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I have been a Cricket customer for a few months and have traveled the U.S. east coast and the signal is just as good as Verizon. I got a LG Stylo for less than $200 dollars. I love it. I pay $30.00 a month for service and it was the best choice I have ever made. I am saving a lot of money and service is just as good as Verizon.

My underage son stole my credit card information and I was trying to find out the address that was used to prove that it was him that did it, BUT the stupid ass cricket wireless told me they cannot look up any orders pertaining to the issue that I told them about, by using my credit card number and my name. I went back online and they told me the same **, and I cursed and said, someone used MY ** credit card number and they can't give any information on where the items that were ordered are being mailed to or anything. Are you ** kidding me? And they had the nerve to warn me about cursing at them. Bottom line, their customer service sucks major ass and when my son is ** arrested for credit card fraud, the police and/or an attorney will be contacting them to obtain all of their ** records to find out what the goddamned mailing address that was used.

Paid my bill but kept telling me I still owed money. Any other company you pay online it shows you paid. How can they give a confirmation number and not apply to your account. This company is the worst!! Can't dial out but I can use data. Stupid. Don't switch to them. Stay where you are at. It is not worth the trouble.

Because I use unlocked phones with SIM cards, I chose Cricket after the AT&T merger. Having been a former customer of AT&T, I believed I'd get the same data experience with Cricket. I was such a fool! Now my job is less than 2 miles from the main AT&T data transmission center in Charlotte, NC and STILL have the worse data connection speeds I've ever seen! Zero bars, no connection... Oh wait, came back, see a web page loading then POOF! Fooled ya, no connection. And regardless of what other posted comments claim, this is after the bill is paid. I honestly believe data is capped on Cricket customers to give more bandwidth to regular AT&T customers. Customer service only gives one explanation- I should purchase one of their locked, bloatware filled phones for better speeds. Nice option.

Download speeds are so slow, I could walk to my local library (5 miles away) before a video loads enough data to actually play. It's just a rotten experience from the data end. Calls and texting works great, but my smartphone isn't very "smart" until I get home and use my own WiFi. Why offer any data plan at all when you can't make it a consistent experience?

Ridiculous Hidden Fees - Even though I have a month to month, no contract plan, there is a $5 "suspension" fee if you don't pay for your next month before your current service end date. Bad Customer Service - Rude service representatives that have a weak command of the English language.

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One star rating because that is as low as allowed! On Friday my wife order each of us new phones through the Cricket Wireless website so that we could continue to use the AT&T tower. The process seemed simple enough other than you could only place one phone in your cart at a time which I thought was odd. But the process is complete and I receive an email confirming the order, another confirming shipment, and then a third with the link to transfer my phone number to the new phone. So everything is great right? Well my phone doesn't show when it should (Monday) and my wife has yet to receive her set of emails confirming the purchase of her phone.

Tuesday morning she call Cricket Customer Non Service and is told they had cancelled her order from Friday because both orders were made from the same browser and she would need to reorder which she did on the spot. After which she asked Customer Non Service about the status of my order, which began a three hour transfer from one to another talking head marathon in which we found out that after shipping my phone out they had told UPS to return it to them, and we could not be told any reason why this was the case. At this point my wife decided she didn't want to deal with them anymore, and truthfully neither do nor will I ever again, and asked to cancel the order she had placed.

They responded that it could not be cancelled but she would need to return the phone to them for a refund that would take approximately ten days. We chalked that up as them being a shady business with a complete lack of concern for customers, but then my wife checked the balance on our checking account. It was at this point that we realized that we had been charged for the phone that they decided I would receive after shipping it out, for the phone they decided to cancel because she had used the same browser and for the phone that she had reordered this morning because of their faulty website design and horrible customer relations. Not sure what the monetary damage would come to out of this adventure but I do know that Cricket Wireless and their Customer Non Service is little more than a con man selling snake oil to the sick and elderly and should not be used by anyone under any reason!

I ordered a replacement phone online 9/29/16. As of today (10/2/16) I have not received the phone (Via ups) despite the advertised delivery of next day delivery. Also unable to track past 10/1 7 am. So I'm waiting for 2 days to receive a phone that will not be delivered until 10/3 (maybe). I notice my check cleared within the 24 hour timeframe. No trouble with that portion of the transaction!

