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Diego of Cape Coral, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I HAD to give a STAR or it wouldn't expedite my review. The service was SO DEPLORABLE!!! Patrick **, the owner, is nothing but a common criminal. Never returned my money from my credit card. I have now filed with small claims court. NEVER rent a car from ACE!!! You're better off walking.

Maryanne of Centreville, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

Firstly, the rental center was advertised as "at the airport", however it was not located with the car rental services that were at the airport, we had to take a shuttle to the rental center. The rental charge was fine, the car was fine, but we were unhappy about the drop off charge added to our credit card if the office is not open and you need to drop off the car at an alternate site. This would not have been an issue if it was located at the airport as was advertised. The information MAY have been in the fine print. I have not located it yet, but when we indicated we would be dropping the car off at their office right at opening time, you would think that they would have mentioned that there was a charge if you arrived earlier and had to drop off at their alternate location. When I called to communicate my disappointment, I was coldly told, "it was in the contract". I am not happy with their customer service and will choose another company in the future.

Sherry of Mukwonago, WI on
Satisfaction Rating

We had a bad experience renting a vehicle through ACE Rent A Car while on vacation in Colorado from June 16th through June 23rd. First we discovered that the car rental place was off site so we had to take a shuttle to the rental trailer! Once there we waited in line for about 40 minutes. Finally got waited on to get our car which we requested was a Toyota Corolla or similar. They offered a Ford Explorer and I confirmed with them that there would be no extra charge for the bigger vehicle. They urged us to buy their toll pass at $11 a day for which we did not need as we did not drive where there were any tolls. They did not ask if we had auto insurance. They gave us a pink slip which indicated that the vehicle's gas tank was full, which it was only 1/4 full. They gave us the keys and told us to look the vehicle over and indicate on the pink slip if there was any prior damage. They did inform us of the hail damage from the recent hail storm.

The vehicle was filthy inside and out. They did not wash it from the previous renter and they did not clean the inside out. There was garbage in the seat pockets and dog hair in the back cargo area. We did not feel like waiting in line again so we took it and tried to contact them by phone with no success. The dirty vehicle ran great the whole week and we returned it early on Friday, June 23rd. There was a line again and an employee told us if we were dropping off the car to just put the pink slip and the keys on the counter and we were free to go. I commented on the dirty vehicle on the pink slip. We took the shuttle back to the airport.

Then on Tuesday, June 27th my husband got a call from an ACE employee saying that our rental car was overdue. He indicated that we returned the vehicle early on Friday morning and proceeded to tell the guy how disgusted we were with Ace when the man hung up on him. My husband tried to call him back to finish the conversation but could not return the call as it was marked unknown caller on the caller ID. WE WILL NEVER RENT FROM ACE AGAIN, NOR DO WE RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE!!! HOW UNPROFESSIONAL!!!

JEFF of Grayslake, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

I made arrangements thru to rent a car in Denver. Ace Car Rental by far had the best price for my needs so I made arrangements to rent a car from them. When I got to the car counter I presented the information that I received for the rental. I was then asked a number of questions, one of which was where I was taking the car. I told them Colorado for a wedding then Wyoming to see Yellowstone. I was told that Ace DID not allow the car to leave the state of Colorado and that it was disclosed in the terms and conditions. I showed them what I received as a confirmation and that limitation was not disclosed. I asked them to produce that information and they could not. After much conversation I left and went back to the airport and then got a rental car without limitations from National Car Rental. The cost was $500.00 more than the Ace quote of $199.00. $699.00 total for 7 days.

It seemed to me that they DID not want to honor the quote and could not produce the documentation I should have received stating that I could not leave the state. This is a basic bait and switch issue to get customers in the door. Note that I was the only customer in the place and Ace only had about a dozen cars to rent. Ace was at a offsite location and they worked out of a trailer. Not a professional operation! I then contacted with the issue and they said it was in the terms and conditions.

