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Last updated: Oct. 26, 2017

604 Carfax Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

CarFax is the biggest joke around. They report that there is a "damage report" to my car with front end damage. They do not describe damage, they do not tell where in the United States this occurred, and they do not give any way to confirm or deny. When I sent them an email, (because they suck so bad you can only fax or email) they said the info was from a confidential source and could not disclose. What are they the FBI now. CarFax is a sham as most say and if anyone knows how I can sue them for reporting bogus info let me know.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

In 2011, I purchased a 2006 Chevy Avalanche from an AutoNation dealer on Sahara in LV, NV. I was shown a Carfax that had come from another dealer but with my truck vin # that showed no issues. 6 years later after many headaches and a lot of money put into my Avalanche to try to keep it running, I went back to the same dealership to trade my Avalanche back in. When they did the appraisal for the trade in for my truck, they told me it was worthless because NOW on the Carfax report, it shows my truck as a "Total Loss"! Carfax reported a Total Loss on my truck 2 years after I made the purchase!!! I had a clean title in hand, DMV registration, and insurance, and all that time I'm driving a worthless truck considered a "Total Loss"! How do I get my compensation? What's next? AutoNation has turned their back saying they did nothing wrong, Carfax is impossible to get a hold of! Yea… "Total Loss" for me!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 23, 2017

I purchased a vehicle from a reputable local dealership after being shown a clean Carfax report by the floor representative. The first week of owning the vehicle I began to experience problems with my 2008 Lexus IS 250. Expenses: Price for Vehicle : $ 23,333.00. Dec 31, 2014 battery was bad after first week of purchase - Jan free warranty at Holler. Hood latch assembly would not properly close the hood. - Feb - NA had to rig the car to get it to close by removing under the hood bumper bolts so hood closed into the frame of the vehicle frame past where it was supposed to line up at. Headlight assembly - HID ballast went bad -Mar 800.00. ac Freon leak, oil leaking out of timing chain cover on engine block - Oct 2,000.00. 2015 AC compressor went out because of the AC leak - May 800.00. Water pump failed - July 650.00. Then loose ground would not start 95.00 diagnosis + towing 200.00.

2016 axle failed 1,200.00, radiator began to leak, radiator leaking again 2 months later. Brought vehicle to the manufacturer dealership to be inspected. I indicated I wanted to know why radiator failed again so soon, because I suspected foul play. Turns out the front bumper was not the original and the cross member had been damaged in the undisclosed wreck. Sadly it took all this time for the right mechanic to find the culprit to the abnormal amount of trouble I had experienced.

The Carfax report said the original owner purchased the car in New York but the key fob had an engraved "Lexus of Orlando" keychain on it. The purchase was at Holler Honda and no spare key was provided. If the owner came from New York then why was there no key fob from "Lexus of Massapequa"? The vehicle had the title cleaned in New York but could have come from anywhere then rekeyed at Lexus of Orlando. Point is that the reason I couldn't close the hood again after opening it for the first time is because the cross member portion of the frame had been bent well around 6 inches out of alignment. This caused the entire slew of problems and expenses to follow. All this due to purchasing a vehicle with a falsified clean Carfax report. No accident history ever recorded.

I purchased this vehicle with my inheritance after my parents passed away while I was in college. Now I have no vehicle and very little trade in value to purchase another one. I thought I was purchasing a luxury version of the reliable Toyota Camry family of vehicles. I feel taken advantage of, had to take time off of work, and drain my accounts and learn a valuable lesson. I was misled by the dealership for not inspecting their product and UNRELIABLE MISLEADING Carfax Report lying to consumers about their credibility to determine a cars value.

