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I recently rented an SUV from Enterprise at Myrtle Beach Airport. I had no complaints until there was a mandatory evacuation from hurricane Matthew for South Carolina before the scheduled end of my rental. I contacted the Enterprise customer service by phone to ask how much extra it would cost if I dropped the car off at Niagara Falls NY Airport without extending the rental. I was told it would cost an extra $1,000. The following day I found out that our flight home had been canceled so we had to find another way out of South Carolina. My travel agent arranged for flights from Raleigh NC to Buffalo NY so again I contacted the Enterprise customer service by phone and asked what it would cost to drop the car at Raleigh Airport. This time I was told it would be an extra $600. I hung up the phone and called Avis and was quoted $94 plus tax etc. for a one way drop off from Myrtle Beach to Raleigh.

When I got home I contacted Enterprise by email to complain about their price gouging and they responded by telling me their policy on hurricane Matthew was to allow customer to drop off rentals at any different location at no extra charge and offered me a complimentary one day rental which was more of an insult than compensation. I wrote back and told them that I found it strange that I spoke to two different agents on two different days and neither one seemed to be aware of their hurricane Matthew policy. They responded by taking $100 off my rental bill. I did not contact them again. If their policy on hurricane Matthew was genuine which I doubt, my wife and I could have been spared a lot of stress and frustration not to mention the two extra airline tickets and the extra car rental. I very much doubt that I will ever use Enterprise again nor will I ever recommend them.

I reserved a car online on Sep 25, 2016. On 17 Oct 2016 I tried to reserve a car for 10 Nov 2016 however, the website modified my reservation instead of creating a new reservation. Tried fixing the problem online and the site would not allow me change back to my original reservation. Tried calling the Help Desk with no joy and got someone from overseas instead of talking with someone from the states. This is the last time I even try to do business with Enterprise and will recommend to my friends not to use Enterprise to include my Government Employee friends.

I have good reviews about the SOUTH BEND IN, MICHIGAN STREET BRANCH. I got a rental from them on last minute notice as my car broke down in the middle of the street. One day, after being in a shop for a transmission change and paying around 2000 dollars out of pocket for it (anyway this is a different review for another day!), the gentleman I found was so helpful, did not take too much of my time with unnecessary details as I had just returned a car a few days prior. He even went ahead and gave me an upgrade to a 2016 Toyota Avalon at the price of a compact option that I had asked for, I stayed with the car for two weeks and took it back with an equally good return experience.

Now about the EDISON BRANCH IN MISHAWAKA, INDIANA. I got a car through the Gurley Leep guys as they arranged for me to get it while they were fixing my car (the aforementioned transmission). I picked it up from the Mishawaka location. After a week, when I was taking it back, I returned it without an issue. I had my two year old son with me with and his car seat at the back of the rented car, so the manager told me they would definitely drop me to the shop (details which were clear on the paperwork as they are the ones who paid for this) so I could pick up my car.

This gentleman, by the name of CODY, comes to the rental that I had and my son is at the back and I sit at the front. As he starts the car he asks me where I need to be dropped and I tell him, "To the Gurley Leep in South bend which was 4 miles from the Mishawaka branch". He puts the car on park and tells me "Oh no, we do not do that. If you have to go to a location that is on that side you should have rented at the enterprise in South Bend, I have to go ask my manager what I should do". Lucky for me, he comes back and says the manager says we can make an exception this one time but next time we will not do that, you should rent one near that area. (# WOW)

This is the big one. One week later, 7/9/2016, my car acts up AGAIN, but I have to attend a meeting so I go back to the EDISON MISHAWAKA, IN branch and rent a red 2016 Nissan Rogue, the lady comes out with me to do the usual walk through. We look around the car for any scratches bigger than a dollar bill and dents bigger than a quarter. She is busy complimenting me on my dress, the color of my nail lacquer and I say thank you with a smile. I sign the paper and I get going.

The next day, I bring the car back, went inside the office and this guy, ADAM **, takes the key from me and he says, "I will be check on the car and I will be right back." He comes back and he tells me, "It appears that there is some DAMAGE TO THE RENTAL." I am appalled by this allegation. I asked what he was talking about and we walk outside to see the DAMAGE, so he says there are some scratches on the bottom part of the bumper, that you have to bend down to see. HUH??? I said when the lady did the walk through I can guarantee you we did not even look for scratches under there we looked at the body of the car all around but not under the car.

