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I opened a 50# bag of Ol' Roy Complete Nutrition that I purchased two days ago and found at the top of the kibble a clump of damp kibble with two kinds of mold on it. At least, that is what it looks like. I do not want to touch it! Although the gentleman at customer service was very polite, I was told I would get a check in the mail to cover the cost of the bad bag. I explained that the closest town is 45 minutes away in each direction and would like to be compensated for the trip. My request was denied. In the meantime, I have 4 seventy-pound dogs with no dog food until tomorrow. They were fed cat food and bread for dinner. I am not a happy camper.

I just bought a bag of Ol Roy puppy chow a few days ago. Ever since my datsuns has eaten it they have an upset stomach and diarrhea. If I didn't know better and my babies would've gotten badly ill and died I would have someone's **... They are my kids.

Been feeding our dogs regular flavor for years with no significant issues. Bought bacon flavor a few days ago. Yesterday the german shepherd started vomiting clear mucus and then again today but otherwise acting normal, so put him outside in the pen and ran to do a few errands, got home and found him dead. Coincidence?

I used to use Old Roy dry dog food to save money; I feed a lot of dogs. I decided to try another brand for better quality, but due to expense I decided to try and save money again and bought a large bag of Old Roy. It looks like the dregs from the bottom of the tank. Mostly just smashed kibbles. I will never buy Old Roy again!

To save money we switched to Ol Roy dog food. Within days my pomeranian became very sick. Breathing hard, lethargic, vomiting, etc... We had to put her down today. Today I read about this dog food that comes from WAL-MART. Dogs are dying from similar symptoms. Something has to be done. I cannot believe this has happened.

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We have a full blooded almost 2 year old Pit bull. He is a big sweetie. He has ate Ol' Roy since he was a puppy. He never would gain a lot of weight and he would rather eat people food over his dog food (but what dog wouldn't). He didn't show a lot of signs with having issues with the food. I didn't think anything about it but I am happy I looked into his dog food. After reading all these reviews I called my husband and told him that Loki was to come off of this food immediately. That night after I got home from work, we went to the store and stood on the dog food aisle for about 20-30 minutes trying to find the perfect food. Finally we agreed on Just 6 by Rachael Ray. We got home and poured him some of his new food and he started eating.

He ran out the other night and before I could get home with the other bag my mother-in-law poured some of the Ol' Roy in his bowl and then called and told me he wouldn't eat it. I am happy he will no longer eat this food. I put him on different treats as well and he can no longer have cheap unhealthy treats (he won't even eat them). My dog is so much happier and healthier. He has started gaining weight and has become more healthy looking. His eyes have also cleared up a lot more and are not red and irritated looking. I advise all pet owners to not sacrifice their fur babies health to save a few bucks. In the end it will save their life.

Purchased a box of Ol'Roy dog food for our small dog. We have been using it for some time. I opened a container with expiry date of 2018 and the food was full of bacteria and was blackened with rot and decay. These are the actual photos with lot numbers. The smell was hideous! This changed our minds on buying this product. Whatever is in it, it's not natural and is full of bacteria. If I gave this to my dog, she would of died. I purchased this at the Walmart in New Minas, Nova Scotia Canada.

I filed a complaint with the FDA and am submitting my review on Ol Roy Pet Foods. The end of May 2016 I purchase a bag of dry Ol Roy at my local Walmart. I feed my 4 year old pug boiled chicken and rice - and I always mix that with some dry dog food. I fed him like I normally do. Approx a week later my dog started with intense diarrhea. The following day he vomited both his breakfast and dinner. The next morning once again he vomited breakfast. I then called his vet and made an appoint for that evening at 5pm. Other than vomiting, he seemed active and alert. A few hours later that completely changed. Fortunately I was home! He was cold, listless and limp. Instead of waiting until his 5pm appointment - I realized he was in seriously grave shape. I rushed him to the vet. He was admitted. They put him on heat support, IVs, took X-rays and did bloodwork.

2 hours later my vet called me- his liver levels were so high they couldn't even get an exact reading! He said my dog needed to be transported to the animal emergency room where he had to undergo an ultrasound. My pug spent the next few days in intensive care at the animal ER. More tests and blood work were done. He had an "acute insult" to his liver and it is believed to be from a toxin. I spent days searching my house and yard for any possible exposure to a toxin and found nothing. Then for some odd reason I looked up his dog food, Ol Roy, and came across this horrific page of reviews! I can't believe Walmart would sell this stuff when people's pets are dying. So far, I've spent nearly 3500 dollars and my dog still isn't back to where he was. He is still very sick from this. For the next few months he will have regular blood tests done, he is on about 4 different medications to make him better.

