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Was quoted a price that doubled and then some. Found runs in new job plus dirt under the paint, worse job I've ever seen. Was told "let paint dry then runs could be fixed better after it dried." Never had to let paint dry before from other shops. The owner also lost my key 175.00 key! Never go to Maaco in Salisbury, Maryland. Good customer service but, poor paint job and extremely expensive. Give part of my money back I'll give order number. Had to pay 3,359.59 cash per owner so I was inconvenienced by going to bank.

Paint - Maaco sucks. How can it take you 3 days to paint 2015 Toyota front bumper? Then you call to find out what's going on. This guy name Michael ** with attitude trying tell me he's doing me a favor.

First off I'll point out I work in the automotive industry and am very familiar with paint and body work. I purchased a factory spoiler for my car and brought it to Maaco to have it painted. They called me the following day and told me it was done. When I got there the service advisor (maybe owner) asked me to unlock the car so he could load the wing in it. I thought he was going to bring it out through the front but for some reason he brought it out the back and started trying to load it in the car without me knowing.

I went out and immediately noticed the paint had blisters in it that popped while pressing them. I asked about them. He told me "that's normal, it's because it's a aftermarket wing." I told him that was unacceptable and explained it wasn't a aftermarket wing anyway. He said "well we can take it inside and talk to Peter, but I'm pretty sure there's nothing he's going to do".

As we got inside his temper started to show as he was swinging the spoiler around like it was a yoga ball. He ended up hitting a desk with it chipping the paint. As that happened Peter came out and asked what's up then said "oh well that wing needed a lot of body work done which he didn't ask to be done". (Keep in mind this wing is a factory wing which was primered it needed absolutely no body work).

When he was informed it was now chipped due to the advisor they agreed it would need to be redone. Two days later I receive a call that it was done. I go to pick it up. He has me sign the paperwork before releasing the wing. I receive the wing and immediately noticed runs on the bottom of it. Not feeling like another argument I load it in the car and bring it to the shop to install it when I noticed they managed to break the mounting bolt on the inside of the wing. I resolved that issue and mounted it then noticed the runs in the paint were so low that it was hitting the paint on the car. The pressure caused the paint to Crack and start peeling off the wing.

I brought the car to them to show them this time. I spoke to someone else who acknowledged the problem and asked me to drop the car off and let them remove the spoiler paint it and put it back on. I didn't feel comfortable going that route and so we agreed I could just bring the spoiler back the next business day and have it repainted.

The following day I bring the spoiler back and deal with the first service advisor who immediately brings me outside away from the other customers. He asked me what was wrong. I showed him the run. He looked at it then picked it off with his fingernail and said "that wasn't a run, in the paint." I then said, "Look. Here's another one." And again he grabs the cracked part of paint and breaks it off then tells me "oh that wasn't a run either, that's the fiberglass breaking off the wing."

I reminded him it wasn't a fiberglass wing then asked him to look at the spot. He just pulled off to see it was smooth primer not broken fiberglass. I then told him I was told to bring it in and have it redone. His response was "the only way that's getting done again is if you have it prepped and ready to be painted, and if you have a complaint after that I'll never spray anything for you or your business." Then handed the wing back to me turned around and walked inside.

I called maacos main number to find out if I could go to another location to have it looked and fixed. They asked me what happened. I explained. They told me they would get back to me within 2-3 days with a answer on another location. A week passed and so far the only call that was received was from the service advisor who called me employment to harass my boss about the whole ordeal. In the end I took it to another body shop to have it done. Don't throw your money out, go to another body shop.

We took our son's car to Maaco to have some small body work done, paid to have the best paint job they offer done, and to have a new windshield put in since the seal was leaking on the one in the car. We paid a total of $2,000+ for everything and they had the car for almost 3 weeks. When we picked the car up, it was raining so we couldn't see any flaws. Got home, got out of the car, shut the car door, and the windshield cracked. We called Maaco right away and they told us to bring it in the next day.

The next day when there was no rain we looked the car over before we took it back to Maaco and noticed that there was a thumbprint in the paint on the rear bumper, there were places all over the area around the wheel well where the paint did not adhere, 2 spots on the driver's side front fender where the Bondo was showing through the paint, and swirl marks all over the trunk, plus we noticed that they never put the Honda civic EX logo back on the car. My husband went to put the key in the door to open it and the entire lock assembly fell inside the door! We took the car back to Maaco and showed the manager, Anthony, all the spots where there were bad flaws on the car. His response was, "Well, Safelite put the windshield in and obviously didn't put it in right so they will have to come fix it, and Maaco will repair the thumbprint, swirl marks on the trunk, and Bondo spots, but will NOT fix the marks near the wheel well.

