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I have fed my dogs lams dog food for years and never had a issue with my dogs being ill. If you switch types of food even with the same brand it can cause diarrhea issues but our vet tells us our dogs are very healthy and I will keep on buying lams just wish we could get coupons.

No pooh issues whatsoever. The dog even prefers "Iams" over a more expensive brand and switching to the more expensive brand caused super soft stool puddles on the lawn (we use the Lamb and rice dry mix along with the odd table scraps off the dinner plates). But there is always food in the dog dish, so the dog eats as much as it desires and leaves the rest (for later). We have had about 6 different dog breed (13 to 15 years and died of old age). So, this news is interesting.

At 3 to 4 weeks (weaning) we introduce Iams Smart Puppy ground in blender moistened with lots of water (gruel consistency). We've done this for many years without an issue. NOT THIS TIME. All 3 litters born over a 3 week period (20 puppies) started with dry heaves, then loose stools and finally diarrhea. Stool samples excluded coccidia & other parasites. Puppies have been de-wormed at 2, 4 & 6 weeks. Once on chicken and rice diet, and probiotic & ** (prescription), all OK. Tried starting Iams again slowly, instant watery diarrhea, even when continuing probiotic and **. Iams is the only item causing the problem. Seeing so many complaints here is very informative as I would assume many dogs would be ill or dead before Iams issued a recall. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Iams Smart Puppy lot number: Best by Oct 03, 2017 - 16:07, 623B2NCH06 US61591

Iams chunks and mini chunks - I've noticed over the past year that the Iams dog food had become overly gravelly in texture especially the crumbs. Then one of the crumbs stabbed my finger one day and brought blood. So what would that do to my dog? I quit them immediately. Very discouraging.

My puppy was given this good on two occasions. Both he had severe diarrhea. On both occasions we eliminated every possible variable and found the IAMs was to blame. This pet food sickened my dog severely. We notified pet store and they said they do not recommend it to customers anymore because they have changed their contents of product and had many complaints.

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I started transitioning my two Japanese Chin Dogs over to Iams mini chunks. Immediately they got diarrhea. So I cut back, and tried a slower transition. The diarrhea persisted and steadily got worse. They quickly grew lethargic and could no longer eliminate outside, and was stuck using paper in the house to the bathroom until they recovered. They eventually got explosive, bloody loose stools that were quite scary. I took them off the Iams mini chunks immediately once they grew lethargic, but the digestive trouble continued on for a week. I put them on a veggie broth and rice diet until they recovered, and they are both fine now. The vet said it sounded like the food was doing damage to the pancreas, and to discontinue use indefinitely. I, obviously, don't recommend this product.

My Jack Russell dog that is 4 years old is having an allergic reaction each day right after eating Iams grain free salmon and lentil dry dog food. We noticed that he sniffs the food at times in the day and leaves it like he doesn't want to eat it then I guess he gets desperate and eats it and that's when the excessive smacking starts with his mouth. It's like he has peanut butter stuck in his mouth and he does this for a long time then he starts licking his paws and biting them. We feel so sorry for him. It has taken a week for us to figure out it was from the food. I am returning the food to PetSmart and trying to figure out how to just cook him a meal that he can eat off of several days at least that would be affordable. Does anyone know what would be best to do?

My dogs have ate Iams mini chunks for over a year... All of a sudden my 2 year old would start spitting it out and got severe diarrhea and vomiting...

I have been weaning my pups with Iams Dog and Puppy food. So far I've lost 4 pups. Symptoms are the same as I have seen in other reviews. I'm not giving any of my dogs or pups this food anymore. I'm going to keep them on chicken and rice so their bodies can clean out from the Iams. I have contacted a Professor to test the food I have left. I wrote this as a warning to other pet owners. DON'T buy Iams. I will give the results from testing as soon as I can.

We slowly transitioned our dog to the Iams Proactive Health Smart Puppy food and saw our dog's digestive health decline. His feces became covered in a thickening mucus layer, then frequent diarrhea and bloody stools, and then a combo of all of them. Since we phased in the food so slowly we initially thought he had a parasite or something. After a $145 worth of vet tests/evaluations it was clear it was the food. Felt very naive and sad that we had fed him something that made him so sick. A week of boiled chicken and rice brought his stomach back to health and he's doing well. NO MORE IAMS. I wrote to the company, but don't anticipate much of a response.

