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PaperSky of Beaverton, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

What a complete joke the battery service they offer is. I put a service order using their AAA mobile app because my battery is completely dead and was unable to jump it. I realize we got a lot more of snow last night but when they called me they said the service trucks who do the battery service are not even out today. Hey AAA have you ever heard of chains for your cars or trucks. They basically told me that it might be a couple of days and to call back tomorrow.

I asked if she could leave my service ticket active and she said no and to just call. Well after holding for 45 minutes I opted for the mobile app route which basically doesn't mean anything. I asked well should I put another ticket in tomorrow & they said to call except I really don't want to be on hold for another 45 minutes to have some super rude person treat me like crap. Not sure why it's even called roadside service. Way to leave me stranded AAA. Get your act together. Do you not notice your rating is one star. Words cannot express how livid I am.

Victoria of Marmet, WV on
Satisfaction Rating

Last night I was stranded in middle of God's country, on a solid sheet of ice on side of a hill (yes it's a road). Called triple A at 2:30 a.m. was told they'd arrive at 3:01 a.m. Then it went to 3:30 a.m. actually arrived at 3:15 a.m. I was watching from where I was, flashing lights so he'd see me. Then as I watch him sitting in front of the road I'm on, he keeps driving, turns around and leaves. Says he can't help, couldn't get up the road!!! He didn't even try. I was in a front wheel drive sports car, almost made it to the top then slid, almost over the mountain. Yet all I got from him was, "Sorry, can't get up that road". Oh yeah, did I mention it was 11, I was freezing. He just left me there to fend for myself. And that's exactly what I did. I got the car to where it was straight and backed it off the mountain. Took me 15 minutes but I SUCCEEDED!!! Yes, indeed I did. And HE FAILED!!! I'm done, will never use them again EVER!!!

Mike of King Of Prussia, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

Told them do not automatic renew membership a year ago, but they did anyway (2nd time). When I called, any random person in any office could pick up the call. I had to repeat three times the same info b/c they would transfer you to another random person if they don't want 'waste' time making a new sale. These female 'agent' are absolutely terrible... they only worry their sales commission. I ended up having to call my credit card company to dispute $196 they stole from me and told them to block AAA forever. Read this warning... do not deal with AAA ever. This is not same company.

M. of Jamestown, RI on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a AAA battery on 1/4/17 through roadside assistance since my battery was dead and he recommended it. The turnover with the replacement dragged causing starter to whine. I asked for another and was told it was my starter. The vehicle had just been serviced by the dealer. I ran the car all day to charge up the battery. The next morning 1/5/17 the car was hard to start. I stopped at a reputable auto store and they tested the battery. It was bad. He said call AAA they are good. I did. They sent another truck who angrily stated the battery was fine, where's my printout but it won't matter anyway. I went back and it was another shift. They tested the battery and it was bad. They called for me. AAA understood my concern commuting and the impact on the starter and alternator. Both tested fine for the auto store that urged me to replace it AAA and the dealer. I have to call their consumer office during business hours.

I cannot remove the battery or will have no recourse for reimbursement. It was after 5 when they decided to make me go through the business office and with the knowledge of me commuting in a predicted snow storm. I will find out today after 9 although stressed it was negligent and it was 24 hours. My bad expensive battery now. I will find out what they say in 6 hours although not hopeful after the hours we spent trying to rectify it tonight. I've been a member since 1975.

Sandra of Vernon, CT on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been a member with AAA for over 6 years as I result I have their Auto and Renters Insurance. I can't begin to tell you how many customer service problems I have has in the past. First the poor service started with **- 815 Farmington Avenue - West Hartford, Ct. such an attitude! He is not good with customers or business. He fails to return calls and gives me inaccurate quotes on my Auto Policy to date. In attempting to contact AAA regarding my Auto policy they are unable to find my policy and I spend lots of time on the telephone trying to identify myself. I have no claims to date just rising costs and very poor service.

