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Last updated: Nov. 13, 2017

545 RCI Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Nov. 13, 2017

Booking #** on Norwegian Cruise Lines. Did not get promised confirmation emails as promised by consultant. Consultant did not return calls over a period of at least 4 days, and then after I informed her I was canceling my trip and why through voice. Consultant called sister in law to get email address rather than calling me. At that point I got the promised email plus one telling me I had to call 6028245993 ext 1104 for cancellation department. I started calling immediately and have yet to get an answer. The line is never "available". Although I'm still attempting to call, I sent a certified letter on Thursday to the "cancellation department", canceling my trip. If I do not get a full refund I will be contacting my attorney. I do not expect to hear anything from this complaint. I do not like to "create an account" to file a complaint. Very interesting I got no response from the consultant until I tried to cancel!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 8, 2017

If I could rate RCI a Zero I would. We got rid of our timeshare in Colorado and cancelled RCI since we no longer had a unit to bank and trade. We were promised a credit in the next billing cycle and to date that has NOT happened yet. (It is now 11/7.) We cancelled in Aug. and expected a credit in Sept. When we did not receive it I called again and still no credit. They talk a good game on the phone but they don't come through. We stopped booking anything besides a "gold crown" resort since the quality on the other resorts was questionable. We showed up for a vacation once on Oahu and the resort showed signs of a fire and had a tattoo parlor below it.

We drove right on by and called RCI to find us another resort. They said they couldn't do it but would credit our week back...lot of good that did us since we were already in Oahu. That vacation ended up costing us an additional $2500!! We had been disillusioned with RCI for quite some time, but thought we needed to keep it as long as we had our timeshare. Knowing what we know now we would have cancelled RCI a long time ago.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 31, 2017

I rented a car through RCI travel and was forced to return it early due to hurricane Irma, Enterprise was the host company. After returning the car early Enterprise informed me had I rented directly from them I would already have a refund. RCI refuses to give me a refund even though Enterprise agreed they owe me the money ($519.00). This company ripped me off. DO NOT EVER DEAL WITH THEM, THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR VACATION... JUST YOUR MONEY! DISHONEST THIEVES.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2017

RCI sucks! I broke down and signed up for RCI. I wanted to exchange my week in Orlando for weeks in other parts of the Country. I paid their fees and set up a place in Gilford New Hampshire at the Fireside Inn. Well due to bad weather and Power outages, they had to evacuate the Hotel and Family members as well. The Resort found rooms for everyone else and said because they went through RCI they are not paying customers. So I called RCI and they said they could comp me a week and they could find a place for them to stay on the 3rd of November. 4 days from now. People travel on budgets, RCI could care a less.

RCI is so quick to sell you crap (that's what it is crap). When you need them to help out, they are right there to do nothing for you. I gave them 1 star because I had to click on 1. I wouldn't give them anything. That's what I think of this company. Find a different company to do an exchange with. They will leave you in the wind. You can bank on it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 29, 2017

We were gifted a timeshare at Massanutten Resort in Virginia with 2 bonus weeks and found out we had to join RCI to use our "bonus weeks". We heard it was a hassle and you had to start calling 45 days in advance of the dates you want and then call every day to try to get the dates. I have found that this is not the case. Every time I called on the first day I got the dates we wanted. The first time I called the RCI rep was very helpful and offered me the unit "on sale" for a lot less than the exchange fee and kept my bonus week.

The second time I called, I got the week I wanted, but there was an error in the reservation when I got the confirmation e-mail. I called RCI and they corrected the error and gave me an extra bonus week for my trouble. So, I am more than satisfied with my RCI interactions and am considering upgrading to Platinum, as it seems I would save more and get better deals. No problems at all with RCI, to date. Actually have traveled more because of the good service and good rates. We only use the resort where we own, as we have traveled so much, we really don't want to go anywhere else. The Woodstone Meadows Resort at Massanutten is beautiful and comfortable, plus we were given the timeshare, so $250 or less for 7 days is peanuts...

