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I travel to Denver and rent a car at Payless. I already pay for rent but when I get the car. They just asked me, "Do you want to add more money to get SUV car". I said "No". They print the receipt and let me sign. I sign and don't care about the money because I already paid. When I return a car and I see the money was expensive. I rent a car for $107 for 3 days but they add insurance and roadside service, so total is $324. Oh my god, then they said I already sign. Oh **. What happened? I'll never rent car at Payless anymore. They just want to get more money, they don't care, the service is so so bad. Before I rent a car another company, it's so good. They didn't charge any service and they ask you if you want to buy insurance or not.

I was overcharged for a rental vehicle in San Diego, California in October 2016 because the ticket agent asked me if I wanted to get any insurances with them. I stated that I absolutely did not want any insurance because I have ample insurance with my personal vehicle insurance policy. The agent asked me to sign on the kiosk and handed me the paperwork and I asked why the $186.00 difference from the quoted price and he stated that it was a deposit and would be refunded upon return of the vehicle. However, it was a charge for insurance I did not want and there is no refund. I have contacted them and they are not willing to do anything since they say the video is too old to view my response. This is a ploy to get more money. Be careful. This is the only company I have had a problem with since I have been renting vehicles since 1996. What a SCAM...

I rented a car at the San Diego Payless airport. When I picked it up I was handed a gps for the car like I requested. I took it out of the box and plugged it in and the reason why I requested the gps is because my phone would be roaming for internet service in San Diego because I'm out of state. After using the gps for a couple of days I noticed the charger part that goes into the gps the wires were very loose and the gps was not charging very well. I visited downtown San Diego the next day there again it would not hold a charge because of the wiring on the charger. Putting the address in for the place I was staying at the gps went dead. Because the charger would not charge the wires came out of the charger. I was very upset because I had no idea where I was at how to get back to my resort, and I was by myself. I left my phone at the resort so I did not have my phone with me.

I started driving around downtown and asking people where the hell the Payless car rental was. Again very upset and angry because you charged me $70 for something that doesn't work. I finally made it back to the car rental place exhausted trying find the car rental place on my vacation. I parked the car and a young girl came up to me. "She was not very friendly at all." I explained to her what the situation was with the gps, and she told me I would have to talk to this other girl. I waited about 15 min as she was just sitting in a chair looking through papers. I finally went up to her and said I need a different gps. I explained about the wires that came undone on the charger, and she said "you have only had this for 4 days and you're JUST NOW bring it back"... Her attitude was horrible... The customer service there is bad. She gave me a different gps no apologies at all from both of them.

I plug the gps in it barely has any charge go figure... And then I'm waiting and waiting for them to open the gate so I can get out. They did not help me at all with that. There was a guy that works there that was moving a car, and he could tell I was very upset and I was trying to leave. I explained to him my situation and "HE" apologized for the 2 young girls behavior. When I was leaving I went to the customer service area where you sign the paperwork for the car. I explained to the employee that was helping me the issue I had with the gps, and she said that I would not be charged for the gps because of the bs I had been through. I looked at my credit card statement and was charged for the gps... And I'm still waiting for a response. NO contact number for the corporate office email or fax number. Go figure. All I can say is if you don't want ripped off don't rent from Payless...

Will never be renting a car from them again. Already been charged extra fees after final receipt twice! And it's been three weeks since we've rented the car. Already spoke with customer service and told numerous times they would contact us and be giving us our refund and check on it again today and they pull out yet again more money. The company is a ** joke and should change their name from Payless to pay4ever! Don't ever rent an car from these bastards!

Rented a car from Payless at Sky Harbor airport. Original rental was for 9 days at $50.00 per day/$200.04 per week. Declined all optional coverage with contract total of $432.72. Had a family emergency and needed to return car early after 6 days. I first tried to call the number on the rental jacket to arrange for early turn in. The number listed was not Payless, but Budget rental. I then searched all paperwork for a number which I finally located. They told me I had to arrange it with the local Payless office and gave me a different number which then rerouted me back to the national number. After at least 2 hours trying to get through to the local office, I gave up. Took the car back the next day and explained the situation. They indicated that I had signed a contract with a minimum of 9 days at the agreed upon price. No adjustments would be made.