Recently I had a serious price increase and called and spoke with ** 11-14-16 @ 11:05 am, made some changes and then I never heard back about my updated policy or when it was due. Nov. 12 I had to have emergency surgery (Nissen Fundoplication) and I had to have someone take care of my business, as a result my policy was not paid. No notices, emails, nothing was sent or brought to the attention of myself and my daughter. Once I recovered and returned home I realized my auto policy did not appear to be paid, that was on December 30, 2016 @7:17 pm I called and spoke with **. I explained I could not pay the amount until January 1, 2017. He told me if I paid the policy by January 1, 2017 it would immediately be reinstated. I attempted to call and pay my policy on that day but your offices were closed and the auto payment would not identify my policy number. You were closed!

I then called on Monday, January 2, and once again you were closed. I called Tuesday, today and spoke with ** and then a **. ** told me 30 days had lapsed and I had to have a new policy written which was at a much higher rate than I could afford due to the lapse in policy. This was truly an honest mistake on the part of AAA in not notifying me. In the past if a policy was about to lapse I would be sent a notice telling me this. I received no such notice. I am asking to be reinstated with the policy I had with CSAA at the rate I was paying. I also have renters insurance with I have discontinued which was much higher than my new quote with the identical policy. There is a cost difference of $20.00 a month for the exact same policy. I expect nothing from you because you obviously don't care. I have never had a claim with you and don't plan on any either.

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Rima of E Windsor, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been a member of AAA for over 25 years. Three years ago roadside service installed a new battery. A year later, the battery failed and I had to call for roadside service again. I was told the battery they installed was the wrong size, and they replaced it. Now a year and a half later, my car would not start (turned the key and got a click). The driver jumpstarted me and told me I should take my car to my mechanic, and not drive it otherwise. He said I had a fuel pump problem. My long-time mechanic said the fuel pump was fine but the battery would not hold a charge.

I called AAA and was told I had to be there to sign for them to come to replace the battery, AND the battery was no longer under warranty because they count from the first failed battery. Two failed batteries are enough. I told my mechanic to go ahead and replace the battery with something reliable. So much for 25 years of dues. Not there when you need them. Apparently AAA doesn't read these reviews or care or they would improve their service.

Carol of Olympia, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

The four hour online driving course is NOT a four hour driving course. I started the course and went non-stop to completion. At four hours there were multiple sections to complete. It took me approximately 5 1/2 hours. I completed each section early, however, it wouldn't let me go on because it had to time out. As soon as one was done, I started the next. The time required to do all the components is significantly more than the four hours advertised. I believe they are misrepresenting this course and doing so intentionally to get the business. I have always been happy with the services I received through AAA, until this experience.

Nick of Miamisburg, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been a member since I started driving 21 years ago. I have only used AAA service twice in that time frame and they have both been this year (both for battery service). Both times it was a complete joke. They took three times longer than they had estimated and when they did show up they were no help at all. Last night was the second time I called them and when they came out (after waiting 5 hours). The gentlemen was nice but had no idea what he was doing. Jumped my car, did some tests, told me everything was good. As he was cleaning up I went to start the car again and the battery was totally dead and would not start. He had no idea why. He told me I "might" need a battery. He quoted me a battery for $200 and I said I would like to replace the battery. He then acted started back peddling telling me that maybe it wasn't the battery. Then told me he could sell it to me but he couldn't install it. I said that was fine, I will install it.

He then said he didn't have the battery on him, but he could get one here in less than an hour. I said that was fine - I can wait. He then immediately said the battery is fine and that I really didn't need to replace it. At this point I was just done dealing with this guy. It was obvious he had no intention in helping me. So tried to start my car this morning and it's dead. Honestly I am mostly disappointed. I have always felt this security having AAA for so many years. Then when I see what I am actually paying for it's a joke. He have had the most expensive plan for years, but I will not be renewing my membership in February after 21 years of being a member.

Michele of Pittsburgh, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I called because of a dead battery 3:05 pm. It is now 7:01 pm and they are not here yet. I called at 6:16 to get an update and was told there was another call ahead of me and that someone would call me to let me know when they would get here. Nothing yet. Very frustrating! I am lucky that my car died at home and not on the road. Not sure exactly what I am paying for!