Since I travel about 6-7 weeks per year, I rent cars often. Never have I ever had an issues or a limitation of where I can drive. I asked National Car Rental the same question and they never heard of such a thing. This appears not to be an industry standard. Avoid Ace Car Rental and You need an attorney to go through the paperwork to confirm the deal you are promised and in the end they still may not honor the deal as quoted. Don't let Ace or ruin your vacation or business trip!!!

BRYAN of Fairhaven, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

My family and I were recently on vacation in Miami. We decided we would try to rent from them because they had good prices online and the model of minivan that we wanted which was a Nissan Quest. When we got there we realized what a hassle it was to get to and from the rental agency. Once at the rental agency, it took more than half an hour to be taken at the counter, although there was no one ahead of us in line; then once at the counter it was much worse.

First of all, we were told that they no longer had a Nissan Quest (even though it was the only one being advertised on their website AND we could look out the window and see 3 parked in their lot and one being returned). I told the man behind the counter that I had made a reservation online with the driver's info but the passenger's credit card. I gave him both the driver's ID and the passenger's credit card (both us were present). He would not take the passenger's credit card because he said that it had to be the driver's credit card. So we gave him the driver's credit card and kept asking him how much is it going to come to? First he said $250, then $350, but $400 was actually charged. Even still, we thought it was a good price so we accepted.

Two weeks later I look at my credit card statement (the passenger) and I see a charge for $500. I immediately call them and they tell me that the $400 that was charged at the counter (driver's credit card) was in addition to the $500 charged on the passenger's credit card. So they in fact did take the passenger's credit card and charged a total of $900+. And now they refuse to return the $500 to the passenger's credit card. BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE! THEY WILL TELL YOU ONE THING AND DO ANOTHER! DO NOT RENT FROM THEM!!!

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Charlene of Brooklyn, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Arrived in Orlando and didn't realize this was an off property rental place. Once I get there they do not accept debit cards. Only credit cards so if I didn't have a credit card I would have to get back on the shuttle and head back to the airport. Rented the car from Friday May 19th - Monday May 22nd. When I returned the car on Monday May 22nd took the shuttle to the airport, went through security and realized I left my prescription glasses in the car. I called ACE and was told by Daniella that they had already re-rented the car and nothing was put in lost and found. I then asked if she would be able to call the customer who had just taken the car to see if they can check for my glasses. She proceeded to tell me that they do not disturb the customer while on vacation and that they are not responsible for items left in the car.

I called back again and asked to speak to the manager. She gave me all the reasons why I couldn't speak to the manager but saw that I was not getting off the phone when she finally put the manager Andre on the phone. He told me as well that they are not responsible for lost items but that the people who had my car would turn it in on Thursday 5/25 by 11:15 and he put a note on the account for them to check for the glasses. I called back on Thursday 5/25 at 9am to remind them and Daniella said there is a note on the account.

I called back on Thursday at 12 noon and Daniella told me that the car was not brought back yet. I called again at 3pm and Daniella was quite frustrated and reiterated that there is really nothing they can do. When I asked to speak to Andre the manager she proceeded to tell me that he has more important things to deal with than my lost glasses. I then told her that I am not getting off the phone until I speak with the manager as this is not the way you treat a customer. Andre gets on the phone frustrated as well saying that he has important meetings he needs to be at and I am interrupting them. I then say, "Is this how you treat customers", he then lowers his tone and tells me that the customer that has my car extended their stay to Sunday May 28th and that Andre himself personally will call me on Sunday to let me know if they found my glasses.

Of course Sunday came and went and I never received a call from anyone at ACE. I did call at 7pm and a nice young lady helped me. She goes by D. She said the car came in and they checked and found nothing. I then called back on Monday to speak to Andre to see why I never heard from him and of course he never came to the phone but the girl who answered the phone told me that he is off on Sunday. This place has such poor customer service and the managers are even worse. I would never use them again. I made sure I gave them a negative review on Expedia as well. BEWARE!! DO NOT USE ACE!!!

