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I received a phone about 2 weeks ago and then later that day found out that I needed to return it. I was told to contact the support group and then send an email with extra information. I did all of this on September 12. September 16, I have someone respond to me telling me that she is working on my claim. I never heard anything else out of them, so I sent several more emails. Here it is September 22, and I still hear nothing. So I tried calling and no one would answer the line and then I sent another email explaining how displeased I was with their service.

At 8:30 this evening, the woman responds to me telling me she sent me emails telling me my next steps in the return process. EMAILS I NEVER RECEIVED. She then tells me to log into my account and go to my order history and click search to bring up the recent transaction, and apparently I don't have one and now I have to wait again. So, here I am sitting with a brand new $700 phone that doesn't work in my area still having to make the monthly payments on it. I am very displeased with this company, never again will I do business with them once I get this mess straightened out.

I am a senior and I talked to a rep from TracFone about my need for phone that would accommodate my health monitors. The young woman convinced me to get an android phone and that would work with my health monitors and when I purchased minutes they would be tripled for life. I just purchased 1500 minutes for a year and I thought that it would be tripled but they would not. The reason they gave is that Android phones and smart phones minutes do not triple. My minutes tripled the last time I needed to add minutes but this time those minutes did not triple. My particular Android is not on their menu any more, but every one of their androids on their phone menu says that they are tripled for life with minutes, texts, and data. I had three customer service reps say that Androids do not triple. Is this not false advertising?

We had bought a TracFone for my father in law a while back. He lost it so we got a new one. He found the old one which still had some minutes on it. As I wanted to preserve the minutes & exp date I called to get them transferred to new phone. Horrible experience. Took an 1 1/2 & 4 customer service people to get this done. As I became more upset all they said is "I'm sorry". Me too! Train your people right.

I purchased a TracFone from Walmart and at the same time purchased a 60 minute, refillable service card. The phone did NOT work in my area and TracFone told me to take it back for a refund, which I did. However the service card IS NOT refundable! If I had purchased it online, it would have been refundable. This is NOT acceptable!!! If I don't have the phone, how can I get any use out of the $20 + card?!? I DO NOT RECOMMEND BUYING TRACFONE OR THE CARD!! Very discouraged to say the least.

I have used TracFone for 9-10 years and have had trouble adding airtime on several occasions. A week ago I had to do a lot of traveling and bought 60 min card [$19.99] and punched in numbers and it did not work. Tried repeatedly to no success. Bought another card down the road thinking I would be given time or refund in future for first card. Second card did not work either. I called and spent 4-5 hours talking to reps about the invalid cards. They told me to go to store I bought the cards at and they may give me my $40.00 back... Funny TracFone was paid each time for the airtime cards that did not work and I am to go beg the store for a refund. These stores should not have to pay for TracFone computer glitches. The second card I bought was in a town 100 miles from my home. I rate their customer service at -1 to 0 at best.

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Worst experience with any company I have had to deal with. One delay & excuses after another. My issue has been going on for a month. Each time I call I am on with the tech for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. I probably have used 6 hours or more by now. I could not get a signal on my phone. Could not send or receive. Was sent out one sim card after another to try. Finally said they would send me a replacement phone. Called to have it activated and guess what, only 1 bar inside the house. Two if I go outside!! Now another delay and they are sending another sim card.

This will be the 5th try. I have a collection of 7 file #'s. I will never ever recommend TracFone to anyone. I almost felt like I was being **! Said I would be compensated with 5 extra days added to my service. WOOPIE! If I didn't already have so many minutes purchased it would go into the trash. It may yet. Hate it when they tell you just 1 more minute and 30 minutes later you have gotten nowhere. Wish they would stop saying they are sorry and do something about their tech service. Also, had to put in 10 or more codes with an average of 17 digits each to activate and transfer minutes from my old phone!! Ridiculous! Do yourself a favor and don't purchase a TracFone. You know the saying... "you get what you pay for."