For all I know, the scratches were there before I took the car, and they are WELL TRAINED TO DO THE WALK THROUGH, as the manager told me and I could clearly remember the lady distracting me with compliments so we can get done with the walk through and sign to have all these used against me by intimidating since I signed the papers when getting the car and I did not indicate the alleged scratches, then they were caused by my and it would cost me 709 DOLLARS TO FIX THAT.

They have since sent me demand letters threatening to send me to a collection agency in 10 days, and mess my credit if I don't pay the said amount regardless of me having given them my insurance information to pursue their claim with. I decided to do a research on the web AND I FOUND NUMEROUS cases where Enterprise Damage Recovery was presented as aggressively shaking down drivers for returning allegedly damaged cars, even if it was not the driver's fault. One incident I may understand, but several documented incidents featuring the same pattern is HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE!

It appears that Enterprise guys have an honesty and integrity problem that they will not fix unless the affected parties do something about it. All I see at the end of the reviews is advice on not using enterprise, but this comes after they have caused damage to ENOUGH people. WE AS THE CONSUMERS HAVE TO RISE ABOVE THIS AS A UNIT and make ENTERPRISE clean up their act. most people end up looking a reviews after going through an incident with them. SO UNFORTUNATE!

My complaint is I hired a car with Enterprise Car Hire in Middlesbrough UK. On collection day I was told I cannot collect the car because of the points on my driver's license. I was due to travel the following day. I had to look for alternative car and I was told to wait for 10 to get my refund. This was on the 23rd of September 2016. I did all I was instructed if I was to get a refund. Until today Enterprise Car Hire has not refunded my money despite writing numerous e-mails seeking my refund.

I have run out of ideas whether I should go to small claims court. I am of the opinion that this company has not treated me fairly and I will never associate with and also warn other potential clients to be aware that getting your money back is not easy with Enterprise UK was indicating to me that USA was responsible for my refund. Surprise a complicated process has to be carried out for the money to be refunded. I found this ridiculous and unbelievable. I need help to recover my money from Enterprise Car Hire. The whole experience has turned into a nightmare. I am no longer sure if I will get my money.

On September 1, 2016, I rented a van from the Enterprise facility at the San Francisco airport. I agreed to pay for all the insurance coverage that was offered. Our group consisted of 7 people, family and friends attending a football game at Stanford University. While driving to our lodging, we stopped at a Safeway store to buy a 4 day supply of groceries. We were inside about 30 minutes, came outside to find a window broken out of the van and 3 pieces of luggage stolen. That was traumatic, but I assured the owners of the luggage that the insurance (a company named Sedgwick) I had purchased was going to help cover their losses. We made a police report, Enterprise replaced the van within 2 hours, and we went shopping for one of the victims. I paid $250 at Target to provide her with essentials to last the 4 days in California.

The other 2 victims had lost some electronics and articles of clothing, but they did not need immediate replacement. I made several phone calls to Enterprise, and the insurance company and felt reassured there would be some compensation for the loss. I waited until we returned home to begin the process of filing a claim. Much to my surprise, I was given a total run around. No one could answer my questions. I was referred to 8 different people, put on hold for long periods of time, and had trouble getting Enterprise to send me an incident report, which the insurance company required. I finally got a phone call at 11:00 pm from a man who figured out what I needed and promised to email it to me.

After working several days gathering 3 lists of lost items, the cost when they were purchased, the location and date when they were purchased, the replacement cost, what the victim's relationship was to the renter and getting this information notarized, I finally had gathered forms from the SF Police Dept and Enterprise and mailed them to Sedgwick. After several more days we received a phone call from the insurance company telling us the only victim who would receive any compensation for their loss was my husband. The other 2 victims were just out of luck because they were not "members of my family who resided in my home". Unfortunately, I had not stopped to read the SMALL print on the back of the rental agreement in the hurry to pick up the van at the busy airport.

My mistake... and the misfortune of the passengers who were not related to me. But I would like to warn other renters who face the decision of taking the insurance coverage that it's not worth the money. Then just last week I was part of a group who rented a 15 passenger van, again from Enterprise. This time in Derby, Kansas. The reservation had been made ahead of time, when our representative went to pick it up he was told the keys to the reserved van could not be found and a substitution was made. We had 11 senior citizens with luggage for 3 days and had to pass the bags OVER the 3rd row of seats to the back seat because there was no luggage space. After these 2 unsatisfactory experiences, I am going to look elsewhere for my next car rental.

