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Last updated: Dec. 12, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 12, 2017

Went there to buy 4 tires, was never asked about additional services. I told them I wanted my old tires back, the assumption on my part was a balance, they sold me road hazard and an alignment without asking. The service manager Eion tried to tell me that the front camber in my car is out of spec and not adjustable. I told him it was and how to do it, (I looked it up and I'm a FORMER A.S.E. certified Mechanic with 25 years exp) it didn't get done although I paid full price. When I got home with my old tires I noticed I was charged $12.00 disposal fee, for what? When I removed the 2 tires from my trunk I noticed that I NOW have a $250.00 BENT amateur Radio Antenna. I'm NOT the poster boy for happy at all, AND this pleasure only cost me $600.12.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 6, 2017

I have been to NTB originally to have my brakes, rotors and new tires. Within one year they told me I need brake pads and new rotors. They told me it was because a brake caliper was stuck on and I was using my brakes all the time while driving. So I had both replaced again. First time I had them done cost me over 900$ dollars. The second time I supposedly got free brake pads and they had my car for two hours. I was also charged 110$ per hour labor and I was charged two hundred and 220! for one job and there was a second person that worked on the calipers so I was charged labor for him so this job also cost me over 900$ despite free brake pads.

It is less than a year and I’m bringing my car to the dealership because I think there is something wrong with my brakes again. I also bought all season tires from them and the tread was worn and needed to be replaced after just over 10,000 miles and they are supposed to be warrantied for 50,000 miles. I was told I would get a partial credit for the tires to be replaced and I would still be charged 110$ per hour for labor. And of course I watched them work on my car and they took their sweet ** time on my car and moved like slugs because they get paid for hourly on each job. Must have made some nice money on my job taking 2 hours to do this work which I have seen it done in way less time as this. And to top it off when I called and spoke with a customer person to complain I said they were ripping me off and just hung up on me. THEY ARE DISHONEST AND THIEVES, if I could give them negative stars I would and I every person not to go there!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 31, 2017

Had lug nuts that were locked. He stripped the lug tool. Had to go buy lug nuts and now have no lug nuts that are locked, which that cost me $35.00 to replace. Even where I bought them said he did not have it placed right or he would not have stripped the lock.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2017

Back in May 2017 I had 2 new tires installed on the rear of my 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier at the location in Porter, TX. I did not notice what they had done till that night when I looked at passenger side of my car and saw that my plastic wheel cover was cracked & broken. I know what they did was use the air wrench on those plastic lug nuts that hold it on. Then in August I stopped at location in North Houston at FM1960 and asked for an oil change. The manager actually refused to change my oil. His excuse was there was a small amount of oil stain on the oil pan. After these 2 incidents, I will not use NTB for anything in the future.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 23, 2017

Had a bad tire and tried to buy 4 new (Cooper Tires) but they did not have them in stock so I got 1. A few months later I got 2 more and front end alignment. Then a brake job a couple of months later. I still only had 50,000 on my car when the tread on all 3 tires I got from NTB separated. Awkward. Screaming mfg defect and very dangerous. The 3 tires were less than a yr and still in warranty. I was told I needed struts on rear where one original tire and one NTB tire were. I had to buy 4 new tires plus more warranty thing. They only gave 1/2 credit on the 3 tires then the audacity to charge fees for balancing and mounting plus lifetime mounting in the replacement tires. Over $1200 to get my car back!

They should have replaced at least 2 tires free with free mount and balancing, half off one tire with free mount and balancing under the warranty. Given me my military discount on the 4th tire charged to mount and balance it. Military discount on the struts and I would gladly pay to warranty the 4 new tires. But what is the point of paying extra for warranty when they don't replace tires with obvious manufacture defects that could cost me my life.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 18, 2017

