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On Oct 6th 2016 I starting feeding my cat a new box of deli cat food that I usually buy at Family Dollar in JCNJ Martin Luther Dr. This particular box I had purchased from same name store different location in JC. After feeding my cat his morning meal about 9 am. He seemed to be fine running around and playing as normal. Between 10 am and 11 am I noticed he had thrown up his morning meal. At that time didn't think much of it. Around 7 pm he began to start yowling in pain and it continued all night. My son told me he might just have a stomach bug and it will pass.

Over the next day he threw up some clear liquid with little grey or black substance in it. I thought he was trying to get up a hair ball which he never usually have. In a short period of time he started to lose energy just laying around so I decided not to give him any more of it. Kept water down for him that night. I notice he laid in front of his water bowl to drink and that didn't stay down he moved from the kitchen on to the hallway floor were within hours he had died on Oct 9th 2016 7:57 am Sun morning. I truly believe there was something wrong with that food. His health just went downhill after he ate that morning. He was about to be 4 yrs neuter with his shots and no others pet around indoor cat no prior problems. Cat Owners Beware!!! RIP Toby.

I am so disgusted to report that twice I purchased the largest size bag of Purina One SmartBlend and found moths inside. I always pour the dog food into a plastic dispenser. At first I did not realize the moths were coming from the dog food. Now my house is infested with moths.

All my pet food goes from the bag into a sealed container. There is no question in my mind that this stuff has moths or moth larvae. What a shame. I've used Purina Dog/Cat chow for years & years and my animals have always lived long, healthy lives. I realize there is no risk to the animal, but I can't take the chance of these things spreading into the pantry and who knows where else. What a loss. Now I've got to start buying some of that fancy crap instead of a tried & true product. Oh well. All good things must come to an end.

I bought a bag of Purina Indoor Cat Chow on September 23, 2016, in Kent, WA. My cats started to have messy bowel movements, which I attributed to a change in diet. But by the end of one week the issue had progressed to diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, and loss of appetite, as well as pained crying and irritability. My five-month-old kittens got through this with only mild digestive upset, but all four of my senior cats (ages 13-16) grew deathly ill. Three have seen the vet; two appear to be improving; the fourth will be taken into the vet tomorrow if there is no improvement tonight in her condition, which over the past two days seems to have gotten worse. The oldest had to be put down; she was too frail to withstand the assault on her body.

In all the years that I've had many cats and used many brands of cat food, I have NEVER experienced a nightmare anything like this. Normally if I switch food I see at most some mild vomiting or loose stools from one or two cats. This is different, and horrible. It didn't help that the vet thought I was overreacting initially. She was full of useless advice and utterly blind to the seriousness of the situation.

I am sick with grief and rage. Yet I know the worthless government will never, ever take serious action against a company as large as Nestle, which can afford to buy favor. I e-mailed Purina a few days ago, seeking input, and they've ignored me. I plan to move away from all Nestle/Purina products in the future. For now, I'm stuck: The brands I had fed my cats before the Purina Indoor Cat show debacle, were *also* owned by Nestle, and I'm wary of causing more problems for my cats with another switch. It churns my stomach to know how monolithic Nestle's presence is.

I have a 1 1/2 old Golden Retriever who has a sensitive stomach. He has been using the Purina Pro Plan without any issues up until the last month. I had just purchased a large bag about a month ago when I noticed my dog starting throwing up and had diarrhea. I would put him on a BRAD diet to help alleviate the symptoms and within 4-5 days he would get better. Then, I'd slowly reintroduce his normal diet again. Soon the dog would be sick again! We struggled with this for about 6 weeks off and on.

I went to my vet to purchase more food and complained of my dog's sickness and told her I thought it was linked to the food. She commented that she was having the same issue with her dogs and that another customer had just complained earlier in the week of the same issue. I've wondered if Purina has changed its recipe. One thing I know for sure is that I've just bought my last bag. I'm switching to a different brand all together, because I don't want to see my dog suffer any more.