Rob of Gaithersburg, MD on
Satisfaction Rating

We reserved a rental car through ACE. We got in line to pick up the car and heard from one of the employees that there is an out of state restriction on their cars so you can't take them across state lines "Or the GPS locator will turn the car off on you". Never EVER have I heard that you can't take a rental car across state lines, so I didn't even think to look for it in the rental agreement/reservation. We had unlimited miles, so that shouldn't have been a problem. We had out of state plans with the car so we couldn't use ACE. This left us with a 2+ hour delay leaving the airport and seriously increased the price of another car rental because we were stuck and didn't have time to shop around. Our rental car with another company ended up costing 600 dollars MORE than we were expecting.

Additionally, the airport shuttle (Denver International) was painfully slow and took an hour to get back to the airport from the rental center. We were waiting in the shuttle for it to leave but the manager wouldn't let it until the another one arrived. This was absolutely unacceptable and would have made us miss a flight if we rented through ACE. Absolutely absurd. We will never go with ACE again.

Katie of Cleveland, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

We had the absolute worst experience. We along with 5 other couples that we met in a span of 3 hours all had a bad experience. The customers have no way to contact customer service-we waited over an hour in 40 degree weather waiting on a shuttle. There is no signage for the airport shuttle... Beware of the price!!! They advertise low price but when we got to the (construction trailer) rental location they marked the price up $80. Then they refused the payment options that we could use!!! So we were stranded for another 2 hours without a rental.

carole of Rutland, VT on
Satisfaction Rating

I rented the car online and with a discount code provided to me in an email sent by Ace to me. My rental price was 119.22 and after declining many attempts to add on things we did not need my husband was asked to sign the contract on a BLANK screen pad and was handed the contract. He didn't look until after we had dropped the car off and we were charged 143.22. Called Fort Lauderdale Ace after returning home and they refused to refund us. Kept saying she didn't see a reservation for 119.22 when I have a printed reservation with that price on it. The woman at this office was EXTREMELY rude! Have never had any problems with rental before and will NEVER rent with them. There is no recourse if there is a problem... NO customer service. DO NOT rent with this company.

Isidro of El Paso, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

Really bad experience with Ace. I recently completed a 15 days rental from Ace at the Mexico City International Airport. Among the issues we had were: Unfriendly counter staff. Car was not washed. The car was very old and smell terrible. I requested another car and my request was declined. The right back light did not work. The guy was trying to sell a local insurance to get a commission. I declined, so after an hour of arguments he finally gave an old car. It was about 2 AM and I just wanted to get out of the airport and drive to my hotel.

Jill of Chesterfield, MO on
Satisfaction Rating

The wait at the airpot was so long. The car was in very poor shape. They charged me $289 in toll violations that were completely not true. We asked for the dates that these toll violations happened and we were at a resort and did not drive our car on that day. I am not sure how you could go through 10 tolls in 1 day?!?!?

A. J. of King George, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

All rentals are off site from airport. Just called when we arrived and the shuttle was there to pick us up within 10 minutes. No charge for the shuttle. The "surprise" car booked through Expedia was a new 2017 Elantra. Great deal for the price we paid. All fees were disclosed before we left the lot. Would recommend this agency.

Jim of Herndon, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

The cheapest price among advertised online. When we arrived in the rental office located at Parking DIA in around 8 pm. With my showed my prepaid e-mail for checking in. The person asked a lot about additional coverage. Since I have declined all the collision insurance (covered with credit card and my own auto insurance), how in the world will I add liability (which should be covered by my own auto policy). The salesperson asked "Are you sure you don't want the coverage?" I said "Yes" and initial on the small signature pad. However, the paper printout shows that I am yes on the coverage with my initial. The ACE rental car's add on is really cheating. Talk with the manager when returned the car. He insisted that I have initial the coverage, so I have to paid. No more rental from this company. I am also reporting this to my credit card company about this unwanted charge.

jeffrey of Chicago, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

Terrible experience with Ace. We recently completed a 6 day rental from Ace at the Denver International Airport. Among the issues we had were: Unfriendly counter staff. Car was not washed. We requested the cleaning crew to at least clean the back window (covered with dirt) and the request was declined. Car seat adjustment did not work. When we were asked to pay $10 a day for tolls ($60 total) we declined with the expectation that there were alternative methods of paying individual tolls. No explanation was given of the local toll system -- that individual tolls CANNOT be paid by cash. Ace has us paying a penalty of $25 per toll (total of 3 or approx $10 locally).