I was amazed they could not make adjustments for me, however, when they ran my final receipt, they included a $37.50 "one way charge" and a $10.00 extension fee for bringing it back early. Not only that but they changed my daily rate from $50 to $103 and weekly from $200 to $309. The car was a Nissan Juke for $103 per day. My total mileage was 73 miles for 6 days. My final bill was $429.00 after having them remove the "One way charge". The car was returned to the same place it was rented from. The manager Lora ** could not explain to me even what the extra charges were for. She was cold and bitter. We have laws to protect consumers from fraud like this. Why does the rental car industry get away with it?

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We explained when we picked up the car that we had AAA and did not want or require any insurance. When I looked over the documents, I saw that we were being charged for Roadside assistance. When I told him that we did not want this service, the agent insisted that it was a mandatory fee. When I got home & reviewed the receipt, I saw that it said "Optional" and I called and he again said over the phone that it was mandatory. I disputed it with Payless, and they said that it was optional but because I signed the forms, I opted to purchase it and they could not refund it. The car also reeked of smoke - they said it was their only car and sprayed it with Febreeze. BOTTOM LINE - don't do business with these people!!

So I was doing some digging on the Payless Car Rental website and it clearly stated that the Credit Card hold is $200 but yet the Johnstown PA is telling me that they are a private franchise so they have different policies. So I asked the representative where can I find their policies online and she couldn't tell me where I can so I told her explain to me how that works. And she kept repeating that they are a private own franchise. So these were the events that took place on numerous occasions when I went to get a rental car. One minute their credit card hold is $250 and debit is $350 and the other is the credit and debit is $350. But the website clearly states that the credit is $200 and the debit is $350 plus the cost of the rental.They then went on to say that along with the debit card they need a utility bill or a bank statement.

I reserved a car for October 20th for two days plus. I did this online as I always do. The price quoted was $109.77, and I printed out the confirmation as I always do. When I arrived at my destination I went to pick up the car they didn't have the vehicle I had reserved and asked me if I would accept a substitute vehicle at the same rate... no problem... they printed out the paperwork and I noticed the charge was $133.74, a difference of $23.99. I questioned why the price difference and was told the online price was an estimated charge, but I questioned why it was so high. The young woman would only say it was an estimated charge.

In all my years of rental cars, my online charge always states it is estimated but I NEVER had to pay more than the quoted charge. Apparently they don't know what the taxes and fees will be in advance, so they guess! I had no time to search for another rental company, so I was stuck taking their vehicle. When I questioned the overage, the agent had an attitude. Obviously I will never use Payless again.

On Sept 29th I went in to the Richmond International Airport to pick up my rental car that I had PREPAID for online. I had upgraded the vehicle and only owed $15 WHEN I was to arrive at Payless per my email from the Company. Everything I thought went smoothly. I never checked my card to notice they had charged me $69 for a 54 vehicle. They also had put a $100.00 hold on my credit card. The lady at the desk stated that "There is a mandatory fuel tax that you have to sign up for stating that you will get the fuel however if you bring the car back on full it will be waived." OK no problem. I left on my way. I returned the vehicle on Oct 2 a day early. I was given a receipt.

I told the guy that "Hey I filled the car up with gas." He gave me another receipt at that time. I went about my way. I checked my credit card the next day. I noticed there was another $100.00 hold placed on my card. I called them to find out why. They said it would fall off. Then as soon as that fell off the next morning Monday Oct 4th my card was charged $44.43. For what - I don't know. I was you'd when I put in a claim that it was for roadside service. This is what Melanie said in customer care. When I told her it was bs she then said that she had no way of telling the conversation between me & the person at the counter so I could not get my money back. That was just wrong. DO NOT RENT FROM THEM. THEY ARE A RIP OFF. YOU WILL NOT GET A REFUND.

I rental twice this month from them. Paid in advance and was charged first time $95.56 additional, second time $125.36 additional. I stated I did not want any additional coverages and returned the car with a full tank of gas both times. I travel a lot and will not use this company again, nor will anyone I have contact with. Thank God for the internet, we can spread the word on companies that have the type of business practice!

