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I have had service with TracFone for the last yr and a half and have had nothing but problems. Agents speak poor English and difficult to communicate with. Agents are not trained properly to answer customer's questions accurately and consequently the customer makes costly choices. Minutes are lost, there are overcharges, calls are dropped. Will be looking for another provider and cross my fingers that Donald Trump gets elected president so we can keep jobs in US and not shipped to other countries. If you are going to outsource your customer service calls to other countries, you need to make sure the agents can speak English and comprehend it. YOU HAVE VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

A463BG BIGGEST P. O.S EVER ENCOUNTERED. Navigation is bs. Can't connect to home wifi, phone shows either obtaining ip address, connecting or avoiding poor connection. Nothing about this phone or system is simple. The biggest problem is normal phone and text usage. What type of person would approve this format??? Sad part is these idiots a probably pulling down ten figures (really). At the speed of love and god help us, die with our boots on, if you're going to die. It is ashamed that the more advanced we become, the lower intelligence becomes. (Really)!!! ** me! Tracfone go away. You are a thorn in our side!

Inept customer service. Have to actually ask them to spell what they're saying, can't be understood. Try to use website & constantly malfunctions. Purchase airtime cards at Walmart and they will not accept their own cards ("we don't accept, can't recognize", etc). Try to text for assistance, they respond in Spanish stating they don't understand the problem.

3 times have let time expire because they wouldn't accept or enter card #, so I have to call to get service turned back on - have to use someone else's phone or computer. Unnecessarily long delays on the phone and internet. If you can still use your phone, they delay so your time gets used up. If you have problems with their devices they are condescending, repeat same remedies you told them you already tried.

I wanted to transfer service over to my own phone. I was told to buy a BYOP SIM Kit. I did exactly that. Went 2 weeks without a phone, back and forth with Customer Service, only to find out that the SIM was for AT&T not T-Mobile phone. Was told they would send me a new SIM for my phone. Waited over 2 weeks, ended up buying the correct one myself. Another 2 weeks without a phone, back and forth with Customer Service to finally get my phone to work. After about a week the phone then stopped working, went round and round back and forth with Customer Service, and was told somehow phone was deactivated so they fixed it after several more days without a phone.

Now all of a sudden I have been unable to make or receive calls for another 4 days. Told me they are going to send me a new AT&T SIM card. I said, "NO that will not work, been there done that." Now they are telling me to send them my BYOP phone that I bought and then they will send me a replacement phone. They will not tell me what they are sending me, supposedly their warehouse handles that and they can't tell me what it is. I don't want to send in my phone that I bought and own, not knowing what they are going to send me as a replacement.

I would never do business with this company ever again. Customer service reps are rude, uninformed, untrained, and unsympathetic. They could care a less that you are inconvenienced and they truly act like you are bothering them. You will be told 5 different things from 5 different people, I can not express enough -- DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE!!! HORRIBLE!!! THE WORST COMPANY EVER!!!

Only in the details will you discover this cannot be done...the smartphones TF puts out are garbage (big surprise) and nearly unusable. We gave up on one (bought it when caught in the 2G-3G upgrade silliness) to return to a simple model as those have worked OK over the years -- but in the fine print you'll note that minutes don't transfer that direction (new phone to older models). TracFone has for a number of years been a cheap and marginal solution to the absurd costs of the big contracts...but they really seem to be falling apart (read the reviews) and spending anything more than the bare minimum with them for a back up phone seems inadvisable. This "we can't (won't) transfer your minutes back to a simpler phone" certainly seems like a scam to me.

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We bought a TracFone, minutes and service days for my elderly mother. We discovered the phone repeated deactivated for no reason. I would need to call the company and reactivate it for her. After numerous times, I complained of the danger for my mother. They decided to send her a new phone. After several days of unsuccessfully moving her lifelong telephone number to a new phone, the company told us the phone only worked with AT&T--a service not available in our area. (A quick look at her zip code would have told them that) They agreed to send a new phone. None arrived.

After several weeks, I called again. They quickly agreed to send another phone and had me speak directly to their "shipping" department. No phone ever arrived. We lost about 6 months of service time, 500 minutes of call times a useless phone, and the hours of time I used in dealing with their tech support. I am sorry I can only give them one star. I would like to give them a minus 10 rating because of the lying.

I bought this overpriced phone and service recently while in a tight spot traveling. I bought a three month card that includes phone minutes, a certain number of texts, and data. After having barely used the data on the phone, I am being told that I have no data left. According to the phone itself, I have used about 1/5th of the total data on the phone and I had only used the phone for about a week before this happened. I called to inquire about the issue, and the person on the phone was completely rude and unable to help me. They told me that they were transferring me to another department after ignoring my complaints and saying rather inappropriate things to me about my complaints, at which point I found myself at an answering machine (this was still well within their operating hours).