My dog (pit) has been on Iams for 9 years but in the last yr has been losing weight. He wouldn't eat unless really hungry and he has been having a delicate stomach for the last 2-3 years. Gassy, loose stools. We thought it was due to aging and the vet said he was doing well. Over time it got worse. He developed gas, extreme pain, some blood in his stools and thousands of $ tests, meds, on antibiotics discovered has aggressive prostate cancers... in 2 places. Was told by an Orthomolecular Scientist who treats cats and dogs with serious conditions, and dog parents with experience it's the Iams dog food. He has a few months to live according to the vets. Now feeding him organic chicken and apricot seeds with 40+ strains of probiotics. Seems to be much more happy, active and no issues with the cancer. Will bring him for another ultrasound in a month. No more commercial dog food for him!

First and foremost my dogs are my family, and best friends. So when a dog food you have used for years throws your very healthy six year old Border Collie into a grand mal seizure you feel betrayed and scared. The worst thing anyone can experience is having their family become unresponsive and foaming from the mouth only to come out of it and not even know who you are.

Iams is cheap, low quality dog food. Plain and simple. Your best friend is not meant to eat over half of the ingredients in this dog food. Dogs shouldn't eat grains! They aren't cows people. It's common sense. A lot of dogs have food allergies and they are generally towards grains in the food. Your dog could barely show any sign of having an allergy and before you know it the allergy combined with the chemicals and preservatives in your dog food has your dog in a seizure and you're praying they'll come to before it's too late. You as a pet owner have a responsibility to feed your dog a better dog food. This brand used to be a very good dog food but a lot changed in the company and they don't care about your animal anymore. They want your money.

After feeding Iams for years with no problems, even after learning several years ago that some of the dry dog food we had already used was recalled, I went and purchased several bags from PetSmart. 2 of our dogs got very sick all of a sudden and refused to eat the food. They began vomiting. One was an older dog so we thought maybe she was just at the end of her life. Then a younger dog also developed the same symptoms. We took her to the emergency room vet and she passed on the table.

From start to finish this was just a couple of days. The vet said it was possibly something ingested/poisoning. The only common thing we could come up with was the Iams dog food. We offered to let Iams test the dog food. THEY REFUSED. After a week they basically called and said we could not prove it was their dog food so take a hike. I still have the bags bought in December 2015 with food in them. I am looking to see who tests dog food? After being a loyal customer for decades and although not able to prove it for sure, but suspect there was something wrong with the dog food and then the HORRIBLE customer service we have stopped using IAMS dog food and are warning everyone we speak to about our experience.

I've been feeding my female Doberman and male Rottweiler IAMS smart puppy proactive large breed dry dog food since they were both 8 weeks old. My girl is now 13 months and my boy is 7 months old and still doing well on IAMS with no problems. They both have shiny coats and a ton of energy and overall they look very healthy! I noticed a lot of reviews claiming that their puppy got diarrhea, well if you switch foods too quickly that would most likely be the cause and not the food either. That or your dog has a food allergy which they would require a special diet. Luckily my dogs don't have any food allergies.

If you compare ingredients to other dog foods you will notice that Chicken is their 1st ingredient. Any type of meat like Chicken, Lamb etc and not by-products should be what is listed first in the ingredients. Knowing IAMS contains real chicken which is an excellent source of protein lets me know that this is a premium dog food and much better than for example Purina Puppy Chow. I also find that this is an affordable premium dog food. I buy a 30.6 lb bag for $28.96 at Wal-Mart which lasts me almost a month. So if you want an affordable PREMIUM dog good I highly recommend IAMS smart puppy proactive.

My dog has always ate Iams dog food while nursing puppies. I used the puppy then after she weaned them we went back to Iams proactive health. She got sores on half of her body, lost all her hair. I put her on lamb food and she is doing a lot better plus the allergy meds I gave her and the Benadryl cream 4 tubes. So far she is on the upward side. Did y'all change this food? She has ate it for a year no problems really concerned.

I got my dog at 10 weeks old. She was sick and I nursed her back to healthy. A couple months later I got her Iams dog food. She started vomiting many times a day. I had no idea it was the food until I switched her food trying to get her to gain weight. She has not vomited since. I read on here about other dogs getting killed or sick from this food. Thought I should share my story to support their claims a little more. Thank god my dog survived but it was close.