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

After consulting with my legal team here is what has been brought to my concern and why I canceled. Unfair methods of competition; deceptive or unfair acts. It is unlawful to engage in unfair methods of competition or deceptive or unfair acts in the offer to sell or sale of a timeshare including, without limitation: 1. Misrepresenting or failing to disclose any material fact concerning a timeshare. 2. Including in an agreement for the purchase of a timeshare provisions purporting to waive any right or benefit provided for purchasers under this chapter. 3. Receiving from a prospective purchaser any money or other valuable consideration before the purchaser has received a statement of public offering. 4. Misrepresenting the amount of time or period of time the unit will be available to a purchaser.

5. Misrepresenting the location or locations of the unit. 6. Misrepresenting the size, nature, extent, qualities or characteristics of the unit. 7. Misrepresenting the nature or extent of any services incident to the unit. 8. Misrepresenting the conditions under which a purchaser may exchange occupancy rights to a unit in one location for occupancy rights to a unit in another location. 9. Failing to disclose initially that any promised entertainment, food or other inducements are being offered to solicit the sale of a timeshare.

10. Conducting or participating in, without prior approval by the Division, any type of lottery or contest, or offering prizes or gifts to induce or encourage a person to visit a project, attend a meeting at which a timeshare will be discussed, attend a presentation or purchase a timeshare. 11. Failing to disclose initially to a prospective purchaser any agreement between the project broker or sales agent and the developer that results in a sharing of sales proceeds in excess of a minimum sales price for a timeshare. 12. Any act or practice considered an unfair method of competition or an unfair or deceptive act or practice under 207.170, 207.171 or 598.0915 to 598.0925, inclusive, or chapter. (Added to by 1985, 1134; A 1989, 650; 1991, 98; 2001, 2516)

When the timeshare was first being sold, a representative from the company tried to sell me the timeshare with a 30,000 plus mortgage. Then the price dropped to 15,000 and then all the way to 5,000. The salesmen were very deceptive and misleading throughout the whole transaction. I called on the phone before I had an appointment with the owner's division at the Grandview Vegas center. An representative informed me that a customer can only purchase one week out the year and she never heard of anything proceeding two weeks, ever!

I asked the question if it was possible to have unlimited as the other representative/salesman promised me. The other salesman informed me that I could get unlimited weeks with the “VIP” package. I soon learned that the VIP package was not that VIP in reality. When I got to her negotiation table she then changed her original promise of unlimited week to a max of 8 weeks. Now the conundrum is where is the truth in this company. One representative told me a max of 2 weeks and another told me unlimited and changed to 8 weeks. I would not have wasted my time nor business day seeing her in person if you would have delivered that information about the 8 weeks limitation.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2017

We booked a vacation at the Flamingo using savings dollars from RCI. The resort has been destroyed and is not open, nor are their any flights as the airline cancelled our reservations. I asked RCI for a Credit or Refund or a rebooking to another resort but I was told that since I made the reservation online thru the RCI website and payment was made to RCI, the payment then went to resort and I am not able to get a refund of any sort at all. Why cant I get at least a credit or a refund from RCI, or why can't RCI help me recover the fee from the hotel, if that's really the case.

This is misleading, bad business practice and makes no sense. I understand that if I needed to change or cancel, then I would be responsible, but I never heard of a situation where there is no hotel to go to, no airline to get you there and there is no refund of any kind. I called Diamond resorts who naturally said that since the reservation was made thru RCI it's their responsibility.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 30, 2017

I have belonged to RCI since 2005. I have utilized them a few times and have always had problems booking a vacation - the process never worked well. My recent communication with them was in April 2017 to book a vacation for some time before my deposited vacation with them expired - in August 2017. They have not been able to find me a vacation, and they actually messed up my ongoing reservation two or three times, changing information in it that was not supposed to be changed.

Funny, today is August 30, and they didn't send me an e-mail about my ongoing search either last week or this week, and they have been consistent about e-mailing their progress every week to two weeks. I contacted them via telephone today, and was disconnected after being on hold for several minutes. I tried calling back 2-3 times, and got "air space", the call wouldn't go through. I tried again a fourth time after 15 minutes or so, and finally got through. I asked them to find me a vacation for the month of October in 4 entire states, and they only found one that is a minimum two-hour drive away from the closest airport. No thanks.