I purchased a set of tires from NTB two years ago and bought the warranty on the tire. The tires were two years old and had 15 thousand miles on them. The warranty was still good as it was for the life of the tire. When I called about getting the tire replaced with the warranty I was told the price was $207.00 for a tire that only cost $66 a piece when I bought them. The only thing I added to this was a tire pressure monitoring system for $65.00. They told me that this price was before deductions but couldn't or wouldn't tell me how much was being deducted. I am not the smartest person around but even I know that $207.00 for a tire that cost $66.00 was ridiculous. I went to Wal-Mart and bought a tire for about 110.00 with a new tire pressure monitoring system stem and I got all the same warranty on the tires. I will never shop at NTB again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 17, 2017

In September, 2017 I took my car to NTB in Decatur, GA for my maintenance tire rotation for tires purchased through this company. I was assured by the store clerk they had “the best man” at this location for the service (although this statement was not prompted by me). On October 16, 2017 I took my car to my private mechanic for a metal scraping sound I had heard for two days. My mechanic took off the tires and called me immediately to the service area as the mechanics looked on to show me that my TIRES HAD BEEN ROTATED INCORRECTLY!!! The mechanic at the NTB Decatur location placed the tires side to side instead of front to back. My mechanic educated me on which way the wheels’ arrows should point on the tires when rotated CORRECTLY!!!

I immediately called the Decatur, GA location and spoke to a customer service rep who stated he would alert the manager who would definitely return my call. Ha!! I haven’t heard from anyone. Meanwhile, I called the corporate number and spoke to a customer care specialist, Je **, who stated that NTB wants to take care of their customers and listened to my complaint and would await my info about possible damage to my car after my mechanic briefed me. I told her I would call back. She sounded concerned and willing to take care of the situation.

Fast forward to today, Oct.17,2017... The customer care specialist called back today from the corporate office. I’m thinking good sign. I returned her call and stated that my personal mechanic rotated the tires correctly and did not charge me for that part of the service as he “was glad that no damage happened and prides himself on taking care of his customers.” She listened with her “reflective listening skills” to assure me she was listening. She offered NTB’s affirmation that it wants to take care of their customers. She offered a free oil change coupon. I declined with the understanding that if they can’t put tires on correctly I wouldn’t trust an oil change. She then offered that when I take my car back for the 5,000 mile rotation she could call the location of my choice to take “good care” of me as a valued customer. I queried that isn’t this something they should do??

She asked what she could do. I stated $20 for the inconvenience. She stated that she didn’t think she could do that. She then asked if she could help with anything else. I assured her she didn’t help and my reviews through this site, various customer information sites, and letters will reflect my experience with NTB. Buyer beware!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 14, 2017

Came by the new NTB shop at the Cockrell Hill location, because I could smell antifreeze coming from my truck. Mr. ** was very courteous and assisted me with professionalism, he was very straightforward and informative about my vehicle issue. Parts had be ordered from the dealership, and Mr. **, the Manager, personally went to pick up the parts. Although I had to pay more than I expected, I was given a great deal. It would have even been a greater deal if the company participated with Triple AAA. Thank you all for assisting me! Awesome service!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2017

I'm not one to complain, normally. But I just can't let this go... I don't believe NTB trains their technicians properly. In my past three experiences: First, I was polite, calm, and professional up until my most recent communication with them. Honestly, I was pretty hot at this point. 1. Bought four tires at a Plano, TX location. Left my truck there for 6 hours. Picked it up, jumped on the highway and not one single wheel had been balanced. Had to go back in the following day. When I went in the service guy was rude and acted like I was crazy. He later admitted he did not know what happened with my truck and that every wheel was in fact, out of balance. 2. OK- my thought, all are entitled to an off day now and then. Needed tires and went back to a different NTB in Lewisville, TX because I really like this particular set of Cooper tires that they carry exclusively. Bought 2 back tires.

Serviceman offered an alignment for $89. I thought, sure, it's not out of alignment but it had been two years so I'll get it checked. How long will it take? Answer - 45 minutes additional time. So, they quoted me a time of 1:45 minutes to change two tires and do an alignment. 4 hours later, my truck is finally done. Serviceman says the toe was way out on the right side. Mind you, I had perfectly even tread wear at the time. Steering was great and had no issues. They made a huge adjustment in the toe and suggested that I had done some front end work recently. No I had not had any work done and I keep my vehicles in good mechanical condition. On to the work -They pulled my truck right in and went to work. The technician was slow, uninterested, and seemed in over his head for this task as I'm watching off and on between phone calls. After being there 4 hours, I had appointments to get to and places to be.

