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Verified purchase

Reviewed April 24, 2023

We booked a package to Mexico including transportation from airport to hotel. MTS (the transportation company) messed up and dropped us off at the wrong hotel. We contacted right away Orbitz to clear it and have them transfer us to the right hotel. They started playing the game that they gave the right information to MTS while MTS said they were given the wrong information from Orbitz. While time was passing without any help from either of them we had to take a taxi for an additional $50. Orbitz said they started the refund request and after two days the refund was declined. That is really bad business practice I. Moreover the information they gave about the hotel are completely wrong…9 restaurants - 8 bar/lounge in reality there are 4 restaurants and 3 bars. This was definitely my last time traveling with them.

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Reviewed April 17, 2023

Booked a package trip to Roatan through Orbitz. 4/5 thru 4/15. It was a moderate to low end hotel so our expectations were modest. Upon arrival we learned the reception desk is rarely staffed, and no one there upon afternoon arrival. There is no maid service or fresh towels/linens, TP or anything else you may need. We purchased towels and essentials from a store nearby. We saw one person at the desk twice over a 5 day period... Most days the office was locked and no one on the property.

The pool, if you can call it that, is disgustingly dirty. Then on day one we had no water as the pump apparently broke, then day 4 sewage blew up thru the shower drain, day 5 no hot water, and finally a really large sewage spill, blowing under pressure everywhere in shower....and we were on the top floor. There was no one on the property to report this to. I contacted Orbitz to notify of situation. They said they would call the business. After much of the day, they too were unable to contact, so we left the property as it was unlivable.

Later in the day Orbitz said they finally got ahold of someone, but by that time we had left to find another room somewhere. None of what we experienced was noted on the Orbitz posting. At best they don't do their due diligence vetting properties, at worst, they know of this poorly maintained and uninhabitable property and advertise it anyway to make a buck. We requested a at least a partial refund and were refused. Orbitz will not stand by the customer and would rather stand by their vendors, regardless of how deceitful they are. Buyer beware of Orbitz and their advertising. Ken ** Ex Orbitz customer.

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Reviewed April 16, 2023

I've been using a lot of booking websites, and I've never had such a bad experience as with Orbitz. What happened: I booked a car from their site, and the website needed to be refreshed, so I refreshed the page and went back to the car that I wanted and booked it however, what I didn't realize is that my start and end dates for the rental changed when the page refreshed.

Why are they so bad: 1) First and foremost, their customer service/support is terrible and rude! When reaching about my issue, instead of feeling or at least saying that they feel sorry about your bad experience, they just say, "Thanks for chatting with us — take care and have a wonderful day." When I asked for a copy of the chat, they told me to take screenshots of it when I asked if they could do it, they simply ended the chat.

2) When asked for a refund, they say that the car rental company doesn't offer a refund, but I see a charge from Orbitz and not from the rental company, and they don't want to give me a full refund even though it was an error from their site since it changed the dates on a refresh. They're blaming it on the car rental company, but I see a charge from them!! Every professional company will offer you a full refund for an error that occurred on their end, EXCEPT Orbitz.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed April 9, 2023

This review is in reference to Orbitz Itinerary Number **, round trip flight from Cleveland to Philadelphia starting on 5/23/22. Since my flight was delayed and, had I taken the flight, I would have missed my job interview, I called Orbitz up to see what my options were. The representative on the phone told me not to worry because I purchased Travel Insurance and was thus fully covered. He then said he would cancel my flight and, all I had to do was to contact the Travel Insurance company and give them my itinerary number.

Fast forward a couple weeks, I find out that my trip was not refundable since the reason for my cancellation was not covered. Since this was never mentioned by the Orbitz rep I contacted Orbitz. They said they would do an investigation. I recall several other phone conversations after this and the last one where the rep stated it sounded like a mistake was made by the Orbitz rep, they'd review the conversation, and likely would be able to give me a refund.

