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Mary of Fletcher, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

We are new to AAA, joined in 2017. The other night, parked in my garage, the car would not start. I called AAA and they were there within about half an hour. A very nice young man jumpstarted the car for me. A few days later, parked at a local park, the car again would not start. Again, within half an hour (earlier than the expected wait time!) help arrived. This time, another nice young man performed a diagnostic test on the car's systems. He was very honest about the battery showing it still had some life in it, but pointed out where it had acid leaking.

Rather than take a chance on it happening again, I decided to purchase a new battery, which he installed right away. The phone operators were friendly and helpful, calling me back with updated information, taking the time to find my exact right location. The service technicians were excellent and really nice, too. I've seen so many negative reviews of AAA but so far, they have been nothing less than excellent.

Bryant of Middletown, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I was stranded in Philadelphia PA at the cancer hospital with my friend's vehicle. I had a AAA account so I decided to call them to tow us to the nearest station. My friend had thought that the alternator was the problem. He was told that they would take the car to the nearest AAA service station. He obtained the number to that station and called. Because we were running late and he feared they could not get the part for his car, he instructed them to buy a starter and install it when we arrived.

When we arrived at one of the AAA owned service centers which we had no choice to go to, the mechanic put the starter in the car. It wasn't the starter that was the problem. The car was there for 3 days and they couldn't find the problem. After 3 days the manager Bill said it was the ground wire to the starter. It took them 3 days to fix a simple problem and with all the inconvenience of us going back and forth to Philadelphia repeatedly they still charged my friend $400 dollars for a 5 dollar part. What was worse they took the old starter out and we have an old starter. These are the most incompetent mechanics I have ever seen in my entire life. AAA takes advantage of stranded motorists in a despicable way by overcharging and not doing quality work.

Christopher of Savannah, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

My vehicle wouldn't start so I called AAA at approx 5:45. The phone call took a while because the customer service rep couldn't get my location to "verify" in their system. The location that was finally put in the system was two roads and approx 1 mile away from where I actually was (but they didn't tell me that, I found out later by looking online). I was given a 2 hour window for when the tow driver might show up but said it could be sooner.

After an hour of no contact I checked the website and saw the location I supposedly was waiting at on the map. I saw that my service request had been dispatched. I called AAA again and spoke to the CSR and was told they would and a note into the service ticket about my location. They also told me the driver was at an emergency call and would be there after that. It shouldn't be much longer. At the 2 hour mark I called again and was told it shouldn't be much longer. The driver was finishing up a call and he would probably be there in 20-30 min.

After another hour (3 hours) and no contact, I looked at the website again and my request had moved back to call received (not dispatched). I called again and as soon as the CSR saw that it had already been 3 hours she called the "service provider" while I was on hold. She came back and said that they had switched me to another tow driver that was dropping a vehicle near my location and he should be there in 20 min. Well the 20 min came and went and still nothing.

The driver finally got to my location right at the 4 hour mark. BTW: He called me from where it was flagged that I was (and of course wasn't). I explained all about the note that was supposed to be added to the request. The shop that my vehicle was being taken to was approx 20 min away and my house is less than 5 mins from the shop. I got home 5 hours after my initial phone call with AAA. This is not acceptable.

A of Clearwater, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT PAY TO BE a AAA member. I was stranded on the highway at 1:00 am alone as a female and the idiot who took my call 1) said it would be two hours before someone could get to me (in Ft Lauderdale) and 2) literally recorded in the system I was safe. In actuality I was terrified. I am grateful it was me and not my daughter. And even more grateful for the free ROAD RANGERS offered by the FHP. They arrived in 15 minutes - thank God I remembered that they exist.

Hamid of Tampa, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I am customer for AAA, about 5 years with this company. Then at the renewal they want to charge $195 per year then a new customer $145 the same plan. How is possible a customer with more than 3 years have to pay more for the same service... They can bring the same price because the loyal in the past I have. Also I was in AAA office, they have promotion with the same plan, buy one get one free. When I ask for that promotion they want change double, how is possible? Never I ask for discount but in this time is not fair what the do with the customer. They expect to pay $55 extra, they will lose me to be their customer.