Please to anyone who reads this never buy this food! I was lucky that I was home to rush him to the vet - because if I wasn't, I don't think he would be alive today. The first vet cost me 450, then a couple hours later the animal ER cost me 2500, plus his visits since then - getting more meds and blood work add up to another 500. I'm including a copy of the ER bill just so everyone who thinks saving a few dollars on dog food won't cost you big time in the end. Oh it does! Fortunately he is still alive!

Due to financial considerations, we switched from Pupperoni to Walmart Jerky Strips. We have 3 dogs: Westie, Border Collie, and a Bernese mountain dog. Since switching to the Walmart brand, the Bernese has had diarrhea and runs when he sees a stick treat, the Westie has refused to eat it, and the Border Collie now has pancreatitis ($300 vet bill) and ruined the bedroom and hall carpets by passing blood with stool (dog is housebroken). Nothing else was changed in their diet, no table scraps, and we searched the yard for anything that may have caused the issue.

If the dogs were asked to rate it, they would probably give it three paws down. BTW, lot # is 6069804220216. Expiration date is 09/01/17. Suffice to say we are extremely dissatisfied with their product. We are submitting this review to help other pet owners become aware of an unsatisfactory, possibly fatal, product. Please take your dog to the vet if the dog shows signs of lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite, and bright red blood being passed through stool. If we had not taken the dog to the vet, he probably would have passed away in two days, according to the vet.

I have one dog that's been in my family for years and at the time I had two rescues that I was fostering until I found homes for. One of the rescues had problems digesting a lot of the higher quality grain free foods and I made a decision on a whim to try Ol Roy's dog food. Somewhat as a last resort because her stomach would get so upset with everything I was trying. Her stomach seemed to handle the food fine, however, it caused all my dogs to have allergic reactions. I didn't put two and two together for months as my vet kept telling me that the reactions were caused by fleas. After purchasing over $600 in products to fight fleas to even include spraying my yard and antibiotics from the vet they were still itching and having the reaction. My Shiba Inu almost had a complete loss of undercoat. So I changed everything. I didn't let them outside as much. I tried different shampoos, multiple flea products.

The only thing that stayed the same was the food because I never thought the dog food would be unsafe. My poor dogs have red bumps all over them and have lost considerable amount of hair before I finally figured out that Ol Roy's dog food was causing it. I started to research the food and have come across terrible ratings from not only other consumers but people who scientifically test dog food as well. I feel like a terrible pet owner letting them endure this uncomfortable reaction not even realizing that it was the poor quality of food that I was giving them. I have switched their food and they are happy. I will never purchase dog food again without doing research. It makes me sick that people trust companies to make decent food for their furry family members and the company is slowly poisoning them through their food. Stay away from this dog food.

I was at Walmart on Thursday the 19 of May and I was looking at milk bones and I saw some pig ears next to them with the other treats. So I think it would be nice to try something different. Well the next day my dog was peeing a lot but as I noticed the second time I took her out this was not normal for her in the 4 years we have raised her. Well I found out by just giving her one pig ear gave her a urinary tract infection and sores on the inside of her ears. Her skin is peeling away bc it is so hard and crusty in some places on the inside of her ears. I made a grave mistake and I will never buy this product ever and I will make sure that others know this. Because my dog could have died if I wasn't a caring dog owner. My two dogs are my kids to me. I would've been heartbroken. I'm sorry for those who have lost their loved ones. Please don't ever buy this product of any kind. My girl dog is still having problems with her ears with this infection. I'm praying it will go away.

After feeding my dogs about a third of a 50# bag of dog food I found a few HUGE clumps of moldy dog food!!! I hope and pray they did not eat any!!! I immediately threw the rest of the bag in the trash. The food is stored in a cool, dry place so I know this did not happen after we bought it (4 days after opening it)!!!

I recently purchased a bag of Ol' Roy Kibbles Chunks and cheese and the bag was only halfway full. I was not satisfied as I buy this brand every month for my dogs.

I have a dog that is a picky eater. So a few days ago, I decided to buy 2 boxes of Ol' Roy Healthy Nutrition on an impulse to see if he would like it. He ate it for a couple days before I came across this horror! I should have researched this product before I decided to feed him any of it. Reviews are terrible. I'm glad I didn't feed him this garbage for long. I will boycott this brand for as long as I live and will share it with everyone I know!

