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Doesn't send refunds for returns. Ordered items. Returned 3 of them on Oct 2nd. Have had emails with Woman Within and they are blaming my bank; that they sent the money and my bank didn't post it. Bank never received it. Guess I fell for ordering merchandise and got the same result many, many others did. Don't recommend this company.

I bought a robe from this company and they shipped it without the belt. I contacted customer service in writing as I like to have these sort of transactions documented. Did not hear back. I contacted them again stating this was my second request and was told I would have to wait a month for a credit and to go ahead and send back the robe at no cost to me. Good thing I looked here first to learn that they charge you for returns. Waiting a month for a credit? Unacceptable. They could have just sent the matching belt but they refused.

Having worked in retail for years I know it does not take a month to issue a customer a credit. It takes minutes. There was also no need for me to return anything when they could have done a little research and sent me my missing item. They simply did not want to break up a set despite the mistake being their fault. This company thrives on ripping people off from the numerous negatives reviews here. Do yourself a favor, shop elsewhere.

8/18 I received items I ordered and some pajama I did not request. 8/22 I called and was told just to return them and I would receive credit to my account. I received my statement and no credit reflected. I then tried to make online payment less the cost of the pajamas (96.17 minus 16.88 = $79.29). Their system would not accept this, on the min payment or the total $96.17. So I called 1-866-776-9859 and finally was connected to a live person. She advised me there would be a return fee on the PJs of 8.50 and now to make this payment they would charge me 9.00 in addition. I feel I should not have to pay for a item I did not order and why could they not apply the credit for the return. Also $9.00 to pay online, that is awful. I will never deal with any of their companies. This is unfair practices I think.

I had returned a top. Women Within's return rate is $7.50 and the process time from the post office through Women's Within shipping department takes an average of 10-14 days. For $7.50 charge and working in Logistics as my career 5-7 days for this price is average. At that time I went into my account to pay off the credit card, which was a payment of $11.50. I did not think anything else about this until I received a call in August to call Women Within about my account.

I got online and I had charges totally $46.00. I called immediately and they specified I had two months of late payments and another charge I did not understand. The late fees were $36.00. I asked about their process time and that is when I found out it is 10-14 days and the credit does not get credited immediately. I express my payment of $11.50 so I was not late one month. At that time she expressed that it did not automatically get credited the day I made the payment. I also ordered this top in April and did not receive this top until July. Since it was not in stock, and there was no communication on when or if this top was coming I thought it was canceled.

So four problems encountered with Women Within. Long lead-times on back orders with no communication, the return shipment has a process time of 10-14 days at a high cost and still takes time to get credited on the account, process of the actual payment and the high late fees charged. I just went in to get the order number and it is not showing up under my account information. The return tracking number is ** received 07/07/16. My customer number is **. They did one thing right per my request which was to close this credit card.

I had a zero balance on my "Full Beauty" account and received a bill for $19 for a "Woman Within Purchase - Catalog - Club Membership." I attempted to call the company and was transferred through four different levels - one automated and three discussions with representatives, after the automated system asked me at least 15 questions. I could not hear the representatives (the volume was really low, and I hear well). I told them I did not ask for such a membership and wanted it cancelled. The third representative cancelled it for me. I lost about 20 minutes of my life I cannot get back. I'm frustrated with their automated system, and I'm NOT happy with Woman Within... Not to mention the dozens of catalogs I get per month from the combined Full Beauty family (Lane Bryant, Woman Within, Romanns, etc.) I recycle them, but it's a waste of paper as I seldom order from them anymore.

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I have ordered several times from WW. The first time, I was disappointed in their pants. I gave them another chance, and was so mad at the quality of their bras! Never again! Looks like I'm off to Lane Bryant for bras!

I have been very disappointed with their quality. Hadn't bought anything from them in years, so this was a surprise. However, as I opened my various accounts to pay the monthly bills, I mentioned to a friend on the phone that I bet Woman Within didn't get my payment processed from last month so they can add-on a late fee. Well, that part didn't change. Interesting how all my other payments go through every month regularly, and this Woman Within organization always has problems. They lost another customer, and I am spreading the word to my 65+ network.

At first, I loved the clothes I bought. However, less than 4 months since my order, only one of the five tops I ordered is still wearable. After normal use and washing, each has lost stitching in the seams. Hint: if you're going to charge 40 to 60 dollars for a shirt, at least make it to last a year. Never ordering from them again. JCPenney is half the price, and ten times the quality.

