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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Orbitz?
    • 4,464,628 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed Feb. 11, 2024

    Orbitz is not a reliable travel agency. I booked my latest flight (two weeks ago) with Orbitz. It is an international flight outside of USA. The flight schedule was changed to be 45 minutes earlier, but Orbitz never notified me about the new schedule, also Orbitz app still shows the old time. As a result, I missed the flight. Avoid Orbitz to book any flights!!!!!

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    Reviewed Feb. 8, 2024


    1. Their rates aren't any better than if you book directly with the airline.
    2. They will never refund you, but rather issue you a credit with them for the next booking. To activate that credit you will have to jump through hoops and if you are lucky they will abide by it.

    3. They never take any responsibility if anything goes wrong, such as if your flight was canceled by the airline, stating that they are "just the intermediary" and YOU should contact the airline directly.

    Buyer beware !!!

    Reviewed Feb. 2, 2024

    Messed up our lodging in Arizona- --- would not pay hotel.... because of their wrong input ---- Hotel manager had to contact Orbirz to straighten things out.... Uncalled for. Service by Orbitz was terrible.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Jan. 28, 2024

    I have been flying internationally for almost 30 years, and I have never seen such horrible customer service. I booked a flight, paid 2100 USD...Turkish Air changed their flight out of TOR, so my only other option was to leave much earlier from MSP to TOR, 10 hour layover in TOR. Fine, it happens...All I asked is that I get a seat upgrade. If I have to wait 10 hours in an airport, at least make it up to me. I spent over 8 HOURS on the phone with Orbitz supervisors, trying to sort this out....In the end, I just gave up and asked for my money back. Imagine my surprise when Orbitz told me there would be a $300 penalty for canceling my flight. I didn't cancel ANYTHING - I paid Orbitz $2100 for a flight they couldn't deliver. In the end, after 8 hours, they promised to return my $$$, eventually.

    Here's the hilarious part. They said as a "one-time courtesy" (like this is all my fault, booking thru them on a flight that they couldn't deliver on) they would refund everything, but part of the refund would take 3-5 WEEKS. Not days...WEEKS. Their front-line supervisors are about as worthless as ** on a boar. My 1st and LAST time I will ever use Orbitz.

    Customer ServiceCoveragePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Jan. 26, 2024

    I have purchased many flights and hotels through Orbitz over the years, but never again. I booked a flight for work in March of 2023 with travel insurance. A couple days prior to the trip a family member tested positive for COVID 19 and then myself a few days later. I called Orbitz right away to let them know and cancel my flight. They offered me a credit with each of the airlines stating I had a year to use it. I was fine with the flight credit and didn’t realize this was not the insurance. The credit didn’t show up in my account so I called and they stated it would take a few days. The credit never showed up.

    Today I went to book a flight and decided I better use the credit. I spent hours on the live chat trying to figure all this out. Finally after many hours they informed me that my flight credit had expired. Apparently it is 1 year from the booking date not travel or cancel date. They recommended I file a policy with the travel insurance agency. I asked for a phone number to contact customer service in case I had a problem (because chat takes way longer than it needs to) and they refused to give me a phone number. So I start the process of filing my claim and of course I need information that Orbitz never gave me so back to the chat I go to waste another hour of my time.

    Once I have gone through all of this, I find out that the travel insurance agency can deny coverage for any reason. So even though I had to cancel my trip due to illness, they do not have to reimburse me. Orbitz is a joke. They try to scare you into purchasing the travel insurance then you find out there are a lot of exclusions with the insurance. Had they just given a phone number so I could have figured it all out and got what I needed in 10-30 minutes rather than hours spent on chat I probably wouldn’t have been as upset. Goodbye Orbitz. Sincerely, a previously loyal customer.