My only option now is to pay them MORE FEES to try to not lose out so much money. They have my week, which cost me $900 in the first place, the $230 fee they charged to find me a replacement vacation, and now they want more money to extend the search. They are such a rip-off! Don't waste your money, I have a lot of experience with them, and we've benefited very little from our membership with them over the past 12+ years. Even their online search mechanism is difficult and extremely time consuming to utilize, and is subject to frequent glitches. It is my opinion that if you own a timeshare, you are better off just going to your home resort.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 24, 2017

I was totally displeased when after a US State Dept expanded travel warnings to Mexico (Cabo) - I cancelled my trip to Cabo in December 2017 and they would not refund the $216 exchange fee because they only give you 24 hours to cancel. The trip is 4 months away and even though there was severe circumstances they refused to refund. Buyer Beware!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 18, 2017

I recently stayed at the absolutely wonderful Occidental Xcaret. I just want to put it on record that the hotel staff were amazing. On the first day we were approached by staff members to ask us if we would like a tour of the hotel. As it was absolutely amazing we agreed. We were collected in our reception the next day early. We were then introduced to a girl who showed us around the whole complex and showed us the really expensive rooms. I have to admit I was very impressed. The tour guide then started to tell us she was coming to Ireland for a holiday. We got on very well to be honest but in hindsight it was probably lies that she was ever going to Ireland at all. When we finished our tour we were brought back to the offices. It was then I realised it was a timeshare thing.

The sales guy started looking for €39000 deposit which I didn't have and wasn't prepared to pay. He then kept bringing his prices down till I agreed to buy the smallest package possible. When all the paper work was getting sorted I asked to lodge money into their account but they weren't having a bar of that. I admit I was very apprehensive at this stage but I did proceed. They took €756 out of my account. We made it very clear that we wanted to reserve the hotel for next year. We were told in very reassuring that would be no problem. Over the next few days I went back down to their offices and I asked what was required. The sales man started telling me and I went away happy.

Me and my girlfriend returned the next day and told him all the information that he required. He told us we have a clarification email within seventy two hours. We only had seventy two hours left of our holiday. We left to come home (feeling very uneasy). I proceeded to email the resort about our booking. 1. They knew nothing about us. 2. Seemingly you can only book the resort sixty days before arrival. We were lied to so much. It's a complete scam. As for the girl that brought us around pretending to our friend. Either she was seriously naive or was totally in on it. I am putting it down to a bad debt and I have informed my bank and they have taken measures to protect me. Please do not trust these people.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 24, 2017

We were roped into a timeshare we never really wanted! Now we can't get out of it & they charge yearly fees & fees for transferring your own points!! Very disappointed with this company. Never get involved with them if you can avoid them. Unhappy timeshare owners!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 19, 2017

Island Activity Company lured us with discounted luau if we attend a timeshare presentation of RCI. They asked for IDs with matching addresses for couples. Since I am single, I assumed I did not to worry about that. Island Activity Company said that a passport will do. When we went to RCI presentation, one lady realtor was rude when I told her I don't have an ID with my home address. I have a couple of valid Government issued IDs. She rejected it. But I still went through the presentation since it sounded like a good deal. I went out refusing to pay the 500 dollar deposit. Saw my credit card billed twice for the hold.

