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Last updated: Nov. 13, 2017

702 PetSmart Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2017

So this is a first for me- switching to buying pet food from Amazon, would love to share this excuse with Amazon and see what their response would have been. I bought Wellness Core kitten food on (have done so multiple times). I received Wellness Core Pate (different product and less expensive). My receipt reflected I paid for Wellness Core- in price and barcode. The Wellness Core Pate that I received did not have the same barcode as what I had on my receipt. Customer Service then tells me that I can return the Pate (at a PetSmart store, closest being 1 hr away from me- hence the home delivery) for the Pate price (which would be lower refund than what I paid). I threw up a fuss about that- is it ridiculous to expect a refund in the amount that I paid for receiving something that I didn't order?

Then about a week later I get an email that they did an investigation into the matter- and they said, "After further research, we are able to confirm that the product you received is correct however the description on our website is incorrect. The product may have recently been updated by the manufacturer." So beware, essentially you may believe you are purchasing a product because the name of it, the description of it, the bar code- everything- indicates it's product A, but they can come back and say everything on their website and your receipt for that product was wrong. Crazy. Not sure how that can be legal to falsely identify a product- can't trust that I'll actually receive what I purchase on their website now and that I'll receive an appropriate response from customer service if they send me the incorrect item.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 8, 2017

We have use many PetSmart locations for our 7-year-old boxer for boarding and day camp since she was 10 weeks old. We moved to PA last year and started using the Willow Grove location. A few months ago we boarded Zoey and she was attacked by another dog who tore her ear. At the time, PetSmart sought care for the wound and called us. We were assured that they addressed the issue, Zoey was not the cause of and she is a great guest. This has ALWAYS been the feedback as she is a very well-behaved dog with no behavior problems.

I called today to schedule a boarding for her during the upcoming holiday and was told that they wouldn't allow her to do group play. When I asked why they tried to say that she didn't play well with the other dogs and had to be "removed". This is a flat-out lie. There is only one time that she was ever given a "time out" for being excited. All other reports were that she played well with others and was pleasant. I cannot believe that because this location had to pay for her care because another dog attacked her that they are punishing our dog from group play and actually lying about any prior incidents. It is absolutely disgusting and we will be taking our business elsewhere.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 5, 2017

I bought the puppy coupon book and went to get the free bath for my puppy, first the lady offered a deodorizing shampoo and didn't tell me that it was $20 extra. But my main concern was that when I went to pick up the dog a little early the lady had the dog on the table and the dog fell twice and was hanging by the neck. She took forever to put him up on the table because she was talking to the other employees. My puppy started shaking so bad after that, whining and probably in pain from hanging from his neck (GSD 4+ months old, 46 pounds). I'm sharing this so people become aware. I would never use this service again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2017

I shop (not anymore) at PetSmart on a daily basis for pet food because I have 16 animals. For my anniversary my husband decided to buy me a chinchilla since I have wanted one for so long. He decided we should go get the ones that were at PetSmart for so long and give them a good home. From day 1 the 2 chinchillas showed different personalities, but I fell in love with them. Well here is day 16 and I wake up and Peanut is laying there deceased. Out of nowhere. He was out playing yesterday. I called PetSmart and found out that there is only a 14 day animal return/guarantee. Well so not only is my heart broke and my Chewy alone... I am out of 150 bucks for an animal to live 16 days. I called and spoke with the manager since they see me every day and know how I am with my pets and got told well 2 days too late. Worst customer service and policies ever!!! DO NOT BUY ANIMALS from these heartless, bad service, thieves…

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2017

I have taken my dog to PetSmart groomers for almost 3 years, however, I will not be returning after our most recent visit. My dog is a 3 year old Doberman, and she has never had any issues with the regular groomer she would see at PetSmart. Recently, there has been a lot of turnover, and her regular groomer no longer works with the company. I scheduled with a groomer she had seen a few times, and this time after a few hours, the groomer called to say she was ready to be picked up. While on the phone, she told me my dog had a bump on the top of her head, but that she was not sure where it came from. She said to me that it was maybe from bumping her head on the kennel, or a bug bite because "it just appeared".

My husband picked her up, and was told the same thing by the groomer - that she had either bumped her head or that it was possibly a bug bite. However, because of the size of the bump - it looked like a large egg on her head - he said it certainly was not a bug bite, and the groomer just said she must have bumped her head.

