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This is the worst car rental company that exists. They have a terrible, fine-printed cancellation policy, extravagant change fees, and terrible customer service. If you have travel plans and want a little bit of flexibility, choose any other car rental company. I made a reservation via Kayak and was not notified at any point that there would be a cancellation fee. At the last minute, I needed to change my pick-up location and day due to unforeseen circumstances. I simply wanted to change the reservation but could not, so I canceled it. After I hit the "cancel" button, Hertz notified me that I should read the fine print regarding the cancellation policy. At no point before I canceled the order did they notify me that there would be a cancellation fee.

After reading the very fine print, I immediately called customer service and attempted to re-instate my order, which they refused to do, even though this had happened literally two minutes before. They said no matter what, I would be charged $100 for the cancellation! I then attempted to make a new order based on the old one, which was the only option at that point and had to pay $50 more for a car that I was renting in a lower-demand location for TWO less days. Online, every other car rental company was quoting me at least half of that price. Due to the ridiculous policies, unfair fine print, and high-quality service of competing companies, I will never rent from this company again and recommend everyone else do the same.

My first mistake was waiting until the week before my travels to make a car rental. I hopped online and searched for cheapest price, found two sites that offered pretty good deals. I made one reservation that didn't require pre-payment and then another one I found later required prepayment so I paid for that one because it was cheaper. The day I picked up my car, I went to the Hertz office and firstly had to wait WAY TOO LONG and when I was serviced the guy said he saw two different reservations and asked which one I wanted to go with. I told him the one that was prepaid and cheaper. I signed my stuff pretty fast (I was in there for over an hour and just wanted to get on with it) and left, enjoyed my week then returned with the car. I made sure to get there as soon as the office opened just to avoid the wait, but others had the same idea so again, I wasted an hour waiting to be serviced.

When I got to the desk, they told me the bill. I said "what? I prepaid online?" They said, "well that's not the confirmation that we have, and in order for you to get out of here, we'll need you to pay in full this bill." I was pressed for time and already dying to get out of there. They said "I can't do anything from here to fix another confirmation number reservation so just pay this bill and then call for your refund". I know it sounded ridiculous and against my better judgment, I went ahead and paid just to get out of there.

I called the customer service number they gave me, told me what happened. They promised to refund me for the unused but paid reservation. It's been three weeks and nothing. I called again a week ago. They were like "wait another week". I feel completely taken advantage of. It's so easy to make a refund; retailers do it immediately when I call them, why can't Hertz do it? WTF is actually wrong with their internal system that makes it so damned customer unfriendly? I can't wait for another car company with friendlier service to put their horrid business into its grave.

The quote I received from Hertz was for $338.28 for 1 week and one more day. I ended up paying $397.85 because I returned the car ONE HOUR late. Had the car for 8 days (and 1 hr). The daily rate for my extra day was $31.57 which was included in the original quote. The charge for ONE EXTRA HOUR was $24.00. There was also an additional surprise fee of $4.00 for because my Frequent Flyer # somehow appeared in their system. I do not remember giving them that number though, and it was NOT included in the original quote. Surprise, surprise. Somehow, the $24 and the $4 added $59.57 more to my original quote.

Hertz Customer Service personnel stated that I was charged correctly and were very staunch in defending their charges. Not customer friendly at all. While the charges appear to be legitimate, although excessive, It is my opinion $24 for an extra hour is ridiculous when the charge for 24 hours is $31.57, and all fees should be included in the original quote.

I recently rented a car from Hertz which contained a toll booth box in the dashboard. Well, today I received a bill for $30.00 along with a letter stating I will ALSO be receiving a letter from California Highway for a "violation of the toll." When I spoke with the agent, I was told "the box does not work in at all the toll booths." I told her I felt having the box in the car was misleading if you don't notify the customer of that major detail. She of course disagreed. I have never written a review but today I was upset because I could have paid $10.00 in toll fees and now I may be paying close to $45.00. ALL HERTZ had to do was communicate to its customers. I'm not going to even mention the outdated GPS system in the car. Gheez... STAY AWAY people.