    Customer ServiceOnline & App

    Reviewed Nov. 13, 2023

    I used to use Orbitz a lot in the early 2000s and they were good but my experience with using them in 2023 has been awful. I booked a flight through Orbitz and paid extra for an "extra comfort seat " which the airline refused to honor. I was on the phone with Orbitz for over an hour and it was resolved by them giving me about $130 in Orbucks. When I tried to book a hotel and applied the Orbucks, they didn't apply even though I ticked the check box to apply them. I was again on the phone with them for over an hour and they refused to help apply it. They said there was a problem with the website and I would have to cancel and rebook on the app for me to get my Orbucks. I have a flip phone and can not use the app. They also said I need to get a hotel where I pay in full but none of the hotels I wanted had that option and nowhere did it tell me that information prior to booking. I will never use them again. I have no idea what happened to this company.

    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed Oct. 31, 2023

    We traveled from Ca. to Tx and we booked a room thru Orbitz. The price was a listed, we booked it, the Hotel was Awesome. Orbitz charged us one amount, which was fine, when we checked out the price on the receipt was less. I call Orbitz customer service and ask why the difference. All I got was lip service. It would have been cheaper on our part to book directly with the Hotel not Orbitz. And he kept say Expedia not Orbitz. I told him I call the Orbitz Customer Service line not Expedia, he informed me that all the travel sites that people book thru is Expedia. The dollar amount of the bill was $15.00 difference. So lesson learned!!! Book thru the hotels directly...

    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed Oct. 30, 2023

    Went to book return flight for 232 dollars. They declined my card. I checked my back and they had instead charged me for 193 dollars. I called, they said they don’t know why I was charged. Won’t do anything about it. Told me to call bank. Bank said only orbitz can do anything about it. Orbitz had the worst customer service ever. It’s FRAUD if you charge someone’s card for an unagreed amount. The manager couldn’t care any less, said that the charge should fall off within 72 hours. If not, to call them back. Horrible horrible horrible customer service. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Oct. 24, 2023

    Horror! Left family in bad area of town, only to pick up my new car rental, booked through Orbitz.com and even included their collision warranty. Booked Dollar Rental through the Orbitz.com website. Arrived at the Dollar Rental car counter in Treasure Island Hotel. Dollar had no car reserved for me. They told me I can't trust Orbitz. I call Orbitz and they have nothing to say but cancel my reservation? DO NOT TRUST A RESERVATION YOU MADE ON ORBITZ.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Oct. 11, 2023

    I booked a family trip to DR in 2022. Unfortunately one of the member's passports got lost in the mail. Prior to the trip I contacted Orbitz to weigh my options. I was told I needed to contact the Resort in DR for a refund. I reached out multiple times and either there was no answer or no one spoke English. When I did finally reach someone they said, "No problem. If the person isn’t here upon arrival you can move forward with the refund then." In hindsight I should’ve fought for the refund but we were hoping for a miracle. The day of I called Orbitz again to confirm this family member was not going. They continued to push responsibility off on outside parties. Thankfully we were able to get in touch with Delta and they immediately granted a credit.

    When I arrived at Iberostar Costa Dorada they now stated I needed to contact Orbitz. (You see where this is going.) Long story short after returning home because of course the service was crappy out there…. I was now informed that due to the policy they were unable to grant a refund or credit of any sort because it was after the trip. Again, this is a credit for 1 person out 5. Obviously the room was used but the food, taxes, resort fees etc were not. Any amount would have been appreciated due to the unfortunate circumstances. Which would’ve ultimately led to us re-using this platform. Consider Orbitz the bootleg, hand me down, misfit, off brand, ghetto, version of Expedia. Not to mention customer service was snarky and dismissive. I definitely thought this would be my new go to. I’d strongly advise you don’t!

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed Oct. 10, 2023

    Rented a car through Orbitz and when I got to Florida to get the car I rented the place was closed before their closing time. Then the next day, all day every 2 hours I called the place called Easirent and they never answered. So I contacted Orbitz since I booked it with them to get a refund and No help. 1st and last time I will be using Orbitz.

    Verified purchase
    Online & App

    Reviewed Sept. 29, 2023

    Orbitz has cheated me out of $328.23. They have misrepresented their services by not making it clear when renting a car per their website function of Car Rental Only that a Flight would be needed otherwise they could steal your money without consideration of the customer's uncertainty of the rules and regulations provided, especially in the process of using their website that allows Car Rental Only selections.