The following day, my dog began exhibiting very alarming behavior - she could not stand up for long, walk straight, and did not want to get up once she laid down. She was unresponsive to being called and had trouble squatting to go to the bathroom; it was very clear she was disoriented, dizzy, and could not keep her balance. I immediately took her to the vet where she was checked over thoroughly, and although she luckily did not display any signs of severe neurological damage, she was certainly portraying symptoms of a concussion and head injury. From the symptoms and the size of the lump on top of her head, the vet thought that the only logical explanation was some sort of severe blow to the head. Dogs have very hard heads, and this type of injury with symptoms like she had does not come from a dog simply bumping their head on something hard, or even from a dog running into anything while running.

We spoke to PetSmart store and grooming managers, who said they spoke to the groomer she had been scheduled with (they have yet to talk to other people working at the time over a week later) and that she first stated my dog "ran into a pole", and then that "she didn't see her hit anything". A dog would not hit a pole while running with the top of their head - they do not run with their heads down. So, it went from a bug bite, to hitting the kennel, to running into a pole, to she wasn't sure and didn't see what happened.

It is clear from the changing story, and after 3 visits to the vet and a week long recovery, and the vet's professional opinion of the symptoms and injury that this was not the result of my dog running into something - she was likely struck by someone with a very hard object. Unfortunately, PetSmart managers and the store do not seem all that interested in really finding out what happened during my dog's visit or uncovering malicious behavior that goes on in their grooming department. When my dog was picked up that day, another groomer commented to my husband that our dog was "very barky and vocal" - well, she is a dog, and they do bark, especially when a dozen other dogs are barking around them and they are in a kennel. All groomers have said that at each visit my dog is very sweet, and she has never displayed aggressive behavior.

From her injury, this comment from the employee, and the changing stories, I believe that she may have been struck for barking while in the back waiting to be picked up or while being put in the kennel. We will unfortunately never know the truth as we have been told this store has no cameras in the grooming section. Needless to say I will never return to a PetSmart store or groomer, and I will no longer recommend them to any pet owner after the incident and lack of interest in management to make it right or uncover the truth.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2017

I have a miniature Yorkie that weighs 5lbs. She in very good health and I have her on the Bakersfield medical plan. I took her to PetSmart in Jacksonville, FL. At Duval Station for grooming after dropping her off I received a call three hrs later that she passed out and was rush over to the in-store vet. I raced over there and the vet said she would have died if they weren't there to provide her with oxygen. I demanded to see her and when I did she was fine. The vet said her tongue was purple and after giving her oxygen it turned back pink. This tell me her oxygen supply was cut off, I assume by a tight leash around her neck during grooming but obviously they won't admit that.

The fact that she was fine before I took her there and she's been fine since I picked her up but suddenly past out at the groomer and suddenly needed oxygen tells me the groomer mistreated her. After sending a email the corporate office we received a call from the general manager who said he would look into the matter and get back with us. The following day he called and said he checked with the vet and they said she was fine and ask what we would to happen. Our response was to correct the issue with the groomer, he replied he had no proof to pursue it. So I ask if she was fine when I took her in then she suddenly passes out and needs oxygen, and then is fine again, then what happen.

She has been there plenty of times for grooming before and didn't have this issue. However they did shave her nearly bald before and that was a whole other issue that we filed a complaint on. We assumed it was just a bad groomer and continued to take her there. That will never happen again. Her grooming now will be done by a mobile groomer at my home where I can watch her. The grooming wasn't complete so I don't have a receipt number. But I assure you they won't forget me. My dog's name is Cloey.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 19, 2017

At PetSmart in Salem Oregon, the cashiers were very unprofessional leaving me (the customer) in the back waiting for someone to help me when there were at least 3 people working at the counter talking to another person who also works there but was off duty. The problem was they didn’t help me for standing around talking to each other. Manager included. Then I had to stand in line to wait my turn while they opened up another register take care of the employee who was there talking to them in the first place. My problem is that I shouldn’t have to wait around until they finish visiting to get taken care of. I never write reviews but today I felt like I was being ignored by the staff.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2017