Today I was trying to add airtime to my father's card online, something I've done multiple times in the past. I got an error message saying that my card couldn't be processed as a credit card and to go to the nearest store to buy an airtime card but before I went to do that I checked my bank account to make sure it didn't process and I saw that I was charged twice for the amount of $241.22 and another three charges of $21.93. I called customer service to see why my card was charged so many times for over $540 and I was told that it showed it was declined on their end and it was an issue to take up with my bank but if they showed that it processed to call them back with the bank's phone number and the need of the person I spoke to which is exactly what I did. The lady I spoke with this time told me that I needed to give her a fax number so they could fax papers to the bank to verify the charges and when they were faxed back they'd see what they can do.

So I called my bank back and was told what they were doing was wrong so I called them back with the bank associate also on the line. The lady proceeded to argue with me and the bank associate for about 15 minutes about how the charges were declined but she eventually gave her the information needed to reverse the charges. Everyone I spoke to at Tracfone about this issue was extremely rude and without the persistence of the associate from the bank. I'm 100% certain I never would've got my money back. I will never do any sort of business with this company again.

I call Tracfone to see if I can change the amount of rings before it picks up for my voicemail. I wanted to make it 4 or 5 rings. It rings at least 11 times before it goes to voicemail. This company does that so they do not have to use data because it cost them more money for them to pick up at 4 or 5 rings because if people hang up and they're using Less of the contract they have with Verizon or whichever company their contract with and then they make more profit.

Anyway so I asked if they could do that. At the end of one hour and a half, three different calls, 4 different people including a manager who hung up on me by the way they were not only unable to fix the problem they completely disabled my voicemail. They have the rudest, technically challenged people in the call industry. Something needs to be done. The worst customer service ever. I would have given them Aloha rating but it doesn't go lower than one. Anyway I want to bring my phone back and switch services.

I just wasted two hours on the phone and with Ace? The know-nothing rep when I all wanted was a new sim card for my old TracFone. I wanted to give it to my daughter but apparently it takes an act of congress with TracFone before they will help me. I'm just sorry I had to give them a rating of 1.

Have been a Tracfone customer for years and had no troubles. Long story short, spent nearly a week trying to get a number transferred just to find out it wouldn't work and they already killed my old phone's SIM in the process. They should have realized THIS before killing the SIM. Spent HOURS (literally) on the phone with them trying to get the new one to work or my old number back on my old phone. Had to wait for a new SIM for the older phone (yes, they cannot reactivate the old SIM they say) and they messed up and didn't give me back my old number, even though they had said it would be reserved.

Finally got the new phone to poorly work with a new number but they lied about the coverage area. They lied about giving me my old number back when I decided to keep the older phone too and they lied when they said they could transfer minutes from the new phone to the old phone. 3 people including a supervisor told me that could happen.

They keep you on the phone to eat up your minutes, constantly telling you they're working on your problem or a supervisor is coming. One lady actually started punching in keystrokes to make it sound like someone was dialing in my ear whenever I started to say something. They claimed they could not take a message (I was using up my husband's minutes!) for the supervisor because they were not allowed paper and pens! That one was supposedly in the Corporate office. And they hung up on me!

I used two hours+ of my husband's minutes to try and straighten this out. They would NOT even consider returning any of those minutes although the whole mess was their fault. Their representatives cannot speak English well enough to be handling these calls from the USA. It's very frustrating to be given instructions and not understand what is being said and having to have it repeated over and over (thus using up more paid for minutes). Tracfone, as far as I'm concerned, has gone down the proverbial tubes. Their customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. To the point where it was making me physically ill. They have no concern for their customers. When my minutes are done this time I'm going to be looking elsewhere.

