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Website is very slow at best; often just does not load. When it finally does and you spend time selecting resorts to search for, after filling out the form, it freezes. Hours of available tech help are very limited and if you manage to get someone on the phone, they look at the very same slow, cumbersome system you look at. They have no better search capabilities than the public and publicly admit that their website is horrible. Reps have also told me "not to bother" searching in some geographic areas because "You'll never" get an exchange there. Consequently, we never manage to exchange our week and if we cannot get to it, we just waste the week, while annual fees go up every year. Our resort, a Gold Crown has told us nobody will buy our unit and we shouldn't bother trying to sell it, because it won't sell. Worst purchase we ever made. Save your money and use an Airbnb or even a hotel.

RCI was very helpful and friendly at first. Since they sold the company to World, there have nothing but problems in getting a week booked, having the week available, and being able to use it before THEIR date ends. Every time I speak with a person from RCI the first thing out of their mouth is MORE MONEY. I will never recommend this company to anyone. When my membership expires, it will NOT be renewed. RCI IS A TERRIBLE COMPANY AND HARD TO DO BUSINESS WITH.

My aunt had a timeshare with RCI for years with a fixed week in the Poconos in PA. When she passed away a couple of years ago we found the paperwork. My mom had no interest and was going to call them and tell them they could have it. She mentioned it to me and eventually I was able to get ahold of a local rep who totally schmoozed me into believing this is fantastic. Long and the short of it... I transferred the account to a points account ($2000.00) and was told I could use it at any Wyndham hotels and all of the places listed on the website. Turns out there is a lot you can do on the RCI website but very little of it allows you to use points. So here I am paying two timeshares (oh yea icing on the cake the sales rep "gave me... for free" a 2nd timeshare that had just been foreclosed on so now I have to pay two annual fees and get twice the points that I can't use.)

I finally booked a trip last year and had to take friends along just to use the points on a 2nd room only to find out that the points don't cover the All-Inclusive aspect of the booking. I went on to the resorts website directly and went thru the booking and it was MUCH cheaper to book directly with the resort. Just to be clear, we are very seasoned travelers. We have been all over the world and I will tell you that this is hands down the biggest scam out there. Stay away from TIMESHARES especially RCI!

Oh and one more thing... everything costs extra money. In trying to use my points I was going to book a hotel for my mom for a business trip she was taking... the points that they took for the discount they gave on the room was a total joke. You couldn't use all points. You could only use your points for a discount. And then when they found out I wasn't going myself... they wanted to charge me some ridiculous amount of money to book it for my mom. So I said forget it and booked it for her thru Expedia for cheaper and definitely less hassle. As we approach the end of November I will have 72K points that are expiring to the tune of $1200 maintenance fee. However, if I would like to extend them for another year I can if I pay an additional $115! There is a fee for EVERYTHING with this company.

RCI IS A TERRIBLE company. All they care about is $$$$... Calls go unanswered or they will call you back (NOT). You have to leave your info and wallah... No calls returned. Tried to book my 2017 vacation with Divi Resorts in Aruba (we own a timeshare with DIVI) yet since I did not book it 12 to 13 months in advance we are only given points... This is such BS. Not one phone call to let us know in advance it's time to book it... Yet when I call Divi, they explain if we were NOT an RCI member, Divi will call us in advance. Never had issues with Marriott. Been with them for 20 years. Just a 30 minute call and boom... It's all a done deal. Vacation booked and no restrictions, no excuses and no garbage.

I have 156,000 useless points with RCI and cannot use them... Anybody want them? We tried to book airline tickets... More of the same excuses. My points can only be spent equaling $200.00... That's about useless as well. Can't fly anywhere in the Carib for $200.00. DO NOT JOIN RCI. YOU WILL BE WASTING YOUR HARD EARNED DOLLARS. If I could give this a ZERO STAR rating, I would have!

Purchased a timeshare "points" today from an RCI program. Came home, called RCI to confirm what we were told was true. Multiple things are very UNTRUE... confirms our suspicions that timeshare sales is corrupt. We were lead to believe the sales guy and his "manager" were truthful and respectable "people oriented" sales people. Very disappointed. Called a close relative who has timeshare... same basic stuff... It's never what you think it is. Just go use your money on something that you know is true. Regardless how sweet it all sounds... there's too many things that will not be true so as much as you want to believe you're getting a deal... you're not. Leave. Walk away. Cancel. I know... You might think we're being negative but if you don't trust us go trust them. Good luck.

