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Since there are many complaints, here's a positive review: Bought a 2014 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn 4x4 Hemi truck new in December 2014 with every available option including air suspension. Everything has worked as it should since day 1, and now, almost 2 years later, I have 35,000 miles on it. The 8-speed tranny is smooth as silk and the hemi performs flawlessly. I tow a 3500-lb boat occasionally and have had no issues. I wasn't sure if I'd like the Ram Box option, but there is so much storage for tools, trailer hitches, etc. that I love it. Sometimes when I pick up fast food to take home, I put it in the Ram Box where it stays warm and keeps the inside of the truck smelling new longer. My previous truck was a 2003 Dodge 2500 SLT 2WD, Cummins w/6-spd manual that I put 225,000 miles on, and other than regular maintenance, I changed the water pump twice, and the radiator once. Got 22 mpg city, 27 mpg hwy.

I own 2 - 2015 Dodge Ram's and 1 - 2016 Dodge Ram. 2 are 3500's. ALL 3 have premature front end tire wearing. I'm talking less than 20k miles. On top of it all, the local dealership I purchased from said they don't know how to rotate the tires on the 3500's. I'm at a loss that a service department can be so stupid!!! Plus, I get blue puffs out of exhaust with the 3500's when they start each morning. Also, the one 3500 has serious shifting issues. Trucks have been in 3 times each.

Each time it's been an absolute cluster and I have to physically remove my husband from the property or he was gonna lose it on these people. My father is the Fleet Manager at the dealership so I have to handle myself in a dignified manner but the dealership is blowing smoke up my skirt. I finally sent an email to corporate and NOW they sent a big wig down here and they are going to "assess" it. We all know how that's gonna turn out. Bottom line, no vehicle should have worn tires before 20k miles - ON ALL 3!!! Anyone else having this issue?

This is my third Dodge Ram truck and it has been in service 16 times in 2 years. I have had everything from a driver's airbag warning light taking 5 trips to get fixed (and I had to live with while driving 3,000 miles across the country) to multiple DEF problems with the last one resulting in the entire replacement of certain systems. Perhaps the most troubling aspect of this truck is how many times there is a software update affecting the performance of the engine and mileage. 3 updates ago my mileage dropped 25%. The most recent "update" has restore much of this. As reported by others, the front end does not hold alignment and at 20,000 had to replace one front tire. The dealer here in Salt Lake City has both had their hands tied by Ram warranty service requirements (resulting in multiple trips) as well as having them drill through my brake line while doing another "recall" changing the bracing in my front end for which I did not receive any notice.

That is another troubling aspect of the "New Ram" company. They wait until your truck comes in to tell you "oh, we have a recall" rather than sending any notification. The last two times I took my truck in resulted in the truck being gone for 3 days the first time (I just took it in for an oil change) to 5 days the last time for the DEF warning again resulting in both multiple recall changes and having my brake line drilled. I simply do not trust the truck any longer for long distant trips and hauling. Honestly, I think much of the blame has to go to Fiat and how they allow dealers to address problems and issues. It's like dealing with a health insurance claim. I have little doubt this story is playing out all over the Chrysler network as well.

Transmission pump went out and was covered by warranty after 2 years. Terrible dealer service, no followup by Dodge after repaired. 3 year old vehicle starting to rust at end of hood, no damage/dings/chips causing issue, just rust bubble starting to form. They say not covered because it hasn't rusted all the way through. Do not have this issue with 2009 mazda 5, 2007 honda accord, etc...

Well, after taking the hijacked vehicle into the dealer, they were just as puzzled as to why the truck popped the Service DEF, See Dealer message as according to their tech, the entire system checked out. Regardless, they performed a "reset" of the PCM and supposedly updated it to the latest version. Thus far the truck is running, but who knows if this issue will crop up again.

In any case, my original rating has to stand as this is outrageous that they will put out into limp mode, on an otherwise perfectly running vehicle, after 200 miles. It would make sense to simply warn to correct the error or at least extend the range/speed to a more reasonable level.

