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Since 2003, AKC Pet Insurance has served as the exclusive pet insurance provider for the American Kennel Club providing affordable, comprehensive pet health insurance to dogs and cats in all 50 states. Our customizable policy options allow you to create a plan that fits your individual needs and budget. Coverages include: accident coverage, illness coverage, coverage for inherited and congenital conditions and wellness

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Last updated: Dec. 8, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2017

My wife was reading about AKC Pet Insurance when she was registering our dog and we thought we’d give it a try. We got the policy since September and we got a hold of them when the dog got sick and we had to take her to the vet to have a procedure done on her. We contacted them to figure out how to submit a claim and after we turned in the claim, AKC contacted us and said that we weren't covered. They even said that it was beyond the expiration date of the policy. But it turned out that our dog had gone in on the last day of the policy's effective date. My wife who told AKC that it wasn’t right that they weren't going to cover anything.

So, they researched and told us that they would let us know what they would cover. They contacted us and said that they were going to send us a payment for the expenses that they said they would cover. They ended up covering $240 out of the $800 that we spent. Some thing's better than nothing but it wasn't a very satisfying experience. We had to argue with AKC to get them to say that they were going to cover anything when it was within the terms of the policy.

Pet insurance is important and necessary to have to go to all the experiences with a couple of visits to the vet. Most people have insurance already but you don't think about it when having a pet. It's $130 just to walk in the door of an animal hospital then you have to pay the cost of whatever procedures that will be done. It gets expensive quickly like if a person's going to the hospital and having a pet insurance would be nice in an instance like that.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 24, 2017

Having pet insurance is extremely valuable. I registered one of my dogs with AKC and I got a free three-month trial. I used it and I kept it. I like their cost which is a little bit less than a lot of the other companies and I've been with them for two years now. I added a second dog and I find that their process could be a lot easier. Their website sucks and it would be nice if they have an app to manage stuff. It wasn’t horrible but it could be a lot easier.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 23, 2017

We’ve got AKC Pet Insurance 8 years ago when we registered the dog through AKC. My dog’s nine and a half now so we put it on when he was a year old. We got the dog insured with AKC because of the type of dog that he is. I get him out a lot and he’s very active so I figured I'd rather be covered in case he does something crazy and breaks her leg. Also, the price and the premiums weren’t bad at all for the coverage but they didn’t leave the premiums the same. My dog sees a vet regularly as a preventative health and AKC did a really good job with it. AKC covered his nightmares quite well. Having an insurance is extremely valuable for my pets. You might be able to get away with putting your own money away from preventive care if your pet is just a couch potato and didn’t do a whole lot. But it’s a good way to go if you have an active animal.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 20, 2017

I registered my dog through AKC because she’s a purebred Golden Retriever. AKC sent me some papers regarding pet insurance because when we got her she was only 11 months old. I was looking for insurance companies around and have had some before when I have had my cats and dogs. But since I registered her through AKC, I decided to stay with AKC as pet insurance as well.

I also am very impressed with how quickly AKC reimburses. Whenever I call and have questions they’re easy to talk to. Having a pet insurance is very valuable. You'll never know when they’ll get ill or if they get injured. It helps. They have a package plan where it also includes regular check-ups and vaccination. The other pet insurance companies don’t have that. They only have for surgery or for injury and I wanted to avail the whole package.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2017

My family and I just owned a brand-new dog. She's six months old and 25 pounds. She's been rescued from a Taiwan street and we got her from a company called A Better Chance Rescue. Two weeks ago we went to San Francisco to pick her up and bring her home. Right now, she’s doing pretty good. She's nice and listens to our commands. But I was a little bit ahead in the game. I have a friend who lives outside in Cupertino, California in the Bay area and he told me to make sure we’re getting a pet insurance. He told us to check the reviews.

At that time, I was getting sold on Nationwide. I have them right now for my home and auto liabilities. I knew that Nationwide is like a top, and they should not go wrong. They bought a company for the pet insurance and they did a good job before. So my girlfriend told me to check out reviews about their claims processing because while it doesn't hurt to pay $800 for a premium, everybody can look good on paper and you may get things from coverage that doesn't serve any purpose. I got an online quotation from Nationwide and did compare it with seven other companies of pet insurance. But then before I was about to go and buy it, I Google it up and came across the ConsumerAffairs.