I called Island Activity Club and asked for clarification. These rude realtor ladies reported that I did not meet the income qualification. I went through their presentation and the only issue I was told then was the lack of proof of my address. So if they failed to sign me up they could just make an issue of my income (which they don't even have a proof) to disqualify me from the discounted luau. I believe they make money out of scamming tired tourists with technical disqualification which they can't even verify. They won't even give their contact information considering they are a big company. Pressure selling from rude people.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 6, 2017

I signed up with RCI for what reason? I was with Interval International, I wanted to stay at Disneyland, contacted RCI and asked how to stay at Disneyland in California, couldn't get a straight answer. The only answer I received was I had to join with RCI and deposit my week with them to see what kind of trading power I had. Well I am not going to deposit my week if I can't stay where I want to go. So finally I got a representative tell me "You have to deposit your week and request through them at least a year or more in advance to be on a waiting list," but of course they already have my money of joining. Now I have no resort to stay at and I have to stay in a hotel when I have a timeshare that I pay thousands of dollars for, so someone please tell me why we pay all of this money if we're still staying in hotels? I want my money refunded!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 5, 2017

Booked a cruise... Needed rental car to and from port along with hotel stay. Rental car representatives completely uneducated on most convenient, cheapest options. Hotel and cruise was booked through Expedia so needless to say hotel reservation was lost; only able to stay at same hotel because room was attached to a Hilton Diamond member... Room had a 2-3 inch dead roach among other issues. No refund possible due to third party booking. Not to mention charged more than rack rate and was charged an extra fee from RCI for booking third party! Zero customer help from RCI until day six; only to tell me sorry about my luck. I could not have done a worse job booking a vacation all one my own with no professional experience. Cannot drop this company fast enough!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 29, 2017

We were sucked into a timeshare with Sapphire Resorts a subsidiary of RCI. They lied about great airfare deals, They lied about buybacks. The customer service is laughable. Used my membership once and was so fed up with the incompetence of the company that I wanted out. No satisfaction guaranteed. You are stuck with high maintenance fees and virtually nothing for your money. Disgusting, unethical dishonest company. Do not get ripped off like we did. I wish I could warn everyone who gets lured by their slick sales techniques.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 19, 2017

We have been RCI customers for over 13 years, we love to travel and yes, we have used them quite often. We were solicited a cruise package through them which was two 3-5 day cruises for two people, and a 7 day stay at specific resorts on their website. The cost of this package was $2399. Sounds good at the time right? NOT SO MUCH. When you book your "free" cruise that you just paid for, you are only offered mostly inside cabins and some ocean view cabins at no extra charge. But then you have to pay taxes, port charges and an "NCCF" fee. After all the fees paid when you book your cruise, it comes out to be $100-$300 less than booking straight through the cruise company. So I paid $2399 to get a $200-600 discount on my cruises!!!

Yes, I also received a 7 night stay in one of the few resorts that they offer, however, I could have booked these on the RCI website for $249 for the week as an extra vacation with no points or exchange fees!!! What a scam they have going on here! So I pretty much just gave them $1500 for nothing. It is disgusting the way they run their business.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 17, 2017

I have owned at the Royal Islander in St. Maarten since 1989. Purchased a studio and joined RCI. It worked out well as I deposited a studio every year as I owned Labor day and did not really want to go that time of year. Most/all of the time my exchange was never a studio, but a two bedroom and even sometimes Royal Islander gave me one of the Penthouses! No combining weeks either as I go every year. Since Wyndham took over (downhill) I sold my studio to my girlfriend who only wants to go every other year and I purchased a 2 bedroom for $1995 in a fire sale. (Yippee) The exact week I want to go down for the next 25 years... I will never deposit my week, and RCI will never make money on me again to exchange! You deposit, they resell... Who makes the money! Then they make you pay $199+ to exchange, another Win Win for RCI and nothing for their customers.

I only buy extra vacations, period. I do have the Platinum, so it cost me about $130 a year to buy extra vacations when they first pop up. Still, another win for RCI as their inventory is extra. But their extra vacation prices are now getting too steep. Eventually they will get it. Better to sell 100,000 weeks at $299 than 10,000 for $999 and 90,000 left over. People traveling to these locations stimulate the economy. Yes some eat in their rooms, but they still go to the grocery stores and still eat meals out as well as their entertainment/adventures. But RCI is better than Intervals International. More inventory. When last minute Caravanserai in SXM closed its doors to people with reservations, RCI got us another timeshare on the island it we had a wonderful time. Though I did end up having more people in our room than planned on but we needed to work with RCI too due to the circumstances. They still owe me a week for that, but I'll never probably see it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 9, 2017

