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Last updated: Oct. 23, 2017

34 Trupanion Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Oct. 23, 2017

Hi my name is Luis. We have a beautiful 2 year old black lab named Bella. We just found out 4 weeks ago that she is in need of a tore cruciate back hind leg surgery ASAP. Now my son Christopher and I purchased Trupanion pet insurance approx 9 months ago. Now Trupanion refuses to pay for her surgery saying that it is a pre-existing condition. SMH what how I just found out 4 weeks ago!!! But now Trupanion say oh because I've taken her to the vet for a small limp in the past since she's a hyper baby and was on Novax they claim it was a sign and symptom. What? But her doctor never ever diagnosed her. In fact she's never had an X-ray or anything so how is that pre-existing Trupanion?

Shame on you for taking people's money with the hopes and security of knowing god forbid anything happens to my pet Trupanion is there not!!! Now we suffer everyday thinking what are we to do for Bella. She's on pain meds everyday to help manage her. She looks so sad because of the pain and Trupanion not willing not a single bit to help alleviate the cost with even paying for her X-rays, sedation or even blood work. If we were to find a doctor who can take payments so that we can get her the surgery she needs.

Customers shopping for pet insurance beware stay clear of Trupanion. They're crooks who paint a beautiful picture at first but then their true color of darkness comes thru when you need to put a claim for the sake of your pet's health and guess what the excuses of all the why nots come out SMH. I'm not only a fool for trusting them but hurt that I put my pet's life and health on their hands only to be let down. I'm so disgusted with Trupanion and I'm going to cancel them right now after this. Thank you.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 8, 2017

I've been with them for two years now, and they never cover anything. Everything is pre-existing to them, even when the situation is different. My dog ate part of a toy a couple of years ago, and we took him to the vet to have it regurgitated. Recently, he wasn't acting right and it turns out, he had somehow found an old toy, ate the squeaker and had to have a scope to remove it. They call it a pre-existing condition. My other dog had sprained a disk playing a while back and recently, when he was moving slow, we took him to the vet and though the vet said that wasn't his issue this time, they still denied the claim on a pre-existing condition. I've spent so much money on this service with no reimbursement. It has been a complete waste to me. To them, this is just a way to take advantage of vulnerable homeowners. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 8, 2017

I have been paying 150 per month for years. I have never once been reimbursed for a claim. The very first claim near 1000 dollars they continue to request more and more information. This is absolutely ridiculous. Luckily we are fortunate to afford paying for the health of our animal but for anyone else these guys would rather their customers’ animals die than help them in a timely matter. I believe my problem is not unique and encourage everyone to stay away.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2017

I got Trupanion about six years ago when we first adopted our dog. We picked Trupanion because they came recommended by the SPCA. For years I was paying about $50/month, doubting my decision. Our dog fell ill with congestive heart failure about 1.5 years ago. While he ultimately passed, Trupanion covered nearly $10k in his medical bills over that time. Trupanion was a huge relief, allowing for peace of mind as the condition deteriorated and required more frequent and costly vet visits. I highly recommend Trupanion, and will definitely use them when we're ready for another pet.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 29, 2017

I have two pet insurance, one for maintenance with Banfield and the other one for Accidents, Disease, etc. My Banfield vet referred us to an Eye Specialists as the condition of my pet is not covered under the maintenance plan so we went to an eye specialists. Paid out of our pocket and then filed a claim to Trupanion. For Trupanion's convenience I've emailed the Banfield medical records as well as the receipt for the eye specialists in 08/28/17.

Claim was filed in 08/28/17. I have made several phone calls to follow up with Trupanion to see what the status of my claim and to go back to the Eye specialists for treatment. Trupanion finally responded today via email. They denied the claim as they said that the infection (that Banfield treated) is related to the eye allergies (conjunctivitis). Obviously, I was so disappointed in Trupanion's response as I myself work in the insurance industry. This is what gives the insurance industry a bad name. There should be a Consumer watchdog for companies like these. I will obviously appeal their decision and I will update this review shortly.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 1, 2017

I have been dealing with Trupanion for MANY YEARS, and had my dog insured after having them do a full underwriting on past conditions she would be ineligible for. So I still pay thousands a year out of pocket for my dog's vet care. So long story short my dog came down with the autoimmune disease - immune mediated thrombocytopenia which they are trying to write off as a skin condition.

