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Went to Jiffy Lube store # 2231 in Sandy, Oregon yesterday to get an oil change for a 60 mile+ drive up to 5,000 ft elevation in a remote mountain area. Car was due for a change and I wanted it in good, healthy shape for the trip. Jiffy Lube achieved just the opposite for me with their negligence. I noticed on the way home from my trip that the car was smoking heavily and engine lugging down when starting out from standstill.

This morning back in Portland in the day light, I could really see it was smoking like crazy. Checked the dip stick and it was WAAAY over the top of the "full" marker! Took it down the street to a different local JL #1006. They re-did the job for me and filled to correct level without charging. The manager at store #1006 Powell was helpful and seemed to have good integrity. He says he will call the #2231 store tomorrow and speak to their manager.

I'm hoping my car is not damaged, but will be taking it to a mechanic this week for a check-up to see if any damage can be detected. This time could have been much worse, judging from the stories shared on this site. Hopefully my car will be ok from here and not have minor or major issues because of this incident. If it does, proving it might be difficult to impossible? I'll be worrying now about the engine seizing up, blowing head gaskets, the catalytic converter... whatever else can go wrong when there's enough oil in the system to float Noah's ark!

I usually avoid JLs as a rule because of the stories I've heard from friends. Too bad I made an exception just this one time. In my past visits from years ago, it seemed to me they play on your fears to sell you more services, and talk fast to throw you off and get you keyed up/worried rather than clearly explaining things. I have learned my lesson for good now, absolutely NO MORE JIFFY LUBE VISITS FOR ME!

Damage to my son's car. My son went in for a simple oil change Jiffy Lube Huber Heights and left with a damaged hood and a cracked windshield. Jiffy Lube refuses to pay for any of the damage because they stated they don't touch the hood, pretty sure you have to lift and close the hood to do an oil change. My son lifted it some and then the technician Jason lifted it the rest of the way and placed the bar. Then when Jason closed the hood he could not latch it (no problems prior to visit), so they told my 17-year-old son he would have to figure it out himself. My son had to sit in his car for 1 hour in 90-degree weather until I could get him someone to help him latch it. Somehow in the process of them damaging the hood it also caused damage to the windshield that we now have to replace.

On 3/9/2016 I took my Dodge 3500 4X4 for an oil change as we were getting ready for a vacation. The work was performed at the Jiffy Lube on State Ave. in Marysville, WA. Less than 50 miles was put on the truck before we left on May 25th, 2016. We stopped in Butte, MT that same evening to fuel up and noticed a "wet" spot on the ground at the back of the engine. A trucker looked at it for me and told me it was most likely a blown rear main seal. The needed repairs were done at a cost of $759.97 plus an extra night's lodging. The diesel shop that did the repairs said the rear main seal blew out because "someone" overfilled the oil and they would be willing to verify this with Jiffy Lube. I paid for the repairs and went on about my vacation - with no further problems.

Upon my return home to WA which was on 6/15/2016 I contacted the Jiffy Lube that did the oil change and they blew me off - kind of like the way my rear main seal blew. So on 6/16/2016 I contacted Jiffy Lube Corp. in Houston, TX. Today, 6/28/2016 I was informed that Jiffy Lube Corporate was denying my claim because it was longer than 3 months since the oil change. The oil change was done on 3/9/2016; left for vacation on 5/25/2016 (2 months and 16 days after oil change - which is within the 3 months); incident occurred on 5/25/2016 but since I didn't report it until after I returned from vacation 6-16-2016 it was beyond the warranty. I didn't have my receipt with me, and I don't vacation with my computer. I am disabled due to MS, on a limited income, my family and caregiver who drove me Minnesota for a family reunion, made this trip possible.

Needless to say I am not happy with Jiffy Lube's response to this and I will be pursuing this with and through an attorney. My brother who is a retired Sgt. with LAPD paid the repair bill for me and intends to pursue this on my behalf. I'm sure a multi-billion dollar corporation can afford to spent thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars on tying this up until they think I will go away or financial give up. Well, I've taken on a $1.92 billion dollar outfit for $5,000.00 and won.

Bought a pre-owned 2009 VW Passat from a reputable dealer on 6/17/16. Only 89k miles on car... In great shape and clean. On 6/19/16 I took said vehicle to a very popular European dealership collision center (daughter's employer) to have her technicians that she has known for years and I trust look over the car. A "great buy" is said. No leaks, no lights on, everything good is the end result. Because there was no oil change sticker in the window and almost 90k miles I decided to treat my car to a full synthetic oil change.