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ANNETTE of Newport, KY on
Satisfaction Rating

I called at 7:15 pm for service (gold membership). As of now, 10:17 pm, I sit here in the dark with absolutely no AAA. I have called repeatedly with each time told a different lie (yes, no other word) as to the time and reason they still have not arrived. Fast forward to speaking with supervisor to only be told AAA internally canceled the request. There are no words to describe this horrible service and unethical company. To know all those calls placed were lies told by their representative when they knowingly had canceled the request. So here I wait, in the dark with still no AAA service.

John of Tallahassee, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I called and told it would be 3 hours or more for pickup. I'm 20 minutes outside of Tallahassee. Told your primary contractor had only 1 truck in service that day. Really. You hire people who can't service customers with any predictability? Totally unacceptable. I had to keep on the dispatcher to find a better answer. I had to initiate her looking three times at least. In the end she found someone who could be there in an hour. After spending thirty minutes looking. Again. I'm not that far away from Tally. I was having bad cell service and told her my signal was spotty and irregular. I had to climb up an interstate overpass embankment to get even a weak signal. She couldn't help that. But she could have moved slightly faster in case I lost the signal again. I don't blame the dispatcher. She was trying. But it did take me to move her along. Otherwise I would have been in the hot Sun for 3 hours or more.

When I returned home the tow truck driver got in my car and left grease stains on the seat from his pants and on the carpet from his boots. I'm still trying to clean it up. But the question is... why should I be having to do it in the first place? He also dumped the car in my street with the tail end sticking out several feet. Fortunately it's a quiet street. Sloppy. Sloppy. And as far as the car left sticking out... I could move it. I did. But I know how to handle things. What if it's was an older woman? Or someone unfamiliar with cars? So... in summary... bad experience. This is the second time I've gone through this type of thing with you guys.

Substandard service from your suppliers. The last time I was stuck at 10 at night and they refused to take my car home because it was "too far". And I was having a tire problem but they couldn't even loosen the lug nuts. Took me 5 hours on my own to work through that problem. Sitting in a 24 hour Wal-Mart parking lot. Middle of the summer patching a tire and trying to hobble home unsafely. And your answer was to give me a few dollars in gas cards. And once again. I can deal with these things. How many of your customers are stranded out there... unsafe... while waiting endlessly because they don't know any better?

I've used as AAA a long time. I get that good help is hard to find. But there is a breakdown in your system for events like these. Your people are following a script that works most of the time. But they are ill prepared for exceptions. Perhaps you should have a trigger where someone with the authority to do whatever it takes (like call a tow truck company and say you will pay marker rates for a situation like mine)to solve the situation. That seems like a good option to me. So... the question is now... what are you going to for me to counter this second aggravation? How can you change that bad taste I have for you right now into something sweet... bring me back to a AAA fan? Be creative. Be generous. Sincerely

randy of De Pere, WI on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered road side assistance service for my wife and 2 year old. I will not renew my service and will NEVER suggest this to anyone that I care about due to the terrible service I received followed by the TERRIBLE customer service!!

Jessie of Stafford Springs, CT on
Satisfaction Rating

I have called Triple A, with my Gold membership at 7:30pm, to have my car towed 7 miles down the road. The guy I spoke to was extremely nice, he told me arrival time would be around 8:30pm. We had the online app that changed the time to 9:09pm!! And the tow truck arrived at 9:30pm! Not his fault by any means, he was extremely nice and apologetic. He explained he came from Mass a good 45 mins away! WHY IN THE HELL DID MY TRIPLE A DOESN'T USE A COMPANY CLOSER! This poor guy had to drive all over hell to get to us when there is a towing company just down the road from us. Thank golly my 4 year old son wasn't with me or that I was on some main street or highway.

I get Triple A from my parents for Christmas and this was the first time I ever had to use it and honestly I want to tell my parents it's not worth the money! Beyond unhappy with Triple A and their choice of what company to use. I hope the towing company get extra money from Triple A for having to drive such a distance and time! Gas isn't cheap especially for tow trucks! Never mind the tow truck company and guys must get screamed at for taking so long, like it's their fault!! So FYI, if you call Triple A don't yell at the driver. It's not his fault! Thank you Interstate Towing out of Chicopee, MA. You guys are very nice and do a great job! Sorry for Triple A making you look bad in some situations!

Joe of Pembroke, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

My entire household has AAA plus membership. My mother's tire went flat and AAA put her on hold with no assistance. She hung up and tried calling again and was put on hold. Tired of waiting, I headed out to her location and changed her wheel. I finished the task and she was STILL on hold. She hung up and we drove home. Useless. Scam.