I rented a car in Hertz South Africa Johannesburg in September 12th and while we were driving we lost one wheel cap (first on left side). When we delivered the car in September 17th we told about it and the guy who was receiving the car asked us to write in the car return note about the wheel cap lost. One day after this we receive an email explaining that because the car damage claim they'll start an investigation and while it doesn't finish they will debit the card with the FAP cost R8000 (South Africa currency). I know that one wheel cap is much cheaper than the amount charged for the claim damage and I'm really waiting for the investigation end and the refund of the additional amount charged.

The question is how much time it gonna take to finish? I sent lot of emails questioning how many days they usually takes to do an investigation and answer to their clients but when they answer is only to say that It was not finished. How could be so difficult to finish and investigation about a wheel cap miss? It already takes almost one month and I'm still waiting.

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I rented a car at Houston International Airport for 2 days. My total including insurance and taxes was for 147 dollars. I was charged for 210 dollars and when I called to complain they said it was taxes. I told them to review my reservation which said it included tax and insurance. They didn't bother and just said they would not return the money. I am so angry because they are not even complying with their own reservation and conditions. I find it impossible to believe a company this big is not serious at all...

They gave me a Kia Soul 2016. Crappiest car EVER! I placed my keys on the bumper while I put my suitcase in the trunk. I had an early flight and wanted to leave extra early to avoid traffic. I shut the trunk and my keys were closed in the bumper??!! In a frantic I looked for the trunk release button. HOLY CRAP, there isn't one!!! I googled it to see where it was and everything I saw said there isn't one!!??

I called Hertz roadside assistance and was super upset and worried about my flight. After a while the Hertz guy on the phone tells me he will send someone for 80$... Are you serious??!!! I told him it should not be my problem but he insisted then when I said I wouldn't pay he then hung up!!? This is after a half hour. I called customer service and then connected me with someone else in roadside assistance. After explaining again everything... She put me on hold for about 10 min. When she finally came back she said she couldn't find a way to open the trunk.

In the meantime I took out the Kia book and there was nothing in the index under trunk or tailgate. That would be in the index under T correct??? I go through the whole book several times and finally saw something about the tailgate. I had to pull down the back seat, drag my bags out and remove something and there was a release latch.... Who would buy a price if CRAP car to rent out??? How does no one in the company know how to open the trunk??? Why would HERTZ hang up on a good customer with such a problem who has a plane to catch??

Resolutions: Do not buy piece of CRAP cars!!! Send someone to pick me up if they couldn't have figure out how to open the trunk. Have roadside assistance know and understand the cars they buy!!! They do not deserve even one star!! Is there a way you can give minus stars??!! I jumped out of the car and left my receipt and jumped on the shuttle so I wouldn't miss my flight! I picked up the car Sun Oct. 9 at Philadelphia airport and returned it Thur Oct 13 at Philadelphia airport.

Insurance claim covered rental car, charged my card for their insurance when I opted out, and wanted to use my own insurance, while my car was being repaired and being paid for by the other guys insurance. In order to get rental they forced me to put a 50$ hold on my credit card, they charged my card 510.00$. Liars and cheaters, taking advantage of people and using insurance claims as their easy way into your pocket, and stealing your money. Hertz Rental Car Auto Center, San Bernardino, CA RIP OFF Thieves. Zero tolerance for fake business deals...

Recently rented a car from Hertz in Ft. Myers, Florida for a one day business trip. My company has extra insurance for car rental so I denied the additional coverage. The counter agent had me initial & sign that I was denying "said" coverage. When I returned the car at the airport I was given a recent which I had no time to inspect as I had to catch my flight. Upon returning home, I noticed I was charged double the amount I should have been and I was billed an additional $52.00 for the day for Uninsured Motorist, Loss Damage Waiver & Liability Insurance Supplement.