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I purchased dog food from Purina. My dog was so sick. They are poison, Beggin' Strips. He is a 12 yr old Pomeranian in great health until he ate those treats. Throwing up, not responding to his name. I knew right away it was the food. I was hoping it would pass but he would not eat or drink. I was up for 2 nights. He did come around but I did take him to the vet to get checked out. Called Purina. Never responded or called to check on the dog. I think this stuff is so full of poisons. I just thank God he recovered. I am so concerned for other dogs that didn't make it. So sad these huge company get away with anything.

My cat died eating Purina One. I rescued an Orange Tabby cat in November 2013 from the Humane Society. He was about 11 months old when I adopted him. He had annual vet exams, immunizations, good care. He was strictly indoors so was safe from outside dangers. He ate Purina One dry food exclusively. Two months ago in July the cat started to vomit periodically after eating and had trouble passing urine. Sept 9-11 the cat vomited daily after eating and was very lethargic. I took him to the vet on Monday Sept 12. The vet took blood and urine samples and found high levels of crystals in the urine. The vet warned that could lead to urine blockage.

A week later the cat vomited his dinner again and couldn't pass urine. He lay on floor in pain and cried plaintively at me. I took him to the vet the next day and the vet found a totally blocked bladder. There was no viable choice at that point but to put the cat to sleep to end his suffering. I think that something changed in the Purina cat food that led to this.

Bought a 16 lb. bag of Purina One Dry Cat Food from PetSmart and stored it with an open bag and a sealed bag of cat food in my closet, as I've been doing for a decade. A few weeks later, I opened the new bag and it was infested with bugs. They had also infested the other cat food around it. This is disgusting. There were tons of bugs in the bag I was using also. So I wonder how long I fed my cats bugs and bug carcasses. Years ago I bought a bag of Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food for my Satine, who has since passed away, and the top of the bag was covered with a white, web-like substance. The whole bag was infested with meal moths. Something is wrong with Purina food and I'm not feeding it to my animals anymore.

On July 1st, 2012, my kitten suddenly had a seizure and then collapsed onto the floor, screaming and defecating. After that he was incredibly lethargic and then the next day July 2nd, he was lying on the floor, barely breathing. We took him to the vet and he died on the car ride there. He was only 3 months old and they had no idea how he died when they took him into the surgery room. I was feeding him Purina Kitten Chow. I never thought about it until reading these reviews that Purina's food could've killed him. RIP Poog <3

My 2 cats 5 weeks ago would not eat this brand food when they grew up on the same food and had no previous problem. They were vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite and turned away from the food. After 2 weeks one of my cat became very sick, went into hiding and started to lose weight. 3 week went to see the Veterinarian and by that time it was too late. His liver enlarged and pushing on the stomach so badly that even the water would not stay down. He was throwing it up. The damage was so advanced that he had to be put in sleep. My other cat was able to vomit the food and became better after 4 weeks.

Changed food to other brand by Rachael - that she claims that everything is natural. Must be true since my 2nd cat eat the food without any side effect. I wrote to Purina company but so far no respond. I am glad that I find this site where others are complaining the same things that my 2 cats went through. Lost the 9 years old and it is a terrible feeling that the company does not come forward and do an official recall. I do not recommend this brand to anyone. If you can try to buy natural food which is not mixed with who knows what kind of positions and unnatural fillers.

On the advice of my vet, we switched our retrievers to Purina -- specifically Purina ONE SMARTBLEND Healthy Weight Formula Adult Dog Food - Turkey. There are MOTHS coming out of the secure container I keep the food in. The kibble goes directly from the bag to this lidded container and I can't believe it. I read previous reviews initially upon switching and thought for sure it was a storage issue -- nope, it's a production issue. If my dogs didn't already eat bugs and other disgusting things this would totally gross me out. Surely Purina should have better quality control.

I noticed the Chicken pieces of my Purina Pro plan chicken and rice dog food had white on them. I have been using this dog food for 6 years and never noticed the white before. So I cut it open and there was a maggot in it. A LOT of the chicken pieces have the white--I cut several more open -same thing. So I go online to Purina and write to them. Then I google Purina pro plan chicken bug--and I see all these other people saying the same thing--white on the chicken pieces and bugs inside.