I've placed several orders and backorders are common. Unfortunately due to the slow processing I've had to cancel the order and buy elsewhere to get what I needed for the occasion I ordered the item for. I've been asked by email my opinion and I complained about two items that were pathetically made. Not a good review and no response to correct any of the issues. I've been waiting since April for a backorder which has now been extended to the end of July. I called to change our address, as we're moving, and the jerk on the phone said they couldn't change the address. I've cancelled the order and my account.

I just received my clothing today and the size was 3 sizes bigger than the USA sizes and the fabric is low quality. As I was making my one top smaller to fit me... I noticed the material pulling apart. I told my husband, must be from Taiwan or such country. Yep, when I looked at the tags, that one was from India and the other is from China. Will not buy from this low-quality company again. Shame on them!

After ordering, a message came up stating a 7.50 return fee but email said free returns. Sizes run small. Ordered their smallest size t-shirts just for working in as I figured they would be huge but were a normal size med/large. Sizes are not normal. High shipping charges. Deceptive return policy. Was not impressed.

Recently bought two items from Woman Within that had to be exchanged for color and size. I was charged $7.50 for the exchange (their size description did not accurately describe fit) and color was wrong on a second item. When exchanged items were processed for reshipping, the prices for both items were increased. They were bought on a sale and the sale price should have been honored on the exchanged. The difference was about $12 + the exchange cost. I will NEVER buy from them again and I suggest you don't either.

I recently purchased boot-cut jeans, the same order number and description as the ones that I bought 1 year ago, which fit perfectly. These do not! They lowered the waistline in back, while still saying "sit at the waist" and keeping the same order item number. How can you change an item but maintain the same item number and description? I was extremely disappointed at being misled like this, and am now returning the jeans. They have lost a customer.

I ordered a raincoat in early March via Amazon. The item delivered on March 15th. It was way too small even though labelled as a 2x in Women's. My daughter who is an XL in normal clothes did not fit either. I requested a refund and was sent the information. I took the item to the post office with their label attached on April 2nd. With Amazon the minute the shipper scans the item in you get your refund so that is what I was expecting. When that did not occur I wrote a note to Woman Within and was told "Depending on the volume of returns we have, it can take 1-3 weeks for us to receive and process your return from the date returned." It is ludicrous in this digital age of commerce and banking for anything to take more than a week. I will not be purchasing from them again as they are now kiting on my $78.00.

I would like to leave a review regarding my overall experience with Woman Within (and by association, its collective umbrella companies as well i.e. Roaman's, Full Beauty, Jessica London, etc). On December 11, 2015 I placed my first order with Woman Within. I’m always hesitant to order from a new clothing company, especially being a plus sized woman and fits and sizes being all over the board as they are. I was also hesitant to order given the reviews and feedback I’ve read and researched online. But Woman Within was running a decent sale/special, and I took the plunge. Initially I was charged for the entire order at once. Then a few days later, when just one of my two items shipped, was the order partially refunded. They gave me a ship date for my second item that was just a week later, so no biggie.

I received my first item, a denim shirt dress. I had ordered my regular size, but what I received was extremely tight! I followed the instructions provided with my invoice to return the item, thinking it would be an even exchange as I just wanted an alternative size. No, that is not the logical way WW processes their returns/exchanges! First, send your item back. Then, it will take us 2-4 weeks to process your return. Then, you will get your cost back less $7.50 for return processing. Then you repurchase your item at full cost (because after such a lengthy turnaround, it is likely that your item is no longer on sale). Thank you for shopping WW!

Fine, ok… I just want my items at this point. So I obtain my shirt dress in an alternate size. The quality is mediocre. I’ve definitely found worse and better in my plus size clothing shopping journeys. However, the price they charge for their items definitely not on par with what the quality of the items actually are. Think Macy’s prices for Walmart items. I had high hopes for this dress. Alas, even with alterations, it still will likely sit in my closet, unworn. In all of this mess, I am still waiting for my second item. A pintuck flannel shirt that I’m extremely excited about. About a week after the fiasco with the shirt dress, I receive an email from WW explaining that my item is on back order, and it should be shipped by 1/25/16. Ok, ok, I can wait. I like it too much to go back now. So I choose to wait. And wait. And wait. Because I also received a backorder notification from WW on 2/21/16, then 3/22/16.

