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I have never been treated so rudely, didn't care attitude and just didn't want to be there attitude from All Employees except Osmin the Location MGR. I waited at the Dollar counter for 10 minutes while a young kid helped a couple at the Thrifty counter and then they were visiting. He saw me and never acknowledged me or anything. I finally said "Where is everyone?" He said, "Oh I am the only one here!!" I handed him my Reservation, he never asked any questions, never gave me a map, just handed me the Rental - said go outside and they would give me a car. I said "What about my Discount I have?", he said they would deal with it at the end. I went outside and the 1st car was filthy, then Osmin came over and gave me a Cruze which had over 40,000 miles on it, Scratches and dents everywhere. I only drove the car 27 miles in 2 days and had to put air in the Tire because it was at 23 lbs.

I told the guy at return and he could have cared less. I had to go back into the Rental office for my Discount. When I got in there, there were people at both counters this time. The older guy at Dollar was New. He had NO idea what he was doing as he kept asking me for my Credit card and driver's License. I said "I am returning" 3 times to him. Finally Kelly came over and a guy named Chris. She was so rude, didn't care attitude. I told her about the tire and all she said was, "Did you tell them?" Then she said I couldn't use my discount because I was bringing the car back 18 minutes too early. What??? I rented on the 8/19 at 14:43 and returned at 8/21 14:11. That is 2 days no matter how you count it. I was paying for 2 days.

She was just plain Nasty - the way she talked to me. It took over 20 minutes to turn the car in!!! Then the bus drove right by me at left. Then the 2nd one started too also and I had to yell and try to run to catch it. I am handicapped. She wouldn't even let them know I needed a ride to the airport!! I have Never had such a Bad experience at Dollar and the Dollar counter!!

After returning a perfectly maintained car and receiving the ticket from Dollar issuing a refund of $223 the company is holding the money for over a month and the customer service is just not good enough. Each email takes 48 hours to reply. After at least 3 emails I got a reply from them... They are investigating the issue and need another 20 working days!!! This place is a scam.

I arrived in Tucson to collect the Dollar car I'd paid for online. I had a ton of trouble with my new chip card from Discover which caused me to lose a day of my car. I was told at the counter that I had to take the issue of a refund for the day up with the third party who I paid for the car through. Huh??? BEWARE! Another corporate scam is afoot. To be continued.

I reserved a car through Hotwire, for Dollar Rent A Car, where I reserved it for $164.00 for 7 days. It was reserved 8 months ahead of time. When I arrived off the plane there were no cars, and the wait was 3 hours. Having a 6 hour drive ahead of me, I went to Budget where I had to pay $580.00. Dollar will not reimburse me even though they broke contract. After contacting BBB, Dollar lied and said I declined the car then returned but there was no cars left. Well I never returned once I had left. They had a lot of customers going to budget. Dollar gave all our cars away, to people or they over booked. But do not rent from them, they are bad business.

Dollar does not grant Rewards Points to loyal repeat customers -- does not value their own "Loyalty" program. I have been a customer for many years and joined their Express Rewards program. Have tracked eight rentals, where I requested my Express account receive points. I even received confirmation email that bookings were under Express points but no points appear on my account. I have spent almost $3k with Dollar for my rentals. I call Dollar, and clerk says, "Well maybe you rented the wrong kind of vehicle." Where does it state that only some types of vehicles qualify for rewards? I logged in online and requested Dollar contact me and give me my due points. If I don't hear back my only recourse is to switch to a different car rental provider.

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The convenience of Dollar rent a car in Playa Blanka Panama was a reason of my rent of a car there. I had to spend 3 mornings and got many papers from the company agent - her name is Lourdas. All papers were done slowly and all had different numbers for the rent. When I got back to Canada - I figured out that was charged 2 times for the same rent. My Visa card company investigated the case and returned the extra charge. I would never rent a car from DOLLAR Rent a car or recommend any of my friends to do so because of all investigation efforts and unprofessional services of Dollar Rent a car company especially in Panama.

If I could rate a 0, I would!!! We rented from Tucson airport, they are shady bastards, we booked ahead of time, total was $201, plus the gas. They charged my credit card $451 and spoke face to face with the manager, who should not be working in customer service, she said there was nothing she could do for me. Even though we had the original booking sheet, I declined the insurance twice and even showed them my car insurance card, they still charged me for it. They are a horrible company, very shady, do not use them! I am currently fighting with the bank to get our money back!