When I called Hertz customer service, the agent told me that while verbally I waived the added insurance where the counter agent marked the X's for me to sign was me actually accepting those items not refusing them. She told me she would send a copy of the contract I signed in 3-5 business days. She did agree to credit the LIS charge of $13.95, but not the other 2 added fees. The insurance fees still ended up costing more than the daily rate of the car even with this credit! These car rental contracts are very deceptive - especially Hertz. I will go back to using National for our corporate rentals in the future. Very disappointed in the outcome here. The saddest part of this story is that my meeting in Florida was at Hertz new corporate headquarters in Estero, Fl.

My complaint is about Hertz Rent-a-Car - State Farm Insurance company's preferred rent a car company. Unfortunately, my vehicle (2010 Mustang) has been in a repair shop since Aug 3rd due to an accident. I immediately rented a car from Hertz for transportation. Due to a previous Hailstorm that damaged a lot of cars, my preferred repair shop was extremely busy and to date has not been able to finish the body repairs.

My rental coverage expired 9/11/16, which let me paying out of pocket for the continual use of the rental ($584.00). On the advice of the Hertz, corporate office, I was told to return the car for a less expensive compact vehicle while still receiving the discount rate through State Farm. That was done, I moved into a compact car; however, again at the advice of the representative at the local Hertz location (5714 NW Loopl 410, San Antonio Tx. 78238) , the Manager Trainee mentioned that the current contract would continue to be active until I returned the car once my car repairs were completed. In the meantime, Hertz held a credit card on file and held funds this time in the amount of $1001.00.

In the meantime the corporate office continued to call me while at work to return the car because the contract had not been closed. Again, ** (from the local location) left me believing that all was good, no problems. The corporate office calls continued for 9 days straight. Finally, after receiving a call from an investigator that mentioned she would look into the matter with no resolution, I returned the car and closed out the rental. Again, Hertz, held additional funds off my credit card this time for $947.94 = the total bill. By this time the total amount of funds held on my card was $2,552.94. The funds were not released until I made 3 calls to the corporate office on a 3-way line with my bank to have the over held funds released. The total amount released $1585.00.

In addition to this issue, every time I dropped by the local office, there was only 1 person there to assist about 4 people coming in to rent or return a rental. The phone calls would go unanswered and the wait time each time was no less than 1 hour. Poor customer service, no sense of accountability for any mistakes and no one with any knowledge of how to make it right for the customer. I will never recommend Hertz and /or never rent from them again.

Buyer beware. I’ve experienced a horrific rental experience recently with Hertz overcharging me for unauthorized amount. When I arrived at the reservation kiosk (line to talk to an onsite agent at LAX location was too long), they gave me one car to choose from even though my reservation is the Standard 2 or 4-door car. They gave me a Kia Optima. When I asked if there were other cars to choose from in the same category, they said Toyota Camry. Hertz never told me that there will be a Vehicle Upgrade charge of essentially double the amount of my reservation. Kia Optima and Toyota Camry should be in similar standard category for most other rental car companies. I rented one from Alamo with 6 cars to choose from in the same category.

When I called Hertz to dispute it, they did confirm that it is their policy that they have to disclose a Vehicle Upgrade charge if there is one. I told them the Hertz rep at the kiosk never did disclosed Vehicle Upgrade charge to me – he told me about everything else including insurance, gas, roadside assistance. But he never disclosed Vehicle Upgrade charge. I also questioned why they needed my credit card when I already paid through online vendor Expedia. Hertz rep said that it’s their policy and I have to sign the agreement on the kiosk screen if I want the car. I questioned his approach at that time, and not knowing that Expedia just charged me also. Sure enough, I got charged by Expedia AND Hertz for one reservation, one car, same category. Hertz considered the Camry to be an upgrade from Kia. What rental car company gives you only one car to choose from in the same category?