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PLEASE, PLEASE do not invest your hard earned money with this company! They are a complete rip-off! If you read the post from Ann of Vernon, NJ from late June... they did they same thing to my family except it was for Hilton Head Island... So yes Ann, they get away with it in the states. We cancelled our membership in writing, twice! Only to find out that they rented our DEEDED unit to someone else! The management company will not help us out, RCI needless to say no, says there's a form you have to fill out for cancellation, which we NEVER received! DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY! And Ann if there is a way you can contact us we would be happy to join you in any lawsuit. We have also contacted Nina Pineda of Ch 7 news.

I have bought into the Cruise/Resort Stay package, yrs. ago. Took a wonderful ocean view cruise. Then just before my resort stay was about to expire, RCI called me and reminded me that if it wasn't used it would expire and did I want to book while they had me on the phone! That's great service I think! Could I have gotten a better deal, maybe? The 2nd time I went through the cruise line directly, and was pleased to find that I was giving the repeat passenger perks even though the 1st time I booked through RCI! Resort was at a Wyndham Patriots' (I believe) in Williamsburg, Virginia. Very nice, 2 connecting condos because the unit's accommodations were for 4 and I travel with 6. That was 5 to 6 yrs. ago. $1,996 I think.

Fast track to this year (2016) June. Wanted to take my grandchildren (1) graduation from high school, (2) graduation from elementary on a vacation. For 42,500 in points, plus $176 in fees spent a great week in Atlantic city, Wyndham Skyline Towers. I have learned that Wyndham has upgraded dinnerware, cookware and mattress on their pullouts! Yes it matters. I think RCI can do better for its customers and they are making changes to keep your points longer.

In February 2016, I called to book St. Maarten for 2017 and was told nothing was available, but they would put me on a search list for the exchange fee of $229 and that I would get monthly updates regarding my search. Updates never happened. A day after, I finally got an automated update that they still haven't found anything. I called a representative. I was told that RCI had Tradewinds in St. Maarten, but it would cost $279, plus $1000 per person for the all-inclusive.

I'm like "Can't I use the weeks that I have banked?" Answer was "NO, this is a special deal and you keep your weeks." But one of my weeks expire in March 2017, so I need to use my weeks. OK, there is nothing available then. Then he told me I wasn't on any search for St. Maarten, how about I put you in Venezuela or Trinidad. Ahhhhh NO... I let him hear an ear full. I was still on the search, but the next day he cancelled it!!!

I told him I'd never ever deposit with RCI again. They never get you where you want to go. when you want to go because they have too many subscribers to meet the demand and too many deals of their own to make themselves money rather than giving you the weeks you already have to use! They also use many rooms to book for the highest price, leaving the timeshare people out of LUCK! I finally spoke to a supervisor with the Pueblo Bonito RCI and told her everything, she re-instituted my search, but I am not at all hopeful I will get anywhere near the Virgin Islands in Feb 2017. When I went to St. Thomas with RCI a few years ago, we had a glorified hotel room with 2 double beds. I could have spent less booking through internet deals than using my weeks with RCI! Beyond mad and Wyndham will hear my story too.

A cost to pool and a cost to use points pooled - Sounded like RCI would provide the opportunity to literally see the world. Come to find out, the points that you pay dues on, will cost you more money to place in RCI and then money to use the points for your RCI stay. This means you can pay for your points two to three times over, just for a week long stay. Don't fall for the RCI scam!! Plus, they never stop calling. Best way to get rid of them is get a new phone number!

Please, please, save yourselves unnecessary headaches. Avoid RCI at all costs, no matter how slick their presentation is, how much pressure they apply, or how much they offer you. If it sounds too good to be true it's because it is. We bought into the travel points system. We spent over $2,000 to buy 50,000 points. Without email notification, a letter, or phone call, they cancelled our membership. When we called to ask why our membership is cancelled, we were told that we would have to pay an Account Reactivation fee of $500 and a renewal fee of $150. However, even if we did so, we would have no points. We're OK paying a renewal fee to get our points back. But they won't allow us. When asked for a refund on the unused points, they refused us, stating that our contract is not directly with RCI, but with the resort. The resort says its with RCI. It's a complete scam.