I was preparing to take this vehicle on a trip on Monday hence the need for tires. Immediately upon leaving the store, the steering wheel is way off of center. I wanted to go right back in, but I has already wasted half a day and they had other vehicles coming in. I pulled into the parking lot for my meeting and the steering wheel rolled over too easy to the left. (I would later figure out it was doing this because it was so out of toe). In fact, it was so out of toe, you could see it without even needing to put it on a machine. Adding to the frustration, there is a dent in my truck bed above the wheel well of one of the tires they replaced. I called the shop that afternoon, no answer. I called NTB customer service, no answer. It was around 5 pm. I logged a message online for "contact us" saying I had some issues to discuss. I wanted to document my concerns before the weekend. No response the next Monday.

I leave for my trip and check my front tires part of the way. The wear is awful on the outside of both front tires 3 days after the alignment. I call NTB customer service and they recommend I take it back to NTB. The problem is, I'm out of town in a remote area with no Tire Kingdom facility anywhere near. Front two tires are already ruined 500 miles after the alignment. I take pictures of the tire wear, steering wheel, and dent and email them to the customer service folks to document the problem. I reach my destination and park the vehicle for 5 days to not cause any more wear. NTB suggest I take the vehicle to Big O tires when I reach the closest city that has one (An NTB/Tire Kingdom company). One problem, I'm returning on a Sunday. Nothing open. 200 miles back into my trip home, I'm having to change to a spare because the metal cords are showing on the outside of the tire.

Then, an new gift appears - TPMS sensor goes off telling me to service my tire pressure monitoring system. The one not reading - one of the new tires. Driver's side wear is worse than passenger side and this is the side they made this huge adjustment on. I make it home stressed that I'm going to have a blowout on either front tire. Three tires ruined - Both front tires and the spare. I'm fuming over the botched job and level of incompetence. I calm down, remain polite and contact NTB again and inform them that I'm back and can take it to get it looked at but would prefer another store because I'm upset with the folks at the other store and would like to start new. I don't trust the operators or the equipment/readings of the alignment machine in the Lewisville location. So, I head to a different store.

3. Grapevine, TX store - take the vehicle in and they are immediately skeptical. The store manager comes out and talks to the service guy at the front. Does not look at me, speak to me or say a word to me. They take my truck back to "shake it down". They are not giving me any answers but they are working on it and it is obvious it is messed up. I gave them the original alignment paperwork and point out the huge adjustment that was made. Roughly 45 minutes later, the manager goes out to the truck, grabs the paperwork, goes to his office and jumps on the phone. I'm in earshot of his office door. I can see him on the phone flipping through the paperwork from my truck. He knows I can hear his conversation, so he closes the door. I speak to the serviceman up front. He was plenty nice but not offering any information.

I said to him, so, "clearly, I'm not a moron, something is way off right?" He nervously says yes and says they are still checking it out. Once again, I've got to be somewhere, so my wife picks me up and I leave. I call NTB customer service. They have to call me back. They speak to the store and what do you know... It was way out of toe. The adjustment the Grapevine store needs to make is back to within 6 one-hundredths of where it was originally. The customer service lady tells me that it was in alignment when I left the Lewisville store because the paperwork said so. This has all taken place in less than two weeks. The store manager who never talked to me, never listened to my concerns, would not even look at me told the customer service lady that I did something to knock it out of alignment. Meanwhile, there are multiple forms of communication and documentation (phone calls, emails, online forms) of the problems from day one.

You are really going to try to tell me that I hit something and it was out almost the exact same amount of the adjustment that they made when I had no previous problems. NTB's solution - 25% off of a new set of tires. Why should I pay for their clear mistake? Does common sense not apply anymore? Aren't the odds greater that they screwed it up given the facts vs me hitting something and knocking out of alignment almost exactly to the faulty adjustment the Lewisville store made? (Which, I hit nothing, by the way). You put me and my family at risk with a botched job and unqualified technicians or faulty equipment. I don't accept it. They were going to have a supervisor call me ASAP. One day later, I'm still waiting for that call and my truck sits at NTB Grapevine. They won't acknowledge the mistake and still insist I caused the problem. We have not even addressed the TPMS fault, the dent, or the off-center steering wheel.