The sales presentation is excellent at this company. They show you places that you can "use" at whatever location you say you are interested in. When you actually pay and sign up and get online to look for a place in that location, it is not available or is 3 times the points you expected to have to use. There should be a trial period so that you can sell back within the first month or so, but there is not. They tell you that you can sell it back, but when you ask, they say that that "period" is over. You are basically stuck. Wish I could give a 0.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 5, 2017

RCI is the worst resort company ever. They steal points away from you that you have purchased and says that the points were used under a vacation that was never booked. In order to resolve this situation, they'll transfer you back and forth to departments and have you wait hours!!! I hate this company with a passion. Rip offs!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 1, 2017

I have purchased many certificate packages from RCI travel department. When I purchased 2 more packages last year, I was told that I could get 1 week at a resort of my choosing and either a premium cruise or 2 seven night cruises. I used my resort stay and one of the 7 night cruises without any problems. I went to use the second 7 night cruise and ran into a huge mess. First, when I originally purchased the package I was told I could have a balcony suite. Well, not the case anymore. I was told that I can only have an inside stateroom. So disappointed I went ahead and booked the cruise anyway. Now that we are close to our cruise date, I called the cruise certificate department looking for the itinerary that was never mailed to me. This is how we communicated in the past.

They said they emailed it to me but I never received it. It probably went to spam. They are saying I owe an additional $1116.95 on each of the two packages to pay for an inside stateroom. I paid the gov and taxes at time of booking and was told the certificates would cover the remaining balance. They said the cruise was not paid in full. I paid over $3,000.00 for the certificates plus $575.00 for gov and taxes for each stateroom. Now they want an additional $1116.95 for an inside stateroom on top of the $3575.00 I have already paid. I asked them what the certificate value was and was told they did not know. I now am considering cancelling the cruise and rebooking directly with Princess since it is much cheaper.

I am arguing with RCI to get my money back. They say they will have to investigate further with other departments to see if I qualify for a refund. I have spent over 3 hours on the phone with them trying to fix the problem. I am so disappointed in the supervisor Ramon in the certificate department for not fixing this mistake. My itinerary also shows that I have paid the balance in full. I kept directing Ramon to that document and he still maintains I owe a balance. DON'T BUY THE VACATION CERTIFICATES FROM RCI TRAVEL. IT IS A SCAM!! YOU CAN GET A BETTER DEAL GOING DIRECT TO THE CRUISE LINE.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 18, 2017

We've owned a timeshare for A LOT of years. Bought it at a ski resort (although they call themselves a 4 seasons resort). A prime week - the second week of the year. PERFECT time to ski. When we bought our timeshare, we subscribed to RCI, on the resort's recommendation. They said, "With a prime week, you can trade for any vacation you want." At first all was good. We like the beach in the summer, so we traded our week for the beach, during prime time in the summer. Then the greed that takes over so many, hit RCI. They figured out that if you convert weeks to points, you can make more money.

Yes, I'm aware of the complaints that RCI fees you to death. That's just salt in the wound. RCI does have a lot of good benefits. When we bought our timeshare, we were also given a lifetime of annual bonus weeks through RCI, as long as we subscribed to RCI (although I noticed, they neglected to add our bonus week this year). Another perk of subscribing to RCI is that you have access to discounted extra vacations. Here's the thing about those extra vacations. RCI claims they've bought up so many units at each resort so their members have access to extra vacations. It's been my experience that when we do luck out and get a unit during the summer, those extra vacation units lie empty. To try to fill the units, RCI offers sales. The units are still empty.

Within recent years, we've opted to purchase platinum benefits through RCI. Yes, that's an additional fee. We've found that we're not able to get the vacation we desire, but with platinum benefits, we can initiate an ongoing search, and RCI does the work for us. This year, however, we keep receiving phone calls from RCI, asking us to reconsider our vacation times, or our vacation destinations. It turns out, RCI's weighted our PRIME week points so low, it doesn't even come close to the points required to get a week where we want to go. And to add insult to injury, because RCI can't fill their extra vacation units, they would rather lose money to those units than to open them up to weeks owners.