Against better judgment (had problems a couple years ago at the same location), I pulled into Atlanta Lubes Two, LLC DBA Jiffy Lube #2103, located 5772 Peachtree-Industrial Blvd Chamblee, GA 30341. The employees were friendly and smiling (different people from years ago who were obnoxious and rude). I asked the cost of an oil change and was told $89 for my car and an additional charge of $15 to top off coolant because the "red" (warning not hazard yellow) coolant low light had come on during inspection (always thought that was free of charge).

Anyway, agreed to spend as I was in a good mood and I love my car. My car is in the bay and one tech comes in and asks for another to help him with respect to my car. I am now at the glass looking. The older fast talking tech comes in and explains something about my filter but said "all is ok." I know it is because I just bought the car. So, after 40 min (kind of long I was only one there and 4 techs hovering around my car), I go to pay and it's over $100 but am given a $10 coupon. Geee. Thanks!! Still expensive but I pay and leave.

The 26th of June, I pull my car out to leave the garage and all of my coolant (green slippery stuff) is on the garage floor. All of a sudden, I have a serious leak. Hmmmm... So, I call the location and of course they're excited about my coming back to them. So, instead, I take it to the same techs as before and he confirmed sabotage (a puncture in a line that he said was not there when he inspected the car). I make an online complaint and some arrogant ** from corporate is getting smart, over talking me, basically trying to avoid dealing with the issue.

Crooks, thieves, dishonest, unethical business practices. Realizing I am wasting my time (I can see why the Jiffy Lube culture is poor) I get so frustrated over his unprofessional and almost bullyish demeanor that I say ** you and before I can disconnect the call the representative from "CORPORATE" says, "You as well!" Lesson learned... Jiffy Lube nor any of the other quick lubes will NEVER get another dime from me.

I just experienced the worst customer service at the Laredo location on Del Mar. I walked in and stood at counter waiting to be acknowledged. The manager ignored me and went on to help another customer. He then gave the customer the wrong keys. As I stood waiting, he then got on the phone and turned his back to me. Once he was finished with the phone he ignored me yet again to speak to a new customer that had just walked in. When I got upset, he told me I was rude when all I said was "really".

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Went in for a oil change on 4/2/2016. A guy came out from the back and asked me if I wanted them to check the air filter (don't they do that automatically?). He said "the reason I ask is that it is hard to get to, and I just want to make sure you would replace it if it needs it." I said "yeah, if it needs it I probably would." Comes back out 2 minutes later with air filter and looking at it, I told him I would wait until next time. Then, as I was getting ready to pay my bill, they told me that they had a special on wiper blades, Buy 1 get one free. I told him that mine were fine (I had just replaced them not long ago). Paid my bill and drove to a restaurant to have lunch (this is about 12:30).

When I came out to get back in my car, I noticed that one of my tires was very flat. I drove to a gas station several yards away and attempted to put air into it. When I took the cap off air was coming out like crazy and it would not hold air. I called a service station and after talking with them a couple times, figured out that the valve stem sensor was broken off. I was told that this doesn't just happen on its own and that whoever filled it with air last had to know it was broken because air would be leaking out very fast. Well things were starting to fall into place... I called Jiffy Lube 3 or 4 times and they would not answer (I believe they saw the caller ID and knew it was me calling). I knew then that this had been done deliberately because I didn't buy the air filter. So I had to call for a tow truck to take my vehicle to a tire store and have it fixed. About $100 for the tow and another $100 for the broken sensor. This is how I spent my Saturday afternoon.

I waited until Monday and talked with an area supervisor. He told me they have had problems with that location and that they would reimburse me for the towing and replaced sensor. A couple of days later when it started raining I turned my wipers on and heard a terrible noise. One of my wipers had a about a 4" tear. Now I know why they asked at the last minute if I wanted my wipers replaced. It was not like that before I went for my oil change. So I called the guy back and let him know. So now I had to go and purchase a new wiper blade and install it myself.