Mila of Gilroy, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Where do I begin... I finally got the chance to sit down and write this review and express how dissatisfied I am with this insurance! For being a loyal customer for over 10 years I would at least expect some assistance as a member. Our RV broke down in the middle of the desert at 6 am. I called AAA member services and they said our membership didn't cover. I was furious! Stuck in the cold in the middle of nowhere with two young children and AAA said that they cannot do anything except provide a number to the nearest tow truck. Yes, we paid $210 out of our own pocket... even after paying more than 10 years' worth of membership payment and only used the roadside service once.

Did I mention I didn't need a tow? One tire busted. All we need was to borrow a jack so we can replace the punctured tire with a spare. $210 just to change the tire! I have my house, two cars and the RV insured by AAA. You would think AAA would mention "by the way, you need to upgrade your membership if you want to cover the RV." Instead they would rather collect your money and hope you will never need roadside assistance. I was ready to cancel my membership and insurance right then and there! Unfortunately everything has already been paid. I'm never late on payment. Should have stuck with State Farm. I guess I better find an alternative insurance company.

Gail of Crescent City, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I called AAA at 5:15 PM and was told it would be a 45 minute wait. This is a small town with 5 towing companies within five miles of my location. When the tow truck did not arrive to change my flat tire by 6:00 PM I called the towing company. The AAA service clerk said was contracted for my area. The towing company told me that they had received the dispatch from AAA only 7 minutes prior to my phone call. I was told they would be out to change my tire within 30 minutes. I called AAA back to ask why the towing company had only received the call to change my tire only 7 minutes prior to my calling the towing company.

I was put on hold for 11 minutes plus for the clerk to find out what happened. She came back and stated the towing company was only 6 minutes out. I told her I had contacted the towing company and was given another 30 minutes until they could respond. She stated she was working with the dispatcher to find out what happened. Even though all of the towing companies are within 6 minutes of my location it still did not get my tire changed any faster. I still have not been told why AAA took so long to send the request for towing. The time from the phone call until the tow truck responded was 2 hours much longer than the 45 minutes I was promised.

Tom of Las Vegas, NV on
Satisfaction Rating

Very disappointed. When signing up for AAA on the computer, I input all info required and made payment. Website locked me out with no confirmation that payment received or email. When credit card bill came in, charge were made to my account by AAA. When I called AAA they said it is an active account. Well I informed the girl that I did not get a confirmation or any info sent to me or even a card. I told her that I went on a road trip with my travel trailer and wanted the peace of mind in case of a breakdown (I have two new vehicles and a fairly new trailer). She apologized and offer to help correct the problem, she added my wife on the account even though I added her on when I attempt to sign up. She said she would give me a discount for adding my wife.

Well, got the second bill and she charge me full price but said it was a discount. Very shady practice, customer service said they cannot do anything about it because payment has been made. They did offer a $10 discount on my next renewal date if I do auto pay, ha ha, what a joke. They need to know there are other companies that do the same service at competitive pricing.

J. of Kalamazoo, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

As a brand-new AAA client and first-time user of AAA emergency roadside services, I can state without hesitation that our experience yesterday with both the local AAA-contracted towing company and with the AAA emergency roadside services customer service Supervisor 'Phil' is at the top of the worst and most unacceptable services and responses from a business/company and individual employee that I have ever had the mis-pleasure of dealing with.

Our vehicle died in someone's driveway across town from us. We were informed by the AAA rep, per AAA policy, that we had to be with our vehicle with our membership card/info and the keys at time of towing service. The rep stated that we would receive text updates as to the ETA, and the agreement was that we would be on-site 10-15 minutes before the tow truck arrived. The ETA was 4 hours out. Since we could not wait 4 hours at the residence and our other vehicle was also down, we arranged a ride back to our residence, and then arranged a ride back to the vehicle from a nice neighbor. The AAA rep suggested this, and we agreed.

