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Through its e-commerce website, ShopSolar offers renewable energy solutions like solar panels, generators, and lithium batteries, which come in complete kits that include everything needed to either do it yourself or through a third-party installer. You can use the website to find the right kit for your specific situation or speak with a solar specialist to get a recommendation that meets your needs. In addition to solar kits, ShopSolar offers individual panels, solar generators and lithium batteries, as well as engineering permit and plan sets, individual cables and parts, and racking options. It provides financing and backs its products with warranties.

Pros & Cons


  • Complete solar packages
  • DIY installations
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty


  • Ships only to continental U.S.
  • Shipping can take up to 10 days

Bottom Line

ShopSolar offers a variety of solar solutions. Its kits are designed to lower your monthly electric bill. ShopSolar also offers permitting and plan sets as well as accessories and solar panels. The kits can be DIY-installed or installed by a professional. Financing is available, and all kits include a manufacturer's warranty.

What is ShopSolar?

ShopSolar provides complete solar power systems for off-grid, hybrid, portable and emergency power sources. Many ShopSolar customers are looking to live off-grid with a mobile lifestyle or to have emergency backup power. ShopSolar systems work for DIY installation, and the company offers multiple packages to accommodate different project sizes.

In addition to solar energy kits, ShopSolar offers individual equipment pieces. These include solar panels, generators, batteries, inverters, lighting, emergency power supplies and solar fridges and freezers. ShopSolar ships throughout the continental U.S., and most orders arrive within five to 10 business days. There is a 30-day return policy.

How does ShopSolar work?

ShopSolar offers a completely online experience. Answer questions about your project online to receive a free quote, then a solar power specialist will contact you and offer kit recommendations. Once you've chosen a kit, ShopSolar will ship your order, which should arrive within five to 10 business days along with your wiring diagram and setup instructions.

ShopSolar kits are designed for do-it-yourself installation. For $97, you’ll receive a 60-minute training course with step-by-step modules and a handbook. The video course will teach you how to size, install and maintain your solar energy system. If you prefer professional installation, ShopSolar will draw from its network of installers and connect you with one in your area. ShopSolar works with two financing organizations that offer financing terms of up to 144 months.

Once your solar kit is installed and operational, you’ll receive lifetime customer support. All kits also qualify for the 30% federal solar tax credit, according to the company. All kits also include an original manufacturer's warranty. There is a 30-day return policy; restocking and return shipping fees may apply.

ShopSolar products

ShopSolar offers kits designed for different project sizes. These include:

  • Complete solar kits: Complete solar kits are offered in off-grid, on-grid or hybrid-ready systems. There are over 30 complete kits available from ShopSolar. The kits vary in energy output and include wiring schematics for installation and setup.

  • Solar generator kits: Solar generator kits include all the parts and pieces for generators and solar panels to work together to directly power your devices.

  • DIY solar kits: ShopSolar offers over 95 ready-to-install DIY solar kits. DIY kits include solar panels, charge controllers, power storage and other accessories.

  • Lithium batteries: ShopSolar has more than 60 lithium battery package options. All ShopSolar batteries include a manufacturer's warranty.

In addition to the prepackaged kits, ShopSolar offers individual accessories. These include:

  • Solar panels
  • Cabling and wire
  • Battery chargers
  • Bus bars, fuses and connectors
  • Ground-mount solar racking
  • Lighting
  • Generator accessories
  • Off-grid appliances

ShopSolar pricing

For a ShopSolar complete solar kit, you can expect to pay between $1,789 and $45,998 at the time of publishing. Factors like kit size, brand and wiring needs affect the overall cost. You can find pricing for other products in the table below.

Kit typePrice range
Solar generator kits$969 to $24,589
DIY solar kits$889 to $45,998
Lithium batteries$329 to $37,989
DIY Solar Essentials course$97

ShopSolar partners with two financing organizations, Affirm and LightStream. Both offer $0-down options with terms from three to 144 months.

ShopSolar FAQ

Does ShopSolar have a warranty?

ShopSolar kits are covered by manufacturer's warranties. The company can help you get in touch with the manufacturer if you have a warranty issue.

Does ShopSolar offer financing?

Yes, the company has two financing partners that offer options for as little as $0 down.

What is ShopSolar’s cancellation policy?

You can cancel your order for a refund to the original payment method. However, you may be responsible for return shipping charges if your order has already shipped.

Where is ShopSolar located?

ShopSolar has offices in Houston, Las Vegas and Ogdensburg, New York. It ships products anywhere in the continental U.S.

Is ShopSolar legit?