It's a slap in the face when you've already spent the money on your timeshare, along with the maintenance fee, for RCI to tell you, "We can't give you an extra weeks unit because we've bought those units and we need paying members to fill them so we're able to pay for the units." Trust me, those units have been paid for ten fold. Why else would RCI reduce the price of those units when they can't fill them. It just seems to me, RCI values the almighty dollar more than its members.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 28, 2017

I have been with RCI approx 12yrs. My previous issues have been the fact that they charge for unused points... Live and learn. My complaint is that I had to cancel a reservation. It's unfortunate but situations do arise and plans have to get changed. I cancelled 5-days prior to my check-in date. RCI WILL NEITHER REFUND NOR CREDIT my charge of $99.00! They say they have a 24-hour 'grace period'. I feel this is a major RIP-OFF to consumers and extremely bad business practice. I have contacted them by email, customer service and 'blabbering' supervisor. I was told "they have to keep the lights on" in order to provide their service. Well, RCI, my lights need to be on as well!! BUYER BEWARE.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 26, 2017

We see no reason to sign up for RCI except to give the company money. We are new members who tried to use RCI for the first time. We wanted to visit El Dorado Suites, Riviera Maya, using our exchange. Through RCI, we have to pay a $399 fee for a mandatory 7-day visit. RCI requires we also pay a $2500 "Mandatory all inclusive" fee for the El Dorado. So that's the cost of our RCI membership, plus a $399 fee, plus a $2500 all-inclusive fee. Curious, we logged into El Dorado's home page and found we could sign up for the exact same vacation, not using RCI, for a total cost of $2200, also all-inclusive. So the all-inclusive fee alone is more than the actual cost of staying at the El Dorado Suites, without having ever met an RCI salesperson.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 23, 2017

I've been a member of RCI for 7 years. And got sucked into changing weeks to points. Let me tell you. You pay for the right to use a room for a resort for a week. And with points, you have better options. And with a Platinum membership, it gets a lot better. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! The most unfortunate part of deciding whether you are getting a timeshare or not, is while you are on vacation. You're in good spirits. You're enjoying your vacation, and want more time. In comes the timeshare rep, and makes it sound like a wonderful investment. It affords you the ability to vaca in nice unit. You're planning to go in a vacation at least once a year, so why not do it in style? If the person reading this has already bought a timeshare, ugh! Sorry. Welcome to the club of regret. If you are still considering, let me tell you why you don't want to get trapped, and I mean that, trapped in this timeshare web.

1st expense: you purchase the right to own your week in a resort. Whether it be sold as weeks, or points. Ranges from 5,000 to whatever amount, depending on your resort. They offer different options of payment, so it's having an amortization. Think of dividing into the number of years you will vacation, then put that on paper. 2nd expense: maintenance. I pay freaking $360/year for stupid maintenance of a property that I am a supposed owner in. I'm not sure what other people pay, but it becomes a bill on a yearly basis, that if you decide to not go on vacation, you are still required to pay. 3rd expense: of course, you bought the right to use a room for a week, or in some cases, use the points for days use. Now, how are you going to use this right, or exchange your right for someone else's right in another location, anywhere around the world? You need a platform to do this.

RCI. They are the gateway to this marvelous choices of resorts. And to be to use them, you need to be a member. And guess what? It'll cost you $125/year. Also, a bill requirement in a yearly basis that never goes away. You miss a year, you want to be back? You need to pay both years. There is no escape. You want better benefits? An additional year of points not expiring? Get a platinum membership. It'll cost you an additional $69. Just in case you didn't know, your right or your week expires every year. If you want to extend it because you are not going on vacation this year, that's another additional cost. Last time I did it which was years ago, I remember vaguely it cost me $40. The next year, I did not use it so not only did I not get a vacation, I lost money along the way.