I was really horrified by all the bad reviews about Nationwide. And that’s where I came across AKC, American Kennel Club Pet Insurance. To cut the long story short, I made a PDF for 14 or 15 reviews for the American Kennel Club and they were all 5-star except for one 2-star or 3-star. And that shows the consistency of their professional job and the seriousness and the quality of what they look after each of the reviews. That made my faith stronger. Spending my money is not the problem, the point is you want to get quality and not quantity treatment.

I went to AKC website and had checked all the coverage and compared it with them. It was neck to neck. But in terms of claims processing, Nationwide sucks big time, based on all the negative reviews. And then AKC was literally way too ahead in the game plan based on the ConsumerAffairs review. That's where I made my decision and I just went there and bought it.

I got a call right away and was impressed with their representatives. So far I only had two claims as part of the wellness exam and it includes the GRDR test and then the vaccination. The people at AKC know what they’re doing. They’re very sweet, professional, on the line, and on top of that, they’re very precise and concise to the point. They will tell exactly what you’re looking for. No plus or minus. And I knew that I was in safe hands. For the peace of mind and very excellent coverage, I wouldn’t mind continuing my long-term relationship with the American Kennel Club Pet Insurance.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 12, 2017

I registered my purebred English Golden Retriever, Max, through AKC, and they gave me a 30-day insurance thing. About a week later, Max ate something, and I needed it. The veterinary place was great because they filed all the paperwork. I just had to give them the claim form the first time, so it was pretty painless. I didn't have to fill out a bunch of paperwork.

I'm also not paying that much. I'm paying 30 bucks a month on my coverage and I'm getting a decent return on it. I definitely did well on that recent emergency room visit. We had taken Max after hours at the BluePearl, and he had to stay the night and had ultrasounds and x-rays and all this junk. It was 1,500 bucks. After filing it all, I ended up getting about 1,300 bucks back. So, to me, at that point, the insurance had fully paid for itself. It would be great if they could cover wellness visits though. Nevertheless, AKC is great and I renewed with them. I plan on continuing unless coverage totally changes to where it's not as good of a deal.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 11, 2017

We bought a Frenchie puppy and we knew he was going to also live with my son part of the time in California. Also, Frenchies get all kinds of health issues sometimes so we went with AKC because of their reputation and we've been with them for almost three years. Last year, I filed a claim for pancreatitis that my dog had. AKC was really good with the claim and explained what was covered and what wasn’t.

In 2016, I filed a claim for pancreatitis that he had and they were really good with the claim and explaining what was covered and what wasn’t. And then just recently, I called back because the dog has allergies and takes allergy medicine prescription daily. He is also on prescription diet food because of pancreatitis. I wanted to know if that was covered and AKC said, possibly it would be, I just need to get some notes from my doctor. Every time I called in, they’ve been very nice, better than medical insurance for people. This is the first dog I’ve had pet insurance on. If I had a mutt, I may not get pet insurance. Pet insurance is very valuable in terms of the unpredictability because when you buy a puppy, you don’t know what’s going to happen as it gets older. But AKC is a very thorough and caring organization that offers a policy without any surprises.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2017

My best friend and I have dogs that are brother and sister. She was having problems with her dog and I decided I wouldn’t want to deal with what she was dealing with. I saw that AKC could add on different policies. Whereas, the other insurances weren’t providing that same product. I've been an AKC policyholder since June of this year. Signing up online was easy and they have a very user-friendly website.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 8, 2017

When I registered my dog, I was given free two months of AKC pet insurance, and after that, I kept it. Recently, we had to put our 13-year old dog down. AKC Pet Insurance was really great about it, paying the bills and also the euthanasia part of it. I had two pets on the plan, and when I called up, they took care of everything as far as prorating it and giving us a refund and redoing it for my one dog that survived.