When I asked to speak to the Hertz manager, they did not allow me. Their response is I would have to get a court order to get the kiosk tape because they will not release it to me. I’ve left several messages to dispute the Vehicle Upgrade charge with no response. I told them their rep did not follow company policy to disclose the Vehicle Upgrade fee to me. I’m disputing it with the bank now, which is not easy either. The bank has been a nightmare to deal with also. The ball is my court. How can I prove it if Hertz won’t release the kiosk tape? Just be careful and don’t make the same mistakes I made.

This was the year we learned that Hertz is a terrible rental car company. Normally if we have a rental car need we just take the cheapest deal available, but no more. We will never rent from Hertz again. It began on a family vacation to Norway this summer. We blithely picked up our pre-rented vehicle from the Oslo Central Station Depot. My husband, jet lagged and not aware of the currency exchange rate at that moment, asked for whatever insurance was needed to cover the car in the event of an accident since our US car insurance does not cover European car rentals. He trusted the agent was giving him what was needed.

When we dropped off the car, it was to find that we had contracted for over $700 of additional insurance. He was sold 4 separate policies. Even the Hertz customer service representative in the US was disgusted by the actions of the agent in Oslo. She advised us to take the matter up with our insurance company and put our case forward for review. The review came back that we had signed a contract and had to honor that. So we did. They tried to assuage our frustration with a $100 certificate towards future rentals - as if!!! And Hertz-Oslo continued to charge our card for various and sundry small items for another two months.

Well, then came a family wedding and we thought, "Okay, this $100 voucher should cover that!" So there we went, the sacrificial lamb to the slaughter. We show up, find out that the voucher only covers the actual rental, not all the added fees. It was still a bargain, so off we went. I just checked my visa statement today. We had used a toll road and were charged $16! Apparently, even if you use one toll road on any given rental contract, they charge you a fee for servicing that toll EVERY DAY YOU RENT THE CAR!!! And this was after we asked the agent upon returning the car how to pay for the toll and were told not to worry, they'll just charge us for the toll once the bill arrives from the toll company.

I reserved car several days in advance. I rented a one way from Enterprise. When I got to Hertz they laughed and said they did not have any more cars. The people in Marietta for Hertz were disrespectful and did not care I was stranded in Atlanta. This caused me to lose a lot of money because I could not conduct business. Very disappointed with many calls to toll free number for assistance. I never got response.

I needed a rental until my car was repaired. State Farm booked my rental with Hertz and so a couple days later I drop my vehicle at the repair shop. Hertz picked me up and we head to Highland, Indiana on Indianapolis blvd (prior to me getting here I was told I'd be fine with my debit card) so I'm thinking great. Not one employee acknowledged me entering. There were 5 staff with one, finishing up with a customer... then someone finally speaks and I proceed to give her (a red head with a Bob) my debit card and driver's license. She said that she was sorry and that we cannot accept a prepaid debit card... and that it has to be linked to an actual account... I made it very clear to Hertz over the phone that my debit loads once a month and I had cash. They said no cash accepted either... but that I'd be fine with my debit... failing to inform me that I have to have a bank account in order to rent a car with them.

She said it wasn't her responsibility to tell me that and walked off from me… which I thought was rude! And very unprofessional. I said to her “Excuse me but that would be your responsibility to advise me if it’s Hertz that's gonna take my deposit.” She raised her voice and out of pure frustration I said “This is crazy! (I admit at this point I raised my voice as well) I would never be here wasting my time... I know I don't have a bank account. So why would I be here??” At this time 4 men stood up and told me to get out and to call a cab... and they didn't care if I called the police. I did… they did nothing but take me back to the repair shop where I ended up renting from Enterprise. All of the employees at this location in Highland, Indiana are very disrespectful! I detected prejudice. There was a better way of handling this situation. I would never go to a pool party with a snowsuit on.

I rented a car on the 08/21/2016 Rental Agreement #** and returned it on 08/26/2016. When I returned the car I had the tank full which the attended marked on my ticket and said I should let the counter know and they will take care of it and I wouldn't be charged for a full tank of gas. That said I went inside the terminal and the counter girl said she has to get a approval. I said ok and waited then I was told it will be all taken care. But checking my credit card account I realized it was not taken care so I called customer service and I was told that the ticket was still open. Mind you this was after a week returning my car. I called after a week later, got the same answer that we are working on it.