Looking at my receipt, it says that I declined to have my tire pressure and air filter checked. (REALLY??) Since then my stereo has been cutting in and out and my windshield cracked. I can't help but wonder if these things were also caused by Jiffy Lube. I did finally get a check for $190.22 to cover the tow and sensor, over two months later. I guess I will never know what all was done to sabotage my vehicle while I was there.

They are bunch of crook. They charged me $40.00 for air filter which cost $12.99. I understand charge for labor, but 350%??

As soon as I walked in this location on South Frontage I-35 (Austin, Tx), I noticed the employees were super unpleasant. The inside was all dingy and the chairs ripped/stained. That didn't even come close to my main problem with this place. I went in to get an oil changed and a week later I learned that they never put the coolant cap back on. As a result, my car overheated on the highway, I needed to have it towed, and needed my thermostat replaced. That was my 1st and only experience going to Jiffy Lube. I only went there because I had a coupon and got an oil change for $29, but in the long run it cost me $251 (would have been over $500 but did not get the hoses replaced yet). I am very upset with my decision to go there in 1st place and will NEVER return.

Public Service Announcement. BE AWARE!!! Re: Jiffy Lube # 1463 3000 Capitol Ave Sacramento, CA 95816. BAR #ARD256518. EPA #CAL000335141. Owner: Donald Fowler/Broadbase Inc. I've been a customer for 4 yrs. I've repeatedly informed JL that my $1000 aftermarket performance ball joints have grease zerks and require lube. When I went in for an oil change today, I verified with the front desk, that they know about the zerks. The technician showed me they had a notation on my account, that they were aware, and that they would take care of it. At post inspection, they showed me my coolant was a quart low? I checked under the vehicle and showed them that the zerks had not been touched. They pulled the vehicle back in, and I asked to speak with the mgr **.

During our conversation, I negotiated for them to top off the coolant at no cost, as a show of good faith. After filling the coolant reservoir, the tech said my ball joints were torn. I stated that they shouldn't be, unless they are not competent to do that service. When I got home, I crawled under the vehicle, to check that the oil filter had been changed, and to inspect the ball joints for damage (there was none... just a sloppy lube job). I opened the hood to verify that the coolant had been topped off. What I found, is that the tech disconnected a vacuum line from my air filter to the engine, when he was topping off the coolant. I am no longer a Jiffy Lube customer, and I have filed a complaint with Bureau of Automotive Repair.

I had an oil change and transmission service done at the Jiffy Lube at 5915 100th street in Lakewood, WA on 3/17/16 and after a couple of weeks of oil leaking on my garage floor I returned the car to Jiffy Lube and they stuck a vacuum cleaner to my oil filler hole and messed with my car for over an hour. They explained the guy that changed my oil used an old oil washer and that's why it leaked. Two weeks later my low-pressure oil light came on and I had to take the car to the dealer. The dealer called me and informed me that whoever changed my oil last had removed my oil pressure switch and stripped the threads when they tried to put the switch back in. They had smeared sealer around it seal it. It failed and that's why the light came on. He also explained that someone had stripped the threads on the oil pan and installed a piggyback plug which was also had been stripped, and had a red sealer on it to keep it from leaking.

He said I needed a new oil pan. I called the general manager a Jiffy Lube and he denied they ever touched the oil pressure switch and that he had even looked it up on the computer to see where it was located. He informed me that he couldn't be held responsible until he inspected the damage himself but would not go look at the damage at the dealer. I had the dealer put the old oil pan back on and took the car to Jiffy Lube. The manager said no oil was leaking out the stripped threads so I was out of luck, but he would rethread the oil drain and put a yet larger plugin. My wife said they couldn't touch her car again so we took it back to the dealer for a new oil pan.

The store later called me and said they would refund my money for the oil change and transmission service but refused to fix my damage. The total for everything was $1,500. I contacted the BBB and Jiffy Lube gave their pet answer that they didn't do it. The car has only had service at the dealer and that Jiffy Lube and the dealer verified that Jiffy Lube had done the damage. No one from Jiffy Lube management has contacted us wanting to see the parts or even discuss the matter or see the documentation. No choice but to sue them.

I went to Jiffy Lube to get a oil change. The guy told me I had a dirty fuel filter and showed me some dirty gas that came from my car that I had no idea how he came up with. He recommended a fuel flush and after he went on and on I reluctantly agreed. They took my car out of my view behind the building for about 20 minutes. I had an odd feeling and walked out there to check on my car. I found two employees sitting in my car and three more standing around it. They were messing with my radio and not working on my engine at all. I asked him to get out of my car and I got in and drove up closer to where I could keep an eye on it. I paid my bill and drove off. The car ran no different after this mysterious fuel treatment flush. Total cost $249 down the drain. I will avoid Jiffy Lube from now on.