He told me outright that HIS PEOPLE didn't clean the oil off the area right, which made the paint not adhere, they call it fisheye, but refused to fix THEIR mistake. After telling him that I will file a lawsuit to have it fixed he agreed to fix it. We went to get the car back AGAIN, and the paint was somewhat fixed because there were still clearly visible swirl marks in the paint, some little popped paint bubbles that left marks... When we asked about the door lock and the Honda logo, we were told that they didn't do that to the door lock, even though it was fine when we took it there and they DID take it out to paint it. We were told that the car never had Honda logos on it so we showed him pictures of it when we dropped it off which clearly showed it did have them on. We, out of complete frustration, just left and my husband fixed the lock and bought new Honda logos.

We had the car for less than 1 week, my husband checked the oil, and when he closed the hood, NOT slammed it, closed it normally, a big chip of paint fell off of the hood lip. AGAIN, we had to call Maaco. The manager said it was our fault... My husband, an ASE certified auto tech for over 15 years, told him, the paint should never just crack and fall off from closing the hood and has never happened to him in all the years he has worked on vehicles. After acting like we did something wrong, they agreed to fix it.

By this time, we had the car to them 4 times and were fed up with their horrible work. My son had the car about 7 months and then sold it, and at the time of sale, the paint still had swirls all over it, bubble spots, large pieces of paint cracked off around headlights, and cracks in the paint. I will NEVER take anything to Maaco to be painted and will NEVER recommend them to anyone! Save yourself the hassle and go somewhere else if you want a quality paint job.

Ordered 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander painted a cream color with the urethane upgrade. Original color was silver. Hood and front of roof had to be stripped as the original coating had cracked. Roof and side panel painting was satisfactory. However, the hood exhibits many small bumps and almost pinhole type imperfections. You can feel it when running your hand over the hood and viewing the vehicle under the garage lights. How long is it until the hood paint needs a redo? So much for the $220.00 worth of prep work.

We wanted the door jams to remain in their unblemished silver colors as they match all the interior trim and seating surfaces and look nice with the new exterior color. From the hood to the rear lift gate the masking was done with precision. The door jams were fully protected from overspray. However, when the tailgate is opened the interior silver rear-facing panels were the victim of callous overspray of the new exterior color. It is tacky and reduces the value of the vehicle. There was no reason for this and, obviously, there is no quality control. No one cared.

I didn't sign the customer completion satisfaction certificate. We were not able to fully inspect all the work at the Maaco shop as the first waves of Florida's first tropical storm of the season were fast approaching. We discovered the shoddy work as soon as we garaged the car and were able to do a full inspection. It is obvious that the incomplete surface prep work on the hood was not an oversight. It just wasn't completed. Given the care taken in the masking of the rest of the vehicle it is puzzling why the rear panels were so carelessly sprayed (they are now two-tone) and no one cared. We should have read the many revealing reviews before leaving our nice vehicle in the hands of Maaco. Yep, they got our money, we got an inferior job.

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We went back and they repainted the car. It looked good. Thanks, Maaco.

Original Review

It was my daughter b/day and she was very happy about getting her car! It was the ugliest color I have ever seen. She wanted a dark gray but it was a gray-brown. When my husband talked to the manager he said to change the color it would be 300 more. The car has orange peel, the car has paint drips, and they painted the tail light.

I brought my 2000 to get painted and repaired. The biggest mistake I've ever made. They completely messed my car up and refuses to fix it. Please don't go to Maaco.

I went to Maaco about 3 to 4 months ago to get my bumper painted. I had bought a bumper and already had it primed. All they had to do was paint it and seal it. My bumper is not chipping but peeling. They will not fix it. They won't help me out. Said they did no wrong. Also when I got my car back had about a 3 in scratch on the hood. I was also overcharged. They made it seem as I was getting a great deal. I will not be going back.

They advertise a $299 lowest price available. But they always without exception have to add another $79 pre-paint step. This isn't optional. So the real minimum becomes $378. THEY WILL NOT PAINT YOUR CAR FOR $299!

My son-in-law, Jimmy, was fighting cancer and preparing for a transplant. To encourage him I told him I would have his car painted as a coming home gift. He took his car to Maaco BEFORE his Hospitalization and had an estimate of $600 as he had his own paint, clear coat etc. He knew what to do but he wasn't allowed to be around chemicals. The guy he spoke to at Maaco on the corner of 175 and Route 1 in Laurel MD confirmed everything with him, so all I had to do was drop the car off! In the beginning there was problems so I had the owner call Jimmy at the hospital and explain. The guy said he remembered Jimmy but then he charged me $750! That wasn't the issue, it was their lack in calling to confirm that the paint would work the way Jimmy had described. Jimmy knew it would work as HE had done it before. There were NO calls and NO communication with either Jimmy or myself.