So quick recap: Ripped off at way expensive plan when I was too busy to look up reviews to check if this was a good choice or not. Scammed out of being able to use the data I had purchased. ** helpline rude to me and refused to help, transfer me to non-existent "other department" Leaving me so irritated that I leave this review. Moral of the story: This is a ** company, and you would be a fool to ever give them money. Learn from my experience and never work with them. Here is a much better plan that I will enroll in using the same phone as soon as my minutes and texting run out: **. In fact, there is probably not a single other company that would not be a better choice than this. Let's make them history, now. That's capitalism **.

I was on the phone starting at 10 am ending at 9:20 pm. My initial call was to make sure my smart phone was compatible with their product and I was assured that it was so I purchased the kit. I tried to activate my phone in which I was unsuccessful so I called the customer service line for assistance and was transferred to technical support. I explained what I was trying to do. So the customer service representative tried to activate my phone and said it would take 24 hrs (which was untrue). I called back, explained everything again (I did this 7 times). On the third, fourth and sixth time I was conveniently disconnected when I asked to speak with someone higher up because I was told that they added my phone to the wrong network, and that there was nothing they could do and that I could not use my phone.

On the seventh call I was a bit irate when asked to explain again my issue. So in my very pissed voice I began to explain again. That's when I lost it; the customer service representative thought she muted the call and proceeded to talk about me to her coworker and called me a **. I called the rep by her name to let her know that her call was not muted. All of a sudden the phone went silent for about 12 min before anything else was said. From that point on my call was either dropped or I was asked to explain the reason for my call because I was being transferred from one department to the next.

I also explained that I could not wait 30 days for a refund because we're from SC and was just affected by Hurricane Matthew so I had no extra money and that this is my spouse work phone. Without it he would be unable to get loads (he drives 18 wheeler truck). They laughed as if it was funny. So I did advised them that I would be contacting the Governor of Florida and South Carolina. In addition I would be contacting an attorney. The representative from corporate office didn't seem to care. So we are without a phone to run our business for load/reload pick up info during the recovery of Hurricane Matthew. No work, no money, equals no money for place to stay and no food. We have two kids (14, 4) and this is very hard.

Worst customer service. Phone will not work for receiving group messages and company is unwilling to accept it is a network problems of theirs. Have never had such a problem with any other company using the same phone. Worst phone company service I have had to deal with in the past 20 years.

I purchased a 4G TracFone at Walmart with an airtime card. The TracFone rep said I would need to buy another airtime card plus pay a 22.00 activation fee!! I never heard of paying a fee for activation. I threw it all in the trash!!! The purchase was made in Gardendale, Alabama while on the road. I reside in New Orleans, Alabama.

To save money, I had decided to use my T301G TracFone and discontinue my smart phone. This was on about 10/1/16. I noticed the SIM said "unregistered". I went online to The explanation on my account said it was disabled because of a system upgrade, my phone is 2G. I called in and the person on the phone said I would get a new phone in about 10 days. She also said my minutes can be added to my new phone. The new phone arrived today (10/8/16). I followed the directions, inserting the battery and plugging it in. I powered it up and it said no SIM. I wasn't real worried and proceeded to go on their website to activate it. I logged in, but got an error message after I had selected to transfer my phone # to my new phone. The error message just stated there was a problem, but with no description.

I called in with the phone number on the red serial card for support. Tried to activate it that way too. It was unable to do activate the phone with my old number because it said the old phone was disabled. I tried the online chat. He said I had to buy minutes to get my new phone activated. He also said I can't move the phone number to the new phone because the old phone was deactivated. So I have a new phone that I am unable to activate, transfer my phone number and not able to transfer the minutes. I wanted him to call me, but he said he can't. I want them to transfer the minutes and call me.

My TracFone service was o.k. for some years but this August, when I bought time for my phone, they told me they'd send a new one to use. It didn't work. In trying to solve this dilemma with a customer service supervisor named Pablo, he was so obtuse and evasive I got angry with him & criticized his competence. He dropped me. Now I can't even reach another customer service rep because they won't recognize my phone #. In effect, I've been erased. And they owe me for the time I bought but never could use. These people have a built a system that works well for them (making $$$) but not so much for their customers.