When my 7-month-old pup suddenly went from being really outgoing to being really docile, I immediately took notice. Nothing had changed except her and the other 2 dogs we stopped eating their Ol Roy Complete Nutrition dog food. We had to take her to the emergency vet and we could have lost her. I wanted to know why. My search led me to menadione sodium bisulfite. A synthetic form of vitamin K called K3. Menadione is C11H8O2 which didn't look chemically stable. So I searched C12H08O2 which I found out is Oxanthrene which is a form of dioxin. Menadione sodium bisulfite is C11H9NaO5S. Dioxin is commonly C12H4Cl4O2. I reasoned that a breakdown of the menadione sodium bisulfite by hydrochloric acid (HCl in the stomach) resulting in dioxin.

This, I believe is the issue regarding various brands of pet food which menadione sodium bisulfite is an ingredient. Some foods may have it without having it listed. My conclusion is that certain dog foods are poisoning our dogs. More than likely some pet foods which use it, have quality. Nevertheless it is quite probable that the menadione sodium bisulfite is breaking down to form dioxin. I welcome any discussion into this idea.

I buy LARGE dog biscuits because I have LARGE dogs. This is the third 7.5 lb box that I've purchased wherein every single biscuit is broken and no larger than 1". If I wanted small, 1" dog biscuits, that's what I would buy. I called the consumer support number at 877-307-2192 and they offered zero help. I was told to drive 20 minutes back to Walmart and discuss it with customer service at the store. After reading the reviews of pets dying from eating the Ol' Roy brand, I'm just going to toss these in the trash and buy some Milk Bone from Amazon. I know Amazon will stand behind anything they sell/ship to me. My dogs are worth far more to me than $5.57. It's a shame my continued business isn't worth anything to the poorly-trained, consumer satisfaction representative. I wonder how many customers Walmart is willing to lose before taking customer service seriously?

I bought Ol Roy dry and wet food for my 2 dogs. I had a pug die last month, and my schnauzer today. They both had kidney failure, and our vet said he is sure it's because of the food. I lost my 2 babies cause of your food, thanks a lot you dog killing company.

I have been buying Ol Roy since 1991. During all this time Ol Roy I haven't ever seen a special sale or a coupon to save on this product. I called their consumer hotline without success. The impression I got was that they didn't care. So now I have changed to Purina.

I had a dog for a little over 14 years. She was a dalmatian and the perfect picture of health until she started to get gray and acquired arthritis from an old car accident. I fed her Ol Roy since the very beginning, and she loved it. She was thriving while being fed this food, so I always talked about how great it was to my friends. I recently got a puppy and my family and I were planning on starting to feed him Ol Roy now that he doesn't need the puppy chow anymore. For ** and giggles I looked up Ol Roy to check the ingredients after seeing a Blue Buffalo commercial since it's been about 4 years of not seeing them since my dog passed from old age, and I'm horrified. I'm so mad this has been happening, and that I've talked up this brand since the beginning. I feel a bit... betrayed I suppose? I was going to give this to my puppy... and he could have been killed from it.

Ol Roy dog food, Dry chunks, chicken flavour - I'm from South Africa. I purchased a 25 kg chicken flavored dog chunks from a reputable company that sells this brand. I fed my boerboel just one meal and the next morning found him dead. He was a 4-year old, checked by the vet regularly.

My 10 yr. old pit bull died Jan. Then 3 days ago my 10 yr. old Weimaraner died. My P.B. went into respiratory distress. Both vet & I thought she was in pain of unknown source. She continued for get worse & x-rays 4 days later showed almost whiteout. She died the following day. When Weimaraner begin to retch & died suddenly I began to ? commonality. I have occasionally fed them Ol Roy Savory Chicken & is what he had the night before. They were both cremated & I was so traumatised. Didn't know what samples might prove useful & vets were closed but we're shocked about both! Nothing of regular routines, feeding, activity etc. different except the Ol Roy which is how ended up here.

My husband lost his best friend last year. Ate this ** woke up one morning he could not walk or stand. Got a tumor burst in his stomach. Now I have to put my other one down. Throwing up, can barely walk, throwing up blood! Thanks a lot Ol Roy. You should be ashamed of yourselves! You need to be shut down and pay for the heartaches people have suffered from losing their best friends! I will pass it on.

My dog, my best friend, died today. Poisoned by canned Ol' Roy dog food bought at Walmart. I had just started feeding her this as it was what I found when I was shopping and I thought I'd try it. I hadn't read the reviews. She started vomiting, got lethargic, then just died in my mom's arms. I'm in shock, and horrified that I fed her this poison. My heart is broken. What can be done to permanently get this off the shelves?

