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I have ordered many items from NY&Co. My last experiences have been horrible to say the least. On 9/13 I order 4 shirts and 3 pairs of pants. To date I have received 2 shirts. I was notified on 9/21 that the pants were canceled from my order because they didn't have them in stock. As of today, they are still available to order online in the size I ordered! I have even notified them on 9/21 and 9/26 that they are still showing available online! The other two shirts had a shipping label created on 9/21 and yet they still haven't shipped, yet I just received the credit card statement that needs to be paid and yet I don't have everything I purchased. I also have an email from NY&Co. stating that my credit card has been charged for everything except the pants! Upon speaking to the representatives, I am continuously told that the order is not charged until it has shipped.

This is false, as I have two shirts that a shipping label have been created for, yet they are still sitting at a store in Pembroke Pines, Florida awaiting shipment. Apparently no one has access to contact the stores either to check when items are being shipped and it takes 24-48 business hours to get an update to the status of your order as well. When I asked for the number to the store to call them myself, apparently they don't have that either. Luckily Google tells me there are only two locations in Pembroke Pines, Florida so I guess they will both be getting calls. The other problem I ran into with NY&Co. is their processing of payments. I always charge purchases for this company to their company branded card and typically pay with a check even though I can pay online. My account is always paid in full as well. The last two times I sent in a check, it was processed for less than the amount the check was written for.

Luckily I kept copies of the checks. I contacted NY&Co. and was told there was nothing they could do since the payment was processed for the amount they submitted and would have to submit another payment. Luckily, I caught their error so I could get a payment made online before I accrued any interest charges. I requested that an investigation be started on this matter and apparently they did, because I received a letter from them stating that the checks were processed incorrectly. Beware and make sure that you are double checking payments if you are sending a payment by check in for your credit card.

I purchased a jumpsuit in June for my anniversary. I noticed it had belt loops, but didn't pay it much attention until one day as I was shopping online at New York and Company, I realized the jumpsuit that I bought didn't come with the belt that it should have come with. After talking to customer service and going to back to the store as directed by them, I could not get this problem resolved because at the time, I did not have my receipt and was told by NYC to email headquarters to request one. I emailed them several times and never heard a word from them. 3 months and a few days after this ordeal, I found the receipt in the bag in my closet while changing out summer shoes to fall. I went to the store and was told too late the receipt expired and there was nothing she could do. All I want is the belt to the jumpsuit that I already paid for.

I live in Canada and called their Customer Service line to help me make a placement online because the computer would not allow me to place my order. The first customer service agent says they no longer ship to Canada. So I then asked her if they did before and she said she didn't know but was sure they didn't ship to Canada. I called again and another agent said they do ship to Canada! I called a third time and the last representative was not sure whether they shipped to Canada... C'mon people. You work for a company and you don't even know where they ship to?!

I have been trying to place an order with NYCO since August 22, 2016. I originally tried to place the order online and it was not successful. I learned later that this is because I live overseas and it would not go through using an international IP address. Since, I have been attempting to place the order every few days over the phone with associates. Always the same response of unable to process my order. I have been referred back to the bank. They holds my NYCO credit card and every time they verify my information is correct -- my account has a zero balance and that there are no hold or restrictions on my card. In addition they tell me each time that nothing is reaching the card meaning the bank is not receiving any attempts to make purchases and shows no record of purchases. There is simply nothing pinging to my credit card. Somehow it is being stopped at NYCO.

I asked if using a forwarding mail address could be an issue. I have been assured on several occasions that that is not the case. I tried placing the order again over the phone using my permanent mailing address and still received the same message. Except this time the customer service agent said it look like my card had been flagged for fraud. I called the bank back, spoke with someone in their Fraud Department that once again assured me of my zero balance, no attempts to charge my card, no fraud alerts, no authorization holds, and that my mailing address phone number and name are all correct on my account. So I called back to NYCO, attempted to place my order again -- same issue of not being able to process.

I have asked to speak with a supervisor several times and there never seems to be one available OR I am placed on hold and after about 30 mins of the customer service rep checking back in with me to ensure they are still waiting for a supervisor, my call is disconnected. I have had my complaint/concerns forwarded through their complaint system to receive a call back several times and no one ever calls me back. My issues are continuing to go unresolved.