ShopSolar has sold solar energy solutions to over 35,000 customers since beginning operations in 2018. It has several good options for solar energy, but its best solutions are for those looking for off-grid energy or hybrid energy and battery backup power. Those with off-grid properties, RVs, homes and outbuildings may benefit from ShopSolar's products and services, and many of the kits work for DIY installation. If you’re interested, ShopSolar has a paid course that helps you through the installation process, which you can take in less than an hour.

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Verified purchase
Customer ServiceBattery

Reviewed July 22, 2023

We have a sun facing house. Whenever we have storms, it's nice to have a backup. I wanted to have something that was sized to be able to run my refrigerator. If we ever did have a power outage, that's 500 bucks worth of food. I just hate to waste all that. It took a little bit longer to get the unit than I had expected. The shipping in a lot of areas was screwed up. When the unit finally got here, there was a little hiccup. The solar panels were great but there was a part that looked like it would flash on and try to power then the little screen would go out and you would just get nothing.

I talked to ShopSolar's customer service. I was really disappointed to get a bum unit. But they didn't say, “Ship it back.” The rep just said, "Rather than ship it back to me, I'll let you be my bench technician. Let's just video right here where you can see it." He stayed on the phone with me and had me go through some things and actually take the unit apart. He could see that it was what it was and it wasn't powering up. He said, "If you're comfortable with doing this, you take out a couple of screws. We'll pop the top off... Look for this one little connection, show it to me.” And I did. The thing is really heavy. If it got jarred, the wire might come loose. We checked all that stuff, ran some quick diagnostics and he said, "No. It's just a dead unit." ShopSolar shipped me out another one and that one seems to be working just fine. I was quite happy with that.

We have a couple of solar panels with a battery. It's like charging your flashlight. You just set it out there, the panels sit outside, and they can charge up your battery. I don't have anything attached to the house. We wanted something that if we want to go camping with it, we could. We are thinking about buying an RV. We may actually bolt the panels to the top of the RV when we go. But right now, it is portable. I can just set it out on the front porch and it'll charge. And then the battery is just like having a portable jumper unit.

I wish we have a little bit of a bigger battery because it matches the amps, but then I hear the peak amps. If the compressor kicks on the refrigerator, it could peak and go within 10 watts of maxing this thing out. It really has no margin of safety at all. You're hoping that the numbers are exactly what they say they are. Machines aren't always that way. Bigger is better when you're talking about power.

All in all, ShopSolar did all right by me. I just have the one experience. I get the politics of the world and everybody shuts down. Shipping was slow for everything and everybody had delays. It was just the way things were. You gotta be happy with that. Also, the best time to buy technology is tomorrow. If I had waited a little bit longer, I probably would have got the next step up and had a little margin of safety.

Thanks for your vote! Report
Response from ShopSolar

Hi David, thanks so much for your review. It can be tricky sometimes to be the technician over the phone but we're grateful for your patience throughout the process. We're glad you've got things set up and hopefully you get to take your solar equipment on a nice camping trip soon!

Take care

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    Verified purchase
    Installation & Setup

    Reviewed June 26, 2023

    Important statement for DIY solar planners. ---- If doing a permitted install, never purchase any components before first completing your designs to ensure they align with your AHJ's specs and requirements. ---- A month back, I reached out to Shop Solar Kits for a DIY, permitted solar plan. Sad thing about it: I had already purchased and installed most of my equipment. So, when I signed up with for a $1400 plan-set, I had no idea that all my labors and spending would collide with the AHJ for my project. Thus I ended up holding non-certified DIY solar components.

    Now here is my experience with ShopSolarKits. From them, I had purchased no equipment yet they worked hard to help me find a solution to my mess. In the end, I decided to can the project, pull my parts, sell everything, and forget about doing solar all-together. This understanding came after weeks of discussions with ShopSolar and my component provider. Shop Solar contacted my AHJ, and tried to find a way to make things work without me pushing more money behind a bad decision. When it became apparent that I couldn't end this jam without investing lots more funds, Shop Solar quickly and without charge, cancelled my planning order by sending me a full refund against my investment for their services. Non of it was their fault. The mistakes fell upon my rush to get into DIY solar. I give Shop Solar Kits five stars for going out of their way to easy the burden I had placed on myself. Great service, guys. Here's hats off to Shop Solar.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Response from ShopSolar

    Hi RM,

    Thank you for your very kind review. We are happy to help in whatever way we can and are glad that, in the end, we were able to help you out in some way.

    If you ever become interested again, we will be here!

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServicePriceBattery

    Reviewed May 30, 2023

    I bought the original 1,300 watt EcoFlow generator and used it with the fifth wheel trailer. It has worked out beautifully. I then went with the EcoFlow Max which has twice the capacity. When I got it and looked at all the information, it was not the same thing. It had less power than the Max that I wanted. So I called ShopSolarKits again, and the guy that does all the videos, Max, I talked to him and he said he didn't know what EcoFlows do when they're just flooding the market, putting less cells in. It got really confusing. When I got the unit, it wouldn't take a solar charge. So we ended up sending it back. ShopSolarKits did everything for me. They got the authorization to send it back and everything went smoothly.

