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My wife ordered a gun cabinet for me as a gift. It took 3 or more hours to assemble. Last part of assembly is door. Door received was beat up and damaged. I reported by email to Sears and they claimed it was "buyer's remorse"! How ridiculous. I finally reached a live person at Sears Customer Service who spoke poor English and didn't get anywhere there. Now I am left with a beat up brand new gun cabinet. All I wanted was a new door, not a new cabinet. If this isn't rectified, I will never again shop at Sears online or in their store.

I purchased two months ago a Kenmore refrigerator from Sears. I called Sears recently about the issue I was having with the slow flow of the refrigerator water dispenser. I was told that I would have to pay to have a technician diagnose the cause of the issue and this because I only had the manufacturer warranty. I can tell you that this is the last time I ever purchase anything from Sears again.

Sears service is absolutely the worst - my wife has been waiting on a pre-authorized repair of our high-end washer for going on a month. The repair parts are sitting in our living room, but every time they schedule an appointment to actually do the repair, they cancel AFTER SHE HAS WAITED ON THEM ALL DAY. The parts arrived September 30. They scheduled the repair for the 10th of October, then October 17, then October 18 (the 18th was probably to placate her. I don't believe they really intended to come out at all on the 18th), and now we are waiting to see if they do it her again on October 25.

Not once have they called to reschedule before wasting her entire day. Not once have they made even a feeble attempt to make this right. They just no show and then reschedule when my wife calls after they were scheduled to be there. The supervisor was very rude and couldn't care less. I gave them one star because I had to - they don't deserve it. If you buy from Sears, I hope you don't need them to fix anything.

My mother-in-law purchased a pair of shoes in her local Sears store in Mississippi for my husband. She mailed them to our home in Wisconsin with a gift receipt. The shoes did not fit him so we decided to return them with the gift receipt. By the time we got around to returning the shoes we were told that the return policy was 30 days and we were beyond that time. It was actually 53 days from the date on the gift receipt. I let the sales person, and then the manager, know that the gift receipt did not state a specific amount of time for the return or exchange. It only stated "Please retain this receipt for return or exchange. Refund will be issued in the form of a gift card."

They said there was no way to override the register and since it was over the 30 days the only thing I could do was call customer relations. I called customer relations on the store phone. After about 20 minutes on hold someone came on and told me the same store policy. He said there was nothing they could do since it was beyond 30 days. He said I should talk to the store manager. I asked him why? He said the store manager could tell me the same policy. As I continued to complain he hung up on me.

I wonder if this could be considered bait and switch since I, and my mother-in-law, were baited into thinking we could return or exchange the item in a reasonable amount of time, but in fact, we could not. Even if it is not bait and switch it is certainly a scam. I want everyone to know this, especially with the holiday shopping season starting. I don't ever plan on shopping at Sears again. There are many other stores that offer the same quality products and have much better customer service.

My parents and I both purchased the same smudgeproof stainless steel kenmore ranges from the Sears Appliance Store in Yarmouth in 2015. When each was just over a month old, scratches were noticed on the "Turbo boil" burner. After 9 months of being stalled by the local store re: a resolution to the problem, I finally decided to call Sears directly. What prompted me to call was that my Dad had gone into the Yarmouth store to also state that his oven door would make a noise upon opening. The store told him nothing could be done. Even though the appliance was not a year old! They did not purchase additional warranty. I purchased an additional 5 years since when I purchased my stove I also purchased a fridge and microwave. I was then stalled from the Sears Corporate.

I called them August 29 and was told I would be contacted once their office and the local store came to a agreement re: how to solve our problems. No response. So I called Sears tonight and was told that the scratches on both stoves were "cosmetic" so there was nothing Sears could do. They scratched after the first month! What will they look like in 5 years? I asked about my parents stove door that made the noise upon opening. They said since it was purchased Oct 8 2015 the year warranty had expired and there was nothing they could do for them either! I am at a loss for words! I specifically told "corporate Sears" when I called them August 29 of this year that my parents stove had the issue with the door (besides them telling our own local store about it back in August).

However today the Sears Corporate office stated that there was no note from our local store or from my call from August re: that issue. Therefore they were out of luck! My advice... Never buy anything from Sears (especially appliances) because paying extra for warranty does not make one bit of difference!!! I will tell my story to all my friends, family, and anyone else who wants to listen. This is totally unacceptable!!!

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Purchased online at to use reward points earned by making large appliance purchase. Did not realize that was utilizing a third party vendor until the purchase was made, so I couldn't use my points. When I called the customer service department to cancel my order the call was placed to a call center in the Philippines! They promised me they would e-mail the vendor to cancel but they did not! They also promised to e-mail me within 24 hours to confirm the cancellation they did not! I am now awaiting the delivery of the item which I have now been charged for so I can send them back! I contacted the vendor Built4speed. Very rude!! I want everyone to know how Sears is keeping afloat using vendors that shouldn't be dealing with the public. Also I have now found out the item is more expensive than in the stores. What a rip-off!