I am a regular customer at New York & Company and I am size petite and stores don't sell those sizes. Normally I order online and whenever I ask customer service they say order both and you can always return. Online buying in petite sizes is tricky on top of that you have not felt the material. Online returns are always high. I returned online merchandise to store and bought very limited merchandise at store. Whatever I bought if it didn't work I returned within one month with exception of 1 or 2 items.

One day the store manager rudely said "you can't return anymore to the store" and "I have right to deny you from returning". I nicely explained her that I have bought and kept a lot from NYC. This manager is very rude and I am a doctor of philosophy so I research before I buy. If I ask her to help in locating merchandise or simple q she does not even want to answer that. The other employees in the store are so nice to me and everyone felt bad when she was yelling at me. Most of the times the employees are in disagreement with her but cannot say as she is the store manager. I request NYC to look into this and please change the store manager at Morgantown, WV. When I returned 2 of the four items, as I bought similar shirt at higher price from nordstrom, she rudely snatched off my cash rewards and said "you can't get this". Even then I remained quiet. I like merchandise at NYC and would really like to shop there.

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I have been shopping at NYCO for several years, and have been using their online ordering as the most convenient way of getting the things I want especially since my schedule doesn't always allow me to go in-store. However, for the last week I have been trying to order online and have been met with numerous issues whereby my order cannot be processed and I was directed to contact Customer Service. Upon calling customer service several different times, I was given a number of random reasons why my order wasn't being processed including:

My US shipping address isn't valid (when it's the same address I've been using for years). My PayPal account has a non-US address so it can't be used (when I've been using the same PayPal account to purchase on NYCO for years even as recently as a couple months ago). I then switched to my US credit card to make the payment and still encountered the same issue, so they insisted it was my shipping address. I then switched the shipping address to my cousin's shipping address to see if maybe they're right and I'm the crazy one here, but turns out that didn't work either. I even tried to place my order over the phone and still no luck.

So now I'm at my wits end, and customer service has essentially shrugged their shoulders at me and said, "Oh well, can't help ya there!" So I'm stumped as to what I'm supposed to do short of getting in my car and heading to the store myself, which given my crazy work hours, I don't have the time for. So overall, my most recent experience has not been impressive at all and I'm really disappointed that they didn't make any real attempts to resolve my issue.

I purchased some items for my wedding/reception/honeymoon and after arriving back home, I reluctantly shipped back some items (getting to a store an hour away just wasn't working out). I persistently checked regarding the receiving of those items and my refund. First, I was told they would not access my account, to call back and have a woman look it up by my email. I then received an email stating I had "unread messages" in my account. I was completely unable to login to that account, password wouldn't work and when I tried to reset it, it said my email was not registered. After over 20 emails back and forth with "support" they informed me there are no "messages" in your account, that is just a tactic used as an email subject to attract customers. In the end, I am told my refund was "processed and cleared" on their end on 7/29/16 at 2:12 pm, but it never showed up in my PayPal account.

I have made 10+ attempts since and have been told 4 times they were waiting for my transaction number only to be told today they are under the impression the original refund was not processed correctly. They requested a transaction number on Aug 16 and now on Aug 23rd, no email or phone call as promised. I call back to be told if there is no resolution by tomorrow, they will reissue the refund and if I don't get an email by the end of the day to call back! I am fairly certain 99% of what I have been told to this point has just been giving me the runaround to appease me for the moment with NO resolution. It is absolutely RIDICULOUS!!!

On July 21, 2016, I took a survey online from New York & Company that promised $30 for completing the survey, and was given a coupon or redemption number. I then tried to use it online with no success. Today I called their customer service and reported this problem. Neither the representative on the phone nor her supervisor had ever heard of this promotion. They lied to me and I will write to the corporate office.