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My insurance company reserved a car for a period of time for me. I was required to provide my credit card information at the time of pickup. The car was returned a month ago and Enterprise has now started charging my personal account for rental charges although my insurance company has paid and I've paid all of said charges due at the time the rental contract ended. I tried calling the branch location in Wylie. I called 5 times. Each time someone would pick up the phone (I could hear the background noise) and then hung up the phone.

I then called the Customer Service number listed on the corporate website. The representative told me he would have to take my information and have the Regional Manager for the Wylie Texas office call me back in 48 to 72 hours (WTH). I have been using Enterprise for years for my personal and business needs. I have another reservation already made for an upcoming business trip tomorrow but once this transaction is done I will never rent from them again and will not recommend this company to anyone. They are ripping people off.

One of Enterprise's customers made an illegal lane change in an Enterprise Vehicle, resulting in Major damage to my own car (No Bodily Injury). The police report states CLEARLY that their driver was at fault hands down. This incident happened on 7/29/2016... It is now 10/11/2016. They have disregarded me and have little or no contact with me about fixing my car. Their customer stole their truck and was MIA until she hit someone else. They have been dragging their feet because they "needed" her statement. Meanwhile, I have been trying to contact them and the 3 times out of 60+ times I have tried to get them to follow the Law and fix my car, they have been rude, vague, and hurtful.

I was told yesterday that their driver (the thief) had a conflicting story to my driver and the POLICE report. Once again, they are still "investigating" it. I can't take it anymore. I'm about to have a nervous breakdown. Not to mention their estimate was a complete joke. I had to pay out of pocket to get my car fixed... I had no choice. HOWEVER, this is FAR FROM OVER.

They WILL step up to the plate and reimburse me for repairs and now for personal injury. They are borderline Criminal Now. These people have caused me to have a full blown panic attack. This is a horrible MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE. I pray that Justice is Served in this matter. I used to have respect for Enterprise. Now, I don't want anything to do with them, as a customer or a VICTIM of them. Let the Litigation Begin.

I have been renting regularly from Enterprise in my local town for the last two years. I have had numerous rentals and had a long term rental scheduled for this year. This last rental, I was asked for my insurance card which never have before, then on top of that only received one set of keys with my rental. I have complained in the past about getting two sets of key in past rentals but was told it is their policy. In addition, I used a very high-level credit card for this reservation as well. (One that you have to be very responsible to get.)

After calling my credit card to make sure all my purchases was logged, I found out there was a hold on my credit card from Enterprise Rental Car. I inquired, and it was a $200 plus dollar hold for this rental. My credit card company which I have used for past rentals just was making sure no fraud was going on. The hold was for $200 plus the cost of the rental. Thank god for them. My credit line was way more than ample.

Enterprise have put holds on my rentals before, but many times before they never did. The reason, I am upset and will never, I mean never rent from Enterprise again is due to this incident with a Assistant Manager at this location. Then asking for my insurance card and not getting two keys with my rental, which has never have happened before. Then on top of that a 200 dollar hold and the cost of rental. There is no loyalty to their customers. I have rented vehicles that I had to return to be put in another vehicle due to poor maintenance. I was satisfied, even though it took time away from me.

It takes a lot for me to register on a forum like this and complain. I hope enterprise is happy now since loyalty is what keep customers coming back in my opinion. Not this customer though. If I need a loaner due to insurance reasons or my vehicle is in the shop. I will not use Enterprise or any of its locations every again. Even if it includes walking, which I should not do for distances.

The last comment I have is I live in a Missouri where Enterprise founder started and to treat a resident of Missouri or any customer that has been loyal and no issues of non-payment or damaging their vehicles of over 10yrs like this, is the highest disrespect, I could imagine. I wish enterprise well in its future endeavors, but free rentals for a year or an apology could not even get me in the door of a Enterprise Rental Car location ever again. You have to stand for something otherwise a small business to a corporation will have no loyalty to a multiple repeating paying customer. This is just my opinion and have seen numerous great ratings and levels for Enterprise. Just letting you know about my experience and hope you never feel like I have after being a customer of theirs for over 10yrs.