Peter of Pflugerville, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been with AAA for 17+ years and have taken advantage of the towing benefit more times than I can count. Never an issue with the premier membership that is approximately $150 a year. I have also used it for long distance tows. It has really paid off for me. A couple of the tow truck drivers have complained how little the AAA contract pays them but they have still been on time. Recently the app will track where the driver is in relation to me also.

Sheila of Palmetto, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

Waited for a tow 30 min. They sent technician. Afterwards, still had to call in tow request. Night time safety issue. Guess I was on the wrong side of town. My initial ticket was never updated. I called 3 or 4 times. AAA SERVICE, AAA Alert: "Your service provider will be arriving between now and 08:27 PM. Ref# **. Reply STOP to cancel texts. HELP for help w/ text." It's now 9:22 pm.

L of Woodbine, MD on
Satisfaction Rating

We have been a premier member for 10+ years. Had our truck vandalized last night. Was able to take the tire off but not put it back on, so called AAA. They told us that we were not covered because we had taking the tire off. They would pay for towing to a tire dealer (25 miles away at their expense). But if I just wanted help putting the tire back on I would have to pay for it myself. (They do offer roadside assistance in the policy but that is no good if you take your own tire off???) So they send a guy out to help us at our expense and he doesn't even have a jack or lug wrench. Seriously AAA. Time for us to look for another service.

Diane of Akron, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I am a single female and was driving to Matthews, NC from NY and had a minor accident. I took the car to the AAA repair shop at 9404 Independence Drive, Charlotte, NC and they told me I needed a new oil pan, oil change, alignment and splash guard and it would cost $1,500. I'm not from the area so I didn't have much of a choice on what to do. Steve from the repair shop called me again later in the day and said they wouldn't be able to do the repairs because the car was too small and I should have it towed to a Fiat dealer which was approx. 30 miles in either direction.

I called a local repair shop that services Fiats and told them the situation. He said to bring it in and he could do the repairs. When he put the car on the lift he asked me who had told me I needed a new oil pan. I told them the AAA repair shop. Red Rock Auto told me there was only a hairline fracture on the outside of the oil pan and nothing was leaking and I didn't need a new oil pan. He kept the car overnight to make sure there were no leaks. I picked up the car and had a safe trip home. I'm very grateful for Red Rock Auto being so honest. I am a AAA member and haven't had any problems with their roadside service but I will never take my car for repairs to a AAA repair shop.

Patrick of Mooresville, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

AAA policies had changed over the last year or so and not in a good way. I recently purchased a car and got it titled in my name. It would not start so I was going to get it towed to my house so I could repair it. The car is going to be a project car and since it was not going to see the road for several months, I withheld getting plates for it, mainly because I would have to get insurance on it as well. I was told that if the tags did not match the title and registration that it would not be able to get towed. This is confirmed by an app on the towing companies phones.

Back when I used this service in the past, it was as long as the car was proved to be owned by the member it was eligible to be towed. AAA stands for American Automobile Association, not American Automobile Roadside service. I used to maintain the membership year to year with not needing service, the one time in three years that I wanted to use the service I was denied. I just renewed this service, so I called them back and cancelled my renewal.

karen of Vancouver, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

My husband 2009 Flatbed Dodge 3500 AAA will no longer tow. They have towed it in the past. They stated too many of these trucks were company owned. I stated, "This is my husband personal truck" and they stated doesn't matter the guidelines state... I am, "what guidelines?" Then I said, "Well I will just drop my husband truck from the policy" and AAA stated, "We don't cover vehicles. We only cover drivers..." I was like, "You're not covering me as the driver of this truck..." Since it is costing AAA too much money because they are experiencing a higher number of flatbed trucks being towed, they decided to drop the coverage. Will not renew...

Ronnie of Nashville, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

On 5/16/2017 at 10:45 AM CDT I called the roadside assistance number. After hitting a pothole on the interstate and experiencing 2 flat tires I was told a tow truck would be there in 111 minutes--After waiting on the side of the road for 90 minutes I called again and was told that Uncle Dave's Wrecker Service would be there in 10-15 minutes. After 20 minutes I called again and got the same answer. Then I received an alert on my phone that the ETA would be 74 minutes. I called several more times and got the same 10-15 minute answer.