So today, 3/21/16, I receive an email that my order has been cancelled because the item is no longer available. Seriously? You weren’t aware that this item was unavailable before? I am so disappointed with everything I have experienced with this company and umbrella of companies. From their customer service, which ranges everywhere from total indifference to utter incompetence. From their items, which are modeled on size 4 models in catalogs without a real idea of how their clothing fits on their plus size clientele. And ultimately to their prices, lack of follow through on their “focus” or “mission”.

I ordered a blouse for my wife on 2-26-16. After not receiving the item by 3-16-16 (they state delivery within ten days of order on their website) we called their customer service to report the problem. The customer service rep looked up the order and stated that it was on back order and would not be shipped until May - two months after we ordered it and not within 10 days as stated on their website. When placing and paying for the blouse there was nothing noted on their website nor in the order confirmation that it was a back ordered item. Customer service stated they would refund us our payment. We will wait and see. I will never, ever do business with this company again nor will I ever recommend them to anyone.

Purchased 3 swimsuits online. I normally wear a 14 or 16, so I bought 2 size 14 and 1 size 16 suit. None of them fit. I was shipped a wrong color combination on the size 16 and when I tried to exchange the suit, I was told that the color combo I ordered was not available and I could pay the difference to get a different size, EVEN THOUGH THIS WAS THEIR MISTAKE. I had to argue and argue and talk to different people. I finally was convinced to reorder the suit I wanted in 2 different sizes because this larger size and color combination was on backorder. I returned all 3 original suits and received confirmation of the refund, but the refund amount DID NOT match the original purchase price. I was told by different people who confirmed that the shipping charge would be credited to me because of the mistake on the 1 suit.

If this is the case, why would the credit be different than the purchase price?? I called and was advised that there is for lack of a better term a return charge. This was NOT DISCLOSED when I placed the order with a live person. I am very upset that due to different problems with the order, I HAVE to pay this undisclosed fee. The sizing on the swimsuits are way off and since this is a catalogue order a customer would not be aware of that until the item was received. Once this nonsense is resolved, I will NEVER purchase from WOMAN WITHIN, LANE BRYANT, ROAMANS, JESSICA LONDON, etc., other companies that are all affiliated. Shame on WOMAN WITHIN for this unethical practice.

I ordered something yesterday, (Friday) and changed my mind. I called early this morning to cancel the order. They hadn't yet charged me nor have they completed processing the order yet they told me they couldn't cancel it. I finally contacted a supervisor and they said they would email the warehouse and cancel it. Now a few hours later they just charged my account for the order and I'm really mad.

Woman Within has one product that I will always get from them. They have a particular style of pants that fit me perfectly, and I order several pairs every few years. In between times, I occasionally see an ad for them or search their site for some other item I need. Every single time I end up canceling my order at checkout because it ends up being $15-$20 more than I anticipated due to hidden and jacked up fees. If I use a coupon code to save money on my purchase, they increase the shipping fees. They always add on anticipated taxes (even though no other site I use does this).

When I have ordered items other than the pants that I like, I have found that the sizing of items is inconsistent. For example, I wear a size SMALL in the pants I regularly order, but for all their other pants, I have to order a MEDIUM. When I returned the mis-sized pants for replacement, I was charged a $7 re-stocking fee per pair - more hidden fees!

Their underwear is mis-sized, too. I ordered my normal size and ended up with underpants that were too small and bras that were too big. I'm just going to make do, though, since I don't want to pay a $7 re-stocking fee for every item. Today I was looking for sweatsuits and found what should have been a good deal ($20 per set with a good coupon). The sub-total was $47, but by the time I got to final checkout, it was $62 so I didn't order. Just a waste of time, and if there had been anything wrong with these sets I would have been stuck with them or forced to pay $21 worth of re-stocking fees. I am writing this review to remind myself not to order from Woman Within again until I need more of the one type of pants they have that fit me perfectly!

I received a Woman Within email with an offer to get a travel set for free with a purchase. Within a few hours and as a first time purchase, I ordered two tunics to take advantage of the free offer of the 2 pc plaid travel set #0054-10574-1044 when a $25 purchase was made and with free shipping. The free shipping did not go through. I contacted them by onsite email. They said they would waive shipping and return costs but that the 2 pc plaid travel bag was not available despite the initial email that was received a few hours earlier. They were replacing it with a 3 pc polka dot travel set #0054-02119-1044. My first thought was this might be great until I saw the polka dot travel set. It is very cheap, unattractive, and not a travel set but a tote purse with a tiny make up bag and a plastic zippered wallet.