I have been shopping at NY & Co for 20 years religiously! Love their clothes! I got awesome sale prices and ordered over $300 worth of clothing as I hadn't bought clothes in years. Some of the items had color variations from how they looked online or I needed a different size. When I sent in the exchange form I just received the amounts returned to my credit card. They didn't even try to exchange them or look at my exchange form. I had to call in to make the exchange and they won't exchange for color... only size. I cannot return at the store because I already shipped these items back and they are not in my possession. The only option I have left is to repurchase these items and not get the sale price that I had when I ordered these items. This has been such a hassle. Only order from them if you know your exact size, color, etc. They make nothing easy and do not value return customers.

Just really disappointed. Customer service is not helpful. I placed my order on June 1st and as of June 14 my order still hasn't been shipped with exception of 1 item. However, money was quickly removed from my PayPal account.

I have a merchandise credit because I was over the date for cashback. Tried to order online, but couldn't. You cannot use the credit online only in store even though it is the same business entity and the sales associate said I could order online.

Something very strange with this company. Made a payment of 150.00 and next statement I got said it went through. Ordered some clothes for a friend which went through and wouldn't have if payment didn't go through cause my balance would have been too low to order more clothes. So anyways received statement showing payment was received. So next statement I receive said payment was returned a whole month later. I dont understand. My bank said it went through and New York & Co. is saying they never received it. So now I have to go through my bank to have them investigate the situation. Something is very wrong with this company. They're a big scam.

First I want to say I have been shopping at this company for years. They have great work clothes. I spend a lot of money at this store when I go shopping. But this past Monday (5/1) and Tuesday (5/2) I went shopping online which I never do. So I purchased some items from there on these two different days. Well they pulled the money out of the bank account as soon as I finished my ordered. (240.70 and 52.89) Not a big issue. Well now here is Wednesday. Going through my bank account and what would you know? They pulled 4 different times out of my account. The first two and then 2 more for smaller amounts (29.70 and 26.44).

When I called to talk to somebody about it they stated "Yes, every time we ship a item we pull money out for that item." I tried to explain to her that the money is already pulled out so I didn't understand why they are pulling more out. I paid for the items. And all she could do is telling me that they were being shipped from different places and that's how they do it. Then she tells me "Well you have one more item that has to be shipped to you so that will be coming out of your bank account as well." And that I will receive my money within 5-7 business days of the extra money they pulled out. I asked her why they do it this way, just going into people's bank account and charge them extra without them being told when they order offline. She didn't have a answer for me. All she said is "I understand" and she was sorry.

I then asked her "Well if my account went into a negative amount because y'all did this will the company cover the charge?" She said "No that's something you will have to cover." And repeated "You will have the money within 5-7 business days or I can make a ticket to see if they can put the money in the account sooner." I WILL NEVER SHOP WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN.

Please do not order from this company. Two days after I ordered a jacket online, there was a price decrease. They were unable to credit me the difference and suggested I cancel the first order and reorder. I did that, only to find out that although the rep told me that my first order was cancelled, it actually was not. I called back when I saw the charge was still on my VISA and was told that they weren't allowed to cancel an order in progress and I could return it to the store when I received it. The only problem is, it has not been shipped! I ordered on 4/11/2016 and as of 4/16/2016 it hasn't shipped. The second order was shipped immediately. Basically the rep lied to me when he told me he could cancel the first order. I have emailed and called the company twice, and they won't refund my order even though it has not been shipped. I am going to file a dispute with my VISA card and hope for the best.

I was looking for reviews of a jacket. I was interested in and stumbled upon this. The sheer volume of negative reviews astounded me. Whenever I go I'm greeted warmly, the clothes fit well, and they have great deals. If an item isn't on sale, just wait a week. I get coupons almost daily. The odd complaints about returns without a receipt surprised me. Their feels change every few days. Almost my entire wardrobe is from this company and I've never paid full price for anything. They don't store transactional data, unlike some stores, so they can't magically determine what you paid for something previously. I really like this store. I hope they're around for a long time.

This company is the WORST when it comes to return policies! The only way you get your full refund is if you have a receipt and it's within 15 days, and even then it's like you're trying to get away with something!! It's disgusting the way they treat customers. If you don't have a receipt they will give you a credit for whatever the selling price is minus whatever discount is going on because there is, according to them, NO WAY to know what you paid. That may be true if you paid cash but MOST companies now all you have to do is give them the credit card you used and they know what you paid.