My insurance set up a rental through Enterprise after a driver side swiped my vehicle and it was being appraised for a few days. They were very vague and after a long wait I was already unsatisfied. They needed a money order for deposit when my insurance was supposed to be handling the matter so I left and got the money order which was already a hassle due to my vehicle being at the shop. Then when I got there they were closing in 39 min and I was rushed to just sign here and here and at the car he asked if I wanted the insurance and I looked at him displeased so "of course I would" I said.

I had the vehicle a few days already 2016 Nissan Rogue and it kept telling me to release its parking brake which I had no clue to where its location was. The last night driving to drop the vehicle off I had to get off the interstate. I had no brakes. As I was getting off they came back so I proceed to get back onto the freeway and they give out. As the light is red with my 1 year old in the car I failed to stop hitting another vehicle with no way of stopping and they aren't doing anything to take responsibility. I wasn't provided my paperwork so the officer had trouble filing the report and now am being sought out not for a deductible but two entire vehicles. I am contacting the Attorney General for this but people need to know about the faulty vehicle and poor representative at the establishment.

We made a reservation for a rental from August 2nd to September 10th, pick up at JFK and return at Downtown Seattle. The estimated total on confirmation email was $2,083. It took a long wait time to get the car at JFK, and there was no line. The first representative we spoke to was in a hurry, probably at the end of his shift, was urging to convince us to get a bigger car as free upgrade, but we did not want a gas guzzler, as we had to drive across the country.

They initially sent us off without any papers. We were sent back to the office from the booth to get the Rental Agreement. When they finally gave us the rental agreement, we asked again where to see the total, which was $2,607, and they circled it for us at the very bottom of this paper, almost cut off. A lot of confusion must have been made due to the fact that at least 3 representatives took over our reservation while we were at the desk. We have recently found out that that day they had sent us off with a contract for only one month, instead of a month and 9 days as requested in our reservation, with the total for one month, therefore being a partial total, not the total for the whole duration of our rental.

Upon adding optionals at the counter we had asked for the total, and we were told it was $2,607. When we finally got the Rental Agreement, we asked them again, to show us where it was on this paper, as the printed information was not aligned within the spaces in the form. We even asked them if they were sure we would not be charged anything more than that. They showed it to us and circled it, at the very bottom of the paper, on the dotted line where the paper is supposed to be torn from the printer: $2,607.50.

Upon returning the car in Seattle, WA we received a receipt for only $848. We asked where the rest was, and they replied that that was all they had. We thought it was simply a delay and expected more charges and another receipt to come in the mail. A couple of days ago (today is October 7th) our bank notified us that there have been requests for three payments adding up to $3,678. Not including tolls, which is only $24.

Our point is that in order to sell us all the optionals they misled us by giving us a partial total, not the total for the whole duration of the rental. If you cannot trust a rental company to give you an honest figure, if you have to take out your own calculator and do your calculations yourself, that is not good service in our opinion.

We are currently at the 2nd email, and today, two phone calls. The first phone call, after a wait and a detailed description of the problem, resulted in the Customer Care representative giving us an Escalation Manager number. We called that number and got the same exact recording as the first time, pressed #6 again. Finally spoke to another customer care representative, explained all of the above again. She said she would expedite the request and that a Manager would contact us with an answer as soon as possible. Waiting.

When I called to get the reservation I asked about Enterprise's pick up service and was told call an hour before. The day of the rental I called and was told they were the only one there call another location. Calling the 800 number was even worse. Finally I was told that the service is not guaranteed!!! Yet Enterprise advertises!

I went to the Jones Ford location Enterprise rental car. The car I rented was fine. A horrible sudden tragic death happened when I had this car. Because of the circumstances I dropped the car off after hours. The people who work there blew my phone up saying I owed them money. They were mean and threatening calling myself, my family members for they said 32.00, and they were aware of the death in my family and I didn't owe anything. I will never use them again. Maybe another location but never there again. Shame on them.

TERRIBLE SERVICE. Met by bored, unconcerned attendant, dim/dark place in rental area. She walked around car, I did not, could not see car body. She presented the contract but did not gave a paper copy??? I drove to Marriott hotel in Niagara falls. Parked my car for 3 days at hotel, and it did not move. I called on Monday 13 the YYZ office 5 times (8-9 AM) got no answer. Finally pressed option to be connect to road assistance. I explained situation, assistant was gracious and helpful. Provided me with contract number and ticket number **. Wed June 15, dropped car off at Billy Bishop Airport at 11:25 AM, as agreed. Paid invoice **, I was charged for refueling, fair.

