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We are committed to providing a lower-cost, environmentally conscious alternative to traditional utility generated energy. We enable our customers to access the advantages of solar energy with little to no upfront costs to them through long-term contracts that generate recurring, predictable customer payments to us. We aim to provide best-in-class customer service and deploy technology that empowers our customers to take charge of their energy future.

We offer distributed solar energy — electricity generated by a solar energy system installed at customers’ locations — to residential customers based on 20-year contracts at prices below their current utility rates. Our customers pay little to no money upfront, typically realize savings of 15% to 30% relative to utility generated electricity immediately following system interconnection to the power grid and continue to benefit from guaranteed energy prices over the term of their contracts, insulating them against unpredictable increases in utility rates.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: May 25, 2019

My neighbor across the street put solar in his house. Then when we were out in the front yard, I queried him about who he got it from and how much it costed him. He told me about Vivint Solar and that it cost him nothing. I still didn't quite understand how it worked. Then Ryan, a freelancer that represented a couple of different companies, showed up at my door and was selling Vivint Solar. I began talking to him about that and the deal where there would be no out-of-pocket expense appealed to me.

We went through the process. There are certain conditions that a client has to meet and an agreement to sign in order to sign up for the deal. It took at least three months for them to design the system and send somebody to come out and survey it. Then it took two trips for that because the guy had an equipment problem. We finally got around to deal to where I qualified and I was interested. So we signed all the papers and they came out with a crew of three people and installed the system. The permitting process took some time. There was initial permitting through the local power company and then another one from the county billing inspection department. Finally, we got through that. And it has been working for two months now.

There's only two living in my house, the wife and I. And Vivint Solar determined that the 13 panels would produce enough power for the two of us. The solar system doesn't work at night, so we use the local power. Then in the daytime, it produces more power that we use and it goes into a bank and the power company keeps a record of that. Then you build up credit over time, which is used against what you use from them and they balance it out. The first month's bill was great. I owed the power company $6.86 but I owed Vivint Solar $54. It was about $60 in total. On an average, my bill at the time was $93. So that's about $30 a month in reduction on what I was paying for the power. I still have a bill from the local power company, but it's more about records and the amount of power that's being generated and used.

I love Ryan because he is a neighborhood kid. He went to high school here three blocks down the street. One time, he told me that he was gonna come and show me how to hook that system into my computer so I could monitor its performance and activities. But he has never done that. He said he was gonna do it a couple of times, but he never did. Also, my neighbor next door to me is interested and the guy hasn't come back and contacted him. I'm dissatisfied that they haven't gotten back to me. I'm not getting a response to this business of getting in touch with the people that I know that would be interested in this program. There's not enough follow-up.

In addition to not hearing from Ryan, I haven't heard much from Vivint Solar. There are so many agencies involved and that's the reason it takes as long as it takes. So the follow-up with all these activities that have to happen, Vivint Solar doesn't have any control over. They're patient, but the client is not too patient. And I don't understand why it takes so long.

I also would like to see an organized company in uniform or at least in a uniform shirt that says Vivint Solar on it. They came out here and got blue jeans and cowboy boots. Also, the vehicles that they come out in don't have Vivint on the side so that neighbors can see what company it is. Vivint has a product that they should be proud of, and their workers should be proud to work for them. But to date, I'm satisfied with the cost and the payment result with Vivint Solar.

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Vivint Solar response

Hi Johnny, thank you for your review. We are happy to hear that Ryan took good care of you. Thanks for going solar with us!

2 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 13, 2019

I’ve been researching solar for 20 years and noticing that for small houses often where I live, there’s not a lot of roof area. It’s a little house and solar really didn’t put up enough power. Then more recently, the technology has improved enough that now, it does. I have an associate that I work with, and he bought a house recently in Los Angeles where there’s a bigger house and a lot of sun. The house came with solar as part of a mandated thing that the housing tract had to do. And so, another guy and I were watching his bill being a negative number occasionally or very low, and our bills were higher. So, that kind of got us started again.

So, I did review the research again to see that now, the solar panels are putting up more power. And so, I contacted several different companies, got various stories on incentives and odds and ends and different people that seem pushy, and salesmen who didn’t seem to know what they were talking about. And out of all of those, one of them was Vivint, and they seemed to be much more straightforward and knowledgeable. They also had the best incentive. I was able to get a friend in Phoenix on board, so both of us are supposed to get 500 bucks.