RCI sent out emails to my husband and me saying get a vacation for $249.00 to Mexico, Las Vegas and other places. I found a location that I was interested in (El Dorado Royale). I went online, found the place and dates and place a hold on the vacation for 24 hrs. It said there is a 3% State Fee, which I was okay with. The next day I called to book with an agent. I gave the agent my credit card number and booked it. I asked if there were any other fees. He said no. He reiterated that it was an all-inclusive.

Subsequently, I went ahead and booked a flight with Travelocity.com for my husband and me. The next day I get a bill from the El Dorado for $2,033. Well, RCI had lead me to believe the vacation was $249.00. They had sent me a confirmation, congratulated me and said, "enjoy your vacation." I thought an all-inclusive vacation for $249 was too good to be true, but I thought hey, I read the fine print and everything looked legitimate. When I called RCI to complain about the deception, they said they told me that I would have to pay all-inclusive fees. I thought the all-inclusive fees were the $249. At no time did they tell me I have to pay more let alone $2,033. To have to pay an amount such as it, the customer needs to know. They shouldn't take my $249.00 and I learn later what the additional money I have to pay is.

Then they accused me of booking online and said they weren't responsible for online booking - not to mention, they try to get you to book online when you call and get their animated service. If booking online is no good, then why encourage it? The rep said if I had spoken to an agent the agent would have explained everything to me fully. Well when I said I called and spoke with an agent. The representative accused me of lying. I let her know I spoke with an agent and gave the person my credit card number. She said the agent told me I'd have to pay the all-inclusive fee and that I was transferred to another dept. that said I need to understand it is an all-inclusive. Well, I didn't question whether it was an all-inclusive.

The bottom line is that RCI deceive people and lure them in with false advertising, leading people to believe they are getting a special vacation at a reduced rate, a rate of $249.00. RCI should be required to tell the customer what they must pay for the resort above the $249.00. RCI said the $249.00 was an exchange rate. Well, I didn't exchange anything. I didn't exchange weeks or points or anything, so what was the "exchange rate" for? The resort is an all-inclusive. The rep tried to tell me that the $249.00 was an exchange rate for the all-inclusive and I'd have to pay for the resort's all-inclusive fees. Well, what did I need RCI for? I could have just as easily contacted the El Dorado and purchased the vacation for $2,515.00 all inclusive, all fees with everything included, not to mention have gotten a better deal elsewhere online had I wasted more time online looking for cheap deals there.

I got nothing from RCI other than they took my $249.00 and I still don't know what I paid for. The resort - the El Dorado lets one know that if you book through RCI you can't get an upgrade on a room. It is so very wrong for RCI to take someone's money and then tell them without being clear that there are other fees and not say explicitly what those fees are. Those fees could be anything. It could be $10,000. They should encourage the people to call the resort and find out the resort fees before they take the person's $249.00. Then they say the refund policy is 24 hrs. to cancel. By time the person realizes she or he has been taken, bamboozled and booked the airfare the 24 hrs. are up.

The outcome was that RCI said nothing could be done. They said I needed to read all the fine print. Basically, they implied I was crap out of luck. This should not be allowed. It is wrong and entirely deceptive. They shouldn't take anyone's money without letting them know exactly what they'd have to pay even if it means booking with the resort and then giving a $249.00 refunded or something to that effect. I just don't want it to happen to anyone else when they get an email saying get your all-inclusive vacation for $249.00 and they say nothing more about the cost other than you're responsible for all inclusive fees when they said you owe nothing else. My husband and I own an all-inclusive vacation plan. We know all about all inclusive. We've booked all-inclusive before directly with resorts. We've never had a problem such as this one. RCI is wrong. They are ripping off people.

My wife and I have a club membership at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. When we first signed-up for our membership we were also given access to RCI plus a single vacation week with them for a deep discount price, which we used in the first year of our membership. Since then we began to have unwanted problems with RCI such as badgering telephone calls sometimes every few hours. Our Mexican resort changed its vacation club affiliation to Interval last year, and because we are club members we now get to use Interval as part of our membership. Unfortunately, ever since last year RCI has become extremely aggressive in trying to contact us and trying to sell us vacations through them. We have repeatedly told their sales reps and their management to quit calling us, as our resort has gone to Interval, and RCI will refrain from calling for a week or two and then start with their harassing phone calls again.