My husband and I live on the East Coast and recently retired for a couple of years. We've decided to move to CO where our daughter now lives and this time came out to look at a few properties from 9/25 to 9/30. Through Southwest Airlines we made a flight, hotel, and car reservation as a package deal. Now, as we mostly vacation within driving distances with our dogs we haven't rented a rental car for ages. The price for car rental from Payless was $355.73, the cheapest deal available, taxes and fees included. Somewhere on the reservation I read it won't be charged to my bank acct at the time of making the reservation which and I thought it must be then on the return day which kind of made sense to me as some possible miscellaneous charges may occur while the car was in our possession.

We arrived at DIA on Sun. 9/25 and were shuttled to Payless for our 11:00 AM reservation. We were very excited to be back in CO after a few months from our previous visit in June. Nate started by asking us what brought us there and we were only too happy to tell him why, and asking him about the weather and some advice on certain locations.

Toward the end of our conversation he asked us if we wanted to purchase "loss/damage waiver" and we specifically told him we don't need any extra insurance because we are fully covered by Amica. He had my husband sign the contract. I thought of asking Nate if we were going to pay on our return day but didn't as he didn't go over any charges with us, none whatsoever. On Wed., the 28th, I decided to check on my bank acct and there was a charge of $572.37 from Payless. Talked to Jane (manager) on the phone and was told to bring back the car, and we will get a new contract for the remaining two days. Drove 45 min and she said since my husband initialed to accept for the loss/damage waiver at $25.00 per day, and nothing can be done to correct that for the first four days ($100.00). When I disputed that she said she was doing us a FAVOR and she will take it back if I didn't like it which left me at a loss of words.

No refund. No apologies. Firmly put the blame 100% on us by telling us we shouldn't have initialed our contract to accept it. What's more? Nate was squarely looking at my husband and said he went over the charges with my husband!!! That NEVER happened! I was standing 6 inches away from my husband the whole time and I knew what the total was supposed to be. It should've been $355.73 + $22.21 (prepaid gas option), not $572.37. What they are doing to their customers is unconscionable.

At first I thought, "It's only money. Let's forget about this unpleasant experience and enjoy the rest of our stay here in Denver." That thought has changed once I read all these similar stories on here. I truly believe that these airport Payless Car Rentals are taking advantage of all these unsuspecting, innocent, and tired passengers with a little less than sharp state of mind by the time they get to Payless counter after a long flight and day. The way they conduct their business at their counter is clearly designed to intentionally confuse and scam the customers. No doubt about it! All of these complaints have the same common theme. Lured by the cheapest deal online but once you get to their counter the actual price oftentimes doubles and go unnoticed by majority of customers which is what Payless is hoping for, and succeeds most of times.

Good luck once you notice the discrepancy and call or go back and try to correct it especially on your return day because by then everybody will hear this same line of response, "You must had accepted the additional services as you initialed/signed for them on your contract. There is nothing we can do for you now." And we all know we had very clearly declined those additional services to the clerk at the counter before you were instructed to initial/sign in various places on the contract but guilty of not reading the fine prints!! Yup, I smell deceit, scam, sneaky, shady business in this company all over which by the way must have come from the top. They put the responsibility of the dealings solely on the customers and zero percent on the clerks because they know in the court of law written evidence is what matters.

It's appalling to me that this company has lasted this long when stealing from their customers so deceitfully and intentionally. I think something should be done to prevent this unjust and maybe together, we can all be part of that if given a chance. I called Southwest Airlines Customer Relations, 855 234 4654 **, and told them that Payless Car Rental doesn't share your core value and to disassociate their partnership from them, and I urge everyone here to do the same through whomever you made your reservation through. If we are persistent in our efforts with our complaints maybe, maybe one day something will get done. I don't even expect I will ever get my stolen money back but I strongly don't believe Payless Car Rental should be allowed to stay in business with their such shady and deceitful business tactics.

I went to the airport in Atlanta to rent a car today 10/3/2016. I wanted a car up to Thursday. When I got there, I couldn't help but notice that there was no one at their counter while other counters had customers. But, a friend had mentioned to me that they are cheap so I approached them. Biggest mistake. I wish I had read these reviews before venturing out. I feel defiled!