A few months ago, I received a new phone from Tracfone. The phone that I had for my daughter's use, was going to be obsolete with the upgrade of their network. I activated the phone and she was able to use it for a few months, adding minutes, etc. A week or so ago, I started receiving notice that my service would be ending and I needed to purchase more minutes to keep my phone activated, which is pretty standard. So, I went online to purchase more time. For some reason, the phone was no longer visible on my account. I contacted customer service and they asked for my mother's maiden name for security reasons. Then they told me that the name was incorrect! They asked for my email address and that was incorrect! I have had the same email address for over 5 years (longer than I have had a Tracfone account).

The customer rep then told me that they could verify that I was the owner if I could give them the IMEI (which is on the phone). The rep then told me the email that the account was now associated with when I asked him. It was not my email!!! The rep told me that they could put the phone back on my account, if I gave them my credit card number over the phone and purchased more minutes. They could not explain why the phone had disappeared from my account, and was put in someone else's account. I became very frustrated, and the rep(s) only way to help me is to just take it out of this other person's account and put it back in mine. So, I have issues with this for so many reasons:

Why can my phone just be moved between other people's accounts? And no one can explain why/how this can happen. Why if I give the wrong maiden name (it's correct with my account, just doesn't match this other person's account), can they still proceed if I give them the IMEI and phone number (info that is readily available on the phone). I could just steal someone else's phone and give this info and have their phone moved to my account. My phone has still not been moved back into my account. Therefore, my daughter does not have a working phone. I do not have a land line and this is our home phone. Tracfone does not provide acceptable service. It is not secure and does not work as advertised. I'm extremely nervous that they have my pii and credit card number.

They upgraded their phone system and my phone was being phased out. So they sent me a replacement. I have now spent 4 hours and 5 calls trying to activate the phone they sent me and it still hasn't work. They keep telling me to call back in 24 to 48 hours and it will be fixed, seriously. So I stupidly have done that and they tell me to call back. THIS IS A JOKE... I had been a customer with them for the last five years and this is what I get... I am throwing their phone away and getting service with a different carrier. AVOID this company at all cost.

Finally, tech instructed me to take phone completely apart and it started getting service again. I was on the phone with management to compensate minutes. This took 123 minutes from my friend's phone!! Then phone disconnected. Called from another phone and was put in a loop... finally a person in Central America answered. Asked for management and once again put in loop and had to call back... end result was "We added minutes to your account," I told them they were liars. I checked my minutes available time before starting conversations and I had 1411 minutes. After talking to management who lied and said minutes were compensated, I had 1373 minutes! What BS and what liars. TracFone paying Central American people to lie to their American customers. TracFone needs to go out of business... such below substandard customer service. Thanks for nothing, TracFone.

It took them almost 2 days – 2 days!!! – To transfer minutes from one TracFone phone to another Tracfone. This is just unacceptable. Their customer service reps need to go back for more English lessons. They don't seem to care if the English speaking customer cannot understand their Asian accent. The one and only reason I used them is they have the cheapest calling cards. You get what you pay for.

I was starting a TracFone and had the worst experience with their CS Dept. I got a girl who would not listen to one word I was saying. When I asked her to slow down she said I'm giving you one warning to stop making trouble or I'll cut you off. Then I asked to speak to a supervisor and when he came on you could tell he was not a supervisor but somebody working with her and he was practically laughing at me. NEVER AGAIN. I was a long time user (I give them to my employees). TracFone has gone from being very good to very bad.

Had to upgrade to G3 to purchase minutes. Received reconditioned phone within a few days. Tried to transfer old phone over & activate new one online, put in everything that was needed, system states need to contact customer service. Waited until morning & finally got a rep. 1/2 hr later & nothing was done. I sat on the phone for 1/2 hr giving all the info & waiting & waiting & waiting. I told the rep I had a new credit card 3 times. She was going down a list finally came to credit card info, I told her again, new card, she wanted the last 4 of the (old) one on file. Gave it to her, this is 20 min into trying to activate, waited another 10 min & asked, "Honey is everything ok!" The system says error on card, I told her again I have a new card. Nothing, she said nothing. I finally lost it.

