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195 Maaco Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 8, 2018

A few months ago I got into minor fender bender. With my insurance company I went to Maaco on Williamson road. They quoted me $1500 and that they could take care of the damage in 5-7 business days. I dropped my car off on a Monday after getting into an accident on a Friday. It took them a month to get my car back to me. When I got my car back there was dirt in the clear coat and multiple areas of shoddy workmanship. They also oversprayed into my engine bay. It was very badly done. I went back and spoke to the manager Robert ** and he informed me that this isn’t their way of doing things and they wouldn’t be in business for 8- 9 years if it was. After talking with him we concluded that he would give me back part of my deductible as compensation and would I not leave a bad review for them and would live with the overspray and the defects.

I was good for about a month and noticed the clear coat on my hood was peeling away. I brought it to my insurance company and they reached out to Robert and asked him to contact me and he did not. I instead reached out to him myself and showed him the issues. He saw them and said he wanted to fix the issues. And that people make mistakes. I told him I appreciated his honesty and was willing to give him another chance to fix it. We scheduled my appt Tuesday of last week and I told him that I would have to take time off without my car and would need it back by Friday and he said they could do that. Friday comes I pick up my car and it looks great except for a new gash exposing a layer of paint on the front passenger door. When I asked Robert about it he said his guys weren’t on that side but they had been on that side replacing an emblem. They even had blue painters tape covering the emblem and he pulled it off and showed me.

I told him I take pics of my car all the time, and the family and I wash and wax it every week or so, I even showed him some pics of the car. His response? “Oh the damage isn’t in THAT picture." I was floored. The person who painted my car came out as well. I showed it to him. He shrugged and walked away. He completely denied the damage and asked me what I wanted to do. After holding my car hostage for a month to do a crappy job and then taking it hostage again for a week and giving me another defect I’m really at a loss as to how these people are continually getting away with doing this to people. I simply told him "Thank you" for the "Work" they did and took my keys and left.

This is my transportation to and from work. This is the car my family and I ride to church in on Sundays, We wash and wax it together as a family, and we know every inch of this car. This damage was NOT there. I also have L.E.D. Projectors that shine on the ground when the doors are opened. Mysteriously, they stopped working as well. But I’d imagine that has nothing to do with them right? After all they don’t know that happened to my car that was in their care for a week, nor how it popped up with the new damage and issues.

My suggestion? FIND A BETTER PLACE TO GO TO GET YOUR WORK DONE. These people obviously don’t care about what they do, and simply do whatever to get by. After looking me in the eyes and telling me that He would take care of an issue THEY CREATED, only to do me dirty and lie in my face, Robert Is wearing the mask of a SHADY BUSINESSMAN to me. And I will tell all who will listen my story, and to stay FAR FAR AWAY from MAACO ON WILLIAMSON ROAD N.W.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 4, 2018

Painted out 83' El Camino - We went to the local store in Clackamas, Oregon. A) it was close. B) They quoted a decent price albeit more than we wanted to pay. But C) they said 5-8 days a complete job of "our" choice of paint color. We chose, a Metallic Marrone as was stock, and I had asked to do the door jambs and hood edges tailgate area. We paid extra for a stripe to replace a chrome that was not on the side edges in color of a light bronze.

22 days later, after fully waiting out their rhetoric of why it wasn't ready, we went to pick up. A bright RED car with a yellow stripe down the side!! We complained about that and they said That was the color we chose. NOT so after some talking They mentioned a complete sand down and repaint of OUR color. +1000.00 more and after they called to pick it up it was closer to the color, but it looks like they sprayed it from 10 feet away and there are bubbles and overspray all over the car. These people could not paint a paper bag... Never recommend this shop, or any shop with a Maaco sign on it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 31, 2018

I took my vehicle to Maaco for Change of Color, minor dent repair. My car was Silver. Chose a Smokey Grey for color change, had a finger size rust spot in which they painted over. Didn't smooth out charged extra. Other areas on the vehicle near driver's door just painted over not sanded/smoothed out. They didn't paint inside of doors. Told me after the fact they told me it was extra and I said no, totally untrue because I would have kept my Silver. Upon arrival to pick up car first I paid balance off left to return rental went back. Owner gave me keys stated car was in the back. He didn't bother to go with me for review of car. Saw my car and anxiety kicked in. My car was painted Green. Stayed in area about 15 mins in disgust. He never came to area.

I left to calm myself, got a review on my phone from them gave thumbs down for HORRIBLE paint job. They called and I later returned the call to set up appointment for return per their pamphlet. Within 5 days took off work, went back. Owner was driving off upon my arrival. Was told by female assistant I had to come back the following day. She matched it with the color I chose stated it match and that was Maaco's Color. I said, "You could visibly see it's Green."