We have (had) 2 dogs - a Australian Shepherd and a Aussie mix breed. Bought Ol Roy Bacon flavored dry food a week and a half ago. The Aussie mix was the first to get sick. She threw up for 2 days, did not eat or drink for 3 days then started feeling better this past Tuesday. Our Australian Shepherd who was 5 yrs old started throwing up blood yesterday (Thursday) and was very bloated, could not stand or walk and died this morning before we could get her to the vet.

I researched the Ol Roy food last night and was horrified at what I was reading. So many people have lost their beloved pets, members of their families and Walmart keeps selling this poison. No recall on it. The site I was reading had almost 500 complaints of their dogs being violently ill and or dying from eating this food - some within hours of eating it. Our pets are members of our families and just like children to us. Truly heartbroken tonight. Our surviving dog is grieving too. So sad. I went to the store where I purchased it this afternoon and made a written complaint and also called the corporate office in Bentonville, AR and filed with them as well. I want this POISON off the shelves everywhere!

I've purchased Ol Roy high performance for many years and know what it looks like out of the bag but I purchased 3 bags on 03-01-2016 and when I poured the first bag into a bucket like I always do it appeared to be Ol Roy complete nutrition. Looks just like it and doesn't have the dark color Ol Roy high performance has. Doesn't even have the oil Ol Roy high performance has. I know what Ol Roy complete nutrition looks like because I've had to use it before when the Ol Roy high performance isn't available. In fact I'm gonna go as far as to say I know it's not Ol Roy high performance. The dark color and oil content isn't there.

I been a customer for more years than I can remember and this is the first time I seen this. If you changed the recipe it doesn't state that on the bag or on any website I looked at before I wrote this complaint. I have heelers that are high country ranch dogs and need high protein/High fat dog food for them because they are outside 100% of the year. If this is the new Ol Roy high performance recipe I'd like to know.

I have been buying Ol Roy for a long time. Recently I found a razor blade in my dog's bowl while cleaning them. I know it came from the Ol Roy as we pour our dog food in a bucket and it was empty for this bag. I called the number on back to let them just know about it and was treated rudely. I called Walmart and the store treated me great but never have even heard back from the manufacturer. No scam, didn't ask for anything back, just thought they might want to know. Could have been a very serious ending.

My son and his wife brought a bag of the Ol Roy bacon flavored dog food. Their dog got sick, was throwing up blood, was not able to stand on his own. They took him to the vet. The vet told them that the Ol Roy dog food that they had feed him was causing him to be sick. Today was that day to took him to the vet, today a 8-year-old dog died from this dog food. A recall needs to take place. No one should have to go through what my son and his wife went though. OL ROY, WATCH OUT. THEY ARE COMING FOR YOU. YOU ARE GOING TO BE HEARING FROM A LAWYER VERY SOON!!! Please if you love your dogs, please don't buy this dog food.

My mother in law has an older service dog. She is a lab. One Ol' Roy Treat and she was vomiting, lethargic, blood in her stool. I thought she was going to die and that would have killed my 78 year old mother in law. $500 vet bill later and lots of I.Vs and meds she is healing. Walmart should recall all the old Roy brand and pull it off their shelves. They should also be paying all of these vet bills! I highly doubt Sam Walton would have stood for this type of awful product on the Walmart shelves.

In the process of selling my house, temporarily staying with my parents we have a combined total of 7 dogs... Or we did. Purchased the 50 lb. bag of Ol Roy complete nutrition and within days 3 dogs are sick, 1 has passed... All dogs same symptoms, vomiting, lethargic, will not eat, unable to control bladder. All 3 have been diagnosed with complete renal failure!!! Unable to save 1, other 2 still hospitalized. We were beginning to assume neighbors who we have never had problems with were hurting them which didn't make sense, same location for 14 years. Then googled this and I am appalled, livid, DISGUSTED!!! No amount of $$ can bring my pet back or make sure my other 2 do not have lasting effects, or even that the ones without current symptoms are not affected. 1 is a very recent addition and we now have them on Blue Buffalo. I would like to know if anyone is aware of any kind of civil suit. These are not just dogs - they are my family.

My ex who's caring for my dog at the moment, bought a bag of Ol Roy dog food from Walmart. Today my fur baby was vomiting and bleeding profusely from his anus. I took him to the emergency vets and after hundreds of dollars later, he is now home laying on the floor struggling for his life... This food should be removed from the shelf. They are killing our beloved pets. He was fine till he ate this food!!!

Updated on 01/19/2016: Unfortunately my fur baby Sam passed away just a few hours after writing my complaint.

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