Worked with the public & computers, you never keep a customer on the phone for more than 5 minutes. But I decided to do online chat, told them my situation, I needed to get this done. He kept stating he was looking at my account. Finally after minutes I sent a chat saying if we can do this in 5 minutes or less, let's do it. He chatted back if it was more convenient for me to call back. I told him forget it, don't need the phone that bad. After reading the reviews on these reconditioned phones - too many problems, they're not holding up - No Thank You.

In the last 3 days Tracfone has disabled 2 new phones and 2 new calling cards for me. First one they say s/n does not exist & gave my calling card to a # I have never heard of. The second one went through on the computer. I thought it was ok. That # is some hospitals’ text message recorder 88 at last count. They act as if I did something wrong. I cannot get a new #, had to read the s/n to them again & they say this phone does not exist & the phone # is no good. Their last words are "Thank you for using TracFone." & hang up. I have no phone but they got my money. So all is good & I should smile!!! P.S. I have been a customer for years & happy, BUT NOT NOW!!!

TracFone is thieves!!! I told a rep I could not find my phone so she told me to deactivate it and they will send me a sim card for a old phone I have around the house and we can transfer minutes to that. Called back to do what she said and the other rep said they wanted me to turn in my old phone and they will replace deactivated phone so I waited 7-10 days no phone. Called back rep said "No you would not get your 2000 minutes on your old phone. Only ten and no phone on the way." They wanted me to buy a new phone and new minutes. I now remember why I left them alone in the first place and will discourage anyone I know to buy from them. Oh and the manager called back and played on my phone. Worse rude customer service ever.

I was a loyal customer for years, using a Tracfone only as an emergency phone while I stockpiled minutes over time, using special sign-ups and coupon codes to amass 6900 minutes of talk time as I used the phone maybe 8-10 times a year, if that. On 8/5/15 I went to their support forum to ask about a problem with the minutes as the system did not allocate the proper numbers based upon the promise of purchasing a one-year card. The rep, "Shannon", was the chat rep online and she was so rude and indifferent, stopping communicating with me with no notice, leaving me online for 17 minutes with no response.

The next day I went to the support forum to post a blog about the experience with Shannon. The next day my ENTIRE BALANCE WAS ZERO; she had wiped my records of the phone clean as though it had never had minutes as a retaliation. I contacted the so-called direct response line to complain and to demand to file a complaint against Shannon since this was obvious retaliation. The rep, "Donna" assured me that this was a "Computer glitch" and that Loss Prevention would restore my minutes.

Well, you can guess the ending of this story. If you couldn't, the next day, the rep contacted them and Loss Prevention refused to issue me a single second, citing that there is no record of there being any time on my handset! Furious, I asked them how in the world could a major company not have records of all transactions in their database and he responded, "Sir, we don't have the tools here to check usage." At this point I was livid and demanded to speak with his supervisor, "Edwardlina" who stated that Loss Prevention was the last word and they will not give me any more minutes; this being after purchasing a one year card three days earlier which would have guaranteed that I would have at least 1200!

Contacting the national office was futile as they sided with the rep and Loss Prevention despite my sending them a copy of the transcript showing how Shannon had provided no customer service, a copy of my blog post and a notation that my minutes were deleted the following day. Tracfone's bottom line is dollars so they would rather lose a long-time customer rather than give them back their rightful minutes. At rough estimation they are stealing 500 dollars from me in taking my minutes. Karma is real and they will lose much more. Take heed and if you are considering Tracfone, I would suggest that you find a much better alternative; a company who tries to care and do the right thing. Tracfone is not that company.

Not one of their devices have the latest OS on their devices and they give the run around to not even do it at all. They tell you to go to the device manufacturer and then the manufacturer says it is the network that does it. They ** all suck and kiss my ** on this. I am from now on getting a unlocked phone. They suck so bad, my mouth is tasteless and want nothing anymore. They make me so sick to think that companies are this bad.