After 3 hours at 1:45 PM I called again and this time the Agent put me on hold and after 10 minutes of being on hold I hung up and called Hillwood Wrecker Service which was 1.9 miles away and they were there in 10 minutes--I then cancelled my service request with AAA--Your service is the WORST-instead of trying to service a Member of 57 years you are apparently more interested in getting the cheapest wrecker service in the Nashville area (which is not even located in Nashville but out of Memphis) and apparently sub out their jobs. I would think that instead of the constant emails and snail mails I get about cell phone plans, Triple check, travel and accident insurance, life insurance, etc. you would spend more time on service to a Member. Again my experience with AAA is the WORST.

Warren of Stow, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

Towing & Repair Service - I want to take the opportunity to report on superb service that we received on May 10, 2017 while traveling from South Carolina to Ohio. The throttle cable broke on our 2002 Chevy Astro Van on Interstate 77. We were able to get to the side of the road, but in a very unsafe situation. We called AAA and your people did their normally excellent job in helping us get some help. The wrecker company dispatched was Bert's Garage Inc from Hillsville Va. We had them take us to their garage rather than Allen's Garage that your people suggested. I like to deal with one company whenever possible and, in this case, it was not only appropriate, but a fantastic decision.

Wesley, the tow truck driver, was an outstanding representative of both Bert's Garage and AAA, as were the others I will note later. He was very efficient, easy to understand, very courteous, and, above all else, put himself into a situation in hooking up our van that I was in no way envious of. In my opinion he deserves hazard pay for this retrieval.

Once we got to the garage, just around 5 pm, we were graciously met by Tammy and Michael, the mechanic. Tammy welcomed us and did the initial paperwork, while Michael immediately looked at the van and diagnosed the problem. Tammy called and ordered the part, which was due for delivery on Friday. As it turned out, they were able to get the part from Chevrolet early Thursday morning and had the van repaired by 11 am. Tammy, in particular, handled this effort in an outstanding manner and she is not the manager. She deserves very high praise for making a customer this happy. Tammy also had a driver take us to a local hotel and pick us up when the repair was completed, helped us make a decision on a hotel and a possible rental car for Thursday, if we needed it.

Other than my 29 year relationship with my local mechanic, I would recommend these folks to anyone and everyone. Overall, this was the best bad day I have ever had with an emergency car situation, with or without AAA. I noticed some AAA commendations on the office wall at Bert's and certainly understand why they would be receiving them. I should have looked at the dates, but didn't. I would highly recommend them for such a commendation for 2017! Or just for this service! In closing, let me thank AAA, Wesley, Tammy, and Michael for making this a happy experience. And, oh by the way, we were astonished at the cost. We expected this to cost substantially more, but it was $141.15. That was so cheap just to get us back on the road.

kat of Gilbert, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

Recently my car stopped southbound on the I-17 60 miles from Phoenix. I was promised by AAA my call would be a priority and someone would be there in 40 min. I received four more calls after each promise failed. I was there a total of two hours on the highway. When the tow finally arrived he went right past us and missed us causing him to go to another turnaround which caused an additional 20 min. A police officer had stopped to ask us if we needed help and there goes the tow truck whizzing by.

When I complained to AAA all they would offer was a $50.00 credit. Not acceptable in my book. I requested a year membership and thought that was sufficient but they would not approve of that. The tow was extremely late putting us in peril and the tow truck was very old and smelly. Not a professional tow person at all. We even gave him the exact mile marker and explained we were right at that mile marker. I could touch the mile marker and even with all that he still went right by us. That tow company should have never took the job if he couldn't get there on time. We were between Black Canyon City and Cortes Junction. Why promise you will be there in 40 minutes if you can't get to us until 2 hours? I was so disgusted with false promises.

Nelda of Rogers, AR on
Satisfaction Rating

Upon receiving a letter in the mail offering priority membership to AAA Auto Club for $54.00 a year. This was around the first of May 2017. I accepted and sent my card number by first class mail. After not hearing from them stating they had received my application I called their help number on Monday, May 1 and finally got transferred to the office in Missouri that handles Arkansas clients also. They could not give me any information only that it would take a long time to process my application and asked that I call back on Thursday, May 4th.