The one thing I notice about pet insurance is, if your breed is predisposed to a disease, nothing is covered. I have Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers and they’re predisposed to PLE/PLN. So, anything that relates to that is considered hereditary in the pet and it’s not covered. Anytime I had to contact AKC, they’ve been outstanding as far as speaking to me, explaining, and letting me know what’s covered and what’s not. And anytime I had to submit a claim, it has always been processed. Maybe it’s a bit more costly than some of the ones out there but the coverage was good for me. AKC Pet Insurance gave me prompt, courteous attention.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 5, 2017

I've been with AKC Pet Insurance for 18 years. I did my research and I found them to be the best, most honest, and very honorable so I went with them and I never switched. My nine-year-old dog Phoebe got insured with AKC ever since she was brought up to me at eight weeks old. She got sick on me two months ago. She was bleeding profusely from the mouth so I brought her to the vet and she was dehydrated, and they ended up keeping her for the day. They ended up telling me that I needed to go to an emergency clinic. So I brought her and they had to give her transfusions. Her blood wasn't clotting and she had no blood platelets.

I contacted AKC because I wasn't sure if this was not a pre-existing condition with Phoebe but I couldn't find my policy. They assured me not to worry about a thing and just do what I had to do for Phoebe and then submit the paperwork, and I did. I'm a true, firm believer of owning pet insurance. There is no way I would own another pet without having pet insurance. And I push for AKC any chance I got.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2017

My breeder offered different insurances and I chose AKC since I knew of them and it's a reputable name that would be providing a reputable insurance. I've been with them for a little over two years and I've had a really great experience with them. When my two-year-old dog was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome at 11 months as well as bilateral hip dysplasia, AKC has been phenomenal in the coverage of medicines, therapies and cost with specialists, doctors, and surgeons. Unfortunately, doing the applications like filling out the form, getting the signatures and writing the bills can be tedious. It's an easy process once you do it but it's time-consuming to get it done. Other than that, I'm really happy with the policy. When filing claims for my lab, I send things by email and I've had no issues.

The insurance is an invaluable thing to have and everybody should have it, but I know everybody can't afford it. If I got another animal though, without a doubt, it would be put on the same policy. I've heard other people, who have other insurances, have bad experiences. But I've never had a bad experience with AKC. If I had a question about something, I pull them up. If they can't give me an answer right away, they will go to a supervisor and find an answer and call me back. This insurance is the best thing I did for my dog. It's a phenomenal insurance that I would recommend to anybody.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 29, 2017

I was an AKC policyholder for 30 days but I didn’t renew it. We didn't feel it was worth the cost since everything that my silver lab needs and requires is not covered based on what I read. And since we're not planning horrible events to happen. Most vets are going to work with me if something bad happens. They're not going to say, “You need to pay $10,000 upfront.” but they're going to work with me and take payments. They'll figure out other options and do what's best for the pet. I had insurance on one of our cats that included the vaccine, neutering and anything maintenance-wise. It was the whole package to cover the healthier pet and would help if ever my cat gets run over by a car. They reimburse or they pay everything except for my copay.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2017

I got my policy for my German Shepherd from AKC Pet Insurance. I looked into it and I was interested. I signed up and I'm very pleased so far. They have good coverage. Before that, I had a pet insurance policy that I wasn't very happy with. What I liked about AKC was the way they sent me the information through mail. I don't like to do a lot of stuff on the computer. The other insurance would only send emails and I prefer getting a snail mail.

Everything is fairly easy as far as using the insurance. You get a claim form and you take it to the vet with you. The vet signs it and they fill out with what they do, and fax it in right away. I'm happy with AKC overall. The people are always friendly when I call. They always answer my questions. Also, having a pet insurance is very valuable. We've had dogs in the past that we've never had pet insurance on. We had a Labrador that we lost back in 2011. She got really sick with Addison's disease and was on really expensive drugs. If we would have had something on her from puppy on, she probably would have been covered. But we decided we were never going to be without insurance ever again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 22, 2017

I have AKC pet insurance for our bulldog named Trouble. It is hard to afford things anymore. It ain't like the old days. It ain't two plus two is four and it's a pretty wise decision to go for a pet insurance. I'm glad it's there. If you really love your dog it's a hands-down must have. You got to be foolish if you don't. I have recommended AKC to my friends.

AKC Pet Insurance response

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for taking the time to give us a review and recommending us to your friends!