Repairman came to work on unit that is 13 months old and said control panel was bad. Waited two weeks for him to return and put parts on and there is still no difference in the way the unit is working. Called to let them know that it still wasnt working and now they want me to wait another 2 weeks for him to come back again. AFTER 2 TRIPS AND 3 AND A HALF WEEKS AND 400 PLUS DOLLARS AND NO CHANGE IN UNIT WHATSOEVER!

Before Hurricane Matthew hit us, to try and save our food, we digitally turned down the temperatures on our Sears Kenmore refrigerator/freezer. After the storm passed, we tried to return the temperatures to their normal settings. We had trouble, so we called Sears. I explained what we had gone through and asked for help. The first agent told me, "No, I could lose my job if I help you, because your refrigerator is out of warranty, and you didn't purchase an extended contract." His supervisor flippantly confirmed this, even laughing about it. So unbelievable, we are still in shock. I have three properties, all furnished with Sears appliances, but never again.

Trying to find out when your delivery is going to come is like pulling teeth. I am so mad I am considering cancelling my order. Does anyone speak English anymore? Is my time not valuable? They will not tell me before 9 pm what time they will be here tomorrow. I have appointments. My contractor has other jobs. Never again will I buy from SEARS.

I purchase a Samsung fridge on 8/15.16 (Sales Check #**). It was delivered 3 days later. However, 1st 24 hrs found no ice in the ice maker bucket; call Boise Sear Appliance dept. The associate first asked me impatiently if water line is working... DUH... Then he asked me if the ice making icon is enabled... DUH... Then he told me I have to wait for another 24 hrs to allow the ice maker reaches the ice making temp.

72 hrs passed, frig still have no ice so I stopped by the Boise Sears Appliance, found 2 idle associates talking to each other, when I approached them, they immediately walked again from me. I then found the original associate who sold the frig to me. I told them the issue and she asked me the same DUH questions like power plugged in? Water line working etc? I told her I want a full refund but she told me the 3 days refund period had expired and a 10 or may be 15% restocking fee applied. I told her that Costco, Lowe's, Walmarts etc offer full refund within at least 30 days. She shrugged her shoulder & told me this is Sears policy.

I then asked her to send someone to fix my fridge but she told me that after sales, Sears is not responsible for repairing & gave me Samsung's customer support no. I went home & called Samsung customer support, they again asked me the same DUH questions. Samsung finally scheduled a Boise local repair service. (1st repair visit): (2nd repair visit) The repairman showed up 4 days later, asked me the same DUH questions. The repairman finally told me that he need to replace the whole ice maker assembly. He replaced the ice maker assembly 7 days later but still no ice. (3rd repair visit) The repair man then claimed I am not adjusting the correct ice making temp, humidity, too close to the wall, too much items in the freezer etc etc. I asked him go ahead & set the fridge up correctly. 3 days later, still no ice. (4th repair visit) The repairman replaced the humidity sensor but still no ice after 7 days.

After all the drama, yesterday (10/11/16) Sears replaced the fridge with a new one. I have no faith Sears Customer Service, Samsung, the communication. & I have to wait for another 3 days i.e., (10/14/16) to see if there is ice. Boise Sears provides poor service, support, communication. On the scale 0 is poorest, 10 best, I give Boise Sears a 0.

I will never order from Sears online again. No results after almost 30 days and over 12 hours phone time to resolve a refrigerator delivery on 9/12/16 that was wrong size. I refused the refrigerator after they brought it in. They took away my WORKING GE. I ran out and asked them to take back the delivery since it did not work. They convinced me that I could do exchange and have smaller refrigerator delivered and take back the new one. I have called over 6 times, gotten numerous promises. One call was 5 hours being transferred all over the Philippines from Customer Service, Offline Team, Customer Service Delivery and then gave new cc info-now at security risk.

Bottom line today 10/8/16 the agent Jen ** confirms no order in the system, and excuses my original order was then cancelled, could not open my order 'online'. No one has called Me. No called me to notify of problem. Even today she said she confirmed that no delivery is scheduled. NOTHING has been done. Like Cat earlier this week Agent **, I was told delivery team would call in 24-72 hours. No one calls me. It is the weekend and they cannot give me email or phone number and say I cannot deal with ANYONE in the states to resolve.

One month of my spending my time (over 12 hours phone time) to get officially nowhere. I ordered on Labor Day to get the sale prices. Now I wonder if they are going to hone the Sale Pricing. They are unreliable, dishonest in their communication and do not follow through. The fact they would just "cancel" my replacement order is unbelievable. I have the funds ready to send to Citibank but refuse until I get performance. I will NEVER ever order online from Sears. They have a huge problem. Requested supervisor from "OFFLINE TEAM" call me. No one has responded. They say it is only the 'backline" OFFLINE TEAM that can process the order. They have 'notes' and documentation of my calls, apologize but nothing gets done.

In June of this year Bob ** came to my home and gave my wife and I an estimate for a completely new Central Air unit. We also received an estimate from an Ed ** who came highly recommended by our neighbors. We decided to go with him and let Bob ** know. Bob ** responded to my wife and agreed to match almost all of the estimate provided by Ed ** for close to the same amount of money. My wife and I decided to go with Sears at this point. While it was more expensive we figured the name and security associated with the name was worth the extra cost.