I called back on Monday, May 8th. The representative told me that they had my application and would give me the number and app to put on my phone which he did right away. He begin to tell me all what I would receive and when he got to the part of levels of coverage. I was told that I would receive up to THREE Miles of towing if my car broke down and I called a tow truck. The information in the letter that I received DID NOT mention anything about levels and the fact if I wanted to be towed farther than THREE miles I would have to step up to another level or pay for the towing over THREE miles. I believe this is very intentionally deceiving as since there were no mention of levels with the offer in the mail. It appeared as towing included sending a tow truck out and towing my automobile to the nearest garage. I Am getting more leery about AAA as I have read some of the reviews that is very negative.

I had always assumed that AAA was a very reputable Auto Club as it had been around a long time is the reason I didn't research before I bought. I live and learn. The bottom line is I feel AAA intentionally kept this information out of the offer that I received in the mail to increase their enrollment. After all, the main feature in the Club for me as a woman traveling alone is to feel confident that you will be towed to a garage not three miles down the road and the rest is up to me. That is insane!

Michelle of Midlothian, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

I had a very embarrassing and unpleasant experience at the AAA location yesterday afternoon, located at 13732 Hull Street Rd. Midlothian, VA 23112 (804) 744-1513. I was on the way to the grocery store and heard a pop noise with my tire, then I could hear something while I was driving. The AAA place was the closest to me and I was afraid the tire was going to give out. It was about 5 minutes before 5:00 PM and I asked the attendant if they could put the car up on the lift to see what the issue was, so I would not get stuck or blow a tire while driving. I am female and I was by myself (husband out of town). I told him I was willing to pay whatever the charge would be. I could tell the attendant wanted to help but he said he has to ask his manager.

The manager said "no, we are almost at closing time," then they proceeded to shut down the garage doors as I was sitting there. As I could hear the doors closing, I did not know what I was going to do and it was just a horrible feeling. I decided to risk it and try and make it to Merchant's several miles away and made it. They took me in and I bought two new tires from them. The Merchant's manager said they have a no turn away policy if someone comes in with a tire issue no matter when, even if it is near closing. This is because it's a safety issue and I could have been hurt and so could have others. The tire had a huge screw in it and very likely would have blown the tire had I driven very much further. Wow, thank goodness for Merchant's Tire, and shame on AAA.

Louis of Dublin, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I was at SFO had lost my keys had a club on my steering wheel. I called AAA ask them to send out a (Towing) truck. AAA told me They couldn't send a truck out because they had none available for the service I needed, and that I couldn't go no further than ten miles with that service. The service wouldn't be available until after 6 in the morning. I would have to stay at my truck for 5 hours that night but still couldn't get the tow because of the 10-mile restriction. What the hell am I paying this company For? I ended up paying a taxi 120.00 to get me half way home and had a friend take me the rest of the way. AAA sent me a renewal notice, I told them I'm not renewing. AAA is Pathetic!! They don't stand behind their clam service. I'll save my money and take My chances, I'm not going to pay a company that doesn't do what they advertise.

J. H. of Caldwell, ID on
Satisfaction Rating

My van broke down in Yellowstone National Park at the Ice Lake Trailhead. For some reason, AAA is not allowed to "rescue" its customers in the park; that is handled by contractors within the park, who have it all sewn up. This one was out of Canyon Village, Yellowstone Park Service Stations, Inc. It cost $565.65 to get towed into West Yellowstone, Montana. AAA of Oregon - Idaho REIMBURSED me for this out-of-pocket expense (after completing and sending-in the required "claim form"). Receiving AAA service, I was then towed into Idaho Falls, Idaho, where the van was repaired. The AAA towing "agent" from West Yellowstone was extremely helpful and made certain that I got to Idaho Falls in time to get the van repaired.

I have the AAA "Premier" coverage, which is $147 per year and worth every penny. Alas, I have had other roadside emergencies, and AAA has always been extremely responsive. Yes, depending upon your location, you may have to wait a while, but they get to you as quickly as possible.

Charles of Manchester, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

We have been a AAA contractor for 35 years, my father started doing business with AAA in the 80's. For the last 5 years we have been trying to get a company that was very good to us and to its customers to do the right thing. They have developed a take it or leave it attitude. For the last few years we have been trying to get AAA to go back to their old rates and to cover us out on the road if their customer is gone when we get there. AAA used to make sure their customer was taken care of that was their primary concern. Now their primary concern is the $ how much they can stick in their pocket while leaving the customer stranded or the contractor out looking for a customer that has long been gone.