PLEASE SHARE! IAMS DOG FOOD KILLED OUR DOGS! This is our story based on our experience. On Sunday 1/3/2016 we woke up to a nightmare. Our 7 yr old pug Daisy was deceased in her bed and our 10 yr old pug Danny barely hanging on. Three days before they were fed from a brand new bag of IAMS Proactive Health Adult dog food. The food was ingested late afternoon on new year's eve and new year's day morning Daisy started vomiting and Danny was soon to follow. On 1/2/2016 we took our pugs to the vet. They were violently ill and in so much pain they couldn't lay down and barely sit. We followed the vet's instructions and they were also administered medications along with some sent home. Daisy had fluids injected into her back. Tests were ran and blood work was sent out but wouldn't be received until Monday. We didn't know this would be too late. Sunday morning in fact was the worst morning in our lives.

After finding our little girl Daisy had passed we rushed Danny to the ER vet. We painfully decided to put Danny down because we could not bare to see him suffer any longer and we now knew the outcome. On Monday I went to our vet where our Dr had then informed me that there was absolutely nothing we could have done to save our babies. And he firmly believed the food killed them and contacted IAMs on our behalf to file a claim. We also have a 7 month old puppy named Cooper who DID NOT ingest the food and is perfectly fine. We also had labs ran on Cooper for precaution. We are devastated. I have filed a safety report with the FDA. Both the FDA and Iams look for basically other instances to check for relevance. We need help getting our story out there. There are many more people that have had the same experiences but because the complaints were not filed on the Fda page or IAMS itself they will not look at those complaints.

We want to hold IAMS accountable and are find it very hard to do so. We asked for the remaining food where we purchased it to be also taken off the shelves. We don't want any other animals to become ill or die from this food!! I have medical records. I have photos and videos of them right before they died. I have the bag of dog food sealed and in a safe place away out of reach of our children. I have two urns holding the ashes of my babies. I have their last paw print cast in plaster. I DO NOT have my babies, our kids' best friends, two of our family members. Please help us hold this company accountable and vet their food off of the shelves.

Hello. I hope together we can solve the issue of whether or not a specific brand of Iams is not suited for a particular breed (toy pups). I purchase the "regular-sized" chunks cause I feed it to my Basset and Beagle mix. I typically include shredded baked chicken breast and it's juices. My Maltese is a finicky eater anyway, but when I tell him to "eat your papa", he minds me. Did I inadvertently cause him to go into Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia? My vet bills continue as I had him on steroids and antibiotic and lab monitoring. He is better, but I am concerned if maybe I should switch to another brand? But what other brand? Any help would be appreciated!

I recently purchased this food for my German Shepherd. He's been on dog food his entire life. He doesn't get people food. After purchasing a new bag of this food, he immediately started vomiting his food. He'd never done this before. Shortly thereafter he developed diarrhea on an almost hourly basis. After about 3 days of cutting back on this food and mixing it with boiled chicken and rice and a $140 vet bill, I'm at a loss about whether or not to continue with Iams food. Numbers on the dog food bag are: 271116 27Nov16 532c2nch06 52174177 f6 us61591.

I have two adult Rottweiler and one puppy with all three being raised on Iams large breed dry food and they have done wonderful! They all have great body tone, perfect weight, easy on their system, and very reasonable cost wise.

My baby started with diarrhea the night after Thanksgiving and it's getting worse! I had changed his food to Iams last week, so I've finally come to the conclusion it has to be his food! Tonight I boiled chicken and rice for him to eat! Tomorrow we will be at the vet! I have a friend that said it gave her yorkies diarrhea too.

I have a 10 year old blind, diabetic Jack Russell terrier and I had heard through the grapevine that the Iams Minichunks were a good, healthy choice for smaller dogs. But I was sadly mistaken when my poor baby became sick from eating this food. He became disoriented and had a seizure. I'm lucky it wasn't worse. Please don't feed your dog this food.

I didn't want to believe Iams was causing this. I had changed my pet to a vet recommended diet after she was treated, then after awhile changed her back. After about one and a half cans she had another bloody bowel explosion. This is unacceptable. Iams trying to kill our beloved pets!