My wife spoke to Bob and also Hector to make them aware that she needed 2 weeks notice to secure the time off work to be home for the install. Work was scheduled to begin July 13. On July 13 NuTemp arrived. They pulled all the old ductwork from our attic. They unpacked the new unit and components and piled them in our coat closet. The trash was left on the side of our house next to the gate that the neighborhood kids use to go in and out of our backyard. NuTemp informed us that someone would be round to pick up the trash and that they wouldn't be returning till Monday as the weather was too hot. Monday July 18th nobody showed. My wife had taken off work the 14, 15 and 16 without pay. When we called we were told they'd get back to us when they could come out. July 28th we were told they'd be out August 1-3. Again my wife took off work with little notice.

August 1st nobody shows up. NuTemp calls and says they aren't coming back at all because my wife complained to Sears. Sears calls and says NuTemp will be out on August 8. August 8 NuTemp comes and works for three days. When they leave they take the trash with them. They tell my wife they couldn't fit a second vent in the master bedroom but they were able to put a larger duct feeding into the room. August 12 I go into the attic. The master bedroom is uncomfortably warm. The duct that is feeding the room is 6 inches. Not 12 as the installer told my wife. August 15 my wife speaks to Ross in customer service. She tells him the job is not complete. Ross expresses a desire to claim the job is complete and have the added duct be coded as a service call. My wife says no, as the contracted work has not actually been completed.

The following week we get a call from Hector saying NuTemp will be out to fix it. I don't want these people back in my house and frankly I'm surprised Sears would continue to use them. I say I won't have NuTemp come out. Hector advises me it won't be able to be scheduled before Labor Day. August 30 my wife emails customer service. September 6 the first bill comes. At this point the central air is not installed. My wife calls Ross in customer service. She calls service finance. Explains the situation to them. Is told that it is being handled. My wife speaks to Gina ** who tells her that Hector is working on getting the work completed.

September 9 my wife emails customer service. That afternoon Ricardo is sent to my home by Hector and I take him into the attic. He says he will call Hector to set up a time to come out the duct in. My wife speaks with Gina ** who tells her that the concern is to get the job completed and then they will deal with the lapses in customer service. September 20 my wife emails customer service. September 26 my wife gets a call asking her if she has signed the paperwork for Hector. She hasn't received any paperwork from Hector. Later that day she gets a call saying "Actually have you heard from Ricardo because we haven't."

September 30th we get a call from Gina **. She wants to know if we are available for an install that evening or the following morning. We are not. We both work and our children have activities planned already. Suddenly we are the problem and they are bending over backward to try and get our job done. My wife agrees to be home the morning of October 3rd for the install to be completed. October 3rd the duct is installed. It's cold outside. I've pulled out the hoodies and sweaters. But my central air is finally completed.

October 4th I'm contacted about a late payment. My wife calls and speaks with Ross in customer service. He assures her that the account is being looked at. She calls service finance. Is connected with Clara **. Explains the situation again. Clara asks to be forwarded the photos of the ductwork that wasn't completed as promised in August. She assures my wife that it's being investigated both by Sears and by service finance.

October 5 my wife speaks with Gina **. She is told there is nothing to do regarding the fact that a central air install took over 3 months. She is told her lost wages will not be reimbursed. She is told nothing will be done regarding the trash left outside our home, the lies about the ductwork. She is told nothing will be done regarding the work being declared complete and billing started when the work wasn't done. She is told nothing will be done about the fact that your installer lied to her face and we only discovered the lie when we climbed in the attic ourselves. She does offer new flooring. Also she does finally email the certificate of SEER rating we have been asking for since August 15.

October 6 I receive a phone call from Sears to verify the install is complete. They transfer me to service finance to verify. The rep from service finance is confused by the previous activity. She is able to see the correspondence records from Sept 6 and on regarding our dissatisfaction and dispute. She tells me the matter is being investigated. And now today October 7 I receive a call from service finance. A warning that there is a late fee on my account and it is about to be reported to the credit bureaus. Despite the phone calls and emails and assurances I have yet another inconvenience to deal with. This work was completed on October 3. I expect the billing issues to be addressed and corrected. I will not pay a late fee. I will not accept negative remarks on my or my wife's credit histories.

I expect reimbursement for my wife's lost wages. Over $2000 lost waiting for a company you contracted to come out to our house. That is Sears' responsibility to correct. And beyond that I expect some sort of attempt at customer service. I expect that Sears would want to fix the problem of a simple AC install taking 3 months. I expect Sears would want to apologize and make right after trash is left on my lawn for the entire summer, after I am lied to by your contractor, after my complaints are ignored. I expect Sears wouldn't want their customers hit with late fees for a product they don't even have. I would think Sears would want to ensure that their customers are happy. And most importantly I expect that neither myself or my wife will spend hours arguing, waiting on hold, typing and being frustrated over this matter. I expect a quick resolution. We shall see what happens.