Good Grief this company is MESSED up. I don't suggest that anyone do business with this company. Everyone has bad days, but this is three different locations. There is something really wrong in the processes or culture of this organization. They are going to get somebody seriously hurt. It's not worth the risk or the time involved to do business with NTB/Tire Kingdom. I will add receipts to this report when I get my truck back. Unfortunately, I left them with store. I wanted them to see the original big adjustment made. I don't know where to take this from here, but I'm prepared to spend as much time as necessary purely on principle and to try to make sure other consumers are not affected in the same way.

I'm sure this happens frequently to folks who may not know much about cars. It's dishonesty, at this point and I don't understand what the motivation is to rectify this ASAP other than them being concerned about admitting fault and fixing the alignment, replace the tires, straighten the steering wheel, and a discussion about how to handle that mystery dent.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 28, 2017

Went to NTB for an alignment. Waited 2 1/2 hrs for it and when I finally left. The alignment was not right. Went back because they have a 6 month warranty. They said that they were too busy to help me that I will have to make an appointment. Finally made an appointment but they made me wait 3hrs and they still didn't get it right. The car was better aligned before I took it there. My, seems to me that the mechanics that they have don't know what they are doing and they don't have enough experience. I quit going there. I started buying my own tires online. You get the same or better deal and there is no added fee and hidden charges and I take it to a regular mechanic that does a better job and gives me 6 months warranty too.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 11, 2017

I don't think these people at NTB near the Mall in Orland Park, Illinois know about how to disclose all the information that customers asks. They are very sneaky and will cost you a lot if you don't do your research when you go there. If you ask for a tire change around 100 bucks a tire, they will sneak in every possible thing that you can imagine in your bill plus their shop fee. WHAT THE HELL IS SHOP FEE? Why are we paying for their shop utility. I thought I did a good research and know what tires I was gonna buy. It was Cooper GLS touring for 106 bucks a tire with 50 dollar mail in rebate. I was like "Wow ok. It has 50 bucks mail in rebate which will lower my tire price to 95 bucks."

So I went there and first asked for any promotion going. The guy just clicked his dumbass 70s screen and popped out a 900 bucks out of door number. I just laughed and corrected all his extras. Then I asked from Cooper GLS touring tire and specifically asked if it comes with 50 dollar rebate. He said it does and all. There you go - I was like "Yes I got this guy." So, I changed the tires and my bill was around 600 bucks because I did not put in any of insurance or free tire balancing or crap like that. The rule of thumb is if you haven't had any breakdown on tires for at least 3 years then chances are you will not have anytime soon and taking these insurance is just money down the drain.

Anyways long story short, I got my tires replaced and at the time of payment, I asked what to do for 50 dollar rebate. Oh the guy smiled and said "You should use your Cooper credit card to get that 50 bucks rebate." I was like "You **, why didn't you tell me earlier. Now I have to run my credit score to open a freaking Cooper credit card which I will not use for another tire change after 5 years."

I was thinking on my way back after leaving NTB that even though you think you are going to outsmart the guy behind counter, he is always a step ahead of you. First of all, he did not say that I had to apply for a credit card in order to get that 50 bucks rebate. He just said "oh ya there is a rebate". Either he didn't know or did not want to tell me. This issue is not about 50 bucks but the guilt of getting cheated is what frustrated me to write this complaint.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 15, 2017

Tire tread peeled off on a Friday evening. Pulled into NTB in NW Austin at 8:15. Closing time was 8. But garage door was open. Went in and spoke to service manager - Johnny. He and another choose to stay late on a Friday to help me. They put on a new set of tires. This meant a lot to me as I make my living as an Uber driver. Without their help I would have been stuck and out of business for the night. I'm 63 and know from experience service like this is rare and exceptional.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 2, 2017