Another big determining factor was the fact that with prior solar things, one has to finance and pay, and they’d tell you, “Oh, It’ll amortized soon. And soon, it will be worth it.” With Vivint, you don’t pay anything. It’s free. They maintain and monitor it. They install it, too. My roof was in good shape so I could just go ahead and do that. I have zero out of pocket expenses to put the thing there. Both the guys at Vivint Solar that I talked to on the phone, sales and coordinator types, and the workers that came out, were all very professional. There wasn’t a lot of BS and they were polite.

PG&E supplies my power in California. When I got my first bill, it was in the middle of the month probably because the new system has started, so the prior month, it was like 200 bucks for PG&E, and then all of a sudden, it was 50 bucks. That sounds great but it was in the middle of the month and it had so many bizarre terms and odds and ends and taxes and adjustments, and this and that, that I really couldn’t say what it’s going to be like. Plus, under the new system, I’m supposed to be paying Vivint a certain amount every month. I’m buying the power from them and then pass the certain amount that they will charge. PG&E will charge the difference. And there are different other factors that one never would have thought of that they got in them like taxation and all kind of stuff that plays into these things that makes it ridiculously complicated.

And then they make reference on the PG&E bill until the end of the year to adjust the profit. Normally, you just pay for power. In this case, you’re putting power back into the grid, so that they’ll profit from that, and then the loss from what you use over and above that. And that’s constantly monitored, adjusted and regulated. So, whether this is worth it and by how much, it’ll probably take a year at least to see how it all plays out.

Out in California, we’ve had a lot of big fires. And everybody is pointing at whoever might have the pocket, whether they have it or not. And it may prove that the biggest advantage of going solar is to escape PG&E’s rate increase after the fires. Overall, everything with Vivint Solar so far has been fine. I wish I could see in the future, a year from now or two, what the real difference is because Vivint is gonna raise their rates a couple of percent every year.

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Vivint Solar response

Hello Ron, we are happy to hear that after such extensive research, you choose to go with Vivint Solar. We are excited for you to see the savings. Thank you for leaving us a review! And thank you for choosing Vivint Solar!

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 9, 2019

Vivint's sales people came around the neighborhood and at that time, we were not yet considering going solar. But they said they’d save us money on our electric bill, so we signed up with them. Two sets of panels were installed in our house and we have two accounts with Vivint Solar. Paying two separate bills for solar panels on one home causes a little bit of disruption in trying to budget because you don’t know how much each panel was going to generate at a variable feature of the solar panel in general. We got a bill for $28 on one shot then we got a bill for $30 on another shot. But with the regular electric bill, you can go on what they call a budget plan where you lock in a fixed rate each month and at the end of the year, they make an adjustment and you either get a credit or you owe a difference in underpaid usage.

When you have a situation like we have now with two separate accounts not being married together, it makes it kinda hard to project in the future what our electric bill is gonna be. Now the Pepco portion of the bill, we have it as a fixed rate and it’s a bit high. But not having a complete full year with both the accounts and the Pepco bill married together, it’s very difficult to budget ahead especially for those of us who are on “fixed incomes”. Unlike a car or insurance payment where you know every month what your payment is gonna be, we're kinda scratching our head with the Vivint situation we now have.

With the very unpredictable nature of mother nature, we’re not gonna know how much kilowatt production goes to systems they’re gonna generate until we got some time under our belt. This past winter was cold, but this winter that we’re currently experiencing has been unseasonably hot. For instance, today, the temperature is gonna go up to 60 degrees but last year at this time, the temperature never broke 30.

I was also concerned that because of the two accounts being generated, we were not made aware that once we got the second set of panels, which consist of 21 panels, to marry up with the 22 that we already had, we had to log on to Vivint's website and turn on a “switch.” The second set was put on the house last August and while we were getting a bill on the initial installation, we never got a bill for September, October, November, and December. So that also added to the confusion. Finally, by way of telephone communication with Vivint's account payable department, we were able to find out what the bill was on the second installment and we paid it. And hopefully by the end of this month, we’ll know what the two separate bills are for for the first time,

Other than that, we enjoy the service. I also know that Vivint has good people and I’m not complaining about the product itself. The problem is overseeing the product and meeting our liability and obligations to Vivint Solar because as customers, we’re getting a product and service that we have to pay for but we're unable to project down the road because there is no fixed rate program available.