Sears gave me a special offer about $139 for 14 vents. Sears staff came in and counted vents, including fans in bathrooms, as 19, so the price went up to $254. After a while, a guy talked to that I should clean my dryer vent and I said yes, so the price went up to about $380. Then after a while, the guy said I should clean my furnace too. I told him my furnace was new (less than 2 years), but he said that it was better to clean it this time, so I wouldn't clean it again forever. Also he said that these guys who changed my furnace didn't clean its around places, because they knew the more dust, the earlier my furnace would die. I hated that I was persuaded by him, because he charged me $525 just for the furnace cleaning, and the work was done in less than 30 minutes. So totally I spent more than $900 to clean my air.

After they left, I checked online that furnace cleaning just needs $89. Maybe $89 is a special offer, but $525 is far away from $89. I checked Sears website, and was unable to find the price for furnace cleaning. I think they charged me as much as they wanted. The weird thing is: Sears sent me an e-mail for a survey of their service, but after I entered my order number, and ZIP code, I was told 'Survey for this order has already been completed' even though I didn't do anything with this survey. I suspect they don't want me to enter my opinions after they did such a bad thing to me. I won't go to Sears again!!!

My experience was the worst I have ever had!!! I placed a order on Sept 9th for a range and microwave to be delivered the next week. Since then I have received a call every week that it will be another week. I was guaranteed the second week that it for sure will be here. I called to cancel today and was guaranteed again that it will be delivered next week??? Very, very unhappy, unsatisfied customer.

Worst experience of my life Sears! My hot water heater let go on Friday night so I called sears on Saturday and made an appointment for Monday. The tech came out and took pictures but never sent them to the warranty dept for review so since I didn't receive the phone call like I was told I would get I called them. They scheduled an appointment for a replacement on Tuesday for which they never showed up. Called again and spoke to several people with very bad English and was emailed with a new appointment for Wednesday, again a no show!

Now they tell me it will be a week before they can replace the hot water heater because it's in the New York warehouse and I'm in New Jersey. I could walk it here in about a day why does it take a week to bring it over? I must have made 25 phone calls to all different numbers today all ending with we can't ship it any faster in very bad English. If I was waiting for a dishwasher it wouldn't be a big deal but a hot water heater is something you can't live without. As far as customer service goes Sears has to be the worst I have ever dealt with and I have bought a lot of appliances from Sears over the years but think I'm done with them.

They cancelled an order without reason. When I called they wouldn't help or discuss it. The customer service manager "Lawrence" was even worse, no help at all. They still haven't return my money and I'm convinced they just didn't want to honor a sale price.

Customer Service nightmare - 7 month old refrigerator/freezer has completely failed and I am without refrigeration, but Sears doesn't care. I paid over $3,600 for the product and extended warranty. I have nothing.

I purchased a new refrigerator 3 WEEKS AGO and when the first one was delivered I noticed two dents on the bottom freezer door so I called customer service since you have 72 hours to report damages for a complete exchange anyhow I had to wait a week for the new one to come in. Saturday comes around and I get a call from the delivery driver that he is just replacing the bottom freezer door. When I tell him I spoke to customer service and all they said it was a complete exchange he angrily says he's calling his manager as if his manager has anything to do with me? At this point I'm beyond frustrated.

I call customer service again and wait another week to receive my third replacement by then different delivery drivers who are actually kind and actually even suggest to me to take my business elsewhere. As they are finishing up they notice that the refrigerator is not only damaged but scratched as well. They take a picture and tell me customer service will call me in 10 mins. I wait 4hours and no call so by then I call where I am dealt with the worst customer service of my life. I got the runaround and finally when the problem is escalated they transfer me to a higher department and the lady offers to upgrade my refrigerator to a different model and waive the difference. Somehow she ends up hanging up on me. I wait for a callback and once again nothing.

I call back and of course start from the beginning. "Let me tell you and remind you I have been on hold for over an hour previously," I tell the customer service rep and she puts me on hold for another 20 mins and tells me that she cannot do anything with it. By this time I am literally in tears. I told her just to return it and get my money back which takes 7-10 business days and 4 days for them to come pick up their fridge. This was my first purchase from Sears and will be my last. No one deserves to be treated like this and waste their time.

Went to SEARS thinking they were still a reputable company, not!!!! Placed a SIMPLE order for a washer/dryer set and got sent on my way after being told that they were not in stock so I would have to wait a week and a half... Okay I'm not happy, but no worries I will have it. Two and a half weeks later, I was phoned by an automated service telling me that delivery was scheduled for 5pm-9pm even though the very first thing I told the sales rep in the store was that I HAD TO HAVE a morning appt, of which she confirmed.

The international call center, with their extreme language barriers, indicated I had to be in the store to change the delivery time. Just so happens I was right at the SEARS and paid visit to the major appliances dept, just to be told that they cannot change the appt. This is EXACTLY why I kept the woman on the phone, placed the conversation on speaker for the store reps while they battle it out as to whose responsibility it is to change the time!!! OMGGG I could scream just thinking about that day.

