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Yesterday I found that my car had the keys locked inside. When I called OnStar they said that they could NOT unlock the car. When I asked why they said that the OnStar button had not been pressed in the last five days. This sounds more than crazy to me. Even though I talk to a supervisor they indicated they WOULD not unlock the car. What this means is that if you don't call for some service every five days you will not get one of the basic desires of the service.

It appears that I need to lock the keys in my car at least once a week to be able to have them open it up remotely. When I suggested that I don't need this service if they can't perform this basic service they said "go ahead. We will KEEP your money but we will GLADLY cancel your service." Does this sound right ANYBODY out there?

Your company continue to use my credit card without my permission not having official approval. I'm in the process of seeking legal representation to solve this problem. I have been dealing with this situation on two or three occasions with the same problem. I consider this stealing without my permission. I have had several conversations with your customer service department to contact me before trying to debit my personal credit card.

I was contacted by OnStar two weeks ago to renew my OnStar acct. They told me it was 299.00 for the year. Then I ask if there was any discount for GM employee. They said yes it would be 229 for the year, when I called again to confirm that price they said it was 227.00 for GM employee. Ok so I called today to pay for my OnStar and they said they can't do that price. That not good business. I am very disappointed with GM.

We got OnStar with the purchase of our 2016 Colorado. The first year was fine-no problem. The second year the credit card they had was compromise, so I updated the information online. When they went to charge the monthly fee they were using the wrong card. How did I know, I kept getting Visa alerts. I called them and got some girl in India saying yes they had the correct card #, I said ok. But they kept using the wrong card #. So again called, they said yes had the right card number, then I hear someone coaching her to try to sell me AT&T services!!! I cut her off and hung up.

Well, meanwhile, the updated card was then compromised (someone trying to charge $1200 to Walmart), so I cut that card off and got another visa card. Something told me not to give it to them, just let the service lapse. Well I am glad I did, after reading all the stuff about them. Now they are trying to use both cancel visa card to get payment, Visa alerts. NO MORE ONSTAR - I HAVE ROAD SERVICE WITH AAA.

I recently bought a car with OnStar. Ever since I had the trial version turned on my cell phone rings every 10 minutes. Nothing shows up on the phone screen. No phone number. No name of caller. After I work with OnStar to correct the problem, it stops for a few hours, then starts back up again. We've changed numbers to no avail. They cannot figure out what to do. The dealership is involved as well. I have half a mind to cancel the trial version. It's so irritating!!!

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I paid for OnStar for years. Never used anything except the remote app which is sketchy anyway. Diagnostics never work - ever. They final offer a basic plan and they say the system does not offer it on my vehicle. All the features are available on my car, it is just they decide not to offer me the basic plan. Feels like a lot of bait and switch. Do not consider OnStar as a service to sway your new car buying decision.

I purchased my vehicle on August 2015, OnStar was included with a free 6 month trial. I did activated and provided a credit card number. Not a week passed that I started to get telemarketing call on the car phone. Apparently, somehow, telemarketers got a hold of the car phone number, they did offer to change the number, what for? I am pretty sure they sell the phone list. I was so aggravated and call to cancel the subscription because of that and the fact that I do not use satellite radio, I use Pandora, I do not use GPS, I use Waze app, and in case of emergency I will call 911 and I have Roadside assistance service with my insurance carrier. HOWEVER, six month after their start charging my credit card for the OnStar subscription, I really didn't notice at first because I use the card a lot until a month came that I stop using the card and I realized they were charging me for a service I canceled 10 months ago.

Needless to say, they refunded only 3 of the 6 payments they charged, not until I spend 2 hours on the phone talking to 4 different people and they were very mean and rude about it. I told them that if I didn't want Onstar for free, what make them think I want to pay for it. They said I canceled the free trial subscription not the actual subscription to be bill 6 months later. My advice, if you want to try their service, do not give your credit card to activate it, get a prepaid card and use it for that purpose, that way if you cancel they won't charge your account. Trust me, it will be hard to get your money back.