Bottom line they refuse to make it right and others need to be AWARE! I took a survey of Strangers asking them what color they see. It ranged from Sage Green, Gauntlet, Blue Green, light Green, Blue etc. No one said Smokey Grey! Before leaving car I told both I had pictures of Smokey Grey vehicles. Was told, "You can't tell with pictures." Asked to speak to the Painter was told No! It's obvious their color chart doesn't match color I wanted. All my paperwork has Smokey Grey but my car is Green! I would not recommend this place. Beware! I Paid 1,186 plus dollars.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 9, 2018

I wanted my BMW to have a "New Look". I went through what I wanted. I was very specific. We walked around the vehicle, saw all the dings, scratches, and issues I wanted to be corrected. I was very specific. It's a 2001 BMW and I were spending the funds to make it new again. The car went in suppose to be 5-7 days ended up 23-24 days and they called for me to come pick it up. I was very sad when I saw the BMW, it had NOT been detailed, door dings and scratches were still there, and the car had not been washed for pick up.

Luckily -- so I thought Randy and Scott (suppose to be bigwigs) were there and we agreed to bring the car back. So agreed upon. I brought the car back and 17 days later the car is NOT finished. What am I suppose to do when I have been without a car for 40+ days. Sadly I was referred to this shop for its work when Chuck owned it. It has now become a corporate store. I would not use them. I would not use Maaco, trying to get through corporate numbers were and still is a waste of time. I was on the phone dealing with idiots for over an hour, -- dealing with people who were the gatekeepers and not allowing me to call or talk to someone in charge. I am still waiting for my car. What are the choices? I paid on my charge card, can I get money back, or see them in court.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 7, 2018

I took my truck to Maaco for body work and a paint job. The manager went out to look at it to give me an estimate. We walked around the truck in which he asked me about which dents I wanted repaired. I pointed out each one, (none of the dents were big but they were noticeable). So after he wrote up the core of the work, we went back in the office area so he could give me the quote. I looked over the quote and agreed to the price and was told to bring it back the following week. The truck was dropped the next week and a week and a half later I was told I could pick it up.

When I pulled up, I notice something didn't look right. As I approached the truck I notice the dents were still on the truck! They painted over all the dents in the truck! The grill, wheel well and the windows had overspray on them. Then when I asked the manager about it, he said taking the dents out wasn't on the ticket. I asked him why he would think I would want to paint my truck with dents still in it especially when I know we discussed about taking them out. His answer was that they could fix them but it would cost me more money. So now I have a truck with nice shiny paint with dents all over it. I feel they should have corrected this, but they won't, and would never advise anyone to go to them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 15, 2018

Maaco CANNOT do collision repair. They do not have the auto technician training, or diagnostic equipment to do any collision repair. Mathew ** said he could repair my son’s car. The only repair was cosmetic. Maaco had the car 7 days with the dashboard engine light on. They did not tell my son nor make arrangements for qualified mechanics to run diagnostics on the car. Maaco took my son’s $2300, telling him the engine light would go out in a couple days. The car didn’t run for 24 hours, quit in traffic, and was towed to salvage. Mathew ** and Vinh ** use deception and lies of omission to hide the truth from the customer. Maaco hides behind a single line at the bottom of their estimates, “I understand Maaco will not be responsible for mechanical failure or for loss or damage to cars due to causes beyond their control.” Maaco has you sign this document before working on the car!

DO NOT do business with Maaco, Bellingham. They lack integrity, honesty or common courtesy. All cars placed on the road since 1980 have internal computer control units and may have up to 50 microprocessors. ANY collision repair today requires an experienced auto technician run computer and engine diagnostics to properly repair the car. Do not be fooled by the promises of Mathew ** or Vinh **. If you do business then regret the results write the Washington Attorney General’s office immediately. Sooner or later they will have to take action against Maaco’s deceptive, misleading business practices.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 4, 2018

Company has not only damaged parts of the vehicle but has also had vehicle for now 2.5 weeks. Images have been taken of work/damages as well. On March 19, 2018 F-150 was dropped off to get a new paint job/repairs to be done due to an insurance claim. Was told the vehicle will be completed and ready for pick up on Friday March 23, 2018. During that time when we dropped vehicle off we asked about decals being put back on. They stated they could get the decals and let us know how much. After not receiving any information for two days we went into a panic and decided to find them our self (had to go to two different Ford dealerships) and delivered them on Thursday Morning at which the truck was outside with minor repairs done before it needed to be painted. Therefore, that already told me the vehicle would not be done the following day as it had not even been started to be painted.