Today they have now called here five times and it is only 5:45 PM here. What, we can't tell them NO for an answer, or that our resort is no longer with RCI either? I have warned them several times already that we would call the police and report them for phone harassment if they kept calling us, and they have ignored my warning repeatedly too. We haven't been an RCI member since June of 2015 so how can we get them to quit harassing us?

Wish we had found reviews here first! Have purchased on the points system in Florida and after having the huge fake sales pitch and upgrading to platinum - $$$ later - seems cannot even book in the low season 8 months away!!! We have enough 'points' for 3 weeks+ but our 'base' is unavailable. For the amount of money spent we could book 5 accommodations for 3 weeks for the rest of our lives... I am very interested in taking a class action against this corrupt company as mentioned by another complaint on here!!!

We started to use RCI for timeshare exchange in 1993 but inventory was scarce and we traded a gold star unit at a number one Orlando resort and only got very poor accommodations so we stopped using RCI. The company changed their policies and we rejoined in 2001 and were able to exchange our prime unit for several weeks which made it acceptable. Now we are locked into a five year contract and they dropped our value on our unit so low that we can no longer exchange for anything comparable or for more weeks. Plus. And I think this is illegal - RCI gives us so many points for our unit but then charges the person that exchanges for ours double what they gave us - very bad company.

On September 1, 2015 I booked a 2 week stay at a resort my family has stayed at every summer for the past 15 years. The reservation was confirmed for August 27, 2016 - September 10, 2016. I have the confirmation email that arrived on September 2, 2015. Yesterday, June 23, 2016, RCI calls us and says that they have cancelled the first week and are claiming that there was an inventory error. I have booked with RCI for years into this same resort and you can't book and get confirmation unless there is inventory available so I have a real difficult time believing them. This resort is always in high demand in the summer, which is why I book a year in advance. And now, less than two months before the planned vacation, we have no ability to use RCI (nothing available) and there is no way to stay at the resort. This whole situation seems fraudulent.

I have a prime week spring break in Orange Lake Resort next to Disney World that I wanted to trade for another location for one year. After signing up with RCI and being told there should be thousands of resorts that match my criteria WITH HANDICAP INCLUDED (Don't believe this), I have not been able to find anything unless it is off season and snowing there! I gave up a beautiful unit in prime time area and prime time weather that I can not retrieve! My husband is handicapped, and RCI has recently DELETED THAT CRITERIA from their search, so you can not longer search for a handicap unit. I was told today that to continue my search I will need to sign up with RCI for another year to try to find a match. They wanted me to sign up for another 3 years, which I declined. Why would RCI delete the HANDICAP SEARCH CRITERIA, I DO BELIEVE THIS MAY BE DISCRIMINATION!

We were sold a cruise package one year ago and having committed with our initial deposit we have had nothing but hassle ever since. Demands for money, we did not agree to, almost impossible to speak to anyone and when we do they just keep increasing the price with no logical explanation. What started out as £1,500 has now escalated to over £4,000, it is frightening. My advice avoid this co. like the plague.

Discontinued RCI in 2016 as we were not pleased with the services - difficult to trade, whole lot of BS. So we have a DEEDED Divi Property in Aruba. When we purchased - "All you have to do is show up," and that was the case until now. SOMEHOW, Divi and RCI are attempting to scam us out of our week because I didn't notify RCI 13 months ago that we wanted to use our own timeshare. Why on earth would I have to ask permission of them? I deliberately did NOT renew, the contract expired in November 2015 - what possible reason would there be for me to reach out to RCI? NONE!!! So now, somehow this has come to light - and we are given the BS story that the points are still on our account, but that unless we renew no one can tell us if they have given my timeshare to another consumer. Even if they had - why would their $200 transfer trade fee trump my ownership? Answer is it never would.

This is not going to end well because we will not go away quietly. If it takes a police visit in Aruba - I'm going to use MY timeshare myself. They had no authority to help themselves to my unit without consulting me - I deliberately chose not to use RCI. So will keep you posted, because we'll go to court if we have to. We know in the USA there is no way this outfit - which owns ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has the right to seize MY DEEDED PROPERTY.