Original Review

As a relatively new owner of a 2013 Dodge Ram 3500 ST with 6.7L Cummins Diesel, I will say that this truck has some great power and towing capability. Overall it rides well, despite the firm suspension, and has decent mpg considering it is a workhorse. Averages around 15 mpg city and surprisingly 20-22 mpg hwy and towing my 5th wheel camper (approx. 8000 lbs) it gets around 10-15 mpg. Definitely a great truck for heavy duty work, especially considering it's a newer model with DPF/DEF. However, at only 28k the truck spit out a Service DEF System Error mid trip (75 miles out from home) with a full DEF tank and using good API Certified (Blue) DEF. Then the truck goes into a 200 mile warning mode and if you don't get it serviced within that time it goes into limp mode at 5 mph!

Fortunately I was able to get back home before limp mode, but this is absolutely absurd to cripple a perfectly running vehicle for EPA compliance. Heck throw a warning so we can get it fixed, but don't hijack the vehicle after 200 miles. Fortunately, I didn't head out of state or end up in the boonies where you're up $41t creek and limping home or paying for one huge towing bill; especially while towing a big load. Also, good thing I got an extended warranty, but we'll see what's next as it's in the shop now (hopefully they get it right and no other drama). Dodge really needs to pull their heads out of their backside on this one! They made a good truck, but screw you on reliable running.

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I called the dealership about my 2014 Dodge 1500 Outdoorsman with a bunch of problems. It has only 40.000 km on it. I have to pump the brakes. The service advisor said this was normal. Both bumpers are rusting. I was told it is residual rust by the service advisor. The first time and the second time it was due to road sand and was not warrantied. The truck will do random horn honk and door lock at lights or just sitting parked. It won't do it at the dealer so it is my problem.

Engine has bad chain and lifter noise after being parked for 3 to 5 days but the service advisor told me this is normal for that type of engine. After a few hours of driving it starts to get a right hub howl but it won't do it at the dealership so it is my problem until it breaks. After driving a few hours on the highways when you slow down for a light you get different cluck. But because it won't do it at the dealership it is my problem until it breaks. I have reported all this to Chrysler Canada but their answer is "well if the dealer can't find it or won't do it at the dealership then won't do anything" and the rusting bumpers is normal wear due to road conditions. I payed extra for extended warranty even tire warranty. If I hadn't pay the truck off I would have driven it back to the dealership and walked away. They tell me I can come down and trade it one.

My company got me a 2015 Ram 3500 6.7 cummins at my request. The truck started acting up with the cruise control. It would set and show it locked in on cruise. The next day it started working again. I took it to a dealer and they said if no check engine light was on there was nothing they could do. 2 days later I get a engine light and a def warning. The more warnings. I take it in and they look at the truck and say "you have a bad sending unit and it's on backorder." This is 3 weeks later. They said also "keep your def tank full and it will be ok." So I did. Yesterday it went into limp mode and left me going 5 mph in rush hr traffic. I pissed a lot of people off just trying to get off the road. I called the dealer no help, then the 800 # still no help, then I took it to Facebook on Dodge's page. Then I got some help.

But today is Friday. I'm at home with a broken service truck and making no money! They found the part I was told this morning from their supplier. And I'm on the top of the list but still no help to me. So I think I will push them a little harder and see what happens. The EPA needs to at least SET THESE TRUCK TO GO 45 MPH THEY CAN CONTROL THE AMOUNT OF THROTTLE SO THEY DON'T HAVE BLACK SMOKE COMING OUT. By the way I have 3 Dodges, a car, and 2 trucks.

2013 Dodge Ram 1ton Dually with 50,000 miles blew out all transmission fluid while hauling my horses. Had it towed to dealership. Took 2 weeks to diagnose problem. Hello, lost power. No transmission fluid. I'm no mechanic but even I know, it's the TRANSMISSION! Under warranty but they only want to rebuild transmission not replace it. Another 2 weeks goes by, get it, put back together, not running right, still there! This is a truck used for business, nothing I can haul with for over a month!! UNACCEPTABLE! I have called everywhere I know to call! Can someone help? This is my 4th dodge and definitely my last dodge!

My engine started stalling 2 to 3 times in the morning about six months ago. I took it to 3 different Dodge dealerships and they have not been able to identify the problem. I am concerned about safety for me and other drivers on the road. I am a disabled veteran and my wheelchair is transported in the bed of the truck. Has anyone else had this stalling problem and was it fixed?