When I picked up the vehicle to surprise Jimmy, BOY was he surprised. They didn't return the leftover clear coat and the car is "orange peeled". It's disgusting! $700 is a lot to pay on labor AND a gift and I am VERY angry they took advantage of me as a female, Jimmy's mother in law and Jimmy as a Patient! It's disgusting. I have two more vehicles to be painted and they are NOT going to Maaco! RIPOFF!

Horrible terrible disaster service!!! I will never try back again. I left my car ready for paint. Found it with damage that did not exist before, decided to gave them a chance to fix it... Big mistake. Also got it with half gas tank empty!!!

Got local dealer to look at car- he said past warranty by a couple months could not check with them sooner as I was in hospital and in the 3 major surgeries then nursing home before I could go home had to have artificial knees both like had Mercer infection and had to have surgery - am 74 years old and this car is my last one. I am second owner with 65000 original miles so it is not a junker. I feel I deserve a good repaint job from the local maaco dealer in Anderson sc.

I used Maaco to repair my front fender and bumper and paint my car. My car is 11 years old and was showing on small area of rust. I had to return twice because they left off parts and did not properly align the gas cover door. They also did not put back all the parts that keep the bug deflector attached to the hood. Within one year the rust is now visible on the hood and the paint looks as though I never had a paint job.

I have visited Maaco, Perth Amboy on Sep 2015. I have little bumper on back and rust on roof and tail gate. Their manager and owner told "go for the best service we will repair all. Rust will not appear for next 4 years minimum." Regular painting cost around 400$. I've paid 1500$ per this with 4 year paint guarantee. But within 6 months rust appeared. On my tail gate when I visited the store, manager is said warranty is not covered for rust. I don't have any other option other than legal action against them about cheating. I'm sure they may be doing to same thing for all the customer. I request all the viewer, please think 100 times before going to this center. I don't want you should go the same phase where I'm going.

Don't waste your time and money coming here. They have bad service and lie. It took 3 months to get a warranty for the painting job. They said that they will call back but never have. I had to stop in there 4-5 times. It was a very frustrating process. Now that I finally got the truck painted, they were missing the bed lining of the trunk. The manager Chris was very rude and tried to run away from the confrontation. He told another worker to reinstall it for me but in the process, they broke the 6 brackets that holds the bed lining together. Now it is very loose. Nothing to hold. It vibrates, moving make noises. I scare it's can fly away during driving with strong winds blow... This shop very BS!

Painted car wrong color, car was silver mist, now is a battleship gray. Will not repaint. Missed some recondition spots on both bumpers. Loosened outside door panel on drivers side. Split front drivers seat. Manager states maybe someone heavy like him sat on seat. Refuses to fix seat. States the car is old. Seat was intact. No body work was needed. Car looks and runs great, but maaco's paint job has ruined the look of the car. It is now much darker than orig color. Help. What can I do? They are paid in full.

I had a basic paint job completed on my vehicle at Maaco store # M2111, 8945 Covedale Drive, Charlotte, N.C. I picked my car up on 06/08/16 at 8:41 a.m. after ** inspected my vehicle. I returned my vehicle at 10:00 a.m. I told ** that it was a one inch paint bubble protruding above the passenger side rear bumper. ** told me to speak with **, the manager. ** cut off the paint bubble and applied fresh paint to the area. The paint repair is now two-tone in color. The owner, **, refused to complete the paint application repair at this point because I did not buy a one, three, or five-year warranty.

I pointed out to ** that the limited warranty for paint application applied. This was a terrible job by store #M2111. Please note the date and time on my pictures - 06/08/16 at 10:12 a.m. and 10:13 a.m. This store is denying that they repaired and repainted vehicle at 10:00 a.m. on 06/08/16 but the time on my receipt is 8:41 a.m. and I took the pictures at 10:12 a.m. and 10:13 a.m. This was less than two hours after I picked up my vehicle. I also filed a complaint with the BBB. This is sad business.

Did a half ass job told me I could come back whenever to get work redid but later said my vehicle was hit and it's a lie. Truck was never hit. They lied and didn't stand behind the work. If you're having your vehicle repaired there now don't take your vehicle from the shop until you're completely satisfied and they have completed all the required repairs.