Anyway, this arrogant ** guy called Jimmy (oh I am ** so this is not a racial remark. If anything, he stereotyped me) tells me that it will be $160. I exclaimed and was fixing to leave when he said "Oh I can apply my family and friend discount." Then he goes, "It will be $142." I thought "okay, for 4 days maybe not so bad." When I got home, like you all, the math didn't make sense. My receipt read $156.12! I was shocked! He had added $59.94 for "estimated optional services total taxable" which I am made to understand includes things like GPS etc. This car doesn't even have Bluetooth capability! He was very, very arrogant and condescending and I told him that. Of course he didn't care.

I am taking the car back tomorrow but I will lose $52 for the day where it says $16/day! I am going to the BBB and all social media. From all these bad reviews, they don't care! They need to be shut down. And oh he told me Enterprise would not take me because I have no credit card. I told him that I have rented from Enterprise so many times before! To which he had no response!

I rented a car and brought it back on time. When I checked my credit card after the return there was an additional 76.90 on it. Why? So I naturally filed a dispute and they respond with a "code." When I inquired about the "code" they claimed I cancelled a reservation. How? I only made one reservation and fulfilled it. This was clearly a hassle and a scam. On top of that 60 days passed as they dragged it along past the dispute deadline for the credit card company. No resolution. Free 76.90 for Payless scam rentals, smh.

You book a car and never receive any sort of confirmation so you have no idea if you actually have a reservation. You are getting concerned as a major event is causing scarcity of rental options thus you book with another company (at a higher rate). You can't cancel without a confirmation # so you call and wait and wait and wait. Then you get the scammers on the phone and cancel... then you get an immediate email saying "You've successfully cancelled but we are charging you a $50 cancellation fee." Sort of a bait and switch. AMEX will refund this but my time has been wasted, etc. Disgusting - stay clear.

I recently rented a car from PAYLESS at the Austin, TX airport for 2 days. The reservation was through and totaled $57.16. When I checked my account, they had debited me $295.67. I asked for a receipt, it showed billing me for every option for 6 days and a late fee. I had rented the car for 2 days, no option. The key here - there was no one at the rental car return at the office at 3:30pm on a Saturday afternoon to check the car in. We waited 20 mins, and could not stay - we had to catch our flight. I spoke with Payless "customer care", they filed a "ticket", which was not addressed for 5 days. And, when it was, I received an unprofessional email stating unless I could produce proof that I returned the car on time, they would not refund me.

This has now gone on for 6 days, numerous emails, I have maintained that I have been overcharged on options and days and should be refunded. They maintain that unless I produce a receipt that shows the time returned, no refund. It is their employees that were not in an open, unmanned office to give me a receipt. Never again. I have emailed my airline ticket itinerary and my car reservation. They still continue to dispute and I will continue as well. Tomorrow, I go to the bank and file a dispute with my bank on the charges. This company is disgustingly unprofessional and a bunch of crooks. Never, ever again.

Initiated the rental agreement online. Arrived at Payless rental center at McCarron airport, LV, Nev. The agent, Jaime and I discussed the rental particulars and all seemed to be in order. We declined any and all insurance coverages, as we normally do. No prepay for gas, but we did opt for the $3/day charge for vehicle upgrade. He, Jaime, stated it was a additional benefit from the airline, AA, that we used. We agreed to it. He was very, overly, polite throughout the process and upon returning the vehicle, I found out why. Before finalizing the contract, I had to initial the declines and acceptances. The biggest mistake I made was in trusting The agent to list, accurately, on the contract what we had agreed upon. I TOOK HIS WORD and believed he had transcribed all of my choices, accurately. HE DID NOT!

Upon arriving home and reviewing our receipt, we found that the agent, JAIME, had "INSERTED" a charge for "LOSS DAMAGE WAIVER" at a rate of $23.95/day (x 7 days=$167.65, plus taxes and additional fees) for a grand total of $317.63. Which was higher than what was quoted via online ($274.25). We were charged a total of $493.28! Quite a bit more than the original estimate! That's an overcharge of $219.03! I believe this is an incentive based scam! Meaning, the more the agent (JAIME), in this case, inserts onto the contract, the more he gets paid! THIS IS LAS VEGAS!