A few days later somebody claiming to be from Enterprise called and claimed the car front bumper was damaged. Did not identified himself, no name, no employee number, no location, did not give a call back phone number. On receipt given back to me there was no mention of anything being wrong with the car. It could have been anybody part of a shakedown scheme. Got a letter a few days later (6/21) about a possible car damage. There is no name, and it was not signed, no extension number. I explained that when I returned the car, there was nothing wrong with car, but something could have happened after I returned the car. He hung up abruptly. On 6/30 got another letter, again not signed, and no name, no extension number. There were several pictures of a Chevy Cruze, black car, with hard to see scratches on front bumper. There was no date and time on each picture. I found that strange.

This week I did a research on the web and there well documented cases where Enterprise Damage Recovery BU was presented as aggressively shaking down drivers for returning allegedly damaged cars, even if it was not the driver's fault. One incident I may understand, but several documented incident featuring the same pattern is looking more than a shakedown scheme than anything else. Furthermore the estimated damages (C$802) look suspiciously close to the average insurance deductible for US drivers (~ US$ 600), which a driver will have to pay before filing a claim with his insurance. Again this looks like a shakedown. The Damage recovery business unit at Enterprise has to justify its existence, but not on the back of foreign drivers. https://www.consumeraffairs.com/travel/enterprise.html. You guys have an honesty and integrity problem. You better fix it!!!

Yesterday I got a call, while driving to Tampa, from a person allegedly from Enterprise Damage recovery. As I was driving I hung up the call. Somebody called back later and I did not pick up the call, but the person did not leave a name or phone number. I did not damage the car, and you probably have to look somewhere else to find the answer. BTW, the distance from Pearson to the Marriott Niagara Falls hotel is 79.8 km, the distance from Marriott Niagara Falls to Billy Bishop Airport is 127 km, for a total of 207 km, yet on the receipt the km out is 55700 and the km in is 55743, only 43 km???? Strange.

Never rent a car from Enterprise. We rented a car in downtown Nashville Tn to go to Gatlinburg Tn. After getting my family and kids in the vehicle we headed out. After about an hour my kids said they were itching. I did not think too much about it. By the time we arrived in Gatlinburg I was itching. We were itching constantly. After the 2nd day there, I decided to head to the ER. They said we had contracted “Scabies”. I told the Doctor that my kids just had a physical prior for school from our family doctor and he would have noticed or said something. Then after thinking, that we did not start itching until after we were on the road. I realized that it was in the car we rented.

I contacted Enterprise Car Rental immediately and they switched cars with no hassle, and said they would refund me my money back and pay for my family’s medical bills. So I figured I could live with that. When I got back to Nashville that never happened! I showed the manager the medical diagnoses and he said that I can’t prove scabies came from their car. They tell you one thing, but do something different. I don’t have much money so I’m warning all of you not to rent a car from Enterprise Car Rental in Downtown Nashville unless you want “Scabies”. I'm not leaving my contact information here because I know they will try to get me or my husband fired from our jobs.

My car was damaged by Tires Plus. They agreed to pay for the damages and a rental car. We initially paid for the first 10 days of the rental and were told we would be reimbursed. On Monday, September 19, Tires Plus contacted Enterprise Rent A Car and told them they were assuming responsibility from the beginning. Mary at Enterprise told me she filled out the paperwork that same day. Enterprise has informed me that I cannot get my money back until Tires Plus pays. I think it is criminal that they are taking advantage of a senior citizen.

I just received a letter from damage recovery at Enterprise. They claimed damage on a car that never left my possession. I went from hotel to airport in another town. I have since read online this is the oldest scam around but I have never experienced it. Super crooked. What else is new? Employees probably get bonuses on it.

I rent a car from Enterprise Anchorage airport brunch, purchased extra collision and roadside assistance, got an accident on road which was told not allowed to drive after I got an accident. People answered my calls made promises but was denied afterwards, and charge me directly without telling me for what nor asking for my authorization. I planned to drive the Dalton Hwy., which seems to be forbidden by the contract (I learnt this after the accident). I mentioned i planned to go to north of Fairbanks, no one said no, nothing shows on contract, agent gave me a voucher on my demand and said nothing about it.