I have always bought Purina cat food off and on throughout the years and I've not had a problem with them and eating it. I just bought a bag and my two cats went a day and a half without eating and my Chihuahua who loves cat food and sneaks it when she can has also refused to eating it. Apparently, they are sensing that something is wrong with this food and I am returning it back to Walmart. I have posted this on Facebook and gotten several replies about how many dissatisfied customers there are about Purina products. I will not buy Purina cat products or dog products again.

Purina Pro Plan Adult Shredded Blend Chicken and Lamb - We have always bought this brand food for our dogs. However the last 3-4 months now we have had moths hatching in the food and it is disgusting. I was told that "Yeah that happens sometimes from the grains we use," but they are continuing to sell this item.

I have been having problems with this company since the end of May. The last few bags of "light and healthy" had tiny little moths in them that would fly all throughout the house every time I opened the sealed container to feed my furbaby. I contacted them at the end of May to complain, and was told someone would get back to me with 24-48 hours. This is their standard reply to emails. I waited about 2 weeks, then followed up with another email, and many, many phone calls. Each call, I was promised something would be done, but so far, as of today (8/11), nothing promised has come to fruition. When it came time to purchase new food, I went to another brand which my baby is loving. My main frustration with this company is that so many times I have been promised things and NOTHING happens. They have lost a customer forever, not only for the bad product but for the horrible customer service.

I can tell you that there was at least one recall of Purina cat Chow. However, they kept it quiet. I will tell you what happened. I have fed cat chow for 30 years and bought lots of it. One fall or early winter, I bought a bag and immediately all the cats had very bad diarrhea and vomiting. They had to have antibiotics because of salmonella. One cat had a rectal prolapse and that cost me $400 to fix. Another one started having liver issues and lived on medications for several years but I eventually had to have him euthanized because of liver failure. He had no problems before the Salmonella and constant liver issues after recovery from the bacteria.

Anyways as soon as that bag was gone I went to buy more cat chow and it was not in any store to be found. I had to buy something else. I had never had the issue of not being able to find it in the store. I checked online and there was no official recall. An employee at Walmart confirmed that Purina pulled the bags off the shelf because I was asking questions. I still feed cat Chow because usually they do well on it. Here in the last three weeks their stool has been more loose than normal and some of the cats have lost weight.

CRUCIAL info that will save the lives of your loved ones dogs and cats: food allergy including Hypoallergenic food - a common cause of diarrhea in dogs and cats. I would like to share with you the customers the following CRUCIAL INFORMATION that will save the lives of your LOVED ONES DOGS and CATS. I was reading one customer review about Royal Canine Hydrolyzed Protein. This is one of the Prescription Hypoallergenic dog food just like Purina HA Hydrolyzed Protein. The English Bulldog of the Customer A.B. of Pueblo, Colorado had Royal Canine Hydrolyzed Protein. She had constipation at first then later on she developed diarrhea and then sadly to say she has passed away. I am so sorry for your loss!!!

I just want to let you the customers know that my English Bulldog Zeus had the same problem when he was on Purina HA Hydrolyzed Protein. He had constipation at first and then about a month later he developed blood-tinged diarrhea and then frank bloody diarrhea shortly after. Multiple Vets could not figure out Zeus underlying problem and so his bloody diarrhea got worse with multiple bowel movements a day. So, I've prayed to the Almighty God Our Lord Jesus Christ asking for his help. God put in my heart that my dog is Allergic to Hypoallergenic dog food.

I told the Vet that I believed my dog has developed Allergy to Hypoallergenic dog food. The Vet did not believe me but I kept insisting on it and so she got upset at me. She said the food is Hypoallergenic and so what do I have to worry about and told me to put him back on Hypoallergenic food. I said to myself what do I know I am not a Vet and that the Vet would know more about it than I do. So, I put him back on Hypoallergenic food. After one feeding, he continued to have frank bloody diarrhea. I then followed what God has put in my heart and that was that my dog has developed ALLERGY to HYPOALLERGENIC Dog Food. So, I immediately stopped feeding him Hypoallergenic dog food and put him back on Natural Balance Limited Ingredients Fish (Salmon) and Sweet Potatoes.