Tried to buy a saline solution for my puppy who was very sick and was told I have to see the vet they are now partnered with. I can understand this with certain items but Kat at West Knoxville by mall was very disrespectful and they all gathered at the phone in almost a blood frenzy to be disrespectful. You know a tree by its fruit. I will no longer be a customer.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 3, 2017

This is the second time that we've used PetSmart for grooming services. The first time, I was called and asked you pick up my pooch because he was too nervous to be groomed. Today, when we picked him up, we were told that if any other Groomer was to cut him, that they'd refuse to because he doesn't stand up! What? But if we requested the Groomer that gave him his grooming today, she would do it because he's such a cute and sweet dog (he's a 6-lb pomeranian). When we got home and was able to love on him, we saw what a "shotty" job that was done! He was suppose to be cut with a 1/2" blade all over, but we found so many places on him that was not cut or not cut to 1/2". Then, where they used Scissors, you can see that - not very well blended. Totally upset with this store!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 27, 2017

Today, on a recommendation, we took our dog to PetSmart groomers. When we arrived we specifically told the groomers EXACTLY what we wanted done. Specifically HOW to cut the dog's fur. The employees stopped chatting with each other long enough to take the order and immediately started to try to upsell services. When we picked the dog up, it had been sheared like a sheep. When I complained they lied and stated, “That is what your wife asked us to do.” When I explained that was not true, I could hear laughing in the background. I am posting this here. I will get my money back and I will also report them to every agency possible. With all the complaints they have received there needs to be a regulatory agency that shuts the grooming portion of the store down. That is my goal.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 21, 2017

Manager unwilling to refund cost of training class unless customer comes into store. Unwilling to accept notarized signature for refund. Unwilling to email, fax or in any way work with customer to resolve refund issue. Corporate office unwilling to make any exception. Very obvious that customer satisfaction is NOT important to store and even worse to corporate office. WILL NEVER SPEND ANOTHER PENNY AT PETSMART!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 17, 2017

If I could give no stars I would have. The grooming department is full of inexperienced and unprofessional staff. Unfortunately don't know how to handle a nervous dog. A Lab rescue who lives with 3 tiny Shih Tzu who has NEVER shown any sign of aggression was labeled aggressive and turned away with no services rendered. Took him home and bathed him myself and saved myself the $$. Never again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2017

We have been shopping and using the grooming service for our dog Buster for years. Buster had cancer and had to get many treatments, however is doing well now. Buster had to stop vaccines because of his cancer. We took Buster up to PetSmart to get his nails clipped, the employee and manager would not accept him because he was past due in his vaccines for a month. When I had explained to them he could not have them because of his cancer. I also offered to have them call the vet or confirm the blood test, which is something that is acceptable by boarding and grooming when vaccines cannot be done due to health risks. They were very rude and unprofessional.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 1, 2017

I buy only cat food and it's always a disappointment that the items I am looking for are either no longer available in the store where I shop or they're always out of that item. The cat supplies are limited while dog supplies will take up two aisles. PetSmart discriminates against cat owners by having 75% dog items over the small percentage of other animals. They make the assumption that there are more dog owners than cat owners. Many dog owners also have cats. The "pickings are slim" forcing me to go to a grocery store. I can find cat food cheaper in the grocery store than at PetSmart and items that they are always out of. Customer service is of little help because they don't know if the item has been discontinued or if the store isn't supplying that item anymore. I guess I can't expect them to know those details.

PetSmart is a long drive from where I live and I expect to see the same products I use to be on the shelves as they have been for years. Lately I have been finding that the items I am looking for are no longer being stocked so my trips are more infrequent. I'm thinking about ordering online from another company because PetSmart no longer suits me and the prices are expensive even when on sale. PetSmart isn't as good as it used to be and isn't worth the trip. I find better deals in the grocery store even though the variety of items is limited. I'm thinking of going with instead and give them a try.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 31, 2017

Nasty and filthy. Floor looks like it's every been even swept. When I inquired as to why the store was so dirty, an employee who was just standing around stated, "They won't hire anyone to clean." Really? I mean, I could personally go in there and push a broom around for about an hour and do wonders. I called the store and asked for the manager. I got the same response from him. He stated, "We're working on hiring a cleaning crew." Wake up. You need to clean the floor EVERY day. If you value your pet's health, don't dare take them into this filthy place. I spoke also with an employee at Banfield (vet inside PetSmart). She said, "Yeah, there was dog poop on the floor for 3 days and I had to clean it myself." I mean, if you work at a pet store, you should expect to have to clean up some poop every once in a while? Get your employees off their behinds and put them to work.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 27, 2017

