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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

Purchased all new Kenmore Elite appliances for our new home. Several issues with each appliance but last week the control panel on the gas range unit broke out when my wife pressed a button. Scheduled service for 9/28 (only 5 days) and got a text this morning that they would be here between 8-12. No show, no call, and after an hour on the phone my wife finds out the "tech" was sick and we were rescheduled for 10/18! I check the broken part and am not surprised to see a cheap plastic bracket snapped. I will hope to update this report once I see if the tech shows up and declares he must order the part. This is not the way to stay out of bankruptcy! This is the type of product you get when you do not manufacture in the USA and the type of service you get when there are so many failures of cheap foreign made units that the USA based service companies cannot handle the logistics.

Purchased this Simmons Bixby 11 sofa in February of 2016 and I have notice a board coming through the rear of the sofa. Also the telephone numbers there is no one live at 800 telephone number I dialed. Do not purchase furniture from Sears made by Simmons. There is no customer service. It's now going on 5 days with no return of my calls from Simmons. It's terrible. I will complain on every site. Next I may call the Discover card and tell them about this purchase. I may throw the couch in their front door in Salem NH and ask Discover for a refund.

Purchased 4 appliances for remodel. Knew the install would be delayed so reviewed return policy several times and sales rep verified by denoting on sales contract. Needed to return 1 unit due to leaky seal, Manager/Vanessa refused, stating there was nothing I could do. I produced sign contract, she still refused. Contacted corporate (email) still refused to offer any help. Bottom line: do not trust the word of the sales rep and according to Sears customer service, Sears does not have to honor contract.

We bought a new Sears Kenmore refrigerator back on April 27, 2017. Order # **. It was delivered on May 17th and we have had problems with it ever since. The unit at times will just stop running (we have had full loads of food spoil twice, over $200!!). The first repair person who came out said it was the panel that needed to replaced. There wasn't one in stock so it had to be ordered and sent to our residence. A week later UPS delivered a Sears refrigerator door handle. Wrong part. I called Sears and they dispatched the correct part the following week. I called and scheduled an appointment for yesterday. The repair person was supposed to arrive between 10-2. He called and said he was running late. I said I had to be somewhere by 5. He asked me if I wanted to cancel and I said no. I took time off to get this thing resolved and that I would wait it out. He didn't show up until 4pm.

The guy had attitude. He put the new panel in and then pronounced that the panel wasn't the issue. He called his tech support and was on the phone with that person for an hour. I finally gave up on my appointment I had to do and asked the guy what was going on as he wasn't communicating anything with me. He said it was a compressor and that I would have to schedule a new appointment. He re-installed the old panel and then had me sign a receipt.

Seeing the $ amount I asked if I owed anything and he grumbled some snide remark. When he finally left I said "thank you" and the guy said nothing. What a rude tech. By the way his ID is **. Never, ever send this guy to my house again. So now the refrigerator hasn't been running correctly and we have lost our third load of frozen (now soft) and refrigerated items. I am livid. I've been buying Kenmore for over 35 years but you folks are fast losing me. I want this refrigerator repaired correctly. I want a competent service person who isn't a jerk and who is on time. Or I want this thing taken away and my money back.

TL;DR: Order a new mattress and low profile box spring from Sears. Sears delivered normal size box spring and I told them it was incorrect. Spent all night trying to get them to redeliver on Saturday the correct box spring and told it would not be ready until Wednesday. Called again in the morning and told my box spring was incorrectly delivered to another customer yesterday and out of stock so I have to wait until Friday to get it. Explained my bed is too high for me to use. Spent rest of Saturday afternoon on phone with customer service who refused to take responsibility for this problem and refused to compensate me for my troubles. Now waiting to see if proper box spring will be delivered in a week.