News flash. Claim adjusters you are children. The reasons for things being ineligible are which in complete contradiction and why it should be approved. I think these claims reps all get trained in a big room and get bonus money for denial of claims. It is a complete scam, my dog has regular blood work once or twice a year just for ** and giggles to make sure she is healthy. I will be reporting them to Better Business Bureau and taking them to small claims. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT USE TRUPANION! There is many other honest insurance companies out there, Petsecure is who will get my business.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 2, 2017

I have been paying for Trupanion for years, filed a claim and it was denied within less than 24 hours saying it was pre-existing condition. I spoke with three vets to determine if possibly I was filing a claim wrongfully. Was advised that the situation was different and should be covered by Trupanion. Trupanion reached out to all my vets but still determined it was not a claim they could cover. Which the appeal took a few weeks with me having to call for updates.

So they increase their premiums from $23 a month when I first started to $40 a month. I paid because I was told this was good insurance by a vet. To only hear from another vet during this current process that they are the worst and never pay. To me, they take your money but are a bogus insurance company that has no intention of ever paying out. So not only did I pay $3500 for a procedure that won't be covered, I also paid a few thousand through the time I have had insurance to not have them accept any claim. DO NOT USE TRUPANION!!! As a side note I never write reviews, so please use caution when buying pet insurance and think multiple times before using Trupanion.

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Original review: Aug. 1, 2017

Trupanion has been absolutely amazing!!! I have had another pet insurance in the past and they never covered at 90% or paid the hospital directly. That is huge plus if you don't have the funds immediately. I decided to get pet insurance on my puppy who is now three. I wanted to make sure he was covered and I'm so thankful I did. He has chronic allergies, ate a sock, and now cracked a tooth. These are all things I didn't know would happen when I got him.

I'm so thankful I have had Trupanion to help me get through these years. A lot of people want to wait until something has already happened to go get insurance last minute and it doesn't work like that. I highly recommend them. They are fast and efficient at claims. They pay hospital directly and cover at 90% after deductible. They also do have a cap on how much is paid out in a year for claims. They are always compassionate about my pets needs. Do your research and compare. Don't get upset if they don't cover pre existing conditions because there isn't a pet insurance that does.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 23, 2017

I had purchased a new puppy. Took him to the vet one day after taking possession of the dog for a full physical examination (as required by


Published: AND


breeder contract). Received a clean bill of health. Went home, enrolled with Trupanion under their promotional deal offered to me by my veterinarian, which waived the initial registration fee and effectively enrolled my pup immediately. Approximately 6-8 hours later, I had to rush my pup to emergency vet services because he went into respiratory distress and had vomited. He was so sick, he was hospitalized overnight. I come to find out that my pup had developed pneumonia from two infections, Bortadella (even though he has received the vaccination) and Respiratory Corona Virus. The next day, $2,300 later and with a bag full of medicine I was allowed to take my pup back home. I started the claim process with Trupanion.

Three weeks later, after having heard nothing. I find out that the claim had been denied because the dog "possessed symptoms before he was enrolled." When I was in the emergency room with the vet, and asked if I had noticed anything out of the ordinary prior to that evening, I had said that I had noticed that he had some coughing the day before. That was the basis for Trupanion's complete denial of my claim. In a nutshell, I was denied any coverage at all (even though he was examined by my veterinarian just hours before and given a clean bill of health), my hindsight apparently superseded that a licensed veterinarian, who had found nothing unusual at all. For Trupanion to deny me any coverage at all, when a veterinarian didn't even notice that my pup was sick and based on my comment that the day before I noticed that he had coughed is completely underhanded.

I am not a doctor of veterinary medicine. I had no reason to even think that there was anything really wrong with my pup before I brought him in for his physical. I hadn't even mentioned the coughing because it seemed so innocuous that I was never concerned. The vet even put a stethoscope to my dog's chest for breathing and heart rate and detected nothing. My pup went into such respiratory distress so quickly that to this day, I am certain that he would have died that night had I not taken him in immediately.

No one at Trupanion even took a moment to inform me of their decision to reject my claim, and when I called customer service to cancel my policy, I was met with not a word of resistance. These people were not interested in working with me. They were not interested in helping and they were not interested in keeping me as a customer for the next 10 to 15 years. I will never recommend Trupanion to anyone. I feel intentionally deceived by their marketing, and made to feel irrelevant. This was only about the money they made from my premium, and me receiving nothing in return.