When calling around lunch time to make sure vehicle was ready was told that the vehicle wouldn't be ready until Monday March 26, 2018 due to power outage and employee issues. On Monday March 26, 2018 called to check on vehicle. Was now told it would be Tuesday March 27, 2018 in the afternoon that the vehicle was at that time entering the paint booth. Tuesday March 27, 2018 was told the vehicle would at this point not be ready until Thursday March 29, 2018. At this point, we called corporate to file a complaint due to the fact this vehicle was needed Thursday morning at 5am. Maaco Corporate Reference # ** and that a supervisor within 48 hours would contact us. Went to the actual location to figure out a resolution where we then dealt with Dennis and the District Manager Jeff.

We had fenders that wanted to be done as well (painted and installed) instead of a rental car (which they were only planning to cover for a couple days and that the vacation that the vehicle was needed for wasn't their fault as they stated). We offered to go ahead and let them paint and install the fenders at a discounted rate of $200.00. We stated we would go ahead and leave the vehicle (obviously without a choice at this point) and would pick up vehicle on that following Monday April 2, 2018. We ended up not getting in town until April 3, 2018. After showing up (around 3:30PM) we were mortified over what we saw. The vehicle looked like it had been painted by an amateur company. Not to mention the decals that we paid ($77.00 a piece for and had 2) they were completely bubbled and one of them was crooked and cut.

We showed Dennis and he agreed they looked horrible, immediately took them off before I could even get a picture of them and stated he will order 2 more today. The vehicle seemed it had MAYBE one clear coat applied too and was dull. Not to mention, after inspecting vehicle with Dennis was when noticeable issues continued. Paint sprayed on carpet, wires were left out in front of vehicle (they didn't even put them back), there is a dent that was not there when vehicle was delivered and has a fresh dent along with the fact it was done AFTER BLUE paint was installed showing obvious signs it was done prior to painting the vehicle as the vehicle was black before. The cover plate when drive door was opened, was popped up not even put back along with a good bit of paint sprayed on it.

Along with all of that, truck trim was not replaced back and/or missing. Places on the truck where there was no paint even applied and the original color was still visible. Number keypad entry had been painted and nobody cared to try and clean it off. Plastic trim all along truck included the grill, plastic parts on both mirrors, tail lights, Step boards, and back tailgate had all been sprayed carelessly when those are in fact not suppose to be sprayed. Door handles on truck (all 4) had been barely painted and looked horrible. Dennis stated there was nothing they could do for a rental vehicle. Stated that he couldn't even get the vehicle back in to fix for 2 WEEKS on top of repairing/painting. Now, company will not answer our phone calls. Vehicle was left on property. Still no resolution has been made for a spare vehicle nor next action.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 29, 2018

We were blown away at the beautiful job they did. All employees were great. Jason was very helpful and just great at his job. We will recommend them to everyone. It's like a brand new car. Thank you Jason, thank you Maaco.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 16, 2018

I went to Maaco paint, to get help with ordering a new bumper through them and then having their employees paint it for me. Paid for the bumper upfront and was told that they would have it finished by the end of the week or early the following week. (This was on a Tuesday). The following week, I had reached out to Maaco to see the updates for my part and they said it should be ready by Tuesday. This is now the second week it's been there. Turns out, when they said it would be ready it wasn't, there has been a lot of runaround with them.

They had messed up on painting the part, one of the employees had told me, it'd be ready a week after. And now, this week 4th week, they have told me that when the part was all finished they were walking outside and a car had come in too fast and one of the employees had dropped the part and the car ran it over. Now, I will be waiting another few days for them to reorder the part and paint it. I would not recommend going to them. This has been a ridiculous last month.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 15, 2018

On 10/27/16 I picked up my car. They replaced front bumper and front driver light. When I paid $1334.02 and picked up the car I noticed the light wasn’t fitting properly. Corner was sticking up. They pushed it down trying to make looking better so I picked up my car that way, but in time the light start coming out more being loose and not working anymore. I went back in Feb 2018 and spoke with Daniel ** and Luis **. They refuse to do anything! I have to fix it now with someone else!? This is a nightmare and just because I needed the car back then and because I picked it up like that they don’t care about customers anymore. Please help me in getting some money back or have it fix right by them. I was never told when I dropped the car that if they use aftermarket parts won’t be 100 percent fixed right?!! Light was new. That’s for sure. Note: I had done work somewhere else before and never happened this! Thanks.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 24, 2018

Maaco 6850 Buford Hwy Suite A Doraville GA. 30340 - Would never, never go back. They did a horrendous job and refused to address my concerns of a sloppy and not finished job. They refused to honor a warranty. They were abusive and threatening. I have all documentation concerning their warranty but they lied and it does not mean anything.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 23, 2018