Took my brand new vehicle to Jiffy Lube for its first oil change. They stripped drain plug without telling me about it. Tried to take it to Wal-Mart for the next oil change. Wal-Mart would not service the car due to the stripped drain plug. Brought back to Jiffy Lube. They told me to replace the part they damaged. Tried to call customer service, put on hold forever. My call dropped and when I tried to call back they started putting on their answering machine like they can't be bothered to speak to their own customers on their customer service call center during their hours of operation! Seriously? I try calling back later the same day, now they put me on hold for 30 minutes, and at the end of the 30 minutes I get the answering machine again. Terrible company. Avoid at all costs.

Oil change for 43.00. Simple. They failed to lubricate my joints. They said while I watched they would add water to my wipers plus special stuff, fix my suspension $400, flush transmission 179.00, etc. They charged me a fortune for oil change and filter. The rest was to throw them away. Oh I complained and got 14 off so for one oil change 29+, 5+ tax disposal a what happened to a LUBE. This is the new Jiffy Lube. You are getting your money taken. In a jiffy!

In October of 2000 at the Jiffy Lube on Randleman Rd., Greensboro, NC I took my 1996 Chevy Cavalier into the shop to receive an oil change. The manager of this station informed me that I needed a radiator flush because my antifreeze was brown because of rust. Jiffy Lube performed the service and I paid the bill. I drove less than a mile and my temperature gauge in my car went off of the charts. The car overheated way beyond being measurable by the gauges. I drove the car back to Jiffy Lube and informed them that there was something wrong.

They inspected the car and realized they put the wrong antifreeze in the car. They replaced the antifreeze with the correct stuff. However the damage to my engine had already been down. A few weeks later the engine block cracked. Since, I have never used Jiffy Lube. I tell all of my friends and family to never use this business. The "technicians" have the bare minimum training and perform substandard work. NEVER EVER USE THIS BUSINESS.

I had my RX 350 served for oil change for a few times there, and one day, when I opened my hood, I was surprised to find the cap for engine coolant gone, and the coolant tank is completely empty!! I had never done anything to my car except oil change at Jiffy Lube. So I drove to their store and talked to their manager, and the manager told me that he had told me about it and I didn't want to do anything! OMG, I can't imagine they could come up with such a lie!! I am wordless. So be aware!! Stay away from Jiffy Lube if you don't want to have trouble!!!

I had just had my brakes done a few days ago and they had been working great for the days after. I drove on over to a Jiffy Lube to have a simple oil change. The manager brought me out of the waiting room and showed me my air filter, then said he had seen worst and recommends I have it changed on my next oil service. He also said I had a turn signal out. I said "Yes go ahead and replace it."

When everything was finished he brought me up to the counter and said everything was fine. I paid and he gave me the print out that showed all that they did and checked. One of the things on there read "Brake Fluid Check", across from that reads "Sensor OK". He leads me to my car and puts the sticker on the windshield and closes the door after I get in. As soon as I take off and the put my foot on the brake pedal it felt different from how it felt when I drove there. I thought well maybe it's because they put air in my tires. As I was driving home which was about a four-mile ride I could tell my brakes were not as strong as they had been with brand new pads and rotors just put on a few days ago.

Well when I parked the car I noticed this air sound as I pushed the brake pedal. I went in the house and googled that air sound, then went back out to the car and brakes were completely gone pedal to the floor. Luckily I made it home just in time or I might not have made it home alive. Well I looked under the hood and the brake fluid was just about empty. Walked over to DG and bought some but it just leaked out. I could see the drip under the bottom by the tire. I'm going to have a shop pick it up tomorrow. I will never trust Jiffy Lube again.

I took my car April 23 to the Waldorf location for an oil change. I advised the mechanic the air conditioning wasn't working at all and if he could take a look. They told me they could fix it for $140.00 and I told them to go ahead and complete the service. That Saturday was raining and when I left didn't turned the air conditioning on. I assumed they tested and fixed. I realized the AC wasn't working Sunday, a day after the service and I called to let them know. I took the car back to the Jiffy Lube at the Waldorf location and after checking they advised me that in order to fix the AC they needed to order a part and to complete the service would cost me $740.

