great network, and different billing options, in addition to good customer service.

Original review: Dec. 13, 2016

I have been with C Spire for a long time when it was Cellular South. I had no problem with them but C Spire, it's customer service is bad. They try to rush you off the phone, half-help you with the problem. My bill was due on the Dec.12. I was cut off that day. I think it should be a 5 days past the due date before you are cut off, and when you call and ask about been cut back on and you will pay tomorrow. The first thing come pay your bill and it will. Every month my phone is cut off because my pay period don't fall on my due date and I'm tired of it. We are already being overcharge. For a example: data plan 100.0, phone, 27.15 per month, 17.17 for a tablet. I was told I got to pay 20.00 per month so I can use the phone, 10.00 per month to use the tablet. This is some bull. No discount for a job you work for because my job everybody get discount from all the local phone company. I'm tired. I think it time to move on to another phone company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 19, 2016

This started sometime back with CSpire Wireless and will try and keep it brief and to the point. I have been a long time customer of CSpire since the Cellular South days of operation. Well, months ago my wife's phone had a cracked screen that was pretty bad. I went by CSpire Wireless store in Brookhaven Ms and they told me I did not have insurance on her phone. O really? So what is that charge for insurance I have been paying every month on my bill supposed to be along with the additional apple care that I felt pressured into getting when I purchased the phone? So, after being told that insurance didn't cover her phone and neither did the apple care, I left after being told it would cost $300.00 to replace the screen. I replaced the screen with a aftermarket from Amazon, which did pretty well for a while until it developed a crack in the corner. This whole time my wife is monitoring our CSpire Bills to confirm we are being billed for insurance.

So, my wife returns to CSpire where the rep agrees that we do have insurance and he will help handle the warranty claim. Well Great, not quite! The phone is replaced and now two months later I receive a email stating that the damage was not covered under warranty and they will be my account $79.00 for the repair. HMMM??? The money isn't so important. I will pay the charge. However look at CSPIRE. I feel as though you have damaged our trust, yours as a company, and mine as a consumer. I will be dropping all non-required charges such as insurance and apple care. Programs just don't work to the consumer’s advantage. Also did I fail to mention my contract is about to expire, and I will be researching your replacement. Thank you.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 25, 2016

I have been with C Spire two years now. I realized that my phone had been turned off. I honestly forgot to pay my phone bill. I called and spoke to a representative to asked could I get a extension on my bill until tomorrow. I was told they could not restore my service once it was suspended. I knew this was a lie due to other phone companies I have been with in the past. I was just asking for my service to be cut back on until the next day. It wouldn't even been 24 hours. After this I will be switching back to T-Mobile. This service sucks... People have situations and I need a company that understands that.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 8, 2016

I have stayed with C Spire for a long time now, maybe 9 years give or take, because they offered something competitors did not: good customer service. That has changed drastically in recent months and I believe it is now time for me to change service. C Spire's cell service is nothing spectacular and is not as good as Verizon or AT&T. I have had several issues since October 2015 and customer service leaves a lot to be desired. They want to force everything online for self-support yet when I walked into one store last week and one store today, the people standing around playing, throwing balls in the air, chatting, and killing time. Look like they need some work to do. Yet, I walked out last week and today completely helpless and still with a broken phone.

Self-support is fine but they need to flexible and make sure their website is adequate for self-support. I have too many issues with C Spire to bore people with the details here. My point is that they used to be good but now they aren't. I need better coverage for travelling and have tolerated C Spire's limitations because of loyalty to a local homegrown company but now that their business goals are changing, it's time for me to change services and at least get better coverage when travelling.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 21, 2016

I was told in April, 2016 that I qualified for a FREE phone upgrade. I had been looking at the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. I went to C-Spire today (8/20/2016) to get the Note 7 and was told that I would have to sign a new contract and pay for the phone over 2 years. That WAS NOT what I was told back in April. I have 3 months left on my contract, which is ended this October. Come November, I am going to AT&T just as fast as my contract expires. This is twice I have been mislead by C-Spire. The third time is my fault.

Original review: Aug. 17, 2016

C Spire service is awful!! IPhone drops calls and do not even try to watch a video because it stops and starts constantly!!! We have 3 iPhones with them and it's like this with all 3!! I would not recommend them to nobody!! We have called them several times and stayed on the phone with customer service for very long time periods just to have call dropped and they do not care, or even call you back!! I'm gonna find another service because I'm tired of paying out all this money and not having better service!!!

Original review: Aug. 4, 2016

If I could give them a negative star review I would!! My son's phone was damaged after he ran over with a lawn mower. I called customer service to check on apple care. The rep said I would have to fill out a warranty claim online. I voiced my concerns and complaints with this. I had changed my sons service from AT&T for the very reason you could not get taken care of in house. I have myself been a c spire customer since early nineties when it was cellular south.