I think the time has come for A lawsuit. After reading many of the reviews of the responses from PAYLESS, the lies and the taking advantage of the many seniors who have fallen prey to this "switch & bait" practice. Any & all decent businesses who allow PAYLESS rentals to utilize names for business should join us in bringing down this company for their illegal, unethical, scamming methods of stealing money from honest people who believed they were dealing with an honest business!

DO NOT RENT FROM PAYLESS CAR RENTAL AGENCY! They will lie and mis-represent to extract additional monies from you. They will do it while smiling, knowing quite well you won't see them again and your chances of getting your money back is ZERO! They are scoundrels of the lowest kind!!! Again, l made the mistake of believing the agent and not reading all of the fine print before initialing. They know you are tired from traveling and are on a schedule. They use this to their advantage. All I can say is that someone spent a lot of time and effort in devising this scam!

I rented a car from Expedia and got a great rate of $44 for two days. When I rented the car the guy at the counter tried to constantly sell me upgrades. I said point blank, "I do not want any upgrades." He had me sign the contract and then gave me the keys to a small car. When I looked later at the contract they had charged me an extra $40. They said that I requested an upgrade. I did not.

When I spoke to the manager "David" he yelled at me and refused to accept any responsibility. He said that I didn't read the contract, thus leaving me at fault. I mentioned to him several times that I told the guy at the counter that I did not want any upgrades he was trying to sell me. I did not want the insurance, gas, a gps, or anything else. They handed me the keys to a car and did not tell me that I was given an upgraded car. Payless refuses to work with me and will only give me half of the refund I'm owed. My total came to $77, when it was supposed to be $44. I will not ever use them again and I will also not rent a car through Expedia either.

I rented a car in DFW from 9/24/16 - 9/26/16 and prepaid for the reservation on 9/10/16. I have a copy of my original reservation confirmation page as well as an email reminder from Payless that was sent on 9/22/16 showing my price of $58.01. When I picked the car up, their system was down so the agent had to hand write everything out. I declined all extra fees. I should've only had a hold on my card for a deposit due back on return of rental car. I returned the car with a full tank of gas. I had the car 37 hours and drove 34 miles. The printed out receipt upon return showed a total of $112.69. I immediately went up to the counter and was told by the agent that he couldn't help me and that I had to call their 800 number. I did so while waiting for my flight home and a ticket was opened requesting my refund of $54.68.

By the time my flight landed, I had received an email with an updated total showing $99.18. Still $41.17 more than it should've been. I reopened the ticket and sent in attachments with my original rental agreement and the reminder email stating $58.01. Now, no one will respond back to me. I called the 800 number again and requested a supervisor. I spoke with George (and have his employee number). He stated that there is nothing further he can help me with, I just have to wait for customer service to respond. He also refused to transfer or give me a number to contact customer service myself. I've been searching online for a number for corporate for Payless and the only number I can find is disconnected. I will continue to fight this and blast Payless all over social media because this is not right nor legal.

What an absolute joke of a company! Payless was the worst company I have ever dealt with in my entire life!!! The staff repeatedly told us lies so that they could get more money out of us! The staff was secretive and took advantage of us even after we verbally told them we didn't want certain things. I will make it my mission to make sure that this company pays for how they treated us. When you look online so many people have had the same experience with this company.

The company not only charged us for extra insurance after we verbally told them no 3 times they also told us to fill up at the car rental place when we were done because it was cheaper then charged us over $100 to fill up with gas. They also charged us for gps which was never on the contract! They also told us we had a free upgrade to a better car and then of course charged us for it. Our estimated $90 bill ended up being $360!!! Whoever is reading this should be extremely concerned about this company and their practices. I will never rent from this company again and have never dealt with such poor customer experience and blatant lying and cheating in my life! Beware of Payless!!!

Wed, Sept 21 2016 8:04 pm. Why was I charged an additional 53.33 fee for my rental car? I have never been charged additional fees from the pre-pay amount. Wed, Sept 21 2016 8:12 pm. I asked at the rental car desk for an explanation but Thomas said, "Use your glasses on your face and read the receipt." I rented through AARP... they offer a free upgrade, free second driver (did not need) and 30% Savings. I pre-paid using my Discover Card.

