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My son had a flat tire at 5:45 am - he has AAA Road Side Assistance. He contacted AAA and they stated that he wasn't covered but yet he had his card. I contacted AAA as I was confused as our membership is valid until 9/15/16. They told me that my membership was in full force but his was not - I asked why as I paid for it. They stated that his was not auto renewal. I said ok but now what are we to do? I have been a AAA customer since 1992 and told her that this was an emergency. She didn't care, wtf is wrong with these companies? HELLO IT WAS AN EMERGENCY... I contacted membership services and cancelled my membership - they didn't even care so AAA you suck...

I had car insurance with AAA. My policy was $147 a month and I never had a problem. I was never in an accident or had a ticket. Once my year mark came and my policy needed to renew, I got a letter saying my renewal would start July 31st and every month I owed $173. So my policy went up $30 a month for no reason. I didn't even ask them why because I found a policy with another company for $115 a month for the same coverage. I heard some companies used low rates to get you in then raise them, it's possible that was the case. But I am glad I never had an accident to deal with them. Just be careful.

I've been a AAA Plus Member since 1992 and haven't had any complaints in the service until I decided to have AAA install a new battery in my vehicle. Since first new battery was installed, I noticed that in about a week's time the battery would completely lose its charge and at that time I would call AAA to come and charge it and check battery. They have done this now three times which on one occasion the battery could be charged but again only lasts a week. So I called them again and this time they claim that something on my vehicle was draining it but they would go ahead and replace it. Again they replaced my dead battery after a week with what they claim to be a brand new battery.

Each time these batteries have been installed I noticed that when my keys are in the ignition and my door is open that I could barely hear the bell notification sound, it wasn't faint that I have mentioned this to each battery tech and they didn't seem to either care or listen to my complaint. The way I see it is that AAA installs rebuild batteries claiming that they are new OR all the new batteries are bad and have bad cells. Either way I'm sitting here today with yet another dead new battery that I took out of my vehicle and carried into an Auto shop to have them charge it for me. Well not only is it a dead battery but they informed me that it's bad and will not hold a charge. The last AAA Battery Specialist told me that I had a bad alternator and that he could tell just by the way it stalls out immediately after he removes the cables.

So I have my mechanic remove my alternator and I take it in to be tested and they proceed to tell me that my alternator is working fine. I'm so done with this AAA Battery ** and I now want my money back. I've wasted so much time going back and forth with them about their batteries and now even more time and money having my alternator taken out and tested that I'm now seeing RED!

TODAY my vehicle is going in to a shop so that my alternator can be put back in and the dead battery that remains in my vehicle again can be tested. When diagnosed I'm calling AAA to come and take their 3rd bad battery back and I expect a full refund now. I'm not going to have them put another dead draining battery in my vehicle again. I will post on this site the results of my request for a refund on their bad batteries. I have never had any trouble at all with any of my previous batteries until I had AAA Battery Service install a so-called new battery in 2015. A very Dissatisfied, Disgusted, Disappointed and Done AAA Plus Member since 1992.

I have requested, on NUMEROUS occasions, for information regarding the credit amount given when cancelling the Accord LX, and to date, has gone on deaf ears. Being a member of AAA for MORE THAN 30 years, and consequently cancelling my membership due to EXTREMELY POOR service, I thought POSSIBLY someone would respond to numerous other emails. When having cancelled the insurance on the HONDA, I was given a total of 3.00 credit... Why??? With the expiration of this insurance, and an accompanying home insurance at the end of the year, I am seriously contemplating the cancellation of both. Why, after being a member for 34 years, I should be treated in this manner.

On two different occasions I've been on hold for longer than 20 minutes, one of which was for a supervisor. I believe they transfer customers to a dead line to hold indefinitely until we decide to hang up. I've been a customer for over five years. They are aware of my vehicle and home address but refuse to tow my vehicle home because I was not with the vehicle. They claim they will need ID. The vehicle is registered to me and my home address has not changed in five years. I really don't see the problem. Do they think that someone with the exact same vehicle as mine is impersonating me and asking to tow their vehicle to my home? Ridiculous! They just lost a customer.