They never fixed the AC at the original service. The bill specified they found the AC leak detection, but if they really completed the job at the first time, they would have found the other leak too. I request a refund or for them to complete the job. They didn't want to give me a refund and the only solution they wanted to offered me is to complete the AC repair for $740 and they would discount the $150 for that amount. This is bad service. The mechanic never completed the job and I was charged for the service. I request a refund. I complain for this service and I want this matter to be fix immediately.

I went to Jiffy Lube to have my brakes done about a yr and half ago and they charged me 625.00$ for broken rotors and drums and brakes. Well I started hearing noise when I stopped and I called and they said my warranty was up. Well I continued driving because I'm a single mom and I don't have much money. I had to get it smogged and when the gentleman smogged it he said "you know your brakes are metal to metal." I said "well I just had the brakes done last yr." He said "there is no way your brakes were replaced."

I called Jiffy Lube again. They said "well we have new management." What should I do? They want me to bring it back in but I'm afraid they will cause me more problems because I am complaining. I don't know anything about cars. Never go to Jiffy Lube. I'm afraid to drive now. Every time I brake there is a very loud noise and I can feel rubbing and grinding. I'm afraid to take my daughter in the car. But I don't have any money. I need help.

My husband brought our brand new 2016 Subaru Crosstrek to Jiffy Lube on Hempstead Turnpike in Bethpage for a quick oil change. This was a major error on our part!! First after the oil change we left the house to go out to dinner. An hour later and the oil light goes on. My husband checks the oil and there is none!!! Then we call to say we are bringing the car back and the "manager" Derron says "I remember that car, we put oil in it". When we got to the center and showed Derron that there was no oil in the car he did not even so much as apologize. Great "managerial" skills. Then he proceeds to put TOO MUCH oil in. Then he says he has to take some out and redo it. Well after waiting a significant time and having to deal with Derron's uncaring attitude my husband checks and it is still overfilled. Really? You're an oil change business and you cannot change the oil properly? Still no apology.

In addition, when my husband first brought the car Derron was annoyed because my husband didn't want a $70.00 ultimate oil change!!! When my husband at the end of the ordeal suggested that he should be given a refund Derron told him to "come back tomorrow". This may indicate he wasn't the manager after all duh!! So disgusted! Absolutely no regard for other people's stuff and no work ethic whatsoever. Goodbye Jiffy Lube. The best thing that can happen is you go out of business!

Argued the cost of the charges after my Groupon. Was laughed at by the manager who didn't like that I was unhappy then when I paid the amount and refused to sign their paperwork so one of their employees attempted to sign my name on the document thereby forging my signature on a binding legal document.

I took my car to Jiffy Lube to change its engine oil. After they changed the oil they cleaned the windshield but they left the wiper inside the hood. It has bended and deflected the wiper arm and gear. When I talked to them about the problem first they accepted their fault then they denied to fix it for me.

I did not have a pleasant experience at this Jiffy Lube! I went in for a simple car inspection and left with severely damage and crack in the windshield washer fluid reservoir in my Toyota Avalon. The fluid gushed out when the technician was driving my car into the ramp unguided by another technician who was talking with a customer. I saw him drive over the post on the ground! The technician who drove the car didn't say a word but the manager Dillion, insisted that the car was leaking when I got there, despite the fact that there was no indication on a leak anywhere on the grounds as I drove in or where the car was parked waiting to be serviced.

This is going to be a costly replacement of parts with labor. I know that mistakes happen and I could have accepted an offer to repair the crack in the bottle, but Dillion would not accept what really happened. I plan to be compensated for these damages. The technician was negligent and careless and the manager Dillion was rude!

I took my 2004 GMC Envoy SLT in for a oil change. This vehicle has never leaked oil and is never burned oil. I took it to the end for an oil change then I was going out of town to the Poconos. The next day drove to the Poconos, put about 500 miles on a vehicle. Drive around home for a couple more days all the sudden I started hearing a light tapping noise. What doctor the Jiffy Lube talked to the assistant manager who heard the noise and agreed it was loud and took my information and said he'd have the manager call me the next morning. Never heard from the manager, shall I call corporate office, stayed on hold for 20 minutes waiting for a customer service rep who never got on the phone. Finally hung up and filed a complaint on their website.