In the future, when we have a “track record” well established with the kilowatt consumption on average, maybe at that point we might be able to think seriously about improvement for Vivint to the customers that would allow them to do what the general electric companies in the neighborhood do like Pepco or Philadelphia Power Gas Electric up in Philly area. Because people want to be able to plan ahead of time how much money they need to set up and set aside so that any obligation, financial or otherwise, can be met without any strain or effort on the part of the homeowners.

The other problem I ran into with Vivint was the snow guards. The ones on the front panels of the initial installation were covered by Vivint because we had a blizzard and because of the lack of the snow guards, our rain gutters came down. So we had to hire somebody to come out and fix them. Vivint was very good and very accommodating in admitting their error and they reimbursed us for the cost of re-hanging the rain gutters. When the second set was placed on the home, we were told that snow guards would be included but we found out after the installation that they were not included and that we had to pay almost $1,000 to have 30 feet of snow guard installed.

The issue with that is, we didn’t own the panels. Vivint does and we are renting them. So as a rental product, we are held liable as a homeowner to pay for protection of those panels and I had a real problem with that. So as of today, we do not have snow guards on our north-facing solar panels. That is an issue that never got resolved because I don’t have $900 to pay for that. And if I do pay for it and something happens to the snow guards, they become defective or do damage to either the roof itself or the panels themselves, who’s liable? That’s another issue that never got resolved. So that’s where I stand right now.

Vivint needs to do some type of analysis based on regional locations of the homes in the United States. As a general rule, homes in Florida, Arizona, Southern California, Alabama, Mississippi, and Southern Georgia, are not gonna have a snow guard problem. But when you get north of the Mason-Dixon line, we’re subject to heavy snow damage or blizzard condition. So it should become an “automatic” portion of any future installments. Vivint really needs to seriously consider that because the panels are their property and they need to put into their program that additional protection to their property. Other than that, with using their service and the solar panels, we’re helping reduce the cost of electrical generation for our homes and helping reduce carbon emission. That's a very good thing and everybody should strive for that.

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Vivint Solar response

Hello John. We are sorry to hear that you've had some concerns regarding your billing as well as with snow guards. Please feel free to send us an email and we can look further into this for you. Thank you.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2018

I have a number of people in my community that have Vivint solar panels up on their roofs. I was hesitant but I thought about solar panels so I called Vivint and I asked for someone to come out and speak with me. I ran a business for 30 years before I retired so I have a pretty good way of analyzing people sitting around me as to whether they're giving me a sales pitch or being truthful with me. And I was hardly impressed by the young man that came out to speak to me.

I knew that solar is probably the wave of the future. When I spoke with this fella we looked into the ins and outs of it. He brought out and even wrote down for me the negative aspects. He told me what they offer to help with those and that in the end, I should come out in the positive. I also had about five negatives of my own that I thought were a lot more important than the ones he had shown me. He was very nice to answer them.

The enenrollment was a simple process. The regulatory side with the township and with PECO, however, started out to be a struggle. But I know somebody politically in my area and I asked her if she could put some fuel on the fire, and she did. It was amazing, even Vivint Solar said they can't imagine how I got this done as quickly as I did.

PECO told me that once their final investigation was over and approved, I could push the lever on the meter box outside to go live. But that wasn't true because Vivint Solar had to have a go-ahead letter and they were not in possession of that go-ahead letter when I pushed the lever. Legally, I went live around the middle of September. When Vivint Solar called to say I can go ahead, I told them I already did. Now, my PECO cost for electricity has gone down, which I understand, but because I'm paying 12.5 cents per kilowatt hour to Vivint, it's overbalancing my savings from PECO. Not by much though. But I understand that we're going into the period of the year where the solar part is going to minimize because there are less hours of sunlight going into the solar panels. It's producing fewer kilowatt hours of solar power.

In that case then, when we get into the late spring and through summer, the kilowatt-hours produced by the solar panels x 12.5 cents would be my cost. The way I see this, it's gonna be outrageously higher than the PECO electric charge. I understand that for every kilowatt-hour produced by the solar panels, it cuts back on PECO energy's kilowatt-hours. But a PECO kilowatt hour is at a cost of about eight cents, and every kilowatt-hour produced by the solar panels is at 12.5 cents. Where's my savings? I'm being told that in the late spring and summer season, there will be a lot more solar kilowatt-hours produced. In some months it will override the kilowatt hours used from PECO and I will have no PECO electric cost.