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My daughters were traveling through Florida and broke down near Daytona Beach. It was over 95 degrees in the middle of the afternoon. It took almost an hour and a half for the tow truck to get there and he had a female passenger with him. Once he hooked up my daughter's car, he informed them that it was their policy to have them ride in the towed vehicle and not in the cab of the tow truck. Not being from Florida they thought this was normal business practice and they complied.

Because the battery was dead, they were not able to roll the windows down and quickly the car became unbearably hot and they had no way to communicate with the tow truck driver. By the time they arrived at the auto shop, they were drenched in sweat and sick from the heat. This is very serious and potentially life threatening and I believe illegal to have customers ride in the back of a towed vehicle. They lodged a complaint with AAA and have not received a return call and I tried to lodge a complaint and after being on hold 35 minutes, the line was cut off. This is not what I expect as a AAA member. I have always trusted AAA and now I don't. This is certainly not the customer service I expect.

I've been a AAA Plus member for more than 15 years. Last night my daughter's car broke down on I-75 right before the 217 exit. She called AAA and they said they would be there in 45 minutes. Not only did they not arrive when she called back they said they were "closed" and unable to help her for 3 hours and to call back then. When she called back they said they had no one to help her and no estimate of when she would get help. I called local towing companies and within 10 minutes found several towing companies that could help.

She broke down at 6 pm and was finally towed at midnight...and not by AAA! The whole reason I signed up for AAA was to protect my daughter on the road, afraid of her getting stranded and something bad happening to her! I called to complain this morning and they offered no explanations and a weak apology. I've researched AAA and similar companies and they all pay their towing companies pitifully so that's why the service is so poor. Now I will be using HONK, a new app that finds you quick roadside service like Uber. No fee for the app either. If you have AAA thinking you will be rescued quickly if your car breaks down, time to cancel it!

I have had two experiences with AAA roadside assistance: once in North Florida, and once in Northern Alabama. Both times, something happened to my car unexpectedly. Once related to tires/wheels and the other time the alternator. I called and had less than satisfactory treatment. In North Florida, I was told I didn't have the service, even though I had been paying for it for the last 6 months. I had to continue arguing on a dying phone about it, and had to call friends to get assistance with dealing with the situation. All in all, it took 3 and 1/2 hours for someone to show and tow my car.

In the second situation, I called from northern Alabama after my car quickly shut down after an alert related to the alternator and battery unexpectedly popped up. I was first told that a tow truck was on the way, but this was, in fact, a lie. That truck had gone to Memphis with a car. I was told a second servicer would be on his way to me. 30 minutes later, I receive a notification that the tow truck had just left and would take 20 minutes longer than expected. This was all happening late at night, barely on the side of a dark highway with vehicles going close to 70 mph in the lane about 30 feet from the car. I had no other option (see: rural Alabama) and had to wait. I'm not sure if this is an issue via call centers or some of the locally sourced tow work, but these are two similar experiences in different regions, both with poor results. For what I pay, I expect better.

I call AAA three time and got hang up on all three time. I had blow out on 275 with my baby in the car. The third time I call the lady she told me she can't help me unless I get AAA. I paid 77 dollars. She got all my information then hang up. A man that was driving by help me. AAA never call me back. Poor services.

On 6/25/16 at 11:30 pm my husband called AAA to tow his motorcycle. At 12:30 am they told him that they were having trouble finding a tow company to tow the motorcycle & one that could do a long distance tow. By 2 am still no tow & he was finally told he could call a commercial tow company & AAA "should" reimburse for the tow or he could stay in a hotel & tow it in the morning. He called me at that point.

I called AAA spoke to a supervisor in the road service (RS) department, advised her I had been a AAA member for 25 years & have had premier since it was first offered, she called the dispatch supervisor. When she came back to me she said they were calling all the tow companies again to find us a tow. By 3 am they finally called my husband and told him a tow company would be there in 90 mins. At this point I jumped in our truck & drove down to where he was (45 mins from our home), put the motorcycle in the back of our pickup & got him home. By the time we left we still had not seen a tow truck. Oh & this is not the worst of it. I had the RS supervisor create a complaint claim with member experience.