After I got the accident, I called local brunch three times and got different replies. 1st time said roadside assistance are not responsible for accident on Dalton Highway (which on the voucher nobody mentioned it), but as long as I drive the car back the collision will pay for the damage. 2nd time said call the road assistance and after clearly explain my situation, road assistance told me to keep the tire receipt for reimbursement. I checked again and yes just drop the receipt when return the car. 3rd time said when I return the car with the receipt together.

And when I returned the car, the manager just denied everything. He said he is the one in charge and all other replies were invalid without his permission. This is the first time I met him, the impression he gave me was of no patience, and won't listen. He said roadside assistance will not reimburse even they promised to do so because they don't know the situation here and only he can reply for that. He called the voucher a contract, and said the first agent who answered me is a manager while others are assistants so I should only listen to the first agent. But nobody said anything about this. Later the day I returned the car, I was charged another 500 dollars without knowing what it is and of cause without my authorization.

I would love to take this opportunity to give a little insight into the hell your company has been causing me over the last several months, and the unsavory business practices your claims department seems to be utilizing. After being forced into "renting" one of your vehicles due to a Ford Recall (mind you Ford is covering) since February... I have been in a constant back and forth with your claims department. Upon returning a vehicle for another on June 14, 2016, I was told that the chip that was in the windshield would have to be paid for... Ironically the replacement vehicle that I was given had 3 chips in the windshield, but when pointed out to the gentleman at the counter, I was told that since they were less than the size of a quarter it didn't need to be noted on the agreement (I'll get back to that in a minute... since one of the chips I was told not to worry about has actually caused a crack across the whole windshield)...

The gentleman at the counter also informed me that the vehicle I was returning would need to be detailed since there was evidence of a dog being in there. He said it should have been noted that no animals are allowed in the vehicles. I informed the gentleman that I never had a contract that the rental was done thru the dealership that was handling my repair, and that I was NEVER told that I was not allowed to use the vehicle for what its intended purpose was and that was replacing my FAMILY VEHICLE which had been taken away from me from FORD. Oh and BTW I was given a vehicle with EXPIRED TABS and get pulled over the next day!!!

Enterprise then told me that they would need to put a hold of $500 on a credit card while they worked up an estimate on the cost of the repair. I was reassured that the hold was going to be very temporary, and it would only be used to cover the repair, if at the time when the estimate came back it was deemed cheaper than making a claim on my insurance. Fast forward to beginning of July when the hold put on my CC shows an amount of $506. I contact Enterprise (not an easy task btw... I was redirected about a dozen times before someone could "help me". Enterprise does not make the Phone # readily available if you are a customer) as I had not received any documentation or estimate on the cost of the repair.

I was assured it was coming... 2 weeks later July 13th same conversation, same $506 still being held on my CC. I was told that day that they would elevate my claim because the woman I spoke with sympathized and told me that I should have something soon and that I deserve my money back. August several calls no amount given for damage, no report or estimate. At this time Enterprise is STILL holding on to $406 of MY MONEY THAT IS ACCRUING INTEREST with my CC!!! THEY CHARGED ME $100 CLEANING FEE!

September 13, 2016 I call again and reach a woman who seems dumbfounded at the issue that I'm having, like this is not the norm for doing business with Enterprise (BBB Reviews would show otherwise)... I was given reassurance that the money due to me would be credited immediately and that I should have a check in the mail in 5-7 business days. Although she could not give me an amount as she said she didn't have access to see what that amount was, I would definitely have something very soon. September 23, 2016... still no refund. I call again, this time the lady reassured me that no in fact the money would just go back on my CC and that she requested a refund, as the system had no record of showing that request be made.

I was finally told that the "Cost" of this chip was going to be $130+ dollars, but that Enterprise was adding on an additional admin fee to bring the total up to $190+ and that I was going to be refunded $202 dollars of the $406 being held. Mind you I have never received an estimate... I was never given the opportunity to decide whether or not to use my insurance for this repair... Which knowing that Enterprise ended up charging me $190+ to fix. You bet you ass I would have since my glass deductible isn't that much. But I was also told that my refund could only be processed if I agreed to the Admin fee that was imposed. She said that she did not have the authority to refund the Admin fees, but I could take that up with someone else other than her.