The exit from the rental office had two directional signs, one to the airport the other to city. We took to city that leads directly to a toll road. Trying to return the car at the airport there are NO ACE SIGNS POSTED. Ace is not located with the Car Rentals signed at the airport. A call to your toll free number went to Florida office. It took us about 20 minutes to find Ace while being on airport property. Upon returning the car, I got in line at the counter. Ace representative stated to several of us that if we left the key and contract our receipt would be emailed. That was two days ago. I have no receipt. I have had to call Ace twice. Am still waiting. Don't rent from Ace.

Michael of Louisville, KY on
Satisfaction Rating

Upon renting car the man who rented the car to me never went over anything with me. He only ask me to walk around car and note any damage on car. Upon returning car only to find out they were not open and no place to drop keys, I was worried about missing my flight had to get Uber because there was no shuttle back to airport... then I get my credit card statement and was charged $28.00 for a quarter tank of gas. I will not be renting from this company again... and will not recommend this to any friends. Very dissatisfied with this experience.

morgan of Louisville, KY on
Satisfaction Rating

Geez, where do I begin? First of all, they are NOT located at the airport. This isn't a bad thing necessarily, they will pick you up with a shuttle. I foolishly assumed they were at the airport because every other rental agency in town operates out of the airport. Anyway, when you take delivery of your rental car, they don't review your contract with you or even offer you a chance to read it, they just put an electronic signature pad on the counter with 9 - yes, nine - places for you to sign and click OK. It's not because they are in a hurry. I saw another employee do this to another customer when I returned my car. Demand to see what you're signing for.

First, they automatically charge you $16 for an airport shuttle ride whether you need one or ask for one or not. I guess if you fussed and complained they would remove the charge, I don't know. Secondly, when I picked up my car, the employee told me that there was a $200 damage deposit on the rental which was fully refundable later. Later, I was looking at my invoice, and how much was the damage deposit? $300.

Third, they automatically add $10 to your bill to cover interstate tolls, whether you need them or not. That's right, even if you drive straight from the Ace rental car office to your motel right next door, you still get to pay for Interstate tolls. This was my favorite part of the experience: If you want to apply your own car insurance on the rental, you better grab them by the collar and ram it down their throat because they will NOT ask you for it and then they will automatically charge you for Florida state liability insurance for every day that you rent the car.

After I realized this, I called up to complain and an employee on the phone told me that they WOULD refund the insurance charges to me if I showed them proof of insurance. But, when I returned the car and showed the employee my insurance, he told me that they would NOT refund the insurance charges. I mumbled something under my breath about calling the Florida Attorney General, to which he immediately said, "Well, whaddya know, someone already removed the charges from your bill" - which was BEFORE I showed anyone proof of my insurance!

It just goes to show you, businesses that operate in the tourist industry, especially in tourist areas like South Florida, will scam you every chance they get because they know that a lot of people get very disoriented and stressed out when they're traveling or on vacation and they don't take time to read the fine print. Plus, they know that in a few hours or days you will be hundreds or thousands of miles away and you'll be powerless to do anything about it. DON'T vacation in South Florida and DON'T rent from Ace rental car in Fort Lauderdale.

Patricia of Mankato, MN on
Satisfaction Rating

Booked a Toyota Corolla. They were out when we got there on the time that had been stated when I booked. Rep tried to give me a Mustang Coupe for 4 people. HAHA! Got a Hyundai Santa Fe... Paid a $200 deposit and $50. We were early returning vehicle, filled the tank up with gas to full, and it was in the same condition as it was when we took it; and clean. Also, the toll fees were like $10 total; not $50 (what a joke)! Ten days later, I called about my deposit being reversed on the credit card... They said in a few days it should be reversed. Ended up getting $56/$200 back... Long story short, involving several calls with terrible communication on their end, including having to call corporate, where they kept hanging up on me, they claimed the rest of the deposit was all these other completely hidden fees.