Needless-to-say, it was Friday, so because the ONLY logical thinking person appeared to be me, I rescheduled the delivery for the following Monday HOPING that someone of authority would ensure the time was changed to AM - WRONG AGAIN!!! I tried contacting the Customer Escalation Dept, and JACK agreed with me, but was obviously not equipped as a SEARS employee to be able to ESCALATE my complaint for immediate resolution. At the end of the week (Friday), I was assured the delivery FINALLY was rescheduled and that I would receive it in the AM, which unbelievably I did!

The delivery person waits until they have brought both machines off the truck and placed into my basement BEFORE he breaks the bad news that he cannot hook up my washer! So in the middle of the floor they left the brand new washing machine!! Apparently, my water valves were corroded (WTH), that was not true, but $10 later we changed them. The delivery guy EXPLICITLY said to call them RIGHT BACK the same day and that they would return Saturday AM to hook it up, as not to void the warranty. Well, I did as directed and need everyone to know that this is NOT how that worked out whatsoever. I was told by yet another international person that they could get someone back out in another WEEK! OMG.

I called the store to speak with the rep who sold me this merchandise, and then while working from home, had to stop and go back into the store as no calls were being returned. I get in the store and the sales rep is acting like a cuckoo! I immediately request a Store Manager, there isn't one for that store currently... Problem #1!!! I request the Associate Store Manager, but NEVER got him either… Problem #2! Then I said "that is it, I am fed up. Please have someone at my house by tomorrow morning before noon to hook up my washer and if that is not a realistic possibility please make the appropriate appointment to have SEARS' merchandise removed from my home altogether so that I can be credited."

On Saturday, the sales rep calls me at 10am like everything is all good between me and SEARS. She tells me that she is STILL TRYING to get someone out to my home by noon... SAY WHAT?! As if things couldn't have gone any further south, I was on the phone with her while sitting at the PUBLIC LAUNDROMAT washing my filthy clothes/linen that have been lying around for almost three weeks. I calmly told her not to worry and that the second I left the laundromat I would be in her store with my receipt for a complete credit.

During our call the contracted delivery service called me back about their lazy driver and I asked that they come and pick SEARS' merchandise up and the gentlemen immediately obliged, as he could not believe what I had been through either!!!! The pickup was the same day (Sat) between 3pm-5pm, they came at 3:15pm! I show up in the store for a full credit and the sales rep is back in cuckoo mode as though we had not had a previous conversation that morning. She is calling various people when all I asked her to do is to return my nearly $2K back to my credit card, no doubt concerned about her commission.

I could go on, but I feel my BP rising already!!!! If you are considering Sears don't do it because you will hate yourself after you get off the roller coaster ride from hell!!!! I am still three days later receiving automated calls on my cell phone about complications with my delivery - SAY WHAT?!!!! And was told that the credit would take 7-10 business days, but only took 2 mins in the store to take the money!!!! I still have yet to be able to lodge my complaint with anyone within upper management of SEARS… What a way to run a business!

The salesperson who took my money never explained the warranty. The bed started to sag within days and I tried to get a refund. I was told I didn't set it up properly. Now I'm out a bed because of their incompetency.

I purchased washer & dryer on 9/20, installed 9/22/16. Received Sears' flyer for sale 10/2-10/15. Washer & dryer were $200 less. Called Melinda, Case manager at Customer Solutions for Sears. I requested reduction of $200. She said Sears does not do this. I advised her other appliance dealers like Best Buy refund amounts up to 30 days after purchase. Her response was "I should have bought them at Best Buy." This policy and attitude explains why Sears' stock is way down. I wouldn't be surprised to see a bankruptcy. A once reputable company is gone!

Purchased a water heater early September at Sears because ours broke and we have their Kenmore brand. Took a photo of the old one and the sales guy recommended three. We chose the top of the line with 12 year warranty. It was close to $1K and the labor would be $260 + $60 for local permit for our county. He asked us for our number and we gave it to him and then he asked if the name was right and we said no, that is our father who passed away earlier this year and to put it under my brother's name. My brother paid using his debit card from Wells Fargo which has his name on it. He told us it would be a week until they would have it delivered and installed.

A week comes and a contractor of Sears (American Home Services) came, they said it would not work and would require an additional water valve $120 and some other charges because we don't have an electrical outlet close by. We were not informed by the sales guy that it would cost so much more. So we told the contractor we would get another unit and to return that one.

My brother went back to Sears and told them he wanted a refund and get another one. The sales "issued" a refund and that it would take 6-10 business days. So now the sales guy said it would take another week for the new one to get in. My brother again, paid for the second unit using his debit card with his name on it. The second unit was $300 less.

A week later (Now onto the second week without hot water), the same contractor comes! This time, the same installer came and said it would cost $480 on top of the $260 plus $70 for delivery! $200 for external tank, $140 for gas valve and $140 for water valve. Now, tell me how the water valve is now $20 more from a week prior? At this point, we did not want to deal with them anymore. My brother called Sears and told them we wanted a refund and that we would pay for the delivery costs. Now here comes the headache part.