Today on 10/4/2016 I called back to customer service and after being transferred once and being put on hold for a very very long time I reached April in customer service who didn't want to listen to me but wanted to tell me what wrong we have done and why don't we have the receipt when we filled our tank etc etc. I did tell her the attendant had marked it a full tank and was the one to let us know to talk to the counter person. This woman didn't want to hear anything. So I wouldn't be renting from Hertz in the near future and would advise anyone the same, a very dishonest company to deal with and the customer service is horrible and that's why most of your ratings are one star. There are lots of other companies to do business with. I would be careful if you do business with a company like Hertz.

Hertz rental car and more....I'm very upset with Hertz. I rented a car for 2 weeks and I returned the car late with no gas.... I know they charge you for gas at their rate which is fine. I had to return the day by 6 pm, when I got there it was 6:30. Yes I was 30 mins late. I drop the car off, put the key in the return box. A week later I was charged almost $5,000. If you pissed them off and return the car with no gas they hit you with these types of bills. This is wrong. I have heard stories that I am not the only one. This too the car was not involved in any accidents and yes I admit it was a half of tank. I expected them to charge me for the 2 weeks and gas and believe it was nowhere near $5,000. They get away with doing consumers that upset them and hit them with a bill like this. I'm contacting the Attorney General of Florida to look into this.

We rented an economy car from Hotwire for $93 for a two day rental in PHX airport. The provider was Hertz. When we were talking to the agent, she said the car we rented did not have a trunk and would we like a different car. We agreed on one that was $115.60. We thought that price was instead of the $93. When I checked my credit card statement, I thought we were double charged. I called customer service, and they said no that was in addition to the $93. The agent who waited on us was very sly and did not explain that we would be paying so much. She knew we were economizing. We are senior citizens who have been taken advantage of. We will NEVER rent from Hertz again and we will tell our friends about our experience. Of course, when we were leaving the airport, I did not know all of this. It wasn't until I checked my credit card online.

I travel all the time for work, so I have rented lots of vehicles. I usually try to avoid using Hertz. They always try to upsell/scam. Many times I feel like I am dealing with a used car salesman. They pressure you, speak to you like you are an idiot, and always manage to sneak in extra charges/fees. If you do call with a complaint, customer service doesn't seem to care, and you will not be refunded a dollar. No thanks, never again.

I had to make my travel plans on an emergency basis. When I picked up the car, I asked about whether there would be any problem if needed to extend the reservation and I was assured there would be no problem as long as I called ahead. The original reservation was for Sep 30 to Oct 3. I called to have it extended to Oct 5. I actually started online - can't do it that way. Went to online chat, couldn't do it and given the main number for Hertz. Called and was told the additional two days changed the rate and the additional charges would be close to $200, for the Hyundai Sonata which has a normal daily charge of $40! I was directed to call the rental location and they could look at the rate. I called them, and was told the same thing, and directed back to Hertz. That call ended in the agent talking over me, and hanging up on me, after being told to call the location and talk to a manager.

Called the location back and got the manager. The story was the same, told to call the main Hertz number about the rate, that they could do nothing. And to drop it locally on the original return time so as not to extend, 21/2 hours from the original rental location, would be an additional $540. All this was done from my mother's hospital room. So when I told the manager that I preferred to be robbed for the lesser amount, she said OK and hung up. I still do not know if the rental has been extended, or if they will just penalize me further.

Hertz refused to honor a confirmed reservation at their location, 646 Thompson Ln, Nashville, Tennessee. The representative stated that I was "out of luck" as he personally felt a confirmation reservation only meant he'd hold the car for 30 minutes. It took me 2+ hours to get another car, and so far Hertz has done ZERO to make this right.