Seeing as I want my $ I agreed to the refund and was told that it would go directly back on the card in which it was charged by the end of the day (Friday), Monday at the latest. Surprise surprise... here it is Tuesday, and no refund. I call again. This time I was told that the department requesting the refund does not have access to CC information and that a paper check will be sent, and that although it was requested on 09/23/16 that it'll take at LEAST TWO WEEKS FOR MY REFUND TO BE MAILED TO ME!!!

What the hell kind of operation are you running here? How can you so blatantly employ business practices that are unethical and shady as hell. I have NEVER in my life had such a horrible experience with any company across all industries. I will adamantly share my experience with anyone and everyone. This will go as a complaint with the BBB and will be taken up with any other organization I find that will listen. Shame on you. I'm sure I could find many others that have shared experiences that would happily join in an effort to make sure this doesn't happen again to anyone.

I don't want to be a big complain about everything. I will just say that their car rented was just overused for a newer car. The repair and maintenance is BAD. The first car we got did not run right, we were stranded on the side of the road with two small kids. The 2nd one yep...it overheated then stuck 2nd time! Enterprise is unreliable and horrible customer service!

I have been using enterprise for 4 years now, but the treatment I got on 09/24/2016 is the worst I have ever experienced from a car rental service or any service at all in America. I came in at 2:00pm at the enterprise local shop in 1811 S. Texas Ave Bryan, TX 77802 to pick a scheduled rental I have set up earlier that day. I was called up by a ** lady at the enterprise counter and asked how I could be helped. I explained that I had a reservation and then she asked for my driver's license, credit card and car insurance. I gave her the docs. My credit card was declined and all of a sudden this lady started making strange and mockery gestures towards me and taunting that my card was declined. I found this very unprofessional and humiliating but kept my composure and kindly asked what other forms of payment do they accept? She just said "card" without giving me any further detail.

I pulled out my debit card and gave it to her and then she said she needs "proof of bill payment" and then gave her my cable bill payment in my name, then she started calling suddenlink to confirm if I am a resident at my address and if I have any outstanding balance on my cable bill. I found this very insulting, embarrassing and felt as if I have been profiled. After confirming my suddenlink bill and balance, they asked for proof of my employment pay stub which I gave them. The lady asked for my work ID and I showed my Texas A&M student ID I use at work. It took them almost 40 mins before they decided to release the key for the car rental after, frustrating and embarrassing me there in front of other clients.

Out of curiosity, I asked the ** lady at the enterprise counter why would she ask for proof of bill payment from me if I have given her proof of my car insurance in my name and address and she couldnt answer my question. I was given the car rental, but the whole experience at the enterprise counter and the ** lady was very awkward, humiliating and embarrassing. Treating a customer that has been using enterprise service for 4 years now this way I think is very bad. I will be grateful if enterprise management can look into this incident and resolve this so that future experience like this will not repeat itself. I had to collect the car feeling so maltreated, insulted and had wasted a lot of time unnecessarily.

Our car broke down in Shrewsbury, went on the Enterprise website to look at small vans to hire which the site said were available to hire and collect today. Just to check we phoned them direct and they said "no, we don't have any vans available for hire?" We settled on a large hatchback. We took out all the extra insurances they said we should have including accidental damage cover. The salesman explained about damaged areas on the car that already existed so my wife started taking pictures on her phone of theses areas. The salesman intercepted and said there was no need to take pictures as these areas are already noted and we won't be responsible for these areas.

We used the car for 4 days, only light travel, and always parked off road. On returning the car we were told all these damaged areas are our responsibility and we would lose our excess. We explained what the rep said and the woman said he didn't really work for them and we couldn't speak to him? We now have ** automatically charged another 100. THIS PRACTICE IS ALL TOO COMMON AT ENTERPRISE. Will definitely NOT use them again and will advise others not to. AVOID!!!

I came out of a store to a vehicle smashed into the side of my truck. Called the police to make a report. Come to find out the guy driving the car had no license and was from India. How he rented a car with no license is beyond me. It's been over a month and still have not been paid for damages to my vehicle. To my knowledge Enterprise is self-insured and give people the run around when they're at fault for damages to someone's property. I will never do business with Enterprise Rent A Car. No would I recommend anyone else to do business. My next step is to hire a attorney to get my vehicle fixed.

My contract states a deposit fee of $150.00 through the 800 call center. When I went in to Enterprise to rent my vehicle they charged $250.00 deposit. Even though I showed them contract they said the contract is incorrect. This is misleading & fraudulent info.