Zeus' frank bloody diarrhea stopped within a day and his condition was much improved. THANKS BE TO GOD!!! The reason that I switched to Hypoallergenic dog food was that because I was hoping that Zeus was going to be totally free of itching from food allergy. He has minimal itchiness with Natural Balance Limited Ingredients but I did not want to see him itch at all so that was why I've decided to try Hypoallergenic dog food.

In summary, FOOD ALLERGY is the common cause of DIARRHEA in dogs and cats. So, in my dog's case, even though the Food is Hypoallergenic, It is still food. And as the name implies, Hypoallergenic Not Non-allergenic. And there is no such thing as Non-allergenic food. So, yes, dogs and cats can develop allergy to HYPOALLERGENIC FOOD and DIARRHEA is the common symptom. Hypoallergenic food will work on some dogs and cats and not on others just like any other food products for Pets.

I would like to share with you the following places which I shop for Pet stuff. I get Pet food including Prescription food, shampoo, etc. at CHEWY.com. Less expensive. No Tax. Free Return. Free Shipping and Handling if over $49. Shipping is via FedEx. I get Pet Prescription meds like antibiotics at Costco Pharmacy that are less expensive than at the Vet's and elsewhere. Need to get Prescription from the Vet or can have the Vet's staff call in. Ask Costco Pharmacy for Discount meds membership. I get Preventive Pet meds at DrsFosterSmith.com that are less expensive than at the Vet's. Also need to get prescription from the Vet or have the Vet's staff call in. If you have any question and if I can be of any help to your Pet in regard to the aforementioned subject matter, Please feel free to contact me at **.

I've been feeding my Ragdoll cat, Bromley, Fancy Feast for over 10 years. Up until recently (about a month or two ago) there has been no problem with any of the seafood varieties. Now, Bromley simply turns away from his feeding bowl whenever a fresh can of Fancy Feast is offered. A red ooze is seen collecting at the bottom of his bowl and from within the food once it is left out for a brief time (like an hour). I took pictures of the condition and called the Purina consumer line listed at their website. I would have written, but the website kept freezing and a communication could not be sent. This was on July 26.

I reached an associate named "Helen" on the phone who was more intent on sending me coupons (which I did not ask for or want). I gave her my contact information (phone number and email address) and she said I would hear from someone in 48-96 hours to discuss the problem. I was told I would be sent a link to which I could send the photographs...that never happened. I was given a case number before ending the call (Case #**). I've yet to receive a response. So, on 8/3 I called the consumer line again and this time got someone named "Reggie". I gave him my case number and asked why I haven't heard back and noted that I never received a call or received an email link. Reggie recited my phone number from the case record and then said they didn't have my email address to send the link for the photographs. Yeah, right...so why no call?

I've stopped purchasing Fancy Feast since the red ooze has mysteriously appeared and since Purina's call center has been uncooperative. To trust a national brand's reputation only to be dismissed without explanation or being basically ignored is unacceptable. I've been held to a higher standard while in the workplace and should expect no less from today's company representatives. The product manager responsible for allowing an ingredient or formulation change to go unreported to the consumer needs to take a step back and be reminded how this will affect their bottom line.

I've researched the other Purina products mentioned in these reviews and will clearly avoid them as well. I suggest to other consumers of Purina products to evaluate the dry and wet cat food selections from Fromm. You'll be pleased to see the label and analysis of the products' ingredients (I am not now or ever have been an employee of the Fromm company). I am simply a retired pet owner who is one of many who spend significant dollars on the care and feeding of my beloved companion animal. As for the cat food supply, it will be going in the trash. I wouldn't want to pass this condition on to the local animal shelter. Thank you for your attention. Purina/Nestle, wake up.