Ranger p/u painting - Paint job was horrible amateur. Overspray on rubber, tires, and windshield. Paid extra to have decals removed for paint job, (375.00 extra). Yet they left portions still on a just painted over. Lost a hubcap, did replace it. But lost the screws for wind deflector and installed with just 2 screws instead of the require 4 and allowing it to band the hood. Had a nail in tire, next day flat. Nice people, but horrendous paint job. Surface was not prepared in areas and allowing bubbles, craters in paint finish. For a company whose main product is painting, they lack skills in pre-pairing, or doing the work paid for. After complaining, they said they would get back to me, 6 weeks later no follow up. Recommendation: Stay away, pay a little more and have a professional do the work.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 19, 2018

I chose to go up to the bodywork Maaco (12250 SW 117th Ct, Miami, FL 33186), for the repair of my car, rather than in a private body because I thought that I was the most protected by the guarantee of a big company. On Friday I did see my car to Mr ** who told me that to repair the damage to the driver's door the cost was $400, to return to leave the car week start and that for the work it would have taken 2 days maximum. I returned on Tuesday to leave the car and I met Mr ** that once I was there and I decided to do the work with him I had changed the price of well $87 in more. This was only a first signal that something was wrong with this person who showed little seriousness. After a verbal complaint, having no alternative for the time available decided to leave the car in for repair.

Not receiving any call after a week I used to go to the bodywork to pick up the car and here I stayed open mouth, Mr ** pretended to confer upon me the car with the door painted in half, rough, with painting raised visible even from very far away. Not only Mr ** has devised a system of genuine extortion to the detriment of victims customers. The system provides for the payment only in cash by customers in such a way that once left the car and fallen into the trap for regaining self are forced by the simple fact of being able to get their keys of the car, even if the job has not been performed correctly or was done in a very superficial and not professional. I would like to turn to the competent judiciary to denounce the extortion and seek compensation for damages, to report to the Attorney General of Miami Dade and Florida Dbpr what happened and to write the appropriate reviews on the web.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 2, 2018

I was treated very unfairly and discriminated on I went out to meet the adjuster at Maaco Fresno. Arrive at 1 PM met by a worker which I was telling him my car paint doesn't match. Also I have additional 396 extra miles on my car. I was discriminated on and the police was called on me due to voicing my opinion about a paint job they did on my bumper which was Mitch Mack. Once the officer came up he agree with me. I also waited on adjuster her name is Racquel from Viking insurance. She also agree with me. She went into the office got the manager and the paint manager and they both agreed that it was off. All I wanted was a refund to have somebody do my car the correct way.

I am a paying customer. I was treated like very unprofessionally. And now they want me to bring my car back for they can correct it a third time. I Charles ** don't want to get call the police on for being **. This is very racist and discriminated because of my ** and I was right the whole time. Can someone from your corporate office please call me. The guy from Fresno use the alternate number which it was a 707 area code to throw me off... Can someone please help me in upper department. I'm scared and frightened and don't want to ever go back to Maaco paint Fresno ca. I do have pictures. But they on other phone how can I get them to you.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 23, 2018

I Had car painted at Maaco 3641 Bonny Road, VA Beach, VA 23452 (Center M1533). Painted on 4/17/2015 at a cost of $2,500.00. When I had it painted I said I wanted their best job and I was assured that the $2,500.00 was top of the line. I was given warranty papers that state that the base coat/clear coat is warrantied for full coverage for 36 months. The paint on the front bumper cover has started to bubble and crack and the rear bumper cover has paint cracking and peeling. The person who checked the car said that the front bumper was damaged by something (maybe a collision), he also said the real damage was from a collision of some kind. Other than the paint peeling there is no evidence of a collision, he assured me that because he had been doing this type of work for a long period of time he knew it was a collision by the way the paint was peeling, I asked him to show me evidence of a collision which he could not, no dents, dings, or scratches!

Without evidence of a collision and with me telling him that there had been no collision, his decision was final. I was a bit upset that Maaco would not honor the warranty so I may have had a few heated words for this person. The problem is that what he said was definitive, no person above him to complain to. He just turned around and walked away. It's not worth the cost and inconvenience of getting a lawyer, and I'm sure they know that. ANYONE in the market for a paint job steer clear of this place. If you need warranty work you won't get it! And the Jerk that took my order in the beginning was most helpful as I handed him the payment, however; when I asked for warranty work you would think I had asked him if I could pull his teeth!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 24, 2017

ATTENTION FELLOW SOLDIERS and LOCAL COMMUNITY... Do not waste your money with at this MAACO location. I spent $1,200 to get my truck painted and they done a ** job (excuse my language). SHAWNTEL SHOULD BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY. They did not do the job that was promised to me. There were imperfections all around my truck, but when I asked for them to fix it, they tried to charge me more money. The package I chose clearly came with a 3-4 year warranty, but after the job was complete they told me that my package didn't have a warranty, and only my hood was covered. Then they tried to make me sign for saying I received warranty paperwork that I did not received, and have not received until this day.