Shawn of Suffield, CT on
Satisfaction Rating

CHECK THE REVIEW!! I made the mistake for not reading the review and I paid price, but I don't want anyone to fall into the same trap. The only reason I gave one star is because that is the lowest rating, ACE rental deserve a NEGATIVE rating. I'll list all things that they scam me for.

Fuel on pick up, marked FULL on paper and expect you to return FULL. Only found out it was only 1/4 tank upon pick up. I discovered it 5 mins out the door, took picture and went back. The CS looked at it and circle 1/4 on the pink slip. When car was returned, they accused you making the changes as there is no initial, and charge you ridiculous amount per gallon to fill it up to FULL.

Take picture of what you signed on the small keypad screen when declining insurance and request for a paper copy of what you signed. Your electronic will be added to the final contract on places that you did not agree to. And without you realized, you agreed to the $15.99/day liability insurance. I was told that it's the company requirement to have liability insurance but nobody will inform you up front, only when you receive your final bill. Take pictures of the car and ensure you captured all imperfection or else you will end up with a big surprise.

They will scare you into getting tol ltag by telling you there is no toll booth in some area, everything is pay by mail based on the license plate. But since car is not registered to you, ACE will receive the bill in the mail and they will charge you $25/transaction. I fell for that and found out there is always a toll booth to give change. You will be charged a full extra day if you are late for 30 mins - 1 hr, not a pro-rated rate, + insurance, + toll tag, ++++ everything else.

Request for a final receipt BEFORE you leave and go through the charges details, don't accept email. You will be screwed as soon as you leave the place. They will tell you contract is CLOSED (not even sure what that means) and no changes can be made, so you basically have to pay whatever amount the charged you. DON'T waste your time calling customer service, there is NONE. And they will tell you should have read the contract and everything you signed. Period. Again ----- STAY AWAY!! MY FINAL BILL WAS $245 BUT MY ORIGINAL RESERVATION TOTAL $123 INCLUDING TAXES AND FEES.

jimbo of Rva, VT on
Satisfaction Rating
5 day rental from Ft Myers FL. Counter person Barbera insisted I had to take the auto toll payment plan because Florida does not have cash lanes any longer.

I did & got suckered. Paid cash at ALL tolls. Finally got them to return fee at check in, grudgingly. Been a few days & still waiting for deposit to return to my debit card. Who's floating the money? Because it left my account instantly the day I rented the car. Calls to "customer care" worthless. Bottom line: I'll pay a little more and avoid these scammers.

joyce of St Paul, MN on
Satisfaction Rating

We rented a car Feb of 2017. Agreement was a Toyota Yaris or similar. We got to the rental area in Fort Myers, Florida and only cars available was a minivan holding 7 people or a pickup truck. They said go back to airport and try to find another company and you will pay lots more. We ended up with the minivan for one week in busy Florida and 2 people. On return could not find rental place with our GPS. Called Ace they said GPS outdated and could not give you a close address or the address of the airport. Stopped many places and got directions. Arrived rental place and were charged for late fee, we were 20 minutes late. Argued and got it subtracted. Never deal with this company.

Kristen of Loudonville, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I rented a car from ACE in Fort Lauderdale, FL for two days. When I returned the car on the due date, they charged me an additional day's rental fee despite being only two hours late (most companies offer a grace period). Furthermore, they claimed the pin on the gas gauge was 7/8 below a full tank and attempted to charge me for gas (even though I had just filled it up). Another employee vouched it was indeed full. Then they tried to hit me up for $35 in tolls despite providing no proof I ever racked up that much in tolls. Typical "bait and switch" tactics - wish I had read all the bad reviews BEFORE renting from them. Never again.