PetSmart carries a good variety of pets product. Their pricing are comparatively cheaper than Petco. They have a good return policy and they do honor them. The staff knowledge on pet product, depends on who you speak with, is overall adequate. The store also has price match with their PetSmart online product. They do offer specials and coupons often that saves money. The store is clean and organized. The staff are friendly. A good social ground for a short outings with your pet.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 24, 2017

PetSmart is another box store, which does not have competitive pricing of goods. The only positive thing about PetSmart is the veterinary service offered through Banfield. They get 5 stars. The grooming services are okay. Online, specials and sale items often have exceptions with are printed in a tiny font at the bottom of the page, often in nearly the same color as the rest of the page and very difficult to read. One doesn't realize that one is not getting the 'sale' price until checkout.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2017

PetSmart sells fairly common pet supplies at premium prices. The stores are clean and staff is sometimes helpful. I received special discount coupons by email. Spot sales are preceded by a price hike, sometimes double the routine price for a sale of 15-25% off and last only the day received. Strange business practice. My dog needed food so I went to local PetSmart and was shocked to discover 6 lb. bags of food had been jacked from 8.99 to 14.99 and in fact, the 6 lb. bag was now officially a 5 lb. bag. I won't be shopping there again. They also don't have quality dog diapers. The kind they sell are double the price of Canadian manufacture and quality is incredibly poor that pads are sold along with the product because they know the diapers are too thin. Crazy.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 17, 2017

When I called customer service, they were of no help. 1st person I spoke with didn't even ask my name. 2nd person (a supervisor) said it was my bank's responsibility to release hold on funds, even though I had not purchased anything, because card did not go through 3 times. Because of poor customer service I wanted to cancel the order that went through on my other card. They said they could not. I will not do business with them again. There are many other pet stores with products to sell and better customer service.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 15, 2017

I made a reservation for my cat to stay in the hotel located in Chicago on Canal street. I was going out of town and wanted to ensure she was taken of and given her thyroid medication. I expected her to be a little withdrawn as she was in an unfamiliar place. I dropped her off April 19th 2017. I called every day several times a day to check on her. They are poor at record keeping, I was told she hadn't had a bowel movement in days, that was a lie. My sister went to see Roxxie and witnesses her doing it, and informed the worker, however it was not recorded.

I left specific directions on feeding her food and treats, she's a long hair cat and gets hairball treats every day, needless to write they didn't feed her as instructed because it was 4 cans of food left when I left enough for every day! I asked that a pillowcase that had my scent and her toy NOT be removed from the cage, well it was not in cage when I picked her up, her toy was missing also. I was told the pillowcase was being washed. Her toy was mixed with other items on the outside of her cage. I brought my cats bowels from home. She has a raised feeder, when I picked her up the bowels were replaced with DOG bowels!

Let's go to the day I was scheduled to pick her up the 24th. She was due to get a hygiene cut that afternoon. I got a call while in PT, the worker said "I don't want to upset you but Roxxie had a little accident on herself." I asked what happened he said he didn't know exactly but the lady bringing her from the groomer back to her cage noticed the smell. I left physical therapy to get my baby!! I arrive and ask for a supervisor. Nobody is there, I go to back and get my cat. The cage is FILTHY with feces everywhere! You can see her paw prints because she was covered in **! The worker said they tried to clean her but it wouldn't come off!!! I was livid!!

When asked where her carrier was it was so called being washed! Keep in mind this was in the afternoon as I was due to pick her up after PT. Her grooming session was in the AM!!! I got my cat and proceeded to leave and this punk had the nerve to ask me "How are you gonna pay?" I walked out the door. I got home, cleaned my cat up and promised her I would NEVER put her there again!! Now I'm PISSED!!!