I have been with Cricket for awhile. Customer service is no good and is of no use just down right rude. Cricket needs to be put under investigation for "FRAUD". Allow me to explain. So I have a phone purchased from Cricket. Dropped and cracked it, no biggy it's an old LG. So let me buy a newer phone that I wanted. So tell me why in the world if I have uninterrupted activated service would I purchase a new phone and have to pay a activation fee for service I already have? And for that will be switching phone carrier one day before bill, do and keep my number and get new phone for lower for switching. Bye Cricket.

I called before they drafted my card the day before my bill was due and told them I no longer wanted to be a customer and if they could disconnect both of my phones and they did but before they disconnected my phones they draft my account for $104 in which I was told I couldn't get back because they don't give refunds. I was told so many different stories and I still never got a refund. I hate this company - their customer service is very sad and they are not helpful. I would not recommend anyone to use this company EVER!!!

Horrible experience. Rude customer service. I had questions as to why all my data was gone 6 days into my plan. I have been with almost every cellular service and I have never ran out of data in 6 days. I requested a supervisor and was left on hold for 40 min before giving up and calling back. When I questioned them as to why they said there was no request for a supervisor. Wtf . I paid 50$ for 6 days of service thats almost 10$ a day for this crap service. The FCC needs to look into fraudulent activity from Cricket Wireless network. BEWARE. Don't get robbed Iike many, many people are getting from cricket wireless.

On 9/22/2016 I was paying my bill on my smartphone app. The came in the phone called my Cricket. I was trying to just pay the month's bill knowing to follow the steps, be careful not to click too much and proceeded to pay $40 dollars. When I got to the last screen to confirm and submit button I pressed it one time and my card was charged 4 separate times for $40 dollars. An extra $120 was charged to my card. Now left penniless till I get a refund. I have to wait and they won't do anything to make it right. To really make me feel like they're actually sorry isn't good enough and it's unacceptable... It's an outrage.

Ok... I think it's great. I have unlimited data, therefore I can never be charged for overages. But... your download speeds are absolutely, positively horrible!!! FOR CHRISSAKES, I CAN BARELY STREAM A SHOW, OR ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES SOME DIGITAL MUSCLE. It's so bad, I'm actually thinking of going to another company, even though I know I'll be paying more. Everything is a gimmick in life, I guess.

Long story short: I realized I wasn't going to be able to make my payment on the 28th of this month. So, I wanted to extend my pay date until the 30th. I'm fully aware of bridge payment plan, but I only wanted to move it by 1 day and was trying to avoid having to borrow money. On their site, it says you can move your date. So, I call customer service. The guy proceeds to tell me that bridge payment is my only option. I say "so why does it say I can move my date?" He says "you need to call after you pay your bill to move the date." "Seriously? Why would I want to move it, after I paid my bill?" "Sorry sir. Your option is bridge payment."

After every question, that's the response. "When I went over 24 hours without Service this summer, when the network was down you offered customers nothing. I want to move my date by 24 hours and you offer nothing." I hung up on the guy. I called back, got someone different, but same result. They don't even listen to your issue or problem, just keep saying "pay us!" So, I'll just have to bite the bullet and have my Service suspended for a day, until I can pay my bill. Worst customer service. Thanks for nothing.

Cricket says I am in the coverage zone at my home and neighborhood but yet I have 0 to 1 bar of service. I have 2 phone lines with Cricket. They also said that my home material isn't great for my cell. I went outside. Seen a few people. 2 people came inside my home 1 had Cingular the other had T-Mobile. Waited 5 minutes. They check their cell signal. Guess what. Great reception. Full bars. Waited longer. I think it was 15 to 30 min. Same thing full service at my job where I'm a machine operator full service. There 3 ft of concrete wires pumping a lot of electricity to the machines full bars but at home 0 to 1 bars come on. Fraud at its finest.

Also when I call someone on their end it says "private call". I don't know how to do that. I do not pay for it. I want that off. It's not just my home but my neighborhood as well. I have contacted the FCC and the California attorney general also the FTC. They have only contacted Cricket and nothing was done. The fcc Request # **.

I switched to Cricket on or about 7/6/16. I had switched from another nightmare not knowing what I was in for next. I went into a store in our local mall that I frequent that carries Cricket wireless. It was a rough switch but it was completed. I was not made aware of anything but that there were no contracts. OK, that was fine. 8/16 paid my bill. But that whole time I was wondering when I would call home, my mother would never answer the phone, then we fight when she said she called me and I would say she did not. Then I called one of my customers, and she said she did not get a call from me. Then it gets better. I called my vet's office to make an appointment for my dogs. They said hello, hello? And hung up.