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Original review: July 21, 2017

I was told that my Vet had this great special for a petcare plan. As a bonus it came with pet insurance with Trupanion. I was told that all pre-existing conditions were waived to get the insurance. I thought it sounded like a great deal, but it was a scam. My 10 year old dog had been denied previously for pet insurance with Trupanion. She had slightly elevated liver enzymes. My vet assured me that it was just how her body was and we would watch it. So for more than 5 years nothing changed. But then one night she started having seizures. I took her to the vet and her liver enzymes were out of control. It was a sad and scary time. I was told it could be a brain tumor causing it, or liver cancer. Not once were any of those words used previously.

I sent in my first claim with Trupanion. They accepted the claim and put the first bills towards the deductible. But then when I sent in a great deal more, they decided to cover some of the bills and not others. If it was $10, covered. But $1000 and it was denied. On one bill for over a thousand they covered $12. I paid thousands of dollars to get the plan going and this was my first claim with the company. And they only cover what they want to cover. Are you kidding me!!! So, Trupanion agrees to accept that she had brain and liver cancer, but not to accept claims for that illness if they went above a certain amount. That's a scam. How can you say it's ok to pay on a claim for just that issue, but tell me it doesn't cover everything with that disease/illness.

They denied medication for pain, because she had taken it in the past for arthritis. Basically telling me that any medication she had used in the past regardless what it was used for couldn't be applied to this claim. I guess I was supposed to know this and to tell my vet what they could and could not prescribe. Then when I appealed they paid a little more on the pain meds. But again, they accept the illness as coverable, but then don't want to cover things outside the rules. I am even mad at my Vet. I felt that based on how they sold The whole wellness plan with that insurance was to get me to pay for something that later they said is "Huge issue with pet insurance plans. They make it very difficult to get things covered and are nothing more than extra work for their clinic." WHAT!!! So the vet knew it was a possible crazy waste of money and yet they pushed it. And then the office manager blames me for having it.

I've been a loyal customer for more than 17 years and I now know I was being lied to. As I said years ago this exact dog was denied due to that liver enzyme. And if it wasn't for this so called benefit to the wellness package, she would have been denied again. Instead they waived it, processed a claim accepting it, but when it was time to pay out big money they ran from it. Telling me the whole time I should know better. Seriously?! I could have saved so much money NOT getting the insurance. I would have been more careful to deny certain things the vet wanted to do with hope that it would help. Instead, I'm stuck with thousands and thousands of nothing but heartache and anger. So, whatever you do, don't waste your money, because this truly is the definition of a scam.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 1, 2017

I've had Trupanion pet insurance for my Pug since he was just a little guy, still a puppy. He's now 3 years old and doing great, thankfully. The reason I thought it was important to leave a review for Trupanion at this time is that my company recently started offering Pet insurance (wow, what a great benefit!) through another provider that presented a very compelling presentation at my office last week. I know that of course price is always a compelling factor, it certainly was for me since my family has now grown to 3 dogs. So I started looking into it today, doing my comparison and looking at the total out of pocket, what's covered, etc, etc.

After looking at the total cost of the "wellness" package, it turns out that based on my last year's preventative expenses I'd still be paying more through the new company, Nationwide, than I have been paying out of pocket. (Trupanion doesn't offer preventative care policies). I've been pretty lucky that my dogs are very healthy, but we do have emergencies that come up, so I decided that perhaps I'd just stay with the more traditional "Catastrophe Insurance" as they call it. Nationwide's insurance premium for "emergencies only" coverage is indeed less than Trupanion. Which would mean I could cover all 3 of my dogs pretty easily.

But then I started looking at reviews for Nationwide... not good. Seems a lot of people are having trouble with "pre-existing conditions" getting covered despite some things never having come up in the past. I don't know, I've never tried to file a claim with Nationwide, but I kept remembering the one and only time I had to use Trupanion, last October, and file a claim it was a total breeze. They were so super helpful. I paid the vet out of pocket ($1200) and I think they reimbursed me the full 90% within a week. (after my $100 deductible).

So, let's be honest, pet insurance isn't cheap. I was somewhat attracted to lower premiums, but having a sick pet is stressful. This is your family. I don't want to add fighting with some stupid insurance agent about why they aren't going to pay for something they said they would during the 'sales pitch'. Something else I remember about every time I've spoken with Trupanion agents on the phone..... they ALWAYS ask about my dog. I honestly think they are animal lovers and that makes a difference to me. Anyway, most people write negative reviews (I think that's important too) but on this occasion I wanted to write a positive one. I am staying with Trupanion. A bit more expensive, but in the end my piece of mind and my dog's health are worth it.