Don't rent from Dollar Rent a Car. We rented a car online with Dollar. When we got to the airport in Atlanta Georgia, we were worn out. My wife had just gone through an operation and 30 x-ray treatments for cancer and was sitting on a electric cart. A gentleman named STEVEN and I use the term GENTLEMAN (he was not) asked to help us took our rental number and brought up the agreement. He asked about the insurance which I told him we had complete coverage with our own insurance. He then informed us that we needed the damage waiver which would be $35.00 a day and said IT WAS A LAW IN GEORGIA that we had to have that insurance. I told him I could not afford that much and that that would double the cost of the rental. STEVEN said there was a lower waiver amount of $28.00 a day. I am 700 miles from home with no car now and a wife that is hurting, so I signed, and we left.

The next day I called Dollar and other rental car places and found out that the waiver was not needed. When I called Dollar about the waiver I was told to see the agent when we returned the car. When we returned the car, the waiver was on the contract and I asked the lady in the return area to tell me where the manager was, she said he was not there at that time and that I should not pay it when I got the bill. When the bill came in through the credit card company I was told I signed for it and that it was binding. Those people (STEVEN) LIED to me, they have my last DOLLAR.

Dollar Rent A Car uses the classic bait and switch technique for ripping off their clients. The offer a price online if you pre-pay then they say you will pay a remaining balance when you get to the counter. When you get to the counter they tack on extra charges that you can't determine and have you sign an electronic device under duress that says you agree to pay these fees. When you write the company to get an explanation or complain about the charges they will not take the charges off. In our case we came into the Dollar Rent A Car late at night, there was an hour wait before they got to us serviced. They first tried to sell us a bigger car which we refused, then they charged us $150 more than my printed out contract said we should pay.

When we asked why we were paying more, they offered no explanation. They showed annoyance with us and just said we had to pay it. We had already been arguing with the guy for 30 min, and felt we were holding up the line even more. We finally signed the little two inch electronic box where they later said we agreed to pay Optional Coverage which we still cannot get an explanation of what they are. We felt there was no choice for us. It was either sign the paperwork or go to another car rental place. It was already very late so we just signed the paperwork so we could go on. Everyone seemed to have been going through the same experience and left exasperated. Wish I could have read the review before we rented the car.

About a week after returning the car to the St. Anne, MO Dollar-Rent-A-Car franchise in March 2016, I received notification that there was damage to the vehicle that I rented. The cost of repair exceeded $1500. The images that they sent showed damage to the undercarriage that only could have occurred while the vehicle was moving. I was not in an accident over my 2-3 day rental and did not even drive over any significant potholes. My assessment is that this is a clear case of fraud. The counter person was pushing the extra insurance. Though my current insurance and credit card will cover the cost of repair, I still feel like a victim and believe that we need to continue to document the potentially illegal practices from this franchise.

I rented the car online and it was pre-paid. When I arrived at the St Petersburg Airport Dollar Car Rental they tried to convince me that I should pay a $150 toll fee pass for the 2 wks I was staying there. I said I had a gps, was staying local and set the GPS to no toll roads. Also, I know, that the toll roads are marked and at most there is a pay plaza. Otherwise, for $5 I could buy a toll pass and load up funds on the internet site if I decided I needed one. They argued with me and said that because I refused to pay the $150 they were taking $250 out of my credit card as a deposit until I returned. It turns out that Dollar Rental car is the ONLY car rental agency that does this. This is bad practice. The car rental already came with insurance AND I have personal insurance in addition. They cashed in on the $250 and returned it back at their leisure. This should be investigated. Rent from another company if you can, as I sure will not rent from them again.

Worst rental car experience ever. We waited more than 30 minutes at LAX for the pick-up van (in the interval, at least two and sometimes three of every other company's vans came by), and then another 40 in line at the office, even though we had a reservation. The staff was rude, both when we picked the car up and when we dropped it off - not just one employee, but several.