Sears did a recorded call to me Thursday night (9/22/16) to state my delivery window would be 530 to 730 PST on 9/23/16. The delivery was to be a mattress (8218130) and 5” box spring (8218123). At 5 pm PST on 9/23/16 I receive a call from the delivery truck stating they would be at my house in 5 minutes. Almost 30 minutes ahead of the appointed delivery time. At 515 PM PST, the men came in and took out my old queen mattress. Than they brought up a 12” box spring and I told them it was the wrong one. It was 8297369 and not the 8218130 I ordered. They said that is what the warehouse gave them. They then brought up my mattress which was the correct one.

I began to search my receipt for a customer service number which does not have any contact numbers. I then had to go on the internet and found 800-349-4358. The delivery guy tried calling his warehouse to let them know of the issue. He got through to a person before I did so he let me talk to them. I explained my problem and said I needed my correct box spring delivered today as my bed is too high and I can’t get into it with my bad hip. He put me on hold for 20 minutes. Please note, I was using the delivery guy’s phone so he was stuck at my house waiting also. Finally they said they could delivery my box spring Tuesday 9/27/16. I told them that was unacceptable as I could not use my bed at the moment and I can’t take off work to wait for them to fix their mistake. I ask to talk to a supervisor and they said they would call me back.

At this point I ask the delivery guy to just take the box spring back with him and he said he couldn’t. I needed to keep it until I got the correct one and he left. At this point I called the 800-349-4358 number and got a Debbie in a Philippines call center. I explained my issue and she asked for my order number. I gave her my date of purchase, phone number and my sales ticket number (which is I used to view my order on the sears website). She said she could not help me because I did not place an order.

I explained to her that I did have an order and have a receipt proving so and gave her the information again. She said that I needed to call the Sears store where I bought it from for help. At this point I ask her to speak with a supervisor and she kept telling me I did not have an order. I again explained to her I do have an order, a receipt, a delivery information and ask to speak with a supervisor. She went back and forth with me and I demanded to stop speaking with her and speak with a supervisor. She never did and I had to hang up in frustration.

At 615 pm I received a call from the warehouse supervisor telling me the box spring can be delivered on Tuesday. Again I explain my bed is too high and I can’t use it with my bad hip. This is their mistake and they should have confirmed they had the correct order before leaving the warehouse. At this point the supervisor told me they would not get another box spring in until Tuesday and all the other ones are marked for delivery. I then ask where is my box spring that should have been marked for delivery to my house and why is it missing from the warehouse. She could not answer my question and said she would investigate it because the warehouse supervisor was at lunch and they would call me back.

At 8pm PST, I called sears customer service (800-349-4358) and explained my unresolved issue. The call service provided told me I needed to call 800-732-7747 and then hung up. Calling that number I immediately ask for a supervisor and got Kurt to assist me. Kurt followed up that my delivery would be Tuesday 9/27. I again explained my bed is too high for me to use with my bad hip and I know Sears is delivery tomorrow. So I asked him to get my box spring on a truck and send them to my house tomorrow. He said the warehouse was closed and I would have to call them back at 8am tomorrow.

This is completely unacceptable from Sears. You are forcing me to go out and buy a step stool or sleep in a hotel for the next several days because my bed is unusable. In addition you forcing me to lose time off work because I have to conform to your delivery schedule. This is unacceptable because you are the one who made the mistake. It was your warehouse that provide the incorrect box spring and I immediately pointed that out to you when you came to delivery. Why am I jumping through hopes to fix this problem? Your customer service is terrible and you should be ashamed at how you are treating a paying customer.

At 810 AM 9/24/16 Sears did a robo call stating my delivery date would be delayed for my item and to call 888-567-3452. I called the number and was told my delivery date would be on Tuesday 9/27/16 by another customer service associate in the Philippines. I then explain to the associate to review the notes and that was not acceptable. She told me the box spring was not at the warehouse and I asked her to explain to me why. My original delivery date was 9/23/16 so my box spring should have been shipped to the warehouse and checked against my order. She asked me if the warehouse called me and I told him I talked to someone from the warehouse and still waiting for their call back on what happen to my box spring.