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Original review: June 30, 2017

I was offered free enrollment during a visit with my vet for one of my fur babies Gracie. I called to gather information, did some research, called again and then decided to purchase a policy. First off the rep was working from home, told me Trupanion actually "looks for reasons to pay". He then went on to tell me about ** pills he and his wife use on their cats. I let him know I had 3 other babies, including my senior German Shep that I would be calling back to also enroll. He told me I shouldn't bother with my dog due to her age. What an unprofessional response.

Because Gracie sneezed and it was in her record they refuse to cover a single thing, she was diagnosed with nasal cancer and I have spent thousands. I didn't even want to submit the remaining claims because I may have well thrown them in the trash. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!! I am cancelling my policy and enrolling everybody else where. They just lost a fur family of 4 spoiled babies. BUYER BEWARE!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 27, 2017

I adopted my dog in October 2016. Within days I took him in for his first vet appointment. In December 2016, after much research I decided to purchase pet insurance for him since he was in good health and young at just 2 years, 2 months. I chose Trupanion. In January 2017, my dog started to get a skin rash. The vet called it dermatitis. My dog has had 3 appointments now in treatment for the dermatitis and now has a referral appointment to a vet specializing in dermatology. I had requested my regular vet to submit claims for the first 2 appointments.

Today I received notice from Trupanion that my claim was denied because the vet had record from the very first appointment that I advised my dog was a "little itchy." This simple statement resulted in my dog's dermatitis being ruled a pre-existing condition. Even though no rash was evident until the following January. Trupanion tells me my only recourse is to submit a claim to the California Dept. of Insurance. I know in my heart that my statement in October 2016 to a question about fleas has no relevance to my dog's current skin condition, however, given the record, I don't feel I can fight it.

I have now cancelled my Trupanion account because I feel they will find an excuse to deny any claim I submit. Or perhaps they only routinely deny any claim within 18 months of having their insurance since that is the stated time limit for pre-existing conditions. What's most hurtful is the unspoken inference that I lied on my insurance application and only signed up because of this skin condition, which is all lies and furthest from the truth.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 21, 2017

After spending thousands in premiums, I finally put a claim in. It's been 3 months and they reached out to 2 different vets asking for my dog's lifetime of vet bills. This is a diversion to not pay. My dog was being tested for skin cancer - A condition he's never had. Before they pay on the claim they're looking for his entire medical history - So 3 months in - I haven't been reimbursed and they keep on looking for reasons to decline. Money better spent is to put the premium in a bank account and use that for vet bills. This is a big Ponzi scheme. You'll pay a lot of money only to realize that you'll get little reimbursement for your vet bills.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 7, 2017

We were told that our pet qualified for Trupanion insurance by a Florida vet practice and we signed up for it. No waiting period and we could cancel in 30 days. After many tests, xrays and special food, the diagnosis was gastroenteritis. Yes insurance would cover some of it. We are now out $2000.00 after 2 denials from Trupanion. They have denials for everything. We were told that Trupanion had partnered with this vet practice and was excellent insurance to have. The whole thing is a scam to get pet owners to sign up. I wish there was a way to recover some of our money. Buyer beware of Trupanion. They are unsuitable as insurance carriers and DO NOT STAND FOR WHAT THEY CLAIM TO BE.

Original review: April 27, 2017

I've been with Trupanion for 4 years. Up until now, I've never had an issue. I have 2 policies. My cats have no health problems, I have had one small claim during my years as a customer. My premiums went up at a reasonable rate the last 3 years. Today however, I received an email, stating that my premiums would increase by 95%. Upon investigating further, I was given a multitude of unsatisfactory answers: 1) The advancements of medical technology in my area has increased (so much so in one year!) that it necessitated a 95% spike. 2) While Trupanion "locks in your pet at the age they signed up", the rates for that specific age may (without the customer service department knowing why) suddenly skyrocket (as I've come to learn, by as much as 95%!