My car was hit by a lady who was driving a rental car from Hertz and had paid for the extra protection plan through them. This has been the biggest nightmare for me. It has now been two month of fighting every step of the way. I have missed work to deal with this. I have been treated poorly by everyone at Hertz from the insurance agents to the people at the rental car company itself. Every step of the way has been a fight to get them to pay anything let alone to respond to me. I have reported them to the insurance commissioner. But I wanted to warn the public. Not only would I NOT enter a HERTZ location ever again. I know first hand they're ripping people off with their protection plan. The SELF-INSURED COMPANY is there to make sure they don't pay. My advice: Stay far far away.

The worst experience I have had with a company like this. I rented a car for about 5-6 weeks only to be used locally while I had family visiting this summer. I paid Hertz $1153 and an additional $377 when I returned the car. A few weeks later, I get an alert from American Express that a company called American Traffic Solutions was trying to charge $1178 on my card. This happened while I was on vacation which resulted in me having to cancel my card and had no card until I returned home.

I contacted Hertz upon my return, took so long to get a person on the phone. When I did and explained my story, I was put on hold and then disconnected. I never bothered to call back until today when I saw $1178 charged on my Amex from Hertz! I called and they showed me a website called PlatePass that showed so many toll and bridge charges that I don't even think a cab driver could add to that amount of money! Hertz said I would have to dispute with my credit card which I am doing now. I cannot understand how they can charge for all these tolls when they could have easily looked at the mileage on the car and would have known this is not possible!

I am a Gold member with Hertz and travel every week. This past week was a nightmare with Hertz. On Wednesday of last week someone took the keys off my table at the Doubletree hotel in commerce. After not locating the keys for hours I called Hertz and they told me of the Large charges that would be incurred with the resolution. First - towing of the vehicle due to no spares keys, and second - the cost for a new key of 250. Rented from LAX.

I called and said "come pick it up" and "I'll do without a rental the next day." I taxied to work $30.00 and when I got there the hotel said they had my keys at counter. I immediately called hertz telling them to cancel the towing. The operator said "Ok it is canceled" and I would receive a charge of 80 dollars. I said that was fine. I took a cab back only to find the car towed. I called Hertz and they said the tow drive was already en route and he didn't get message. That's also funny cause the tow driver called me saying he was on his way. So I had his number and I called him but he wouldn't answer so I left a voicemail telling him to leave car. So 30.00 more to taxi. So I called Hertz again and you do not provide any type of courtesy ride to Hertz locations. So 35.00 to another Taxi to get to Hertz location. I was told to get them the keys within 24 hours or I would receive the 250 for new keys cost.

I arrived and waited 1 hour and 15 min for car to be brought to front. Debbie ** did ask for the key to the rental that had lost key. I told her "I had to return to keep from getting a 250 dollar fine and I have some stuff in the car I would like to get out". She was upset. I told her "no" and said with a bad attitude "FINE MR **". She made 2 more small comments like "Oh you're still here." That's because the first car they brought me the AC did not work, so it was another 30 min of waiting for a second car. I waited over 2 hours to get a car that worked correctly. Being a Gold member I would have thought I would have been in and out of there. This was second rental at South Gate Hertz in Cal.

So I have missed 4 meeting and the day is shot. I got to meet and work for 3 hours. Now I had to return the keys. So I drove from Commerce to LAX to return Key and get my stuff out. Why, because Hertz does not hold your stuff in car if towed. They told me it would be put in LOST AND FOUND. That is their policy. So we know its my stuff but you put it in lost and found when the door is opened. So its 645 pm. A 45 min drive from commerce. I get there and I was told roughly where the car would be. The car was not there.

The night manager "ROYAL" is the BEST worker on your staff and you should do everything to keep this young man working for you. He personally went looking for the car. After over being there 2 hours the car was not located. He was nice enough to compensate me for part of the troubles I have already had with Hertz for the day. That was the only thing Good about Hertz. Royal, you made the day a little better, giving me the numbers to try and locate my stuff the next day. Unfortunately I told them my last day there Thursday would be busy with meetings. So my stuff is still there. Wasted over 8 hours with hertz that day. I really don't plan on using HERTZ again because of the crappy attention you give to your gold members that spend 10's of thousands a year with Hertz.