I have a 5 year old Shiba Inu and I switched him to Purina Beneful 1 month ago. Within 2 weeks I started noticing symptoms: lethargy, fur loss (his top coat was coming off, not his undercoat which sheds twice a year), weight loss. Four weeks later he was standing next to his sister (different owner and diet) -- they used to be the same colour but now he looked like a ghost next to her -- his fur lost its Shiba red and became very light and greyish. I suspected it was the food, so I switched dog food immediately. I noticed he got his energy and bounce within 1 day after switching away from Purina. Purina is garbage. I can't believe what I'm reading online about it, and now I know firsthand how terrible it is for dogs.

I bought my 5 year old Tuxedo cat a bag of Purina Complete cat food. Within days his fur began to fall off. I didn't know it was the food so I continued to feed it to him and took him to the vet. The vet suspected a flea allergy and he was on flea medication for months with no improvement. His hair had completely fallen out. I eventually switched him to Wellness cat food and in one week his fur started to sprout back, and in a month he was back to his beautiful black and white fur.

I adopted a dog (3 month old lab mix) back in April 27, 2016 and had her on Costco's Kirkland Nature's Domain food. This past Saturday (July 30,2016) we ran out of Costco food and since I don't have a Costco card I had to wait for my busy dad to go with me to buy some. So in a bind I went over to Walgreens and picked up a 5lbs bag of Purina Puppy Chow to hold us over a few days. Today is Wednesday August 3rd, 2016 (5 days on Purina) and my baby girl is sick. She was reluctant to go for a walk which she usually is very excited to go for. I was literally dragging her because she seemed like she didn't want to walk.

When she finally pooped it was the most disgusting poop I've ever seen. It was drenched in gross yellow slim, and slimy strings were hanging out her butt. On the way back home she began throwing up yellow slim. Since I've had her she has never thrown up except when she drinks too much water. I immediately stopped giving her Purina and searched around my house. I found a bucket that had about one bowl full of Kirkland dog food and gave it to her for breakfast. Do not buy this brand for any of your pets, the ingredients are total crap and they make animals sick.

Our senior dog (she's a lab/hound mix, weighs about 60 pounds, and is somewhere around 13 to 15 years old; we rescued her two years ago, and her age was only guessed at then) eats only Purina One Lamb and Rice Dog Food. Today I poured her a bowl from a new package. As usual, I put some wet food on top. She devoured the wet food but did not touch the dry food. Our dog is an eager eater, so I was totally puzzled. When I looked at the dog food, it looked very different from the way it usually does. It looked as though water had been poured onto it; the pieces were far larger than usual, and they were oddly shaped. Also, there was a very strong odor coming from the dog food. I don't think I will be feeding her any more of Purina One Lamb and Rice.

I can't believe I'm read other stories similar to mine and many complaints filed with the FDA and nothing is being done about this. This is what I wrote to Purina Sunday: "We have fed our cats Friskies Seafood Variety Pack for quite a while and all 6 really like it, until this most recent pack. I noticed they were not eating as well as they normally do, so I thought maybe they were just getting tired of those flavors until last night when none of them would eat any of it. Starting Wednesday one of our cats starting getting sick. She would not eat or drink, has had vomiting and diarrhea as well. Our kitten started with diarrhea yesterday and today one of our male cats is showing the same symptoms. I'm starting to think there is something wrong with the food. Just didn't associate it until now. Have you had any other complaint? Please let me know ASAP. The one female cat is not getting better and I will probably have to take her to the Vet tomorrow."

Still have not heard back from them. I took a while to figure out what was causing this, but with watching the cats we figured it out, but I think it may have been a little too late for my older cat. Since this message on Sunday, the kitten is feeling a little better, the above mentioned female is starting to move around a little, but is still not eating at all and is not drinking much, and now my old man is very sick and I don't think he is going to make it. He is almost 14 and can't fight off whatever this food has done to him. I have since message Purina again and told them I will take this to Social Media if they do not respond, but you know I'm not going to wait any long and let other animals suffer because of their negligence. There has been many complaints with the FDA and nothing has been done about this. How many animals have to suffer before someone takes action?