And while we paid for a "navigation system," what they delivered was an android cell phone. If I had realized it before we finished the checkout and got to the car, I would have turned it down - and just relied on my iPhone. In the end, I had to use my iPhone for most navigating anyway: the screen on the unit Dollar rented me was too dark to see in daylight, the screensaver cut in every five minutes, requiring me to touch it (not terribly safe, in traffic), and the battery died after a couple of hours (even though it was plugged in to the car's cigarette lighter) and wouldn't recharge sufficient to run the damn thing. Complete waste of money. I complained about this when we returned the car, but was told (rather rudely) that I would have to take it up with corporate headquarters.

I rented a vehicle from DIA through an online special deal where they picked the car. When I got to the rental counter, the agent barely said any words to me and was completely disinterested in making a clear transaction. At some point, he asked if I would be needing a waiver for the rental, which I took to mean that I am waiving insurance on the car. Instead, it was a damage loss waiver which is an extra $28/day. At NO POINT was this daily charge spelled out to me... All I got was a digital pad to sign on that I was accepting a damage loss waiver. When I inquired about the total amount after rental, I was told that they cannot remove the charge because I signed the pad at the counter. THESE GUYS WILL RIP YOU OFF IF GIVEN A CHANCE. DO NOT USE THEM.

The representative did not give us all the information needed about the sun-pass or about the non smoking policy. When returned the car that's when we were informed about it, got charged for it and not even a sorry for the missing information. Only reply was that it was in the rental agreement even the representative noticing that my husband was a smoker and very rude. Wrote a letter to corporate. Only response I receive was that the non smoking policy is written in the statement agreement. First and last time I rent through them. They have "great people skills. "And we wanted to upgrade to a bigger car and the representative told us that there were not more cars available only compact, but while walking towards my car there were huge selection to choose from. Didn't go back cause I was traveling with my two kids age 6 & 8 and they were very tired. Worse experience in the beginning of our vacation.

Recently rented a car from the Denver Airport. The counter person specifically asked me if I wanted the insurance, and I declined. Come to find out when I returned the vehicle I got charged for the insurance and there's nothing I can do about it. They said I signed to take it. If we weren't in such a rush I probably should have read over the whole agreement, shame on me for trusting. Highway robbery! Plus 2 out of the 3 vehicles I could select from were dirty inside and out. It was a busy time a day and they only had a few people working the counter. Had to wait in line longer there and security at the airport! If there was a rating lower than one star I would give it. Never use these guys!

Do not ever rent a car from Dollar Rental. Recently I rented a car from Dollar from the Atlanta airport. We just flew in on the redeye. When at the counter we were asked for the credit card which we used to book the rental. We were asked if we wanted insurance which we declined. We were also asked if we wanted to prepay for gas, which we again declined. We then were asked to sign the waivers. When we returned home from our vacation, I noticed that we had a charge on our credit card. We were charged for a second driver. We were never informed that we would be charged. All he asked was if we would both be driving and asked for our license. I complained to Dollar but they couldn't care less. Don't ever rent from this company. I will tell everyone I can how deceitful and crooked they are.

WATCH THESE SNAKES!!! Summer in Anchorage, car rentals are slim. I reserved two weeks prior, almost none available. Was quoted over $1400 for 11 days!!!! I needed a car, so I reserved one. Flight delayed until 2AM arrival. At counter I told the agent I did not need additional insurance since I am covered with my personal cars coverage. The agent busied themselves with the paperwork, then slid the papers to sign and again review.

The rental agent reviewed the contract mentioning the "basic " and a road service number etc... Since I had made it clear I didn't want additional insurance when they ran the choices by us again and he mentioned basic, I assumed that this was their term for renter supplied insurance, which is what I made clear from the start as what I wanted.

2AM, dead tired, I CLEARLY STATED I DID NOT WISH TO PURCHASE ADDITIONAL INSURANCE, but they video tape the entire transaction. To make matters worse, the car was inspected with the agent in the lot. After we accepted he locked up and left, we loaded the car, and when we started it we then noticed the low air warning light was on on the dash. NOBODY THERE, tires looked ok, drove 2.5 hours to our destination, 2 days later, FLAT TIRE!!

Called the number they highlighted on the envelope should any troubles arise, I did, and wasted all day trying to get the tire fixed. The driver found the screw that was broke off and plugged the tire. While reviewing the paperwork I noticed the tagged on insurance, called, was directed to simply bring the charge to the manager's attention to have the charge removed. Well I did.The Manager Brendon ** said he could not do anything until he reviewed the tape. I knew right then that after traveling a few time zones away that this was not going to go well.