Purchased vehicle at dealership, good mileage, good condition in 11/2011 for $32,000+. We have always provided good maintenance to all of our vehicles. In 01/2015 due to an engine warning light, vehicle taken to dealership immediately. Thereafter, vehicle repeatedly taken for same problem. 3 months later and without a vehicle we're told manufacturer was involved to solve the problem. Few weeks later case manager indicated unable to correct mechanical problem and stated as matter of fact, the vehicle was already "old". We have vehicles older and still running good. How is it possible that the manufacturer is unable to provide technical assistance to their own dealership. Every time the dealership would call us to pick up the truck, we paid the bill and within 24 hours and on occasion, we could not even drive the vehicle out.

After going back and forth, putting a lot of personal time to it, we sent a letter explaining our frustration, the poor customer care response, asking for a refund due to their lack of resolving the problems and finally sent a letter to their office in Auburn Hills, MI. We finally got a response on 03/2016 stating "After thoroughly reviewing your request and our files on this matter, we respectfully concur with our previous decision." I am not sure which decision they are referring to. Someone within the manufacturer technical assistance failed to solve our problem. If they cannot, who else can? We feel we should be paid for a product Chrysler Dodge Ram could not fix. My hard earned money cannot be a loss. I sincerely feel victimized by big corporate.

I work for a auto transport company and bought my Dodge truck which was fine till I got 20000 miles and went to the mountains in Colorado. The truck had a check engine light come on. Dealer scanned said loss of fuel pressure at the rail. The truck was flashed, done great till the mountains and went to crap again. Went to dealer again and they told me it needs flashed again. Know this supposed a new truck flashing come on...get to California and lost pressure again. They replaced the pressure relief valve, picked up truck, drove to my trailer and would you know that the check engine light back on again. They say it is out of warranty for the buy back even though the problem has yet been fixed.

I purchased a 2014 Dodge Ram Laramie with a Cummins turbo diesel. The truck had 37,000 miles. A strong selling point was the 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. At 40,000 miles, and three days after the first $700 payment the motor blew all the oil out locked up. The dealership would not even have it towed. It has sat on their back lot for two weeks and they can't even tell me what's wrong with it. I contacted Chrysler and was assigned a case manager and still nothing has been done and I'm out $47,000 and on foot. Never ever again will I own a Chrysler product.

I purchased a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 in '08. When I went to hook up an RV which had been changed from bumper to bed because it was a 5th wheel, my right tail signal light quit working. I had wiring checked, bulbs and all checked out ok. I took to shop and found that fuse box had shorted out computer. So instead of blowing the fuse it shorted everything out, it was replaced and all worked well. Well, last summer my air conditioner went out. Again instead of just blowing fuse the computer shorted out again. Same shop, same story. I replaced it and all worked well. Now last week my air conditioner failed to cool, it is in the shop and I'm hoping the fuse box has not shorted out again. The dealer told me it was a wire harness problem the first time I didn't hear from them the second time. Just wondering if this is a common problem. Paying 600 dollars for a new board is not my idea of a good product. Can someone help me?

2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Laramie 4x4.5.9 Cummins, AT - I bought my 2005 in 2005 with 44,000 miles on it from a dealer In Victorville Ca. The first owner bought, sold trailers out of state and used the heck out of this towing for 11 months. It was in good shape so, I own it now. Price reflected the high miles. It has just over 108,000 on it now. I tow a 10,000 toy hauler with it, some times up high in the mountains. Not towing Hwy 18.6mpg at 65mph/16.5 at 75mph. Towing 14.5 at 65mph. Do not drive 75mph with that trailer. 1800 RPM is sweet spot for torque to fuel mileage.

The brakes and BF Goodrich tires were replaced at 44,000 mile purchase date. I just put my first tires on it at 108,000. Brakes in front are almost ready to be replaced as well as the upper and lower ball joints (Darn heavy Cummins). I have serviced the engine every 3,000 miles. Serviced cooling system and gear boxes at 90,000 miles. Automatic trans at 75,000 miles. I run Lucas fuel additive to help out with the occasional bad diesel I seem to get.

I have been very happy with this purchase. No interior or exterior problems. This truck is not as fast or powerful as the new ones, but God bless it. It will do anything I need. I had a 2001 with the Cummins w/ 5 spd manual. I loved that truck. Before that a 1997 with the V-10. My friend is still driving it with I do not know how many miles on it. Just saying: I have had either good luck or been blessed. I am going to purchase a 2005 Rumble Bee tomorrow. Yellow and Hemi YeeHaw. Got to have something sporty for a change. No, the above rated truck is not for sale.