Been going to NTB for oil changes. Upon changing my oil employee informed me of bad brakes in rear. He said both need new Rotors shoes. Because the rotors had big scratches. From no pads left on brakes. He quoted me $487 dollars for rear brakes. I am on a fixed income and it really upset me. My brakes had NOT been making any noises or causing problems. I got my oil change and left very upset... I took my car to a local mechanic and said NOTHING... he inspected my brakes and guess what? Rotors are fine. Pads were fine. Although he said don't wait too long because the pads are getting skinny... So I told him to put new pads on since I was there already. And his cost was $90? If I had needed all that NTB said I did. His price was $190... RIPOFF!!! I have both receipts.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 22, 2017

My tire was flat which is not uncommon. I don't drive the car much and it has been very hot. The low pressure came on yesterday after sitting for a few days. I thought I had enough time to wait until Saturday. When I went to get in the car, the rear right was flat. I call my roadside assistance company. Once the guy took the tire off. We both inspected the tire for possible nails or other debris. We painstakingly went over each side of the tire. We both ran I hands across each portion, inside and out. There was nothing sticking out of the tire on either side. This occurred on Saturday, July 22nd at approximately 3:00 pm at Store address 8435 Davis Lake Parkway, Charlotte, NC 28269 Ph 704.509.9107. The service tech said he could not find anything and suggested that I have it inspected as there was no foreseeable reason that the tire was flat. I explained to him that I don't drive it much. He indicated that it may be because of the heat.

I take it to NTB and asked if they would inspect the tire. I did not tell the representative that the tire had been thoroughly inspected. About 10 minutes of having my car in the bay, he comes to get me and tells me that he found a metal object just sitting there plain as day. I looked at him and said that is impossible. I asked him how it got there and he said it was in plain view. He saw it immediately and said that it could not be fixed because it was on the inside and I would have to buy a brand new tire. I stopped short of calling him a bold face liar because he had no idea that 2 sets of eyes had just gone over this tire inside and out before bringing it to him, but I did tell him I was very skeptical because I and the service technician that took the tire off went over every inch and could not find anything, certainly not anything sticking up as far as that piece of metal was sticking up.

You would have had to be blind and had no feelings in your hands to have missed that. I rubbed every inch of that filthy tire with my bare hands (the tech had on gloves) all the way around inside and out. I asked the NTB rep if he could explain to me how it got there, he said, he didn't know. I told him that piece of metal was not in my tire when I pulled up and gave him my key. I had seen something like this on TV years ago, but never thought I would become a victim of it. I told him to put my doughnut back on because I did not believe him and that I may have to buy a new tire because of this, but NTB would not profit from it.

I found a Discount Tire approximately 6 miles away and took it to them. While there, I begin reading the reviews for this company and it seems that they run scams on the customers frequently. I will never use NTB again. That guy thought I was just a stupid female and he could pull anything over on me and I would believe it. The reason I had the service Tech from USAA go over the tire with me was to find a nail. There is no way both of us missed a piece of metal sticking up approximately one inch from the tire.

I do not have an order number as inspecting the tire is free and I refused to buy a tire and was not offered any paperwork and Discount Tire now has the old tire. When Discount Tire tested the tire, the only slash made was by the piece of metal that NTB planted in my tire. I want NTB to pay me for having to replace a tire that just lost pressure and was perfectly fine until their representative decided to poke a hole in my tire that was not there.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 18, 2017

7 months ago I purchased tires from someone other than NTB, but they didn't have alignment equipment so I ended up at Ntb. They were so nice and friendly and said there was a problem with the rear tires and they couldn't be aligned because of a missing part. Didn't try to push a sale so I figured it could be possible. 7 months later I had some tread issues and needed 2 tires and went to a closer Ntb. They said same issue with the rear alignment, but for $600 they could put the part on. I passed and they seemed very shocked and tried to pressure me, but I stood firm. They ended up doing the front alignment and I left. 2 days later I went to my regular mechanic and he said everything looked good for rear alignment, but didn't have the equipment either so he sent me to an alignment shop close by. They lined up the car both front and back without any issues. Not only that, but the front alignment that was done 2 days earlier was off terribly. Buyer Beware.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 13, 2017