Booked online for one month for $609. Went in to get car and told it would be around $950. Took an hour and many phone calls to get it straightened out and finally got my promised deal. When my 4 weeks was up I found that I needed to extend the rental for one more week and was told it would be an extra $350. I told them I could get a week rental for $177 on their website RIGHT NOW at the same location for the same dates. Got told sorry $350 was the lowest rate I can get to extend, but I'm welcome to book online for $177, and bring the car back in, in order to get the new rate. I told them that I'm bringing the car back in, but going next door to Enterprise for a $190 weekly rate. Should have paid a little extra and gone to Enterprise in the first place.

We are extremely disappointed with Hertz roadside assistance customer service and with the quality of the vehicles they rent. We rented a vehicle last night around 10:00 pm from the Minneapolis airport. The first car offered had dog hair covering the back seat!! We immediately exchanged it for another car. Right away we noticed a very strong and overwhelming awful chemical smell with the second car, like someone emptied an entire large bottle of lemon Pine-Sol in the car. We opened windows, turned the fan on high to get rid of the smell. But, after driving one hour in the chemical smell, everyone in the car became sick.

My 7-year old daughter became nauseated, dizzy, developed a severe headache, and had red, watery eyes along with my 5 year old son!! My husband and I both had severe coughing, watery eyes, nausea and headaches as well! We stopped at a gas station and realized we could not go any further in the car. This was especially apparent when my daughter could not stand upright getting out of the car because of how dizzy and nauseated she was. We were on our way to visit my sister, a three hour drive from the airport. Fortunately a hotel was only a five minute drive away from the gas station where we arrived at midnight, feeling terribly sick and exhausted.

The next morning we called Hertz roadside assistance. The lady we spoke with gave us the only logical option of driving back to the Minneapolis airport to exchange the car, which by the way was a two hour drive out of our way on our vacation!!! The lady knew of the drive we had ahead, and of how sick my family became in the car the previous night. She stated that an exchange vehicle would not be brought out to us since it was not a mechanical issue and she made sure to remind us to fill the gas tank so we would not be charged at the counter!!

Well, apparently the health of my young children and family are of NO concern to the Hertz staff and company!!! We were given no choice but to drive back to the airport, another hour drive consumed by the chemical smell, to exchange the car. Prior to leaving the hotel, I called and spoke with a gentleman from the Minneapolis airport rental location prior to leaving the hotel after talking to the roadside assistant agent. That gentleman stated that there would be no problem exchanging the vehicle and to not worry about refueling the vehicle prior to bringing it in for exchange.

My family and I were so symptomatic by the time we arrived at the Minneapolis airport and were on the verge of driving to the hospital. When we returned and exchanged the car, the counter agent did not show any remorse, did not offer any compensation, or make any recommendations about medical treatment for the exposure to chemicals. They were made aware of our complaints prior to our arrival from my phone call and from the roadside assistance agent we spoke with per her verbal statement over the phone that she was going to call them after talking with me. So unless you like heartless customer service and chemical exposure from smelly dirty cars, do not rent from Hertz!!

Rented a car online. 7 day rental total cost $188.43. This is the price we were lead to believe was the total cost. The reason for a week long rental was so a dying father could visit his daughter... before she was deployed to South Korea. After being pressured into "extras" our total cost became well over $600. Which we found out once receiving the bill. Customer service didn't seem to care about our overcharges or our dissatisfaction with the company. *NEVER* rent from Hertz. Customers are only dollar signs.