Here is the reply: "I have reviewed the footage of your rental on 07/22/2016. Our rental agent asked if you wanted the complete, standard, or basic protection. After looking at the provided protection plan display on the counter, you replied, 'Just basic.' As noted on the display, the basic protection is comprised of the roadside/trip saver, and the loss damage waiver. The rental agent then mentioned at two other points of the rental process that your vehicle was fully covered with the loss-damage waiver, and provided you with a card and number for the roadside assistance. Due to this information, I would not be able to remove the coverage from the contract. I do however understand that information can be misconstrued, especially late at night and after long flights, so I went ahead and applied a 10% discount to the time and mileage for a total of $130.70 off your rental."

SO, they needed to review the tape, they TOTALLY IGNORED that I clearly stated on more than one occasion that I did not want to purchase additional insurance, but since this unethical agent then tricked me into saying basic in the review that obligated me to the purchase. Totally ignored my clearly stated wishes to not buy, hangs me on a "Gotch" trick question to a term that means nothing to anyone other than an employee, This is clearly a scam!

It gets better. I appealed to the corporate offices, and they stated that since this is an "Independent location" there is nothing they can do!!!! Folks to be charged over $1800 for a damn rollerskate that was not in roadworthy condition at the time of pick up, and then refusing to consider the actual conversation that happened at the time is way beyond an honest mistake. Avoid DOLLAR Rental cars, they are a bunch of snakes!

Overcharged me ridiculous "administrative" amounts for tolls. Gave me the wrong car and abused my wife on the phone when she called about the issue. STAY AWAY from this company. You're better ofF walking! They also own Thrifty so I would stay clear of that company too. No one needs this kind of treatment, there are too many rental car company choices.

I will never use Dollar Rent A Car again. The billing process was horrible and I was overcharged by $100 compared to what I was quoted online and the estimated charge on the original bill I received at the counter when first picking up the vehicle. I then received another estimated charge when leaving the gate after picking up the vehicle, and then yet another bill with a different amount when I returned the vehicle. I had declined all insurance because I have Geico which covers me for everything. And there were no damages to the car and we returned it with a full tank of gas.

The people at the counter were unwilling to help us and did not reduce the charges. They told us that the extra charges were because there were two drivers listed on the car. However, the man who first checked us in assured us that we would NOT be charged for a second driver. Obviously that was not the case because now they told us that in fact we WERE charged for two drivers. Dollar Rent A Car is a scam. I've used other car companies in the past and never had an experience like this. Going forward, Budget will be my first choice when it comes to rental car companies.

I rented a car from Dollar Car Rental Orlando Int. Airport through a third party source. At the rental desk in Orlando, I was offered an upgrade which was presented as a great deal and I was told the rental would be under $20 per day. I was not made aware that it would be $20 above what I was already paying per day to the 3rd party company. When I received my credit card statement there was a bill from the 3rd party source and Dollar. When I contacted Dollar regarding this matter, the customer service representative stated I agreed to the amount and they would not credit me back. Subsequently I contacted my credit card company and filed a dispute. I don't know what the final outcome will be, but I will never do business with Dollar Rent-A-Car because of this experience and would not encourage anyone to use them. The reason I rated with one star is because there was nothing lower.

My husband had to travel to Tampa and I booked the flight and car on to make things easier for him so he could get to where he was going quickly. Everything was PREPAID, including the extra insurance for $10/day. The car was not just booked online, it was paid for in advance (i.e. credit card charged).

At the Dollar car rental desk he showed his license, insurance card and they asked for a credit card even though it was prepaid. He obliged, but he didn't travel with the same credit card that was used for the online payment. In fact, we carefully read all the paperwork before and after submitting the payment for the car and this was not requested online or in the subsequent confirmation information that was sent via email. However, they insisted that the same credit card was needed or they would not give him a car.

He was told that they would let him have a car with a brand new reservation using the credit card he had in his possession, but he would incur the full rental fee again. That would have been fine if they would have agreed to issue a refund of the money that we already paid, but they said that Dollar does not provide refunds for prepaid reservations as long as a car was available for him to take, so no refund for the initial payment would be issued.

The agents and even manager at the Tampa airport location were completely inflexible and not even willing to try and be fair. But then, they already had our money and I suppose they didn't feel the need to help a customer, even though we followed all the instructions that we were sent when they took our money online.