Right before my return time I stopped at the gas station just 2 blocks from the rental return... after filling the car with gas I could not start the car. The steering wheel was locked. I called the 1-800-354-2847 and after trying to get the person on the phone to listen to me, I was finally able to explain what was going on. The person on the phone told me to rock the steering wheel very hard back & forth then insert the key and try to start the car. This worked. I was able to drive the car the 2 blocks to the rental car return. There I waited in line for a long time to get the car checked back in.

I then went inside to get my final paperwork completed. No one was at the Payless counter. I approached the Avis counter. They said they could not help. I went back to the Payless counter. Thomas did not greet me... just took the receipt I had from outside. He processed my rental return... handed me my receipt. I questioned the charges. He said, "Call the 1-800 number with complaints..." I said, "No Please explain the additional charges." He said, "Use the glasses on your face and read your receipt." Is this how you do business?

Payless Car Rental Sky harbor Airport Phoenix. At car return, no one available and when someone came had to ask 3 people to find help. All sitting, ignoring customers. Was in hurry, got processed and failed to check detail. About 7 misc charges extra. $57 overcharge, one of which was for a "one way fee". I picked up at airport and returned to same. BEWARE, they definitely pad fees and hope you don't notice. This was 30% higher than quote. I'm still in process to resolve. Booked thru "Hotwire" originally. Another mistake!!!

I rented a car on August 28, 2016 for a total of $329.00, $129.00 for the rental if the car and $200.00 for deposit. I was told by Payless that when I returned the car, and everything was ok with the car a full tank of gas, my refund would be returned from 3-5 business days. I returned the car on September 3rd got a printout full tank of gas everything perfect.

After 5 days no deposit in my acct. Called Payless. They said, "Oh your bank is holding the deposit", so I go to the bank, speak with the banker, get a printout. She says, "We see where they took the 329.00 out but they have not deposited anything back in your acct. yet." She said, "We don't hold your deposit once Payless deposit it. We post it so you need to call them back", so I call Payless back. This time they tell me, "Oh we hold your deposit R from 7-14 days." So I wait. I called them back last week. They tell me again the bank is holding the money so I called the bank again. She the banker pull up my acct. Again she tells me. The same as the last banker I see where they took your money out on August 28, 2016 but as of today the agent put anything R back in your acct. and she said, "Don't let them keep telling you that we're holding your money because we don't hold people money."

I called Payless back. They told me, "We will put in a ticket to let them know you haven't reviewed your deposit and you should receive your deposit in 72 hours." As of today September 19th I go Check my acct. No deposit - I call Payless again. They tell me again the bank is I holding it and I just can't see it in my acct. so I call the bank again. They pull up my acct. Again same thing - no deposit has been transferred from Payless. So I call Payless back. Now they're saying again they will put in another ticket and I should hear from someone in 72 hrs. Well I'm tired of playing phone tag with them - just want my $200.00 dollar deposit. I have rented cars from a different company before at the airport. And I received my deposit back. Payless is the only one that's trying to keep my deposit keep giving me the run around. Thank You. I look forward to a resolution. And getting my money back.

In Branson, MO my husband and I rented a car. My Travelocity paperwork said, "The total price includes ALL MANDATORY TAXES AND FEES." The agent shows me a receipt for $56 more than my Travelocity paperwork. I questioned it about 4 times as to why it was that much more? The agent said "the fuel is automatically put on the car. When you bring it back full again, we will refund the amount." Since my total amount of taxes on $80 was 57% ($46 of taxes), I wasn't surprised that a $22 fuel charge would be $34 more because, I thought letting them pay for the gas was another fee. He assured me, "This happens all the time. People think they are being overcharged but the credit comes later."

We returned the car full with gas. I took picture of the gas gauge and final odometer reading. They still charged me the $56 more. No one was there when we returned so early in the morning. You drop keys and paperwork in the return drop box which wasn't even locked!!! When I called today (September 17, 2016) to ask about why they still charged me. I was met with "you had the Roadside Protection added to your rental agreement at the time of pick up." I told him I never asked for that. He replies, "We automatically put it on all the cars." WHAT? My receipt says OPTION SERVICES. That is not optional when you automatically put it on my agreement. Then he says, "Well you initialed it." I said no one disclosed to me there was an extra charge of $6.99 a day for Roadside Protection (RSP).