I started connecting the dots. My son's doctor, the same thing. I could not call a land line from my phone, ever or get a call from a land line as well. I own my own business and I am on the road, so I needed to call another business. I could not. By the time I would get home, most are already gone for the day. So I had to start my day later to make calls from my home phone. September school started and the school nurse tried to call, she could not. So I decided this is a hazard, and I switched to another carrier that I got for my son's phone.

I called Cricket cust service 2 weeks ago and was promised a refund of my payment that I had just paid. Today I called looking for the check, guess what... The nightmare continues. I was on hold, rep picked up only to put me on hold again. This must have went on 5 or 6 times. He kept thanking me for my patience, but I had explained it was wearing thin. I demanded to know why I was put on hold so many times and what was that person trying to do? Finally he gets back on the phone and says "they" tried to call me. I said on what, the phone I no longer have? He said, "The number you gave when you called the first time". I said I was not asked for a number, I was getting a check in a couple days. He said no one asked me for my number? I said, "You are saying that they did. I am saying that a number was not requested". Put me on hold again, only to say they are not giving me a refund.

I demanded to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor gets on the phone, I have her name, hope it is her real name, she keeps saying that they can't help me. I said can't or won't? "There is no contract so we do not give refunds". I asked where is that stated when I got the phone? She replied on I said I was not instructed to view Refund policies should be made know to a consumer at the time of purchase. Well obviously they are above that. They do not make it know that they do not give refunds until the time may come that one should be given. I made it abundantly clear that it was because of the service that I had to leave. If I cannot get or make calls to landlines as well as cell phones, then their service is not best for me. Again was not aware of this.

I stated this service is ok for young kids who call friends and text and call parents cells, it is not good for the parents who cannot make all calls from their phones, especially getting calls from their children's schools. "Sorry", she says, "but I can't help you". "Maybe if you paid by card, you could have stopped payment". No I paid cash. So I asked "you intend to keep my money even though it is because of Cricket's service that caused me to leave." I did not matter to this person one bit. I said that the Dept. of Consumer Affairs should know about this. "I have never heard of this problem", the supervisor replied. I said

oh yes there are hundreds of people having problems, but you will not disclose you know about them." Then for the simple fact of keeping customers money, and not disclosing a refund policy is wrong, and deceitful.

They should be shut down. Immediately! Fraud all the way and they do not care. The supervisor gave me a contact address to the company. I said if it is a real address, she said don't worry. I said "after all this, I am worried." She corrected herself and said "I am giving you a true address." That is where it left off. I will contact them, but I am not expecting anything to be done, but hopeful. Has anyone ever gotten anywhere with them? Because I will take it as far as I have to. Just for principle, they should not be allowed to do this to the public. A good consumer is an educated consumer. Companies withholding important information to benefit themselves is wrong, and that is not a company I wish to give my hard earned money to. I rate this business negative stars. Horrible, hands down one of the worst ever.

I bought a Galaxy S6 phone from Cricket. I took care of it as best as I could. The phone started malfunctioning so I went to the store and they told me that the problem was with the phone. I sent it back with the warranty. I thought that I would get a brand new phone because I BOUGHT a brand new phone, but when it got here it was refurbished. I called and they told me that because I had already used it for 5 1/2 months. I explained that I didn't do anything to my phone. If my phone was working properly I wouldn't have sent it back, so why was I penalized for it? If you buy something from Best Buy or Walmart and it doesn't work you get the item again brand new. So why is Cricket different? They explained that it is out of their hands and it is Cricket policy.

My wife and I have had a joint, auto pay account with Cricket for over two years. The Lumina windows phone I had became defective and I purchased an LG Spree. Within four days the microphone became defective and I was able to get to the local store on the seventh day. I provided a receipt and the original box but they refused to give me a new one after verifying the defective microphone. Looking at complaints on the internet this seems to be a reoccurring problem with this phone. I received no help whatsoever in expediting this problem nor was I able to speak with a company rep who would be in a position to help me. We will not do business with Cricket again.

My nephew is fifteen. He has service with Cricket. His phone fell out of his pocket while riding his bike so he mowed and cleaned yards to come up with the money to get another phone. When he went to Cricket, the guys working there sold him a phone that cost 115 dollars. He was worried about dropping the phone and breaking it. The guys working there told him that he could drop the phone as much he wanted and it would not break first thing he dropped the phone it broke and he took it back the next day and they told him he had to pay 75 dollars and 25 dollars reconnecting fee. So I called and ask them why they told him that he could drop the phone and it wouldn't break. He told me thats just what they tell everybody to get them to buy the phone. I asked him if that made him feel good lying to people and he hung up the phone.