I bought the ZTE Citrine® LTE™ phone on their site, it is advertised as a 4g phone. Upon receipt, I went to go activate it and the screen said 3g! I called up and told them I want to return it, needed a return label, and I expected a full refund. They said I had to pay to return it, and once they got the phone, they would refund me the purchase price. They also claimed once I bought airtime the phone would become 4g. After being on the phone for 20 minutes, I told them I don't trust that. (I am not tech savvy but I knew the airtime would not make a 3g phone a 4g!) They agreed to refund the purchase price and return s&h. The next day I confirmed with another TracFone agent that adding airtime would not make a 3g a 4g. This runaround kept going on and on thru calls and chat, now they're escalating it. What a scam!!!

12-8-15 I bought this phone at Family Dollar store and broke it immediately after I paid for airtime.10-2-16 TracFone told me I need to renew my service contract and I lost the remaining minutes that was still on the phone. And they don't have repair shops for these phones. This phone laid in my desk drawer broken since December 2015. I want a new phone with my remaining minutes.

This company has the worst customer service and none of them speak English very well. They don't answer your questions, just transfer you so you use all your minutes. I have been waiting over a month for a phone because the phone I have is a 2G network phone and no longer works. Good luck getting through to an English speaking Customer Service Rep who can give you a straight answer. I would prefer to deal with a company who hires employees in the United States and doesn't outsource to another country to save money.

As of 09/27 had to buy a new phone because 2 weeks ago my sim card mysteriously stopped working. Waited for 4 days for new one only to receive a Safelink SIM card instead. Spoke on both occasions with at least 4 reps each time and at the end only way that I could get a phone fast, was to buy a new one. Tried to move my minutes from old account and phone to new phone. Bear in mind that the phone number never changed. I still have the same number, but after speaking again with 4 reps, and one telling me that if I told her how many minutes I had left on the phone they would put them toward my new account, had to get old phone, charge it to be able to see how many minutes I had left, call back only to get another rep telling I cannot get my minutes on my new account. These people are thieves taking advantage of people with few resources, main reason why people have TracFone to begin with. BAD, BAD, BAD Tracfone.

Tracfone company does not resolve issues. Bought new LG prepaid phone 9/15. Phone defective. I was told to send back the defective phone. Sent back the phone and did not hear from the company. They sent me back a reconditioned phone with some out of country area code, took my case. I lost my phone, information, case and minutes. I bought a new phone and got a reconditioned phone. They refused to refund my minutes, my old phone, so I could transfer my information and my case. They are finished with me and will not resolve my issue. I have been without a phone for two weeks. They told me to go buy a phone. They are thieves.

I received a phone about 2 weeks ago and then later that day found out that I needed to return it. I was told to contact the support group and then send an email with extra information. I did all of this on September 12. September 16, I have someone respond to me telling me that she is working on my claim. I never heard anything else out of them, so I sent several more emails. Here it is September 22, and I still hear nothing. So I tried calling and no one would answer the line and then I sent another email explaining how displeased I was with their service.

At 8:30 this evening, the woman responds to me telling me she sent me emails telling me my next steps in the return process. EMAILS I NEVER RECEIVED. She then tells me to log into my account and go to my order history and click search to bring up the recent transaction, and apparently I don't have one and now I have to wait again. So, here I am sitting with a brand new $700 phone that doesn't work in my area still having to make the monthly payments on it. I am very displeased with this company, never again will I do business with them once I get this mess straightened out.

I am a senior and I talked to a rep from TracFone about my need for phone that would accommodate my health monitors. The young woman convinced me to get an android phone and that would work with my health monitors and when I purchased minutes they would be tripled for life. I just purchased 1500 minutes for a year and I thought that it would be tripled but they would not. The reason they gave is that Android phones and smart phones minutes do not triple. My minutes tripled the last time I needed to add minutes but this time those minutes did not triple. My particular Android is not on their menu any more, but every one of their androids on their phone menu says that they are tripled for life with minutes, texts, and data. I had three customer service reps say that Androids do not triple. Is this not false advertising?

We had bought a TracFone for my father in law a while back. He lost it so we got a new one. He found the old one which still had some minutes on it. As I wanted to preserve the minutes & exp date I called to get them transferred to new phone. Horrible experience. Took an 1 1/2 & 4 customer service people to get this done. As I became more upset all they said is "I'm sorry". Me too! Train your people right.

I purchased a TracFone from Walmart and at the same time purchased a 60 minute, refillable service card. The phone did NOT work in my area and TracFone told me to take it back for a refund, which I did. However the service card IS NOT refundable! If I had purchased it online, it would have been refundable. This is NOT acceptable!!! If I don't have the phone, how can I get any use out of the $20 + card?!? I DO NOT RECOMMEND BUYING TRACFONE OR THE CARD!! Very discouraged to say the least.