I'm very disappointed with my ONStar services. For the first time since I've had my car I actually had an emergency. I didn't panic because I knew OnStar was active in the car so help would be there shortly. My car was crank and the keys were in the ignition but the doors locked leaving me locked outside the vehicle while it was running.

I call OnStar and they tried 3 times to remotely unlock my car to no avail. I then downloaded the app to my phone to try and this was unsuccessful as well. I then called and ask could Onstar remotely cut off the car. I was told no. WHICH IS FALSE ADVERTISEMENT, because I was told if my car was stolen Onstar could shut the car down and call the police.

I then said, "Could roadside assistance be called to assist me?" This guy then tells me he can get to me between 8-48 minutes... HORRIBLE... JUST HORRIBLE. At this point I'd been standing in the heat for an HOUR. I was desperate by now. My car is running and my keys were locked inside. I MADE ONE CALL TO THE POLICE, whom showed up in 5 minutes, unlocked my doors and had be on the way. I'd wasted an hour and 30 minutes with ONSTAR because this is supposed to be some GREAT SERVICE FOR EMERGENCIES. This was a horrible experience. Onstar didn't serve its purpose and is a complete waste of time. I'm so disappointed.

Again another nightmare. If I could rate them lower they would be in Hell. Nothing but problems with company since I started with both cars over 8 years ago. They don't give correct accounting of money paid to them and always want you to pay for services you already paid for. Don't pay by credit card. They will always fight you. Get an confirmation number from them and your order. Watch out for them shorting minutes on your account or failing to give you minutes you just paid for. Customer service doesn't care about your complaints. They want to cancel you with your shortages. Don't let them. Speak to a supervisor.

Absolute worst company I have ever dealt with in the past 68 years. No honesty among them. They will steal the gold out of your teeth. Overcharges with them is the rule of the day. Not every supervisor will help you correct their problems. Forget about not overpaying for their services. Juris Doctor in Los Angeles, CA. My cars are currently covered by this business and I am looking for alternate service.

Locked out, dogs in hot car. Very quick to answer. Thank you OnStar.

I had OnStar for 8 years on 3 cars. The 1st time I needed something I was put on hold for 20 minutes, when they came back I was told there was no tow truck available. Took 3 months to get them to cancel and stop charging me. I purchased a new car for my daughter 2 months ago and went ahead and signed up for the 3 free months. So far I have received at least 2 emails a day and 12 calls in 14 days from them telling me to sign up before trial period is over. I have asked them not to call me and also unsubscribed to email at least 5 times and it doesn't stop. The worst customer service I have ever dealt with in my life. I wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy.

These people have charged me GOD only knows for years because they refused to take my credit card off file. The Onstar service was in my Father's name but under MY credit account. This is the most ridiculous BS I've ever witnessed in my entire life. Being unable to stop a company from charging you against your will! For another persons service!!!

Signed up for turn by turn directions to use on a 2 week trip to the east coast. Horrible directions in metropolitan area. In Chicago, the instructions tried to get me off the tollway. I was familiar with the area so I recognized the error before I left the tollway. New York city was a disaster the instructions lead me to the Holland tunnel and I did not want to be in Manhattan. I contacted OnStar and asked to a route to Connecticut from the west. They routed onto I94 which had 2 construction zones that delayed our trip by 4 hours. They did not warn me of the traffic and construction delays. Halfway through the trip, I started using Google Maps which provided me alternate routes, traffic and construction updates, and a nice visual map of my route. When I called OnStar to cancel my service they admitted they are not able to offer real-time updates which is extremely important when traveling in unfamiliar cities.