This shop had my vehicle for about 4 weeks to repair a dent and window from an accident. On the second week, they told me the vehicle should be repaired next week. I call at the end of that week, they say it won't be ready til next week Tuesday because the door needs to be painted. I call on the Tuesday to ensure it will be ready for pickup they say it won't be ready because they need to put a button on the door, where the key goes. I think this sounds kind of strange but I say, "OK". I think about it and call them back and say, "It's OK I will take the car without the button because I'm in a rental that I need to return and get back my car." I tell him this he says, "OK, what time will you come tomorrow morning?" I tell him, "8:15 am the next day." The next day I dropped off my rental which is right beside the mechanic shop.

Brian the "owner" calls me at 8:10 telling me the car isn't ready for pick up. I expressed to him, "Whether it's ready or not I will be picking it up as I stated yesterday. I can come back to fix the "button" or go somewhere else." I walk over the mechanic and ask for the key to get my vehicle and put some of my belongings from the rental in my car that I had planned to leave with. He says, "You can't have the key because the car isn't drivable, the door is completely off." I replied, "Why is the door off? You told me you had to put on a button where the key goes." I then asked for the key so I could pick it up after hours because I get out of work after their business hours. He said he would need the keys to move the car around. I then asked, "Why do you need to drive the car to fix a button? You can bring the car on the outside and fix the button." A big argument arose because they were obviously playing games.

I told them I would call the police if they didn't give me my car. He then begin talking about my deductible which I expressed to them had already been waived. I called the police and they told me if they don't give me my car at 6 pm today, then to give them a call. Brian then told me to get off the property because I'm trespassing. I expressed to him, "I don't have to get off the property because you have my car, I'm not trespassing." I went to find my vehicle to put my belongings and he was blocking me off and bracing me inappropriately. I found my car and the door was completely intact, contrary to what he had told me. He said the door was off. There was no button to be repaired.

The mechanic that was working on my vehicle told me that they were trying to get the window to up and down but it wouldn't. Why couldn't Brian have said that from the beginning instead of telling me all those lies? He was trying to bar me off from seeing my own vehicle because he knows he's lying. This is the worst experience I've ever had with any mechanic shop and I've seen some pretty crooked mechanics. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. I am writing complaints everywhere and I hope it gets to corporate office. I will also call them to report this incident. I hope it is handled accordingly. This is completely unacceptable behavior especially coming from someone who is the "boss".

My husband and I went to drop off my car at Maaco in Summerville on Old Trolley Rd May 8, 2016, but we had already paid in full before dropping off on the above date. The customer service rep told us it will be ready on Friday May 13, 2016. We were very pleased with that. So Friday came, no phone call, so we decided to make the called and my husband spoke to the manager Brandon and he stated it wasn't ready yet. It's still tape up for paint and it will be done on Monday...

No phone call again from Maaco to let us know it's ready so my husband called again and another lie was told and they stated that it was just put in the dryer so it will be ready on Tuesday. Once again the same thing, just a different day. So we told it will ready on Wednesday, no phone call so we decided to go and show up... Our car was in the parking lot not ready. But shiny ass tires. 11 days of disappointing but we did speak to the owner which he was very concern with our feelings and told us he will definitely fix the problem... Poor paint job, poor customer service, but a awesome owner.

Took my car for a total body paint job and small repair on Monday February 29th. Was supposed to be ready on Friday March 5th, or no later than Monday March 7th. It is now 9 days later, they haven't finished the job, and worse they never contact me to let me know about this delay. I have been calling the shop every day since Monday and they keep saying "tomorrow". I have not seen my car yet. Stay way from this place. Maaco is the worst. Don't recommend to anyone.

I dropped my car off for repair and painting on Feb.11, 2016 for a 5 day paint and repairs job. Ten days later, they had not even started to work on it yet. Luckily, I used a credit card to pay the $900.00 to start. I tried to get my money back and got the runaround why they couldn't give it to me. I had to put a dispute for the charge with my card and my company. They said they would take care of it. STAY AWAY. They are a waste of time and money.

Not happy with overall quality of Vehicle Preparation Services prior to painting. Poor masking services. As a result, overspray noted on many areas to include the tailpipe, entire grill, inner corners of mirrors, and wheel well areas. Not to mention, the paint color was an unwanted shade or to "lighter" than the original. Plus, the service manager conveniently remained on the phone during the entire checkout process. Was told to return the vehicle in 2 weeks for re-installation of wheel and door moldings (which they retained) and to address overspray. However, every time I contacted Maaco, they were either too busy to accommodate my situation or the calls went unanswered altogether. Nice!

Do NOT ever use Maaco. I had them repair my 2014 Mustang. The frame was never fixed. The bodywork was laughable with major ailment problems, even my young kids found quickly. My car cannot drive straight. There is no words to how bad and unprofessional Maaco is. I will Never let them near a car.