I called the corporate office, but since it's locally owned it wasn't anything they can do. The employees are very unprofessional. DO NOT go here for anything. I should have listen to the reviews posted by other customers. I could have saved $1,200. I hate that I wasted my deployment cash at this establishment. STAY AWAY!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 25, 2017

I just got my car back from Maaco, MA. Really a nightmare. If you want to throw your car away and your money away, go to Maaco. I promise after working, you will not love your car anymore. Thousands fish eyes and bubbles on the new painting. And take me 2 weeks. They even did not install the panel in a right way, and broke them! Not only one part. DO NOT GO TO MAACO TO PAINT YOUR CAR. Believe me.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 5, 2017

I hope there is enough space for my comments. You might want to get a coke and pop corn if you read my story because you won't believe it. My situation began July 18, 2017 and ended September 2, 2017. I went in on July 18 to get an estimate on the cost to paint my 2011 metallic gold Buick Lacrosse. When I got there I was greeted by ** and I asked him to give me an estimate; so we went out to look at my car. He looked all around the car to assess it. He then asked me if I'm sure that I want the entire car painted; so I asked him why. He said he didn't think it needed to be done, but I said that I want the entire car painted. I said that I wanted the discoloration of the roof on the back driver side repaired and blend the paint so it matches.

** saw where on the passenger side there was a dent to be repaired, the front and rear bumper repaired and painted and the rest of the car had residue of sap from a tree that I wanted removed and painted as well as the hood repaired and painted. So we went in to see which paint I wanted and we decided on the urethane coating which is 699.00 plus tax. He figured it out and scheduled it for Monday August 7 which was the day I started my vacation. I asked him how long it would take to complete and he said Friday August 11. I asked him because I would need to rent a car until it was finished.

So I took my car there August 7 at 7:30 am where ** was waiting for me (I guess). He asked me again if I really wanted to get the whole car painted, so I asked him again why he asked me that. He said that they couldn't match the paint exactly so he reassessed it and came up with the quote of 663.42. I pressed him to confirm that my car would be ready on Friday. So Enterprise came to pick me up and I signed the contract for four days car rental.

So Friday morning came and I haven't heard from Maaco, so I called them and ** answered. I told him who I am and asked if my car was ready and he said no. I reminded him that he told me that it would be ready on Friday, then he said, "We'll get right on it." So I called Enterprise and told them my dilemma and they kindly extended me the weekly rate and said they would charge me only for the extra day(s). I then called Maaco and told them that they are responsible for the extra day. He said that he would have to check with his manager, hence I called the corporate office and I spoke with ** who is the district manager and told her what I had been dealing with.

She assured me that she would look into it for me. I went to pick my car up Monday August 14, a week later. It was raining when I arrived and I couldn't tell what was done. ** came out and I pointed out to him the roughness of the roof and I said that I'd bring it back another day. I called the next day when I felt the quarters of the car and it still had the sap residue and discoloration on the roof. When I got there that Wednesday ** and ** acted annoyed that I brought the car back and treated me poorly. I took ** and ** to my car and showed them; that's when ** disputed me that I didn't tell him about the spot on the roof but he couldn't explain why the sap hadn't been sanded/buffed. So he reluctantly wrote an invoice for the roof because he didn't charge me for that, which I felt I shouldn't have been charged for it since it was his inattentiveness that was the reason it wasn't done. Hence I had to rent another car for this to be done.

So on Saturday August 19 I went in to drop off my car, and ** who knew that I would be coming was at the desk. And without even looking up he curtly said, "We're closed" and I reminded him that I was leaving my car for the repairs to be done. I rented a car for another 4 days and I went to pick it up Wednesday August 23 and the sap is still there but the spot on the roof was done and the roof was painted. I showed them the hood had scratches on it also. I then noticed that my remote to my car wouldn't lock my car so I thought it was just a malfunction.

I took the remote to a jeweler August 25 to see if it needed a battery. He opened the compartment and he told me that it had water in it. I guess someone submerged it in water as my punishment for bringing the car back. Thus I had to go to Buick to get another remote which costs 201.16. I told ** what had happened and she said she would talk with **. I made an appointment to see **, manager Monday August 28 at 1 pm. When I got there everyone seemed annoyed that they had to see me again. So we went out to look at the car where I pointed out the sap, scratches on hood and paint chipping from the front bumper as well as scratches on the rear bumper.

** and ** wanted to blame me for the paint chipping and the scratches on the hood. He verbally agreed to do wet sand, and buff the rest of the car, remove the scratches on the bumper and blend paint. So we scheduled it for Thursday August 31 and I would pick the car up Saturday September 2, so I rented the third car for 2 days. They know that I get off from work at noon and they said that they will stay open until I get there.