AAA representative told me point blank that if the customer is gone when we get there is just our tough luck, he would not do anything about it. They did not do business like this years ago. They sent us many miles down the road looking for stranded customers and paid us for it. Just to help the customer, just to make sure their customer was safe. Their attitude and their changes in policy have caused us to lose money, to lose other income because while we were out looking we missed other calls. I finally gave up today and decided going from 2000$ to 4000$ per month to less than 100$ each month was not going to work for my business. Contracts I was told now do not have to be signed from year to year. So I asked if I could be fired.

Carolyn of Sarasota, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

On April 2, 2017 at 11:00 pm I blew my tire on 75 near Ruskin (about 34 miles away from where I live in Sarasota, Florida). After waiting about 50 minutes the tow driver arrives. The tow driver says he can't jack up my van to change it to my spare. I was so confused by this, he tells me he doesn't have the right tire jack. They are AAA certified tow trucks and they can't change a tire. Anyway the tow truck driver told me he would either tow me ($120 to tow back to my home in Sarasota). He said, "Have it towed or I will have to leave you on the side of the highway." Being it's midnight on a Sunday I had no choice. Let me tell you I am a woman by myself and have 3 children waiting for me at home.

Well it gets better once I am in the tow truck and being towed home. The driver tells me he has a foot fetish and if he can play with my feet he will tow me for free. I am so freaked out and just hoping I get home safe at this point. That tow truck driver didn't want to change my tire. He had a ploy and wanted to try and take advantage of my situation.

I called AAA and made a serious complaint. I told them the whole story and felt I deserved the $120 back because that tow truck driver took advantage of me. The supervisor felt so bad and was so angry I had gone through this and said he thought I should be reimbursed and was forwarding to the customer service dept that handles it. He also told me they would return my call in 3 to 5 days. Well guess what? They didn't return my call. I had to call them.

Finally talk to someone and she informs me that I won't get the $120 back because I had a choice to have it towed to a mechanic in the area, now remember it's Sunday, midnight, in a place I don't know and no way of getting home to my kids in Sarasota. All I wanted was my tire changed. There was absolutely nothing mechanical thing wrong with my van. There should have been NO REASON they couldn't change my tire. Isn't that why we pay for our membership fee. Lucky me I get an apology letter. Guess I should be thanking them for putting me in a dangerous situation!!! I am still so angry and upset this is the way they handle their customers!!!

Dale of 32217, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

82 yr old Mom with AAA. They put her on hold for 10 min. while stranded in middle of horrible intersection. Never showed up. After we complained they will only give a 20.00 compensation at time of NEXT SIGN UP. A two person account. I WILL NEVER SIGN UP AGAIN! They should be shut down.

Linda of Bushkill, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I recently needed a towing from Pennsylvania to NY. So I called AAA member service and I spoke to them and AAA told me after 15 days with the member plus I get 100 miles free. So I signed up after I explained to them my situation. My fiance takes a day off work because the member has to be available day of towing. So tow man comes here and tells him can't do it because of the inspection. I spoke to the supervisor, see if he can help, but no help! Now I can't get a refund after 30 days. Poor customer service. Too many nicks and cracks just to get a simple tow. So the tow truck guy said he will do the tow for $550. Seriously AAA wtf! Moral of this, stick with your insurance. They will treat you better at least.

Hello! of Anchorage, AK on
Satisfaction Rating

My friends and I went to a music festival in Delaware last summer and my best friend's car started smoking at around 11:30 as we were leaving. We called AAA and we're told that they "weren't picking up anyone from the festival that night". After my rather meek friend accepted this answer and hung up I proceeded to call them several more times - each time they refused to pick us up saying that the tow trucks were not available and/or that they didn't have one with enough seats to pick us up.

On the final call they told us that they would not be able to pick us up until around 9:00 the next morning (it was 4:00 AM at this point) and they left us stranded on the side of the highway until the state trooper they called came and picked us up - leaving our car on the side of the road with ALL of our stuff in it for the night while we spent from 4:30-6:30 falling asleep on the curb of a gas station while our other friend drove down from New Jersey to get us. TERRIBLE service.

Sheila of Ridley Park, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I am writing today just to say that this company should be ashamed of themselves! Around noon today (March 25, 2017), my husband was driving behind a car that suddenly broke down. He, of course, got out of his vehicle to help. Thank goodness he did!! The elderly lady behind the wheel was nervous and shaken up. Another gentlemen also stopped and helped my husband push her car off to the side of the road.