The next morning I go in and speak to Ashley who is the PetsHotel leader who had no answers as to what happened. I got the number to corporate and left before I did something to her and Dominic. I also got a copy of the activity chart where they are suppose to document all activity on it, there were missing initials in the boxes for food and treats! I spoke to the salon leader James who informed me that after he groomed my cat they called for someone from the hotel to get my cat!!! HE SAID MY CAT WAS IN HER CARRIER FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF AND NOBODY FROM THE PET HOTEL CAME TO GET HER!!! That's when his worker transported her to the hotel and back to her cage!!! Well, I would ** on myself also if I was in a carrier that long around barking dogs!!!

I called corporate. A few days later the general manager Matt calls me. I'm still upset at this point. He says he will call me back in a couple of days so we can come to a solution. Well, he never called back. I left messages for him no callback, I'm told he was on vacation, out of town or I just missed him! At this point I call corporate again and tell them I want someone other than Matt to call me, lo and behold they pass the message to him and he calls. I was at a funeral. Missed the call. It appears he can't call on his own. He only reaches out when corporate passes the message then when I call he cannot be reached. Today is August 15, and the matter still is NOT resolved!!! This company doesn't care about our pets that we love as family!! They care about money!! Last, when I called corporate again somehow the complaint number had changed!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 14, 2017

For several years, I purchased 3 oz Sheba Cat Food cans, by 4 or more cases, monthly. Approximately a year ago, I was informed that you were no longer carrying the cans, and that the manufacture was discontinuing the cans and you would only be able to stock the 2.6 oz Sheba Perfect Portions at a higher price. The nutritional value of the Perfect Portions is not what it is in the cans. Less product, more money. And that, in my opinion, is corporate greed... By the way, yes indeed, the manufacture does still produce the cans.

Also purchased Swheat Scoop, Multi-cat litter... 14 lb bags, $11.49. Now, 12 lb bags at $13.00 per bag. Another case of less product, more money. For several years, I spawned Crown Tail Betta's, spent thousands of dollars in your store on supplies and fish. Sadly I could not get the correct water treatments and food for Betta's and would order this through the local Reef Shop. Since then your quality of Betta's has indeed gone and you charge outrageous amounts for poor quality fish. That being said, I do NOT nor will I patronize PetSmart or Petco. Neither care about the quality of life for our pets and only care about profitability. I know of several people who will no longer patronize your stores. Corporate Greed at its finest.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2017

I purchased PetSmart's Brand, Whisker City Scratch Prevention Tape which should really be called Destruction Tape. I called my local store and discussed that I wanted to use the double sided tape briefly on our new white modern leather couch to give our cats a heads up that the couch is not a scratching post. Our cats showed no interest in the couch and I would have been better off taking the risk than damaging the entire couch with this awful product that does not have proper warnings on the packaging and the sales people have no idea what this tape is capable of doing. I was told to perform a test, it should be fine. I requested two rolls to be held at customer service, spoke with customer service when I picked it up in store and that person told me the same thing and we read the labelling together.

I performed a 24-hour test and the glue did not feel stronger than scotch tape. The glue was light, not sticky and was not pressed against the couch, it came off easily and was less sticky than a name tag. From the test and information on the packaging, there is no way I could ever imagine what was about to happen it was not conveyed by the store manager and salesperson at the checkout counter. In about a week of being on the couch and my cats showing no interest, I took off the tape. The glue consistency 100% changed and was thick gummy and a stronger glue adhesive like a super glue and took off tiny areas of leather like a bikini wax and the glue transferred completely onto the couch leaving shiny glue stripes all over the couch. The glue will not come off and PetSmart conveyed there is nothing that can be done. The glue is now part of the couch which is unimaginable.

PetSmart's Corporate Office thinks there is nothing wrong with a couch being ruined by their products, which is absurd and unacceptable. The packing on the front states: "MEDICAL GRADE ADHESIVE WON'T HARM FABRICS, SCRATCH PREVENTION TAPE, APPLY TRANSPARENT STRIP DIRECTLY ONTO SURFACES. To: *Help store furniture destruction *Help guard houseplants *Help deter unwanted behavior." This product harmed my couch all over. The tape is not transparent. It has left shiny stripes that are now dark and dirty. It caused destruction and took off leather and completely glued the couch. The couch is awful to the touch.