Additionally, I have a NY & CO credit card which should always ensure I get a refund. Instead because I'm terrible with the many receipts I have, I end up stuck with dozens of items. Which led to my not shopping there anymore. I'm not going to continue to get stuck with items because of their crappy policies. They have a "rewards" certificate that they'll send if you spend over a certain amount of money which usually expires WITHIN 15 days. So wait, I spent over $800 over the course of MONTHS, then you send me a $20 "reward" certificate but I'm only going to be rewarded if I spend it tomorrow!? Ridiculous! DON'T SHOP HERE and DEFINITELY don't get this credit card!

Horrible horrible customer service. Tried making a return WITH receipt and manager was extremely rude. Products are such bad quality. Wear one time is all you will get with these clothes. The sales sound great but you are better off paying a bit more to wear more than once.

We order 4 items. Just got 3 items with different day individual and one shipment is not received. I call to online representative, they give me UPS number. I called them they are saying that delivered neighbor house. I called 2 times with New York and company and still missing my stuff. Please don't get anything from the online or make sure with them. Not worth to shop online.

I ordered $300 worth of clothing during their black Friday sales. I was able to wear each item once! I washed the items (jeans and sweaters), laid the sweaters out to dry and dried the jeans on my lowest dryer setting. The jeans shrank at least an 1.5". The sweaters might as well have been crop tops! I decided to take these items back. I made the mistake of not looking up the return policy beforehand, but to my credit the receipt said if I was I was not satisfied with my purchase to return it. There was nothing stating issues returning after washing.

So, I get to the store and the woman behind the counter looks at me like I have three heads because I dared come in after hitting the gym so I was wasn't quite as posh as I guess is required to enter their store. I had the receipt, handed them the items and explained the issue. She left for about 5 minutes and comes back to inform me about NY and Co's policy to not take returns that have been washed because they have to list them as damaged, and cannot resell the items, and are out the money. Well, I explained that the reverse is true as I can no longer wear these items and am out $300.

As a "courtesy and one one time only" they returned the items for a whopping $90 because NY and Co returns items even with a receipt for the lowest ever sale price, not the original price you purchased them for! I have never experienced such asinine policies! The employee even had the audacity to ask me if I dried the sweaters in the dryer!!! Of course not, I'm not an idiot for goodness sake! Either way I will not be going out of my way to make any further purchases from them again! So in the end, they lost $90... I'm out $210 seems like a fair trade!

Today, I went into the New York & Company at the Town Center Mall in Kennesaw, Georgia to buy a gift card for my daughter for Christmas. She likes the store but I personally never shop there. I went early in the morning to avoid as much of the Christmas lines as possible. When I got in line there were only three people ahead of me. There were four cashiers. I waited in line for thirty-five minutes. When I finally got up to a cashier, she started with the "what is your zip code?", "what is your phone number?", "would you like to contribute to our charity?" I told her that I didn't want to tell her my zip code or telephone number, I only wanted to buy a gift card and that while the charity was a good one, I wasn't going to contribute to it at their store after waiting 35 minutes to buy the gift card. She smirked at me, refused to put the gift card in a bag. She just handed me the receipt and laid the card on the counter for me to pick up. I will not be going back to that store.

Had to return an item, so spoke to a customer representative. She was so rude and did not give me the required info related to the item.

First off, the phone number that they provide on the back of my credit card is wrong. I had to list to a bunch of other store offers. So, I had to search the Customer Service number online. When I finally did get a lady, I told her that I placed an order the night before and I didn't have my birthday discount card on me at the time of the order. So, I asked her if she could apply it to my account and she told me "no". I don't understand why she was unable to apply the discount to my account. Other stores do it all the time. I asked her if I had to return and reorder to get the discount and she said "yes"! That is the dumbest thing that I ever heard!!!

On Monday, November 23, 2015, I received a package in the mail from NY&C for an order that was not mine. I immediately checked my order tracking, and luckily it was still on transit to me. I e-mailed the company notifying them that I received the wrong package and will drop it off to the nearest store since I plan to shop some more during the Mystery card giveaway. Worst decision ever!!! Note that I was told someone would get back to me within 24 hours, but with no response I just went to the store instead.