I contacted ** again to let her know I was still having problems with them and I would not come to Maaco again even if I had to pay more to get my car painted. So I got there to get my car around 12:29 pm. When I arrived there were no cars in the lot so I went to the door and it was locked. I walked around back where the gate was opened and saw my car parked between two cars, then I knocked on the front door and no one answered. I walked to the back again when I noticed the trunk was open, that's when ** came out and said that I wasn't supposed to be back there where I told him that the front door was locked and I was picking up my car. He then said he didn't know what ** had told me. I told him that they should communicate better.

I texted ** to let her know I was there. ** took his sweet time bringing my car to me. He took at least 15 minutes, and after he brought the car out of the gate he then took his time to take pictures of the car, which he should have done that earlier. I finally got the car and the quarters of the car still felt rough like it did July 18. I decided that I was finished with Maaco. I also discovered that I am not able to open the trunk manually, so I don't know what they did but I contacted ** to ask her to call me because I would not deal with ** anymore. It rained today September 5 and after the rain the quarters felt smoother but not like the other areas that were painted and buffed better.

So to recap I had to make 5 trips there and back, car rental three times and spend 201.16 for a new car remote. I spent over 800.00 for the paint job, 300.00 for car rental. With all of these expenses I spent more for a full body paint that I didn't get, so the moral of this story is to save your money and go to a "reputable" paint and body shop. If you go online you will see many Maaco reviews across the country. This shop is 2450 S Military Trail West Palm Beach FL 33415. Thank you ** for your help, but you can't babysit each body shop.

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Original review: Aug. 24, 2017

I brought in my 2000 Toyota Sienna XLE in for a estimate. He comes outside and looks at the car and say, "We don't do body work." In my head I was like, "You guys don't do body work?" Uhmm. So I reply, "Uhmm alright but my car is damaged." He replies, "We can't fix it." And walks back in the building! My car was recently in a car accident in the front where my front reinforce the was bent back to smashed my radiator support. It smashed my hood in and pushed both my fenders back to where the door and fender meets and rub against each other. What type of place calls themselves Maaco Auto Body Work... and can't even fix my car? Uhmm.

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Original review: Aug. 15, 2017

I took my car to Maaco to repaint my driver side of the door, which required buffing down scratches before painting. I dropped my SUV off Tuesday at 12:30. They told me it would be done by Thursday, I called Thursday and they said it will be done Saturday by 12. Therefore, I put in a request to keep the rental car until Saturday. I was called Friday 1 1/2 hours before closing to come and pick up my SUV. I told them that wasn't enough notice to run up there (30 min away) so they said "be here Saturday by 9 am." I was there Saturday at 8:30. At 9 the young lady told me my car wasn't done and that they needed another 30 min. I waited, and they drove the car up while I went inside to pay. When I came out my wife was upset. White stuff was all in the inside on the floor and on the seats. It looked like they buffed the SUV while the windows were down.

Nothing was put on the floor to protect my floor mats. There were footprints on the driver side, the passenger side and back floor. The paint job was horrible. The dark black is not the same as the black on my SUV. My SUV has a black tone with small sparklers in it. You can see the different color black. Still I was like, "Okay we will just get it painted again somewhere else."

Then my wife got in the car and noticed my front window was busted. We called the lady out and she said maybe we brought it in like that. WE DIDN'T. She said she will have to look at the camera to see if we brought it in like that, I said great. However, they didn't really have cameras directed at the angles she said. She told me to go home and they will contact me. I refused to leave without calling my insurance company who said to also make a police report. I heard nothing from corporate or this lady re-guiding my busted window. The only thing I can do now is pay for my window and sue them in small claims court. I guess I wouldn't be this upset if someone acted like they cared. No calls no nothing, as if this never happened.

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Original review: Aug. 4, 2017

Brought my Honda Accord to get painted. After a couple of months paint fell off entirely. Asked about the paints warranty was told we had none as the current manager was different now. Was being cheap and brought my truck there for paint. Paint bubbled, Truck is now rusting and besides the areas not painted the roof is rusting as well. Wasn't before either. I have nothing to stand on as they all talk out of both sides of their mouths. Rip off artists. Shady as a Palm Tree. Mr Maaco obviously doesn't give a rats ** about his name on the franchise.

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Original review: July 26, 2017

I used Maaco to repair the front bumper of my car due to collision, that was in February / March, 2017. They charged the insurance company a lot of money ($3028.94), claiming they are ordering original parts to fix it. It includes replacing the bumper and painting it to the original color of the car. They got fully paid. After Repair, they told me that their repair have a lifetime warranty. In less than 6 months, I noticed the paint is already coming off. I took it back to them for repaint of the part coming off, they were so ferocious and rude, boasting they would not repaint it. It was the worst customer service and breach of warranty that I ever know. Please NEVER take your car to this people.