I wanted to try the 3G intro offer to see what kind of usage I would have before settling on a plan. Looked like I was using 1G a month so right when I had completed my 3G plan I purchased 1G for $15. That was on 4/29 at about 3pm. I picked up my kids and we drove home. By the evening of 5/2 I had 10% of that 1G left and I had barely been in my car Fri, Sat, Sun. Mon. I called them Monday evening and their tech support stated that my wifi was probably still in use even when my car was off. They put in a ticket and I have not heard back from them. Frustrated, and totally without any wifi in my car, I just called them asking for a $15 refund. I don't need wifi in my car if it's going to be this annoying and it's not like it's particularly fast. Customer service refuses to refund me my $15 until (maybe) there is a conclusion of the ticket I put in on 5/2. They just lost a customer by being cheap ** idiots. Good one OnStar. Your customer service SUCKS!

We have had OnStar with multiple GM cars for a very long time. When I turned in my Cadillac Escalade (leased) in February I continued to get billed but finally got them to refund me and cancel it. An OnStar charge however, continued to show up in my credit card bill. When I called they were unable to locate the source of the charge. We finally traced it to a 2007 Suburban that was leased and returned in 2009! The charges were being done on an Amex that hasn't been active in over 5 years. Once the source of the charge was identified, they refused to 'cancel' the account unless my husband called even though we haven't had the car for 7 years (it was leased from and returned to a GM dealer) and it was billed to a credit card in my name.

He called and the person he spoke to claimed not to be able to find the account even with the reference number, his name and the credit card number. Interesting, no active account for that car listed under his name (so clearly something had been cancelled in their system), just not the charges. After four phone calls they finally agreed to cancel but will only refund 3 months. I calculate that I am owed over $2500. Another reviewer estimated that he is owed over $2000. I wonder how many millions of dollars in fraudulent charges Onstar is currently collecting. I am consulting an attorney who specializes in class action suits. I think this is a winner.

I was told that I could get their basic packet for $9.99 a month. It would just give me the diagnostics on the car for Maintenance. Nothing else. Well this was supposedly a promotional deal (which I was never told it was a promotion deal) and about 3 months ago my bill went up to $24.99 a month. You get no month statement saying how much they are going to withdrawal from your account. Maybe I should have been more on top of checking my monthly OnStar subscription but I thought $9.99 was what it would always be. If there was a change then I would get notified.

Also no notification that the supposed "promotional deal" was over. Oh and the funny thing is that I supposedly had all these additional services that I was getting under the promotion deal that I never knew about. Consumer beware. They don't care about you. They just want your money and will be shady to get it any way they can. They play on peoples fears to make you get their services. Don't fall for it!

Checked a credit card statement which I have automatic payments and noticed a $37.03 charge for OnStar service being billed monthly since 2011. I turned in the Cadillac in 2010! The new owner re-ordered the 2011 service but I'm being charged. I was told they would refund me $115 when actually they should credit me some $2,221.00. They have not resolved in my favor. Lawyer time...

We purchased a Chevy and so did our daughter. After the free period we subscribed to OnStar and our daughter chose not to. Months passed and we noticed our OnStar price had increased. I called OnStar and was told that was for the car my daughter bought. I became very angry and wanted to know how they could withdraw money from my account without my authorization for a car I don't own. They gave me the runaround and I cancelled all services. If the lawyer fee was not so high I would sue. Today we received a letter from OnStar with my wife's name on it and the model of my daughter's car saying your OnStar emergency services are not active. My wife did not co sign and her name is nowhere on this car. OnStar does what they can get away with. BEWARE!!!

Well my story is the same as everyone else's on this forum. They charged me for a two month subscription in my daughter's car without the service even being on for two months. The rude ass customer service woman stated "in of emergency OnStar still works." I WILL NEVER USE THESE GREEDY ** AGAIN! How can you bill for a service that does not have a contract and was turned off and you couldn't use! Just go with AAA! Who wants to pay over 300 dollars for something you may use once for a tow that might 80 dollars once in the lifetime of your vehicle! RUN! I'm by now we all know and more than likely it's too late for you if you're reading this too! Do yourself a favor. Go with AAA and watch your credit card statement and checking account! Oh don't forget they increase your premium without notifying you! You won't miss the extra 10 dollars a month! There should be a class action lawsuit against such tactics!