After many phone calls and attempts on social media, I've reached no one that can help, or provide a satisfactory answer as to why my policy suddenly jumped 95%. I had noticed other reviewers saying similar things when I first signed up, but attributed it to disgruntled customers, because the plan came so highly recommended. All I can say, is at the end of 4 years, Trupanion's customer service was good, so long as I didn't have an actual problem to deal with. I have literally paid them to do nothing.

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Original review: Jan. 9, 2017

I changed my a day after enrollment. Called the next day to cancel, was told another specialist had to cancel membership and that those specialists were all busy. I was told they'd call me back. I waited didn't get the call so I called back the same day, the next and a few days later. Never got a call from them and they remained unavailable. Finally on the 9th day, I called them again and got a hold of the special cancellation specialist. Got a email back confirming cancelling but stating that my refund was less than 100% within 30 days as I was told it would be in my policy. I actually only got back less than the monthly premium and no enrollment fee back.

Spoke to a manager. Completely unhelpful. They decided not to honor their 30 day cancellation 100% money back policy, kept my enrollment fee and refused to pay me a day’s worth of monthly coverage which is why I got refunded less than my monthly premium. Mind you, I had to pull teeth to get someone to discontinue my membership. Was promised a call that I never got. And then got cheated out of money. And by the way, the whole day of coverage that they penalized me for is not even coverage because there is a 3 day waiting period for the insurance to kick in! Unbelievable. UNACCEPTABLE. STAY AWAY!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 17, 2016

Paid over $75 a month and when my dog had to get a mass removed from his chest and a tooth removed, I filed a claim. Nothing happened until I began to follow-up and they told me they never received the information from the Vet, which was a lie, since I saw the successful fax transmission receipt. The vet faxed and emailed two more times (which I witnessed) and yet Trupanion still said they did not get the information. They also told me that even if they accepted the claim I would get $100 for a $800 procedure. These people are nothing but con artists.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 16, 2016

I have had Trupanion since 2010. In that time I have submitted claims for a knee surgery, teeth extractions, multiple mass removals, a foreign body (rock), cataracts, glaucoma and allergies. All of those conditions but the latter received coverage due to the allergies being a pre-existing condition. My Boston Terrier is scheduled for cataract surgery next month and she will be getting her vision back thanks to Trupanion!!! The estimate for the surgery is $3,000. We met the deductible 2 years ago so our part will be just 10%. The customer service is terrific. The bottom line is, without Trupanion I do not know what we would have done. We are well over $23,000 in claims. It has not just allowed us to have the surgery for her knee but opt for the overnight care, laser therapy and a $1,600 rehab package. Today she is a very healthy 11 year old who has a lot of life yet to live full of chasing balls and taking care of our family.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 28, 2016

Trupanion claims that they pay 90% of medical costs? BS! My cat was rushed to the hospital and we had to put her down because she could not breathe. Trupanion told me that they will not pay for any of the cost because my cat has a "pre-existing" condition. Will someone please explain to me how is a sudden sickness is considered "pre-existing?" I was furious so I called and canceled my insurance with them. And now they are sorry for "the loss my cat". It makes me wonder if Trupanion really does care about animals because with the experience I went through, it's complete bull! Never ever ever do business with them! Save your time and money!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2016

I've never been so absolutely disgusted with a company more than Trupanion. After paying through the nose for years, they decided to deny my claims for my dog's allergies. Years and years of bilking me because I put 3 pets on the policy and because my dog was diagnosed with a skin allergy for the first time ever THIS YEAR (2016). Had policy since 2011. They are saying he has a Pre Existing condition. They said his ear infections all 4 since 2009... that's all... for a dog... are considered "allergies" as well. Meanwhile they've been cleaning out my account consistently to the tune of 108.00 a month since 2011. This is complete fraud on their behalf. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 24, 2016

While I only had my kitten for a few months, the coverage offered was a very appealing deal. I would recommend this company and the cost of the insurance is low. They offer many different types of insurance so you find the coverage that's right for you and your pet. I wasn't offered any discounts, however I only purchased the base policy. If I would have bought a more expensive one I probably would have saved a great deal of money. I never had to file a claim. Nothing happened to my pet. But I'm sure that if I would have needed to file a claim it would've been a short waiting period.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2016

It covered shots, sickness, spay and bit of important things my dog needed like checkups and such. It have me free meds and pest control of like fleas and ticks and heartworms. It was not as expensive as some of the other companies I looked around. It was actually pretty affordable. I would spend more if I paid my vet care. I did receive some discounts on the meds that keep my pet healthy look like vitamins meds for their skin and fur and also antibiotics. There are bits of discounts I haven't used yet but do intend to. It didn't take very long to get reimbursement, maybe a week at the most. I felt very comfortable in completion in filing my claims and I loved the people on the phone.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 22, 2016