    The new unit works beautifully and I'm very happy. I'm looking to buy my third one. The only regret I have is that technology has gotten so much better. Now they're using a LiFePo4 battery chemistry and I have the old lithium chemistry in mine. Also, the plus on LiFePo4 is that it withstands weather. When it gets really cold you don't lose power and now they're offering it in all the units. With the Max 2 that's coming out mid-June, they have a special going where you can save a couple of hundred dollars. I was looking to buy that, but it's not compatible with the one that I have because it's two different battery chemistries. I looked at trading in, but they're gonna give you $200 for a unit you spent 1,300 for.

    Other than that, we have four solar panels up and for us, they work fine. We're on really low consumption. Everything is LED and we have standby generators such that if the solar generators ever get down too low, we just fire the generators and then an hour later, we're fully charged again. But the solar is nice because it doesn't let them go down so fast. I recommend ShopSolarKits. I watch a lot of the videos their guy Max does so I know what's going on from his end.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Response from ShopSolar

    Hi Bernie,

    Thanks for your review! The new technology can be a bit of a bummer but sounds like your system is doing everything you need it to and we love to hear that!

    As always, if you need anything at all, please don't hesitate to reach out!

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPriceOnline & App

    Reviewed April 6, 2023

    I was researching solar online because I wanted to do it myself and came across ShopSolar. Customer service sucked. The battery charger came in and it had three big punctures in it. The handle was busted on it. I called ShopSolar and reported it. They said they’d call me back but they didn't. I called and report the issue again. It took five or six times before they finally called me back. I started getting an attitude then. Also, I really thought I should have gotten a new charger. But they just sent me a new handle for it and I had to do a little surgery on it myself.

    Also, I did the installation and it was horribly difficult for somebody that doesn't know anything about it. It would be a lot simpler, but it's a real joke. You have to really study solar before you can understand how to do it yourself. As far as hooking up the panels to all the fuses and how you do it and how you put everything in a series of parallel or split phase or dual phase, the average person doesn’t know anything about that. It took me months to get mine in. I still don't fully understand everything. It was a long, hard road to install the system. 90% of people who buy them can’t.

    I was working with one guy who helped me program the thing when I got it all set up and was ready to program it. The next day, I had an error code and I called. The person I spoke with didn't speak good English. He answered but he didn't understand a lot about what I was talking about. I was telling him I had one particular item that was wrong. He started having me go through the programming and try different things. There are 40 different programs or so on there that you have to attend.

    The day before, I was with a guy who was in the service department who was absolutely wonderful to help me set all those up and everything. But this second guy had me dissect and take apart everything the guy before did. By trial and error, he would say, “Okay. Try this,” in order to fix my error code. And I would try it. And then he'd say, “Okay. Forget that. Try this.” And I’d say, “Well, shouldn't we put the other program back to where it was?” He'd say, “No. Let's just try this.” He did it several times. He changed the program, even with all the time that I spent the day before with that other guy. He changed it all to where nothing was working then. I had to call back and go through it with someone again. It was quite a pain.

    Another thing that really bothered me, is I was supposed to get Growatt inverters. That's what they showed me in the advertisement. ShopSolar sent Rich inverters and I complained about that. I don't like getting something I did not research. I researched Growatt inverters and I found out Growatt was the biggest-selling inverter in the world and one of the best ever. I've never been really happy about that either, because over at Rich Solar, their service is absolutely pitiful. It was good there for a while. They had one guy over there named Oswald who is very good. But now, Oswald won't even call me back. Now, I've been trying for over a month to get them to help me with their Wi-Fi module. That's another thing I was disappointed about. It was advertised to have a Wi-Fi module and the inverters work by Wi-Fi. Evidently, they all have not been worked out yet. I understand there's not even an app for it that was ready yet.

    I called you ShopSolar and said, “Hey, where is my Wi-Fi module? I didn't know it didn't come with it.” I had to order it from Rich Solar and it was no big deal. It only cost 50 bucks. But the thing is I still, to this day, have never gotten it to work. I've called ShopSolar several times and complained about it and their service department just keeps saying they'll put in a ticket with Rich Solar. Rich Solar never calls me back about it. When I use the one app that they said to use, which everybody, when I went on YouTube and researched it, said that that app wasn't ready yet. When you go on the app and you look at it, you go to support, there's no data. You go to other functions, there's no data. Everything on the menu, there's no data. That aside the solar system is working. It’s just what I always wanted and I'm glad I don't owe money on them.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Response from ShopSolar

    Hello Donald,

    Thank you for your review. We are very sorry you've had a hard time with our customer support. That is not the norm at SSK and we really do apologise for the inconveniences.