Today the vehicle sits at Lexus with a $7,000.00 Invoice in repairs that are not worth fixing. Frankly the car is totaled because they only offered me $5,500.00 to trade it in for something else. The average cost of depreciation to own this vehicle according to NADA reports is 3,033.00 per year. This salvage title vehicle cost me well over this amount per year in depreciation value. Not including the expenses I had to pay in repairs. Disheartening to say the least.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 19, 2017

This is the second inaccurate Carfax report I've had to deal with. The first report took me weeks to correct. This had to do with a false odometer report from a dealership. After much effort, I was able to get it deleted and got a fair trade in on my car. The second report was an inaccurate one from the police department, which cannot be changed and the police person I spoke with maintained that their officers are not trained in assessing accurate damage reports. Still Carfax publishes these reports! However, after contacting Carfax, they are willing to include my repair bill next to the inaccurate police report. I've decided to keep this car, since I will never get a fair trade in! Twice I've tried to trade in cars, both times these reports published by Carfax have made my experience a nightmare!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 14, 2017

I fell for the Carfax salesman who gave me a special deal for 6 months (which by the way is outrageous cost). Then I send them notice of cancellation by phone and email. I think when a person does no longer want a service a simple call should work. But not with carfax they want to keep you on the hook and act like they never received notice. Frankly Autocheck is more accurate and Carfax is way too costly.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 29, 2017

I wish I could give them a zero star review, because that would be kind to them. I am an insurance agent, and have found how bad CARFAX can affect a car's value. One of my clients had a fender bender, and the only damage to his car was the grill was broken. It was replaced with a BRAND NEW Ford OE grill. The current CARFAX report now shows "structural damage" and the car's value has diminished significantly.

That car is worth every penny of a similar used car, but not when it comes to trading it. This company is worse than the credit reporting companies (that are regulated by the government) in costing consumers' money. I am petitioning my Congressman and Senators to regulate this business, because it does not distinguish between a major total loss accident, and a small fender bender parking lot accident. I bet the car dealers are loving this, however, because they can pick up great autos WITH ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG below wholesale prices.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 28, 2017

I got a 2013 ML350 at this certified dealer and the Carfax showed no accident when they gave it to me. This Monday I went. I ran a Carfax and it’s showing an accident from 2013 by the first owner. I never knew my car was into an accident. I still owe 30,000 and at Prestige they only want to give me 23,000 for it instead of paying me all I have given them due to the fraud. This is not fair and I want my money back.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 27, 2017

This service is not what it is advertised to be. The report I received from Carfax did not show any damage to the vehicle we purchased - NONE. We later found out that it had flood damage. But because it was never reported, it did not show up on any reports. This service is only as good as the people reporting damage. As far as I am concerned the service is worthless and does not do the consumer any real service. A complete waste of your money.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 14, 2017

Someone backed into the car and not the piece off the bumper. I filed a claim with the insurance company, took it to the body shop. They told me the hood has been fixed and the bumper is put together with zip ties. They can't guarantee the work because the work is so shoddy they won't fix the car. I've only had the car six months. The dealer set up appointment with me for Tuesday and he was a no-show. Carfax was supposed to be clean. What are my options?

Original review: May 29, 2017

My car had it's bumper LIGHTLY TAPPED with NO DAMAGE in my child's school parking lot, NO DAMAGE. The principal called for a police report as it was their standard procedure no matter how minor the damage, even if no damage, the result was my car coming up on a CARFAX report when I went to trade my car in for a new one a year later. The dealership stated that even though my car had NO DAMAGE, just the fact that it has a CARFAX report they dropped the trade-in offer on my car by $3,500!! Just because it came up on CARFAX, with NO DAMAGE! CARFAX is destroying resell and trade values on people's cars even when there is no damage. CARFAX is a terrorist organization out to destroy as many car values and people's lives as possible.

Original review: May 7, 2017

Was trading in my 2005 Chrysler Pacifica. I am the original owner, know everything about this car from day one. Everything was going well, the dealer offered me $4,000 trade in for it. We had the offer sheet in hand, we're making the deal happen. Then they pulled a Carfax report. Imagine my shock when they told me my car was a total loss! I have a clean, clear title, car has NEVER been a total loss! Unfortunately, the dealer couldn't even take my trade at all now. So, we wound up having to buy GAP insurance, finance the extra $4000, plus tax. This has cost me $6,000. Matthew at Carfax who finally reponded to my emailed correction request form basically told me "no," they won't help me, other than to correct the report. Too late, I told him, I am out at least $6,000 because of your error. I expect Carfax to make me whole!

Absolute refusal, I am now looking for anyone else this has happened to, and a REALLY good lawyer who is willing to run the distance to prosecute a class action lawsuit against Carfax for this, get reimbursed for their failure to verify their information. This, to me, is basically slander, it has caused harm, and is false reporting.