To everyone who thinks OnStar is a good company, please reconsider. Why? I have not been a customer now for a year. I just found out that they were still taking their payments out of my account. And when I talked to them about it, they could only go back as far as 2 months for a refund. Needless to say I closed the account and called my lawyer. This is a poor excuse of a company that claims to have your back. If you don't check your accounts, start. You may have them stealing from you, as they stole from me. Change your numbers people! It's worth it.

I tried and called on OnStar yesterday March 18 to stop my service. I don't need it anymore. It took a lot of talking to your customer service person to do that. It made me madder and madder. I'm retiring in May. I want to stop my service April 30 2016. It was a lot of work and questions to do this. It was not a nice experience for me. I had trouble with OnStar back to years ago when my husband had a stroke. The person on the service line ask me did I hit the read button? Really I was talking to on OnStar all the way to the hospital. Should they have done that. Really I was just getting madder and madder. Finally I said "Please cut my OnStar off and Thanks. Please send me a letter saying so." It should not have been this hard and he never said “Thanks for being a OnStar customer for 10 years and you can come back if anything changes.” Not great customer service. I'm still madder on Saturday morning.

A couple months they start charging me again for a vehicle I sold and canceled the service on. They then bill me for the months between cancellations. I have to call in to their slow support system and have them process another credit. It's so not worth what they charge for it anyway.

This company's customer service is horrible. I have never been transferred time and again with no resolution in sight. I had changed my data plan and was double charged for the previous plan and current plan and they kept giving me excuse after excuse for why it was charged yet nothing made any sense. I finally was able to get someone that stated that the charge would not go through, but would not admit that they did anything wrong. I hope a competitor comes along which knocks them off their perch.

I have had OnStar now for over 10 yrs. and have been pretty satisfied as I travel frequently. I recently was sent an email that my 2015 Silverado and 2015 Suburban would no longer have OnStar service in Canada. I called to find out why and it is because of a software issue. My vehicles have "old" software and there is no update available. My "hardware" is also out of date. Please, the vehicles are only just over a year old. OnStar is not offering an upgrade so I pay for something I really don't need now. However, in Canada, they do cover the upgrade for Canadian customers! It also had something to do with towers in Canada, they were still on 2G and as of Jan. 1, 2016 they are now "turned off" and are on 4G.

I feel that OnStar and GM both knew this would occur and continued to sell the product without informing the customer. Had I known that was going to be a problem I would have probably not renewed my OnStar, and it is not cheap! I am currently trying to find a solution to my problem. I cannot believe, also, that I am the only consumer with this same problem. I would encourage any other OnStar customers with this issue to raise Cain about it. Granted, how many customers with a 2015 vehicle with the old software actually travel to Canada? Nonetheless, I felt this information was withheld.

If I get a solution, I will post and then maybe change my rating. Unless you travel a lot or live in a remote area, then OnStar probably is not for you. Also, yes, beware of giving your credit card info for continued service as they will charge your card monthly if you fail to cancel! Any loyalty, really, does it mean anything to OnStar? Enjoy the free trial, use the service and phone, then think about the service before purchasing.

Received my new 2012 Volt in June 2013. It came with 3 years of OnStar. I logged into my account to test the features, in particular being able to unlock my car via the OnStar app on my phone. Tested it, it worked. Few days later, accidentally locked my keys in the car. This isn't supposed to be possible, but because it was the trunk, that feature does not work correctly. Tried unlocking my car via my phone, but that failed, even though I had tested it previously. Phoned OnStar. Nothing but one incompetent and unsympathetic agent after another. Eventually discovered they had reset my account, so the remote features did not work. They tried unlocking the car from their end, not possible.