It was well over 10 business days since the first one and we did not get a refund! So we go to the store and tell them and the supervisor said yes, it took 6 days after the first one was issued a refund to get the refund process started because it took 6 days for the contractor to return the tank to the warehouse. It was in their computer. I asked them to print it out as proof and he said he could not. This was on a Saturday, 3 weeks after the first one was purchased. The guy told us wait for Monday and see if the refund is issued.

We go home and lo and behold, Sears sent us a check from Bank of America! But, there were two things wrong with it. First, it was under our dad's name who passed away! Why did they not issue a refund directly back to the bank card (Wells Fargo)? My dad did not purchase it, my brother purchased it under his bank card under his name! Second, the amount was over $300 less than what we spent! They refunded the amount of the tank but not the labor and the county permit!

We go back to Sears and tell them and the guy said he can't do anything about it and to call the Sears customer service number. He gave us some number. We go home and call it and the number is disconnected! So we had to Google up Sears number and call them. From there on, it just went downhill. They said they had no record of the labor costs and permit fee and told us to go to the Sears we purchased it from and to get a refund there. My brother did not want to deal with it so he went to Wells Fargo and they told him that what Sears doing is not right and to go to the supervisor at Sears and tell them and if it is not resolved, to call the Wells Fargo number on the back of the bank card.

So, my brother, myself, and my mother, we go back to Sears for the 5th time (waste of our time), and explain to them the situation. We brought our father's death certificate and his identification (This was a slap in our face) and the receipts to tell them that our father passed away and the check was under his name and that the amount was not right! The supervisor spent like 20 minutes to explain and tell us that they have nothing to do with refunds and to call the number. We told him the number he gave us was invalid and then he gave us another number.

We go home and my brother calls. Same thing, they have no record of the refund. A week later (now it is October) and nothing. My brother just called the Wells Fargo to explain to them the whole ordeal and they said they will contact Sears about the TWO water heaters + labor costs that was never refunded and to wait 10 business days.

So my word of advice, be careful when dealing with Sears' appliance and wanting a refund. There is so much disconnect from the store and the Sears office. On top of that, they need to train their salespeople to inform with clarity the extra costs involved with the water heater installation, because $260 for the "basic labor" plus $480 when the contractor came, which is close to $800 or more than the water heater is way too much. We ended up buying a water heater at Home Depot for $650 and paid a licensed contractor $250 to get it installed. The contractor told us there is no way it should close to $800 to install a water heater.

Sears was good back in the days, but now they are going downhill because of this terrible customer experience. This is the worst of its kind. How hard is it to issue a refund? Why send a check to another person in the household who passed away when the item was purchased using a debit card under my brother's name and why was the amount so much less than what we paid for? Lot of bad business practices here. My guess is that Sears wanted to send the check instead of Debit so that the customer has a hard time getting their money back so they can keep the $260 labor + $60 county fee.

Literally the worst experience I've ever had. Sears Home Delivery cancelled on me 5 times, for various different reasons each time. The first time they cancelled was because the dryer door was broken, so they needed to order a new one that wouldn't be available for another 3 weeks. Then, their truck broke down. And then they arrived 2 hours earlier than my delivery window and said no one was home to receive the delivery. The fourth time was because the installation kit came with the wrong vent. The fifth time was because they arrived 5 minutes early and said no one was home, so they just left.

I waited over 2 months to have a washer/dryer installed into my rental property, but I eventually gave up on them and just had to install it myself before the new tenants moved in. Luckily, they left the washer/dryer at the property when they brought the wrong vent, so it was easy to have it installed by my husband. Their customer service is a joke, don't waste your time. I'll never get those 2 months back, but I hope to warn people to never use Sears Home Delivery.

I placed two separate orders with Sears; the first was an electric range that I asked to be delivered, and I paid to have the old one hauled away. The delivery men refused to take the old appliance because "it had not been disconnected." Let me repeat that this was an electric range, so the only connection was the power cord plugged into the outlet. Frustration Number One.

I should have known better, but I also placed an order for a microwave later the same week. I attempted to do so online, but continued to receive a message indicating that I had failed to input my address; I had done so several times before giving up and calling customer service, and I use that term loosely. I placed the order with a human being, which was an incredibly arduous process due to the difficulties with language. Once that was completed, I received a confirmation email indicating that the pickup location was the wrong store, not even in the correct city. I called customer service and was transferred to a person who told me she could not help me and gave me a number to call - which was the EXACT SAME NUMBER I JUST CALLED!!!

She apologized, said she would transfer me to the correct department and I was promptly disconnected. I called again, by now extremely frustrated and cranky. The customer service rep told me that she would try to change the pickup location, but "couldn't guarantee anything," and put me on hold. She returned to tell me that there was nothing she could do because the order had already been placed. I told her to cancel my order. At which point, she offered to cancel the order and reorder the item with a 10% discount and change the pickup location to the store I requested. In reviewing my information from the original order, I found that my name had been misspelled and my address was incorrect. I have to assume this ultimately would have prevented the cc charge from going through.