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Original review: May 6, 2017

We spent two days looking for a new truck. Found the one we wanted and went in to make the purchase and trade in our current truck. Dealer came back saying that Carfax said it was only worth $1000 because it was reported as a total loss at one time. Problem is that it has never been in an accident! It has been burglarized but not to the extent that it was a total loss. 8 years ago when we were visiting our infant in the NICU, our truck was broken into. They broke a window and stole my husband's stereo. They tried to steal the truck but couldn't. As a result, they messed up the ignition and the truck wouldn't start. The insurance company fixed everything and it was never totaled, not even close! 7 years later we go to sell and because of Carfax's incompetence, the dealer wont give us what it is worth! Carfax is a bunch of **! Beware consumers! Their reports are inaccurate!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 1, 2017

I purchased unlimited Carfax reports for 90 days. As I shop online for cars regularly, I thought this was a reputable company to work with. After my 5th purchase, I was unable to pull any additional reports. It seems as though the Unlimited is by car tag only. How many online ads do you see where the tag is clearly visible? In fact, dealerships remove the tags and most individuals cover the plate in their pictures. I believe this is deceptive and hope my poor experience with these guys will provide others a reasonable heads up to avoid the same mistake.

Original review: April 27, 2017

On 3.1.17 I joined Carfax to use for buying a truck, used 1 time and have been unable to log in since. They did take my $69.99 for service provided, have called 5 times for help, no real person to talk to. Would not recommend this service.

Original review: April 23, 2017

I was informed that a potential buyer of my vehicle was informed that there was possible odometer rollback and did not buy the vehicle. I questioned Carfax and they said they made a mistake and they were wrong in their report!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 21, 2017

I as well purchased the "unlimited package" only to find out on the next click of the mouse, it was for 5 VIN checks and unlimited license tag checks. I tried to contact them and was unable to get anyone to help. I emailed them and never received a response. I would not have purchased the unlimited if I had known the whole story. This company seems to have a reputation built upon hype and not facts. I will not use them again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 15, 2017

I purchased the BMW 2013 X5 and trusted the car history stating I still have 10-month manufacturer's warranty since the car registered in December, 2017. But I found out the warranty was expired in Feb, 2017 since the car was register in Feb, 2013. In addition, there is recall to the car but the car dealer provided me a no-recall report to be confirmed. So obviously, Carfax did not even verify the information with VIN for the date of the vehicle at all. It cannot be mistaken about the date of the registered date of the car. Where was the car before December 2013 though? I felt very disappointed and am thinking of how to claim for my right to have Carfax to fix their mistake.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 31, 2017

I went to trade my Lexus which I purchased as the second owner from original Lexus dealer I was offered $2k less on trade in due to accident from original owner. Interesting on bottom page 2/5 one line one word accident. On top page 3/5 one line one word damage. Then full line with a new record car re-registered 07/05/11, next line 07/02/12 re-registered, next line re-registered 07/07/13 then dealer inventory with next incident registered to new owner!

I called Lexus Financial Services and opened a case for my claim of $2k. I was told one owner car no accidents. Apparently someone was being cute with a paper cutter. The dealer I traded it in with will provide me with a letter to the decrease in value. Not to beat a dead horse, the car shows two services at Nalley Lexus in Atlanta then a front impact no airbag deployed in Florida followed by more service history from Nalley Lexus.

"Funny", being facetious, not really but strange because I don't recall any incident out of state! I also didn't appreciate the Scanlon Lexus the selling dealer not reporting that I had the timing belt replaced nor any brake resurfacing rotors and pad replacement. Lexus should compensate me the $2k and Carfax owes me for damages $2k as well. I have owned many Lexus models from LS 400s, a 93 & 97, SC430 hardtop convertible, ES 330 and ES350. So far my dealings with BMW Financial Services has been excellent; with a great credit rating, I was approved and set up in less than literally 2 minutes. I am extremely happy I did not get the LS460!