It was described as quilted look denim but was clearly not quilted or denim and was made of pollyester (sic). So they redid the order without my permission and in that process the "Buy 2 and get $2 off each" savings for the 2 tunics (which is on each tunic in the catalogue) disappeared. So my shipping waiver cost me $4. I complained further and was told again that the 2 pc plaid travel set was out of stock and that all can could expect was the cheap 3 pc polka dot travel set. I can at this moment order the 2 pc plaid travel set separately because I checked it online. It is not out of stock.

I have cancelled the order and I am waiting for a refund. I expect that to take at least a 10 email exchange with Woman Within that it took to get here. I highly DO NOT recommend this company. I feel I was scammed out of a reasonable offer for a nice product to have it switched for a much lesser and cheaper product. They said, "We reserve the right to make replacements on offers." Scam.

My husband ordered 2 shirts for me for Christmas, but they were the wrong size. I filled out the return form and sent them back. After 2 weeks, I called Woman Within customer service and was told it would cost me almost $20 to return the shirts. The representative was rude and told me it was my own fault for ordering the wrong size. She said I was required to write my credit card number on the return form for an EXCHANGE. I cried because I knew my husband would be upset.

I called back several hours later and spoke to a manager who assured me that the first representative gave me incorrect information, and that my shirts would be re-sent without further charges. That manager gave me false information, again. My Visa was credited for almost $20 less than my husband originally spent. They plan to charge me again for the original amount of the shirts. So the whole process ended up costing me more. The customer service was horrible. I will NEVER purchase from Woman Within again. I have permanently cancelled my catalog and email correspondence with this company. I do NOT recommend purchasing from this company!

I have been buying from Woman Within for quite a few years. I have never had any issues with them. When talking to the representative on one occasion, he was very personable and eager to help. I have made returns with no problem. I usually order when there is a special with free returns, especially if I think there might be a problem with colors or sizes. The only problem I have had was that I made separate orders for a dress and a sweater that I wanted - were together. The color name was the same, but they did not go together at all. I don't consider that much of a problem because that can always happen with different color lots.

A review that I read said that their sizes tend to run small. With the size chart and my measuring I had no problem with sizes. I would say that the pants that I have ordered are very large in the thigh area. My pants were always getting stuck on things as I was rising from seated position. I solve that problem by buying leggings instead of pants.

I ordered a sweater from them on 11/25 and was told it would be shipped immediately and was in stock. As the weeks went by the expected delivery date kept getting changed. About a week ago they put that same sweater at 50% off with the "guaranteed" delivery by 12/24. Often it's possible to get free shipping on your purchases but I opted to pay shipping charges to ensure that I got my item on time. Here it is 12/29 and I still don't know where the package is. Waiting on hold for 45 minutes when I telephone them is unacceptable so I don't try anymore.

I opened my bank account to discover I had been charged by Woman Within $81 for a coat I originally paid $35 for. I previously sent a coat back for exchange due to size. So I called and explained what was going on and the lady on the phone said there was a difference in size so it cost more. I said there was no way it cost that much more for a one size change. This was an exchange and I indicated that in my paperwork in the exchange the coupon. I asked her to apply the coupon and she said she couldn't do that. I asked her to cancel the order and she couldn't do that either. The only thing she could do was send a return label with my new coat so I don't get charged to send it back. I did get charged to send it back the first time and look what happened, they just charge you an arm and a leg.

My mom tried to place an order on Cyber Monday but the coupon code wouldn't work for the international destination. She called the toll free number and was told there was a glitch in the system for international orders but that her account was flagged so that when the order showed, they would immediately adjust the order and she would not be charged full price as they didn't charge anything until ready to ship. A call back a couple hours later and she was told that although they seen the note, that the adjustments couldn't be made until it was shipped, and to call back once the shipment email came through.

Two days later when she received the shipment email, she called in and was told that they could do the 50% off adjustment on the items but that the shipping company (i-parcel) would have to do the shipping charge adjustment and adjust the taxes & duties accordingly. The employee said she sent the company an email to do it and to wait a few days for the two refunds to show on her card. Yesterday, mom had to call back as no refunds were showing yet and she had been charged the full price! She was advised that the refund from Woman Within would show shortly (and it did within a couple hours after the phone call) but that she should call i-parcel herself. So Mom called and had to leave a detailed voicemail to which she was not called back on and then she emailed them in detail about everything.