Same scam story noted above in this thread of reviews dated Sept. 5, 2016 by Jane of Sacramento, CA. This is one of their ways of extracting money from those of us who get good deals on the internet. You cannot get remedy with the local office, so I went to Payless Car Rental customer service. I have filed a "ticket" with Payless. I will respond back to let you know my results. I will file a report with the Attorney General of Missouri if do not get my $56 credited back to my credit card. I will show them the other review stating that this is a theme with Payless. Oh by the way, when I did tell the customer service person about how they "automatically put the RSP fees on" he said, "they are not supposed to do that. They are supposed to ask." Now I question if these agents actually get a bonus in their paycheck when we purchase the extra stuff (insurance, RSP, car seats, GPS devices, etc).

Unfortunately I rented the least expensive vehicle I could find for a recent vacation to Colorado. You get what you pay for. All the rental car companies I checked were incredibly expensive; I took that to be location and the timing of our vacation. So be it. When we checked in we let ourselves be talked into a bigger vehicle for very little increase. That was fortunate; we appreciated what we had when we were driving in the mountains. Unfortunately we didn't check our bill close enough when we returned. I'm still trying to find out what Estimated Optional Service Charges are - certainly nothing we were aware of. Their website is down for reconstruction, I can't get anyone on the phone. The other fees might be blamed on the state. I'm still checking. Our total bill was 52% OVER what was quoted when I rented.

I have called PAYLESS repeatedly. The customer service is awful. I was overcharged for a car rental and no employee not even a supervisor can tell me why. I keep getting repeat letters for a bill and no explanation except for the fact that I disputed the charge with my credit card company. I disputed the overcharge. I have spoken with supervisors and reps but have gotten no resolution. Legal action should be taken against the company for erroneously over billing consumers.

I have now rented a car from Payless on two different occasions in two different states. The gentleman at the first location attempted to pressure me into adding the optional coverage and I declined. Upon returning the car, I noticed a charge for roadside service and went back to the counter to dispute. The same gentleman told me it was a standard charge for Payless. The second time I made sure to decline all services again and was asked to initial the specific sections (I now realize the first gentleman did not do this). As I was not handed a receipt, I requested one directly from Payless and there again was roadside service - and it was under "Optional" services.

I disputed. I know I signed to decline the coverage and would be happy to report them to the BBB and Attorney General. My case was reopened, a request for the original contract was made, and sure enough they found I'd declined the services! Ethical business practices? I think not. I rent a car every other weekend for travel and have never had additional charges added erroneously; needless to say twice in a row. I will not rent from Payless again.

I recently went through and chose this company, giving the smaller guy a chance, and I should have known better. The deal was supposed to be $28 a day. Cool. It was comparable to enterprise or a few other companies but a bit cheaper. Had I known that there was an extra $21 a day charge under "Loss Damage Waiver." What does that even mean?? I didn't lose the car, it was not damaged, therefore what am I paying for??

I tried to call the company and ask. When asking to speak to a manager, the first gentleman told me one would not be available for about 5 minutes. I told him I would wait... So he hung up on me. The next guy told me it would be about 20 minutes. I told him I would wait. He, too, hung up on me. The third guy then told me it would be an hour. Mind you, these calls all took place within 10 minutes. All 3 of them. I told him I would be disputing the charge and making a BBB complaint, as well as contacting about the lack of informing me the car was ACTUALLY $53 a day... but promoted as $28. He didn't seem to care one way or the other. Priceline never got back to me either. I won't be using either of these places again. Nor would I recommend them to anyone. Not to mention, the windshield of the car was filthy on the inside. I could barely see where I was going when the lights hit it right.