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Original review: July 18, 2017

Took my 99 CR-V to the Maaco shop in Glen Allen, Va. Lakin, the store manager admitted to me that his employees had damaged the roof rack on my car when reassembling it after a very poor paint job. Said he would fix it and find parts to repair it with. When he found out that he would have to replace the rack because parts were not available, he stopped answering my calls and now a month later has done nothing to correct the matter.

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Original review: July 8, 2017

The Negative: After inspecting the issues with my car after a full paint job, here is a full list of feedback: overspray on lower fog lights, overspray on right front turn signal, overspray on top hood channel inlets, overspray on left driver rear view mirror plastic, 2 inch deep scratch in black driver door window panel, masking tape left in various places, slightly bent $250 key fob, key fob no longer closes properly, full overspray on the 2 front radiators, not just a little paint but completely covered in thick paint causing radiators to absorb less air through fins which can potentially overheat the car, the left passenger door has a 2 x 2 foot clear plastic film (to protect from small rocks) that was painted over and looks terrible.

When we went over the initial estimate, Maaco clearly mentioned they do not paint over plastic surfaces (exact wording, not "plastic bumpers" or anything different). This led me to believe they would not paint over this plastic film. Unfortunately, they painted over it so now it looks completely different than the rest of the car. Cracked and bubbly.

Have attempted to approach the owner on 2 occasions regarding the plastic film issue. He mentioned he can fix the plastic surface for an additional charge.

In my opinion, this is unreasonable and should have been initially addressed. With Maaco's experience, one would expect they have encountered these small clear plastic films in the past. Matter of fact, the owner confirmed they have seen these before once I approached him. And knew they look terrible when painted.

Knowing this, you would think a paint shop would at least contact the customer before painting over it. I would have been happy to pay additional charges before to remove the plastic film. It would have taken exactly 3 minutes to heat it up with a blow dryer and peel it off, then wipe the glue off. After discussing the issue with the owner, he mentioned they left the film on there because I did not specifically ask for it to be removed. As I am not a licensed paint engineer that knows how surfaces react to paint, I was leaning on them for expertise and advice for the money they got paid.

The owner (Josh) also seemed upset when I asked for the issue to be corrected and if possible to speak to the franchise owner. The exact reply was: "I am the owner. You come in here trying to go over my head over something you should have known?!" A reasonable person would have reviewed the work order and seen that "remove clear plastic film" was not on there, and asked for it to be removed if wanted. What are you gonna do, sue me? Go ahead." This response leads me to believe this is not the first time they do this. Before going here, I strongly encourage you to read the many other negative reviews on, ** , Facebook and **.

The Positive: other than the issues listed above, rest of paint looks good, the Preferred MAACOVER paint job has a 3 year warranty, they completed the job within 4 business days, they provided the paint job at a lower price initially (however, he did quote $400 for 8 hours of prep work to remove the hood and top, which seems high for something that would take 1 hr). Overall, a lot of time, money and energy wasted, for the car to look less than desired / what was paid for. Have two friends that needed to get their cars repainted and will not be recommending this place.

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Original review: July 5, 2017

I took my car to MAACO in Stockbridge Georgia. I was told to drop it off on Monday and it would be ready on Friday. I needed the left fender, rear bumper and spoiler repainted. The left fender and spoiler looked ok. The rear bumper was repaired, but wasn't painted entirely. It was like they did a rush job. They also chipped my front bumper and said it was like that once I brought it in. There was also over-spray on the driver side bumper.

The worst part was their customer service skills. One lady did not want me to inspect my car back. She said it was hot outside. Once I spoke to the manager, she was complaining that her husband had an emergency and needed to get off the phone. Let's see what it's going to look like when they finish. However up to this point, I am not impressed. Furthermore, you cannot file a complaint with corporate because the voicemail is full. I see why. Please do yourself a favor and try someone / anyone else because you will be disappointed. I guess you get what you pay for. Cheap price for cheap service.

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Original review: June 24, 2017

I live in the San Antonio, TX area and had my 2002 Ford F150 painted by Maaco. Now mind you my truck is an 2002. I did not expect perfection on my truck. Just a decent paint job. My truck's roof was delaminated and past the primer. It had rust and I was worried that eventually it would rust all the way through and water would start getting in causing worse problems. This is my daily driver. Now my truck was in pretty bad shape paint wise. All original paint from the manufacturer. It was a two tone paint job from the manufacturer. To keep it cheap I decided to go one color... All white. It was white with a bottom beige color.