Over a month passed and I hadn't heard anything. So, I called in to check on the status. The rep said that my request for a refund was denied because there was no evidence the Orbitz rep did anything wrong. Annoyed, I inquired further, and the rep just said he had no other information except what he just read to me. While American Airlines did give me a flight credit I could use within a year, this caused me a great deal of inconvenience because I was forced to make a trip and, while my mom and I did plan a trip to Vegas, in order to use up the credit in time I had to make a separate booking for myself through Orbitz and then book my mom separately so she could use up her credit card miles.

To recap, my anger at Orbitz is because the rep clearly told me I was covered, never mentioned anything about reasons that were covered or not covered, cancelled my flight, and confidently stated I'd get my refund. So how did the rep not do anything wrong, and why did they never get back to me. Lastly, while working with Orbitz on my flight back, the rep said a later return flight was available at a price lower by over $100. He said he'd call me back the next day, once I could confirm my mom's booking (through her credit card company) could also be changed. He NEVER called me back.

So that's it. I'm officially done with Orbitz. What's funny is that most of my reviews are positive and I've littered my Yelp account with positive reviews, because I like to give credit where credit is due. This was an extremely negative experience for me because I feel misled and betrayed by Orbitz. So, and not to beat a dead horse, or in this case dead travel booking company, not only am I done with Orbitz, but I'll be sure to spread my enthusiasm through word of mouth.

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Reviewed April 1, 2023

I was just trying to use a covid flight credit. I booked a flight a year or so later toward the end of covid, but had extreme difficulties confirming the booking. After a lack of success, I booked the flight with another airline and cancelled the flight with Orbitz. However, the agent did not void the ticket and the ticket validity expired. I only found this out after about 12 hours of phone time in the following year (2023). When they offered substitute tickets on Messenger via Facebook, the prices were consistently triple the regular on-line price. The justifications for this were completely vacuous. Never again. From now on, I'm booking directly with the airline and getting much better customer service.

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Reviewed March 22, 2023

Very bad experience. I called on 3/21/23 regarding my credit for plane tickets. They hold me on the line for 45 minutes and after that they told me that there is some "error" in the system so call back in 2 days. I immediately called back. Another person picked up the phone, was more helpful but keep me on the phone for 2 and a half hours, so I bought my tickets. The representative took my credit card info but she forgot to ask security code. The next morning, I received an email to call them back because "payment is not going through". I called them back and another person had no clue what is going on. Put me on hold for 20 minutes stating that he is "investigating". I asked him to transfer me to his manager and he hung up the phone. I called back another person picked up the phone and the same process repeated. I just decided to buy my tickets on my own. Terrible

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Reviewed Feb. 17, 2023

I didn't come to this site prior to my recent experience with Orbitz and now see that if I had I could have saved myself trouble and expense. No question the company is not what it used to be - I have used them for many years without issues. But I have now learned the hard way that airlines do not allow Orbitz access to sell all open seats on any given flight, but only some limited portion of them. Of course Orbitz will not tell you this and from my experience not all of their customer service people are even aware of it.

I booked a round-trip ticket for my 18 yo son that included a very tight connection to a second leg on the way home - too tight to assure he wouldn't be stranded since no other later flights home that day (30 minute layover). A few days later, after looking at the on-time history of the flight in question, I decided I needed to change the time of the return flight first leg. No problem, there was an earlier flight that would work perfectly. However I got error messages when trying to make the change on the Orbitz website. A very lengthy and frustrating customer service experience included being assured that the airline was showing in error a flight that did not actually exist - the earlier flight I wanted was an unfortunate phantom listing and not actually bookable. So I went to the airline website and found the flight to be both real and bookable.

When I told Orbitz this they said I was wrong and that they wouldn't believe it unless I could actually show them a completed booking. So I did that - I booked the flight I needed directly from the airline and showed that to Orbitz. Now a manager takes over the call and explains that Orbitz is not granted access to all seats on airplanes these days (btw, the seating chart on airline website showed many available seats so Orbitz access must be quite limited) and that was the problem. They refused to credit me the paltry $178.90 for my extra expense getting a seat they couldn't sell me but that I very much needed and was available at the airline. Moral of the story is to just use the airline websites directly. Only there will you have access to all available seats on all flights that you need. Orbitz will not tell you this until you've run their painful customer service gauntlet, but it is very much the case.

