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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Ol Roy Pet Foods?
    • 4,461,376 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    PricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed June 15, 2024

    I have two Labradors one male one female. The male went to college with my daughter. I trained my female to be a service dog. Nutrition for my dog is one of the most important things. I fed her expensive food and gave her only one treat Old Roy Munchy Bones. This Labrador has had diarrhea for a year and a half. Every single day I watched her struggle to go to the bathroom. I changed foods over and over. The veterinarian couldn't figure it out. It's not like she got a tons of different treats. We gave her one munchy bone a day unfortunately we are focused on the food destroying her health. After a year her nose was all dried her teeth were starting to have silver lines in them then her health rapidly started declining to where she put on 10 lb in 2 months but only eats the food of a 30 lb dog. This Labrador is 99 lb at this point. I was getting ready to go to University of Florida to see the best veterinarians.

    My dog just turned 3 years old and I was watching her die slowly. I couldn't take her anywhere because I can't clean up her poop. Finally we put her on an intestinal prescription diet. I took everything away including the Ol'Roy munchy Bones which she lived for the moment I gave her one of these. However every time I host down the grass where she pooped I could see the white solid pieces that did not digest. When we put on a prescription diet it was instant. Within 2 weeks she was a brand new dog. Her poop has been solid for the last 5 weeks. This week I have her brother for a month. The male still eats these munchy bones. I felt bad so I cut 1 munchy bone in 4 pieces four. For a dog who's now down to 90 lb already a quarter of a munchy bone is tiny however instant diarrhea and struggling to poop again.

    I finally found the culprit that was killing my dog. Unsure if it was just a coincidence I stopped for a week again and just yesterday gave my dog a 1/4 of a munchy bone again. I just spent 15 minutes watching that dog tried to poop in six different areas all water again from these munchy bones. There's no more mystery on what was killing my dog. It is definitely these Ol Roy Munchy Bones. This is men over half of her three year life sentenced to the misery these bones have caused to her system. The thousands of dollars I spent the heartbreak watching her struggle. The countless hours of reading about dog food and ingredients The only thing I did not study was these Ol Roy Munchie Bones. It was right in front of me the whole time the slow killer of dogs. I just googled what these Bones do to dogs and noticed this site that is overwhelming in negative reviews.

    I don't know how the FDA does not shut this down as this company is actually killing dogs. I had a Labrador that ran every day, was full of energy, went everywhere with me to a Labrador that was laying around struggling, no more energy, her nose messed up, her teeth with silver lines in them. However these past 5 weeks She has for being revived instantly when I stopped giving her these bones. I still wouldn't have known what was causing it until I gave her a small piece and she went instantly back to diarrhea and struggling. This is criminal for a company to allow this dog killer. I am getting ready to send a picture of these to my veterinarian to warn every client to stay away from these bones.

    There are two things I am sure of what this review. My dog was dying at the age of three from the moment I gave her these bones. For the past 5 weeks she has been away from these bones and she is back to a full of life dog running and having fun and most of all pooping solid. One tiny piece of one of these bones again She went right back to being sick. There's no arguing on what caused so much damage and cost so much in vet bills.


    Reviewed June 13, 2024

    I was drawn to a particular dog food brand at Walmart due to its reasonable price for the provided quantity. However, my dogs fell severely ill within a week of starting this food. I have spent the last four days attending to their health, with the situation worsening to the point of needing to take them outside every 35 minutes. They are still suffering from the food's effects. Prior to this, my dogs were perfectly healthy, raising concerns about the pet food's safety measures. I am seeking clarity on the accountability process for the negative impact this food has had on my pets. Currently, I am left with a large bag of dog food and uncertainty about the possibility of a refund, given our limited family income. It is my hope that no other pets endure such a harrowing experience.

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      Reviewed May 15, 2024

      First: trying to pull up your corporate office is impossible. Second: in the last month this was $9 and change. Three weeks ago it was $10 and change, last week it was $12 and change, today it is $13.97. I would love to know how much money y'all have stolen from us in the last years. People are abandoning their pets left and right. Not only can't we afford to feed our families we can now no longer afford to feed our pets. I'm truly disgusted with y'all and will no longer be buying your products.

      Reviewed March 30, 2024

      We buy the same flavor and size bag every time as we have large dogs. We got a bag and the food inside looked nothing like the food on the outside for starters and it was apparent the recipe changed with no heads up or anything. New recipe contains red dye and our dogs' hair fell out. 3 out of the 4 dogs. So now we changed brands.