The worst customer service I have ever encountered in my life... I purchased a "Alcatel Idol 3" which stopped working 6 weeks after purchasing it... I have spent several hours on hold trying to get this phone replaced since it is under warranty for 1 year... I am constantly switched from the warranty dept to customer service and from customer service back to the warranty dept. They constantly ask the same questions over and over and over again. The people I talk to are without a doubt the most unconcerned bunch of idiots I have ever encountered. Still no replacement phone for a 3 month old non working phone.

Ever since I've been with Cricket the first month it was smooth sailing then one Friday I was wondering why my phone wasn't working, come to find out the towers were down & Cricket didn't send out a notice just an "Apology" the next day... smh. Now I'm trying to switch carriers & Cricket is not trying to release my phone number to the carrier I switched to & to top it off, their system is always shutting down! I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE to go to Cricket Wireless!!

Thought we were paying too much for cellular service and other family members had Cricket with a good experience so decided to give it a try. Went to the store. Spent over 3 hours getting g set up with an account, phones and accessories. My husband saw he could trade his phone but told them not to get rid of it in case the phones didn't work. We went back the next day because we had problems with reception. They said an APN was installed on my husband's phone that shouldn't be there and did upgrades on both phones.

Went home and had the same issues. Went to my family's to see if we had better reception and we did but when we got home very bad reception and my phone kept saying I could only make emergency calls only! Went back to Cricket the next day and they made excuses and didn't want to give us our money back even though they have a 7 day return policy with the receipt. They didn't want to take back the accessories that would do us no good with our old phones and didn't want to giverify my husband's phone back either. We ended up having to pay $155 for something that didn't work for us!!!

Lies lies lies. They are the king of lies. They lie about the way the service is handled. They lie about coverage. They would rather lose you as a customer than credit the 5.00 auto pay to your account. I spent over 2 hours on the phone begging for the 5.00 just to see how far they would carry the concern. They carried it all the way to the main manager and I begged her. It is really disgusting. My referral bonus never even hit the account.

I have had nothing but trouble with the Cricket payment application. It sticks or shut down and after multiple attempts to access and make a payment, it takes all of your money off the credit card. It knows that you only intended only one payment but it won't allow you to delete or cancel the extra ones. They never refund your money either no matter how much you explain the situation. They shouldn't be allowed to stay in business. This is bad business practices!!

First and foremost I want to curse through this whole review. They made me give it a star. Don't deserve any!!! Now all I wanted to do was prove to someone the last time I talked to them. Simple enough right? Heck no. The mf told me I need my lawyer to request it because they only provide it for a legal matter. It's a legal matter to me. Smh... To be honest I never before today 8-31-2016 checked out the reviews for this phone company... but the truth is this is a scam ass company. I wonder who the devils are that is running it? They don't even have a corporate office much less a number.

I will end on this note: I will from this day forward advise anyone who will listen to me to stay the hell away from this lying manipulating fake ** company... They will make you catch a case like going ham and busting out a can of woop ** on anyone that is a rep for this company... I'M so pissed off words can't even explain. Stay away from Cricket. It's like a terminal disease. Sorry if I ruffled any current customer, but trust and believe you will be on here sooner than later and it won't be to praise them... Yes I'M going to another company. If they were the only company left in the world I wouldn't have a cell. Truth and for everyone's information Cricket Cellular does not participate in the ConsumerAffairs accreditation program. So they don't give a damn about a review... and by the way ConsumerAffairs none of these reviews are fake. Cricket is full of bs in each and every way.

Someone has access to my internet illegally by paying closer attention than I thought by getting on my internet & has been causing a lot of financial problems etc. I called to have my phone number changed after explaining the urgency of the reason I need my number changed. The guy I spoke to had not a care in the world & refused to take into consideration that I'm not only Disabled & too ill to defend myself against this person who has been downloading illegal porn sites etc. has my identity.

I explained how I'm on a fixed income etc. and all he kept telling me "You have to pay $15 to have your number changed Ma'am!" I kept telling the Tech "I haven't got the money, nor have I ever been charged before & this is a serious urgency & you're telling me there's nothing you can do about my well being?? As a consumer, A Loyal client since 2003."