I spent at least another 20 minutes on the phone attempting to ensure all information was correct; a timely process, again due to language difficulties. I received another confirmation email, which showed that the contact person permitted to pick up the item was wrong. So I called customer service yet again and was put on hold due to "unusually high call volume." When someone answered, I was told that they would be unable to change the name of the pick-up person, even though I placed the order all of 90 seconds prior, and that I should call the store directly and send them a photo copy of my identification. I will NEVER purchase anything from Sears again. I now have a raging headache from the experience.

TL;DR: Ordered a couch, was delayed twice for delivery, took a month to finally get it. Sectional came in 2 different colours, one piece beige, one piece brown. Continue if you want to read the long full version, warning there are some obscene language to be read. Don't order online or at all from Sears!!! Sept 1 around midnight So where to start... I believe that you should take everything with a grain of salt. Yes you often hear more bad than good when it comes to companies. I wanted to believe that Sears was still the gem that was once my mother's go to store, after all they've been around so long they must have the business figured out. Boy was I wrong, instead of that diamond in the rough, it's a prehistoric shell of a company that can't seem to get it right. I for one am sick of all these Jurassic Park sequels and this one needs to bite the dust for good. This one doesn't even have Jeff ** to try and salvage it.

So let's talk about what my situation is. I ordered a couch on the 1st of September (along with a TV stand), upon check out, my delivery date was stated to be the 16th of Sept. This was perfect, I was ecstatic since this was a day after my closing date on my Condo, so the elevator was booked for that day and I was on the road to a smooth move. I wouldn't have ordered it in the first place if it wasn't that date since I could find a couch at a local shop and have it shipped for that day. I received the email confirmation minutes after finalizing my order. The delivery date was marked for Sept 23rd. I don't understand how the order went

from a delivery date from the 16th to the 23rd in minutes.

I called the toll free number and was answered by an offshore operator (it was 1 am in the morning). The operator failed to have any information, since they only have general information for inquiries, and told me to call back between normal operating hours (8am to 8 PM I believe). Next day, the operator tells me that the couch is back ordered. How the website doesn't tell you this information before ordering is a mystery, I mean the mystic powers of the internet clearly makes information magically appear within seconds before praying to the computer gods. Now I have to book the elevator for the 23rd. I don't know what time it would come in, so I had to tell the front desk at my Condo to book me a slot for an unspecified time for that day. I don't want to be that jerk that books the whole day, just so I can get 2 pieces of furniture sent.

Sept 21. The 21st comes and I receive an automated call. They give you a 7am - 6pm window to wait for the delivery. This might be standard for most places so beware if you live in a Condo and have to book specific time slots for the elevator for move in/out. So that still doesn't help me but I recall the second operator telling me that the automated call will give me a tighter window 12 hours before the delivery day. The next day comes and the automated call says that the delivery will be there from 9am-1pm. Luckily the elevator was free until 2 pm, so it should be good to go. A little before 1 pm I get the call from the delivery guys and they're here to drop of my stuff.

The problem is, only one piece was to be delivered, my TV stand. The delivery guys know nothing about delivering a couch, and how should they since they're an outsourced company with no real affiliation other than deliveries. There was no email or phone notification saying that my couch was delayed either. My third call was pretty irate to the toll free number, and I sincerely feel bad toward the operator that answered my call. Anyway, she says how much she's sorry and that she understands how it must feel, but in a non-sincere way, like she's been saying it all day and the words just lost all meaning. She's just saying all that garbage because she's paid to and the only thing she's looking forward to is her lunch break so she doesn't have to deal with all the pissed off customers that had the unfortunate idea of shopping at Sears.

I was told this time, that the order was to come on the 30th of Sept. So I went to the front desk to book a time, which was 10am - 2 pm since they need a 4 hour window. I called my 4th time to specify the time with the operator but was told that it would cost me an additional charge to have a 4 hour window for my delivery. Oh boy did this set me off. After a short conversation about how mad I was with the whole ordeal, she put me on hold to speak with a manager about getting this window secured without charge.

Sept 30 - The delivery finally came. The move was smooth mainly because the delivery men know what they were doing (not like the rest of this ** show). I unpacked the couch and lo and behold one piece of the sectional was beige and the other was light brown. Like 2 turd coloured shades different, totally noticeable. At this point, I'm done with it all, I'm gonna deal with it, maybe get a few beige and brown couch pillows to pull everything together. Needless to say, I will never do business with Sears ever again. With all these businesses going out of business, Sears will probably be next and I won't shed a tear when that happens.

Multiple times Sears Appliance Repair has failed to even complete a somewhat decent job of servicing my appliances. They always show up late. Brand new dishwasher breaks (3 weeks old) and the repair service says someone will be there from 1-5 on Wednesday, they meant 1-5 on Thursday. 5:00 and no one shows, I call and they say "He's running late. Your new window is 4:45 - 6:45. He's on his way to you now." Well, he never showed. Call up and someone in the Philippines says "You weren't home." "Yes, in fact I was right by the door for the entire time waiting. Your guy is lying."