BEWARE BOTH DIVI AND RCI. RCI couldn't do this without complicity from Divi Resorts, who are clearly not working in the best interests of their owners - as demonstrated not only to us but numerous other posters on this site below. I only gave one star because that is the lowest you can do on this site - they haven't earned or warranted ANY stars.

A couple of months, prior to getting married, we were told that to do to add my spouse onto my account we needed to send a copy of the marriage certificate. We did that. Then we were told to send a letter we both had to sign. We did that. Then we were told it had to be a letter with both account numbers. We did that. Now we are told we have to have my deed changed to add the name of my spouse onto my account.

Four months later, several different stories from several RCI employees and now we have to jump through more hoops. RCI is NOT a customer friendly organization. If we had a definitive and true answer months ago, this would not be an issue. I would not recommend RCI and customer beware if you both have timeshares, getting married and want both names on the account. The answer you receive at RCI will depend on who you talk to.

I purchased "certificates" from RCI then booked a cruise for Alaska on Celebrity Millennium. I had been informed upon my purchase of all the "wonderful perks" I was getting by booking with RCI. Not only did I find this to be a dishonest statement, I was overcharged by no less than $3000. My "perk" was to find out that there are no "perks" as a cruise line offers and the representative at RCI states that even though the pricing for this cruise is less now, I purchased it last year at the best price last year with no perks. I have no idea why ANYONE would do repeat business with this company and I would strongly encourage any FIRST TIME CRUISER (as am I) to contact the cruise ship directly and book. You will avoid being screwed over at great financial cost!

We have been RCI points members for 7 years since we signed up as a timeshare owner with Divi Resorts and opted for the RCI points program. This is all a scam to swindle innocent vacationers out of their money. We were promised an array of inventory around the world and RCI would deliver, which was a huge LIE. What they didn't make clear was that RCI membership fees continue to raise each year, expensive exchange fees and low-quality inventory is what you will receive. We decided to end our membership with RCI after years of disappointing service and that caused another host of problems for us. Apparently, RCI already gave away our home week since we missed the 13-month reservation window and Divi Resorts cannot provide us with reservations for 2016 because of it.

We paid almost $700 for annual maintenance fee and neither parties can provide any resolution to the issue. Simply stating there is nothing they can do unless we pay another year's membership fee and a reinstatement fee for a total of $425 additional. Needless to say, the issue is still not resolved and we are out of our hard earned money with no vacation reservations. Points members should file a class action suit against this company for being Frauds!

I have been a member of RCI since 1988. In the beginning I traded timeshares a week for a week red time - it was easy - no problems. Then Wyndham Resorts has taken ownership and changed week's ownership to points ownership terrible. They have changed the rules. They valued our timeshare so low now. We have to combine weeks to go anywhere and pay add'l fees. Inventory for decent resorts is extremely low for us now. We also have to have our resort bank our weeks which they can't do 2 years in advance RCI rules which lowers our trading power. They are expensive because they have a trapped audience. The point system is flawed.

Nonetheless they expect more money to renew banked deposits that I can't use essentially without combining them. When I call to complain they try to tell me it is not a point system. We are now trying to sell our timeshare because of RCI. Several of our friends who were RCI members dumped their timeshare already. Shame on RCI. And they tricked me into going platinum with the promise of better inventories. Stay away.

My wife and I spent over $1,100.00 for resort and hotel certificates through RCI travel in 2014. We had used one of them for a resort and one we booked but could not follow through with. Of course we had no insurance so that option is gone. We have tried to book a hotel, (we have 3 certificates remaining). Where we wish to stay had only 2 options one of which included Super 8 motel with NO discount. I was informed that the booking agents have real-time access to rooms and that the information on the RCI travel website lags for at times over 24 hours. I asked for a refund and they refused telling me that I had already used some of the certificates and no refund would be given.

I found a resort at a location that was the equivalent of what RCI offered at the same price. INTERESTING... When I asked for a refund again I was told the same information - no refund. Why would we pay over $1,000 to have certificates and have to spend ADDITIONAL monies in a hotel? Some of the discounts were 8%. WOW. I plan to file in small claims to at least a partial refund for my money. My advice would be keep your money in your pocket and spend it wisely elsewhere. This is FRAUD pure and simple. I wonder if the FTC would be interested in my information?