4th expense: oh yes, there's more. So you think you actually paid for your right, and now you're going to book a place, say in Paris. It's going to cost $260 to book that lovely place. Mind you, it isn't even in the area where you would like to stay. The quality of RCI's resort directory are not consistent. You can read reviews in some location, and it's rather similar in terms of being old, antiquated and unclean. I got so upset recently with RCI that I sent a not so happy message on their choices of hotels in any area. Plus, how the limited supply of resorts available have bad reviews. Who does the quality control? In this age of Groupons, AirBnbs, Home Aways, Living Socials, plus Expedia, TripAdvisor, etc., timeshares don't make any sense. So, if you did write down your expenses from start to finish, do you think it makes sense? I hope I can save someone else from doing a mistake I did a long time ago.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 18, 2017

"Join in the Festivities and Celebrate Vacation Village Resorts' Anniversary with a Complimentary Vacation! OFFER EXTENDED. It's not too late to join the party, take advantage of this opportunity to celebrate Vacation Village Resorts' 35 year anniversary before it's over! As part of the celebration, RCI® subscribing members can receive a complimentary one week stay by simply booking your next vacation into select Vacation Village Resorts and paying a $149USD internal exchange fee with no Points required.* Act Fast! Must book by 4.30.17 with travel dates through 2.28.18."

Received the above e-mail from RCI, called to book a week at Vacation Village at Parkway in Florida; I was informed that the cost would be $218.00 Canadian flat fee instead of being $189.00 which was the conversion of $149.00usd to Canadian dollars. I questioned the mark up of $28 dollars and was informed that they don't have the capability of converting usd to cad in a daily basis and that it would be too costly to do so and that they also have to charge GST since it is a promotion. I stated that if the offer for Canadians is totally different from the US clients, RCI should be sending their e-mail offers stating exactly how it would impact Canadians. Of course the representative became more agitated and unable to give a proper answer.

On investigating found out that their explanation had no merit; the mere fact that when you book a vacation they know exactly what the usd to cad exchange is and you are charged the daily exchange. RCI is misrepresenting their company and misleading their clients and getting away with added fees. I cancelled my vacation and will review my association with RCI.

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Original review: April 18, 2017

I have been an RCI member for a long time now. Not only do they fee you to death, there are fees for everything, the value of the points is ridiculous, and it seems, I can never use them for what I want to use them for. This last time (and not the first time I have had issue, just the first time I decided to complain), I attempted to use some of my annual 80,000 points for car rental. Well, it seems there is a "glitch" in their system that doesn't show my points. The rep acknowledged that they know I have points, but I cannot use them right now, but she will be glad to book my rental for cash, and RCI will reimburse when the "glitch" is repaired and show my points. Of course, I told her that was not going to happen.

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Original review: April 18, 2017

Someone call an IT professional for this company! Good luck with their website. Every time I look for something on their site it tells me they are having technical difficulties and I can't get in. But the icing on the cake is when you do want to book something you will find it unavailable. Get ready to find only lint in your pockets because this company will clean out your pockets with all their fees! It only works well if you pick a (non) all inclusive, go last minute and you don't mind staying in a dump. So what I am saying is they definitely know how to ruin a vacation. I can always find a vacation cheaper on websites like cheapcarribean.com. RCI members get put in the dumpiest rooms which are not easily accessible to amenities.

Beware of Gold Crowns! Hahahaha definitely not top of the line resorts. Very marginal at best. I have been a points owner for several years and I have had nothing but poor customer service, poor resort choices, unbelievable fees and complete headaches from trying to use the website. Beware, beware, beware! RCI should be put out of business. They are extortionists in the most extreme form. They are masters at lying. I'm still sitting on a bunch of free stays that I can't use because of one reason or another. They offered me free extra weeks and free cruises with my original purchase. Still can't find a way to use those. One big joke but unfortunately the joke was on me. Wish we could sue them for all their lies!