I explained to rep I was 7 hours away from my son on a work trip and I needed his phone replaced... Well no go and she said it's real easy to do online - NO, the problems go on... I had to wait until I arrived home to a real computer and do claim. I had the phone being sent to my sons girlfriends work address. Well guess what - they messed that up too!! Now the phone is at my old address that is an hour from me and an hour from my son. So I will have to drive because nobody contacted me about the address with ups and the delivery. I could go on and on and on. I would drop them over this and the fact they scammed all of us who should have been grandfathered into unlimited data etc. They have the best signal service where I work so I am stuck. Long time disappointed customer!!! Let someone else come along with better service and I'm done.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 25, 2016

The worst experience ever. I have been with C Spire for 10 years and I can say that this is the worst experience I have ever went through with a business. They do not value their customers at all. I went into the store because my phone was broken. The customer service representative (Jimmy) did not process my claim accurately. He filed a warranty claim instead of an insurance claim, in which was not good, because the warranty claim was denied and left me having to pay $325.00 instead of the insurance deductible of $199.00. Once in the store the manager seen the error and attempted to clear it up. Well let us say a week has passed and the phone quit working. Not good, so I go back to C Spire and they inform me that they can do nothing about a defective phone.

So, what was the outcome. It was not time for my upgrade and I was forced to upgrade my phone and they moved me from my two year contract that I had been on for 10 years due to no fault of my own and I still had to spend out of pocket another $200.00 plus. Being a single mother I must say $200.00 is not easy to come by so imagine $400.00 yes that is what you all have gotten from me. Not to say that the employees do not care but I must say not even the owner or VP. It seems to me is that C Spire is ripping people off and forcing them to be in contracts and purchase phones. It surprises me that a big company such as C Spire does not have onsite technicians for problems with phones that they send out instead they say just buy a new one.

That is their way of problem resolution after customers pay insurance every month and then on top of that paid $199.00 for insurance deductible for a phone that did not work 2 months. I was not able to use my phone for over 3 days, which was a loss of 3 days of business and money and to go into the store and have to spend more money was unacceptable. The store manager was willing to do all he could to rectify the situation, however, the Esecuritel people were not helpful at all and did not care. Which is another problem because I have been paying for this insurance for 10 years and to see that it is not good makes me wonder why does C Spire still contract with them when they are obviously causing more problems with their customers than assisting them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 11, 2016

C Spire is unreliable, their customers services is a Zero. Whatever you do, don't trust C Spire. Take your business someplace else. They have you on the phone for hours and the people that works their store cannot help you unless you are signing a contract or purchasing a phone. They are no help with services after the sale. I would not recommend them to anyone.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 23, 2016

My billing period was from (specifically) May 7, 2016 to June 7, 2016. My (unlimited) plan was changed May 8, 2016 with no notification. I received a letter in the mail May 21st that was dated by C SPIRE on May 17th. My plan was changed from unlimited to 1GB outside service area with overages of $100 per GB after 1GB. It is not acceptable to change a contract without notification. I don't feel I should've accrued charges until I was notified. I don't feel I owe any data overages for data used between May 7, 2016 to May 21, 2016 when I was notified. Today is June 23, 2016 (4 days before my account becomes delinquent) and I have learned they denied my claim to repeal the data charges. What a crock this company is "customer inspired" my butt.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 14, 2016

Sitting here with my C Spire hotspot in an area that should receive full coverage and I can't upload a picture to social media. This is a daily occurrence. I'm wasting my money with these people. Texted customer service one day and they answered six hours later. Such a rip-off.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 29, 2015

I have been with C-Spire since they were Cellular South and am considered of the "VIP Elite" status because I have been a customer since the bag phones, when C-Spire (a.k.a Cellular South) was still a little Mississippi company handled out of Meadville, MS. The customer service left a lot to be desired. One would think that since C-Spire expanded there would be an improvement with customer service. Sorry, Mississippi, I'm really not meaning to knock you especially you are my home -- borne, raised, and still living here. I just have an issue with bad customer service, period.

I called Customer Service to ask a few questions because I'm comparing providers to try to cut costs even though I have been a loyal C-Spire customer since its "birth" as Cellular South. When I would ask a question or try to make a statement, the customer representative would literally talk over me. When I stopped talking she stopped talking. When I didn't say anything she would ask if I was still there. I asked her why should I talk if she was going to continuously interrupt and talk over me. I asked the representative where she was located and she stated, "Houston." I'm thinking, "Ok, that state is still in the South so I can't use that as an excuse for her being being rude."

Back to my point... There have been very few times outside of the actual C-Spire store located in my town that I have had good customer service over the phone with a C-Spire representative. C-Spire representatives need more training with their verbal skills, not just scripted information, knowledge of products and services (which includes fees and taxes), and above all how to treat a customer no matter how aggravating that customer may be.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 20, 2015

What a nightmare C Spire has been lately! They tell you one thing and do another. Recently my bill increased by $10.00 and they cannot tell me why and they say it is in my bill and I just do not see it and they cannot explain it. Excuse me but don't they generate the bills? I have 10 more months in my contract so to get away from the $82.00 monthly payment I was just going to terminate the contract and pay them the early termination fee of $190.00 and just go for the prepay route at $40.00 a month with the purchase of one of their phones.