In the end, I called Expedia flaming mad and (after almost 2 hours on the phone) Expedia agreed to refund us for the car rental and the extra insurance we purchased. Hopefully, Expedia will be able to get reimbursement from Dollar. In the meantime, my husband went over to Enterprise and explained what happened. Not only did they match the price, but they were pleasant and helpful. Needless to say, we will never ever rent from Dollar or their parent company again.

I rented a Ford Fiesta from Dollar Rent A Car at its facility at O'Hare Airport in Chicago. The purpose of the rental was to drive with my daughter to several cities (Chicago, South Bend, St. Louis) so she could do college tours. The period of the rental was from July 6 to July 10. I duly returned the car on the morning of July 10 to Dollar's facility at O'Hare. A Dollar employee checked the car in on his hand-held machine and gave me a receipt (unfortunately I did not keep the receipt). My daughter and I then caught our plane, flying from O'Hare to Baltimore BWI Airport on the morning of July 10 (we live in suburban Maryland). I thought this was the end of my uneventful experience with Dollar. I was wrong.

The week of July 18, when I was on vacation in Duck, North Carolina, I got a couple of voicemail messages on my cell phone from Dollar's Vehicle Control Department in Oklahoma City. The callers alleged that I had not returned the Fiesta I had rented. I returned one of these calls and informed an employee in the Vehicle Control Department that I had returned the vehicle at Dollar's facility at Chicago O'Hare. The employee said she would call the facility at Chicago O'Hare, tell them I had returned the car, direct them to look for it on their lot, and close the transaction. I received a couple of more messages from the Vehicle Control Department, but did not return them, because I had already informed them that I had returned the vehicle.

Last night, July 26, I received a letter, dated July 17, from the Vehicle Control Department which, among other things: demanded that I return the Ford Fiesta immediately to the Dollar facility at Chicago O'Hare, informed me that failure to return the vehicle as instructed may result in the vehicle being reported stolen; and threatened legal action to recover the vehicle. This led me to begin thinking how I could prove that I had returned the vehicle, despite the absence of a receipt.

I had used my American Express card to rent the vehicle, so I called American Express to see if Dollar had charged my account on July 10 when I returned the vehicle. The very helpful person at American Express informed me that there had been no charges from Dollar on July 10, but that Dollar had charged my account on July 21 in the amount of $1,865.75. The amount you see is correct: one thousand, eight hundred and sixty-five dollars, and twenty-five cents more than fifty cents. This morning (July 27) I called Dollar's Customer Service Department to dispute this charge. The Customer Service employee informed me that their records showed I had "returned" the Ford Fiesta to Dollar's facility at Chicago O'Hare on July 21 instead of July 10; hence the astronomical charge. This, of course, is physically impossible because on July 21 I was on vacation in Duck, North Carolina and was nowhere near Chicago O'Hare.

I have now sent Dollar's Customer Service Department: my flight itinerary showing that I flew out of Chicago O'Hare on the morning of July 10 (instead of driving around the Midwest for eleven days in a Ford Fiesta), a hotel reservation showing that I stayed at an airport hotel at Chicago O'Hare the night of July 9 and checked out the morning of July 10 and a Dollar reservation showing that I was quoted a car rental total of $198.44, not $1,865.75.

I am waiting to receive my American Express credit card bill for the period from July 10 through July 21, which will show a charge by the airport hotel on the morning of July 10, the bag charge I paid the airline on the morning of July 10, the airport parking charge I paid at the airport parking lot at Baltimore BWI on the afternoon of July 10, and my whereabouts on particular days from July 10 through July 21. I am also waiting now for a response from Dollar with respect to the information I've already sent them. Perhaps their theory will be that on the morning of July 10 I ditched the Ford Fiesta in a secluded area near Chicago O'Hare, flew back to Baltimore, drove my own car down to North Carolina for vacation, and then made my way from vacation in North Carolina to Chicago O'Hare by plane or car just so I could return the Fiesta on July 21.

I can pinpoint three specific acts of gross incompetence, systemic breakdown, or worse on the part of Dollar and its employees: Dollar failed to correctly check me in and record my delivery of the Ford Fiesta on July 10; Dollar left the vehicle sitting on its parking lot for eleven days without anyone bothering to figure out where the vehicle had come from and why it was sitting there; and when the vehicle was finally "discovered" on July 21, a Dollar employee came up with the bright idea of recording that I had "returned" the vehicle on July 21, instead of simply returning the vehicle to inventory and closing out my rental transaction as of the real return date of July 10. One wonders how a company operated this way can keep up with its competitors. Dollar management, are you reading this?