I check my oil after I was at Jiffy Lube the day to complain to the assistant manager. My vehicle takes 7 quarts, I was 2 quarts low. No drops on the ground, no burning of oil and it's severe knock. I took it to a friend of mine and let him hear it and he made the comment running 2 quarts low on oil most likely either burn out my timing chain or spun a bearing on my crank shaft and motor is destroyed. I have not heard from corporate office and I have not heard from the manager. It is been 2 days since I did up there and I feel I'm going to get the runaround. At this point I'd suggest avoiding Jiffy Lube at all costs at anybody in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Stay away from the one on Cottman Avenue.

I took my 2008 F350 in for a transmission service. Jiffy Lube did the service. I drove the truck roughly 60 miles. Transmission started acting up. I got the truck off the road. Checked the fluid. Dipstick was dry. I was only a few blocks from the same Jiffy Lube that did the trans service. Pulled in and said the trans dipstick is dry. The girl checked the fluid level and said "Put it in natural," I said "I think you leave it in park to check the fluid." She said "This is a Dodge right?" I said "No it's a Ford." So she checked the dipstick and said "It's full." I said "It was not registering 5 minutes ago." She replied "It's full now." I said "That's it?" She replied "Yes it's full" and walked off. So I limped my truck home which is probably what did my trans min in. Called Jiffy Lube the next day. They said they were opening a claim on my truck. To expect a call from their claims department.

A week and a half goes by nothing. Truck is in driveway. Won't move. Call them back. They said still working on claim. I asked what they were doing to rectify this problem. They offered to come to my house and change the trans fluid and filter and put new trans fluid back in it in good faith, but in doing so they would wash their hands of it if that was not the problem. Or I could pay at my expense to have truck towed to a mechanic shop and have it checked by a mechanic. If a mechanic told them the damage in my transmission was caused from the service they did on my truck they would take care of it. So that's what I did. Explained to the mechanic what had happened. Didn't have any issues with trans before service was done and he said he could check it out for me and he did and called me up and said that it had internal damage and needed to be replaced.

I asked him if back flushing the trans fluid without replacing trans filter could have caused the damage. He said "Yes it is not recommended on these trucks." So he called Jiffy Lube as a third party to get info on what type of oil was put back in truck and they told him what was specified out for that vehicle. Then they lied to the mechanic and told him when I brought my truck in for initial service that I had told them that I was having shifting problems with the transmission prior to service. The mechanic asked for notes of me saying this prior to service on truck. They said that they did not note that conversation. Jiffy Lube flat out lied. That doesn't even make any sense. I never had any issues with my transmission shifting. Ran perfect before I took it to them. Mechanic said this would be tough case to prove unless they tore the transmission down and inspected it from top to bottom which could be very expensive.

Wife went to Jiffy Lube same day asked for their claims department's #. They said we don't have a claim #. Wife said she wanted a refund for the service that Jiffy Lube did that destroyed my trans. The gal at Jiffy Lube said my wife told her that the truck was having trans problems before the service was done. My wife was beside herself when she heard that. She thought what a bunch of idiots. Jiffy Lube employees are a bunch of liars. They make stuff up to get out of taking responsibility for their mistake. They back flushed my transmissions and didn't replace the filter inside the trans and destroyed the transmission. Jiffy Lube in Monroe Washington sucks. Cost me $4,900 for a new transmission.

I took my 2012 Ford Focus for an oil change at the Jiffy Lube in San Antonio, Texas at 5584 Walzem Road, the middle of December 2015. On January 9, I drove 25 miles to New Braunfels, Texas. My car died on way and I finally got pulled into a gas station. When I looked under the car I found the oil plug laying in the skirt of my car. No oil left in car. I had to add 4.5 qts of oil to get home. Car is ruined. Needs a new engine. When I called Jiffy Lube they told me to take it to "their mechanic". I had to pay for towing and their mechanic said it probably wasn't the motor. The manager **, nor the owner J.D. Culpepper will not return any of my calls.