Nougat to be released on the 22nd of August and Marshmallow is a year old and not one single device of theirs has Marshmallow, and that even their Flagship Galaxy Samsung S6 has Lollipop that is a two year old OS. What is up with them? Two years behind the time and I got this ZTE Citrine v717vl that was release the beginning of 2016. Almost a whole year after Marshmallow and no Marshmallow on it. They keep saying they have nothing to do with it. It is ZTE that does this and ZTE say they have nothing to do with it. I know Tracfone does but they just suck so bad.

Not a damn English speaking person to talk to. They are all Indian. If they screw my account up and data, minutes, and text. I am going to be so pissed off. More than I am now. Great budget service for emergency phones but terrible and worst customer service to even be dealt with. So many horror stories with these guys. I read maybe a few good stories to a trillion horror stories. That is very sad. How are these guys still around? Must be all Indians using this service to keep them alive. All I know is no matter what I am trying my ** off to get a unlocked phone from now on so I can choose any network I please. Then these guys can literally kiss my **. Oh well, bastards like this, should never have a business. Money grabbing vampire suckers.

I purchased a TracFone online on May 31, 2016. Phone arrived on June 3rd after being on the line with several customer reps, I could never get the service to work. I informed them that I was returning the phone back for a refund. The return slip that was included on my package did not have a scan bar so FedEx could not pick up the package. I called customer service, after being on the line with them for several minutes, the rep sent me another packing slip, however it had a different return address than what was on the first return slip.

I returned the phone using that slip on June 10, it was delivered on June 13th. I called about my refund several times. I was told that the phone was sent to the wrong place and they had to request the phone from their own Product Recovery Office. I called on July 28th, was given a confirmation number and told that I would received my refund after they received the phone. I called on August 18th, was told that I should received my refund within 30 days, however it only took 1 day to charge my credit card.

I have had an android phone through tracfone for a while, the phone does not have much memory. You can not add very many apps to phone. My sister bought one earlier this month, and she is not happy with it. Her phone has very little memory on it. She even deleted all the app and it still does not have much memory. Very disappointed with this company.

I have been a very satisfied customer for many years until now. I was notified recently by TracFone that my 2G phone would need to be replaced by a 3G phone and it would be free of charge. After receiving it and activating it I noticed I was missing my calls when my phone was in my purse due to very faint ring tones. After talking to customer service and trying to find a louder tone, I was told that if I wanted a phone with a louder ring tone I could PURCHASE one! I told her that sounded like a SCAM to me! Are the tones intentionally made soft on the free phones so you will be forced to purchase a phone that actually does what it is supposed to do??? I have deactivated my account and will be going with a dependable, principled, and customer oriented provider.

For years I have been very happy with my $10 TracFone. I get picked on constantly - but I was fine with my little flip phone! LOL. Never had an issue with it. This year TracFone forced me to replace my 2G. I chose to have them send me one of the "Free" comparable phones. I have had NOTHING but issues. It will not connect to my Bluetooth system, I can't get calls to go through, even in areas that have very good coverage. Texting is a nightmare on this thing. When I attempted to contact TracFone using their "Chat" option. There was obviously NO human on the other end. Received obvious computer generated responses. Sorry to say, they're forcing me to get out of the TracFone program. My advice - Don't bother.

I was a loyal and satisfied TracFone customer for 4 years until May of this year, when TracFone’s service basically fell apart on me. Since then, I've had nothing but grief with Tracfone. Here is a timeline of the problems I've experienced, one after another. I received a new 3G compatible phone, but it crashed after about a week (Two calls to customer service). I was without service for one week. New replacement phone arrived, but it failed to activate (Four calls to customer service totaling about 6 hours). Phone was finally activated, but in the process I mysteriously lost 200 minutes of prepaid airtime. Customer service gave me only 10 minutes to compensate me for the loss of 200 minutes. Overall, I was without phone service for two weeks.

My phone has been working fine for two months but when I purchased a prepaid card at a local retailer yesterday, my troubles began again. When I tried to add the time/minutes on my phone, I received a message that said, "System unavailable. Try again later." After several failed attempts to add the minutes, I called customer service for assistance (My call with three different service representatives lasted more than two hours). No help there. In fact, my problems multiplied.