    Customer ServiceContract & TermsSales & MarketingPrice

    Reviewed Sept. 10, 2023

    First thing, I had a credit due to a late cancellation. The flight was $329.67. I lost that money and was told I would have a credit with the airline. I Called Orbitz to book another flight, but wanted to upgrade to a different section. The cost of the new ticket was $443, I had a credit of 192, I was not thrilled but did not mind paying the $251 charge. They charged me a $99.00 penalty fee and stated that was Delta's policy because i wanted to upgrade. I called Delta and they denied that claim. They noted that the third party had the right to waive the fee or charge what they want. Orbitz charged me the $99, not Delta. I made the payment on August 29th and today I go to my bank and it is in the red.

    I am shocked, I go to investigate and it says Delta is charging me $350. I then realized it was not Delta, but Orbitz. Oritz deducted money from my account on August 29th, returned the payment then charged my account on Septmeber 9th without my approval. I found out today that they are the ones who wrecked my relationship with Citibank. Orbitz's business method is dangerous and there's a lot of lying and false information given. They are making up rules and blaming the actually suppliers. My relationship with Orbitz is over. Unless you are paying via Affirm or Klarna, buyer beware. i should also note that my hotel for this trip was booked via Orbitz but with Affirm Bank. There have not been any issues with the hotel portion of my trip because the payment arrangement is through two two parties. Orbitz cannot try to scam another third party.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Aug. 28, 2023

    Orbitz quotes a price, asks you to pre-pay everything, but the taxes, and tells you what you should be paying when you pick up the car in Texas. We rented a car from dollar Rent-A-Car through Orbitz. Orbitz charges upfront in order to get a lower rate. When we got to the register, the race date wanted to charge us was more than what Orbitz had quoted and what I had pre-paid, not only did I wait online for an hour and 20 minutes, on a hotline picking up a prepaid car from Dollar Rent-A-Car (never again), but the rate Dollar was charging me and the rate Orbitz quoted me were not the same. Called to complain to Orbitz. Their resolution was giving me $25 towards my next hotel stay. Unacceptable.

    Sales & MarketingPrice

    Reviewed Aug. 2, 2023

    I highly recommend not using Orbitz for any type of travel. They do the ole' bait and switch. My family purchased a trip and insurance to Florida only to have to change the city due to an emergency situation. Instead of them taking ownership and helping us. They referred us to the actual airline and the airline was charging full price, of course. Orbitz took no responsibility nor tried to help us. Even though we purchased the trip through them. I will never, ever and I do mean never use Orbitz AGAIN and recommend you (those reading this) or your family or friends not to use them either. Save your time and money, go somewhere else!!!


    Reviewed July 21, 2023

    I booked tickets through American Airlines through Orbitz. The Orbitz website showed all the details of my upcoming trip, I received a confirmation email from the airline the day of my trip. But when I got to the airport, they told me Orbitz had canceled my ticket and refunded my bank account without notifying me in any way. I had to rebook with the airline, my trip cost $600 extra, and I had to return on a separate flight from my husband. If I had booked directly with the airline, this couldn't have happened, so I will never use Orbitz again.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed July 17, 2023

    I've been an Orbitz customer for over 20 years. I've booked over 100 travel reservations through them. I recently booked a car reservation for approximately 26 days in advance. Orbitz recently started offering non-cancellable CAR reservations. In very poor form and in my belief what they've done intentionally, is they only call out the noncancelable reservations in most minimal way possible. The non-cancel reservations are also interspersed with the cancellable reservations. When I booked my reservation, Orbitz charged my CC. I IMMEDIATELY contacted customer service to cancel. They informed me they would not refund my money. I escalated the call. After 53 minutes and 2 escalations, they offered a 50% refund. I accepted the 50% refund, cancelled my orbitz account, called my CC company to dispute the charge. I will NEVER book with Orbitz again.