PetSmart’s customer service, claims process and comprehension of a claim is a lesson to all businesses of how you do not want your Corporate Office conveying to employees how to handle a situation and what you do not want your customers to experience. The initial process is flawed. PetSmart lost my claim 4-5 times and each submission requires about a 5 day waiting period. When I finally spoke with customer service to process my claim, there was a lack of understanding of the claim. PetSmart told me I had to pursue and speak with their manufacturer, PetEdge, but PetEdge told me they don't make the product or the Whisker City brand.

On the back of the Whisker City (PetSmart Brand if you google) packing there is a phone number. I called that phone number and they answered, "PetSmart". PetSmart has exercised bad business practices by not taking responsibility for their bad product, the customer is purchasing the PetSmart brand thinking PetSmart will stand behind the products they sell, but PetSmart is doing everything they can to not take responsibility for their destruction product that also does not have the proper disclaimers, warnings and examples that are in no way imaginable to the customer or their sales people. Per PetSmart Corporate Office Customer Service Department, I was to return the used tape and the other unopened container to the store. They did not want me to mail it back to them.

I met with the store manager and spoke to a corporate individual who happened to be visiting the store and I explained the situation, showed them the gummy strong glue consistency that is different than a new role of tape. No one seemed to think what happened could happen. I requested that the visiting individual assist with my claim, but nothing has happened. Customer Service turned the claim over to a third party insurance company called Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. and they advised that I contact Adam ** who would explain how they came to the conclusion that the packaging warns customers, how PetSmart is are not at fault and it is PetEdge's fault because they manufacture the product. I called Adam ** who sets another example of how you should never speak rudely to a customer who was advised to call and where the expectation was set that he would explain the situation.

Instead, Adam laid down the law that he was not going to waste his time speaking to me when a decision has been made and he refused to speak with me and basically hung up on me. I contacted Barb ** and shared the demeaning rude treatment that she set me up for, but there was never any further explanation and PetSmart is not acknowledging the fact that there was no real third party review, they won't allow me to file a proper claim, they won't comment on PetEdge telling me they don't manufacture the product or the brand and they refuse to acknowledge the labeling flaws and damages to my personal property. Their product permanently affixed itself to our couch altering the solid pattern to a glue stripe couch. Anything that comes in contact with it touches a sticky substance and dirt and hair sticks to it.

After many failed attempts to reason with PetSmart's Corporate Customer Service, I emailed and left messages for PetSmart's CEO, Michael Masseya. After calling again, I finally spoke with Sheri in the Corporate Office who relayed, Mr. Masseya doesn't want to speak with me and isn't going to speak with me. This is another example of how you never want to pass on a message to a customer exactly the way it was told to you. In my opinion, when there is a situation and a disgruntled employee requesting to speak with the CEO or someone senior in the corporate office, that department should have someone contact the customer and try to listen and handle the situation appropriately. That did not happen. Apparently, there is a bad corporate culture at PetSmart. PetSmart doesn't seem to care about their brand and from what I have experienced, their focus is "deny", "deny", "deny".

On principle, I will be pursuing the matter. PetSmart sold a product that they should stand behind and protect the customer and not try to hide behind the manufacturer. My receipt states, PetSmart. The product is defective, damaging, changed consistency and does not have proper warnings and the test did not prove to be the same as using the product for one week. Please advise if there is anyone else at the PetSmart's Corporate Office who would like to do the right thing.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 5, 2017

Pet Value just gained a new customer for life. I had THE worst customer service experience ever today at PetSmart. Their website says they clip cat nails. No appointment needed. I got there and asked the first employee I saw-a cashier- and she directed me to the grooming area. The very young girl in there bluntly informed me that they don't do cats on weekends. I didn't see anything about that in the website but I can admit maybe I just missed it. HOWEVER--- The cat groomer was there. (If they don't groom cats on weekends then why was she there?) Who informed me bluntly that they don't groom cats on weekends because there are too many dogs and it causes too much havoc. "Ok but there are exactly zero dogs here right now." "Yes we know but you're still going to have to come back during the week."