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Original review: April 17, 2017

We recently stayed at an RCI timeshare with family and friends. We signed up for a three bedroom unit that sleeps 10 (8 privately). One of the bedrooms was large enough to fit a family of four. That is what was advertised. What we received was two units joined (which we didn't have a problem with) but they slept 6 privately. One unit had a queen size bed and a pull out couch and the other unit had a king bed with a pull out couch and a room upstairs. But the room upstairs had two twin beds. It was a kids room. It was the size of a small attic. We brought this to the attention of the hotel front desk, but we were told this was an issue with RCI and that the hotel was completely booked. My family member is the one who has the timeshare. I do not feel we received what was advertised and they should get points back. I will never stay at an RCI timeshare again.

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Original review: April 15, 2017

I want out of my RCI timeshare. I think they should be shut down. They are a bait & switch business. Please any know of a way to get out without ruining your credit. I wish I had read these reviews 4 years ago when I bought into this timeshare which I have never been able to use. I received a call last week from their RCI travel packages offering me 2 cruise and another resort stay. I went over in full detail that I wanted the 2 cruises to be Hawaii at the same time for my husband and I and another couple. The supposedly manager was even helping me price it out per couple. He told me I could gift the second certificate to my friends. My husband was on the other line and ask if there was anymore charges the manager told us no. I was told to call back the next day and they would get me set up with booking.

I called back and talked to booking. I was told I COULD NOT do this. I could not use the certificates for 2 Hawaii cruises without paying $561 per person upgrade fee. I was so angry. We had already given our credit card and they charged it. I made my mind up. They were not going to get away with this. They told me in the beginning our conversation was recorded. I called the sales girl that called me the first day. She assured me she would get this fixed. The manager we spoke with the first day was on vacation so we ended up with another one who told us he would fix it. I kept saying our conversation was recorded, go back and review it. The first girl even admitted to me yes I was correct. We were told we could use the both certificates at no extra cost for Hawaii.

Then they sent me to a customer service manager who finally reviewed the recorded conversation and told yes I was correct. I was told I could do what I want to do as far as the 2 certificates and Hawaii. She went as far as saying she had highlighted all the things we were told and she was going to try and make them honor this. I also received another call from another man supervisor who told me he was a high level supervisor and he would get the bottom of this and make sure I would get what I was promised. I really thought he was going to do something.

It was about an hour later I received a call from yet another customer service manager who very rudely proceeded to inform me that she had refunded our money back on our card because they had reviewed the call and we were over-promised something they could not give us. I said, "No. I want what I was promised." She said no again and I said, "So I get nothing for all the time I wasted on the phone." She informed me that my money would be back on my card in 7 to 10 days. I was lied to by approximately 5 people who kept saying, "We know how you feel and we are going to make this right". I hope my money is back on my card as she said it would. Would have loved to had what I was promised but again this is so typical of RCI. I should have known better.

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Original review: April 13, 2017

Can't get any response via e-mail after multiple attempts. I have tried three times to contact customer service to have a simple question answered. All that I have received in response is the automated response indicating that they have received my email. I have checked my spam folder to make sure it isn't getting re-directed. We have had very mixed results with RCI on other issues, but this is beyond ridiculous.

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RCI is one of the largest brokers of timeshare properties in the world. The company was founded in1974 by Christel DeHaan, and they offer a wide range of timeshare options, from resort stays to partial condo ownership.

  • Part of Wyndham Worldwide Group: RCI is part of Wyndham Worldwide Group, which affords customers access to one of the largest networks of vacation properties to choose from, across six continents.

  • Global presence: Travelers interested in owning a timeshare somewhere far from home can find a property through RCI, which has affiliated resorts in more than 100 countries.

  • Guest certificates available: RCI members are allowed to let friends and family members enjoy their timeshare through an exchange, extra holiday or late deal.

  • Members only personal protection: Members of RCI are afforded cancellation protection should they need to cancel their trip, and they are allowed to switch or keep their points should they not be able to use their allotted timeshare dates.

  • Platinum Membership option: Customers who choose RCI have the Platinum Membership option, which gives them even more access to resort properties, better customer service and extra perks.

  • Best for: Large families, people who want a luxury vacation property, travelers with a favorite vacation destination and young professionals with disposable income.

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