At 6:35, with no ETA updates or calls, my wife called AAA. As she was on the phone with the rep who was informing us that our ETA had been pushed back, I received a call at the exact moment from the tow company dispatcher stating that the driver was on-site with the vehicle - an hour earlier than stated and without having called us or informed us in any way whatsoever. The dispatcher stated that she would inform the driver to wait for us at the vehicle (per AAA policy) as it would take at least 15 minutes to return to the vehicle. As my wife approached the site, the tow truck driver was observed leaving with our vehicle attached, in-tow and driving away. She stopped the operator and asked what was occurring. He stated he was taking it to our designated repair service facility (which we had agreed to).

The tow truck operator towed our vehicle with us being on-site. They towed it without having the key to access the ignition. They towed it improperly from the rear without engaging the neutral setting, potentially causing significant damage to the vehicle (we are awaiting word from our service facility). If my wife and neighbor had arrived on site 10 seconds later, or taken another route, they would never have encountered the tow operator removing the vehicle and would have found an empty spot where the car was supposed to have been, and no one had informed us of this at all. We wasted a trip and everyone's time in 4-degree weather conditions.

The tow operator even stated to the residence owner where the car was that she made contact with him and he stated to her that he was "fine and happy to wait". She then observed him hooking up our car and driving it away without our permission, without us being on-site, without making contact with us, without us presenting our AAA documents and without having the key. As the first AAA rep I spoke to stated, she was "appalled" by the manner in which the tow company and tow operator violated every single agreement that were directed by AAA to follow. She stated that he should not have done any of the above. She stated that the AAA contract with MacDonald's Towing in Kalamazoo, Michigan should be revoked by AAA due to their obvious and clear mis-management and the violation of AAA policies that we as clients were directed to follow. We followed those directives and agreements as documented.

When I spoke with 'Phil', the Supervisor at AAA emergency roadside assistance, the issue was not resolved. "Your vehicle got towed to your repair facility, right?" was the snide, sarcastic, impertinent, rude, dismissive customer service SUPERVISOR 'Phil's' ending comment to me. That's what AAA is standing by: that if your car made it from point A to point B, then they're golden. Anything in-between and any violations of the agreement that you just made with the AAA emergency service rep or violations of AAA policy are simply hairs to split and argue over.

That's all Phil did with me: Argue. Interrupt. Badger. Be combative. Question. Deny responsibility. Allay blame. Try to wear me down. Kept stating that he didn't understand, after I clearly explained the timeline and situation. Kept referring to his "notes" in the documentation, and then insinuating that we, as clients, had not followed AAA procedure somehow. Blame the towing company. Blame the tow operator. State clearly that the tow company and tow operator were at-fault. And somehow even blame US for having the keys to the car, and repeatedly asking me how the keys got to the repair facility (huh? My wife TOOK them there, since she always had them in her possession, while the tow operator never did!), and state that we did indeed receive a text update (it was simply the first text message stating that my new policy was accepted), and so that was good enough for AAA.

Good call, arguing with the client. This rep did EVERYTHING, that I, as a long-time, trained hospitality industry employee and self-employed business owner, have never been taught NOT to do when resolving or addressing valid issues and complaints with clients and customers. Even the first AAA rep I got on the phone said she was "appalled" by the many ways in which our service call went wrong, that none of it should have occurred as it did, and that the towing company should be relieved of their contract. So which is it, AAA? Do you truly feel that this episode is as simply as "we completed the contract" and "we got the car from A to B"? Are you listening, AAA (on social media)?

APPALLING. Absolute GARBAGE. This was to-date about the WORST customer service Supervisor and experience that I've ever had the mis-pleasure of being on the other end of. Complete arrogance and unwillingness to assist us. As a first-time AAA client, I can soundly state that the treatment and service we got was beyond sub-par. It was abysmal, and it is still unresolved. We simply wished a refund on our membership fee or at least one tow service placed back onto our account, but no. Nothing. As 'Phil' stated, "We did our job. Why should we refund your membership fee when we've done our job?" (that's a verbatim quote).