I work during the week. Her exact words to me then "Well you'll have to figure that out on your own, we can't help you today. " No apology. Not even a hint of respect. Blunt and rude as hell. Horrible customer service. I intend to write a review or contact their mgmt to tell them about this. So after 25 years of being a die hard PetSmart customer I will never shop there again. Sat in the parking lot looking for any place that could help me today. Came across Pet Value. Called to ask if I could come in with no appointment. She said yes very happily. So when I got there the manager came to serve me and we went into the grooming room. Normally the owner doesn't go in but because it was a first time thing for both me and Leia she urged me to come watch. That made me feel great. This person cared.

So we talked while she clipped Leia's nails. Helped me fix her collar and harness to correct sizes. Educated me about food, snacks, answered every question. Leia went and hid once her collar was on and the mgr got on the floor to pull her out. Gave me samples of adult food because it's time to transition her. And listened to me tell her about the horrible experience PetSmart. Went to the cash to pay for everything. She refused it. All this today was free. She insisted. I'll be going to PetValue from now on. Just to be clear, I am in Barrie, Ontario. The PetSmart is on Mapleview Dr., the PetValue is BayfieldNorth.

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Original review: July 30, 2017

I took my 11 weeks old puppy to PetSmart for grooming last Friday (07.08.2017). It was his first ever bath and light trimming. Before that, I never had a problem of him scratching. After grooming, I've noticed him scratching his ears and would lick his paws after. Then It became so much that he would start crying while scratching not only his ears now. I checked his ears and they smelled terrible and his skin - flaky. Not to forget his left eye is so red and teary. Now I have to observe the ears if they gonna get worst. Definitely NEVER going back to PetSmart for bath & grooming again. I DON'T RECOMMEND it either.

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Original review: July 29, 2017

I was told by the cashier that I needed to speak with the manager. Tommy told me that he would not return it without a receipt. I left the store and looked up PetSmart's policy on returns. Their website states that a return without a receipt requires a valid ID, and a store card will be issued for the amount of the item, the lowest sale price. When I returned to the store, I spoke to Tommy once again and showed him the store policy. He then showed me his right to refuse sign. I asked why he was refusing. He stated because there was no way to return my money. I asked “what about the store card policy?” He again stated he was refusing, very rudely and loudly. He gave no explanation, just said, quite inappropriately, with contempt and embarrassing me... “Nice doing business with you.” He yelled that at me. No professionalism and most definitely no manners. I will never return to PetSmart.

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Original review: July 13, 2017

When making appointment, at store #0204 Katy Tx confirmed cost of $48 for the grooming salon. Have senior small poodle and for years have brought him to PetSmart. After drop-off, we decided to have teeth brushed for $11. When picked up, cost was $70. Called and was told because I was charged for my own shampoo {hypoallergenic specifically for his allergies,} and they ground his nails {NEVER requested because they splinter}. Always just get clipped. Besides that, his hair cut was not even anywhere. Worse groom ever in the 7 years I have had him. Needless to say, there will not be a second time at this location.

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Original review: July 12, 2017

My dog was going to PetSmart since he was 3 months to get him used to the grooming experience. At about 14 months he started showing aggressive behavior. I took him to 2 other groomers and the first thing they asked was has my dog ever been to PetSmart. They both said my dog was traumatized. No one can cut him now without a muzzle. This place is horrible and other groomers recognize a "PetSmart" dog right away. Don't go there. They will hurt your dog.

Original review: July 9, 2017

WARNING!!! Don't take your dog to any Petsmart Grooming Salon if you want to get your dog back in the same way you brought him in. My dog left there and was no longer able to walk. They have a video of the time your dog enters the grooming salon until he leaves... they wouldn't let me view it. Manager and Corporate refuse to respond to letters and calls. Check out other reviews about Petsmart Grooming before you consider taking your dog there... If you love your pet... take him somewhere else.

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Original review: July 8, 2017

We only go to this PetSmart when we have to because we dread going there. The staff are not friendly when we arrive and it is impossible to find someone to help us. They always complain about being understaffed and their attitudes are awful. I hate having to give my money to a company who does not value my business.

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Original review: July 2, 2017

Today, July 1, 2017 we visited the PetSmart store in Sedalia MO for the first and last time. We picked up a bag of cat food which was priced at $22.99 and on sale for $21.99 a bag. At the check out it rang up for $23.99. When I questioned the pricing the employee just shrugged her shoulders and said, "Don't ask me, I just work here." We said that seems like false advertising and refused to pay and left the store. Last time we will go to PetSmart.

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