At this point she said she was sorry but could not explain to me what happen. I ask to be transferred to a supervisor and she said she was sorry but she could not tell me what happen to my box spring. At this point I explained to her I did not want to go through this game again as I did with Debbie yesterday. I understood she could not help me and ask to be transferred to a supervisor. She again said she couldn’t tell me where my box spring was. For the third time, I explained to her I was done talking to her and fully understood she could not help me.

I wanted to be transferred to a supervisor. I was then put on hold for 15 minutes and when she came back on she told me someone would call be back in 2 hours. I asked if she understood how ludicrous her request was to me that I have to wait by my phone for two hours to talk to supervisor and she said sorry that is the best she can do. It becoming painfully obvious that Sears has no concept of customer service and I do not understand why the Philippine call center has a tough time transferring folks to a supervisor.

AT 830 AM PST I called 800-732-7747 as I was instructed by Kurt last night hoping to get my situation resolved. I talked to Chris and ask him if he could bring up my file and read before we spoke. He told me that I already talked to a customer service associate and would get a phone call and email in the next 24 hours. I then corrected him stating I was told to wait for 2 hours to get a phone call. At this time Chris told me to hold on and then the call got disconnected.

Immediate called back and got Edra on the phone at 850. Edra explained the same the items is not available and would be delivered on 9/28. I then asked why it was pushed another day and she apologize and said it would be 9/27. I then asked to be transferred to a supervisor. Edra responded saying the supervisors were in a meeting for an hour and she did not want me to wait and she could help me. I thank Edra for being the first customer associate to provide me proper information and told her I would call back in one hour to talk to a supervisor.

Immediately after I hung up I received a call at 858 PST from Lilia from Sears who to talk about the box spring issues. Lilia asked me to explain what happened and I told her I ordered a bed and box spring on 9/17/16 for delivery on 9/23/16 and I received the wrong box spring. Lilia then told me that she would cancel my pending delivery and I had to go back to the East Ridge Sears store to order a new one. I told her that was completely unacceptable. I explained I purchase the correct 5” low profile box spring (8218130) and Sears delivered the incorrect full size one (8297369).

Lilia was surprised and said that was not in the notes. I explained to her I have said this many time to many people. She said she was calling from the warehouse and need to investigate this and would call me back in 30 minutes. I told her to wait that I talked to Isaac, David, and a woman yesterday about this and they said the same thing never calling me back. I also have told this to customer service. She said customer service has not provide her all this information and she would call me back. I asked her for the phone number to call her and she gave me 408-262-9300. I thanked her and said I would wait an hour for her call back.

At 922 AM PST, Lilia from the warehouse called back as promised and me my box spring was in the warehouse and went out for delivery yesterday. However, she said the delivery men incorrectly delivered my box spring to the previous customer (stop #15) and I received that customer’s box spring (being stop #16). Unfortunately the warehouse does not have box spring in stock and it can’t be schedule for delivery until 9/30/16. I explained to her what I am supposed to do about having a bed too high with a bad hip and she said that is the earliest date they can do. She told me to call 800-732-7747 and ask for an inconvenience fee as compensation for the trouble I have been going through.

Seeing this is the same number I call where all the supervisors are in a meeting I waited and called the number at 1106 AM PST. This time I got Sandra on the line and I immediately ask her for a supervisor. She ask for my phone number to check my order. I provided it and waited on the line a few minutes as she went through my order. She then said I would get a delivery on 9/30/16. I asked again to be transferred to a supervisor and she said please hold. After 10 minutes she told me she working on getting a supervisor and apologize for the wait. At 1121 AM PST, she said the supervisor is still busy and he would call me back when he is immediately free.

Not getting a call back (which is usual for Sears), I called the number at 1230 PM PST and got Joyce. When I ask for a supervisor Joyce told me she was a “trusted advisor” and could help me. I ask her to review the notes in my file and she did. She said I would get a delivery on 9/30/16. I ask her if there was anything about the problem I have been having with Sears and it was Sears who made delivered my box spring to another customer and I had to wait a weak while re-order. I also ask was their notes about compensating me for my inconvenience. As expected, there was nothing in the notes. I explained the ordeal I been having and how Sears is acting very irresponsible. She said there is nothing written down and if it was okay if I was placed on hold.