On Wednesday, November 25, 2015, I visited the Deptford Mall New York & Company store around 12 noon. I got a warm greeting from the sales person upfront who was handing out the Mystery Card to the first 100 guests. YAY! I got my $10 card. I picked out a few things and headed straight for the cashier. This store was recently updated, but the cashier area was still cramped and there were no formal entrance/exit lines to follow, so I just followed the few shoppers in front of me. There were a total of 4 cashiers and I guess 1 manager upfront. The wait was long. It was hard to maneuver around with a stroller. When I was finally next, the lady behind me asked if I was next and I replied yes. She pointed to the rightest cashier and it seems like someone else went up. I couldn't really tell if she or I was first because the area was such a mess with everything all over the place. This was strike 1.

When I was called up, I explained to the cashier that I received a package that was not mine and wanted to drop it off here with a letter noting that I handed the package to the store. The cashier consulted with the manager lady and they said that they could not accept it back, instead I would need to ship it back. As I did not hear back from the e-mail I sent 2 days ago, I do not see how or why I should be responsible to do any more than dropping it off with the store that shipped it incorrectly to me. It's the holiday so I did let it slide. I was going to put the package back in my mailbox and have it returned to sender. This was strike 2.

Then I proceeded to my purchases. I was moved over to the next cashier, but apparently it was not opened. The manager lady said it would take one second. OK, I waited. Then she stopped what she did to run to another cashier who just asked for help. I could not believe this just happened. She could have stopped to open the register for me who was already waiting and then help the next cashier who just asked for help. What was the point of calling me up when the cashier was not even open in the first place? I cannot believe what a horrible service this place had given me. This is strike 3. 3 strikes in 1 trip!!! Thanks for ruining my holiday shopping Deptford Mall NY&C. A truly upset customer.

I gave the Ramsey store 1 star because it was not an option to give 0. VERY upset to say that I think this store has gone completely downhill. I have shopped here for YEARS, and while I can never say I was overly impressed by the service, I have never seen it as bad as it is now. It actually makes me second guess coming in for the jean leggings (that I absolutely love). I use to love this store location because it was not a mall so the traffic seemed to be a bit lighter, plus it is so close to my house, but it's not even worth it to me anymore; I'd honestly rather go to Willowbrook Mall in the middle of the Christmas season.

I usually keep to myself when I walk in this store because if you ask for help you may get snapped at, but I had no choice last night because I went in to pick up something that "wasn't in stock" for a family member; and that was just the icing on the cake for me. I shouldn't have to receive that type of behavior when I'M THE CUSTOMER supporting YOUR store! (And by the store manager herself I might add.) You would have thought I asked her to walk around carrying my clothes or something the way she reacted. All I did was ask if an item was in stock because I did not see it on the sales floor and really wanted to make sure I looked everywhere possible before I left.

I have held off on writing a review because A) I just don't have the time and B) I know retail is a tough gig, but this behavior is on repeat in this store and I just truly felt wrong for not writing a review knowing I was a daily customer for years and not just a drop in who got someone on a bad day. My hope is that the company will realize the people in the field ARE the face of your company. Whether they like it or not, what they do represents what you want to stand for as a whole, period! If the Store Manager can't simply show good customer service how do you expect the associates to do the same? This store use to be beautiful! I would walk in stunned by the outfits I could find just by looking at their displays, it even took some of the focus off how mistreated I felt, but now it is hard to even say that. I have to be honest, I am not the only person I know that feels this way... What's going on over there?!?!

I am going to try to keep this short, as it has been over a 7 week process, and I'm still working on it! On Sept. 26, 2015, I visited NY&Co. for the first time. I found pants that were great, but other color options not available in my size. Sales associate informs me I can pay sale price and have them shipped to me. I receive the wrong pants and in a size 4xs larger than what I could even wear.

I contact customer service and am given the run around for a month about what can be done. I am finally told those pants are no longer available and a refund will be in my account within 7 business days. I go online to find the EXACT pants available in my size and the color that I wanted. It has been over 7 business days and I still do not have a refund. I was told via email today that it will take an additional 14 business days, possibly longer to get my money back. I paid for these pants over 7 weeks ago!! I have not received the merchandise or a refund! I have just been told "sorry for your inconvenience". Absolutely ridiculous how I have been treated!