This is my second visit to the Jonestown Rd location in Harrisburg, PA. The service is poor, and the employees are shady. It seems like every car that comes in for inspection needs shocks or struts. The mechanic that worked on my vehicle this last time left grease and dirt on the door panel and steering wheel, and he attempted to steal money from a money clip that he thought had $100 bills and cards in it. I planted it on the passenger side, partially visible, under the floor mat. There was no reason on earth for him to be on that side of the vehicle, under the mat. To his surprise, the money was fake and the gift cards were expired. He even forgot exactly where he took it from and placed it somewhere else. Stay away from this place. They are not honest people.

Original review: July 7, 2017

I went to NTB to get my car inspected, and they informed me that I needed brakes and routers on all 4 wheels, which was true. They gave me a quote of $1095, but the manager said, "I gave you over $80.00 in discounts." Needless to say they say a girl and thought "oh she won't questions." I ended up not getting my car inspected, the manager said this really needs done and I told him that "I found 4 ceramic brakes and 4 routers on eBay for $200.00 so how are you charging me $1095." He said "$75.00 was for bleeding the brake line, $289.00 for the brakes, $396 for the routers, $60 for the emission and inspection (which is high), $275 for labor." That is a ripoff. $275 for about an hour's worth of work, meanwhile it shows on their board $106 an hour for labor. DON"T GO TO NTB.

Customer increased Rating by 2 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 4, 2017

Made an appointment online for tire installation (how convenient for the customer). When I came to the store 3 days later, I was turned down. The reason - they did not have my tires in stock (how disappointing for the customer). I was told that it would take couple of days to bring the tires in (no discount offered). First of all, the tires that I decided on were shown "in stock" at the time of online reservation. Second of all, if you didn't have the tires, the process of ordering my tires should have started the second I made the appointment online. Tremendous waste of time. That was my first and my last time dealing with NTB.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28, 2017

NTB Tire and Service Centers, 8601 N. MoPac, Austin, Texas - Made an appointment, when I arrived, there was no record of the appointment or the tires that I ordered. The sales person wasn't at work. I left. The salesman called later and said that the tires were delayed, no apology for coming in for no reason. I made an appointment for the next day. I arrived at my scheduled time. I was not on their appointment list. The salesman was not there. He arrived a few minutes later. Finally, got my truck in for the installation. It took over 2 and half hours for them to finish. I believe they screwed up and tried to work me in with everyone else since most of that time it just sat in the bay. They need to improve their customer service. As far as I know the work was OK - time will tell.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 18, 2017

I picked up a nail just inside the inner tread and took it to NTB to get it fixed since I bought the tire there and a road hazard warranty. The manager of the place looks at it and says it can't be fixed because it's too close to the sidewall. But, under the road hazard warranty, he can sell me a tire and give me a credit for my tire. He inspects the tread and says it has very little tread left (uh - the tire has less than 15,000 miles on it). So he can "honor" their warranty for a net cost of about $60. Nice try CROOK - I took it to a competitor who patched it up in less than 10 minutes. Guess who will be getting my business now?

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Original review: June 14, 2017

I got in 6:54 am, I left at 11:48 am. I was going to the 1st day of my new job. Had to stop there because my brake were gone! I couldn't get anywhere else. I know they have a bad rep and they don't care. But this was the nearest place. They had to order the part. The mechanic was nice. But it's like the managers or guys upfront didn't acknowledge the issues. They did not say they were sorry, or offer a discount. Like they offer to 4 other people that come in AFTER me. They charge me for brake fluid. It was full. I checked it last night. All I need needed was the Pads and Disc.

My debit card is new. I show him the money come out of the account. I can pull it on my phone. When he had a problem put it through. "It must be an old card." No it's new. (I have had a problem with it). I didn't say that. But, I pride myself, on always paying my bills. And my Tithing. I know there is a stereotype with women of **. So I Showed him, That it Did Go Through. Like there is a MISTRUST of NTB.