They emailed back that since she received the goods (yesterday also) that they would not be refunding anything at all. A very long phone call with 3 different Woman Within employees today did not go well and they all back peddled and the result came back in an email a few minutes ago saying that shipping, taxes, and customs charge on the original value of items regardless if they are on sale and thus I had been charged correctly!! Like, how stupid do they think people are? If you've done ANY cross border shopping at all you know that is completely UNTRUE and if you haven't, anyone can simply call customs and find out for themselves that that was a total lie. So. Woman Within simply tells lies upon lies. Don't waste your time & money on this dishonest company.

I made an order online that included two items described as "Personalized long ultra soft hoodie robe." I put them in my shopping cart but found no place to indicate what names to put on them (the model in the picture wore one reading "Kathy"). I assumed there would be a place in the checkout process but there was no place to put the names. So I placed the order and on the SAME day, called the customer service line to tell them the names. They said they couldn't make any adjustment to the order and I'd have to accept the robes without names OR I could make a new order on the phone and tell them the names -- then return the plain ones when they arrived.

Problem #1: They were going to charge me a $7.50 fee for returning the plain robes. I refused this option and tried to cancel the order. Problem #2: They said they could not cancel it. I asked for a waiver of the $7.50 return fee and they refused. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold for a half hour (the entire call was 43 minutes long). She told me she could waive the $7.50 fee so I began the reorder process. Problem #3: She was going to CHARGE me for the personalization of the robes, which was NOT disclosed when I purchased them. I pointed out that the items were advertised as personalized -- that personalization was not listed as an option at an additional charge but was listed as part of the deal -- and that nowhere on the item page or in the checkout process did it say there was an additional fee for the personalization.

She did not waive the personalization fee and she stated that she could not cancel the order when I asked her to do so. So I am being charged for an order that hasn't even been shipped yet, when cancellation was requested the same day of the order because of a hidden fee! She told me I could return the entire order (when it arrived) using the free return credit... so I have two NON-personalized robes coming that I do not want and cannot get the personalized robes for the advertised price. Neither the customer service rep nor the supervisor seemed concerned and neither apologized for the long wait, the hassle, the system not being set up to take the personalization information or allowing cancellation of an item before it was shipped on the same day it was ordered, or for the hidden personalization fee. I will never order from this company again.

Received coat originally ordered November 27 and received within a week. Wrong size so returned and ordered in correct size within two days. Received an Email stating had received item and would take 3-4 days to process. Called customer service. Told me they just received it on December 10 and new order would processed and be shipped out and should be received by December 23! What the heck! Do want this coat to wear in the spring?? This is the first and very last time I will order from a Woman Within Catalog!

I ordered on October 1, half my order arrived. I was annoyed I was charged for all items and only received half my order. I contacted them, they said I was not charged for the back orders. I was $143 out of my bank. Then to see the sizes of these clothes. I have been buying large since I was a small. These tents looked like someone could live in them. So I want to return 4 of the 6 items I received. And to return my money from back order. I believe this is their mistake. Their sizes are not accurate. I pay $ to return 3 tops not the 3 pants because I don't want to lose all my return on sending back their bad clothes.

It is Dec 3 I have not received a dime back. I went to their site and live chatted with Tony. He said I'm only due $ 30 back. WHAT??? He says after taxes and shipping and the returns. I said $117 was the subtotal before shipping and taxes. He says, "I don't see that." I say, "Am I being charged for the back orders to be returned?" He says no. Well what am I paying for. I show I'm due at least $70... Anyway I get $30 out of 70. What a rip off. $117 was removed from my account by woman within. I don't give a hoot what they say. I have my statement. I basically paid $117 for two workout capris and a pair of sweatpants.

I have been shopping with Roaman's/Woman Within for many years. I know the quality of the products are superb! I still have shirts/jeans I ordered years ago. They wash/dry well and do not fall apart. Good luck finding this plus size cute comfortable clothes in the brick and mortar stores. On the down side, I would say that the sizes run large, they double the prices up before they run a sale & the return shipping cost is very high. You really have to know your prices from company to company. For instance, a t-shirt with WW is $8.99, with Roaman's, it is $10.99 same shirt. I have NEVER had a problem with exchanges or with refunds. Do Not make your decision to shop with this company on just the bad reviews.

I spent over $300 on clothing order. The jeans I ordered zipped up the opposite way and every single shirt I got shrunk in the sleeves and I'm talking shrunk almost to my elbows. I am very disappointed and will not order from this company ever again.

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