I've tried to call corporate and no help from them either. My car is still sitting at their mechanic because I can't pay for more towing bills. I have a car with a burned up motor that they caused and will not take responsibility for. From reading all the complaints on Jiffy Lube, I can't believe they're still in business. They will not take any responsibility for their incompetent employees, especially their so called managers or owners that will not return phone calls. This is my only vehicle and I am having to borrow cars from family to get to work and back. They are a sorry excuse for oil change, etc. Do not take your vehicle to them if you don't want to pay for more than just an oil change. You'll end up with having to have a new engine.

Went in for an oil change and after about ten minutes in the waiting room, was asked by a care associate if there was a "trick" to remove my oil cap. I informed him that I don't change my oil and have never removed the oil cap and wouldn't know if there was a trick. I walked with him out to the garage where I overheard an associate say that he had attempted to remove the cap and the top half broke off when doing so. I attempted to remove the cap but discovered it was already broken when I grabbed it. I asked the associate what the next course of action was and he told me that they couldn't help me at all and that I would have to have a mechanic remove and replace the cap. This is where my problems began. I asked if they should replace the cap since they were the ones to break it, and they told me that the cap was broken when my car first came into the garage. The problem with this is why ask me if the cap has a trick to get it off it is already broken?

These Jiffy Lube associates knew they had broken the cap and by having me grab it, attempted to absolve themselves of all guilt. They had my car in the garage for at least 10 minutes and I believe it would have taken less than that to realize the cap was already broken as they had stated. I believe this 10 minutes was used to reef on my oil cap, break it, then attempt to act as if nothing happened. My car was then driven out of the garage and I with protest was told to go elsewhere. To make a long story short Jiffy Lube has no desire to help their customers and when they make a mistake they attempt to pass all guilt onto naive customers.

I went to my local Jiffy Lube in Avondale, Arizona, store number 3385 to get an oil change for my 2002 Toyota Tacoma. I have been to other Jiffy Lube's in the past and had a decent experience sometimes and pretty bad ones other times. I just needed a quick oil change because I was taking a trip the next day and had to go into work that evening. That's where the fun started. I show up and tell them I wanted to just to conventional oil. They told me, "That's fine" and went ahead and did the oil change.

Once it was done the technician came in and gave me this whole go around about how the factory-recommended oil is synthetic oil and that they won't warranty the job they did and how my engine would run much worse with conventional oil. I understood at the time, but there is no excuse to have not told me right from the start that the job wouldn't be warrantied and they wouldn't stand by their product. So me, like an idiot, had them do it over with synthetic oil.

After I got back from my trip I pulled the truck out of my garage and noticed a fairly large pool of oil on the ground. My truck has never leaked anything of any kind. I tried hosing out the skid plate and oil pan because I had read there can sometimes be residual oil. Again when I pulled my truck out the next day, huge puddle of oil right underneath it. I went back to Jiffy Lube and they said the gasket was bad and had to change it. Weren't they suppose to do that the first time? For the next few days there were still puddles of oil under my truck!

So today I finally took it to my local Toyota dealership to have it done right. I explained to them the situation and just told I want to do a fresh oil change. When it was all said and done, the Toyota technician told me that conventional oil is the factory recommended oil and that's what they used. They also told, "Ey" my oil filter was loose and that's where the leak came from and that there was so much oil on my engine that it was likely it would have ran dry and destroyed my engine within the next week or so. I was amazed, these guys at Jiffy Lube lied to me to my face. This is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. I recommend people stay far away from this horrible place! They will squeeze every dollar out of you, not stand by their product and lie to you to your face.

Berwyn Illinois Jiffy Lube on Cermak - Failed to put Oil cap back on engine. Oil is all over the interior of my car engine. Including the fabric under the hood. The manager was not helpful at all on getting my car cleaned up. He just gives me corporate phone number and tells me to call. That is his job to figure out how he will solve this problem. My car has been damaged.

Routine oil change. Next day started smelling oil and hearing funny noise when I press the gas. Drove to a nearby mechanic shop. He first said "See there. It's leaking oil." Then lift my hood and said "They did not place the seal on the oil filter correctly." I came in time before engine was messed up. Had a funeral out of town the following day. So upset!!! Baltimore national pike Jiffy Lube.

After my oil change.. seal leaked? My car was significantly low oil upon returning. I was told I would get a free oil change "In the mail" never received! (Sherwood Arkansas)

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Jiffy Lube was founded in 1979 when it introduced the first drive-through service bay, making it easier for customers to get their oil changed quickly. Now, there are more than 2,000 franchise locations across the United States.

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