Patrick at the Wake Forest Road, Raleigh NC location has no respect for the customers. He has a very sarcastic tone that's going to cause the company to lose good customers. I will never go there again and I will let everyone know about my terrible experience. Train your staff and remind them that without the customer, he would not have a job!

Never rent a car from Enterprise. They tell you/show you a price but when you get your invoice later there will be so many additional hidden costs. Enterprise are thieves pretending to be a rental company.

We had an E-ZPass transponder that was malfunctioning. I called E-ZPass and they said that they could see that we had a malfunctioning transponder situation and would reverse the extra charges associated with the malfunction. However, they said the request had to come from Enterprise because the charge was from the toll authority to Enterprise, not to us. Enterprise refused to contact E-ZPass. They said the dispute was between us and E-ZPass and it was "against corporate policy" to get involved. I then suggested that since we had spent more than $3,000 with Enterprise over the past year, that perhaps they could just absorb the $12 charge themselves. No, rather than keep a multi thousand dollar customer satisfied, they wanted to collect the $12 additional. Needless to say I will never rent from Enterprise again.

I rented a car from them many times and I have never had a problem until my last accident. I was able to rent a car after an accident with no problem in the past. Then I had rent a vehicle from them, I was working on my clients when delivered my car. The gentleman dropped off the car for me, I brought the keys and documents in for me to sign. I told my customer if she don't if I go walk around vehicle with him before I signed the document. The gentleman told I did not have to do a walk so I didn't plus asked if I want add insurance so I said yes. I have me sign the without a walk through which was weird so I trusted the company. Well, I left work and went home at 8:30 pm parked in my garage then noticed a scratch and dent near the rear of the vehicle.

I contact the Enterprise about the car and I was told I would have to pay for the damage. I told them no because damage was there before I got it. I told them I have extra insurance from them and it was suppose to cover. They told me I didn't have extra cover, so I told them that their employee drop off the vehicle no walk through and I told him make sure add the extra insurance. He said okay, but I trusted to take care of me and I was wrong. When someone you don't a walk through be careful because they may have damage the vehicle and try to blame it on you. Plus make sure it to go over the document with care or you will be taken for $600. Plus the girl was rude and disrespectful to their customer, I will never rent from again. I will go to someone who respect their customer and do their right not do half job.

My daughter made reservations for me at the South Bloomington location. I brought everything needed for my rental. The Excel bill that I gave the agent was a paid to date disconnect. I also had the receipt showing that it was paid. The remaining amount was not due until the 30th of September. She refused me the rental. I have been renting from Enterprise for years. I have been in this position with enterprise before, but I was never denied my rental.

Well I needed to rent a car so I went to the Orlando International Airport and found Enterprise Rental Car which apparently was having a really good deal of $189 for a whole week. Upon my rental I was charged a 20% of the rental amount as a deposit, total came up to $226.82. In my way out I was charged $155.75 for insurance for the whole week so the total amount was $382.57. When I came back they gave me a receipt saying the total amount for my rental was $375.32.

When I ask the lady if they going to deposit the 20% back she answered that the difference between $382.57 and $375.75 was the 20% that I would be receiving back, obviously I had to laugh in her face and call customer service. I had to speak to 5 different people until one of them had the courage to tell me that yes I was charged $226.82 for the rental including the 20% but when I took the insurance in my way out they took the deposit and put it towards the $155.75 to cover the whole week so my whole total would be $450 but since they used my 20% deposit that's why they were charging me $375.75. Now I don't possibly see any logic explanation to this but what I do know is that this company is ** and that I'm going to post this review in any possible review page so everybody can see how this people are thieves with their customers.

My experience was horrible. I've used them 3 times this year through my insurance and they came in the middle of the night and took it out of our driveway with every one of my children's car seats/booster seats, some other misc. items, but that's not even the big part. Our insurance got us another rental confirmation number and they are refusing to give it to us now. Mind you I have an 8-person vehicle because I have an 8-person family. I'm considering contacting my attorney and taking legal action because we were under the impression we were covered for a rental until our vehicle is fixed, which will have us without a vehicle for 3 days and no milk - none of the basic necessities for them and that's their fault. I hope corporate reviews these because I'd love to tell "oh I was stolen from and poorly treated."

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