My family went to Orlando on vacation and used Dollar Rent A Car like we often have. The line was long and each guest seemed to be taking a long time to get processed but we were excited and willing to wait. Even though we had a reservation for a car, the person helping us was very insistent that we should add the toll option to the car which includes a maximum of $10 in tolls per day for $50 extra. We normally don't like to add charges just for convenience but the guy told us that 1) there were tolls everywhere and they weren't well marked and 2) many didn't have attendants to take cash and 3) if we didn't prepay, the fines would be $100. He noticed that I was surprised and said, "I know! It's highway robbery!" He said the tolls were everywhere and even as close as Disney World. Best of all, he told us to look for a SunPass lane and drive through when the light was red (it's a laser). He said it's the opposite of what you'd think.

None of this made sense, but we were driving across the state to St. Petersburg, so we decided to be safe and get the toll option. We had a bad feeling that we'd paid $50 for no good reason. Sure enough, we drove from the airport to our hotel and used $1 to ride the clearly marked toll road with cash booths. Then we went 2 hours southwest to Sarasota (only one toll of $1.25 with cash booths).

All in, we spent about $5 for tolls on the trip. What a waste of money. The $50 is about the difference in price between Dollar and other car rental companies. Looking back, I wonder if the hard sell approach was the reason it took so long to process each person in line. Highway robbery is right - but it's from Dollar not the state of Florida.

Dollar is owned by Hertz. When we arrived in Marseilles to pick up our car we were sent to the Hertz counter. All of the employees were wearing Hertz shirts. We reserved a car that was supposed to seat a minimum of 7 people. They tried to give us a car that could barely seat 5. When we complained and showed them the confirmation, the manager came out and told us that we could have the car we reserved if we paid double the price. We said no and tried to call Dollar customer service (who hung up on us). He then started screaming at us to get out or he would call the police because we "have no rights in France". When we called Hertz (we are gold members) to complain, they said that they have no control over their employees in France. Read the reviews of the Marseilles airport car rental companies before you reserve!

Rented a car from Dollar at OHARE airport, Chicago. Had to wait in line for apps. 40 minutes - not nice but can happen. On return, we left 4 paper bags and two empty water bottles in the car and they charged me 50 Dollar extra for cleaning. At the return place, there was no chance to clean the car completely and I was not told that removing a handful of normal stuff would cost me 50 Dollars extra. I have never ever experienced that with any other rental company and also never experienced it with Dollar before. I complained, but they said the charge could have been up to 250 Dollars. If I ever have to rent from Dollar again (which I hope I can prevent), I will bring a vacuum cleaner.

Rented a car at the Sacramento airport from Dollar Rent A Car at the rate of $16 per day. When I got there I was told my total charges would be $63. So far so good the rental was for 7/08/16 to 7/10/16. I returned the car on the 10th. Two days later I find out that a charge of $204 had been placed on my credit card. I contacted dollar and was told that there was a $19 charge because the car was not returned with a full tank of gas. This was not true. I filled the car up within 5 miles of the airport. The agent on the phone said she would remove that charge and that I would receive a credit of $148 back on my cc because the overcharge was a computer error. This is 7/25/16 and the money has not been returned. Stay away stay away.

I prepaid to hire a car in the UK with basic insurance. When I picked up at Orlando airport I was asked if I was with happy basic insurance which I thought he meant the one I took out in UK. I agreed to pay for a tank of fuel and SunPass, which now I feel was overpriced at $10 per day. After a long flight I signed the agreement without checking amount (stupid mistake). It was not until I reached my villa that I checked paperwork to see what I was charged for. The next day I phone customer service and have emailed 4 times with no response. Very poor customer service. I will not be using Dollar again. Also double checking what I am signing for.