The problem is Vivint's website stinks. It shows minimal information. To somebody who's not up-to-date with solar energy, with pure electric energy, and doesn't care what their bill is, it would be okay. But for somebody like me who studies solar energy, electric power and costs before doing it, it matters a lot. What matters, even more, is my wife was ultimately against putting solar panels on the roof because the company had to drill into the roof to put what holds the panels. The holes could possibly cause a leak. I had to explain to her why that thought of hers was wrong.

Other than those, my experience has been great. Vivint has been over useful. Everything that I've asked for and everything that they told me has been up to snuff, other than we still would have to see how the cost works out at the end of 12 months. I wanna go a full cycle because there are supposed to be months in there that I will have no electric cost from PECO. When I average it over a 12-month period and if I come out ahead because of the solar panels up in the roof, then I'm a happy person. But if it comes out that I got screwed by Vivint, I'm certainly not gonna be very happy. But they keep selling solar and California is now mandating solar on new homes. I can't see how I can end up losing here. I'm going into it with a positive mindset.

If I come out even, I won’t be happy but I would be understanding. I'm stuck on a 20-year contract and if there are gonna be issues, they would be legal issues because I'm not gonna end up paying more than what I was paying for the next 20 years. I would be 93 years old by then and I don't know whether I'd even be here.

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Vivint Solar response

Thank you for leaving your feedback, Robert! We love hearing that you've had a positive experience with us. Thank you for choosing us to go solar!

4 people found this review helpful
Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2018

Our neighbor said Vivint Solar sounded like a pretty good deal. He tried it, he was a year ahead of us. He gave us a salesman's name, Mark. Mark contacted us, set up an appointment, and talked to us about the system. He explained the process a little bit as well as some of the steps that would result if we decided to go through with it. My wife had a couple of questions about the design. She wanted to make it more aesthetically pleasing on the roof, balance off the rows so there would be no partial rows, and try to hide the wiring as much as possible. All the technicians were very courteous when they were out here. They were polite and they were very receptive to ideas we had of hiding the conduit in the pipes so it didn't appear as visible from the street. They were very good at doing all that.

It's been two months that we've had Vivint. I had a problem with the system where it wasn't up and running. When I was going online to check the status of the account, I found that I wasn't reading anything. After the system was installed, somebody should have contacted whoever had the new system and say that they were checking it out and that everything was good. They should walk you through it if you have a problem or tell you what needs to be done for start up. It took me at least two weeks to finally to get the problem resolved.

I called the company twice. The first guy said to give it a couple of days. I was on the impression that as soon as the system was reading, you would see it on your account. You could check the status of whatever it made or burned. But it wasn't talking at all. When I called back the second time, which was about a week later, I told them I was still not getting anything and also what the first guy told me. I was then told that I should be reading something. Something didn't sound right so they were sending somebody out.

A service guy came out. We found that there was a second box and the switch was off on it. Apparently, when the electrical inspector came, he must have pulled those switches off. When I got the email to start the system, it said to find a box, flip the switch off, etc. I did that. I checked the fuse box but nothing happened. I didn't know there were two boxes. I told the service guy that and he was really good at explaining. He walked me through and showed it to me, so now I know where they are. I also told him about the thing that's talking to the computers. The device talks to the cable or the computer and it wasn't working or reading. He agreed about that and he went through it. When everything got up and started, it was fixed. He made sure it was communicating so that was good.

I'm now on second payment with Vivint. By the time we found the problem and they got it fixed, it was near the end of the billing cycle. I'm hoping that by the next time, I would start seeing a difference in my electrical bill. With my experience, I took a lot of notes so I can give others my notes. I'd tell any new customers that have the service what they should be looking for and to make sure that the technician or whoever installs it shows them everything. They should also ask the technician, "How do I start it off?" They should let the technician show and walk them through it. I'd also tell new customers that they'd not to see immediate savings right off the bat and that they'd have to wait a couple of times. They should watch the communication devices too, if the lights are blinking and not talking. They'd need to call Vivint because nobody's gonna contact them.

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Vivint Solar response

Thank you for leaving us your feedback, Armand! We’re happy to hear that Mark did a great job. We appreciate your business.