At 1245 Joyce came back on and confirmed that they could do nothing on their end. I told her that is unacceptable and give me a phone number of someone who can. So she said she would transfer me to a supervisor. I am really not understanding why you call Sears customer service and ask to speak with a supervisor they will not let you talk to one. I was then transferred to Reece who said she was the customer service manager. I again explained my situation and said the warehouse told me to call them for an inconvenience fee. Reece was very adamant that the home delivery customer service had no authority to rectify their mistake. I then explained this was unacceptable.

Sears should take responsibility for their mistake. In addition tell her employees when a customer ask for a supervisor, have the employees transfer the call and not waste time. At this point I am done with Sears and will just have to wait and hope I do not throw out my back trying to remove the box spring so I have a working bed and hope Sears has some form of competence they can deliver the correct box spring a week from now.

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I ordered a mattress on 9/2 with a guaranteed delivery date of 9/12. Was called the night before and given a time period. I waited, no one showed up. I called Sears, and they stated that the mattress was "Pushed Back" by the manufacturer, whatever that means. They scheduled the delivery again for the next day. I waited, no one showed. I called and got the same excuse. Got the impression no one knew what was going on. I was assured that my mattress would be delivered the next day. I waited, no mattress. During this entire period, no one ever called me to let me know anything. I also threw out my mattresses. So all this time, I was sleeping on a platform bed with no mattress. I told them to cancel the order.

One week later, I am still waiting for my refund. I was also getting a call from the Sears Warehouse to set up a delivery date. They left a message saying that they could deliver the mattress no sooner than 9/24. I called Sears back and they stated that the order was not cancelled yet. I stated "Cancel the order now and send me an email confirmation." No one at Sears knows what they are doing. I will never order from them again.

I purchased this battery on 9/11/16. I cut my lawn once. The second time I had to charge it. After cutting it the second time, I disconnected the terminals to see if there was a draining problem. One week later after connecting the battery, it was dead. I took it back to Sears in Stonecrest Mall Lithonia GA. The clerk (tall person with beard, head shaven) said that I would have to come back in an hour to see if the battery was good because it did not have enough charge on it. I wasted gas to go back for him to tell me that he did not have a certain type of equipment to verify that it would stay charged. He charged the battery and gave it back to me, knowing that it is no good. He had no concern with my issue, and was laughing when I voiced my frustration. I would fire him if he worked for my organization. Apparently he does not need the job with his attitude. I will never buy another battery from Sears unless they make right.

I would give NO stars if it was possible! I bought 4 chairs from what I thought was Sears. My payment went to Sears, the confirmation email came from Sears, shipping info came from Sears. I never would have bought something such as furniture if I did not think it was returnable which I sure thought it was since the confirmation email gave me a return code, return directions and when I called Sears I was told I could return it to a full service store. However what I missed was the tiny print on the email that said my order was "fulfilled" by which has a NO RETURN policy for furniture. I never would have imagined that "fulfilled" means I purchased from them. My payment went to Sears! When I buy on Amazon or eBay I am fully aware my purchase is usually coming from another company. But this was SEARS, I thought I was buying from the store known as SEARS!

So now I am stuck with chairs I purchased for $300 that I can't use. Sears will take NO responsibility. In fact when I called they transferred me to UnbeatableSale without my knowledge and when I called to file another complaint they once again filed it with UnbeatableSale. I was completely misled and from the confirmation email I have from Sears with return information on the email, I should be allowed to return the chairs for a full refund!