Return policy is ridiculous. When you get your order if you want to return anything you are to fill out a form of what you want to exchange and what you want it replaced with. (Thinking you are getting what you asked for) instead you get an email stating they changed the process. Place an order again and contact us with the new order number and the price difference if any...or call us and we'll do it for you.

So I call and the lady was like what is your original order #, what do you want to order, etc. Like I remember??? Hello. I didn't make a copy of my return because again remember they asked me what I wanted to replace, what I'm returning with so I thought it would all be handled. But no I get an email telling me to do it all over again...heck no...this process is absolutely ridiculous so I told the woman on the phone to just forget. This company will not get any more of my business...not after seeing how awful this return policy is now. No thank you! Bye NY&Co.

I've never had to write a review for any company and I am a huge fan of shopping, but I am sad to say I will never shop in the Ramsey store again. I've never been treated like such a chore and not for nothing but by the store manager who I am told is named Maria. I have been in their multiple times and have never received a greeting from her, not once. I think it would be safe to say this store needs a solid reminder of what customer service looks like, starting with management. I've worked in the retail business years ago and I get it, there's a lot of people to please but some people feel simply "helped" just by a smile and a manager or well trained associate represented on the sales floor to help.

In this store, there is an absence of a warm feeling when you enter up until when you leave, and this is why I will never come back. I didn't give my info because I'm not looking to be contacted or encouraged to come back. I know the difference between a store that wants to please their customer and one that doesn't. No one wants to shop under that type of stress - shopping is suppose to be an experience to make yourself feel great, not worse. I should never leave a store thinking to myself "what did I ever do to her?" My advice would be for someone to pop in this store every once in awhile, I'm 100% sure you would get the same feeling especially from that manager. Don't get me wrong they have a few nice people that I've seen but unfortunately it just looks like they are all hate their jobs.

I'm totally pissed that I bought a top here to have 2 holes in the back at the seam at the neck... WTF? This was fresh out of the package and I am a new cardholder... This is my second order here both of which I haven't been pleased with as a result of the quality/workmanship.. Granted the clothing is cheap but holes? Looks like I won't be using this credit card. Too bad.

I ordered items online on 8/29/2015. NY&C separated the items into 3 packages. I received the first 2, left on my doorstep without any problem, but the last one was sent back by UPS in error. UPS stated I had to call NY&C to get it back. So I called NY&C, and end up talking to supervisor Connie who would not return my final 3 of 3 package. I told her that I need the items in the final package to complete my wardrobe - for instance, I have the skirt but no top and vice versa. I bought multiple items totaling over $200. She said the "items are no longer available" and it is not NY&C policy to ship the items back to customers.

I wanted to know "where" my items went if they are "no longer available" and she refused to answer my question. I furthermore said "it cannot be this difficult to find my package, doesn't the package have a shipping label, number, or tracking on it?" Connie became defensive and stated, "Again, we have no way of tracking your items and once it is returned to the warehouse, there is nothing we can do." This is the poorest customer service/excuse I've ever received! All of my items will be returned and I'm not going to shop here any longer. Seems like a simple fix. Who is running this company? Shameful..

I placed an order online on 9/2/15 that qualified me for $75 worth of City Cash, which was redeemable starting 9/3. My confirmation email stated I would receive a separate email containing the City Cash coupons within 48 hours. When I did not receive the email within the promised time frame I sent an email to their Customer Service department, which they never responded to. Then I called their customer service center and explained I never received the email with the City Cash Coupons and asked to have the email resent. The customer service rep told me all City Cash emails were sent on 9/3 and that I should have received it.

Again, I explained I did NOT and asked her to resend it. She said she couldn't resend it but I could call back and place the order over the phone and they would apply it then. So I have to go to the store to find the items I want and try them on (because their sizes are never accurate), then go online and find their item number and call them to place the order??? In this day and age how can you not resend an email? This is extremely inconvenient and their clothes aren't the greatest quality so I shouldn't have to jump through their hoops to make a purchase. And don't get me started on their coupon policies. I won't be buying from them again.

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