I had to ask for a discount. He say he didn't know. He didn't put me in the system. But he give me 5%. Am thankful for that. $615.42 to $597.76. As I was leaving he was say to the other guy. "I know she's going to complain online". If customer get treat right they don't complain. They come back. I didn't say anything, I was polite. I know how these places work. But if you were talking to everyone else and offering them discounts: Why not l do the right thing. This was a very hurtful experience. Like I wasn't a really personal. But my Money was real. They even put my name in wrong with someone else email. Well, if I still have a job, and pay rent and other bills. Heavenly Father will get the glory in Jesus name. As ask Him to Bless everyone here, that has been dealt with in a dishonest way. May Jesus Cover Your finances, to help yourself and others. Give back. In Jesus name.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 8, 2017

NTB on Reisterstown Road of Owings Mills MD took advantage of my sister who is emotionally challenged and a senior citizen. Bottom line a $480.00 bill became $1,925 one. She needed new tires and because I live in another state, I selected the precise tires made arranged and appointment with this NTB. They told me the bill would be $480.00. I asked the sales person to be kind to Eve and that she lacked ego strength and would need guidance. They guided her right into a 1,925.00 bill! They went over her vehicle with a fine tooth comb and suggested work above and beyond new tires. I could have lived with an alignment and ball joints but they went beyond... tune up, power steering flush, fuel system flush.

My sister's income is $10,400 a year. When I called them to discuss the bill, the salesman said "We do not screen customers for income." Surely I understood this... but my mistake was I made them aware of her vulnerabilities and mental state and they totally exploited her. Thank you for allowing me to vent. I will ensure that the Reisterstown and Owings Mills MD area will be aware of the parasitic nature of their local NTB... and I will not step foot in another one to conduct business myself. I hope they choke on the increased sales and revenue that they reap from what I see as unfair sales tactics on the challenged, elderly, and people who have limited knowledge of automotive mechanics.

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Original review: June 4, 2017

At 9 am I came in to get tires rotated, asked to check bearings. At 10 finally came in said they needed to be replaced. At 12 I asked where they were with my vehicle said they were working on it. I can see clearly through the window they are not. I know that they order the wrong parts one side has abs this NTB service has gone down the drain. Still waiting 1:20.

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Original review: May 24, 2017

I drop off my car for an alignment at 8:30am. I was told it will take Two hours. I came back at 5:00pm. And it was not ready yet. I asked the guy at the front counter and he said they were working on it. I don't think an alignment will take 9 hours to do. I will never came back or recommend this place to anybody.

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Original review: May 4, 2017

I will never go here again. I went there to get a tire replaced, tires rotated and a new battery. Worst mistake of my life! I left and when I got down the road I noticed my car was shaking when I drive so I called and told them. I was told that it had to "settle" and to give it a while. Weeks later on a Friday it was still doing the same thing so I called and told them and I was told to bring it back. They looked it over after hours and I was told it needed a wheel hub assembly. So I went and bought the part because they told me to and they put it on. When I got down the road, not only was it still shaking, but while braking it made a grinding noise and the brake was clicking as I pressed it. I immediately took it back. They looked over it again and told me once again that it had to "settle" and that if it hadn't stopped by Monday to bring it back.

It was still doing it by Monday so I called them back and asked when was a good time to bring it. The manager said, "I don't know why they told you that because he's not here." So the next day I called again and the manager said,"Well, he's about to go home in 30 minutes." I said, "please this is the only vehicle I have and I use it to go to work." He said, "Well if you can get here in 15 minutes I'll see if he can look at it." So when I got there, and they FINALLY got to my car they told me that they thought it was the wheel beringer on the other side because someone had wrapped the cords around something and that they wanted to do another diagnostic. So I left my truck there. When they finally called me the next day they told me that the part I bought had a bad sensor so they took the sensor off my old part, put it on the new one and put it back in my car.