I have used TracFone for 9-10 years and have had trouble adding airtime on several occasions. A week ago I had to do a lot of traveling and bought 60 min card [$19.99] and punched in numbers and it did not work. Tried repeatedly to no success. Bought another card down the road thinking I would be given time or refund in future for first card. Second card did not work either. I called and spent 4-5 hours talking to reps about the invalid cards. They told me to go to store I bought the cards at and they may give me my $40.00 back... Funny TracFone was paid each time for the airtime cards that did not work and I am to go beg the store for a refund. These stores should not have to pay for TracFone computer glitches. The second card I bought was in a town 100 miles from my home. I rate their customer service at -1 to 0 at best.

Worst experience with any company I have had to deal with. One delay & excuses after another. My issue has been going on for a month. Each time I call I am on with the tech for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. I probably have used 6 hours or more by now. I could not get a signal on my phone. Could not send or receive. Was sent out one sim card after another to try. Finally said they would send me a replacement phone. Called to have it activated and guess what, only 1 bar inside the house. Two if I go outside!! Now another delay and they are sending another sim card.

This will be the 5th try. I have a collection of 7 file #'s. I will never ever recommend TracFone to anyone. I almost felt like I was being **! Said I would be compensated with 5 extra days added to my service. WOOPIE! If I didn't already have so many minutes purchased it would go into the trash. It may yet. Hate it when they tell you just 1 more minute and 30 minutes later you have gotten nowhere. Wish they would stop saying they are sorry and do something about their tech service. Also, had to put in 10 or more codes with an average of 17 digits each to activate and transfer minutes from my old phone!! Ridiculous! Do yourself a favor and don't purchase a TracFone. You know the saying... "you get what you pay for."

Today I was trying to add airtime to my father's card online, something I've done multiple times in the past. I got an error message saying that my card couldn't be processed as a credit card and to go to the nearest store to buy an airtime card but before I went to do that I checked my bank account to make sure it didn't process and I saw that I was charged twice for the amount of $241.22 and another three charges of $21.93. I called customer service to see why my card was charged so many times for over $540 and I was told that it showed it was declined on their end and it was an issue to take up with my bank but if they showed that it processed to call them back with the bank's phone number and the need of the person I spoke to which is exactly what I did. The lady I spoke with this time told me that I needed to give her a fax number so they could fax papers to the bank to verify the charges and when they were faxed back they'd see what they can do.

So I called my bank back and was told what they were doing was wrong so I called them back with the bank associate also on the line. The lady proceeded to argue with me and the bank associate for about 15 minutes about how the charges were declined but she eventually gave her the information needed to reverse the charges. Everyone I spoke to at Tracfone about this issue was extremely rude and without the persistence of the associate from the bank. I'm 100% certain I never would've got my money back. I will never do any sort of business with this company again.

I call Tracfone to see if I can change the amount of rings before it picks up for my voicemail. I wanted to make it 4 or 5 rings. It rings at least 11 times before it goes to voicemail. This company does that so they do not have to use data because it cost them more money for them to pick up at 4 or 5 rings because if people hang up and they're using Less of the contract they have with Verizon or whichever company their contract with and then they make more profit.

Anyway so I asked if they could do that. At the end of one hour and a half, three different calls, 4 different people including a manager who hung up on me by the way they were not only unable to fix the problem they completely disabled my voicemail. They have the rudest, technically challenged people in the call industry. Something needs to be done. The worst customer service ever. I would have given them Aloha rating but it doesn't go lower than one. Anyway I want to bring my phone back and switch services.

I just wasted two hours on the phone and with Ace? The know-nothing rep when I all wanted was a new sim card for my old TracFone. I wanted to give it to my daughter but apparently it takes an act of congress with TracFone before they will help me. I'm just sorry I had to give them a rating of 1.

Have been a Tracfone customer for years and had no troubles. Long story short, spent nearly a week trying to get a number transferred just to find out it wouldn't work and they already killed my old phone's SIM in the process. They should have realized THIS before killing the SIM. Spent HOURS (literally) on the phone with them trying to get the new one to work or my old number back on my old phone. Had to wait for a new SIM for the older phone (yes, they cannot reactivate the old SIM they say) and they messed up and didn't give me back my old number, even though they had said it would be reserved.

Finally got the new phone to poorly work with a new number but they lied about the coverage area. They lied about giving me my old number back when I decided to keep the older phone too and they lied when they said they could transfer minutes from the new phone to the old phone. 3 people including a supervisor told me that could happen.

They keep you on the phone to eat up your minutes, constantly telling you they're working on your problem or a supervisor is coming. One lady actually started punching in keystrokes to make it sound like someone was dialing in my ear whenever I started to say something. They claimed they could not take a message (I was using up my husband's minutes!) for the supervisor because they were not allowed paper and pens! That one was supposedly in the Corporate office. And they hung up on me!