WATCH OUT FOR THESE GUYS!! Bait and switch business (As per customer service dept.). Stores individually owned and do not comply with national ads. Coupon for headlight restoration $50. Local MACCO said it takes 4 hours to do headlights. WILL NOT USE COUPON (wanted $126). TV AD... $249 PAINT ONLY... MACCO says it $336 paint only. WILL NOT USE COUPON.

I dropped my pickup at the Clackamas Or Maaco on 04/09. Was told it would take 8 week to paint. I stopped by in 6 week to check on and was told they have not started on it yet. It would be done in 4 more weeks. No phone calls just excuses and lies. I check back in two week, same lies and excuses. After many stop by and phone calls, I was told they would start on it next week. Did not happen. More lies and excuses!

After many heated phone calls and drop ins, I picked it up 09/24. Five month! The job was not done as agreed, and some parts that they took off were not put back on. They said they would fix it if I left it longer. All I wanted to do is get it loaded and get the hell out of there. I will never go to Maaco again. I hope this will stop other people from making the same mistake that I did. STAY AWAY FROM MAACO!!!

I took my 2008 Kia Sorento to Maaco to get a paint job and it took them 2 weeks to get done and they didn't even call me to tell me it was ready to be picked up. Also the paint had swirl marks and paint drips on it. 2 years have passed and the paint is all chipped off on top of the car and on the hood too. This is the worse paint job anyone could ever get. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY...

I went to the Ft. Myer's location on Fowler for an estimate after seeing on the internet there was a $299 paint special. Since my car is 15 yrs old I wasn't looking for a showroom paint job. The car had no dents and only a few spots where the paint was fading due to FL sun. I was told they were a franchise and did not honor the corporate specials on the internet. When I asked why the web page pointed me to their location and that price, his response was 'I don't know and we don't honor any specials on the Maaco web page.' Even though he was annoying rude, I asked what the price was for a complete paint job, the least expensive possible as the market value of a 15 year old car is modest. His verbal quote was $900, he wouldn't give me a written estimate, and seemed to care less if I decided to let them paint the car or not.

I informed him that I would call corporate for clarification and he said 'sure, go ahead.' If I had read the reviews on this post, I never would have wasted my time in this endeavor. To further punish myself, I called corporate and those calls have not been returned. There may be good Maaco shops out there, but if you find one you are singularly lucky. Avoid these guys and go another route as customer service seems to be a foreign tongue.

He decided to overcharge me for one thing. He solicited unconsidered communication, relating blame high price on the pumper being damaged. He charged 500.00. In a different place, to replace it about 60.00 and do it among other things was, as well as paint 120. Maaco- Scammers. My recommendation is NEVER to make it their way.

On September 4, 2014 my husband and I took our car to Maaco be painted. After leaving the car for a paint job, we were never contacted when the car was ready. So we drove by Maaco one day and saw our car sitting in the parking lot. When we went to get the car and inspect the car, we could see a dent on the driver and passenger side doors that was never removed. When we spoke to the manager about this, he stated that he never noticed any dents. Also, the inner doors was not painted. 2015 of July, we took the car back to Maaco because the paint on the passenger door was beginning to fade near the door handle. The manager took a rag and buffed over the area and made it look shiny; in a few weeks, the area appeared like it was never painted. My husband was going to take his Corvette to Maaco to be painted, but after experiencing a very poor job on the Buick, he decided not to. I would not recommend anyone to take their cars to Maaco.

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The first Maaco Bodyshop opened in 1972 in Delaware and began franchising a few years later. The company now has almost 500 locations that are independently owned and operated franchises. They provide auto body repair and auto painting services.

  • Nationwide warranties: Maaco offers warranties for all of their services, which are honored at all franchise locations. If a customer moves away from the shop that originally did the work, they can contact Maaco Franchising to be referred to their nearest Maaco location.
  • Maaco app: Interested consumers can download Maaco’s smartphone app to schedule an appointment. The app also lets them use a model to show technicians where the vehicle is damaged so Maaco can recommend necessary services. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices.
  • Rental car help: Maaco employees can assist customers with renting a car so they aren’t without transportation while their vehicle is in the shop.
  • Insurance: When necessary, Maaco can work with a customer’s insurance company to repair covered damage. They work with all major insurance companies.
  • Online scheduling: After selecting their preferred Maaco location, customers can request an appointment online. A local shop employee will call the customer to confirm the appointment or set up an appointment at a different time.
  • Best for Maaco is best for customers who need collision repair and/or auto painting and who want the security of knowing their warranties will be covered if they move.

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