Now I've been looking for a new phone carrier, which makes things even more difficult due to terminally ill & no exceptions??! Last I checked stealing a person internet is illegal. My entire Family goes through Cricket!! What's even worse I have been trying to find help with this issue for over a month now, and I haven't got any help whatsoever. This is a sick world anymore. To think I come from 1 of the wealthiest fathers in the world. What a loser!!

I have been a Cricket customer for over 10 years and have been happy until AT&T took it over. Things are going downhill and it looks like I'll be shopping for a new phone service. I referred a friend and was promised that we would both get a $25 credit in several months. We both entered the code we were given that day and have been waiting. I called today on August 28th 2016 to inquire about what has happened to our credit. I was just told to reenter a code and wait again. Why is there a delay in the first place? Has anybody gotten the referral money? Well I will not let them lie and cheat me so I am moving on from AT&T. Rest in Peace, the real Cricket! Go to hell AT&T!

If you plan to remove a single phone from your account do so before the end of your payment month. Unbeknownst to me if you should choose to let the account go unpaid for a day "suspended status" they will require full payment for the next month of service on all phones on the account just in order to remove the phone you are not using. This technique "policy" is documented on the website under support. Each representative stated that I would have to make the "plan" current before I could remove the phone that I was not using. I reminded them that I was sure that I did not have a "plan" with their company being that I am on a prepaid phone account. Also that my current balance was 0.

The service starts the day you pay and ends 30 days from. They will treat you as prepaid and contract customer as they see fit for billing purposes. Disappointed I learned the hard way. Also it is to my understanding that all of their telephone customer support is handled from outside of the US. I will be switching to a contract carrier next month. If I'm going to get screwed I may as well have decent customer service.

Customer service manager - He was impatient, hustle, and quick to judgement. He hanged up on me. He was disrespectful and difficult to speak with. Did not provided needed information, that would allow the call to be fair and balanced and kept refusing necessary terms. This company has already many bad complaints, and they learn nothing from them. They need training and better quality services. They just do not ever, cut it right. It's awful.

I have had cricket for 3 months. When I went to sign into mycricket the first time it said my password was wrong.. called the store, was told they couldn't help me even though they are the ones set my stuff up. Called customer service, got a security question and answer.. STILL won't let me log in. Said the answer was wrong. It's pretty frustrating not being able to use the services they SAY they offer. I'm going back to StraightTalk. At least I can log into my account, yes customer service is horrible but in the 7 years I used StraightTalk I only needed to call them 3 times. With Cricket I have called and called and hassled and I'm done. I don't want to have to go to the store to put service on. I want to order it online like supposedly you can do but idk since I haven't been able to.

My phone was running slow. I took it in to the Cricket Wireless in Chula Vista, by Southwestern College (address is 931 Otay Lakes Road, CA 91913). I clearly stated several times that I have work pictures on my phone and that I cannot have them deleted. I then stressed "If you are not sure of what you are doing, please don't do it. I just don't want my pictures deleted". I was assured he would not delete them.

Long story short, the 2 year experienced employee named **, deleted my work pictures. He tried to recover but had no luck. He tried to get managers on the phone, ** and ** did not want to talk to me. They did not want to help clear this up. Their goal was to place blame. I called the 1800 Cricket number and they would only give me Crickets Corporate address. They said that Cricket does not have a Corporate number. Really? A company that provides phone service has no phone number? I have filed an incident report with the Chula Vista Police and hope to grab someone's attention.

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Cricket Wireless was founded in 1999 and became a subsidiary of AT&T in 2014. It offers only prepaid unlimited plans and has over 5 million customers.

  • Coverage: Cricket Wireless offers 4G LTE across most of the United States. Interested consumers can see a coverage map on the company’s website.
  • Rewards: Cricket Wireless customers can sign up for mPLUS rewards and earn points for downloading apps, playing games and other activities. Rewards points can be used to purchase gifts cards and other merchandise as well as to make charitable donations.
  • Plans: Interested consumers can choose from multiple plans from Cricket Wireless. Plans are available for basic mobile devices and smartphones. All plans have unlimited talk and text, and some have unlimited data access.
  • BridgePay: Cricket Wireless offers consumers the chance to break their monthly payments into two bills when they need to do so with the BridgePay program. Customers may use this program as frequently as once per billing cycle.
  • Free phones: Cricket offers new customers new phones at discounted prices when they switch from another carrier. Phone types and discounts vary, so consumers should check the company’s website for the most recent offers.
  • Best for Cricket Wireless is best for budget-conscious consumers, business owners and parents.

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