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Original review: March 3, 2017

I've been a long time customer of Carfax. Recently it has become more and more difficult to correct problems on a Carfax. If an independent oil change company reports incorrect data, they can simply state whatever, and it is fact. I pay Carfax for their resources. Independent oil change companies do not. I've purchased units at auto auctions with a clean Carfax, only to get the car back to the dealership and an item has been added that jeopardizes the Carfax. It's becoming a big issue and time constraint! Just sharing my frustrations! Thanks!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 2, 2017

I was hoping Carfax would make the car buying process safer and easier by helping me to make a more informed decision about which car to purchase. Instead, I was ripped-off. I paid to be supplied with misinformation. Bad intel. When I asked for a refund, I was told "This account does not qualify for a refund as two or more reports have been ran." This is CARFAX saying "It took you three times to realize you were being fooled, so now we keep your money!" The CARFAX representative that responded was sarcastic and misspelled words.

I four reports. Three reports were vehicles I was interested in purchasing. I ran a report on a car I owned to test the reliability of the reports. One report failed to mention the car was branded "salvage." Next to the box where the report shows if the car was salvaged it says "GUARANTEED (in bright green) No Problem." A clear green light that this car is a smart choice. Another report for a different vehicle claimed the vehicle was branded "Exceeds mechanical limits" because it experiences "odometer rollover." It went on to say "Rollovers occur on vehicles with 5-digit odometers. They return to reading 00,000 once they hit 100,000." Five digit odometers are a thing of the past. This car was a 2010. This information was incorrect.

The other two reports may contain incorrect or missing information. I don't know. I can't verify what's on them. I do know, that for free, the California DMV helped more than CARFAX. I called on each of the vehicles I obtained reports on to ensure there were no "back fees" owned on them. The individual attempting to register the car (new owner) will have to pay the back fees. If you buy a car with back fees, then attempt to register it, the DMV won't allow it unless you pay the back fees that are owned. One vehicle, the DMV operator warned, DIDNT have a title. The gentlemen who was selling the vehicle CLAIMED he had a title, but the DMV representative told me the car didn't and advised me not to purchase a vehicle without a title because the process to obtain one can be tedious and expensive.

We put our loved ones and cherish pets in our cars. How is a 50% the information is reliable acceptable? What's more, on CARFAX has over 500 complaints AND a one star rating. Yet, it's BBB accredited?!?! CARFAX will buy the vehicle if the report is found to be wrong, yet they won't provide a measly $100 refund for the same reason?!?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 13, 2017

I was very disappointed when trying to sell my car. The dealer said that Carfax had a report that I had had an accident with the car, with damages. I never had an accident. The report caused me to get less for the value of my car, as they could only go by the Carfax report.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 13, 2017

I went to trade my car Friday and learned CARFAX has it listed as having structural damage... I contacted the insurance company and the company that repaired my car after the deer accidents and both have told me they "never" reported anything to CARFAX and that I had no such damage! I contacted CARFAX with all of the information (written) from the 2 places and they responded with "I have submitted your data dispute and research has concluded that all information provided to CARFAX regarding the damage event is correct. So I am unable to remove the record off of the Report." This is BULL!!! Thinking a call to an attorney may be next!

Original review: Feb. 3, 2017

I bought a used 2011 Ford Edge from Ford of Kirkland in January 2016. I was told the price was 17k. After they "discovered" my car had never been in an accident, per Carfax, the price went up to 20k. Unfortunately I did not discover this until after I had signed the paperwork. When I called the salesperson upset he kept emphasizing I had a great, lower mileage, no accident car. Of course fluids leak, transmission has issues engaging, etc. Too bad for me. I just changed insurance companies this month. Guess what? A few months prior to my purchase, my car was in an accident incurring $2700 in damages. Thanks for the CARFAX. What a worthless piece a paper.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 8, 2017

Recently obtained a carfax which had completely false information. I contacted them to have the information removed and it was a nightmare. The customer service person Lynsey is a miserable person who likes to torment customers just to make herself feel powerful. She is spiteful, nasty and an outright ugly human being. Bottom line: If you are purchasing a used car the carfax report is useless because it's likely that significant damage was never reported. Additionally information on the report may be false, exaggerated or otherwise misleading. If you own a vehicle Carfax is just an absolute menace that will diminish the value of your property.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 3, 2017