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Reviewed Feb. 15, 2023

Book a flight to Australia with layover in Vancouver BC and Auckland New Zealand. After booking flight and preparing for travel including passport and Australian visa at check in counter after checking in online I was told that I would need a New Zealand visa for the layover. Clearly at this time it was too late to get visa. Then attempted to rebook via Orbitz customer service as Air Canada would not help at all since flight was booked through Orbitz. Was on phone with Orbitz for 3 1/2 hours trying to get rebooking but air Canada couldn’t seem to be able to release flight I was checked into. Finally status was updated and Orbitz would rebook me for 3 times the price of ticket leaving 3 days later. 12 hours later I cancelled new flight as I could not get any refund for flight. Again 3 hours on phone with Orbitz representative who could not communicate why the new reservation in under 24 hours could not be cancelled with full refund.

A second agent finally was able to explain that the new reservation was attached to old reservation causing both reservations to not be cancelled as it would be considered longer than 24 hours. I will never book with Orbitz again and continue to plead my case as there was never any information regarding visa for airport layover and then the huge debacle following. This all cost me well over $3000 dollars. INSANE and no accountability!

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Jan. 31, 2023

SO UPSET AND DISAPPOINTED WITH ORBITZ... We booked a package for our daughter's upcoming honeymoon; the package included airfare and hotel stay in Greece for November of this year. The next day we received an email from the hotel (not Orbitz) that there was a system error and that they are closed for the season and cannot accommodate us. When we contacted Orbitz (not them contacting us), we were told that WE could cancel the hotel reservation and try to find another place to stay or get a refund for the hotel only; WE could cancel the flights and get a partial credit (less cancellation fees) to use at a later date.

Considering this situation was due to a system error and absolutely no fault of our own, why are we not entitled to a FULL refund? (1) We don't want our kids to stay at any of the other hotels available during that time period; this is a special occasion. (2) We would never have booked the flight if the hotel didn't show as available on Orbitz's site. (3) We shouldn't have to lose any money for this trip, flight cancellation fees or otherwise.

Orbitz solution is to cancel the flight, then file a claim with the insurance. Again, this makes us responsible for a situation that falls on Orbitz, not us. The insurance was purchased by us in case of possible changes due to US having to change plans, not due to system errors. Again this solution causes us to lose money: definitely the cost of the insurance (which should also be a part of the FULL refund) and the flight costs if the claim is denied (which is likely since this scenario does not fall beneath the list of covered items in the policy).

This whole situation has completely turned me off from Orbitz. Obviously, taking ownership of errors on their site and taking care of their customers is not at the top of their list of priorities! To make it even worse...Even though the hotel has stated to both us and to Orbitz that they are closed during our selected dates, Orbitz has left the burden to cancel the stay on us. We've heard nothing from them except when we reached out to them!

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Jan. 15, 2023

I have been a client of Orbitz for at least eight years. I used to love it! It has changed. You pick specific dates for a ticket and it offers a great price, but be very careful, the dates may be different for that fare, and if you don't double check, you may lose your money. I have noticed also that they offer great prices in their calendar, but when you click on the offer, the price triples. It is as if their new automated algorithm has been designed to offer what you are not asking for, for less, but creating frustration and loses for its customers. I will never use this company again. I will buy directly from the airlines.

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Reviewed Jan. 15, 2023

I rented a car, took the insurance through Orbitz, which uses a third party, Generali Global Assistance & Insurance Services. I extended the rental another day. But was unable to extend the insurance. Neither Orbitz or Generali Global Assistance & Insurance Services could or would, extend the insurance. Orbitz told me to talk to Generali Global Assistance & Insurance Services, then Generali Global Assistance & Insurance Services told me to talk to Orbitz. Over an hour of my time to get nowhere. Whatever money I saved going through Orbitz was just lost. So I ask myself, why bother using Orbitz if in the end, I spend just as much if not more than I would have going directly to the rental company. I cannot be the first person to extend a rental, yet they do not have a way to handle this.