      I even went back to make sure the flavors and brands matched our old bag and everything matched except the food on the inside. Not happy. We have a St Bernard, a St Bernard Malamute who are almost bald in some areas because of the hair falling out. Our dogs only got this dog food, no other brand and very limited if any human food. The bowl on the left was old bag, the bowl on the right was the new bag, major difference. Could have at least told people they were adding red dye or something.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServicePricePunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed March 2, 2024

      My fiancée and I are both disabled veterans and we were having our dog professionally trained to be a service dog. We only feed our dog Life’s Abundance highly nutritional dog food and supplements recommended by the breeder. I purchased an Ol’ Roy large femur bone as a treat for my dog. I have never done this before and was not aware that the FDA warns that these bones may kill your dog. I was not aware that Walmart has tried to get the manufacturer to put a warning label on these bones that is highlighted and better than the current warning that just says to supervise your pet with the bone. What is to prevent Walmart from doing the right thing and put their own warning on the shelf? I am sure it boils down to profits.

      The manufacturer still hasn’t put sufficient warning labels on these bones, only on their company website. Google this and you will see how David Frick has no sympathy and compares it to a child choking on a Lego…. his response “tough”. I gave our dog the bone for less than an hour while she was right next to me, she was enjoying her treat. Later that evening, she wouldn’t eat and had diarrhea. Our dog just laid down, wouldn’t play or go for walks, all of this is abnormal. Over the next week she had two vet visits and ended up in the emergency veterinary hospital. Her stomach lining was bleeding and her kidneys began to fail. All this while, she stopped eating after chewing on the femur bone, she had to have a feeding tube in the emergency hospital. Our dog was in great pain and her kidneys continued to shut down, we sadly had to let her go. She never came home.

      Once I googled these Ol’ Roy products, I was appalled by all the dogs that have died, gotten sick or were seriously injured. The more I checked into Ol’ Roy product’s, it’s obvious it all boils down to money or else these products wouldn’t be still on the shelf. Our vet bills cost over $6,000 to save our dog and all the thousands in professional training was in vain. We miss our dog, she was a family member and hopefully this post will help others.

      Reviewed Feb. 8, 2024

      I purchased Ol'Roy dog bones from Walmart 2 days ago. Immediately the oldest dog (5) got diarrhea. Which progressed to vomiting. She’s not eating but is drinking. Within a matter of hours the youngest (3) started. Now a day later my last dog, the middle child (4) has started too. The only thing that changed was the dog bones. DO NOT LET YOUR DOG HAVE THE LARGE FEMUR BONES THAT SELL FOR $7.49 AT WALMART!

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Jan. 10, 2024

      We bought Ol Roy Adult Dog Food from WalMart a couple of months ago. Our dog was eating it like he was addicted, not sure what hidden ingredients are in this dog food, as dog food manufacturers are not regulated by the FDA. We noticed that after he ate his dog food, he was lapping water like there was a water famine. So last week, we took our dog to the vet for a hurt leg. She did some blood work on him because she thought his belly looked swollen. She called us back immediately and said that our dog's liver enzymes were elevated and his albumin was low.

      The swelling was from leaky gut and he was losing protein through third space losses (ascites). Now he's on two different antibiotics, milk thistle to detox his liver, and specialty dog food that has no preservatives, no soy, corn meal, barley or white rice. Mostly vegan with fish, chicken or beef, no xylitol. I had to order it special from a vet who specializes in this problem. Our vet said it could be gall bladder, toxic substances, hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver or liver cancer. We won't know until he finishes the antibiotics and has been on the milk thistle treatment. We are convinced there was something in that Ol roy dog food.

      Reviewed Dec. 11, 2023

      When we first bought the product about 1 week ago, our dog did not want to eat it. After a week of trying, we decided to cut it up to tiny pieces and she finally ate it. We thought that maybe it was just too big for her to chew. The next day she had diarrhea for the whole day, it was literally like water coming out of her. I also noticed that her right eye was droopy. The day after she was throwing up all day and even today she is still throwing up. We obviously threw the treats out right away. Not sure if other owners have went through this with this product, it definitely has made us not want to buy anything from that brand anymore.

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed Nov. 24, 2023

      I fed my dog a combination of the dry and wet food and he had an epic throw up. Additionally, the cust service rep was uninformed about their own product as they inquired as to the exp date and could not guide me as to where to find it. She also lied and told me this food had never been recalled. Although upon further investigation I found that Ol Roy had in fact had issues in the past. The rep didn't offer any replacement. The rep didn't even apologize or advise to stop feeding my dog this food. Total lack of concern. Why should I tell her how to handle an upset customer? Totally lacking in customer service.

      Reviewed Nov. 9, 2023

      Hours after my dog enjoyed chewing on an Ol Roy rawhide bone (made in Vietnam), she got very sick to her stomach - diarrhea, vomiting, and crying. As far as bones go, this brand is pretty much all Walmart sells, and shame on them. Stay away from Ol Roy bones!

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