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPrice

    Reviewed July 5, 2023

    Don't book with Orbitz! Their prices are extremely higher than the hotels and their match guarantee is not even comparable to the hotels. I booked through Orbitz for July 7-9 Room 2 double beds and sofa bed at the Hyatt in Greensboro NC for 3. They charged me $345.92 nonrefundable. As a member of Hyatt, the rate for those same two days is $288.19 and refundable up until one day before check in. What is the purpose of using Orbitz. They don't offer any discounts or bonuses for their service. I truly believe they are a ripoff. Also customer service told me Hyatt was not a place they offer price match but the reason they refused to price match is because my reservation with them is nonrefundable and Hyatt offers a refund up until the day before you check in.

    Price Summary
    2 Night Stay
    Taxes & Fees


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    Total Cost Per Room*
    *Changes in taxes or fees will affect the total price.
    Cancellation Policy

    11:59pm Hotel Time 1 Day Before Arrival Or Pay 1 Night Fee/Credit Card Required

    Pricing and rewards
    Total price

    You earned $9.20 Orbucks

    The room/unit type and rate selected are non-refundable. Should you change or cancel this reservation for any reason, your payment will not be refunded.

    Customer ServiceStaffReliability

    Reviewed June 13, 2023

    Orbitz sold an airline booking but refused an name correction on the booking once we arrived at the American Airlines ticket agent. The Orbitz agent then started an argument with American Airlines agent, lying about the policy of American Airlines. Subsequent customer service calls showed no help from Orbitz about their own inability to understand airline policy... AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS. They cannot deliver reliable aircraft bookings.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed June 8, 2023

    Do not use Orbitz, they blatantly lied to me about my refund. I tried canceling a trip, but on several occasions making sure with the agent, “It was refundable, correct?” They assured me it was, then days later when I realized my money wasn’t back into my account, they used their shady fine print. I had used them for years, but after the rudeness, lack of transparency, and communication, I will never use them again.

    Customer ServiceSales & Marketing

    Reviewed June 2, 2023

    Booked a rental car for Mexico and pre-paid for the reservation. Upon arrival at airport, we had a very difficult time contacting rental car agency (10 calls over 45 minutes and they finally answered.) When we finally got through they had no record of our resv number or name. We had to go rent a car from Hertz and are out $300. When we contacted Orbitz for a refund they responded that they couldn’t reach the rental car company so they could only refund our insurance fee ‘as a courtesy’. What a scam! Orbitz has our money and just plans to keep it. Do Not Book with this site! It is a scam! I don’t understand why they haven’t been shut down.

    Reviewed May 29, 2023

    I booked a trip to Banff from Toronto through Orbitz for my family of 4. My return flight through flair airlines got changed and now I am flying into 1 airport in Toronto and having to fly return to Kitchener Airport. That means I can't park and fly and have to make arrangements to get to and from both airports which is a huge inconvenience. I called Orbitz and asked if they could get me on any other airline to get back to Toronto from Calgary so we didn't have to fly out of a different airport. I was told no, I would have to rebook and pay full amount and nothing else could be done. I stated this was my first time with Orbitz and could I get some sort of compensation for my troubles as this is a big inconvenience. I was told no, nothing could be done. I travel a lot and will NEVER be booking with Orbitz again. Beware, this company is a sham and does not care at all about its customers!

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed April 24, 2023

    We booked a package to Mexico including transportation from airport to hotel. MTS (the transportation company) messed up and dropped us off at the wrong hotel. We contacted right away Orbitz to clear it and have them transfer us to the right hotel. They started playing the game that they gave the right information to MTS while MTS said they were given the wrong information from Orbitz. While time was passing without any help from either of them we had to take a taxi for an additional $50. Orbitz said they started the refund request and after two days the refund was declined. That is really bad business practice I. Moreover the information they gave about the hotel are completely wrong…9 restaurants - 8 bar/lounge in reality there are 4 restaurants and 3 bars. This was definitely my last time traveling with them.

    Sales & Marketing

    Reviewed April 17, 2023

    Booked a package trip to Roatan through Orbitz. 4/5 thru 4/15. It was a moderate to low end hotel so our expectations were modest. Upon arrival we learned the reception desk is rarely staffed, and no one there upon afternoon arrival. There is no maid service or fresh towels/linens, TP or anything else you may need. We purchased towels and essentials from a store nearby. We saw one person at the desk twice over a 5 day period... Most days the office was locked and no one on the property.