Great coverage for my pet and my pet's medications, also for the stay my pet had that lasted a week. I was very happy I had the coverage. It allowed me to save my puppy. As with any costs of anything it's sometimes hard to see the advantages but it is reasonable and makes the medication affordable luckily. The discounts on the vet stay and the medication is what makes it all worth it. Don't know what I would have done if I didn't have it. I would have lost my puppy to parvo. Very quick. I didn't have any problems. They knew right away and handled the claims as they came along. No dispute of any kind. Great customer service and very friendly.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 20, 2016

I purchased coverage for both of my late dogs. It covered an emergency visit or two and really helped offset costs when I discovered one was very ill. The premiums were about one hundred dollars per year and I paid thirty or so dollars each time I took them in for a visit. I had coverage for three years and my premium went up each year but the increase was manageable. I did not receive many discounts. I recall getting one for signing up multiple animals, as well as consolidating their visits and veterinary offices. The claims I had were resolved within 30 days, if not less, and the claims office was very communicative and helpful. I was able to quickly file a claim and the tracking system when I called was helpful.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 18, 2016

I would recommend due to good experience with them. They were nice and helpful in helping me choose the coverage I wanted for my pet. The cost was fair enough. But, if you love your pet as much as I do mine, then the cost is not a factor unless it's just ridiculously high!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 14, 2016

Very comprehensive benefits with a lot of coverage. Have my pet well covered. Love the benefits of my policy with extensive benefits. Love their coverage. Great value for the price. Very inexpensive for the benefits. Well more valuable than the price states. Great company. Love them all the way around. They have a few discounts that offer great value to their company and involving with the needs of the customers. Very caring and offer extensive discounts in a few areas. Very quick processing of claims. Never exceeds the allotted time that is provided by the company. Overall excellence.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 11, 2016

Coverage seems to be sufficient for most cases. Many situations and instances covered that protect your pet in almost any situation. Variable costs as well. Cost is very fair, as installments are broken into monthly payments and a bonus is given at the end of the statement period if your deductible hasn't been reached. Agents were very thorough and efficiently walked me through the process. I was very pleased with the results and have lower payments now.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 9, 2016

The coverage is remarkable and they have outstanding service to provide for any pet in need. They do their best to help out every single pet that needs. The cost is one of the best. It has been a privilege to been involved in the cost of the services and I get a chance to keep a lot of my income because of the cost. I get a lot of discounts from them. They treat me with the utmost respect. If I'm unable to pay they help me to pay in installments to help pay the fee. The claim processing is clear and up front. They told me from the start of the services provided and the necessary treatment they do if they need to do it.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 8, 2016

I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who wants it. If I ever needed to use it again I would. The cost wasn't bad. I was happy to pay what I paid. They were right in line with other places I looked. I didn't get too many discounts with this but still I was very happy - us in this service. The process was quick, efficient, no complaints. Everything happened in a timely manner.

Trupanion expert review by Matthew Brodsky

Trupanion is a pet medical insurance company founded by CEO Darryl Rawlings. The company is a founding member of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) and has been publicly traded since July of 2014.

  • Dog and cat coverage: With Trupanion, pet owners can get pet medical insurance for both dogs and their cats.

  • 90% coverage: The company offers pet owners 90% coverage of actual veterinary costs for all approved pet accidents and illnesses.

  • Unlimited lifetime coverage: Trupanion has no limit on the number of accidents, illnesses or years a pet can be covered for.

  • Educational information: The company offers pet owners educational information via its website and print materials, which helps give tips for health, nutrition and warning signs for illness.

  • Community focused: In addition to providing pet insurance, the company also contributes a lot to community organizations, contributing more than $200,000 to animal welfare programs across the country.

  • Best for: Pet owners with dogs and cats, new pet owners and pet owners with rambunctious pets.

Profile picture of Matthew Brodsky
Matthew Brodsky

Insurance Contributing Editor

Matthew Brodsky is an established expert on insurance, having written hundreds of articles and other pieces of content on the subject, interviewed countless practitioners, and attended dozens of conferences and events. He served as an editor at industry magazine Risk & Insurance for six years.

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