This is the same as so many stories here: We purchased a used vehicle a little over 3 years ago from a dealer which included a clean 1-owner Carfax report. We recently started shopping around for something bigger to replace our "one-owner, clean Carfax" car. The first dealer we went to made a reasonable offer on our car, but we couldn't find anything we liked to trade it on. A few months later, we finally found something we liked, but when that dealer valued our trade, they offered us $1000 LESS than Dealer #1 did a few months back - and said that the Carfax report showed out "Accident-Free" car had indeed been in an accident. I still had the original Carfax from when we bought it in the glovebox, so we compared the two - and a month before we went to Dealer #2, Carfax had added an accident to the car's report... FIVE YEARS after it apparently originally happened... Which was YEARS before we bought it.

So - not only did we pay more for a Carfax certified "accident-free" car that actually had been in an accident, but we also got a 1000 less at trade in time because their information was inaccurate. By trusting Carfax, we paid too much when we bought it, and got less than expected when we traded it. Maybe it isn't a perfect system, but is it better than nothing?? Actually, no - a Carfax is WORSE than not having a report at all, because an incorrect Carfax means you pay a premium, but actually have no more assurance than you do taking the previous owner's word on the car's history. And it can ONLY work against you... I highly doubt there has ever been (or will ever be) a situation where someone got a smokin' deal on a Carfax accident car, only to have Carfax determine years later that it is actually squeaky-clean and suddenly worth thousands more... If you wanna pay for a Carfax, go bonkers - but trust the info at your own risk.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 3, 2017

Purchased a used 2012 Kia Optima EX Turbo for 20K with clean report at time... We paid top dollar for clean used we go to use it for a trade in and they run report. One it says had front impact collision and the mileage at time of accident was now 500 miles less than when we are listed as new owners. Our current trade in value dropped $5K. Went to Kia dealer where I purchased it and they said "Sometimes it takes a couple of months to post." I said "2 years" they said "Well sometimes things happen." When I told them of the drop in resale value he said, "they were just trying to get you to finance more"!!! Scumbags...Not buyer beware but beware of an automobile advertising scam and reporting companies and there is No Government oversight. Oh yeah less regulations make the world more untrustworthy.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 17, 2016

I purchased a used MB in September 2015 and the dealer gave me a "clean" CARFAX. I was in an accident in July when another driver pulled in front of me and in processing the claim, I filed a diminished value claim. Car repaired after 3 months and in checking on the DV claim was told by USAA that there was a previous accident. WHAT. They gave me the claim number and date of the accident and guess what... It was not on the CARFAX. So much for the accuracy and reliability of a CARFAX. If you read the small print, they admit that their data may not be reliable. Lesson learned - CARFAX is worthless in determining to purchase a car. I wanted a "clean" unwrecked car. What I got was one that had been damaged prior to my purchase... Defrauded by CARFAX, and unknowingly by the dealer who relied on the veracity of the CARFAX report. BEWARE.

Original review: Nov. 15, 2016

I recently bought a used truck from a reputable dealership in Orange California and have had all my services done through them. I am currently in the market to upgrade my truck and took it into Carmax for an appraisal. When they asked me if the truck has been in an accident I responded "no". When they (carmax) ran the vin through autocheck it came back with two minor accidents reported. I had to take my truck in to get serviced again because of an engine oil leak. I recommend when buying a car, especially first time buyers, DO NOT trust the carfax report. Carfax representative sent me an email stating they use databases that accidents may not be reported to. Autocheck is a database they should implement for better quality reports. I will never trust carfax again.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2016

I'm looking for a car for my son. I purchased the "unlimited search" and quickly found out that unlimited vin search is 5 cars. The unlimited is for plates. At most dealers there isn't a plate and lots of online ads doesn't show you the plate but will list the vin or will gladly give it to you. I went ahead and tried the "unlimited search" using the plate on a pick up that I've owned over a year and a half.... no record. Carfax is a big car fraud!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 11, 2016

Prospective private used car buyer paid for a Carfax report. They were given incorrect mileage for that vehicle. Carfax reported the vehicle had 200,000 miles. The exact reading as of this complaint is 101,869, a difference of 98,131. That significant misinformation is now causing problems selling a perfectly good vehicle.

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