On Monday morning I called the member exp dept. The guy I spoke there just kept saying they just got the claim & have not had a chance to review or investigate. He wouldn't even get me a supervisor when I requested it. At this point I posted on AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah Facebook page & tweeted on their Twitter. I also tweeted to ML Doney's (CEO of AAA National) personal twitter account, sent an email to ML Doney & R Darbelnet, the CEO & COO of Operations.

The AAA of Northern CA FB, messaged me asking for my member number & said a manager would contact me. So far I haven't heard from anyone. I messaged on FB again they said a manager had tried to call me, but couldn't get a hold of me. I have check the vm on my cell & home number and there was nothing from a AAA manager. I cannot believe we had to wait 5 hours for NO tow to show up & now they don't even have the courtesy to contact me to resolve this issue. I am so disappointed in AAA.

I called for service at 7:02 pm. Told my car would have wrecker service by 8:05 pm. It is now 10:01 pm and I am still waiting for this tow service. Called AAA. Had to wait 20 minutes on hold for a supervisor to say "do you still want service? We can locate another service to come out." If this was the first time I received this poor service it would of been different story, but in March one of my car broke down on the interstate, my kids were in the car, we were stranded on the interstate from a call to AAA at 11:54 am and the car was finally picked up at after 7:00 pm.

My car did not start, my kids were cold, hungry and in harm's way by this poor service. Now mind you I have been a RV Plus member since 1999 and it is 2016. I have been a loyal customer, went years without using the service but paid my dues. AAA poor service is all I can say and will be putting my loyalty and money with another roadside assistance group. By the way slow texter and still no wrecker.

I went in to AAA, travel on Ray Rd in Chandler, AZ and the person that was supposed to help me was rude, angry and loud. I complain online on AAA and they said they apologize but they do not understand what happen. That person that helped me is a good employee. So what does that mean? I am crazy? Tell me you looked into it and reprimanded the person not you do not know what happen. If a customer complains and gives you feedback you should be thankful. An opportunity to fix something. No wonder why American companies are losing business, do not know how to service customers.

My transmission went out in my truck. I called for a tow. They told me they would be here within an hour but that I couldn't have three passengers which included me and my two sons. So I arranged for a ride for my children because I had to stay with the car. That's what I was told. I called again after the hour. They told me another 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes the tow truck showed up with two men in it. No room for me. So now they take my truck and I'm standing here 34 miles from home. I have no ride because I was told I had to stay with the truck. So now I have to walk all the way walking home. These people are a joke. I won't be wasting my time after my year is up. Thanks for nothing.

We had AAA Roadside Assistance change batteries in both our cars in the past 2 years. Both batteries went bad in the same week. My husband's battery read as bad and AAA replaced it. My battery read as ok, so AAA said something in my car was draining.

Similar to another recent reviewer in Tampa, FL, I encountered an issue with my just under 2 year old AAA battery. My car began experiencing problems holding a charge and got progressively worse over a 4-day period. On the final day (5/26/2016), I was able to get the car started after some difficulty and called AAA battery service expecting them to run a test showing it was faulty. It "passed" the basic test and the tech was not able to override the testing tool to force it to run a full second-level test.

Because it "passed" the test, AAA would not replace the battery under warranty. I then took the car to my local Honda dealer and had them replace the battery and have had no further issues. I submitted a request to AAA Member Services for a reimbursement credit that I could use for future annual road-service membership renewals. They would not provide any form of reimbursement for the failed AAA battery which should have been replaced under warranty. I've been a AAA member for about 25 years and have used the battery service to replace a couple vehicle batteries in the recent past. Frankly, I would've been satisfied with reimbursement in some form for a portion of the total expense I incurred to replace the AAA battery (about $145). Based on this extremely poor customer service I will likely not purchase any other AAA batteries in the future.