At the end of last year (2015), I requested, completed and received confirmation from RCI that my membership was terminated. Or so I thought. Recently, I was informed that RCI had sold my timeshare in August 2016. So I contacted them and asked why they would do that. I was told by a not so pleasant customer service(?) person that I was out of luck for 2016. He claimed that RCI must have sold my week before they processed my request to end membership. He then informed me that I would receive no compensation for it whatsoever from RCI because I had forfeited everything when I quit RCI.

I asked if they would contact the person they sold my timeshare week to and offer a substitute and return my week that they do not have any legal rights for at this time. He said no, that they have legal rights for it because their customer made a reservation for it prior to my dumping RCI, as per the fine print in the original RCI paperwork that I signed years ago. He then very rudely stated that I should have "borrowed" points last year in anticipation of quitting RCI. So, in the end, I pay the maintenance fees for the timeshare that I legally own but cannot use in 2016. In summary, I have found RCI to be a nearly useless shady operation in the years I was a member.

RCI SUCKS! On our first reservation we tried to do a simple hotel booking through them and they royally screwed it up. We had requested a 2 bedroom suite in Peoria, Arizona at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites. On the site it said 2 bedroom/1 king but did not mention what the other rooms bed configuration was. We weren't sure if that meant 1 king in each room or 1 king total so we called RCI to confirm. The agent said "yes, one king in each room", but to make sure she would do a three way call directly to the hotel to confirm. The hotel confirmed the room configuration as we had wanted which was 1 king in each room along with a queen sleeper sofa. My parents and another couple, all seniors, were to occupy the room. We asked the RCI agent if we could book the room over the phone and she directed us to the website.

My parents and the other senior couple got to the hotel only to find that the reservation was in fact a 1 bedroom suite with a sofa sleeper pullout. COMPLETELY unacceptable. We called RCI to try and rectify the problem and were told that because the reservation was done online they take no responsibility for the booking. We said that their own agent confirmed the booking and they replied that there was no phone log records of our call. Not only are they a ripoff but they are also liars.

DO NOT BOOK WITH RCI OR BUY ANY EXCHANGE/TIMESHARE AFFILIATED WITH THEM! In fact, timeshares and exchanges in general are a ripoff and I will NEVER join another timeshare through the horrible experience I have had. After having spoken with a timeshare resale service I have come to find out that you can get better deals, most of the time, outside of a timeshare account. Never again...

I normally don't write reviews, but joined this site to review this company specifically. We stayed at an RCI resort several years ago thru some friends of ours and RCI has been stalking me ever since. I have made NUMEROUS requests to get removed from their call list and they rudely hang up as soon as I do. They call my cell phone at all hours constantly changing the number they call from. Our experience at the resort we stayed at was marginal, but even if it had been fabulous, we would never consider doing business with them. This company is an unprofessional telemarketing sweat shop. A complete joke. I would rate them a ZERO if the site allowed.

We went to a presentation and of course the presenter was a fast talker and we should have known better. Bottom line- have had it for a year almost impossible to get a week anywhere we want to go. You have to pay RCI $129 a year for using points, then we have to pay our "home resort": $435 for dues and then when you want to book a vacation (good luck with that) you then have to pay a transfer fee. We were also told we had 10 RCI bonus family week certificates with a $249 US fee per week. Found out we also have to pay a transfer fee with this. Not mentioned or in writing. This is a scam... Under no circumstances would I sign up for anything associated with RCI.

To be clear. I have been an RCI customer since the mid 1990's. I have had no problem with the RCI exchange program. I have used RCI Travel periodically to fill in arrangements around timeshare exchanges. Generally I have found I can do better on my own, but have not had overt problems. However, in February I called RCI travel to arrange for two families (including my daughter's family traveling from Virginia) to visit Bend, for a skiing vacation of 3 days. RCI Travel used part of a vacation package previously purchased (using 61000 points and $52) for one suite at Worldmark Eagle Crest in Redmond, OR and used their supposedly discounted rates for a second suite for $508. The RCI contract, once made the travel package reservation is committed and cannot be cancelled or changed. The paid for reservation could be cancelled without penalty up to 16 March. Those reservations were confirmed on 10 February.