I cancelled one item and I was told I would be refunded. However, several calls over the last 3 months to Sears, I was told I would receive the refund, but I never received the refund. I hope I never have to shop at Sears ever again. I now have had several bad experiences with Sears Outlet and Sears online and I hope I never forget to stay away from this company with all the time wasted and frustration they caused me. In addition, several items I ordered at were later emailed that they were out of stock at the store I selected for pick up and I could pick up at another store 60 miles away, which I declined. How disorganized or dishonest can Sears be?

Recently purchased new Kenmore washer. Was not model I went to store for, (from newspaper ad) one model up was "out of stock"... Decided to spend the extra for yet another model up. Was informed I'd need new hoses which were not included. Upon delivery, those hoses were not long enough. I was never asked where my hookup was, which happened to be in basement. My washer is on 1st floor. Delivery team informed me I would need to either buy my own or contact service dept for longer ones, and then a new service call would need to be initiated to complete installation.

Talked by phone to several customer service reps, hoping to have delivery team return as I had purchased new hoses within my 2 hour delivery window. Was told no one could return for another week. All representatives were extremely rude. No one gave me the same message. I don't even know if I will get credit for hoses I purchased in the first place. When second team eventually returned for installation several days later, they informed me they "were not supposed to" install hoses to connect washer on a different floor. They did anyway, complaining the whole time. This whole experience was a nightmare.

Monday: Tried to deliver the range with damage on both sides. Plugged in the dryer and hooked up exhaust but dented the tubing. Would not hook up washer. Broke a part off the refrigerator. Made me remove house entry doors cause they couldn't figure out how to remove a hinge pin. Didn't level any of the appliances. Couldn't figure out how to turn a valve all the way off. Refrigerator opens the wrong way, but they would not correct. The list goes on. Days later they still needed to get us the range. (The first one shipped was somehow damaged on both sides...). Now, I had already reversed the fridge door, paid the plumber $250 to take care of the washer, and smoothed out the crimp in the dryer vent after the Monday delivery.

For Monday's delivery they updated me with delivery times via text to my cell phone, but for today's fun and games they elected to use our home phone. This home phone has the ringer off... Somehow I noticed an incoming call to the "friendly" voice of today's delivery dudes. "You are hooking it up yourself? Yes?" "No, we paid for some gas hose AND set-up AND placement." "Not on my paperwork, Sir. Don't even think we got one of those on the truck." Called "customer service". Told him it MUST be installed today, without fail. "Yes Sir, we'll be out the 26th and get that taken care of." "NO YOU WON'T." "Yes Sir, we get a installer there the 26th." Please transfer me to your manager. Same routine. Demands. Same spiel.

I bought a top of the line refrigerator - Kenmore Elite model: 795.74033.411, along with an expensive service agreement. It worked okay for a few months. Then it stopped cooling and the ice/water in the door no longer worked. Each call to the Sears Appliance Repair has been a lesson in frustration. It takes 2 - 3 weeks to get a technician out. They come from TN when we live only about 50 min from Huntsville, AL. For some reason they refuse to schedule technicians out of Huntsville. The technician comes out, says he must order a part, but cannot return until 2-3 weeks later. Then he comes back and installs the part but the refrigerator still behaves the same. Repeat for several months.

We have been living out of a cooler for a long time. I keep calling and complaining and finally a representative tells me that my service agreement covers refrigerator rental. Why wasn't I told this months ago?! They give me incorrect dates for service visits which I find out about only after repeated calls. The window given is 8 AM to 5 PM. The repair technician fails to call me as requested before coming and just shows up when I live 50 minutes away from my work. Do yourself a favor and do NOT buy an appliance from Sears!!

Bought all new appliances. Bought all warranties. Called to find out how to hook up ice maker. Sears sent a guy out only to tell me that I have to hook it up. Wasted hours the day before on the phone. It is like the whole company is run by a bunch of morons. You can never get a straight answer from anyone you talk to at any of the phone numbers. And none of the departments try to help one another. It is a sad picture because Sears was the place you could always rely on and now it is in shambles. It takes a team to get a job done.