We rented a car from Dollar at their Tampa Florida Airport in July of 2016. We knew we wouldn’t be using the car a great deal so we rented a compact and we paid a bit more because of the airport location. On the way to our hotel, an hour from the airport, the air conditioning stopped working in the car, a bit warm in July in Tampa! When we got to the hotel I called Dollar with a simple request, could they drop off a replacement car at the hotel as I really didn’t want to take another two plus hours out of my vacation to drive back and forth to the airport for something that was not my fault. The original customer service representative, Ashley, was the only bright spot in this terrible company.

She attempted to help me and put me through to Caleb at Roadside Assistance. Caleb was completely inept and basically told me that the only answer was to drive the car back to the airport for an exchange. I work in the automotive repair business and told him that the car could be unsafe to drive as there was a slight odor coming from the engine compartment when the air conditioning cut out. Caleb smugly told me that he knew, by phone, that the car was safe to drive. What a complete idiot! I asked to speak to his supervisor and he refused to connect me. I asked to speak to someone at the airport location and he refused to put me through and would not give me the phone number to that location. Needless to say I was LIVID!

I told him he was incompetent and hung and called back to customer service and fortunately was connected back to Ashley. Ashley attempted to reach the airport location on my behalf and after an hour of trying she called me back to tell me that they refused to take her call, a fellow employee. This company SUCKS from top to bottom and I felt sorry for Ashley, who was genuinely trying to take care of customer. She deserves to work for a better company than this despicable excuse for a customer service company. She took the extra effort and called up a location near our hotel where they had some rental cars and asked the manager, Kenny, if he would swap out our car which he agreed to do if we could drive there, which we did. This company COMPLETELY SUCKS and DO NOT rent from them EVER!!

This is day five dealing with Dollar Car Rental and CarTrawler. Both companies are blaming each other for the double billing. Both companies have failed to resolve this issue. Dollar Car Rental received double payment and refuse to correct the situation. It appears that Dollar Car rental is willing to lose a customer to maximize their profit and lose a future customers. Please anyone dealing with third party companies and Dollar Car Rental, BE WELL AWARE that if a problem OCCURS THAT BOTH WILL SPIN AND LIE TO YOU AND KEEP BLAMING EACH OTHER.

DO NOT USE this bogus company that has no corporate office!!! They more than tripled my fee and tried to slip it in right in front of my face. They ran it without my permission. I am taking legal steps soon. Why are they allowed to do this???

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Lauren Fix is an automotive expert who earned the title of The Car Coach, and is recognized throughout all forms of media as a woman with in-depth knowledge on vehicles, technology, automotive finance, repair and trends. Founder of Automotive Aspects, Inc., her understanding of automobiles has made her the “go to” person on TV, radio, print and the internet. She writes a column for multiple outlets including Parade Magazine, NewsMax and Car Coach Reports. She is a regular guest on all the major news and morning shows discussing the latest updates on cars that will help drivers of all ages learn to about cars and make smart decisions.    More about Lauren→

Since 1965, Dollar Rent A Car has grown to include more than 570 locations in 61 countries worldwide, including approximately 260 locations in the United States and Canada. As a part of The Hertz Corporation, this brand belongs to the largest airport and general-use car rental business worldwide.

  • Seasonal specials: Dollar Rent A Car offers various discounts for seasonal travelers. For example, summer renters can get 10 percent off a weekend rental, the most popular days for vacationers to rent a car. The Silver Club offers a 5 percent discount for drivers over the age of 50.
  • Dollar EXPRESS: This convenience program is designed for customers who don't have a lot of time to spend at the checkout counter. Dollar EXPRESS is a free program that lets users skip the line and go straight to a rental vehicle.
  • Easy reward redemption: The Dollar EXPRESS Renters Rewards program makes earning rewards easy and redeeming them even easier. Buy 16 days of car rental and get a certificate for one day free.
  • Business rental plans: The Corporate Rental Plan offers locked in rates with no peak season highs and lows, while the Flex Rate Plan gives users a five percent discount on the price, along with a three percent rebate for bookings.
  • Multi-month rentals: In addition to low monthly rates for long-term rentals, Dollar offers multi-month options with convenient monthly billing. Ideal for workers on a temporary assignment, Dollar offers rentals for up to 11 months.
  • Many makes and models: Dollar Rent a Car features 16 types of rentals from economy cars to convertibles and open air all-terrain choices.
  • Best for Vacationers, business travelers, temporary workers and those with cars in repairs.

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Company Name:
Dollar Thrifty
5330 E. 31st Street
Tulsa, OK 74135
United States
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