Gary of Merrimack, NH on
Satisfaction Rating

Great phone service. Just really long waits in zero weather. Called at 430. By 5 I was finished. They texted me at 5 to let me know they're dispatching. I called three times and was told some erosions saying 15-20 minutes and by 620 I get a text. They're on their way with an arrival at 640 which they showed up at. My issue is what's the point on relying on a company that states truth stretching (lies) about time line and uses verbiage such as "I apologize for the inconvenience"? I have to say I am extremely dissatisfied with the level of service that has been propagated. It is 10 degrees outside that's pretty cold to be outside waiting or inside a car with no heat.

Donna of Picayune, MS on
Satisfaction Rating

I had AAA for several years. When I needed them they wouldn't answer their phone, so I canceled their service. The only thing good about them is the travel discounts you can get. The auto service is crappy. Thus 1 star.

Scott of Evanston, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

My AAA policy is an RV PLUS account which they sell to you as an upgrade to their base policy which among other things, promises to cover towing up to 100 miles. My son broke down today and was 40 miles from home. They refused to tow him because it was snowing and limited towing to only 25 miles due to the weather. The RV PLUS upsell is a scam. DO NOT BUY. I am cancelling as soon as I confer with counsel. Sounds like possible insurance fraud to me. I will be filing a complaint with the State's Attorney General's Office and The State Insurance Commissioner. Researching possible Class Action Lawsuit. Will post here if others have had similar experiences and wish to join the suit.

Tavia M. of Columbus, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

I've been a member of AAA for about 8 years. Never had any problems until day before yesterday when they renewed my membership without notifying me first, leaving me with a negative balance in my bank account. I called the customer service number and told them that I wanted the automatic renewal and automatic payments stopped immediately since that when they took my money without notifying me first, that I was left a negative balance in my bank account. So, I had to go to my bank and talk to someone there and that person gave me a number to call for their to dispute department. Well, after being on the phone with them for about 2-3 hours, the mess was finally straightened out because my bank put money into my account so there wouldn't be a negative balance. But, the matter still has not been resolved with AAA.

The person I talked to at my bank said that it would take about 15 days before I saw a dime from AAA. AAA emailed me and tried to say that there was no credit card on my account for automatic renewal, yet they still took my money! I told them that if the matter wasn't resolved, that I will be canceling my membership. I am not happy about what they did at all.

Christian of Williamstown, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

AAA advertised a marketing promo that if you signed up for a new membership, you would receive an email link to a gift card for $10. I called the AAA office five times to no satisfaction. All I am ever told is the link was mailed yet I never received it. It is the principal more than the value of the promo at this point and it is quite frankly false advertisement. I asked the rep to send me the email right then and there if it was already sent but shockingly he was unable. Highly disappointed in their lack of integrity. Will never renew again.

R. L. of Pembroke Pines, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I called Triple A at 8 am to ask for an battery replacement of my cx 5 mazda. The guy Carlos from Affordable battery and towing came to my house and he confirmed he had the battery to be replaced. Later he told my car had a issue with the start system and the battery could be only changed after the system be fixed. While he was almost leaving, I replaced the battery of the key and the car started. The guy refused to exchanged the battery and told me he had already closed the case and another person of Triple A should come to replace it. I called again to ask another person. One hour later the same guy called letting me know he was coming back. Why did he leave without helping me out?

Anyway, when I thought my problem would be solved, he tells me he doesn't know how to exchange the battery and I would need to take my car to the dealer. I ask. What kind of service Triple A provides to customers? Why do they send incapable people to provide services? At 1:30 pm, after long hours at the phone complaining about this disrespectful situation they called me to find they couldn't find people to help me out in the area I live. I believe this advertisement is a lie to customers, the benefit of membership is not true and I felt that this company should treat customers the way they deserve.

Maria of Irving, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I am a AAA client for more than 10 years. First in Tennessee then in Texas. Today was the third time that I needed them (I don't need them very often) and they never showed up. I'm cancelling my membership because why should I pay for a service that I never get. They made me wait almost two hours at a Walmart parking lot (my car ran out of battery. All I needed was a simple boost) and never came. A good Samaritan just came over and offered me help. Hard to believe in Texas! Anyways, going back to the AAA experience, it was real bad. It was 2 in the morning when I got home.