I used two hours+ of my husband's minutes to try and straighten this out. They would NOT even consider returning any of those minutes although the whole mess was their fault. Their representatives cannot speak English well enough to be handling these calls from the USA. It's very frustrating to be given instructions and not understand what is being said and having to have it repeated over and over (thus using up more paid for minutes). Tracfone, as far as I'm concerned, has gone down the proverbial tubes. Their customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. To the point where it was making me physically ill. They have no concern for their customers. When my minutes are done this time I'm going to be looking elsewhere.

A few months ago, I received a new phone from Tracfone. The phone that I had for my daughter's use, was going to be obsolete with the upgrade of their network. I activated the phone and she was able to use it for a few months, adding minutes, etc. A week or so ago, I started receiving notice that my service would be ending and I needed to purchase more minutes to keep my phone activated, which is pretty standard. So, I went online to purchase more time. For some reason, the phone was no longer visible on my account. I contacted customer service and they asked for my mother's maiden name for security reasons. Then they told me that the name was incorrect! They asked for my email address and that was incorrect! I have had the same email address for over 5 years (longer than I have had a Tracfone account).

The customer rep then told me that they could verify that I was the owner if I could give them the IMEI (which is on the phone). The rep then told me the email that the account was now associated with when I asked him. It was not my email!!! The rep told me that they could put the phone back on my account, if I gave them my credit card number over the phone and purchased more minutes. They could not explain why the phone had disappeared from my account, and was put in someone else's account. I became very frustrated, and the rep(s) only way to help me is to just take it out of this other person's account and put it back in mine. So, I have issues with this for so many reasons:

Why can my phone just be moved between other people's accounts? And no one can explain why/how this can happen. Why if I give the wrong maiden name (it's correct with my account, just doesn't match this other person's account), can they still proceed if I give them the IMEI and phone number (info that is readily available on the phone). I could just steal someone else's phone and give this info and have their phone moved to my account. My phone has still not been moved back into my account. Therefore, my daughter does not have a working phone. I do not have a land line and this is our home phone. Tracfone does not provide acceptable service. It is not secure and does not work as advertised. I'm extremely nervous that they have my pii and credit card number.

They upgraded their phone system and my phone was being phased out. So they sent me a replacement. I have now spent 4 hours and 5 calls trying to activate the phone they sent me and it still hasn't work. They keep telling me to call back in 24 to 48 hours and it will be fixed, seriously. So I stupidly have done that and they tell me to call back. THIS IS A JOKE... I had been a customer with them for the last five years and this is what I get... I am throwing their phone away and getting service with a different carrier. AVOID this company at all cost.

Finally, tech instructed me to take phone completely apart and it started getting service again. I was on the phone with management to compensate minutes. This took 123 minutes from my friend's phone!! Then phone disconnected. Called from another phone and was put in a loop... finally a person in Central America answered. Asked for management and once again put in loop and had to call back... end result was "We added minutes to your account," I told them they were liars. I checked my minutes available time before starting conversations and I had 1411 minutes. After talking to management who lied and said minutes were compensated, I had 1373 minutes! What BS and what liars. TracFone paying Central American people to lie to their American customers. TracFone needs to go out of business... such below substandard customer service. Thanks for nothing, TracFone.

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TracFone offers prepaid unlimited and pay-as-you-go plans to customers in the United States, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. It was established in 2008. América Móvil, a Mexican telecommunications company, owns the company. The TracFone family of brands also includes Net10, Straight Talk and SafeLink.

  • Refer-A-Friend: Current TracFone customers can earn cash when they refer friends who purchase and activate a phone from When new customers use the link sent to them by an existing customer to make a purchase, the existing customer can receive up to $30.
  • Text support: Both existing customers and interested consumers can get answers to their questions about TracFone via text message. They can simply text HELP to 611611. They can also get fast answers by texting specific words, listed on the company’s website, to that number.
  • Value Plans: TracFone’s Value Plans are monthly plans that automatically bill customers and add a certain number of minutes to their phone. Customers do not pay an activation fee to set up these plans, and there is no charge for canceling their service.
  • International: Customers can receive up to three local, Mexican numbers that will call through to TracFone customers in the United States. This feature means international callers will not be charged long distance fees for calling friends and family in the United States.
  • Accident protection: TracFone customers can add an accident protection plan to their phone so they can replace it if it is accidently damaged. The company offers two protection plans.
  • Best for TracFone is best for temporary users, non-cell phone users and budget-conscious consumers.

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