Our car broke down and we promptly called AAA. The person assisting had obvious problems with comprehension and spelling. After 30 minutes, my husband was told that the car would be towed but we would have to wait 40 minutes. We contacted AAA 4 times and each time they said it would be another 30 minutes. A towing company called to ask what type of car he would have to tow. He did not have the details because the job had been farmed out to him by the official company that AAA deals with in Milwaukee.

Remains to be seen whether the person who will eventually tow our car is an approved AAA service person. The last time we called AAA the person said that there were 22 comments on this incident file. Also, the police stopped and told us that we should be gone within 2 hours... and that was 3 hours ago. What happens if we get a fine, is AAA guilty of not being able to fulfill their service agreement or do they continue to get away with contemptuous service?

I went to the Redlands AAA office yesterday to renew my car license. The whole atmosphere was cold and hostile. The people who work there were not happy. They were even rude to customers. When I moved to SoCal a year ago, the business was warm and friendly. What happened??? I am considering leaving AAA.

On Father's Day, I broke down approx 10 miles from 48286 Vicksburg Rd., Salome AZ, Exit 31, going West on Hwy I-10 towards California border to Blythe, CA. I called AAA at 4:30 p.m. The temperature was 118 degrees, I'm 55 years old. I sat there for almost 4 hours. I was approx 40 miles from Blythe CA., and 20 miles from Quartzsite, Az. The tow truck showed up at 8:15 p.m. During that time I saw two tow trucks pass me by, hauling nothing and not one DPS Arizona Highway officer drive by. I've been a AAA customer for over 20 years and by the way my tow cost $198.00.

Locked my keys in my car and Cody out of Indianapolis was great!! Thanks so much!!

Purchase a battery for my wife's mini van with the understanding it had a 3 year warranty. The battery is now 2.5 years old and won't hold a charge for more than a day. AAA has been out on 4 different occasions with 4 different people. All tested the battery good but the car has to be jumped to start it. They simply won't replace the battery under warranty because their tester won't show it as being bad. I will go to Walmart this evening and purchase a new battery so my wife does not get stranded again. AAA simply will not honor their warranty!

I rented a car to travel to Lexington, KY. While there, I had to have the car replaced due to mechanical issues. The first wrecker driver tried to convince me that the car was okay to drive. I made him take it anyway. I was far from home and was not taking any chances. The replacement car that was brought to me had expired tags.

I have tried to install their app four times. Every time, I confirm the log-in bugs. It simply does not allow me to log in as a customer. It doesn't ask me for my customer number, it doesn't recognize the e-mail format I type (but alternatively, it may recognize it - it's a random bug), the login feature turns blue and yellow and doesn't allow you to continue and so on. I'm a very experienced computer user, so yes, I know this is a bug. I filed a complaint and got the usual "re-install the app" or "maybe it is your mobile device" (which is ridiculous since my mobile device is one of the most common in the market: a Samsung galaxy S6). I have to take a 15 day business trip alone. A woman driving alone. Should anything happen to me because their service (and I bought a more expensive plan), what do you think I should do?

Took 1-1/2 hours wait time before a tow truck arrived. AAA mid-Atlantic had estimated 20 minutes then text message sent indicating 45 minutes, then no additional information. Had call them 3 times. By the way, I pay an additional fee to AAA to include motorcycle towing! Terrible service! Do not use AAA!

My 16-year-old son's car breaks down. It was miserable that they said it would take an hour to pick his car up but worse that it took almost 3 hours for the tow truck driver to arrive!!! Wayne's Towing in East Petersburg PA, the driver says he just got the message to pick up the car. Don't believe him, don't believe in three As!!! Change continues after 30 years!!! They're ingrates!

Today my neighbors car broke down. She called triple A and they sent a guy out who had NO clue what he was doing. My husband ended up pulling her car with his truck to a safe curb and the guy told her he sent for a tow truck and it would take two hours. After 3 HOURS no call or text. We call them and they said it looks like the guy didn't put in for a tow truck and they apologized and told us we had to wait another 90 mins and that they would try to speed up the process. Since we had already waited so long, it is pouring down rain and me and my husband pulled her car with his truck in the pouring rain because this idiot didn't have a clue what to do and obviously didn't know how to do his job because he didn't put in for a tow truck.