Before ordering I called the customer service and not trusting C Spire I wanted to know that if I did not like the phone I ordered could I return it and I was told, "Yes you have 14 days". I received the phone. Did not like it. Did not use it at all and am now told that no returns on prepay phones! Are you serious??? They lied to me? Well come to find out I can return it all right as long as I trade it for a different phone, no getting my money back!!

I called customer service back and was told at first that I could return it under 14 days but then later they told me no that I could not. Have they gotten so low that they have to use trickery now? On top of that I really did not need to buy a phone because once I pay my fee my phone is mine to keep and I can use it on a prepay no contract $40 a month plan unless they are lying again. Do not trust anything they tell you and read the fine print. Whatever it costs I am getting away from this company and oh I almost forgot to mention that they let someone purchase over $3000.00 worth of equipment and add it to my plan? Notify me no! My phone quit working and I went in to find out whoever did this. Had my phone cut off and they let them. They credited my account back but since then my bill went up and they will or cannot tell me why! So avoid C Spire if possible!!

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Original review: Nov. 22, 2015

I have been a CS customer for well over a decade with zero complaints till I bought the G6 from them 6/2015 along with a new contract. Mistake. (Strictly Samsung as of 2003.) Purchased the Galaxy 6 along with a new 2 year contract. Over a 4ish month period, I spent more time at the Brick & Mortar (CS) than my own business, with no positive results. Yes, the Galaxy 6 is a POS (I'm on my 3rd or is it the 4th?) but after getting nowhere with C Spire, my phone still had the same problems & more!!! I gave up and decided to live with the "Smart Phone" MISERY. This evening my Galaxy died for good. I dread and can't afford to spend the next week at C Spire but I must. Also, for over 6 years, I have had the most expensive monthly plan Unlimited Everything.

I now have to buy streaming time every few weeks with my same Unlimited Plan. When I was at the store with other issues, they would take the charges off but now, I can't afford to go up there and spend 2 hours to correct the problem so my monthly 90ish bill is now 120ish. Manager at the store, worthless and unfocused. PITIFUL but nice. Actually, all of the employees that I've dealt with were pleasant. That does not make a good company, sadly. Follow through (Kelvin/manager) could help. After 3 hours on my last visit, he was going to call me with a result on Monday. Never heard from him. That's when I mentally, monetarily and physically could not take the crud from them any longer. Now that my phone has suddenly turned black screen, it looks like I will shut my business down again and spend more time at C SPIRE this holiday week... To no avail, again I am certain.

Get a pen. Write it down: NO C SPIRE. I paid a shut load for the phone, joined into a contract (again), know every employee by name, spent more time at C Spire than my own business, no results, no phone working, paying 15/20 more even though I have unlimited everything plan for over 7 years. STAY AWAY FROM C SPIRE AND SAMSUNG GALAXY 6. Yes, screaming it. I could add images off all my appointment cards with C Spire and my bills, BUT I would need a phone to do that.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 20, 2015

I have been a CSpire customer for years, from Cellular South days. Today I tried to purchase 2 more iPhones and add my daughter and son-in-law to my account. I currently have my line and one of my sons’ on my account. The representatives I dealt with told me I had ANOTHER account that had a past due balance from TEN years ago that I had to clear up to do this. I have never had another account with them. Have always had the same account and I'm pretty sure that in the last 10 years when I bought new phones, added my son to my account, and/or went into the store to make changes to my plan, etc., that this issue would have arisen. And I'm positively certain that I would have been getting phone calls, collection letters, SOMETHING from them saying that I owed money if it’s true.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2015

C Spire people were very nice but said they could not get me a copy of any old statements. It is hard to believe they aren't saved on a flash drive, etc. I would be glad to pay for the copies. Hope you can help me with this.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 4, 2015

After doing business with C Spire for 8 years I called to get my number ported over and they told me and my other phone company it would be done. They turned around and cut my number off and said I told them to disconnect it. We tried getting the matter resolve and they would not allow me to speak with a supervisor. They said there is no supervisor to speak with. This is really crazy!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2015

After moving to a new carrier, C Spire refuses to unlock my iPhone 6 plus. They lied and claimed they unlocked it on Sept. 24, 2015 and to date, the phone is still locked. Customer service is clueless and offers no help at all. $800 loss. BEWARE!!

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Original review: Oct. 6, 2015

C SPIRE promised $150 credit for each line transferred from other cellphone company in July 2015. I believed them. I transferred two lines from AT&T. They promised the credit will be available within 40 days. But they never give me the credit. I contact them, but their regional manager refused to give me the credit. Do not believe C SPIRE!

C Spire Wireless (formerly Cellular South) Company Information

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Cellular South