    The pool, if you can call it that, is disgustingly dirty. Then on day one we had no water as the pump apparently broke, then day 4 sewage blew up thru the shower drain, day 5 no hot water, and finally a really large sewage spill, blowing under pressure everywhere in shower....and we were on the top floor. There was no one on the property to report this to. I contacted Orbitz to notify of situation. They said they would call the business. After much of the day, they too were unable to contact, so we left the property as it was unlivable.

    Later in the day Orbitz said they finally got ahold of someone, but by that time we had left to find another room somewhere. None of what we experienced was noted on the Orbitz posting. At best they don't do their due diligence vetting properties, at worst, they know of this poorly maintained and uninhabitable property and advertise it anyway to make a buck. We requested a at least a partial refund and were refused. Orbitz will not stand by the customer and would rather stand by their vendors, regardless of how deceitful they are. Buyer beware of Orbitz and their advertising. Ken ** Ex Orbitz customer.

    Verified purchase
    Customer Service

    Reviewed April 16, 2023

    I've been using a lot of booking websites, and I've never had such a bad experience as with Orbitz. What happened: I booked a car from their site, and the website needed to be refreshed, so I refreshed the page and went back to the car that I wanted and booked it however, what I didn't realize is that my start and end dates for the rental changed when the page refreshed.

    Why are they so bad: 1) First and foremost, their customer service/support is terrible and rude! When reaching about my issue, instead of feeling or at least saying that they feel sorry about your bad experience, they just say, "Thanks for chatting with us — take care and have a wonderful day." When I asked for a copy of the chat, they told me to take screenshots of it when I asked if they could do it, they simply ended the chat.

    2) When asked for a refund, they say that the car rental company doesn't offer a refund, but I see a charge from Orbitz and not from the rental company, and they don't want to give me a full refund even though it was an error from their site since it changed the dates on a refresh. They're blaming it on the car rental company, but I see a charge from them!! Every professional company will offer you a full refund for an error that occurred on their end, EXCEPT Orbitz.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed April 9, 2023

    This review is in reference to Orbitz Itinerary Number **, round trip flight from Cleveland to Philadelphia starting on 5/23/22. Since my flight was delayed and, had I taken the flight, I would have missed my job interview, I called Orbitz up to see what my options were. The representative on the phone told me not to worry because I purchased Travel Insurance and was thus fully covered. He then said he would cancel my flight and, all I had to do was to contact the Travel Insurance company and give them my itinerary number.

    Fast forward a couple weeks, I find out that my trip was not refundable since the reason for my cancellation was not covered. Since this was never mentioned by the Orbitz rep I contacted Orbitz. They said they would do an investigation. I recall several other phone conversations after this and the last one where the rep stated it sounded like a mistake was made by the Orbitz rep, they'd review the conversation, and likely would be able to give me a refund.

    Over a month passed and I hadn't heard anything. So, I called in to check on the status. The rep said that my request for a refund was denied because there was no evidence the Orbitz rep did anything wrong. Annoyed, I inquired further, and the rep just said he had no other information except what he just read to me. While American Airlines did give me a flight credit I could use within a year, this caused me a great deal of inconvenience because I was forced to make a trip and, while my mom and I did plan a trip to Vegas, in order to use up the credit in time I had to make a separate booking for myself through Orbitz and then book my mom separately so she could use up her credit card miles.

    To recap, my anger at Orbitz is because the rep clearly told me I was covered, never mentioned anything about reasons that were covered or not covered, cancelled my flight, and confidently stated I'd get my refund. So how did the rep not do anything wrong, and why did they never get back to me. Lastly, while working with Orbitz on my flight back, the rep said a later return flight was available at a price lower by over $100. He said he'd call me back the next day, once I could confirm my mom's booking (through her credit card company) could also be changed. He NEVER called me back.

    So that's it. I'm officially done with Orbitz. What's funny is that most of my reviews are positive and I've littered my Yelp account with positive reviews, because I like to give credit where credit is due. This was an extremely negative experience for me because I feel misled and betrayed by Orbitz. So, and not to beat a dead horse, or in this case dead travel booking company, not only am I done with Orbitz, but I'll be sure to spread my enthusiasm through word of mouth.