Other than make another reservation for a car I already have. What if I had a flight that got delayed, would I just be screwed? Insurance starts and expires with no way to alter the original booking. Luckily, I have full coverage insurance that will cover me in a rental. Lesson learned, don't use Generali Global Assistance & Insurance Services or Orbitz. This should have been simple. Orbitz may be a reseller for Generali Global Assistance & Insurance Services. But if/when there is a problem, they are not able to help. If I order from Amazon do I contact the seller directly? No, I contact Amazon the company I bought through. To me, it would make sense to do the same thing here. Sadly, Orbitz was useless in the case.

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Reviewed Jan. 8, 2023

In short, if you buy multi-airline tickets through Orbitz, you may end up paying double the original price and not get results through the refund process. Don't use Orbitz. I had an issue on a 3 leg holiday flight I ordered through Orbitz. The first two legs were through airline X and the last airline Y. Long story short, I asked for a rebooking to avoid layovers affected by Winter Storm Elliott. I paid a rebooking fee and got a confirmation email. This involved moving leg 1 from airline X --> Y. My wife also did this on a separate ticket, and hers went OK. However, when I tried to check in, airline Y said they had no ticket order. The desk staff at airline X said the cross-airline rebook was impossible and wouldn't help me. They wouldn't look at my confirmation email or listen that my wife had made the same rebooking, so it clearly was possible. So I was forced to buy another ticket, at a premium, on airline Y.

Several days later I'm checking into my third leg flight, for which I'd requested no changes and received no change notices, but airline Y says my ticket had been canceled by airline X. Again I have to buy an extra ticket. I called Orbitz and asked them to file a reimbursement claim for me to airline X. Airline X gives me a cursory rejection on any reimbursement. Orbitz won't do any further follow-up, and wouldn't even complete a return call (they did try my cell twice while I was out of mobile range, and then stopped trying). While I mostly blame airline X for this mess, Orbitz was little help, and the sharing of my third leg info needlessly between airlines enabled this extended error.

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Reviewed Jan. 3, 2023

I absolutely HATE Orbitz. I purchased flight tickets, but cancelled them for a refund. The website stated the incorrect date, causing me to miss the actual expiration date. When they fixed the problem, they still didn't let me book new flights with the refund eCredit. I followed all the guidelines. Customer service takes forever to do minor tasks. Please, please do not support Orbitz unless you enjoy wasting your time.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Jan. 2, 2023

Updated on 01/03/2022: I only got a email from Orbitz to inform about the fly change 12 hours after happened at 11.22 pm on December 25/2022. I need to know how to get a refund please LMK **. Thank You!

Original: On December 25, 2022 my family and I went to the Islip airport NY, once we arrived there I was informed that my flight had already left at around 11am but the booking said it would leave at around 3pm. I was left with no other option than to drive 20 hours, without stops, to catch a cruise in Miami. I couldn’t discuss this issue with Frontier airlines because they just switched to online service only. No representatives were available. During the trip I asked my son to try to get the refund from my trip on the Frontier website. However by mistake he canceled the trip back from Miami to Islip. I paid over $2,500 for the round trip and I had to change my work schedule and my children’s schedules as well. I’m still driving back to New York. Every time I try to call Orbitz I can’t get anyone to talk with. Frontier airlines explained to me that it’s Orbitz responsibility to inform me about the flight time changes. I didn’t get any email to inform me about this.