I ordered a refrigerator by phone on August 30, 2016. I was told delivery would be Sept. 21 and that I would get a call on Sept. 20 regarding the exact time of delivery. I had house full of company arriving on Sept. 23, so all seemed in order and timing perfect. I checked the order online that day, all on track. Then, Sears had a major screw up on my order and refused to take responsibility initially.

I received no call on Sept. 20 and no refrigerator on Sept. 21. I called Sears, and they said my American Express card was denied. They said call my credit card company and denied any problem with the order. I called American Express and they verified that the problem was on Sears' end and that the charge went through and was still pending. I called Sears again, they refused to put me through to a manager assuring me they could handle my problem. Of course they could not and did not. I wasted an hour on the phone.

They finally acknowledged the error was on their end. They promised 10% off the order and free shipping. Wanting to move on I agreed. Then when he quoted the new price it was HIGHER than my original price. Evidently the sale price I had at time of purchase was no longer in effect. I was told I could only get 10% off of the new price which was 20% higher than my original price! So, an hour wasted. I insist on speaking to a manager. I have to explain the entire situation again, rebut all of their incorrect data, the entire routine again until the manager finally acknowledges Sears' error and agrees that it should receive 10% on the original price.

Now 2 hours later, and a wasted morning, I am told I will not receive the new refrigerator for 4 weeks! So, I am without a refrigerator for 4 weeks, not the end of the world but a major inconvenience for sure. BAD JOB SEARS. VERY unimpressed with your telephone representative custom service. Making it way too difficult to talk to a manager. Denying responsibility. Wasting 2 hours of my time, and no special help with an early delivery date. Be sure to double check your orders after a day or two. And ask for a manager right away no matter what they tell you, otherwise you are wasting your time. I now face a weekend of company with no refrigerator. And little compensation or concern for my situation from Sears. Last time I make a major purchase with this company.

I ordered a Kenmore Hot Water Heater from Sears on a Thursday in September 2016. I was told that I would hear from the installer within 24 hours. After not hearing anything on Friday, I contacted Sears on Saturday and was told that they could not find an hot water heater installer in my area, but would keep trying. By Tuesday, I was told that their installer was not licensed for my area and had to cancel the order. The customer service provided by Sears was less than poor. I also had difficulty believing they could not find an installer licensed in my city. I would not recommend Sears products due to poor customer relations, lack of knowledge on the part of the representatives, out of country call centers, slow response times and overall lack of concern for their customers or reputation. Now I have to wait 5-7 business days for a refund to my credit card prior to ordering a hot water heater elsewhere.

Sears customer service lied to me multiple times about my delivery dates. They also would not honor the fact that I live in a building with strict time frames allowed for delivery. I took 3 days off of work so far, and every time they reschedule my delivery. They give me a time block of 5-7 pm, when I was promised by multiple "managers" that the delivery would be confirmed to arrive within my building's required time frames of 9 am-4 a loss for words. Will never buy from Sears again.

I placed an order online for a mattress on 9/3 with a delivery date of 9/13. This day came and went with NO call from Sears to make me aware of the problem. I had to call them to inquire about my order. I was told it would be delivered 9/16. STILL NO MATTRESS OR CALL FROM Sears to make aware of the problem. I placed ANOTHER call and was told it would be 9/20. I finally canceled the order and demanded a refund. I called the corporate office and received NO help, but I did get the run around numerous times. I will NEVER shop with them EVER! Poor customer service from the reps to the so called supervisors. I hate SEARS! Worst place to do business!

Buyer beware!!! Never buy anything from My husband made a purchase, cancelled it in mid August, was sent an e-mail on August 28 that he would get a refund in 3 to 5 business days. Didn't, called again and they said by September 16, yet again did not get the refund. He has now been on the phone for an hour during his work day to try and resolve it. We will be canceling our account with Sears and never step foot in one of their stores again. Then they had the audacity to say that it was refund last Tuesday. I think I am able to see a refund on my CC when there is one.