Take Care,

Adam Blodgett
Customer Service Supervisor

AKC Pet Insurance

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2017

We purchased a little yellow Lab so we got the 30-Day Platinum package from AKC Pet Insurance. I had no qualms with the AKC Insurance. It was very good. But it was a lot to have to go back and have the vet themselves initial and put the diagnosis on the claim form over and beyond what I had for the vet notes in the invoice just to be able to submit it. We did not renew with AKC and I'm with Nationwide now. But I was not disappointed at all with AKC and I would definitely recommend them. At the end of the day, it's all for the better of the pet and the breed.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 19, 2017

It's a smart thing to have a pet insurance especially with younger and older dogs. My wife did a research and chose AKC Pet insurance for our new dog, a black lab. We've been a policy holder for a year now and when we’ve used it, we were reimbursed with whatever part AKC reimburses.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 18, 2017

I got a new dog so I signed up for an insurance with AKC. I've been using them for a few years now since most of my dogs are AKC registered. Having a pet insurance is valuable and I got it to help defray some of the cost of the potential bills. Everything's been going well and AKC has been fair so I'm satisfied with them.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 12, 2017

I registered my dog and I heard about AKC Pet Insurance. I find the insurance very valuable to my pet and I’ve had the policy about a year. The pet insurance was fine. It was a good experience.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2017

I've had AKC Pet Insurance for a little more than a month. In my most recent experience, it was very tedious and time-consuming due to the unnecessary duplication of paperwork and the necessity to physically sign a form every time. It's much more tedious than I expected it to be, to the point where for minor visits, I don't bother with them anymore. Which plainly means that my deductible is taken up more slowly, which undoubtedly was their intent. I'm looking around other providers. I can see why they might want a signature at least once. But otherwise, they should be able to take an electronic one. Because I have to go back to the vet to get validations and fax or mail it back them afterwards. But I could take a picture of the bill and send it to them, and that would seem under most circumstances, the best way to deal with this.

AKC Pet Insurance response

Hi Felix,

I’m sorry that you had a negative experience with our claim process. In the past month, we have actually simplified our claim form and we no longer require any signatures—from you or your veterinarian. Again, I’m sorry we couldn’t fill your pet insurance needs. I would encourage you to submit any claims you have for wellness items or visits since your wellness benefits pay out separately from your deductible. If you have any questions about your coverage or the claims process please don’t hesitate to call and ask for Adam. I’d be happy to talk to you in more detail.

Take care,

Adam Blodgett
Customer Service Supervisor

AKC Pet Insurance

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2017

I’ve been an AKC policyholder for two months now for my young dog. I want her protected for life. I’ve had pets before and taking them back and forth to the doctor gets expensive. So, in the long run, it will be well-worth having it. I’ve heard from friends that that’s the better one to choose. Signing up was pretty easy and everything in my experience with them has been positive. They’ve been really friendly too. I will definitely recommend them to anybody.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2017

We have a German Shepherd that we love very much and the vet said that they accept AKC Pet Insurance so I went with them. I got the policy in 2011 but in 2015, I had to cancel because I lost my job and I couldn't afford to pay for it every month. He’s seven now and the last time we had him at the vet for his checkup and all his shots, we spent $500. With AKC, I pay for well check-up minus a $100 deductible. So I decided that we should get the insurance again just in case anything bad would happen. It is super important to have a pet insurance because we love our dog like a child. The people at AKC were comprehensive, knowledgeable and efficient. I spoke with Kaila and she was very informative. She told me about the wellness option where they pay for teeth cleaning and I never knew that. So I was very impressed with her and she did a great job.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 1, 2017

I bought some Persians cats and AKC came free for a month. It’s valuable to have pet insurance. I’ve already spent over a thousand dollars on my pets, just by their shots, as well as their wellness checkups. Also, I think it’s as important as having health insurance on your children because they’re pets for your children.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 27, 2017

It is very valuable to have pet insurance because when my first Yorkie, Coco, got ill, I didn’t have insurance on her and then I went through some time of unemployment and I vowed to myself that I would never let money become an object again about getting my dog medical care. That’s the time when I got Ginger (another Yorkie). I got AKC Pet Insurance for Ginger, that died when she was 15 years old, so I’ve had it for a long time. Since AKC is pricier than the other ones, I only had her covered for injury and illness, but you get what you pay for. I was really impressed with one of the AKC operators when Ginger died and I had to call and cancel her policy. The male operator that I talked to let me sob and cry on the phone about Ginger. He told me to call back anytime, ask to speak to him and he’d speak to me directly. Also, I got a sympathy card from AKC which really meant a lot. It touched my heart.