They called a tow truck. Driver tried to unlock car physically, but only ended up damaging a new car I had received 3 days earlier, and I was out of town visiting family. Finally driver towed car to dealer, but it was evening so had to wait until next day to talk to someone. Since then I have had 3 years of consistently bad service from OnStar. Their agents are poorly trained, and completely unsympathetic to anything you say, as they routinely invalidate my concerns, or pass me on to the next agent. The website is poorly designed, especially this US/Canada stuff, and routinely there are service problems with the website.

I've been trying for weeks to get the hardware upgrade from CDMA to LTE, but after over an hour on the phone with 10 different agents, still no satisfaction. I was finally able to get to the point of completing the order when I was cut off, a second time. Apparently someone tried to call back, but the connection was dropped again. Tried to log in to the website, but apparently that is down too. Recently the Service Manager at my dealership tried to help my get the OnStar hardware upgrade. He was astonished and very angry about the experience trying to talk to OnStar agents. If anyone thinks that OnStar is some kind of safety service, you would probably be wrong as every aspect of service I have seen is consistently bad.

The only good note I can offer is that when I locked my keys in the car, they finally put me through to some sort of crisis agent. She was obviously well trained in communication and especially listening, and was of enormous help in validating my concerns about the previous service I was getting from OnStar. I wish I could talk to one of these people again.

We had long cancelled our OnStar account when last year I became aware that my daughter a minor child had been getting charged on her savings account by OnStar. Since there is little activity on this account it was noticed for a period of time and the account was closed. When I received the notice about the closing of the account we began to look at what had occurred. My daughter 14 at the time has no DL or car and our account had been closed. After many phone calls and lots of being redirected and investigations we were told it was a billing mistake and it had been a transposal of numbers and got an apology. Still a year later we are waiting on a refund of 87 dollars from this company. They struggle to find the information when we call back and we are constantly redirected. Each supervisor who claims they will call me back does not.

The money was used to pay for someone's account we do not know and to my knowledge lives in another state. They cannot simply refund with a reversal because the account is no longer open due to their error. We have been told so many times that this will be corrected and yet we continue to wait. In the meantime I have to ward off a collections company because I refuse to pay for this company's error. I am sick of discussing it at this time and have decided it may be better to just contact attorneys. If I must sue the company for the refund I will do so and I will ask for them to also pay for those fees as well. This is absurd! Give my 15 year old daughter her money back!

I have been an OnStar customer since 2014 and needed to renew a subscription for service after a 6-month trial period. I discovered their customer service is apparently all out of the U.S. The persons answering the phones do not understand anything about the U.S., including the difference between street addresses and parcel post boxes. After spending an hour (and talking to four different people) trying to find out how to access my account online I was told because the trial subscription had expired the only way to pay the renewal is to wait for a letter in the mail... although I had received none to renew before the expiration. I have been a loyal GMC customer because of OnStar -- no more!

On Demand Diagnostics Onstar creates the codes in vehicle -- I saw a check engine light on dash. Called, pressed blue button then adviser said go to dealership for repair. So I go -- dealership said nothing is wrong, often ONSTAR sends out the codes to vehicles they find nothing wrong. Grateful my dealership was honest. Onstar reads this message about their intentions, it appears they are issuing the codes instead of discovering them. Very unhappy -- feel very mislead. Earlier requested routes, the line just stayed open. Happened repeatedly. Finally someone sent a route. Who are these people handling the calls?

I was on my way to work and my 2012 Chevy Sonic broke down (during rush hour traffic). I pressed the button to contact OnStar to run a diagnostics on it and it came back that nothing was wrong with the vehicle. It was in good condition. I told them the car wouldn't move and was currently in a no parking zone, wouldn't start, and something was wrong with it. I believe the response was they could check the battery, etc. That didn't help when the transmission on the car was out. They can tell you when you need an oil change, IF you go to the dealer or other company that knows to reset a button. I can see on the tag when my oil needs to be changed.

Buyer beware, it is all about billing, and upsell. This service has very little to do with C/S service and benefits in plans paid for. It only takes one call into the center to realize that have no real concern in ANY issues you may have.

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