I had recently placed an order for a refrigerator and a dishwasher. The sale itself was not smooth - they had additional parts, services and disposal prices for everything possible starting from a power cord. In addition, they never delivered the item on time, never had the courtesy to do a follow-up courtesy call for re-schedule, and upon cancellation, they are not even picking up the partly delivered item from my house. They have already cost me 3 days of my working day - scheduling and rescheduling and never showing up for delivery nor installation. When asked for compensation of lost wages - Sears customer service representative for delivery said, "Ma'am, that is expected. You have to accommodate our route schedule."

Moreover, none of their customer service nor store representatives were customer friendly - several of them hung up the line, or did not even bother to answer basic customer queries. Even upon asking them politely several times - they would shuffle me back and forth between their online, delivery and store team. I was doing all the follow-ups, calling different departments and keeping track of my order status and cancellation. This is the kind of service provided for a items worth more than 3 grands. Definitely - one of the poorest retailers in the country.

I had bought a washing machine in May of 2016, worked great and was happy with my experience until it broke within 3 months. I have been trying to get it fixed now for a month. It took 2 1/2 weeks just to get a tech to come to my house and tell me what I already knew. That it was broken. The tech ordered the part and had it sent directly to my house but of course not trying to get the home services team to send someone back to my house is almost damn impossible. I had an appointment scheduled for a 1 1/2 after the part was ordered that was cancelled and no they have no other time slot until a week out. After speaking with multiple other departments at Sears to get help with my issue it was stated that the "home services team was of no help". This is very poor customer service and will never buy anything else from Sears.

Sears Repair is a scam. I have a microwave that I purchased from Sears and I called for a repair. I was charged $199.20 for a person to look at the model number and tell me the microwave is too old and they no longer sell the parts. I would not have asked anyone to come to my home if the customer service representative would have asked me for the model number or year of the microwave and told me over the phone that Sears no longer sell parts for microwaves 12 years old. The customer service manager refused to reduce my charge. I will never shop at Sears again. My neighbor is a contractor and tried to speak to a manager. No one would talk to him or called him back. He knows other contractors in the area and he was appalled when he heard what happened. Brand: GE, Model #: JUM1650WB2008, Serial #: NUES

Online marketplace order - I have been calling since Sept 6th to return an item. It is now Sept. 16, 2016 and still NO RESOLUTION. All they keep saying is "The merchant needs 24 to 48 hrs." They keep telling me anything I want to hear just to get me off the phone! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? They take no responsibilities for what they sell online. I recommend no one shops on Sears online. Factory direct sales is a SCAM. But don't worry. Do not go through Sears or trusted deals on their online website! You will get the runaround and all calls are routed to a foreign country.

We had the worst experience in life with SEARS. We will never buy anything with SEARS again and will write on all review websites possible and will ask ALL of our friends and family not to buy anything from SEARS again!!! THIS IS THE MOST RIDICULOUS STORE EVER! We had bought a dishwasher and rearranged for installation for more than 3 times in 2 weeks, delayed the whole process for a month so we decided to cancel the order. When we cancelled both the item and installation fee, the store said it went through and promised to get us refund on Aug 20 within 7-10 business days, and waited till Aug 31 without any refund.

We called again. The store said we need to speak to customer service but customer service said we need to speak to the store. EVERYONE tried to shift their responsibilities and till now SEPT 16, no refund is arranged. When we called to the store again, the item and installation are still not cancelled!!! SEARS tried to cheat all the time, we are going to call police and file legal complaint based on our experience.

Online marketplace order - I have been calling since Aug. 15, 2016 to return an item. It is now Sept. 14, 2016 and still NO RESOLUTION. All they keep saying is "The merchant needs 24 to 48 hrs." IT'S BEEN THIRTY ** DAYS. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! They take no responsibilities for what they sell online. I recommend no one shops on Sears online. Factory direct sales is a SCAM. But don't worry. They offered me a $20 gift card for my troubles.