    We do try to send along diagrams to help with the set up to make the whole process simpler and more accessible. Additionally, the Solarhub is in place for that same purpose. We have lots of guided videos to help with figuring all of what you mentioned out. If you haven't gotten into the Solarhub yet, you still can as a SSK customer so I would recommend checking that out!

    I know you have had a hard time contacting us but we are always working to improve our services so please don't give up and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPriceBattery

    Reviewed Feb. 23, 2023

    I looked at several different websites and Shop Solar seemed to have a good selection and a fairly good price, so I called them. Every time I called, they were good. I called them a lot of times because I had problems with the product. When I first bought a product, it did not work as advertised. ShopSolar was very nice and took it back. Then I saw that they had a new item out there and it's called DELTA PRO EcoFlow. So I ordered that and I got a credit for the one that I sent back. It sounded like it would be much better. The first one that arrived looked like it worked really well. But then, the EcoFlow also had problems. I went through about four of those.

    At this point, I was talking directly to DELTA PRO, the company that manufactures it. I could have talked to ShopSolar, but that introduced an extra company in the middle. So it'd be more effective just to go to the direct manufacturer and they were good. They sent me four of these suckers. I'm not really able to use it the way it's advertised, but I can work around it. It's been a while and I haven't had a problem with this one failing on me. It doesn't run everything in my RV, but it seems to pretty much work. But I cannot plug from Shore Power into the EcoFlow and just pass it through. So, after a little while, it gives up and rolls over and puts its feet in the air and croaks. The person that I was talking to at Delta Pro said that. So when I'm at Shore Power, I just bypass the EcoFlow completely and take it out of the loop. Then when I asked to travel, I just go right off the EcoFlow, but the Shore Power is not going through it.

    I'd like to be able to ship the product back someday and get the newer model, but it's so hard to do that. The sucker weighs around 100 pounds and I have to lift that out of my RV and put it on the ground, and then the new one comes and I've got to lift that off the ground and put it up into my RV. I'm 70 years old. So for me to pick up 100 pounds is really risky.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Response from ShopSolar

    Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for the review. Glad we were able to help you out.

    Verified purchase
    Customer Service

    Reviewed Sept. 16, 2023

    ShopSolarKits rocks. Communication is a big factor for me and they answered the phone. They answered all my questions as I went forward. I'm very happy. I called back two other times, and someone answered the phone again. I was blown away by was how fast everything went. They told me two weeks, but within a week, things started showing up at my house and I'm out in the middle of nowhere in Nevada.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Response from ShopSolar

    Hi George! Thanks for your review. As a small family owned business we do our best to always be available to our customers and we are so happy to have been able to help you! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! Take care

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Sept. 14, 2023

    I had a good experience with ShopSolar Kits. They had what I needed at a good price. I had a back order on the power supply station, but there were updates about it. I don't have any other needs at the moment, but they certainly would be the first place I'd deal with.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Response from ShopSolar

    Hi Robert, thanks for your review! We will be happy to help you out if another need ever does arise. All the best.

    Verified purchase
    Customer Service

    Reviewed Sept. 12, 2023

    I purchased four panels from ShopSolar. The customer service reps filled my order and got it to me in a timely fashion. I got a fairly portable unit. It's been tested and I'm very pleased with it. ShopSolar sent me an email and thanked me for my business.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Response from ShopSolar

    Hi Ray, thank you for your business again and thanks for your review! We really appreciate the time you took to leave it. If you ever haev any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out !

    Verified purchase
    Installation & SetupOnline & App

    Reviewed Sept. 1, 2023

    I wanted one of the kits, but it was a little overkill. So, I called them to see if there was any way I could downsize a particular item in the kit. They had another kit that I didn't see on their website that they referred me to that was exactly what I needed. The only thing that is tough is getting good instructions. They have videos to teach you about solar, but they don't really have videos on teaching you what you should do.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Response from ShopSolar

    Hi Dylan, thank you for your review. That is great input and I will pass that on to the team. If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Sept. 1, 2023

    I found ShopSolar on Wayfair, but they did not offer a second or third battery. So I had to shop around for a second battery. Then with that, I bought an additional solar panel. I tried filling out the warranty and getting a discount because their thing said if I scanned the QV code, I would get a discount on my second battery. But I never got that discount. I got the extended warranty, which is great because I hear these systems have problems. They are costly, too and now, you can no longer get them on Wayfair. So if you're going to sell the main power supply to other businesses, those businesses should carry other supplies. Other than that, I turned on my system last week and it turned on fine. It's going to power my whole house. I have been recommending ShopSolar as well.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
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