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Reviewed Dec. 22, 2022

I was suppose to travel to South America and two of my family members came out positive for Covid. I called Orbitz three hours before my departure to tell them about the situation and they were willing to provide me the credit to travel on another day but they never told me that I was going to have to pay a penalty of $300 for each passenger when using the credit. I called back to request the other option of receiving a 30% of the total cost and they tell me that I cancelled with them two hours after the departure of my flight so I do not qualify for a cash refund. They are blatantly lying to me and the worst is that they put the blame on the airline, but then I call the airline and they on the other hand puts the blame on the travel agency, this game of hot potato puts un, the customer, in a limbo that all it gives us is a bad experience and no help at all. I recommend to purchase tickets directly from an airline to avoid all this.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Dec. 20, 2022

3 Couples booked travel from Montreal and Toronto to Tortola in the British Virgin Isles. As normal the flights from San Juan to Tortola were cancelled. The Airline Inter Caribbean said since we booked with Orbitz we needed to contact them to fix the problem. We made other arrangements at our expense to get to Tortola and then spent 2 weeks Calling Orbitz everyday to confirm return tickets. Orbitz said, "Talk to airline directly. Sorry we can't do anything," Airline said our booking was with Orbitz. Lesson learned "Always book with Airline directly." So not use Orbitz or any other Internet travel company. If you do it's at your own risk. I have travelled over 3 Million miles in my career, very few issues if ever with AirLines direct.

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Reviewed Dec. 6, 2022

For the second time in 2 days Orbitz pre-authorized almost $1000 to my account without confirming my booking. When I reached out to customer service the 1st time I was told that I should have consulted the airline to make sure there was adequate searing for my 2 person booking. I was told the only way to guarantee the rate was to re-book while I waited 7-10 days on the refund. I was denied access to a supervisor or a corporate email address. Like a fool I rebooked (as I had never encountered this problem with Orbitz before) and the same exact thing happened. I did save screenshots of all correspondence and filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

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Reviewed Dec. 1, 2022

I booked a round trip ticket about three months in advance and found out about a month before the trip that I needed to change my departure date. After calling the airline and the Orbitz customer service, I was informed it was impossible to change the booking. Since it was my mistake I informed the airline and Orbitz reps that I would be booking an earlier one-way flight to my destination and use the flight from my round-trip booking which I was assured would be fine. Instead of being fine, I was informed when attempting to check-in for my return flight that my seat had been forfeit. Since the booking was through Orbitz, I was informed Orbitz had resold my seat without informing me despite being assured I'd have a seat on the plane. When I talked with an Orbitz customer rep afterward, they insisted that I had never called beforehand and blamed me for the problem instead of trying to do anything to fix the problem or reimburse me for anything.

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Reviewed Nov. 12, 2022

I reserve the room at 300 tenth SC. We drove 5hrs to a room that had blood in the sheet and headboard, several hair on the pillow and 5 mini liquor bottles in the mini-fridge. There was also ** from the time we got out the car into our room. I immediately contact Orbitz to cancel. Because payment was set at Orbitz to pay at hotel. Everything was canceled, we went somewhere else. Orbitz said they tried to contact them for a few days, 5 days later they said the refund was denied because of a bogus service fee that’s the same price as what I booked! Orbitz told me I made the purchase with the other hotel and not them so, "we can’t help you." Now I’m hoping my bank can help me otherwise I’m screwed.

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Reviewed Nov. 1, 2022

I searched for car rental and hotel in Halifax Nova Scotia. Orbitz came up with Budget car rental $530.42 and collision protection $77.00, on Sept. 27, 2022. Hotel Halifax also came up with a rate $146.96. Having searched on Google. CA, the currency was taken as Canadian Dollars, there was no indication anywhere that it would not be C$, as I searched in Canada, for Canadian companies and Canadian location. On arrival at HFX airport Budget counter I was presented with a bill in US$728.58 (and the collision coverage of C$109.01). The Hotel Halifax bill was presented as C$208.51. THIS WAS FRAUDULENT to charge US dollars as all the bookings were for Canada in C$. Orbitz (owned by Expedia) is defrauding Canadians. DO NOT EVER BOOK ANYTHING FOR CANADA WITH THEM OR EXPEDIA!!!!