The red dyes in this will make your cat get bad gas. My cat got a new bag over a week ago. I thought the colors looked brighter than before. I buy this a few times a year normally. It's Nine Lives, a tan colored. My cat who I had for 16 years ate this kit and caboodle once in a blue. Well my cat could not get to his litter box, had 2 accident on a runner and was doing the third on the hall carpet. Now I have three places that is bright pink from the dyes in this food... Even when I fling the mess off a piece of mess flipped on the runner and within a min it turned pink. My runner is ruined and what if a cat threw up?? OxiClean, Tide, vinegar would not work. It was like a woman dying her hair with red and it went pink that fast... Never will buy. Stay clear, cold kill you cat's kidneys.

My cats have been eating Cat Naturals for years with no problem. A few months ago they added vitamins and minerals to the food. My cats ate much less of the new food than normal. Then suddenly I had several cats with health problems. I have had two cats die from Kidney Failure and another one that was caught early enough to go on medicine. These cats were about 12 years old. Not young, but certainly not old either.

This is a report about a lawsuit against Purina. They used vitamin and mineral packs made in China and it seems they were tainted. My guess is they have done the same thing with the cat food and use vitamin packs from overseas. Of course the company has denied any wrong doing and if it proves the same with the cat food they will deny it as well. It can't be a coincidence that only since the vitamins were added to the food that I have had three cats diagnosed with kidney disease. I am currently feeding them Nutrish food because the manufacturer has an excellent rating and it is an American company. Please consider discontinuing the use of Purina food. If your cats shows signs of kidney failure, go to the vet and have a test done. The early symptoms are increased water intake and urination, weight loss and vomiting.

Purina Urinary Health cat food - I have used this cat food for many years without any problems until the last 2 years. I have lost 2 cats with kidney failure, 1 cat has had urinary tract infection, and 1 cat is in the hospital after surgery last night because of stones in the kidney and bladder. I have also noticed that some of the cats vomit after eating. This is the only food they were fed. I have many rescue cats. I do not want to lose them to kidney, bladder problems. What has happened to the food to cause so many problems in a short time? I am on SS and have paid so much trying to keep them alive. But the worse part is that I love these cats and have to watch them be sick or die. They have fresh water every day. I am so upset with Purina.

I have been feeding my cat Purina food for several years without any problems. She always seemed to like it and prefer it over other dry foods. But in the past 6 months or so it has been making my 9 year old cat ill. I did not realize that it was the food at first. But after paying close attention and narrowing it down it has become clear that the Purina food is the cause. My poor cat would start vomiting either almost immediately after eating the Naturals food formula, or within a few hours of consuming it. It seems to be only particular batches/bags of the food because she would sometimes eat it for a whole month with no issues whatsoever... then we would run out of that bag she had been eating, buy a brand new bag of it, and within a few hours of eating food from the new bag she would begin vomiting over and over. She always cried loudly like she was in pain before starting to vomit.

The vomit had nothing in it but the dry food bits and brown colored milky liquid. She then started acting hesitant to eat it, would cry and meow at me while looking at her dish, refuse to eat it, etc. But if I took that particular food away and offered her something else (dry food from another brand, wet food) she would eat with no hesitation and had a healthy appetite. This cycle has repeated itself several times in the past 6 months. It has happened mainly with the Naturals cat chow but also once or twice with the Purina Indoor Formula as well. I have just finally figured out that the Purina food has been the cause of her vomiting after realizing that she does not throw up any other food and after she cried and cried at her dish today full of the food, would not eat any more of it after vomiting right after every time she ate it today, and finally seemed so happy and hungry again when I went out and got her a new/different brand of dry food.

She has not vomited again after eating the new brand. After I did some research online and saw that others have had issues with and sick pets because of this same type of food I am convinced that something is wrong with this food!! And that my poor kitty has been trying to tell me all day that something is the matter with it!! Luckily she is smart enough and good enough at communicating with me that she made enough of a thing about how much she did not want to eat it. (She was actually meowing and getting me to follow her into kitchen and over to her dish, then standing by her food and crying and looking back at me, then the dish, and crying and meowing again.) I am so glad that she was able to tell me something was wrong and that I was able to figure it out and take the food away.