Have 2012 Ram big horn 1 month out of warranty and just over 36,000 miles. Left rear brake caliper locked up and overheated the pads, was able to unstick it and made it home from vacation. Took it to the dealer where I purchased it to find out why it locked up. They have no idea - possibly a caliper defect. Bottom line have to replace both rear calipers and pads and have the fluid flushed. Never in 30+ years of owning Chrysler products have I had a caliper lock up at any mileage and I have had trucks with over 250000 miles. If the part was suspected as being defective I sure in hell should not have to pay the full $900 repair bill. Call me a PO RAM owner.

Back in 2014 I bought a Dodge Ram 1500 diesel. About a month ago, got a check engine. Took it in and they scanned it and there is was an issue with SCR catalytic converter. Service advisor told me keep on driving, parts are on the back order. 14 days ago I got a message on the display DEF INCORRECT SEE DEALER, and then the countdown started on the display. 300 km vehicle will not restart. I took it to a dealer and it's been 10 days since, no loaner, no rental, and no estimated date for parts. Horrible service. Think twice before getting a Dodge.

My 2015 Dodge Ram problems that I am having with it. The headlights come on by themselves. I'll go down the road at night and they will shut off by themselves. There's gas in the oil. We have taken it to the shop 7 times and with the truck will not duplicate anything. Very dissatisfied with the truck. Nice-looking truck but very dissatisfied how it operates on the brakes, have failed 7x, mufflers got a hole in it already. Duplicated gas in the oil - unsafe. The road smell burnt wiring in the cab. Heater doesn't work properly on safely road. Smell burnt wiring in the cab and the heater don't work really properly. Way too many problems with this truck.

I have a 1993 Dodge Ram with a 5.9 Cummins engine. This truck is a Club Cab 4x4 with an automatic transmission. I rebuilt the transmission at 328,000 miles and the truck now has 356,000 miles with the original motor and running gear. I change my fluids often and have no issues whatsoever. Every option from the cold AC and cruise control to the rear view camera that I added work perfectly. This truck consistently gets 18mpg which is better than most 3/4 ton 4x4 pickups on the road. I get compliments everywhere I go from people driving newer vehicles, many of them making payments while they're constantly taking it to the dealer for repairs. I would not hesitate to drive my truck anywhere, anytime.

If you are tired of paying $40k, $50k or $60k for a new truck that just creates headaches, consider getting a real truck from the 1990s when the big 3 were in competition with each other as to who could build the best truck on the road. Unfortunately today they are only competing for profit at the expense of making cheaply built vehicles carrying over inflated price tags.

The fuel tank sensor stopped working on my 2012 dodge RAM with 19000 miles on it 5 days after the warranty runs out. Could not get my truck inspected until I got it fixed. 390.00 later I am back on the road. Contacted RAM. Nothing they could do for me as it was past the 3 years. I wonder if they had the truck programmed to break after the warranty ended. Truck was always maintained and never abused. I should not be having 390.00 repair bills on a truck with 19000 miles on it. I would never buy another dodge RAM!!!

A friend and I bought two 2008 Dodge Ram trucks. At the time, the dealer had them sale priced by almost ten thousand dollars! How could anyone resist such a bargain! However, we should have heeded the old saying "You get what you pay for." Well, right from the start, my trucks transmission shifted hard from first to second. I took it in and the serviceman said "The transmission needs to break in." WHAT!!! I thought he was joking but he wasn't!!! So after 5000 miles, the problem continued and the dealer said there is nothing they can do about it. I traded it and bought a Ford. Consequently, absolute flawless operation with the Ford F150 for years now!!!

Secondly, my friend’s truck would burn out a transmission solenoid every time he put his truck in four wheel drive. Meaning, he could not take it out of four wheel. To date (2016) the dealer has NOT been able to repair the problem!! He also has numerous other problems since he purchased it and unfortunately, can't afford to buy a new truck. My opinion, Chrysler makes subpar products having so many flaws. They just can't keep up with offering corrected solutions or remedies to repair them (or just don't care to as a way of doing business). Rather, the dealers teach their employees how to "double talk" (lie) to confuse the customer so they (the customer) will be convinced that "pigs can fly".

I have a 2014 Ram 1500 with 65000 miles and having issues with it that Ram doesn't think there is. Bad customer service and poor products.