Douglas of Ventura, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been a member of AAA for 36 years. I have had my cars insured through them for around 30 years and my home insured through them for around 18 years. Over the years AAA has cut back on the free services they offer. Mostly this didn't bother me since I didn't use those services much anyhow. However, recently I got a letter in the mail for AAA telling me that they won't be renewing my home owner's policy because our Jacuzzi didn't have water in it. The problem with this is that my Jacuzzi always has water in it. So I called AAA up and told them that my Jacuzzi always has water in it. Plus I didn't recall anyone calling to come to our property and inspect it. Sometimes AAA will send someone to look at a property and take photos.

I also pointed out that it would be impossible for someone to stop by our property and see the Jacuzzi because we keep the gates to our back yard locked. So the rep contacted the underwriter and asked about it. Turns out the person at the underwriter looked at a satellite photo of our property and because she could not see water in the Jacuzzi, she assumed there was none. Last time I checked, water is clear. It is typically impossible to tell of something contains water unless you get very close to it. Obviously you cannot tell from a satellite photo. Plus I pulled up the satellite photo and not only could I obviously not tell if there was water in the Jacuzzi, the photo itself had to be a minimum of two years old!

This is the most unprofessional conduct I have seen in a long time. The underwriter was too lazy to make an appointment to see the house and too ignorant to realize water is clear and you can't see it from a satellite photo. AAA did send someone to my house to photograph the Jacuzzi. However, I still have not been told if this is cleared up. So as long as I can match their price or beat their price, I have decided to cut all ties to AAA. It has been my policy all my life to blacklist companies that demonstrate such incompetence or irresponsible customer service.

Additionally, so far it's looking like dropping AAA will actually save me some money. For so many years I just renewed my policies without shopping around. I think that was a mistake. Also, the AAA membership is not really worth all that much. No more than I use the services, I'm money ahead. Plus there are so many other roadside assistance services out there. Do your homework, even some credit cards offer the service. In fact you might have another service and not even know it. AAA has gone downhill quite a bit.

Crystal of Candler, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

NO STARS: When backing out of a driveway, the driver side rear wheel went into a ditch. AAA sent this company out and a young man completely connected the chain wrong to my car resulting in a bent tie rod, need for 2 new front tires, and an alignment. The driver quickly jumped in his truck and didn't even give me sheet to sign. I escalated this through AAA corporate. The owner called once, said he would talk to driver next day and call me back. He NEVER called me back even after I have left messages. This cost me $500 and they should be reimbursing me for the damage they caused to my car. Do not use their services. I had to call AAA again to find out claim denied by owner. Driver LIED and said we asked to use his chains and not put on rollback. The owner would not even call me back himself after multiple attempts and messages I have left.

The owner finally called me back 11/18. He was very condescending and called me a liar without saying the exact words. He stated AAA closed the ticket multiple times and he was tired of dealing with it. That AAA doesn't own his company and he was told he doesn't have to do anything to rectify this situation. He belittled me and called me a liar in 3 ways. This is not a professional. He was so rude. I have logged multiple complaints. AAA issued a ticket, hasn't resolved, and also didn't contact me that a claim has been "denied". They just put me in touch with the tow company they sent out. No one is taking responsibility. This has been going on for over a month without any resolution.

ron of Mt Laurel, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

My truck broke down 2 nights ago and it took AAA over an hour to come out. I get towed to the station, which informs me they are closing in 30 minutes and couldn't do anything with my car till the next day. Wasted tow. Call AAA again and said I wanted a long distance tow, since I was in Timbuctoo, and had nowhere to go. They attempted to discourage me from using a long distance tow, telling me it would be several hours before they could make it out. I insisted on the tow and they were there within an hour. Nice! I get towed in at 9:30 in the evening to my home.