Shane of New Braunfels, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I've rented vehicles at least 1 month for over 20 years for work. This is without a doubt the worst experience I've ever had with a company period. It's a complete bait & switch rental company. I made a reservation and of course when I went to pick up the van they didn't have it. After waiting almost 2 hours for them to find one (around 9 pm this time with 5 cranky starving kids on vacation) they found one. I had to have a van to fit everyone or I would have left.

After all the hassle they then said I HAD to purchase commercial insurance for a VAN (no commercial license required by law??). The insurance was more than the rental car cost. This was NEVER mentioned in the original booking online. They wouldn't let me leave without it. They are nothing but scam artist. I just hope someone reads this before they get scammed too. It's the Ft. Lauderdale ACE rental car company. By the reviews of ACE this is standard practice for this company. They should be put out of business.

Sou of Philadelphia, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

We had a very bad experience with an agent Neil with ponytail who claimed to be the manager. We made reservation about a week ago and when we arrived he wanted to give us a van and that's not what we requested. He kept saying there is no car to give to us. I asked there is plenty of cars outside and he said they all have problems. If we don't want the van we can go somewhere else, mind you it was getting so late.

So we started to look for somewhere elsewhere we can rent and another agent there was helping us to look for a place to rent. He was walking around singing and humming. So my friend got on the phone to complain and she was on the phone for 15 mins on hold. He came back saying "ok will go check on the car but it's not for sure." He came back later on saying "ok I found you a car but it needs a car oil but if the engine sign comes up don't worry it's nothing." We took the car for 4 days no engine sign came up. We just had a very bad experience.

Dana of Hartford, WI on
Satisfaction Rating

Very unprofessional! The biggest complaint I have is that they took our money out of our account when we reserved this car online. Upon arrival, we had to take a shuttle from the airport to the car rental facility where we took care of business quite quickly and efficiently. At the end of this half hour long process, we were told that they do not accept DEBIT cards - even though the money was already gone! There were two other couples trying to pick up their vehicles as well and were told the same thing. Both of us have had issues with credit cards so neither of us own one. The employees behind the desk were unsympathetic and quite rude about it. We had to get shuttled back to the airport and needed to spend double what we had already spent!

ACE did not give refunds at the counter so we were out almost $400 on our trip and could not do several things that we had planned. This information - which is IMPORTANT - was not on any of the e-mails that my husband received after confirming the reservation. This is copied and pasted: 'Rental Restrictions: General Conditions: *Unless stated otherwise in the Rental Restrictions, you must present a credit card in the driver's name at time of rental pickup.' Our debit cards say MasterCard on them and we use them as credit cards. We have never had an issue with that before. This was totally unacceptable. We felt like second class citizens as we were driven back with our tails between our legs.

SONDAWING of Norristown, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

They overcharged me on the agreed upon price of 297. Instead they charged me 408 dollars and told Expedia that I had requested extra insurance at the scene of the rental. This is not true at all and I would never get insurance for my car because my credit card covers any accident. Total scam and not a very polite customer service either.

orin of Estero, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I rent every so often. Last week I rented from Budget and had no problem. Good car, good price and good service. Booked a car through Priceline and I ended up with ACE. Boy did I get a surprise. I don't know how they stay in business. They told me that Florida renters are only allowed 150 miles per day. I was on a time schedule. I had to take their shuttle to the Fort Myers Airport and it turned out many flights were arriving. All the rent-a-car lines were full. It would be a while till I could get another car. Luckily Alamo saved the day with their machine in the lobby.

Avoid this company at all costs. They are rated one star. I've been renting for about 35 or 40 years and I guess there are still surprises. I called Priceline and they said I should read the small print. Nowhere in the contract does it say "We discriminate against Florida renters by only giving them 150 miles." I have an excellent driving record and a wallet full of credit cards. What gives here???

Robert of Hope, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

I have rented a car for a couple week duration. I learned that if something happens and I want to return it a day or more early they add a penalty charge of $25 per day early I return it!!! THIS SHOULD NOT BE A LEGAL BUSINESS POLICY.