I was told my phone number did not match the serial number on my phone because my phone number had been changed without permission or notice; my long-time phone number could not be reattached to the phone, meaning that I would have to contact multiple parties such as doctors and banks that have my phone number in their records, not to mention friends and relatives; they informed me that the TracFone phone card that I'd purchased at a local retailer had an invalid PIN, so it could not be used to add minutes and time to my account; to recover the $99.99 plus tax that I spent on the card, I was told by customer service that I'd have to return it to the retailer, with no guarantee from TracFone that I'd get my money back.

The next day, I went to the retailer who said the airtime card was non-refundable. I called TracFone customer service again and was told that they had a policy against reimbursing customers either in minutes or cash for bad cards. I would have to eat the $100 loss. I truly feel that TracFone is doing everything it can, short of cancellation, to get rid of me as a customer.

Wanted to add minutes. Needed to update credit card info to new address. After entering the info, and hitting Submit, it came back with an invalid billing phone number. I used their live chat. She said I would have to talk with a customer service rep. Called and she said to try it again. I did, got the same thing. Then she said to add a new credit card. I did, and got the same thing - everything correct except it shows the same invalid phone number - a Rhode Island 401-** number. I live in TN. She could do nothing. Totally putout with whatever is going on at TracFone. Not sure what to do now except cancel my phone.

I've had TracFone for years. I use to buy a 60 minute card. It made 120 minutes last for 1.14 days then I got a new Treasure phone. Had 1350 minutes on it. Only had it 3 months out of time cut my phone off. I sent to Family Dollar. Got a 60 minute card which supposed to x by 3 making it 180 minutes it to cut off. I called fussed. They said, "we'll put 100 minutes on your phone." Well guess what it's cut off again. I'm tired of TracFone's **. I'm out of the cost of my new Treasure phone but they're out of a longtime customer.

I was on the phone for three hours trying to add minutes. I ask for a supervisor the lady said she was a supervisor. I do not think she was. When I asked a question I would waiting to answer me. I would wait a few minutes and have to say hello. This went on and on every time I asked a question. I got sick of her not saying anything. I asked if she have a supervisor. I was on hold for a hour and ten minutes. I ask if she could have a supervisor call me. I told her asap then she said I would have to give her a time and date. I called their HQ at 1-800-339-9345. And I got a lady that could enter my credit card number right. They have very poor service.

I tried to add minutes to my TracFone this morning, but they never showed up. So I called them and was told that my phone would no longer work and they'd send me a new one... this is of course after I already spent money to add airtime to the old one. I could not understand much of what the first person I spoke with was saying, she kept saying "Give me a moment". She said that at least 10 times before she told me my phone wouldn't work any more. I asked to speak with someone else and again couldn't understand what they were saying. They both had accents that were very heavy.

Finally she tells me that in 10 days I'll get a new phone and will have to call back to activate it. I asked if I would be getting a phone either as new or newer than the one I have, she told me whatever was in their warehouse! I told her if it was an old flip phone they'd get it back and I'd find another cell provider. She then told me "I can assure you that EVERYONE got a letter". REALLY? I talked to 6 TracFone users and only 2 of them got letters. When she assured me that everyone got letters and I told her I didn't she had no answer. I'm sure there will be all sorts of problems with and if the new phone comes. Thank God I have a house phone. I am so dissatisfied with this company and their customer service. I may just go to another provider and forget about TracFone forever.

Tried to change my wife's Android to an iPhone. I couldn't get it to work after spending 3-4 hours on their chat session, getting 3 ticket numbers, and 3 sim cards in the mail. The net result was that her phone got unlisted because TracFone made a computer error, and is unable to fix it. The worst service I have ever seen...and you can't call them, because you are put on HOLD often (while they handle another customer) and are charged for the call. BEWARE of this cheap company. It's not worth it!!!