I paid $1300 even. They did a decent sand job and fixed some dings it had but not all of them. My main concern was the rusted roof area and a scrape that some person did at Walmart. A hit and run. I went with a urethane with clear coat mixed in not the urethane + IC. I am satisfied big time compared to the way the truck looked. I wasn't going to pay $3,000-$6,000 for a paint job. In that case I would just buy another used car. I would never take a 2010 or newer vehicle to Maaco.

In my situation it worked out. The age of my truck and the way its paint job looked Maaco did a fantastic job with my truck. It looks good all white and in way better shape than before. I went in knowing Maaco doesn't do perfect paint jobs. I removed almost all black plastic trim that I avoid over spray. I got lucky that they did a really good tape job. Could they have done a better sanding and paint job... Sure but I've gotten many good compliments since being painted. Plus all the black trim I removed I cleaned and painted black myself before reinstallation. So my truck looks really clean now. I'm satisfied.

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Original review: June 22, 2017

I got an estimate for rust repair and paint work from the MAACO franchise on Highway 78 in Loganville, GA on May 30th, 2017. They told me to bring it in the next day, they'd have to have it for 6 calendar days. They also told me they'd call and keep me updated on progress if for some reason they could not meet the time frame. I was okay with that, but after 8 days when I hadn't heard anything, I called and was told it would be painted that day and available that evening. Which it wasn't. I was told they'd call to confirm that it'd be ready that evening - they didn't.

Over the next two weeks, I was told at various times that they'd painted the base coat and were waiting to paint the clear coat (I had only bought a one-coat, cheaper job), that they needed to re-sand and repaint due to scratches, that the metallic ran in my paint and it would need repainted, and told on three other occasions that it would be ready that evening - which it never was. I asked at each of these contacts (which I made myself as they never called me unsolicited) that they call me and let me know of progress and when I could pick it up - they never did.

After 21 days without my car, I called corporate and spoke to Jasmine, who said she'd look into it. I got a call shortly after from the franchise, telling me my car would be ready the next day. I told them I would not accept the car back without a 25% discount off the bill, which they agreed to. My car wasn't ready the next day, but was ready the following day. They didn't call me, again I had to call them. When I went to pay, they attempted to give me $50 off the bill, when they'd agreed to $210. They finally adjusted the 25%, and my car initially looks okay. It's not the right color, too light, doesn't appear to have ANY metallic in it at all, and they did not replace the pinstripes. But I'm tired of all this business by now, just want my car back and to get out of there, so I get in it to start it. And it turns out that, while they've had it, they tripped the anti-theft alarm in the car and it has to be towed to the dealer.

The manager, a young rude kid, tried to tell me it wasn't their responsibility - I told them it HAD to be. If it was like that when I brought it in, I couldn't have brought it in! They refused to help with the towing, or even to recommend anyone that maybe they deal with so I could get a break - nothing. Fortunately, I was able to get the anti-theft bypassed, had a friend jump my car (they couldn't even do that!), and was able to get out of there.

Heart of the matter is, don't use this MAACO location in Loganville, Georgia. It is a newer franchise, don't know who owns it but I only ever talked to and saw young, early 20's kids, who are irresponsible, unaccountable and have literally no customer service skills or concern for a customer. They do not care about your car, your job or your needs. If you elect to have work done there, I'm sure you will regret it. By far, the worst customer service experience I've ever had in 58 years. Spend a little more and get real quality work done... someplace else.

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Original review: June 17, 2017

I did an inspection on my car to learn it was just put back together. I have parts missing refurbished parts that I thought were going to be new. I am puzzled how this is satisfactory and acceptable. I would like a full refund of my money. I am a dissatisfied customer. I highly recommend BBB investigate this business. I would not recommend this business to anyone. Any future accidents, I will take to dealership.

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Original review: June 7, 2017

I called Maaco in Gainesville Florida to have my pickup truck painted. I was told to come in on Saturday before 12pm to get an estimate. When I got there around 11pm, they were closed. I went back on Monday and the owner and the secretary kept saying "There was nothing to do so we closed." I then explained I had an appointment at their shop and it was a forty mile round trip wasted. Once again they just laughed it off saying "There was nothing to do so we closed the shop and went home"... disgusted... to be continued!

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Original review: May 26, 2017

First they drove my car around without my consent. I took pictures of odometer before and after dropping it off for painting. Second they turned my ac and music on blast and left it. Third they left a piece from someone else's vehicle in my car. I'm hoping it's not from my own vehicle. The bumper paint job doesn't really match the rest of my vehicle as I was promised and paid for. I would never recommend them to anyone and will discourage all my friends and family to go elsewhere. I was rear ended by an uninsured driver and had to pay out of pocket for the repairs just to get burned on the paint job as well. I'm a very unhappy camper right now. Lastly they broke the key fob. It's going to cost me for replacing key fob on top of another paint job in the near future.

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