On March 5 we received followup confirmation messages for both reservations. We arrived at Worldmark Eagle Crest on 21 March only to find that one of the reservations had been cancelled. After several calls to RCI Travel, we could only determine that I HAD SUPPOSEDLY REQUESTED THE CANCELLATION AND THAT THE NON-CANCELLABLE RESERVATION HAD BEEN CANCELLED. I requested to talk to a supervisor and after 40 minutes on hold I gave up because it was late in the day and I had a family hanging that I had to make accommodation arrangements for since RCI was not helping. I did and it cost an additional $340. Upon returning from that vacation I took up the issue with RCI, expecting some level of chagrin and perhaps some effort at compensation - but after long periods on hold and agents not able to anything except confirm that the cancellation took place, I got little satisfaction.

Finally talked to "AMY" - supposedly a supervisor, who informed me that RCI would be gracious and refund the points and $52 (as if there was a choice), but that the $508 reservation was untouchable and that I would have to live with it (my words). She would forward my discontent to their "Escalation team". I received a voice message from a Felix, asking me to call him back. He left a first name and what turned out to be the general access RCI Travel telephone number, with no way to get to a specific person without an extension - another piece of RCI ineptitude. I returned the call, eventually appealing to an RCI agent to identify "Felix"; he was able to, but --- Felix is unavailable! and - he is apparently just another agent assigned to call me. This is not resolved, but the most aggravating part of the puzzle is that according to "AMY" the reservation was cancelled on Mar 15.

ON MARCH 16 WE RECEIVED A REPEAT OF THE CONFIRMATION MESSAGES sent on March 5. Either the RCI travel reservation system has serious flaws, or the agents are incompetent or don't care. My recommendation is to avoid RCI travel. I find I have better results using hotels.com and homeaway.com for my lodging reservations. For cruise arrangements, I get better service talking directly to the cruise lines.

On March 21, 2016, I booked three consecutive weeks for 2017 at Kahana Falls, Maui, HI. I received three confirmations, each one for each week. My credit card was charged for $124 membership for 2017, then twice with $288 exchange fee for each of two weeks. The forth charge was for $363. Today I received a phone from RCI and the representative named Sam said that one week is being canceled for non payment. I explained all these charge, he put me on hold and after waiting for 15 minutes I got disconnected. Almost immediately, I received an email from RCI confirming the cancellation.

So I called and spoke with representative named Pat. After putting me on hold several times (totaling 47 min.) she could not figure out why the reservation was canceled. She explained that the charge of $363 was a combination of $288 exchange fee for the third week plus a charge for transferring points to the next year. She indicated that she could not connect to supervisor but left a message and the supervisor would call me within few hours. That was around 12 noon their time and nobody called. So tomorrow I will have to call and start all other again explaining the situation and try to resolve the issue. I already wasted more than one hour and will have to spend more time. Will provide an update.

The overall experience was brutal. The salesperson showed us around the resort, yet ended up signing up with this nightmare. All started with our vacation in Las Vegas when me and my fiancé were approached by a lady on the street asking how we would like free tickets. We asked how and she said by attending a 2-hour presentation on their resort. Fine. How bad can this be? Decided to go and when we got there the price was extremely high. Said we couldn't afford it. The sales person said, "No biggie. Let me introduce you to my manager." He came back with much a cheaper rate but false promises. They still run your credit yet they tell you they don't. Second after reading all the reviews I'm glad I was able to cancel within the five days the state of Nevada give you. I'm glad I was able to do my review. Do not let ANYONE FORCE YOU INTO THIS.

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RCI is one of the largest brokers of timeshare properties in the world. The company was founded in1974 by Christel DeHaan, and they offer a wide range of timeshare options, from resort stays to partial condo ownership.

  • Part of Wyndham Worldwide Group: RCI is part of Wyndham Worldwide Group, which affords customers access to one of the largest networks of vacation properties to choose from, across six continents.
  • Global presence: Travelers interested in owning a timeshare somewhere far from home can find a property through RCI, which has affiliated resorts in more than 100 countries.
  • Guest certificates available: RCI members are allowed to let friends and family members enjoy their timeshare through an exchange, extra holiday or late deal.
  • Members only personal protection: Members of RCI are afforded cancellation protection should they need to cancel their trip, and they are allowed to switch or keep their points should they not be able to use their allotted timeshare dates.
  • Platinum Membership option: Customers who choose RCI have the Platinum Membership option, which gives them even more access to resort properties, better customer service and extra perks.
  • Best for Large families, people who want a luxury vacation property, travelers with a favorite vacation destination and young professionals with disposable income.

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