2014 Ram Ecodiesel MPG - Went in for software updates. They also changed the catalytic converter and a sensor that were not listed in the computer as a update. Since this I cannot get over 22 mpg to 23 mpg and before I use to get 28 to 31 mpg. Wasn't VW playing with software to increase MPG???

I have a 2015 Ram 1500 Crew Cab 4x4. This truck has had problems hanging in third gear. Went back to dealer for service, no codes and they say can not duplicate problem. Next had problem with it not starting, turn key and just like the battery was dead. After 7-9 times it finally starts. While driving down interstate truck went into neutral by itself, went back to the dealer BOB ALLAN MOTOR MALL, can not duplicate problem. Now the trucks lights go out while driving complete danger to me and whoever I meet on the road. Again same deal, can not duplicate.

Contacted Ram customer service. They offered me a trade in assistance program which basically is a slap in the face as anyone who has ever purchased a new truck or car knows inside of two months you are upside down when trying to trade back to the dealer. These people have taught me one thing for sure. Do not buy RAM TRUCKS. THEY WILL NOT STAND BEHIND THEM ONCE THEY GET YOUR MONEY. THEY COULD NOT CARE LESS.

2012 ram 1500 crew cab - Fantastic truck. I have owned F-150, Silverado, Tundra, Tacoma and GMC. Amazing gas mileage for a big truck, 17-18 around town and 22-24 hwy. Zero problems, 40,000 miles on original tires, great highway cruiser on long trips. Great stereo. Good in snow, rain. Pulls trailers like they are not there.

On October 2015 I purchased this truck. The same day as I was driving I heard a high to low rumbling noise. Took it back to dealer for service. Changed front axle shaft, noise continues. After 3rd time to dealer, they contacted Chrysler and were told this noise was normal. Very annoying noise at 70 mi an hour. Traded in a 2012 Ram, no problem with noise (both trucks are 5.7L, 4x4s). Has anyone had this problem? Help! Annoyed in Chicago.

I purchased my Dodge Ram in 2005. Two weeks after purchasing my truck, it has been stalling out. It has gotten so bad that it stops when I'm driving (very dangerous). What's strange is that it will start back up immediately. I've been to the dealership countless times, and they can't find the problem. Love my truck, but too dangerous to drive. Help!!!

I have a 2013 Dodge ram 3500 4x4 diesel dually. I'm on my 3rd set of front tires. The truck has 36000 miles on it. Will not hold a front alignment. Dodge is aware of this problem and offers no repair solutions. The tires are worn out before the recommended oil change.

I owned a 3500 diesel 2012 which the garage could not fix due to the O2 censors kept shooting up and putting the check engine light on. Dodge bought the truck out and we replaced it with a 2500 gas 2014 truck. This truck had a rear end whine in it. The garage we bought it from said it was like opening Pandora's box and did not want to fix it. This whine was between 50-60 mph. We then took it to another dealer and they heard the whine and opened the rear end but did not see anything wrong with it. The truck had 12,000 miles on it with original warranty and an extended warranty on it. The dealer charged $172.00 to have the whine worse 45-50 mph than when we brought it in to be fixed. Bottom line is go buy a FORD or Chevrolet not a Dodge Ram. Two strikes and you're out forever.

We had our 2004 Dodge Ram 4x4 catch fire after sitting next to our house for 24 hrs. It was a cold motor, burned the cab, totaled out by the insurance. We were very fortunate that our house didn't catch fire. It only had 93,000 miles on it. We took real good care of it. I feel that Dodge needs to start recalling on these trucks for their fuse boxes shorting out.

I bought a 2015 RAM 1500 EcoDiesel back in April of 2015 from Rydell Dodge San Fernando Ca., on October 31th, 2015. I took the truck to Rydell's Dodge of San Fernando for service (maintenance). After they were done, the service advisor told me "did you do something to the coolant fluid?" I said "no, why?" He replied "because is a different color, is black and normally it looks green or pink". I said "do you need to look into it? Is it safe to drive?" He replied "is ok, just make an appointment whenever you have time and bring it back".

Drove home and curiosity got to me, popped the hood and surprise, it was not a different color only, there was oil in the coolant reservoir tank. Now, I'm not a mechanic but a simple dipping my finger into the coolant showed me that it was oil, lots of it. Took it to a closer dealership Hunter Dodge of Lancaster Ca. As soon as their mechanic popped the hood and saw the coolant reservoir tank he declared it not safe to drive. Now, it has been in there ever since and today is Dec. 10th and still no truck back.