This is the 2ND time my neighbor has had an issue with them. I call to give my complaint and the guy I spoke to gave me a fake name and wrote a fake complaint. I call back to speak to someone else to make sure they actually sent a tow truck this time and the lady I spoke to was nice enough to give me the guys names who ruined our evening so we could make a real complaint. I will NEVER get AAA and will make sure none of my family or friends get it either.

On 5/26/16 in Chico, CA about 5 pm after being AAA member for at least 10 yrs. without needing service I had a flat tire. We called the service center and was put on hold for extended time. Once they answered we were told there was a problem with our card. We were put on hold then hung up on. Called again. Put on hold for extended period then hung up on. Third time same result. Fourth time I was referred to a service that questioned if I thought I was a victim of age abuse? At this point we had the tire almost changed and were assisted by a nice young man who help finish changing the tire. Then on the fifth call we finally got through and were questioned why we had called earlier and not completed call? We get a short curt remark that they were very busy and were sorry. I think this has become a big scam. Don't belong to this BS scam. They are NO GOOD.

Waited 2 hours for just the call back. Called them 6 times. Someone passing by helped me. Today May 25, 2016 in Bayside, NY flat tire. World's worst cancelling and traveler's insurance no better.

I was always pressured with upselling to buy insurance or travel services. I had to fight for basic services. The staff was rude. After 7 years I cancelled. What a WASTE OF MONEY!!!

Decided to have AAA plan our first big family vacation. Opted on a trip to Disney World in Florida. Agreed on a set vacation date with AAA agent, even had the itinerary in my hand 6 months beforehand. Vacation package is supposed to be mailed to you three weeks before departure - ours came two months before departure. When I opened the vacation package I noticed dates were wrong so I called the travel agent at AAA only to discover she had changed our vacation dates without our permission and without telling us... we missed our Disney World vacation!! She tried to blame us but there were so many errors on the new itinerary it was really impossible to place the blame on us. For example, she had put us on vacation for almost an entire month! They had to reschedule our vacation for a later time and so many things still went wrong.

When we finally got to Florida and were set to go to Disney World on our second day there, we realized AAA had once again messed up and we could not get into the park without the help of Disney World reps. Two hours of waiting. Got into the park. Dining plan messed up and couldn't be corrected, etc... this too... can be yours for just under $6,000! It's unfortunate that we went into our one big vacation extremely stressed out and uncertain if everything was going to go okay. Felt bad for the kids. Save money... plan it yourself!

My nightmare began on May 10, 2016 at approximately 9 pm when I contacted AAA for a jump. Between AAA and Rescue Professionals I'm appalled at the lack of service I have experienced. I placed a call to get the battery jumped on a 1999 Lexus RX300. I drove from Birmingham, Al in my 2007 Lexus GS350 to pick up the RX from my niece who I bought it from and I am scheduled to work here this week. My daughter was going to drive the RX back to Birmingham. The AAA contract Tow service, Rescue Professionals, were dispatched by AAA Roadside Assistance. The guy who arrived could not fit his truck into the parking garage (I advised rep it was in a parking garage). He brought a jump box that did not jump the RX so he went back to his vehicle to charge it more, took him about 15 min or so.

He comes back in still the jump box, won't charge the battery. He stated he did not have any jumper cables on his truck so he called another driver. In the meantime he called someone who suggested that he take the battery out of my GS and put it in the RX. He did that, almost put cables on wrong terminals. When he put the battery back in my car and however he tried to put the cables back on the battery it caused a loud pop accompanied by sparks. At this point the RX is running but my car (GS) that I drove from Birmingham is no longer running. I'm unable to start the GS350. He said to me ,"It must have blown a fuse" . At this point I had to walk away before I blew my fuse! My niece told me later that he looked at them and said, "You guys called it" .