I wait for a supervisor because the next repair date is a week away. Supervisor can't do anything for me. He won't give me his supervisor because I need to talk to corporate. "What's corporate's phone number?" He doesn't know. He's got a phone number that he knows doesn't work. He tells me it doesn't work. But he's trying to give it to me. I waited for 20 minutes on hold just to get him on the phone and he then hangs up on me. I call back again, again, 25 minutes on hold and this time no one shows up on the line. I'm currently on hold again... 15 minutes and counting. I am now looking to never ever use Sears or their repair service again. I'm going to find every site to spread the word throughout the internet to let people know that Sears and Sears products and Sears Repair Service is HORRIBLE. They NEVER even apologize at all.

I purchased a mattress from Sears and after sleeping on this mattress we decided to return it. Sears took a percentage for a re-stocking fee and charged us delivery to pick up the mattress. They said that I would get a check within 14 days and that time has passed and I am still awaiting my refund check. When I speak with the customer service representatives, they just tell me that the check is in the mail. They sent the payment with no tracking so who knows if it is lost or stolen. Sears is becoming a joke and I will no longer be purchasing anything from them.

We purchased the Kenmore Elite Air Conditioning unit, 18,000 btu. This purchase was made August 7th of 2015. The first week of September 2016 the unit stopped blowing cool air, called for repair, the repair man came out and quoted $310.42 for repair, he also let us know that the Capacitor burned out due to loose wiring. Since an air conditioner is a seasonal unit and was used for approximately 2 months in 2015 then not used again until July 2016 it went out 1 month after the warranty expired. The repair cost is $50 to $60 lower than buying a brand new unit! It took 4 phone calls to reach the correct customer service dept, very frustrating, but spoke to a very nice gentleman who said "We can definitely help you with this. We just need to wait 24 hours until I receive the repair man's notes." I'm thinking "Great. What a relief. They're really going to help me out!"

Call back the next day, a different Rep begins to give options and didn't sound helpful at all, I ask to speak to someone else because I can see I'm going to get nowhere with you and he hangs up on me! I call back get a woman who is very sympathetic, apologizes for the hang up, let's me know the MOST she can do is $65 off of the repair or 10% off of a new unit, she also lets me know that she is the last stop, she deals directly with corporate there is no other number to call, no supervisor and that's the most she can offer. I decide to file a BBB complaint, when pulling up the corporate office info, the site recommended that you call prior to filing your complaint. Turns out there is another dept!

I call for the 8th time, talk to a lady, very sympathetic, transfers me to another dept, and they tell me "Yes we can help you, I'll file for a refund of your $69, put in to have the repair cost reduced and someone will contact you within 24 to 48 hours with the results. I'm so sorry for the wait time." I'm thinking "Great. What a relief. They are really going to help me!" Not to mention here in CA, we've had temperatures as high as 104 degrees with no cool down in the evening! I wait a full week, no call. I call back, give the lady my case no., turns out the first rep made a mistake by transferring me to the research dept when she shouldn't have (twice I've been made to feel like my issue was really going to be resolved) and the most they can do is $40 off of repair! Well the other lady offered me $65, long story short she'll meet the $65 offer. Towards the end of the conversation her tone has changed to a very sharp tone, and "This is all we can do!"

I ask for the supervisor, she gets on the phone, I explain my frustration, she tells me it's my problem not Sears', that it's a seasonal unit and I've only used it for 4 months, and they are providing good customer service with the offer and she became rude in her tone. I asked if I could take my complaint higher, she said no! This unit had a manufacturer defect, had it been used consistently would have shown itself 4 months into the warranty period, but according to Sears not their problem! I will never shop at Sears again and recommend you don't either! I will tell all my friends and family, especially my mom who has shopped at Sears for more than 50+ years, buys all her major appliances at Sears, I Will tell her to pick out what she wants and we will get it priced matched at Best Buy! I've been in retail management since 1995 and the consumer is your most valuable asset, unfortunately Sears disagrees!

I bought a NordicTrack Treadmill 9/19/16. It was delivered 9/23/16. It was missing a part so I refused delivery. Supposedly it was to be delivered Monday 9/26/16, then they pushed back my delivery date to 9/28/16. They came to deliver it at the wrong time. I called them, he rudely told me I had to reschedule. So now I'm extremely upset, I should not have to wait any longer for a treadmill I already paid for. The delivery service is horrible. I had to call the Sears Complaint department, that didn't do much. I already requested my delivery & assembly fee back. Do not, I repeat!!! Not use Sears delivery service, it will only upset you. I emailed the CEO 2 times, all they did was ignore me.

Purchased all new Kenmore Elite appliances for our new home. Several issues with each appliance but last week the control panel on the gas range unit broke out when my wife pressed a button. Scheduled service for 9/28 (only 5 days) and got a text this morning that they would be here between 8-12. No show, no call, and after an hour on the phone my wife finds out the "tech" was sick and we were rescheduled for 10/18! I check the broken part and am not surprised to see a cheap plastic bracket snapped. I will hope to update this report once I see if the tech shows up and declares he must order the part. This is not the way to stay out of bankruptcy! This is the type of product you get when you do not manufacture in the USA and the type of service you get when there are so many failures of cheap foreign made units that the USA based service companies cannot handle the logistics.

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