Is Trinity Solar legit?

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Yes, Trinity Solar is legit. Founded in 1994, Trinity Solar is a legitimate solar company that is available in 10 states in the U.S.

20% of Trinity Solar customers in the last two years report being satisfied with the company, with decent ratings for pricing, ease of installation and maintenance.

Many people have trouble finding a dependable solar energy company because it's a relatively new industry.

We’ve done the research and combed through reviews from verified customers. We can say with confidence that Trinity Solar is definitely a legit company.

What is Trinity Solar?

Trinity Solar is a solar energy company that offers services in the Northeast United States. Trinity Solar is NABCEP and BPI certified, and the company can install solar panels in as little as one day. To get specific pricing information, call the company directly.

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Trinity Solar customer reviews

Trinity Solar’s reviews are poor. Of the 11 verified customer reviews on ConsumerAffairs, only 20% are satisfied.

Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with Trinity Solar, citing issues with communication, delays in activation, incorrect information and lack of customer care. Some customers experience problems with their solar systems, including damage to roofs and non-functioning panels. There have been complaints about missed appointments, subpar customer service and difficulty in receiving incentives or resolving issues.

Recent Trinity Solar reviews

Eric, Jackson, NJ: Salerep was courteous and knowledgeable. Timeframe was within 45 days. install only took one day. Unfortunately, I thought the solar would cover 100% of my usage but I hadn't been there quite a year so they did some type of calculation. My utility charges me about $30-$70 each Feb but that's it. I love solar. Saving me so much money, Trinity Solar is def a company that stands by their product and installation. I had one issue with a wire coming out of attic with an opening. I think they forgot to caulk but they came out within a few days of my call. And all is well. Another time the inverter outside my home stopped communicating once and they walked me through what to do to fix it.

Alexander, Quakertown, PA: I regret the day I signed up for solar with Trinity. I regret ever getting involved with trinity and Dustin **. Trinity hands you off to Sunnova solar and that is where my troubles began. In little over two years with solar my system is down again. The first times was 6 months. This time I am five weeks and counting. Two bad inverters in less than three years. Sunnova still will charge you a monthly bill and you are producing nothing. I called dustin the first time and he did nothing. When dustin was here selling us the system he made it sound like sunnova was their parent company.

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Is Trinity Solar a scam?

No, Trinity Solar is not a scam. Savings from solar panels depend on your location and how much energy you use.

With that in mind, Trinity Solar may not be the right choice for you, but its products and services are not a scam.

Additionally, Trinity Solar offers a 25-year warranty that covers the solar equipment they install. Payment options for Trinity Solar include cash, loan, lease and PPA.

Where is Trinity Solar available?

Trinity Solar is available in the following states and territories:

  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • Pennsylvania
  • Maryland
  • Rhode Island
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • New Hampshire

Trinity Solar information

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How long has Trinity Solar been in business?

Trinity Solar has been in business for 30 years.

Is Trinity Solar public or private?

Trinity Solar is a private company.

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