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Reviewed Oct. 24, 2022

I pre-paid for a flight via ORBITZ. Although I was charged $245.65, when I showed up at PHL airport, I was not listed as a passenger on the flight. Despite calling customer service several times, I was advised at the airport to purchase a flight directly through Frontier. To add insult to injury & cover up Orbit’s error, the airport counter agent advised of the notes in the system stating “Pax agreed to cancel”. I NEVER spoke with any representative nor requested a cancellation. Because I wanted to return home & get to an outcome, I eventually purchased another ticket via the airline. Thank God that I was able to purchase another ticket. What if this happened to a passenger without the immediate finances? I DO NOT RECOMMEND ORBITZ. BOOK DIRECTLY THROUGH THE AIRLINE. SAVE YOURSELF THE HASSLE.

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Reviewed Oct. 11, 2022

I pre-paid a car rental through ORBITZ, but when I showed up to get my rental there were no more cars! They told me to leave and get an Uber! I am out nearly $500 and Orbitz claims no responsibility. Neither does the car rental agency. Orbitz does not stand behind their customers or the companies they work with. I am a long time Orbitz customer but will NEVER book through Orbitz again!!!!

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Oct. 9, 2022

On 5 March 2021, I rebooked two flights through Orbitz for a Total of $1.050,40 USD. On 18 September, TAP Portugal changed my flights and via email, Orbitz offered to change or cancel with full refund. I requested a refund and have continued to request a refund numerous times over the course of the last year. Several times via email, I was assured that it my refund was in work, but eventually Orbitz stopped responding. In addition, while initially booking this flight, the agent that booked me confirmed that my credit of $870.20 for a previously cancelled flight would be applied to this purchase. However, when I checked my bank account the credit had not been applied and I was charged the full amount again. The credit was issued on 24 August 2020 due to a cancelled flight, which Orbitz would only reimburse by credit. I’ve spent hours on email/phone trying to resolve this matter and all this documented in email correspondence with Orbitz.

On 13 Sept 21, I was notified by Orbitz in writing that my flight was changed/no longer available and that cancellation with full refund is available. On 14 Sept 21, I requested cancellation and full refund of this reservation. On 16 Sept 21, I inquired to status of my cancellation and full refund. (Information below) On 18 Sept 21, I was notified by Orbitz that the cancellation and full refund was being worked with TAP. 24 Sept 21, I received more information about my flight as if it had not been cancelled, so I had to call an Orbitz agent and on the phone for over 45 mins to “recancel” my flights. The agent was unsuccessful at cancelling my booking and issuing my refund because “the option is not available in the system”. This agent said they were required to call TAP (the airline) to resolve.

Subsequently, there was email correspondence between myself and Orbitz that they were working my refund - until all correspondence from Orbitz stopped. This reservation is in fact a 2021 rebooking of a previous flight that was supposed to be mostly paid by a credit through Orbitz for a trip cancelled by TAP due to COVID in 2020. However, after the rebooking with an Orbitz agent using my credit, my bank account was actually charged in full by TAP without using the credit. I lost my entire credit and am now struggling to get money back from two separate and cancelled bookings. What was the point of going through a third party? I expect Orbitz to fully reimburse me for the total amount of $1920.60. Booking ID: **. Refund Email Correspondence: **.

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Reviewed Sept. 1, 2022

A disgraceful company with very shady business practices. Rented a car through Orbitz and paid $270. Picked up the car and they added in other insurances that more than doubled the cost. When I spotted it, I reached out and asked that they be removed (I was happy to pay for them to that point as I hadn't spotted them earlier). They mislead me on how to rectify it and accept no responsibility. Beware these charlatans!

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Customer Service

Reviewed Aug. 15, 2022

I booked my flight through Orbitz for 1st April 2021. The airline canceled the flight due to COVID and I received the email to either get flight credit or full refund. I opted for full refund but never received it. I have been contacting Orbitz since April 2021, but haven't received my refund till now (Aug 2022). Also, every time I call customer service, I had to explain the whole situation again and again. They promise me to provide the resolution in next 72 hours, but I never received any email or call about the resolution.