When I returned a car to Sacramento Airport, there was only one person working to check in cars and she asked for the keys and waved me on because she was too busy with another customer. So that is what I did, a week later I got the bill on my credit card, it was 106.00 more than what they had quoted me. I emailed and was told it was a gas charge. I wrote back and told them the tank was full and I was waved on by the girl at the counter who was fighting with another customer at the time. I was never given a receipt at this time. I told them that I was calling my credit card company and disputing the charges. Well they lied to my credit card company and said the tank was empty. As a result I was charged the amount.

When returning car to Logan Airport, there are no check in personal, only a sign stating to leave keys in car. So that is what I did, a week later I got the bill on my credit card, it was 150.00 more than what they had quoted me. I called them and was told I returned the car on empty, I NEVER return a rented car empty, I informed the rep that I had filled the car less than 5 miles from airport, she then told me she would have to speak with her manager. At this point I told her I was calling my credit card company and disputing the charges, she took my number and said a rep would be calling me. I then called Capital One who are starting an investigation, they paid the amount I was quoted, but withheld the overcharge.

I will be surprised if they return my call. I won't use them again, I didn't like the fact that there is no one checking in the cars at the return. The car was dirty when I picked it up and I told the checkout person I do not want to be held responsible for any cleaning, they didn't seem to care. The car was in need of a wash. It is a cheaper way to go, but you will get what you pay for plus 150.00 more.

My family planned a last min trip to see family and reserved a car though Southwest. Payless was cheapest. Our original cost was 100.1 with tax. We set aside two car seats but they did not tell us how much car seats would be. So we left behind our car seats. BIG MISTAKE!! We got to AZ with no car seats. Shuttled to the car rentals. Stood in a long, godawful line. Only to be told car seats for two are 30.00 a day! WHAT? OMG, thank for the heads up. But the guy nicely said he would upgrade us for 30.00 a day and toss in the car seats. SWEET we thought. Were told we need to run our credit card for 251.53 (just in because we did not put gas and all the gazz in there). Went on our merry way.

Car was a piece of crap and it was not worth any rental. We were in AZ... hot. 111 was the temp and the AC barely worked. Car seats should of been tossed away years ago. It was awful. We returned the car. No one was there to check us in. Waited 30 mins in heat with 3 children. Final bill 298.94. OMG no ** way. Of course they took forever so we had to rush to a plane and it was a holiday so I called first chance. Two phone calls I was informed I paid for car seats on top that upgrade. I demanded money back. I was told, "No you completed your rental." Of course I did. I would not know my charges unless I did. I am in this 1 week now and I now been told I was not charged for the car seats, that this extra cost I been charged were FEES... HIDDEN FEES!!!

OPTIONAL products/services taxable 23.96. Turns out we had 83.04 in extra hidden fees. Then they decided to charged me 15.6% sales tax. The state tax for the airport and the area around there is 8.6% over double the cost. They taxes all the hidden fees. I do not care. This company is awful, They are not Payless. They are Paymore and break your bank account. They do not disclose any hidden fees or tell you at the time of reservation what hidden fees are going to be applied. You are left in the dark until you check out. Then once you draw issues you though a ticket services. Screw talking to real people. COMPLETE ZERO FOR PAYLESS CAR RENTALS. NEVER RENT FROM THERE

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As an Avis subsidiary, Payless Car Rental operates more than 120 retail locations under a combined corporate and franchise model.

  • One-way rentals: Travelers can expand their reach and make work travel more convenient by picking up a vehicle at one location and dropping it off at another. Renter also have a choice of 15 different vehicles including economy cars, minivans, SUVs and 12 passenger vans.
  • Loyalty program: The Perks Club provides a streamlined reservation and check-in process.
  • Last-minute pricing: When booking ahead, renters usually get the lowest pricing, but Payless Car Rental also accommodates last-minute bookings with specials based on the pickup location.
  • Discounts: Partner organizations get discounts, like the five percent discount offered to all AARP members. Save 10 percent on monthly rentals or when you book more than 30 days in advance. Sign up for the newsletter for additional discounts.
  • Early-pay discounts: When renters book at least one day in advance and pay at the time of booking, they can save up to 20 percent. Cancellation fees apply to this type of booking.
  • Best for Those who plan ahead, those traveling only one way, business travelers, vacationers, temporary workers, those with cars in repair and those who want a wide selection of vehicles and temporary workers.

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