Neither my husband nor the other gentleman wanted to leave this elderly woman alone and stranded, so they both stayed with her. After calling you, at 12:09 pm, and being told it would be 55 minutes before a tow truck would be able to arrive, my husband, as well as the other gentleman decided it would be best to wait with her and made sure she was taken care of.

Well, 55 minutes came and went. My husband called again at 1:38 pm and was told it would be another 35 minutes. At this point, my husband was starting to worry about the older woman, as she is 92 YEARS OLD and had been sitting in her car on this 85 degree day. As more time went by, they noticed this lovely woman was not doing very well and placed a 3rd call at 2:15 pm. Again, being told there would be an additional 35 minute wait!! Are you serious? The first call was made at 12:09 pm, for a 92 year old woman who was stranded on the side of the road and almost three hours later, she was still there!!!

Thank goodness my husband and another gentleman stayed with her and made sure nothing happened to her! Luckily, she was somewhere safe and secure with two strangers who were good, kind people! (I can't even imagine if she was alone or stranded somewhere else!) Deciding it would be best for her health, the other gentleman took the elderly woman home, while my husband secured her vehicle. He called again to let someone know that the vehicle would be left unattended, and surprise, an additional 35 minutes was added onto the wait time!

I think that was absolutely disgusting that a call was placed for a 92 year old woman in need of help and was continuously told she had to wait for hours and upon hours. 92 years old. You should be ashamed of yourselves! I hope that one day one of your grandparents never, ever need help or assistance and rely on this service! If they do, I hope there are compassionate and kind people who stop the help and make sure they stay safe! In the end, this wonderful woman called my husband at 4:24 pm and told him that her car was now at her closed mechanics shop. So, this 92 year old woman had to wait for four and a half hours for an emergency roadside call for help... That's just awful. Disgusting, if you ask me. AAA you truly dropped the ball today. Like I said, you should be truly ashamed of yourselves...

Nancy of Cincinnati, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

AAA told me that if I had my car towed to Bob Sumerel on Ridge Rd that they would be able to get back with me in an hr with an estimate and I would get 10% off so I let them tow it there. It took 3 hrs before they got back to me and I was told my fuel pump needed replaced. When they quoted me I found out the 10% discount was just on labor charges. When I got my car back the next day it was making a strange sort of vibrating noise now and then and so I took it back and they said it was the heat shield vibrating because one of the clamps was rusted and broke off so it wasn't secure. I'm not sure why nobody notified me of that before giving it back to me. It wasn't making the noise before it was brought in.

I took it into another place and was told 3 of the hangers/clamps were broke and needed welding. I feel that they got broke while it was being fixed since it never made the noise prior, even though they were rusted and maybe not their fault that they broke, Bob Sumerel should have told me about the problem. I feel that I was overcharged because I called the dealer and they would charge $50 less for the fuel pump than I was charged and an auto supply store charged $200 less for the same part. Also when the AAA person came out to try to get my car started during his troubleshooting he said that it wasn't the battery and it's not the fuel pump cause he heard it kick on when the ignition was turned so I can't help but feel that I was ripped off here and that I got bad customer service. I didn't know at the time that AAA owned Bob Sumerels and I feel that is why they told me incorrect info for me to get my car in and then was taken advantage of.

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Founded in 1902, AAA is a group of 69 affiliated motor clubs in North America. They have locations in every state and many countries. They offer 24-hour roadside assistance, including assistance for international members in the U.S.

  • Trip planning tools: Premium plan holders get access to free trip planning tools through TripTik.
  • Covers members, not vehicles: Members are entitled to roadside assistance services, regardless of the vehicle they are driving.
  • Covers RVs in some states: Apart from covering rental vehicles, AAA also has coverage plans for RVs and trailers in some U.S. states.
  • A huge network: The motor club has been around for more than 100 years, which gives it the advantage of having a vast network of service providers in place.
  • Travel-interruption expenses: Premium members get travel-interruption reimbursements of up to $1,500 if their car breaks down during a vacation.
  • International Travel: Passports and international license services are provided at their locations.
  • Car Repair: Discounted auto insurance is available in many states as well as auto repair centers.
  • Driver Training: A new driver training and insurance discount course are offered through AAA.
  • Best for AAA roadside assistance service is best for multiple-car owners as well as frequent vacationers.

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