    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed April 1, 2023

    I was just trying to use a covid flight credit. I booked a flight a year or so later toward the end of covid, but had extreme difficulties confirming the booking. After a lack of success, I booked the flight with another airline and cancelled the flight with Orbitz. However, the agent did not void the ticket and the ticket validity expired. I only found this out after about 12 hours of phone time in the following year (2023). When they offered substitute tickets on Messenger via Facebook, the prices were consistently triple the regular on-line price. The justifications for this were completely vacuous. Never again. From now on, I'm booking directly with the airline and getting much better customer service.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed March 22, 2023

    Very bad experience. I called on 3/21/23 regarding my credit for plane tickets. They hold me on the line for 45 minutes and after that they told me that there is some "error" in the system so call back in 2 days. I immediately called back. Another person picked up the phone, was more helpful but keep me on the phone for 2 and a half hours, so I bought my tickets. The representative took my credit card info but she forgot to ask security code. The next morning, I received an email to call them back because "payment is not going through". I called them back and another person had no clue what is going on. Put me on hold for 20 minutes stating that he is "investigating". I asked him to transfer me to his manager and he hung up the phone. I called back another person picked up the phone and the same process repeated. I just decided to buy my tickets on my own. Terrible

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 17, 2023

    I didn't come to this site prior to my recent experience with Orbitz and now see that if I had I could have saved myself trouble and expense. No question the company is not what it used to be - I have used them for many years without issues. But I have now learned the hard way that airlines do not allow Orbitz access to sell all open seats on any given flight, but only some limited portion of them. Of course Orbitz will not tell you this and from my experience not all of their customer service people are even aware of it.

    I booked a round-trip ticket for my 18 yo son that included a very tight connection to a second leg on the way home - too tight to assure he wouldn't be stranded since no other later flights home that day (30 minute layover). A few days later, after looking at the on-time history of the flight in question, I decided I needed to change the time of the return flight first leg. No problem, there was an earlier flight that would work perfectly. However I got error messages when trying to make the change on the Orbitz website. A very lengthy and frustrating customer service experience included being assured that the airline was showing in error a flight that did not actually exist - the earlier flight I wanted was an unfortunate phantom listing and not actually bookable. So I went to the airline website and found the flight to be both real and bookable.

    When I told Orbitz this they said I was wrong and that they wouldn't believe it unless I could actually show them a completed booking. So I did that - I booked the flight I needed directly from the airline and showed that to Orbitz. Now a manager takes over the call and explains that Orbitz is not granted access to all seats on airplanes these days (btw, the seating chart on airline website showed many available seats so Orbitz access must be quite limited) and that was the problem. They refused to credit me the paltry $178.90 for my extra expense getting a seat they couldn't sell me but that I very much needed and was available at the airline. Moral of the story is to just use the airline websites directly. Only there will you have access to all available seats on all flights that you need. Orbitz will not tell you this until you've run their painful customer service gauntlet, but it is very much the case.

    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 15, 2023

    Book a flight to Australia with layover in Vancouver BC and Auckland New Zealand. After booking flight and preparing for travel including passport and Australian visa at check in counter after checking in online I was told that I would need a New Zealand visa for the layover. Clearly at this time it was too late to get visa. Then attempted to rebook via Orbitz customer service as Air Canada would not help at all since flight was booked through Orbitz. Was on phone with Orbitz for 3 1/2 hours trying to get rebooking but air Canada couldn’t seem to be able to release flight I was checked into. Finally status was updated and Orbitz would rebook me for 3 times the price of ticket leaving 3 days later. 12 hours later I cancelled new flight as I could not get any refund for flight. Again 3 hours on phone with Orbitz representative who could not communicate why the new reservation in under 24 hours could not be cancelled with full refund.

    A second agent finally was able to explain that the new reservation was attached to old reservation causing both reservations to not be cancelled as it would be considered longer than 24 hours. I will never book with Orbitz again and continue to plead my case as there was never any information regarding visa for airport layover and then the huge debacle following. This all cost me well over $3000 dollars. INSANE and no accountability!

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