I rented a car from Hertz September 3 and returned it the same day. Rental counter said summary of rental is $149. But they charged $491 from my credit card. I called - they said "Will verify the return and will make refund." I waited a week and didn't heard anything. Called again, they said the charge is valid and explained they charge for Sunday and Monday (September 5, which is Labor Day). No one told me that they charge for weekend and Holiday, even I returned Saturday. Does it sound fair $491 for an half day (Sept 3, 9:00 am to 9:26 pm)? NEVER EVER RENT A CAR FROM HERTZ!!!

I am a frequent car renter. For work, for vacation travel. On three occasions I have given my business to Hertz, mostly due to tie in deals and specials. I have never felt as frustrated as a paying consumer with my experience than I have on each of these times. Hertz offices appear poorly managed, dramatically understaffed, and full of other patrons who, like me, are having their potentially positive experience ruined by Hertz. My wife and I reserved a full size car from a location in Concord CA. After a near 90 minute wait for service, we were informed that they did not have a car for us. This is common as many other people were having the same experience. Furthermore, my wife and I had the same issue with Hertz not honoring our reservation less than three months prior.

As I stand in the parking lot of another Hertz across town, where I have been sent to hopefully get our car rental, I look across the street art Enterprise rental. I have had multiple positive and quick experiences renting from Enterprise. Unfortunately for us, Enterprise has no available cars without a reservation or I would have run away from Hertz as fast as I could. This is the beginning of a much needed road trip vacation, seemingly ruined by a mismanaged company. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY HERTZ! Cheaper is never better.

I signed up for Hertz Gold and the service was friendly and fast. No line when picking up or returning the car. They printed receipts and everything was in order. I was not charged anything to the credit card post delivery - totally different experience than Avis at the Schoenefeld airport in Berlin where it took an hour. They were aggressively trying to upgrade me and sell additional insurance and provided a dirty car. At delivery their printing machine was "broken" and I was charged 498 Euros for "damage" after they told me the car was "okay" at checkout. From now on it will be Hertz every time - it is worth the higher upfront price.

I was provided a Hertz rental car from an insurance company responsible for damage to my car. I made arrangements 3 weeks before I needed the car. I told them at that time I am 6 feet tall and they sent a VW Jetta. I could hardly get in, my head touched the roof, the rear view mirror was in the center of my vision making driving hazardous. I didn't know how to get the car started and there was NO MANUAL to provide me any information.

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Lauren Fix is an automotive expert who earned the title of The Car Coach, and is recognized throughout all forms of media as a woman with in-depth knowledge on vehicles, technology, automotive finance, repair and trends. Founder of Automotive Aspects, Inc., her understanding of automobiles has made her the “go to” person on TV, radio, print and the internet. She writes a column for multiple outlets including Parade Magazine, NewsMax and Car Coach Reports. She is a regular guest on all the major news and morning shows discussing the latest updates on cars that will help drivers of all ages learn to about cars and make smart decisions.    More about Lauren→

Hertz offers rental cars in more than 150 countries across every inhabited continent. It has more than 10,300 corporate and franchise locations worldwide.

  • Loyalty program: The Hertz Gold Plus Rewards loyalty program comes with VIP benefits like faster pickup and drop-off services and member-only discount offers.
  • Business-to-business services: Business clients can save up to 25 percent on rentals and earn points for free rental days.
  • Accident partner: Hertz partners with many insurance companies to give drivers a quick and easy car rental while their automobiles are in the shop for repair.
  • Promotions and discounts: Hertz runs a constant stream of discounts and special offers on everything from extended rentals to weekend getaways.
  • Roadside assistance: In addition to liability insurance, Hertz has premium roadside assistance packages to help with situations like running out of gas, lost keys and dead batteries.
  • Many makes and models: Hertz offers multiple categories of vehicles, everything from economy to hybrid cars, convertibles and luxury cars to 15-passenger vans.
  • Car and Ride Sharing: Hertz has a Green Traveler collection, meaning all cars get a minimum of 33 miles per gallon.
  • Best for Vacationers, business travelers, event planners, temporary workers, those with cars in repair, those who want a wide selection of vehicles and those who don’t own cars.

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