Un-**-believable, I called Sears customer service (800) 349-4358 number and they are in the ** Philippines, are you kidding me??? I wanted to speak to a supervisor of the layaway department and they lady transferred me to a witness protection program!!! I'm so done, never again will I shop at Sears. If I didn't need the stove that I have on layaway, Sears would NEVER SEE MY FACE AGAIN!!!

I purchased a pair of boots. When I tried them on I felt a lump in the left boot. Their return policy states, "If you're not happy with your item you have to return it." I'm thinking it don't apply to items that are defective. They ask me to return it and they'll inspect the boots and reimburse me. Are they kidding? For a $23.99 pair of Boots? I contacted Sears and they allowed the seller to scam me out of my money replying that they inspect their items! Yeah right, like if they try on each pair of shoes before they ship them. I will never buy anything from sears or their vendors ever again.

I was looking to buy a treadmill and I told my son step in the treadmill. If he likes it we can buy but the racist ** fat lady told me that we can break the treadmill if we step in the treadmill. I told her to be nice. And she say she hate Hispanics. Rude. Rude. Rude. Bad service for sears customers. I'm Hispanic. She is ** fat old mind lookin lady. Racist...

Worst experience of my life. I purchased 10 bottles of cologne. My order I placed through The package came in damaged due to improper packing inside the box. The USPS had to wrap the box in plastic to contain the leak. When I called Sears, whose customer service is HORRIBLE as well, said I had to deal directly with Perfume Worldwide. So I did. I was asked to provide images of the box in which I sent numerous pictures. Then they asked me to open the box and provide pictures of the inside. I informed them via email that it sounded like broken glass and I was not comfortable opening it. They insisted. So instead of being out of $110.00 I opened the box and sent pictures of the inside.

A few days later they asked me to unwrap the broken bottles and provide pictures. I sent them a picture of a couple broken bottles, managing to cut my finger on a broken piece of glass in the process. This still wasn't good enough they asked for more pictures. I sent them over 27 pictures in all. I sent them several cutting my finger as I stated. It is not safe to continue to pry open these items. I think I have done more than enough to honor their requests for proof.

This has gone on now for over 3 weeks. I would not want to lose a customer over what is an obvious bad packaging job from them. With every email which I have numerous, all they ask is for more and more pictures. This is like all of the english language they know. It is like a broken record. They obviously don't want to do what is right and reship or credit my card used. So if this post saves you guys hours of hassle and frustration not to mention your money, then my $110.00 was not totally lost in vain! I can't believe Sears has not stepped up to issue a credit since it was their website selling these for this company. I am filing a consumer complaint with the BBB and the FTC. I believe this company is actually offshore because their emails are between 3am and 5am EDT.

Please do yourself a favor and buy elsewhere. The positive reviews on here must be employees or family just to help boost their rating. Be smart. Pay attention to the names etc. Look at pictures of their business address on Google Earth. Nothing there. If it wasn't through what I thought was a good company, Sears, I would have done more homework myself. I hope the BBB will at least help in some way! BUYER BEWARE, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

I purchased a high end washing machine and was promised delivery between 3:45 and 5:45 on September 8th. At 6:19 pm the delivery company calls and tells me the delivery driver had a death in the family and they had to reschedule me for September 9th between 4:45 and 6:45. At 8:50, when there was no call from the delivery company, I had to call Sears who claims they can't do anything, have no information on my delivery and wants me to reschedule delivery for September 15th! Sears could not even reach the delivery company for an update and the Sears Customer Service rep spoke barely understandable English and continued to read the same statement to me over and over which was that I had to reschedule for next week. I have purchased appliances from Sears for over 20 years but no more. I will be calling my credit card company and cancelling the order and the payment.

I was supposed to get my elliptical delivered a few weeks back. The first attempt failed, second attempt a part was missing, 3rd attempt and there was some kind of delay. I've re-arranged my work schedule and my room three times now. I received a text today that it will be another 10 days. I'm so angry. I finally told them to cancel order. Never again.