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PricePunctuality & Speed

Reviewed Aug. 12, 2022

I booked a 5 day stay at the Island House for the first week of August. While there were no issues during my stay I would like to make future guests aware of dishonest business practices. I booked my stay through Orbitz (owned by Expedia) and paid extra for free booking cancellation/modification. For personal reasons I needed to amend my booking to arrive a day later than originally planned. I called Orbitz within the free cancellation period and was given confirmation by the customer service agent that my booking would be amended with no fees. Upon arriving at Island House on the new arrival date, I was subsequently made aware by management that my cancellation request was denied and I would be charged for the night that I was not there. I was not given a valid reason why the amendment was not made, despite Orbitz confirming it had been.

Whether the blame is to be held with Orbitz or Island House is of no significance. To be charged nearly C$1000 for a night that I was not at the hotel, and having made the amendment within the free cancellation period and accordance with their policy, is not only entirely unjust but is an instance of two companies acting dishonest. This not what I would expect from businesses that each 'score competency is guest experience. I would not recommend using Orbitz or Island House to future guests.

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Customer ServiceSales & MarketingOnline & AppStaff

Reviewed Aug. 6, 2022

The Orbitz website does not indicate ANYWHERE that their prices are in USD. Not on the main website. Not on the booking page. Not on the receipt. I am in Canada. I booked a hotel stay in Canada. It was not until I read my bank statement that I saw I was charged the exchange rate. When I contacted Orbitz for a refund The customer service rep tried to explain to me the prices are in USD and my bank is in CAD. I repeatedly told them I see that now but nowhere on their site does it say this. For 30 minutes this went back and forth. Until the customer service rep tried to tell me a dollar sign ($) means USD. I explained the dollar sign is used in Canada too!! (Actually over 20 countries use it.) The rep repeatedly told me a dollar sign ($) means USD. I repeatedly told him that was absurd. I've never seen or heard of a site with that system. I told him I need a refund and your site needs to be updated. Borderline false advertising.

After repeated requests for a refund and told several times it was non-refundable he finally suggested canceling my booking and "requesting" a refund from the hotel. So my hotel is canceled and he says the hotel might still deny the refund. Extremely disappointed. There was no fine print I missed. Myself and others read and re-read every booking step. His excuse of a dollar sign equalling USD blew my mind. $80CAD MORE for a 2 star hotel than if I had used ANY other travel site.

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Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

Reviewed Aug. 1, 2022

Orbitz is full of crooks. It’s close to impossible to qualify for a refund and then when I did, they came up with ridiculous excuses on why they weren’t going to give it to me. My flight was canceled. I was on the phone with an incompetent agent for over 3 hours and at the end all she could come up with was I would be refunded. Then, after 2 months, I received an email that they couldn’t refund my flight due to not having the flight information anymore! Because it was canceled!!!! Once you book, even if you pay extra for insurance on your reservation, they will take your money and give you no other options for changes or cancellations. Do not use Orbitz for anything! The company should be in jail for stealing money!

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Customer ServicePrice

Reviewed June 29, 2022

Rented a car with sixth rental car with Orbitz. At arrival price doubled and orbitz refused to help. I never heard back from orbitz. Their suggestions was to cancel the car and would left me stranded in a foreign country with no transportations. Terrible customer service and they don’t care. Stay away from orbitz.

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Reviewed June 13, 2022

We purchased a hotel room and we paid for insurance in case we need to cancel it! We called back to cancel it 2 hours after booking and it's been 2 months 5 days to check in and although we already have an open claim with the insurance and the insurance said we can get our money from Orbitz a month ago but Orbitz has been super ignorant! Last time I called customer service told me everything was resolved and we will get our refund in 3-5 days(10 days ago) and right now I'm on the phone and the customer service says it's not refundable! We should have booked with another company! Orbitz is not honest at all! We've been going through so much stress right before our vacation because Orbitz doesn't do its job!!!

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