When I went to pick it up, I was relieved. The manager said, "I test drove it, the mechanic drove it and it drives like a dream!" More like a nightmare!!! The grinding and brake had stopped acting up, but the shaking was worse! I deciding not to go back up there and just called customer support and made a complaint. He called the store and basically the manager told all kind of lies so I was told to take it back and get another diagnosis. I told him I was worried about taking it back there since I had complained on them so we agreed to take it to another location. I did and I signed paperwork and the mechanic told me that they would find out what the problem was and they would call me before doing any work. The result I got back was shocking!!! The mechanic there told me that they misdiagnosed my problem big time. I had bolts missing and my front drive shaft was gone!

Then I was told that if I wanted it fixed it would be an extra $380 because they would give me credit for the part and labor that I had recently paid for. I called the customer service rep that I had talked to and he told me that he had already put the part on and I told him that I couldn't afford that. So they took the part back off and it took me days to get my truck back. The end result ending up being that they would only give my money back for the labor and not the part because I didn't get it from them. But they were the ones that told me to go get it from somewhere else because it would be cheaper to do so. They also offered me a $50 royalty card but I didn't take it because I'm NEVER going back there again. I WISH SOMEONE WOULD START A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT OR PETITION AGAINST THEM BECAUSE I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH THESE PROBLEMS.

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Original review: April 17, 2017

I went to NTB to get 4 new tires on my truck. They told me that I needed almost $4,000 worth of additional work and that the vehicle was dangerous to drive. I was told that the brakes were dangerous, the shocks were bad and I don't remember what else. I told them to put the tires on, give me a list of repairs and I would take it to my personal mechanic. They also failed my inspection. My mechanic told me that the only thing that he could find wrong is that the brakes were borderline bad, which I had him replace, but were not bad enough to even fail it on the inspection which he completed. Everything else was fine. My bill was MUCH less than the $4,000 that the NTB mechanic wanted to charge me for fictitious problems! They performed an alignment on my son's car and he had to have it realigned elsewhere a few months later because it didn't drive straight. I will not return here and would not recommend it.

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Original review: April 9, 2017

I stopped at the NTB in Crystal MN on 4/8/2017 and got a price on tires and set a appointment up for 4/9/2017 for tires and a alignment. They said they had to get the tires from another store and they would have them later that day. On 4/9/2017 my appointment was an 12:00 PM and I'd be out the door by 1:30 PM because I had things I needed to get done. So I told them I was going to be early. I showed up to the store at 11:35 AM and the tires were not there so someone had to go get them and they had no one there to do alignments. They started to take the rims and tires off the vehicle but the tools they were using were garbage. Meanwhile the tires finally showed up to the store.

Finally just before 3 they were done with my truck. I told them if they would have allowed me to do it it would have only took me 45 minutes and I would have been done and on the road with new tires on my truck. Now I have to go back and have my alignment completed and I'm wondering if that's going to take another whole day.

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Original review: April 7, 2017

I called ahead and they said that they would gladly use my oil instead of theirs. I expected no discount or up-charge. I arrive at the appt. and they are firm that they would NOT use my oil. The service people were rude and unhelpful. I will never use NTB and I will pass the experience on to everyone I know and all social media also. I should have looked at their low ratings.

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Original review: April 6, 2017

I took my 2008 Equinox to National Battery and Tire - Concord Pike Wilmington DE on 4/1 for a simple oil change. I was told they could NOT do the oil change because supposed my car was leaking gasoline "all over their shop floor." I was told NOT only could they NOT do the oil change (which leaking gas had nothing to do with) but that it would cost me over 1000.00 to have fixed and the car was unsafe to drive. I was in a panic. Finally I called a CHEVY Dealership. I was told it sounded like the Fuel Pump Modulator which is under recall on the 2008 Equinox and being fixed for FREE by GM. I was also told that this had been know to ALL mechanics worth their salt for 2 years now and wondered why the people at NTB had not told me this, but instead tried to scare a woman in her 60's into spending a 1000.00 or more on an issue that they knew FULL well would be fixed for free by the dealership.

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Original review: April 1, 2017

Took my car to National Tire and Battery on South Kings highway in St. Louis Missouri. Paid over $1,600 to get repairs done on my car and some of the same issues are still occurring. Today is April the 2nd 2017 and manager refuses to fix the situation.

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