So when I got it for Buttercup, I got her covered for everything. She’s a Morkie, one quarter Maltese, and three-quarters Yorkie. I originally had her covered under another company, which was significantly cheaper than AKC. But then my vet said that this other firm had a slow turnaround. I haven’t utilized them so I cancelled my policy and asked for a refund on my payment. And then I called AKC up and got Buttercup covered.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 26, 2017

It’s very valuable for us to have pet insurance. We’ve had AKC Pet Insurance for 11 years with our other dog. We just got another dog and we have AKC with him too. We like AKC’s response time, pricing and customer service. We got to use it last month when our new dog had to have wellness exams and we had to have him neutered. We’ve had no issues doing that. We’re really fond of AKC and I've recommended them a lot.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 25, 2017

It is very valuable to have pet insurance. But due to a bad experience with VIP with another dog back in the 80’s and since our pet was an AKC dog, we decided to go with AKC Pet Insurance. We’ve had it since our pet was 6 months old. Submitting a claim with them was a fine process. I had to fill out the form and submit the bills. Everybody who answers the phone is a very caring and competent person. They are a very nice and understanding company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 20, 2017

It is very valuable to have a pet insurance because when you adopt or purchase an animal, it's just like buying a car. You don't know if there's anything going on already. So, just like us with our health insurance, we don't know if we have a pre-existing condition, so we go see the doctor. So having a waiting period for this is outrageous, it shouldn’t be there. I’m a policyholder with AKC for 45 days and have already filed a claim with them. I have received a response that they received my claim, but nothing else. But so far, I am satisfied with it.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 14, 2017

AKC Pet Insurance was part of our AKC registration package when we registered our new Lab. There was a trial month involved, he suffered a severe strep infection around his mouth during that month-long trial. The vet bill totaled $112 during that month for two visits and three shots and some pills. Sending the form for a claim was simple. A lady sent me a form to download through e-mail. I filled it out, I took it to the vet, they filled it up and mailed it for me. I have received notice that the claim was received. But I do not know if they’re paying it or not. We would love to have pet insurance but it's pricey. On a fixed income, $30 a month is not just doable for us. But despite that, we would recommend them to a friend.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2017

My AKC Pet Insurance came with the Rottweiler I got from a breeder. During his first 30 days, he got all of the shots besides the ones that the breeder gave him. It cost $300 and it was all covered. Since then, I renewed the policy and I’ve been with them for 8 months. The policy provides security and it's a good resource in case anything happens but AKC tries and gets out of everything like any other insurance.

My dog got an eye infection and none of that was covered – it was all out of my pocket. But his preventative care is covered. So I might drop my coverage to just preventative care because I don't let him go five feet away from me when he's outside anyway and the only thing that he does when at home is to chew on his toys. What worries me is that whenever he poops outside and I go and take it up, I feel like there are little pieces of plastic from his toys. That's what kind of keeps me on the policy. Also, I don’t like AKC's website because it’s so basic. It’s not up to par on 2017 like I believe it should be if AKC is big in affiliation as they say they are. I still need to call them to change and look at my coverage. Overall, I'm happy I have an AKC pet insurance, but I’m paying $67 a month and that’s a little steep, so I wish I didn't.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2017

My dog is part of the American Kennel Club and I figured AKC Pet Insurance was reputable because of the Club. I don't think that anyone could just have that name if they weren't filled up to that status. I thought that getting a pet insurance would be preventable maintenance to help with the cost, and it has helped. I had used it to get my dog spayed and it covered 25% of it. Therefore, having a pet insurance is very valuable. So far, I've been with them for six months now. Their claims process is very easy. Basically, a claim is submitted to AKC Pet Insurance and I get a check, so it's great. Overall, my experience with them was fast, easy and reliable.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 10, 2017

When my dog was registered, we got the information about pet insurances. We had problems with our last German Shepherd, so my daughter wanted to look into getting a pet insurance just in case. My breeder sent me a link to AKC Pet Insurance. I did some research and didn’t find anything negative. They have been around for a long time. We’ve been a policy holder for a couple of months now and we got insurance for our other dog too.

Their customer service so far has been wonderful. The rep who I talked to was very nice and helpful. He answered every question I had. I called them back when my daughter had more questions. And then, I called them back a third time because my daughter had more questions. However, I’d really appreciate that they don’t have accents. No disrespect, but I do not understand people’s accents. I have a very hard time when they're from another country.

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