3 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 3 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2019

A salesman came by to look at our alarm system and then he got us into the solar. He was very nice and thorough, and we were impressed with him, that was why we went with Vivint Solar. I, however, thought that our bills, the combination of electric bill and the solar, were going to be less that what we were paying without the solar. Our solar bill was 161 and our electric bill was 191. So, I don’t know what is going on, and if it is a good deal. I’ve called him and he said to call the Edison Company and to make sure we are on net something. Edison said we are, that it takes a couple of months and then we will get a credit. But, it has been quite a while. While our experience with them was good, I would not recommend it to anybody because of the high bill.

Vivint Solar response

Thank you for reaching out to us, Karen. We definitely want you to experience all the benefits of solar. Can we have a look? Please send us an email to with your address and this review so we can see if it's something on our end. Thanks! P.S. did you know that your savings may fluctuate from season to season? Read more on our blog:

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 14, 2019

Enrolling with Vivint was really easy and convenient. They came out to me and the guy was really funny and personable. I've had them for a month now and I got my bill yesterday, which is due on the 20th. They emailed me the bill amount, but I can’t figure out how to pay it. I keep creating an account, but it’s not sending me a verifying email. Yesterday I was so frustrated, I said to forget about it. Moreover, I can’t get anybody on the phone. I was waiting for half an hour for somebody to come on the phone, but nobody ever came, twice. That was my first time ever calling. I usually just call the guy that came out directly if I have any questions. Solar is a clean source of energy and I’m pretty satisfied with my decision to go solar.

Vivint Solar response

Thanks for the feedback! We work hard to deliver the best solar experience possible. It helps that we have amazing customers like you. If you have concerns regarding the Account Center or questions on how to read your bill please feel free to email us at with your address and this review. Thank you for choosing us as your solar provider! Keep up the good energy.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2019

My brother works for Vivint's camera and lock installation, and I always try to go green as that is one of my main goals. I went into solar energy services because by going with it you are not paying for your electrical bill as much as you used to pay, and I know that in the long run it is going to be worth it. Enrolling with Vivint Solar was quick. There were three installers that day and they knew what they were doing. I noticed they worked safely and I was happy to see that. Ever since the beginning with Shane, everything was professional and straight forward. He did not cover up or make up anything. He explained everything well for me to understand -- the process, how the loan works, etc. I'm happy.

Vivint Solar response

Your review brightened our day, Fernando! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. We're so happy you chose us as your solar provider!

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2019

Matt was so informative and answered all our questions. He was not pushy but knew we needed it. So far we are very pleased with the results and have told others about this company. We have already started to see savings and look forward to our bill being cut in half.

Vivint Solar response

Thanks for your review, Karen! We're so delighted to hear that you're saving money with solar. We hope you continue to enjoy the benefits of clean energy for years to come. Thanks for doing your part to take care of our earth.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2019

After signing up, my electric bill is higher than what my PECO bill was. Was promised that it would be lower. I received a double bill $344 because one was not sent last month. I have gotten emails saying that payment was overdue, when I called magically the payment was posted. I did not opt for automatic payments and won't because of the problems I have read about. I also am filling a complaint with my state's Public utility commission.

Vivint Solar response

Thank you for reaching out to us, Steve. We definitely want you to experience all the benefits of solar. Can we have a look? Please send us an email to with your address and this review so we can see if it's something on our end. Thanks! P.S. did you know that your savings may fluctuate from season to season? Read more on our blog:

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Vivint Solar expert review by Zachary Shahan

This company offers solar panels and a product line of solar batteries, powerful chargers and smart home apps to customers in 22 states. Plans include solar purchase, solar loan, solar power purchase agreement (PPA) and solar lease.>

  • Solar panels: Vivint Solar offers polycrystalline panels for those looking to save money and monocrystalline panels for greater efficiency.

  • Combined services: The process involves consultation, design, permitting, installation and activation. The company has partnered with LG Chem that provides batteries with an energy capacity of 9.8 kWh and warranty of 10 years. They are wall-mounted, noiseless and touch-safe.

  • Customer acquisition and installation efficiency: Vivint Solar is reportedly very efficient when it comes to customer acquisition, allowing it to theoretically offer customers lower prices than its competitors.

  • Financing model: Vivint Solar's most popular financing option is their PPA structure.

Profile picture of Zachary Shahan
Zachary Shahan Solar Energy Contributing Editor

Zachary Shahan is the director of CleanTechnica, and his key areas of focus are solar energy and electric vehicles. He has been referenced or interviewed by essentially every major media organization as a recognized global thought leader on solar energy.

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