Russell of Worcester, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

I had a reservation for a car to be picked up on 12/28/2016 at Ft Lauderdale Int. Airport. Upon arrival at the airport I called for a pickup and the agent told me they had the reservation but no car. I asked if the reservation actually reserved a car, he said no. The agent told me he had no solutions - but if I wanted him to keep the reservation he would. I asked to keep the reservation for as long as he could hold his breath. End result, I took a cab to Deerfield Beach at a cost of $80.00, rented a car from Enterprise for the remainder of the week and even got a free day and door to door service. Stay away from this company if you expect any service.

John of Grand Blanc, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

I reserved a rental car at ACE rental car, Orlando Florida. They provided me with an economy Ford Fiesta. While driving from the Orlando airport to my hotel in Daytona Beach the car, without any warning whatsoever, lost all RPM and speed slowing to an abrupt stop from 70 mph speed limit on interstate 95 to within 2 miles an hour and directly in front of a semi truck following my vehicle! As an experienced driver very aware and alert I abruptly moved to the shoulder to avoid being rear-ended by a semi truck and dying on interstate 95 as a result of an engine failure and a defective automobile! I continued my journey to Daytona hoping this was a single incident. However it was not! This exact situation occurred twice again, on State Road 44 into New Smyrna Beach and then again on Atlantic Avenue in Daytona Beach as I approach the hotel.

Fortunately I was able to instantly react and pull off the road to avoid being rear ended by traffic behind. I immediately notified the rental desk at Ace Rent-A-Car. They agreed that it was a serious safety issue and very dangerous and to park the car in the parking lot and they would replace the vehicle by the next day, towing the unsafe and dangerous defective Ford Fiesta back to their Orlando location. The exchange was made at no charge obviously because of the dangerous unsafe non-drivable rental car! I returned the replacement vehicle to their location on December 12. Today for days later I was advised there was a $436 towing charge fraudulently without my authorization or approval added to my Visa card!

I immediately called this unscrupulous rental company and spoke with manager Andre. He stated he was told by the local dealership there was nothing "wrong with the car", and therefore charge my account $436 for the towing of the exchanged vehicles. Without question, unequivocally this company has proceeded to put in an unsafe and dangerous vehicle back on the road in their rental inventory and charge me as a customer and outrageous towing bill when in fact the car failed three times driving it from Orlando to Daytona in 80 miles!!

Please do not under any circumstance is put your LIFE IN DANGER and rent a car from this unscrupulous company!! Their office is located on Semoran Blvd., Orlando! I advised my visa contact (and will never pay the charge) and filed immediate dispute. After 15 minutes of discussion and restating the issue and a problem to manager Andre, who is the one who initially of approved the replacement because of the dangerous situation that he agreed to, he never agreed to remove the charge. I have notified the department of transportation, the Inspector General's office and call Pam ** the Attorney General's office of Florida.

Richard of London, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

We booked a car online through Ace for our holidays in Dominican Republic & booked insurance separately through Allianz. When we got there we were told our insurance wasn't valid (which is not true) and forced to spend an extra $200 on insurance. The partner company Nelly were very aggressive & it made for a really unpleasant start to the holiday. Do not hire a car through Ace. They are crooks!

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  • Easy rewards program: With the ACE Rental Genius program, for every dollar spent, participants earn points. As the points add up, customers can earn a higher tier, letting them get eight percent off instantly. There are no black out dates for rewards program.
  • Points for prizes: In addition to instant discounts and higher tiers, customers can spend their accumulated rewards points on products like Xbox ONE and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.
  • Valet service: ACE offers valet parking and fast shuttle service at airports to make travel easier and less stressful.
  • Reservation look-up: If travel plans change, customers can easily find and adjust a reservation with their confirmation number and email address.
  • Early booking: Many companies only take reservations six months in advance, but with ACE, travelers can reserve a vehicle up to a year in advance.
  • Car Selection: Most locations offer economy cars, compact sedans, full-sized cars and luxury cars. Some locations offer minivans, 12/15-passenger vans, SUV’s, trucks or specialty vehicles.
  • Best for Those who plan ahead for vacations, business travelers, temporary workers and those who want a wide selection of vehicles.

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