Two days later, I call AAA for a tow to the Chevy dealer with my truck. They inform me that since I was already towed, they will not tow this vehicle any longer. Since I had a 200 mile tow and 3 100 mile tows, who the hell do they think they are, telling me how to use my tows? I now have to call a tow truck and pay out of pocket. I won't be renewing. ** triple A! The attitudes and trying to talk me out of this and that. I will sign on with another service. At 200.00, AAA isn't cheap at all and they can keep their attitudes and lack of service.

Pete of San Marcos, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

The receptionist is not very friendly or courteous. In my opinion I find her to be rude to unreceptive. Which is weird since her job has to do with greeting people. She is the first impression of the AAA organization as we walk in the door. However, she has that look on her face that says "I HATE MY JOB." Not sure if her previous jobs were at the DMV or some other hostile place like a prison reception. She never wears a name tag. I would really like to know her name so that the right person can be addressed. I can only describe her as short, medium build, light complexion, black curly hair shoulder length. No accent, maybe Hispanic or Middle Eastern descent. The other staff are very nice, courteous, and friendly. Thinking some customer service training is in order. If it is personality driven I would not want her representing my company. When I see her as the only person at the counter I dread going to the desk.

R of Carteret, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

The worse customer service ever! They lack the tools needed to provide at least the minimal amount of service! Uncoordinated and untrustworthy! Waited for over 3 months to resolve an issue that was suppose to be resolved within 30 days, according to one of their employees. To make a long story short, I submitted a reimbursement form before I went on a three week vacation. I called the day I left and they said it was being process, that I had to wait 30 day. On returning in mid-August I figure I'll give them a courtesy call. When doing so found out that it hasn't even started to be processed, to give it a 7-10 days. After that I called again, and they said they couldn't find the paperwork, to give it another week or so. From there they keep giving me the "call next week" excuse. This keep on going for weeks and spoke to several of people, and it's like no one knew what the hell was going on. It became very ** frustrating.

Started to think they were doing deliberately. So I figure why, stress, and wait it out. Now it's mid-November. I finally got my refund, instead of refunding me the full amount like stated from the beginning, or as a courtesy because of all the lies, **, and incompetent service that was provide I was refunded 51% of refund. It's better than nothing, but now I know for next time "IF" there ever was to be a next time. I don't know what else to say but with technology these days it shouldn't have taken that long. My suggestion is when planning a service plan, I believe more emphasis should be put into proper training and communication. FYI the waiting wasn't the problem, the unreliability, untrustworthy, and the lack of communication within AAA's Mid-Atlantic Customer Relations caused the issue.

Caren of Mcmurray, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been a member for 19 years. Called for a change of tire. After 90 minutes called back. Nobody came. They assured me 40 minutes that someone would be there. I am sitting here for close to 3 hours. The agents are nasty and then when I get mad they tell me to calm down. Jenelle and the boss Al were short and abrupt. They put me on hold so I had to call back. If you do not have AAA, then don't buy. Ridiculous.

JAMES of Northglenn, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

I got a flat tire traveling back home with my wife and our 2 dogs. We were still a ways out so I called AAA for a tow (I am paying for the service so why not). I was checking on the car when the AAA finally answered. My wife talked to the CSR and told me he was rude and tried to make her feel as if she didn't know where she is at. She told him we were southbound on I25 a mile north of exit 257. He kept telling her that she was northbound. I finally talked to him and said I needed a flat bed for my AWD car. He told me someone was being dispatched.

One hour goes by and no update. I call again and speak to a different rep. He tells me that a driver will be at my location in 20 minutes. I asked for the trucking company's name and he said he didn't know which one it will be. To me this meant that no one was even on their way until I called again. 2 hours go by before I receive a call from the driver.