I am really worried about what may have happened had I not realized and taken it away from her. I am just shocked and pretty appalled that Purina continues to put this food on the shelves and sells it to unsuspecting pet parents!!! Especially when it is clear after doing some reading that I (and my cat) are not the only ones who have experienced this. It is terrifying to me that I had unknowingly been feeding my cat, who I love more than anything, something that was making her sick and could harm her! Why has this food not been recalled!?! I am going to call to report this to Purina first thing in the morning and want to contact the FDA as well. Do not feed Purina dry food to your cat!! I will not be buying ANY Purina products in the future as I no longer trust anything they make.

Please everyone report this in any way that you can to make sure every pet owner is aware not to feed this to their beloved pets!! Maybe if enough people come forward with this something can be done so it does not harm any other pets. We are lucky to have experienced only the vomiting and not some of the more intense symptoms and horror stories that I have read. Regardless of the severity of symptoms it is still a scary thing to have your cat become sick from the food you feed them every day. We should all be able to trust, when purchasing a brand as big as this, that their food is safe! it's absolutely horrifying that pets have become so ill or even died because of Purina and their negligence.

We have two cats. One has been vomiting daily for about 3 years. We've taken her to the vet numerous times, had blood work done, an MRI and a slew of expensive tests for allergies. They never find anything yet she pukes daily. The other cat seems to tolerate Purina kibble but her poop smells unrealistically bad and they both drink more water than is normal. In 40+ years of owning cats I've never seen two cats drink so much water. We've been trying to solve it by changing their wet food but after more than a dozen different brands the vomiting continued. We never once considered that it was the dry food. Why would we?

In all the decades of feeding cats in the past the Purina food was never an issue. If anything it was a "known good" element that we discounted from the troubleshooting. Two weeks ago we removed the dry food as a test. The puker stopped throwing up and the other cat is more regular in the litter box and neither one drinks as much water as they used to. To think, all this time we've been poisoning our own cats because we trusted Purina for decades in the past. It makes you wonder what they changed in the last few years to make it change so much. I wish there was more I could do to get the word out. Stop buying Purina, any of their products, not just the dry food. Send a message where it hurts them, in their wallet.

Please, do your pets a life saving chance and DO NOT feed them anything by Purina or Merrick (they own this brand also)! They may contain toxins, and or other harmful ingredients for your pet. My daughter and son-in-law lost my grand-dogger to acute pancreatitis and chemically induced hepatitis C due to feeding Beneful Healthy Weight food. That was the only thing he ate and could never have gotten poisoned by anything else as he was never out of their sight!

This company has been sued over and over again never to be held accountable for their actions because always for one reason or another their lawyers are able to weasel them out of it. They are an example of a large company doing harm with no repercussions and I may be just one small voice in a large crowd, but I am a mother and grandmother who can yell loud and clear. So PLEASE do your pet and yourself a huge favor and feed them something more nutritious like a limited ingredient diet. You may have to pay a little more, but at least you know your animal won't be sick or dead because of the food you are feeding them. Thank you for listening to one small voice.

I bought Purina pro plan about two weeks ago for my dog. Stupidly I didn't think about and fed it to her. After all of the bad reviews from their foods I have avoid it like the plague. Well it slipped my mind and Tuesday of this week she was vomiting. Last night she had a staggering walk where she couldn't make it far before sitting or lying down. I let her sleep in my bed because I was worried and at 5 am she peed on herself. It scared us both. She will be vet bound and I will report what happens after. Maybe it's unrelated but I telling you to avoid all of their products.

I have been feeding my cats this food for years with no problem but recently they have all become sick with vomiting and bloody diarrhea. I need a good lawyer. Does anyone know of one? If so please post. My two cats might not make it due to the food. Please help if there is a class action lawsuit then I need to know that. To everyone do not feed your cat Purina cat chow inside formula the green bag. It will make your cats sick or for a lawyer's name send me a message on **. This is ridiculous. Our cats are dying because of their negligence.

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