He then decided to attempt to jump the GS off with the RX battery we just got jumped. This action killed the RX. Now we have the RX DEAD in the drive of the parking garage blocking another vehicle. The Rescue Professionals driver left the garage and never came back. He never advised us he was leaving. Thankfully someone came into the parking garage and offered to help us push the RX into a parking spot. AAA called me at 01:53 at which time I explained that we needed assistance again because now the GS that was working originally was now not working and the person they sent to help us had ABANDONED US. I explained we were too exhausted to continue. We had to call Uber take us to my nieces where we attempted to rest before starting another incredibly long and painful AAA day. I have not slept since Monday night. I have not eaten since dinner since the night before.

May 11, 2016 I called AAA back and requested AAA employee to come help. The supervisor sent me AAA employee to troubleshoot my car. He determined that indeed a main fuse was blown. He called in to get a wrecker that was AAA Company owned and could fit in the parking garage. Both AAA guys that came were TRUE PROFESSIONALS who treated me as if I were a VIP! I eventually made it to Import Auto Maintenance on Broadway in downtown Nashville where I just found out that the contractor Rescue Professionals, who AAA dispatched, has damaged the Fusible block assembly. So far the repair is going cost $319.65, thankfully other than that only 5 smaller amperage fuses have been damaged.

AAA is not paying the repair I had to come out of pocket. I spent most of the day on the phone battling this and they suggested I call Rescue Professionals. I eventually got a call from AAA telling me a claim was submitted and they are waiting to hear from the owner of Rescue Professionals, Frank! He has to talk to the driver before determining if they will validate my claim.

May 16, 2016, I place a phone call to Dhanetta ** - AAA Service 'Monitor-Field Support' Member Communications. She advised me on Thursday that I should hear something by Friday evening and I would be updated. I called her today @ 13:06 and received voicemail. I immediately emailed asking for an update. 13:38 I received and email from Ms. ** claiming my case had been forwarded to a field manager. I recovered a call from Ms. ** at 15:53, she advised that I had 3 options: accept half the cost of the repair, file civil suit against Rescue Professionals, go to my local club and file another damage claim. I told her that was not acceptable that I did not call Rescue Professionals, I called AAA. She merely repeated herself twice, "Your three options are ...".

She advised me that the guy who investigated is the same guy that signed this new company. And they claim they have no tools on their trucks. My question for her is, "Why would I call AAA if I'm just going to do my own work". It doesn't make sense. I don't care who pays for the repair as long as it gets paid! This is insane that I've had to deal with this frustration and aggravation.

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Lauren Fix is an automotive expert who earned the title of The Car Coach, and is recognized throughout all forms of media as a woman with in-depth knowledge on vehicles, technology, automotive finance, repair and trends. Founder of Automotive Aspects, Inc., her understanding of automobiles has made her the “go to” person on TV, radio, print and the internet. She writes a column for multiple outlets including Parade Magazine, NewsMax and Car Coach Reports. She is a regular guest on all the major news and morning shows discussing the latest updates on cars that will help drivers of all ages learn to about cars and make smart decisions.    More about Lauren→

Founded in 1902, AAA is a group of 69 affiliated motor clubs in North America. They have locations in every state and many countries. They offer 24-hour roadside assistance, including assistance for international members in the U.S.

  • Trip planning tools: Premium plan holders get access to free trip planning tools through TripTik.
  • Covers members, not vehicles: Members are entitled to roadside assistance services, regardless of the vehicle they are driving.
  • Covers RVs in some states: Apart from covering rental vehicles, AAA also has coverage plans for RVs and trailers in some U.S. states.
  • A huge network: The motor club has been around for more than 100 years, which gives it the advantage of having a vast network of service providers in place.
  • Travel-interruption expenses: Premium members get travel-interruption reimbursements of up to $1,500 if their car breaks down during a vacation.
  • International Travel: Passports and international license services are provided at their locations.
  • Car Repair: Discounted auto insurance is available in many states as well as auto repair centers.
  • Driver Training: A new driver training and insurance discount course are offered through AAA.
  • Best for AAA roadside assistance service is best for multiple-car owners as well as frequent vacationers.

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