He asks me if I was south of 257. I told him that the AAA rep was wrong and that we were north of 257 in the southbound lane. The driver finally arrived and if it wasn't for his great personality and willingness to help I would have canceled my AAA later that night. I have used AAA many times before and this is the first time that I had a bad experience with the CSR's over the phone. If the trend continues I will definitely be looking for AAA alternatives.

no of No, WI on
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I tried 3 times to get my car towed!!! All three times I waited over 2 hours and they never showed up!!! Then I find out that for one of these calls AAA charged me for a tow!!! They never touched my car!!! I had to leave for work after 3 hours and they say they showed up after 4 hours!!! This is a scam!!! They do everything to avoid towing your car!!! Never use AAA!!!

Leanne of Mason, OH on
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On 11/1 I called at 2:07 pm for a tow due to flat tire. I received a confirmation text for service at 2:20. Then I received a text my truck was dispatched at 3:22 with an ETA of 3:54. But mind you I was on I71 on shoulder where no one goes 65, they fly by 75, 80. The first 2 agents stated they agreed I was in an UNSAFE AREA... that I was a "priority". Then at 4:06 I received a call from a AAA NUMBER stating his driver can't locate me. 2 HOURS AND YOU CAN'T FIND ME. BS. THEY NEVER TRIED. I GAVE THEM MY LOCATION BETWEEN EXIT 25 AND 26... I was the only car broke down with hazards. Then he says, "Well we had car accidents before you so we are behind." Then he hung up. I call back...

Fast forward to 6:30 a police officer pulled up behind and I showed him all my texts from AAA and phone call logs. He said, "Lady they are not coming. It is dangerous for you to be here on the highway by yourself. I can't believe you have been here over 4 hours." Then AAA tells me I have to pay a private tow company and they will reimburse me. Then at 6:56 a supervisor calls named, "Alex"... and says "I am so sorry didn't anyone tell you, DISPATCH IS DOWN!!!" I said "don't you think if I would have know 5 hours ago you were not coming because dispatch is down I would have called a private company, towed it to tire discounters and then gone home in 2 hours vs. 5 1/2 hours and no resolution.

So now I have to miss a half days work... call AAA again to be towed to tire discounters on 11/2. Do not waste your money... especially if you are a woman. They lie to you and say you are next, a priority and say they feel bad that the highway is unsafe. Remember current AAA customers that these calls are all recorded. Spread the word. I will be cancelling my membership tomorrow. The only good thing that happened, a kind police officer got me a tow truck in 20 minutes with 1 call.

Jim of Rolesville, NC on
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I've been a member of AAA for years and have never needed their service. In fact I was thinking of canceling my membership. Then earlier this month the steering on my wife's truck failed and we needed a tow. And yesterday on vacation our battery died and we needed a new one. In both cases the very first question I was asked was: "Are you safe?" Yes. In both cases help was dispatched quickly. Both times our troubles were sorted out quickly turning potentially major issues into minor inconveniences. Companies like AAA hear a lot of negatives when people are mad because they didn't get their way but people rarely take the time to tell them when they're doing a good job. Thank you AAA for jobs well done. And extra kudos to Andrew ** from AAA Orlando for a great job changing out our battery in the parking lot of our hotel. His courteous and friendly manner is an asset to AAA and its members!

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Founded in 1902, AAA is a group of 69 affiliated motor clubs in North America. They have locations in every state and many countries. They offer 24-hour roadside assistance, including assistance for international members in the U.S.

  • Trip planning tools: Premium plan holders get access to free trip planning tools through TripTik.
  • Covers members, not vehicles: Members are entitled to roadside assistance services, regardless of the vehicle they are driving.
  • Covers RVs in some states: Apart from covering rental vehicles, AAA also has coverage plans for RVs and trailers in some U.S. states.
  • A huge network: The motor club has been around for more than 100 years, which gives it the advantage of having a vast network of service providers in place.
  • Travel-interruption expenses: Premium members get travel-interruption reimbursements of up to $1,500 if their car breaks down during a vacation.
  • International Travel: Passports and international license services are provided at their locations.
  • Car Repair: Discounted auto insurance is available in many states as well as auto repair centers.
  • Driver Training: A new driver training and insurance discount course are offered through AAA.
  • Best for AAA roadside assistance service is best for multiple-car owners as well as frequent vacationers.

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