My dogs absolutely love Iams but unfortunately it's hard to find in all the pet stores here. They love the Chunky Can food especially. My older dog is a senior and can't chew dry food and we love that when he eats wet food only it doesn't affect him at all.

My dog seemed to thrive on Iams. He was full of energy. Loved to retrieve a ball, go swimming, go for walks, go for rides in the truck. His coat always looked healthy. He seemed to enjoy his food, always came running when he heard the food go into his bowl, never left any food in the bowl. He got along well with other dogs as well as people especially my grandkids. He loved kids. Grandkids would play in the yard with him throwing balls, lay on the grass and put their arms over their heads and he'd nudge them with his nose trying to get them to show their faces. He really seemed to thrive on Iams.

I have been using Mini Chunk for one my dog for about 5 years and the other dog for 3. The last bag I bought was on 11/6/2015 at Boerne Walmart in TX. Every day since using that bag my dogs have had their stool covering a very thick mucus or just straight diarrhea. I paused for a couple days to let their guts settle then refed it and it happened again. This has happened randomly in the past but I never made the connection. Trying something other than Iams adult/puppy for the first time in 5 years. If this new food resolves the issue I will not be returning to Iams.

Not happy. I now prefer to make my own homemade natural HEALTHY food. By doing things my way I know EXACTLY what's in the food. I did not like the general health and condition of my pet while on this food. In my opinion, a natural healthy diet is far greater than a store bought ready made product. The end result has been an animal with no health problems and no Vet Bills.

My mother switched her dog to Iams mini chunks and the dog has been vomiting on & off along with diarrhea until it finally dawned on her that it could be the IAMS. She took her off the IAMs and we are she is gradually doing better. My mother is very concerned that it damaged her but I guess time will tell. Never imagined this could happen with IAMS. Not a fan.

Iams - through many generations of dogs, I've never had a nutrition problem. My vet endorses it and my dogs enjoy it. Not the most inexpensive on the market but still a bargain.

I am a long time breeder who presently has a litter of puppies who are very ill from Iams Proactive Health Smart Puppy. Decided to put pups on this food so puppy purchasers would find the food easy to get and continue with. All because of complaints puppy owners had regarding price and availability. Thought we'd give Iams another go as I had used Iams many years ago and was pleased with it then. Well not now! My puppies were perfectly healthy, fat and happy on mom's milk. During the last few days of weaning when this food was introduced at 6 weeks of age as a wet mash, which was watered and softened for transitional purposes to aid in digestion until pups are able to easily digest dry kibble.

Upon ingestion of the first meal pups started vomiting the food in the same state as it was fed. It was obvious it could not be easily tolerated as advertised. The little bellies were blown up and hard. After the second meal there was more vomiting and the production of projectile spatters and cow pie feces everywhere. That's not digestion. It's an insult. I offered yogurt to settle the digestion of this vile food. They cried and cried and proceeded to screaming all night for 2 weeks. Their little tummies just hated this food.

I persevered with mash the first week and started on dry regardless mid second week. They were gaining weight during this nightmare. Thought to myself, it's just a matter of time. There was no improvement when dry was given for a day or two during the second week. Or was it just the yogurt that was helping. No matter, at two weeks with virtually no digestibility, spatters everywhere, screaming and vomiting again pups it is totally obvious that this food is toxic and would never be tolerated, period. After all this along with less than 2 hours of sleep every day for two weeks it's time to garbage this supposedly healthy digestible poison.

I'm still having trouble housebreaking puppies with the trots. Bless their lovely little hearts. They are still crying and trying so hard to be good babies. That food turned what should have been easy breezy into a horrific mess. I wish I could personally serve this up as a main diet to the evil person who owns this company! I called the Iams company and was told they would send me a cheque, So Sorry. Sorry! That pathetic sorry from a robot paid to take phone calls and dole out refunds just doesn't cut it.

Why produce such garbage? I would have loved to hear something like we are going to revise and improve our formulas. That would have made my heart leap with joy! I have people waiting to pick up their babies. My reputation is now muddied and it seems that I'm an incompetent fool for trusting this uncaring company. Junk producing, heartless, big business. I wish I knew... What's in there that is so very vile? They don't want to discuss it. Today the pups will get a new much better food along with the course of antibiotics they have been started on. What about all the death and suffering endured by the countless innocent victims? The producers of such garbage should be accountable. Why aren't they?